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Faculty of Sustainable Development & Engineering

Electromechanical & Automation Engineering department

BSc (Hons) in Electromechanical

Licence en Génie Electromécanique

Entry Requirements Course Overview

To be able to cope with technological advances and Industrial
2 GCE ‘A’ Level passes or equivalent in systems complexities, graduates need to understand both the
Mathematics including Physics and with one of the mechanical and electrical engineering disciplines.
following subjects or equivalent: Physics with Electromechanical engineers can design, build, control, and
Chemistry, Design & Technology, Physical science, maintain a wide range of engineering products and processes.
Engineering science or equivalent. It aims to meet the increasing demand for engineers with cross-
Prior learning assessment and Recognition for Part- disciplinary skills, particularly in the fields of automation, flexible
time students only: GCE O Level certificate or manufacturing, electromechanical power systems, and
equivalent with passing grades A-E and with at least maintenance management among others.
3 years working experience related to the
Electromechanical & Automation field may be Mode:
considered. Full Time & Part Time

Career Prospects Duration of Course

Electromechanical graduates who go into the
workforce are qualified to design, install, maintain, Fulltime: 3 years (6 semesters)
operate, supervise, and service complex industrial Part-time: 41/2 years (9 semesters)
systems and are well suited to find employment in
many sectors of industry and commerce areas as: Fees*
Industrial Automation Full Time: Rs 22,500 per semester
 Systems integration Part Time: Rs 17,500 per semester
 Technical Sales *Does not include preparatory classes of 150 Hrs
 Quality Control Intake
 Process control In January and August.
 Environmental control
 Energy management How to Apply
 Maintenance management Application will done through UdM website.
 Mechanical engineering & more
For further Inquiries
Teaching Methods Please contact the programme coordinator on the following
Practical and experimental skills are developed email with subject line: DULT GEM
through project work and laboratory exercises. Email: dmawooa@udm.ac.mu
Design skills are developed through course work
exercises supported by the use of the relevant
computational packages.
Practical skills are tested and assessed throughout
Semester 4
the programme using a combination of coursework  Hygiène, Sécurité et Environnement
assignments, design studies, laboratory logbooks  Stage Industriel 2
and project reports and/or papers.  Electronique de Puissance
 Mécaniques des fluides
 Etude des Parties Opératives 3
 Automatismes 3
 Réalisations de systèmes 2
Semester 1
 Maintenance Basé sur la Fiabilité 2
 Techniques d`Expression en Français 1
 Hydraulique Industrielle
Semester 5
 Physique Appliquée 1
 Gestion de Projet
 Mathématiques 1
 Projet Personnel Professionnel PPP3
 Mécanique 1
 Economie et Finance en ingénierie
 Étude des Parties Opératives 1
 Analyse Numérique
 Électrotechnique 1
 Thermodynamique Appliquée au Froid et à la Climatisation
 Ingénierie de la Maintenance 1
Semester 2
 Réseaux Industriels
 Techniques d`Expression en Anglais 1
 Théorie des Mécanismes
 Projet Personnel Professionnel PPP 1
 Technologie des moteurs à combustion interne
 Stage Industriel 1
Semester 6
 Science des Matériaux
 Régulation et Asservissement
 Mathématiques 2
 Traitement des Signaux
 Mécanique 2
 Total UE 62
 Automatismes 1
 Pneumatique Industrielle
 Réalisations de Systèmes 1
 Énergie Renouvelable
 Maintenance Basée sur la Fiabilité 1
 Pratique de la FMDS
 Total UE 63
Semester 3  Stage Industriel 3
 Techniques d`Expression en Français 2  Projet de Fin d’Etudes
 Économie, Organisation et Gestion
 Projet Personnel Professionnel PPP 2
 L`Instrumentation et la Régulation
 Mathématiques 3
 Thermodynamique Contact Hours: 2550 HRS
 Étude des Parties Opératives 2 Credits: 180 ECTS
 Automatismes 2
 Électrotechniques 2
 Ingénierie de la Maintenance 2