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TIMESAVER SPEAKING ACTIVITIES . : Identity In each box write something you associate with the picture. For example, in box 1 you could write the name of your favourite book, your favourite author, the book you are reading at the moment, or how reading makes you feel. Work in pairs or small groups and discuss what each of you has written. TIMESAVER SPEAKING ACTIVITIES Favourites Fold the paper along the dotted line so you can see the column headed ‘classmates’ names’. Write a different classmate's name in each space. When you have written in all of the spaces, open the paper. Complete the sentences. Give yourself a (W”) for each correct guess. For example: Silvie. ats favourite possession is... AEC PMOLOGIADM alburn 7) Classmates’ names favourite possession is favourite Smell iS... scree cece favourite pop singer/grOUp iS.enune» favourite country is, favourite food is... favourite English word is favourite colour is... posse eon favourite animal is, favourite book is. favourite actor/actress is. a favourite computer game is. 5 fevourite film is... a favourite sport is... favourite TV programme is. S| favourite car i. favourite artist is....... Move round the class, asking questions to see if your guesses are correct. For example, Silvie, what's your favourite possession? Give yourself one point for each correct guess. The winner is the person with the most correct guesses,