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Jeanne Morris

610 Annotated Resources for Collectrion

(n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.afb.org/aw/accessworld.aspx is a digital publication about

assistive technologies for people with visual impairments and blindness. The magazine is a

produced by The American Foundation for the Blind and has a digital repository of volumes

dating to 2000. The digital publication aims to keep people who work with or are visually

impaired current on technology that can assist with access and ease.

(n.d.). Retrieved from https://search-alexanderstreet-com.libproxy.uncg.edu/disa. This is a vast

collection of information and resources that is dedicated to historic and social disability studies

in addition to featuring works from the disabled community. Included are primary documents,

videos, and archives.

(n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.captivoice.com/capti-site/public/entry/education Capti is a text to

voice translation device that can translate text from multiple devices. This is a powerful

educational tool for those challenged with learning disabilities, language acquisition, and

visibility impairments. Online Tech Review posted on Capti site: "Capti Voice uses standard

HTML and WAI-ARIA techniques for providing text equivalents of non-text elements. This

includes the use of “alt” attributes for images and the use of “aria-label” or “aria-described by”

attributes for other visual elements."

Motion picture on Webinar posted on YouTube. (2017). United States: Ability Net. Retrieved

October 25, 2018, from https://youtu.be/fR6wfpRzHfM A webinar for anyone with an interest in

how technology can help people with disabilities, as well as anyone developing VR applications.

It does not require any existing knowledge of VR.

A fun-infused way to learn a new language. (n.d.). Retrieved

https://mangolanguages.com/index.html Mango Languages assists people in the process of

learning a new language or improving skills in their native language. Review from Common

Sense Media: Parents need to know that Mango Languages is a website that offers more than 70

language courses and ESL instruction in 19 languages. Kids will need to register -- and, in some

cases, pay -- to use the system. According to Mango Languages, the instruction can be used by

both younger and older users. Users can choose to have a narrator lead each lesson, but the

exercises work best when users also can follow along, making the product a better fit for kids

with a fair amount of reading experience. Registered users can access the service from the

website, or from any of four mobile apps.

ABILITY Magazine. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://abilitymagazine.com/ Ability Magazine is an

online and print magazine that has served the needs of people with a wide variety of disabilities.

The 28-year-old publication has sought to offer people with disabilities access, opportunities, and

the chance to feel independent. Review: ABILITY Magazine provides a positive cross-cultural

experience showcasing the diversity and accomplishments of the global community of persons

with disabilities. It demonstrates its support for the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of

Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) by co-hosting international panels with leaders in their fields.

ABILITY Magazine champions the Americans with Disabilities Act and actively seeks

advancement opportunities for people with disabilities; it built the first job board connecting

employers and job seekers with disabilities. Since 1995, abilityJOBS.com has been the leading

career website dedicated to employment of PWDs, with over 4,000 companies and
Anson, D. K. (2018). Assistive technology for people with disabilities. Santa Barbara, CA:

Greenwood, ABC-CLIO, LLC. With an emphasis on high tech solutions, this book demonstrates

the ways technology can improve the lives of people with cognitive and physical disabilities and

challenges. No review found

Bugaj, C. R. (2018, September 19). Disability-led innovation for the masses.Speech presented at

TedEx, Ashburn. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/D-hPct3oIow An 18 minute lecture about the

opportunities need and creativity can provide not only for the disabled community but for all of

humanity. Used as a primary example is the innovative development of the touch screen. The

touch screen was invented to help people with physical challenges that made using a keyboard

too difficult. The use of touch screens has become common place with smartphones and


Bugaj, C. R. (2018). The new assistive tech: Make learning awesome for all!Portland, International

Society for Technology in Education. The new assistive tech: Make learning awesome for all!

Portland, OR: International Society for Technology in Education. This book is an up to date

guide for educators. It aims at helping educators navigate the opportunities that can come for

being well versed in technologies that can assist students with disabilities. This book has several

strategies that can be used beyond the classroom for people interested in the advantages

developing technologies can provide for disabled people. Review Blog:



Cahalane, C. (2017, February 20). 8 Ways Virtual Reality Could Transform the Lives of Disabled

People [Web log post]. Retrieved September 15, 2018, from https://www.abilitynet.org.uk/news-

blogs/8-ways-virtual-reality-could-transform-lives-disabled-people A blog article that explores

the ways VR can enhance the lives of people experiencing limitations or lack of access due to a


Draanen, W. V. (2012). The running dream. New York: Random House Publishing Group.

Sixteen-year-old Jessica is a sprinter until the team van is struck, killing one runner and

destroying Jessica’s right leg. Jessica is reintroduced to life, which involves being fitted for a

prosthesis, returning to school, and dealing with the usual pitfall of high school. This is an

interesting story for people who may need inspiration as they involve assistive appliances in their

lives. Kirkus Reviews (December 15, 2010) A girl learns to run again in this inspirational story

of recovery from a terrible accident and from insensitivity. Sixteen-year-old Jessica lives to run.

She's a track star, but she loses her leg when an uninsured driver hits her school bus. The tale

follows Jessica's initial despair and growing confidence as she struggles to cope with her

disability and her father works to pay medical bills. At last the community rallies round her with

a fund drive to buy her a prosthetic running leg. Meanwhile, Jessica makes friends with Rosa, a

bright girl with cerebral palsy whom she had never noticed before. She decides to help Rosa as

her friends have helped her, but Jessica's decision to push the wheelchair-bound girl through a

10-mile race might be too ambitious. Despite the story's focus on Jessica's emotional

rollercoaster ride, Pollyanna would feel right at home there. Nevertheless, the pace of Van

Draanen's prose matches Jessica's at her swiftest. Readers will zoom through the book just as

Jessica blazes around the track. A lively and lovely story.(Fiction. 12 & up)

Home. (n.d.). Retrieved September 29, 2018, from http://www.signall.us/ Is an automatic sign

language translation feature offering users the capability to communicate effectively with people

who use sign language as their primary mode of communication.

Hoshaw, L. (2015, October 22). Affordable Virtual Reality Opens New Worlds For People With

Disabilities. NPR. Retrieved September 21, 2018, from https://www.npr.org/sections/health-


disabilities NPR web article focusing on the possibilities that virtual reality technology may offer

the disabled community.

NC LIVE. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.nclive.org/ This is a free online resource provided to

North Carolinians. This resource makes electronic resources readily available from most

locations on a twenty-four-hour basis. For our patrons with emotional, social, and/or physical

challenges, NC LIVE can offer you additional access for no cost.

Newman, J. (2018). To Siri with love: A mother, her autistic son, and the kindness of machines. New

York, NY: Harper. A mother shares her experiences with her autistic son and his experiences

with Siri, Apple industry's personal technological assistant. Library Journal (July 1, 2017)

Expanding her internationally acclaimed New York Times op-ed article into a full-length book

of the same name, -Newman shares insights into her experience living with family members who

have autism. Newman relates how her son Gus has helped her and her family see the world

through his eyes and what a revelation that has been for them. Beginning when Gus and his twin

brother were born and continuing through to the present, Newman shares her sometimes funny,

sometimes sad, and always insightful and upbeat recollections of their life. She touches on many

of the issues of autism, but this is not a "how to" book. It is a positive yet honest look into one

family's journey with autism, and among others, how technology, especially Siri, was helpful to

Gus. Straightforward and to the point, Newman's book presents a realistic yet optimistic view of

autism in their family. VERDICT Parents of a child on the autism spectrum as well as caregivers,

siblings, and extended family will benefit from reading this uplifting title. Suitable for any
library with parenting and autism collections.-Lisa Jordan, Johnson Cty. Lib., -Overland Park,

KS © Copyright 2017. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc.

No redistribution permitted.

Pareto, L., Sharkey, P. M., & Merrick, J. (n.d.). Technology, Rehabilitation and Empowerment of

People with Special Needs. New York: Nova Science. Research into the possibilities of various

types of technology improving the lives of people with special needs. The research looks at the

role technology can play in restoring levels of independence not currently experienced for people

challenges with emotional, cognitive, and physical challenges. No review found

Search AbleData. (2018, October 20). Retrieved from https://abledata.acl.gov/ This is a product

based database focused only on assistive technology products for people with several disabilities.

The database enables people to research products based upon specific needs like sensory needs,

legal services, transportation adaptation, and speech/communication devices. Research can be

done on specific products or by specified disability.

The Arc of North Carolina. (n.d.). Retrieved September 22, 2018, from https://arcnc.org/ The state

chapter of the Arc of the United States is an organization specializing in programs and outreach

services for children and adults with wide ranging disabilities. The Arc of North Carolina assists

with housing, work programs, and connecting people with disabilities to resources that are not

traditionally supported via medical insurance like assistive technologies.

The Assistive Technology Exchange Post Disclaimer. (n.d.). Retrieved October 22, 2018, from

http://www.ncexchangepost.org/disclaimer.php A website for North Carolina residents and some

people from surrounding states that aims to put assistive technology not currently in use in the

hands of those who may need it. Items can be sold or donated to those who qualify and is not

open to vendors and distributors.

Use of Assistive Technology and its Benefits. (2017, March 4). Https://www.useoftechnology.com.

Retrieved from https://www.useoftechnology.com/use-of-assistive-technology-and-its-benefits/

An article focused on the use of technology to make the lives of people with physical and

emotional disabilities easier.

Washington Talking Book & Braille Library. (n.d.). Retrieved September 15, 2018, from

http://www.wtbbl.org/ The Talking Book and Braille Library is a program dedicated to creating

access for those people who are challenged visually. The service offers thousands of book in

both braille and audio formats.