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empowering students to direct their own
lives and learning

What should education be like in the 21st c.? How can we prepare
our kids for power & opportunity in the St. Louis of tomorrow?


Factory-line Our kids don't

school schedules just talk about
only teach kids to working across
do what they're lines of difference
Personalized told. To succeed —they practice it Year-Round 
Learning in life, however,
1:1 Coaching by leading their Calendar
children must also Coaches meet study groups,
Every child has individually with Instead of
different learn how to learn extracurricular following an
independently. At students every clubs, and
strengths and day to cultivate agrarian calendar
weaknesses, Kairos, we Hogwarts-style —with 14-week
help students the mindsets and houses. From
so we use habits of semesters and
coursework that manage their own mediating peer 12 weeks of
time in the productivity. discipline to
can adapt to the Students become summer break
unique learning same flexible advising our during "planting
environment as a increasingly self- school board, it's
needs of each directed as they season"—Kairos
student. With an college student or students that educates
modern-day make productive truly own our
internet of decisions students all year
resources, professional.  community. round. Learning
about how, where,
personal laptops when, and with follows two-
empower whom to work. month cycles:
students to learn Coaches work students work
in the way and at with families to hard for five
the pace that is Self-Directed Student weeks, then
support these
best for them. Schedules choices.
Leadership recharge for two.


Kairos is proud to partner with Summit Learning, the country's

leader in project-based, culturally responsive coursework.
Together, we will bring St. Louis children best-in-class 98% and they

materials, designed at Stanford and housed in an online of Summit graduate from

students are college at
learning platform built  by Facebook engineers.
The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative funds researchers to
accepted to 2x
college the national rate
constantly refine the curricula based on student data.

2018 Summer Pilot


Kairos methods improved achievement by 21% on
state tests and 5 points on the ACT in our founders'
classrooms. To collect even more data, we piloted the
full model at a local summer school for 6 weeks.
What we found blew us away.
of students
70% cited choice as a
major motivation
2X Academic Growth Kairos students
grew twice as fast as
and increased those in traditional
productivity for
92% 60 classrooms. On a rigorous,
found coaching international assessment,
84% helped them
manage their time
30 Kairos students learned
two months of material in
continued using
just 19 days.
our study strategies
after the pilot
93% 0
Trad. Math Kairos Math Trad. Eng Kairos Eng

I've seen my students gain

focus in their classes by using
specific strategies and, just as
important, gain independence
and ownership of their work.
Rachael Eikmeyer, Volunteer Coach

Everyone focuses on challenging

Personalized learning
themselves. In regular school,
lets me work at my own pace. 
someone is always distracting me.
I can move faster when it's
Here, I can choose not to work near
.org easy, and if I don't get it,
those kids. When I make those good emies
ad I can slow down.
choices, I always reach my goals. ww.kairo
w Isaiah, 6th Grader
Walla, 6th Grader