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Student Observation Checklist - VCAL WRS Presentation Project

Work Related Skills Intermediate Unit 2 (VCAL Group 3)

Student name:


Project description: Students are to work in small groups of no more than three to research,
present (orally) and evaluate a presentation on ‘How technology has changed the way we work’.

Conditions & requirements:

● Everyone in each group needs to present to the rest of the class.
● A PowerPoint presentation needs to be completed to support the presentation and
printed as handout notes and placed in the group’s folio of evidence.
● A folio of evidence needs to be kept that includes printed copies of all research
information used to support the presentation, the PowerPoint notes and completed
presentation evaluation forms.
● All information printed, including the presentation needs to include student’s names and
● Within each group, 3 sources of information need to be shown to have been accessed.
● The presentation must be at least 15 minutes in length for each group.

Learning Activity Done Stud. Teach.

Outcome/ Signature Signature

Learning outcome 1 - Learn to analyse and organise information for a work related goal.

1.1 Learn what Decided on the information

information is required for the
required for the presentation.
work related

1.2 Access Used 3 or more websites to

and record obtain information.
from a variety
of work-related
1.3 Organise Researched information is
information correctly placed in the folio
relevant to the of evidence.

1.4 Analyse Analysed researched

information information for useful
for relevance, material.
accuracy and

Learning outcome 2 - Communicate information and ideas for a work related goal.

2.1 Research Used PowerPoint and

a range of effective oral skills to deliver
communication the presentation.

2.2 Use Used PowerPoint and

communication effective oral skills to deliver
methods to the presentation.
convey a range
of work related
ideas and

2.3 Adapt ideas Selected useful facts and

and information adapted the material to the
to a work related presentation style.

2.4 Undertake a Completed presentation

review process evaluations.

Learning outcome 3 - Plan, organise and manage activities for a work related goal.

3.1 Undertake Planned the timing and

planning for a presentation delivery
work-related effectively to fit into 15
goal. minutes.

3.2 Demonstrate
self- Completed the required
management research and delivered the
skills in the presentation.
process of
achieving a work
related goal.

3.3 Organise Completed the required

and manage research and delivered the
priorities for a presentation.
work related

3.4 Evaluate Completed presentation

own evaluations.
related to
achieving a work
related goal.

Learning outcome 4 - Identify and solve problems for a work related purpose.

4.1 Identify
a problem Solved problems/ conflicts
associated with that arose within the group.
a work related
outcome or

4.2 Apply Resolved problems/ conflicts

appropriate effectively.
processes to
solve a work
related problem.

4.3 Show Delivered the presentation as

initiative in planned.
to relevant

Learning outcome 5 - Work with others and in teams to achieve a work related goal.

5.1 Identify Identified individual

individual and presentation tasks,
team roles and researched and completed
responsibilities the presentation.
to achieve a
work related

5.2 Manage
individual work Communicated with team
procedures members and coordinated
taking into approach.
account different
team roles and

5.3 Work Presented effectively with

with others to other team members.
complete a work
related goal.

5.4 Review Participated in the

completed presentation and evaluation.
activity to ensure
the work related
goal has been

Learning outcome 6 - Use information and communications technology in relation to a work

related activity.

6.1 Identify what Used PowerPoint to present.

information and
technology is
required for a
given activity.

6.2 Use
appropriate Used PowerPoint effectively.
information and

6.3 Review Completed presentation

the use of evaluations.
information and
technology in
the activity.

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