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Ghaziabad district jail in Dasna is having almost four times the number of prisoners it is designed
to house. As a result, inmates do not have enough room to stretch even. Most inmates are sick
due to lack of space and unhygienic conditions.

To meet the acute shortage of bedding, prisoners have been allowed to bring their own bedrolls.
According to the jail superintendent, V.K. Singh, Dasna jail is housing prisoners many times more
than its capacity. The beddings are so unhygienic that most of the criminals are suffering from
skin ailments of one type of the other.

In past one year, the jail administration has organised 22 medical camps for the prisoners. Dasna
jail, constructed on 34 acres in 1996, has a capacity for 720 prisoners. Besides Ghaziabad,
prisoners from Gautam Budh Nagar are also lodged there. Four new barracks have since been
added to accommodate the increased number of inmates. The capacity of jail had gone up to
1060 inmates which was later increased to 1660 prisoners.

A barrack meant for 60 inmates is now accommodating more than 200 prisoners. Inmates are
suffering from a number of ailments as they cannot get sufficient sleep because the place is
badly crammed. In addition to other ailments skin allergies have assumed an alarming
proportion due to lack of space, which has created unhygienic conditions.

Authority admits that prisoners are facing lot many problems because of excessive number of
inmates, lack of proper beddings and some prisoners are having skin allergies, etc.

proposal for a new jail has been sent to the authorities to ease the overcrowding in Dasna jail.

- Diet worth Rs 120 per day or so is to be provided to the inmates, but on calculations, it does
not work out to be more than Rs 50

- Milk pouches are reported to be sold surreptiously to shops outside the Jail premises

- Life saving drugs that are sent by relatives are delivered to the inmates more than 24- 26 hrs
after their delivery at the main gate .

- There is no ventilation in the medical ward, because of high walls on either sides (ostensibly to
keep the mosquitoes out ) making living there extremely uneasy and and unsafe , more
particularly due to the hot and humid conditions and considering that electricity is off for the
major part of the day . Only 2 tubelights are functional .
- Things available in abundance are clean drinking water drawn from the hand pumps, usage of
filthy language by all and sundry and mosquitoes due to unhygienic conditions