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Letter of Transmittal

9th August, 2016

Mr. Ahmed Ameya Prapan [Ppn]


Department of Accounting and Finance

North South University

Subject: Submission of Internship Report

Dear Sir,

I am very glad to submit the report on “Mercantile Bank Limited”. I would like to say that this 
report is very helpful for me to gather real life experience about the whole job activities performed
in a bank. I have tried my best to follow your guidelines in every aspect of planning and preparing 
my report. I have collected what I believe to be most important information to make my report as 
specific and coherent as possible.

So it was a wonderful opportunity for me to work under your supervision and I am very grateful to
you for giving me this opportunity.

Sincerely yours,

Mohammad Tareq Aziz

ID # 103 0472 030

Internship (BUS 498)

Section # 98

BBA Program
North South University

At the beginning of preparing this report, I would like to convey gratitude to the Almighty Allah for

his blessing in completing this report. This internship report is an accrual of many people’s effort.
For this, I am obliged to a number of people who helped me to organize this report and or their kind

opinion, suggestions, instructions and support and appropriate guidelines for this. I have received
endless support and guidance in preparation of this report from numerous sources. I would like to

take this opportunity to thank the mail.

First of all, I would like to thank my Internship Supervisor, Mr. Ahmed Ameya Prapan [Ppn],
Lecturer,   Department   of   Accounting   &   Finance,   North­South   University   for   his   guidance   and
assistance in preparation of this report. I am immensely thankful to him for the supports during my
Internship period.

Next, I would also like to express earnest gratitude to my organizational supervisor at Mercantile
Bank Limited, Mr. S.M. Shahriar (Principal Officer) Mercantile Bank Limited. He directed me
towards the right information and regularly reviewed my progress in preparation of this report.

I would also express earnest gratitude to Mostafizur Rahman another Principal Manager, who 

always supported me in all ups and downs throughout the internship period. Their valuable 

contribution has facilitated the successful completion of this report to a great extent.
Executive Summary

This report has attempted to high light on the experience gathered during the period of internship
at  Mercantile  Bank Limited  (MBL).  Mercantile Bank  Limited  is  one of the leading  financial
institutions in the country. As an intern from business discipline, I got the opportunity to work
with this organization and try to put my effort to make a depth study.

The first part of the report discusses the organizational overview which included the brief 
overview of the institution. I have given my best effort to include all the necessary points in order 
to give a clear understanding about Mercantile Bank Limited.

In the second part of the report, I included al my experience during internship resembling my 
jobs and responsibilities, learning from the internship. Here I have emphasized mostly about my 
daily responsibilities and how much I was able to contribute to the organization. Afterwards I 
have provided a short description about the difficulties that I have faced throughout the internship
journey and my methods of overcoming them.

The last part was very significant because here I got the opportunity to share my feelings from the

internship. I had a lot of expectation from where some were achieved and some were not. It is 

undoubtedly true that this internship has impacted a great influence in my career plan. It got me 

engaged in a lot of thought regarding where I had the scope to go ahead and thus this part deals 

with that. Later on, I have drawn attention towards the findings by stating what my corrections 

could have been if I could get an opportunity to redo the internship program. Fin ally, the 

appendix includes weekly journals of past nine weeks.
Table of Contents

SL Particulars Page No.
1.0 Mercantile Bank Limited at a Glance 1
1.1 Departments and People 1
2.0 Assignment 2
3.0 Skills Learned 2
3.1 Analytical Skills 2
3.2 People Skills 3
4.0 Contribution to the Organization 3
5.0 Interaction with  your supervisors and coworkers 4
6.0 Difference   between   Expectation   and   What   I   Have 4
7.0 Differentiating Academic Learning and Experiential 4­5
8.0 Influences on My Career Plan 5
9.0 If I Had to Redo My Internship 5
10.0 Conclusion 5
1.0 MERCANTILE Bank Limited at a Glance

Mercantile Bank Ltd is one of the oldest and largest commercial banks in private sector in Bangladesh. It 

provides mass banking services to the customers through its branch network all over the country. This 

bank has been playing a vital role in socio­economic, industrial and agricultural development as well as 

in the overall economic development of the country since its inception through savings mobilization and 

invests of funds. Mercantile Bank Limited emerged as a new commercial bank to provide efficient 

banking services and to contribute socio­economic development of the country. The Bank commenced its

operation on June 2, 1999. 

The Bank provides a broad range of financial services to its customers and corporate clients. The Board 

of Directors consists of eminent personalities from the realm of commerce and industries of the country. 
The VISION is “Would make finest corporate citizen”. The MISSION STATEMENT is “Will become
most caring, focused for equitable growth based on diversified deployment of resources and nevertheless
would remain healthy and gainfully profitable bank”. The OBJECTIVES are to increase shareholder’s
value, to achieve economic value addition, to be market leader in product innovation, to be one of the top
three financial institution in terms of efficiency, to be one of the top five financial institution in terms of
market share in all significant market segments we serve.

1.1 Departments and People

In my work place there are many people who come at this branch to take various types of services. It is a 
small branch consists of three departments which are general banking department, Loans and Advances 

department and Foreign Exchange Department. There are 17 people who are providing services in this 
branch. There is a senior principal officer, who is working in this branch as the Head of Branch (Hob). 

Moreover, there are 3 principal officers (PO), 3 Executive officers (EO) and 4 Marketing Trainee Officer 
(MTO). There are junior and assistant officer grades ­ II are deliberately contributing to the firm’s profit.
2.0 Assignments

Performing as an intern, I have done many tasks in my internship period. I was assigned for different skill
based tasks which are mentioned below:

Analytical skill based assignments:

Filling up KYC form

Personal skill based assignments:

Calling customers for customers security items delivery & handling customers and providing different 

Personal development based assignments:

Filling up savings, FDR, DPS, Current account opening form

3.0 Skills learned:

An internship program helps a student to learn new skills as well as hone existing ones, particularly those
that will be valuable for the future. Internship at Mercantile bank gave me many opportunities to learn 
and hone multiple skills.

3.1 Analytical Skills

I faced many problems that have to solve with effectiveness and efficiency like ­ large amount of mass 
data to analyze, serving bulk customers, and doing multiple task in various department in one day. 
Therefore, dealing with various critical tasks by using my analytical ability was the hardest part. Actually,
all the software was there to help, but I have to make judgment how to do it simply and efficiently by 
analyzing and identifying it.
Time management & Professionalism

Office time is 10:00am to 5.00pm & it is strictly maintained in my branch. All of the employees of MBL 

have to arrive in the office prior to the office start time. When there is more work load the employees 
need to stay in late hours in the office. It helps me to understand the time management, and all executives

are to wear formal dress every official day. And also employees have to maintain professionalism while 
interacting with clients & branch manager. The professionalism that I have learnt and maintained in the 

past three months would help me in my future career.

3.2 People Skills

Communication Skill:

One thing I learned obviously in this organization is how to communicate with people. Therefore 
serving a large amount of customers in different department has developed my communication skill. 
These practices made my formal communication skills much better.

4.0 Contribution to the Organization:

During the three months of tenure, I had to work in an account opening section. I performed many 
duties as assigned by my Supervisor. The descriptions of my duties are given below:

General Banking:

I was involved in the account opening process throughout my internship. Like rest of the banks 

Mercantile Bank has different types of account s like Savings Deposit, Short Term Deposit, CD, Fixed 

Deposit Receipt, DPS and etc. My duty was to convey different information of different accounts, rates, 

maturity, benefits and other related information. I had to help the respective clients in process of opening

their accounts. Additionally I had to collect the necessary items (photo, National ID card photocopy, 

Trade License, TIN). I had opened several numbers of accounts in the account opening software. 

Regularly I needed to update information of these accounts and I had to fill up all the CTR (Cash 
Transaction Report). I also had to contact the client to provide the missing pieces (signature, photo, ID). 

The banking activity involves a lot of cash vouchers, pay orders, checks for numerous transactions. I had

to write bulk amount of vouchers, pay order s, DD and issue checks. Every day, I had to do 

supplementary ledgers check (voucher sorting). It is exceptionally important to maintain the cash 

position of the bank. If there was any transaction discrepancy it had to be sorted out immediately.


I have learned about a lot under the Foreign Trade Department. I learned about deferred LC and UPAS
LC. Through the whole LC procurement I learned about all of these in brief: LACF No., Opening date &
amount of L/C, Country receiving payments, Country of origin of the goods, Unit & quantity, FOB
amount and total invoice amount, Freight charges, Port of loading & port of discharge. After all I was
practised in real online posting in the both Bangladesh Bank and our main branch.

5.0 Interaction with your supervisors and coworkers

Having a supervisor like Mr. S. M. Shahriar (Principal Officer) was the luckiest part of my life. I never 

thought of having a supervisor like him. In the very beginning of my internship, I was facing different kinds 

of problems to adjust with the environment. But my supervisor made me understand each and every detail of 

their tasks and culture. From my supervisor, I have learned many things regarding behavior in an organization

Needless to say, the coworkers were just superb as well and none of t hem ever behaved like they were 

seniors or they were superior to me. They always behaved friendly with me and I could talk to them freely 

and discuss about any confusions or dilemmas without hesitations. At last, I would really wish for having 

coworkers like Mercantile bank Ltd, NAYABAZAR branch wherever I work in future.

6.0 Difference between Expectation and What I Have Experienced

Before joining Mercantile Bank, I thought it would be tough for me to cop up with the new environment
and colleagues as I had no experience of professional life. But I was wrong as my coworkers were always

friendly. They helped me to learn m any new activities which are essential for my present and future life.

When I fell in any problem, my coworker, boss came to me with a strong feeling of help. They were

always   there   for   me.   I   never   imagined   that   it   would   happen.   This   is   almost   the   last   stage   of   my

educational   period   where   I   can   make   mistake   and   learn   from   it   without   having   any   kind   of   bad

consequences. So my expectation was very simple to get as  much as professional experience, I can

gather. But I have gathered much more than my expectation.

7.0 Differentiating Academic Learning and Experiential Learning

Academic Learning

The scope of getting practical knowledge is very limited in the academic learning process. Therefore, 
initially students might find it difficult in to do the job in internship. Due to internship, I  learned how 
to talk with customers on face to face, over telephone and also learned how to handle them. I 
earned confidence to deal with different types of people in this internship period. I have learned 
how to talk and behave with colleagues. Before my internship, I had some blur image about the 
total banking system from my bookish knowledge but internship program helped me to know a lot 
about the realistic knowledge about the banking system. As I continued internship, I found a vast 
difference between practical and my academic knowledge.
Experiential Learning

During the internship program, most important of all I have learnt how to lead a regimented and 
disciplined life. In an academic life, we are always concerned with results but in a professional arena, I 

have learned that every time people have to be extremely aware for each and every task they are 
responsible for. I have also suited to a tight schedule of working from morning to evening. All banking 

activities must have to be done through a proper and systematic way. A silly mistake could generate a 
lot of problem in the professional life.

8.0 Influence of Internship in My Carrier Plan

Internship has influenced my career plan in many ways. It taught me to use time properly. Basically 

professional life is totally different from normal life. I thought job life is boring and irritating. There is no

value of job. But after joining the bank I have seen how to follow the rules and also how to enjoy job life.

This internship has enlightened my career plan. It also made me highly ambitious. Now I want to do a 

respectable and nice job, though it was not my desire before joining the bank. Before joining Mercantile 

Bank, I was planning to continue my education (MBA) after graduation then I will try to d o a job. But 

time and situation can change us dramatically, I am currently hoping that, if I get a job in an MNC or a 

bank, then I will continue to work there for coup le of years and then I will go for higher education.

9.0 If I Had to Redo My Internship

I had mostly worked under both the General Banking department and Foreign Trade Department. If I had
the chance to redo the internship I would definitely work under the foreign exchange department only. In

this department the officers deals with the foreign related activities. The activities of this department were
interesting to me. They had many tasks that were based on the communication to their clients, other

foreign and local banks. If I got the chance to work at this department and got the proper access to the
equipment, I would do my internship in to this department.

10.0 Conclusion
In conclusion, I must say through m y intern period I have learnt a lot, achieved a lo t, faced many difficulties
and solve those as much as I could. This internship helped me to know h ow bank works, how they deal with 

different customers, situations, problems, environments, people etc. Again, it helps me to match my bookish 

knowledge to the practical conditions. . It was really a wonderful journey for me and it was the people in that 

organization that made this journey wonderful. I will miss each and every moment.

Journal 1 on 1st Week

The purpose of writing this journal is to talk about my experience of the first week of my internship
at Mercantile Bank Limited. I went to the office on the first day (2 nd June 2014, Thursday) of my
internship in order to complete the joining formalities at Mercantile Bank Limited, Nayabazar
Branch. On that day, I visited all the departments of office branch and came to know about the
organization and its organogram. Finally, I got introduced with my line manager and he briefly
described what tasks I will be completing throughout my internship. The tasks I will be doing
through internship are to learn about all the three sections general banking (GB), credti sections and
foreign exchange sections.

Learning & Achievements:

Firs week is full of new learning. I experienced the environment of an office, how people are talking,
how people are sharing and most importantly how people are working together. I have learned about
the GB (General Banking) section firstly. Here, I met with the skills on account (Current and Saving)
opening thn delivering back the checque books. Then the process of draft issuing by bank. For
secondly, I was having an idea about about section and how CIB (Credit Information Bureau) is
maintained centrally from Bangladesh Bank. Within a very few days, I started to filling the
customers’ undertaking form and stock report by observing their monthly sales report, which are
under CIB tasks.


The organization has a very friendly and comfortable work environment. The employees are very
much efficient and helpful and are dedicated to their duties. Satisfaction of the clients is the first
priority of this organization.

Notable Incidents:

The organization very strictly maintains punctuality handling office entrance and exit hours. Their
interns are supposed to work at least two sections each day by half of the working hours.
Journal 2 on 2nd Week

My second week experience taught me that Mercantile Bank Ltd is not a place to relax. Pressure is
always there on all the employees. This week is the test of my learning’s till what I have learned from
previous week besides doing those (CIB forms and GB tasks) for a real client now.


This week, there is only one new thing I learnt from GB (General Banking) section is assisting in
deposit liquidation as it takes a number of lengthy documenting steps. For credit section, starting
with CIB learning was a good starter to have a preliminary overview about the credit section. In this
second week, I have filled up the customer’s Credit Application Form and the eligibility of applying
for a loan (Three types: LC, LTR, CC-hypo). Moreover, I have updated some application,
undertaking and stock report form which needed to be updated this year.


Private Banks of Bangladesh has some different culture comparing to other organization. The most
noticeable thing is the office hour. In our department every employees have to work at least till 8pm.
That means 10 to 11 hours of office hour and the sad part is they are not getting extra payment for
those extra hour service.

Notable Incidents:

Though the dictated cash transaction hour says 4 pm, there cash transaction lasts till nearly 6 pm. In
Ramadan too, the time lasts 3.30 pm while the dictated transaction closing hour said 2.30 pm.

Journal 3 on 3rd Week

In this very last week, the first few days I was performing about preparing of the whole file called
PNS (Personal Net Worth Statement) for a credit customer which is the under the credit department.
Last few days of the week, I started in full swing, working on maintain file for LC, update LC
register and most importantly to report to Bangladesh Bank on behalf of the bank on LC.
I learnt that the entire PNS file is consisted of filled papers started with named application for credit
facility. Then they needed to provide and fill trade license, stock report, undertaking form, online
CIB (Credit Information Bureau) inquiry form. Moreover, after the sanction, the bank also keeps
several papers. My duty was to check all the papers and find which needed to be stamped authorized
by The National Revenue Board of tk. 300 and then stamping. There are few papers like balance
confirmation slip, demand promissory notes, letter of hypothecation, supplementary agreement for
letter of hypothecation, letter of continuity, letter of revival, letter of guarantee, and trust receipt. In
the last few days, I was sit at the foreign trade department for the whole office working hours and I
found that these are the works that I felt home about doing the whole time. There firstly I started with
completing the June’s record of issued LCs which waited to be submitted to the Bangladesh Bank.
Besides I learnt to receiving every day’s LCs and registering them. Most importantly I can read the
all necessary information from the individual LC files.


Back to back LCs are mainly opened by exporters against a master LC to facilitate their production
through importing raw materials from suppliers. On the other hand, LC at sight is the quickest form
of payment for sellers.

Notable Incidents:

I discovered that in foreign trade department, officers work by splitting singularly in import or
export division.

Journal 4 on 4th Week

Task Completed:

Mostly I did things which I did in the previous weeks. But some more details about foreign trade
section. Have to update LC and PAD registers and post LC information to Bangladesh Bank online
server and then give my department in-charge a follow up about the pending LC information that are
yet to post.

Learning and Achievements:

These weeks I learned about ‘Back to Back LC’ and ‘At Sight LC’. There are different catagories of
LC. These are two of them.

 Back To Back LC: Two letters of credit (LCs) used together to help a seller finance
the purchase of equipment or services from a subcontractor. With the original LC from the
buyer's bank in place, the seller goes to his own bank and has a second LC issued, with the
subcontractor as beneficiary. The subcontractor is thus ensured of payment upon fulfilling the
terms of the contract.
Like most LCs, back-to-back LCs are used primarily in international transactions, with the
first LC serving as collateral for the second.
 At Sight LC: A letter of credit that is payable once it is presented along with the
necessary documents. An organization offering a sight letter of credit commits itself to paying
the agreed amount of funds provided the provisions of the letter of credit are met.


Here, the branch hammered the LC in few sub-division named cash LC, deferred LC, EDF LC and
local LC. The number and frequency cash LC is the highest. Then, the EDF LC is also nearly
frequent like cash LC. Deferred LC is though little frequent, the number is local LC is only two from
the last four months.

Notable Incidents:

At the beginning of the week my department in-charge called me and informed me that from this
week I would work in import division instead of export division. I switched to a new sub division but
my duties remain almost same except the pattern of LC I deal with.

Journal 5 on 5th Week

In my fifth week of internship I was very busy with working back the general banking (GB) division
because of Eid. In fact, right before eid, extra pressure is created on GB desk to satisfy mostly the
DPS holding customers. Though I worked 3 days in that very week but my working hours was
lengthy too comparing to regular days.

Task Completed:

Mainly I have been working as an assistant for the principal officer (PO) and executive officer (EO).
I’ve helped them counting and rechecking all the previous payments of those deposits. Also, I was
attesting the person who came to break the DPS, by matching their information with the bank’s

Learning and Achievements:

As this week was so harsh for all the employees they couldn’t manage to teach my new lessons. So,
when I was reading papers related to foreign exchange division because I found my interest in this
section. When I got time I was getting acquainted with the shipping related papers with small details

 Application to open a L/C (application regards all information about the


 Proforma Invoice (invoice made before shipment),

 Commercial Invoice (final invoice),

 Marine cover note of insurance (through an insurance company that take the
responsibility for applicant),

 T/M form (pertaining to freight cost and information),

 Letter of credit authorization form (5 copy of L.C.A form are distributed to 5

parties ),

 IMP form.

This branch of Mercantile Bank serves all kind of local businessman in old Dhaka who imports all
kinds of raw materials such as garment accessories, bicycle parts, chemicals, paper, adhesives,
plastics etc.

Notable Incidents:

The business in general banking section is comparatively time consuming and lengthy to perform
while other departments are sensitive and meticulous. But the employer are averse in having GB
related customer because however much customer GB deals, it generates low revenue. So, the
foreign exchange and credit division are more profitable.

Journal 6 on 6th Week

In my sixth week I was started back teaching from where I was stopped before Eid. I again came to
my desk but this time not with cluster of files. This time I was instructed to post the L/C in
Bangladesh Bank everyday by using online with my in-charge officer’s ID. From time to time I was
filling papers that must be completed before audit.


This week, there is only one new thing I learned is using the Bangladesh Bank e-service page. Here, I
learned how to input a bill of entry of individual L/Cs. I took knowledge about inputting all the
components of an L/C e.g. L/C amount, margin, commercial payments, VATs, commodity detail
(including weight and unique HS code) etc. Besides, I was taught what are the things are checked
during audits. Then, I learned about a content which summarizes everything related to an individual
L/C and this one very crucial for audit. But officers don’t get enough time to fill that content for all
L/Cs. They do it quarterly in a year. So, as nest week the audit team going to inspect, I was told to fill
all those contents. By doing that I became clear about few things those were hazy to me before.


One of the biggest problems in trade finance is the different interest between the buyer and seller,
which the buyer always want to have longer credit tenor, while the seller prefer to give shorter credit
tenor to the buyer

Notable Incidents:
Right after Eid, the first week in bank seems to me much gloomier as there are few crowds and at the
same time officers and employers become chatty among themselves. Though I can’t take part fully in
officers’ conversation but I enjoy being a part of them too.

Journal 7 on 7th Week

I was in my 7th week of internship the last week. I have done nothing new in this week but have
gained some valuable experience.

Learning and Achievements:

These week I learned about deferred LC and UPAS LC.

Deferred or Usance LC:

A deferred letter of credit is that which is not paid/assigned immediately after presentation, but after
an indicated period that is accepted by both buyer and seller. Typically, seller allows buyer to pay the
required money after taking the related goods and selling them. It is used where a buyer and a seller
have a close working relationship because, in effect, the seller is financing the purchase by allowing
the buyer a grace period for payment. It is also called usance letter of credit.


UPAS LC, Usance Payable at Sight, is a derivative from the standard LC type (Sight LC & Usance
LC). It is actually the combination between Sight LC and Usance LC. Simply saying, UPAS is an
Usance LC that is payable sight basis to the seller (beneficiary), while the payment settlement from
the applicant (buyer) to the issuing bank will made on at the end of usance term. The whole process
is shown below by a diagram:
1. Sales contract between buyer and seller

2. Buyer (applicant) request their bank (issuing bank) to issue a 90 days (for example) UPAS
L/C for the seller

3. Issuing bank , upon receiving the request, issue a 90 days UPAS L/C to seller’s bank
(advising bank)

4. Seller’s bank (advising bank) then advise the UPAS LC to the seller (beneficiary)

5. Seller then ship the goods to the buyer

6. Upon shipping the goods, the seller prepare all documents as requested by the UPAS L/C,
and then present the documents to their bank / bank that is specifically nominated by the UPAS L/C
to receive the documents (negotiating / nominated bank).

Note : Usually advising bank & negotiating bank is the same bank, but could be different.

7. Negotiating bank checks the presented documents, then deliver the documents to the
issuing bank

8. Issuing bank upon receiving the documents sent by the negotiating bank, will start check
the documents within max 5 banking days, and once they find that the presented documents are
comply with the UPAS L/C terms and conditions, they will pay the seller through the negotiating
bank right away

9. Negotiating bank will credit the payment proceed from issuing bank to seller’s account
with them
10. Buyer provides their payment undertaking for principal and interest on maturity date (day
90) to to the Issuing bank, can be in the form of signed draft (Bill of Exchange) or Promissory Notes.

11. Issuing bank then release all documents to the buyer, including Bill of Lading.

12. Payment by applicant (buyer) to the issuing bank on day 90 (maturity date) for both
principal (P) & Financing Interest (I)


One of the biggest problems in trade finance is the different interest between the buyer and seller,
which the buyer always want to have longer credit tenor, while the seller prefer to give shorter credit
tenor to the buyer. UPAS LC is a great tool to solve this problem. But on the other hand the
concerned officer has to put a lot of effort while dealing with UPAS letter of credit but the bank
doesn’t gain much compare to that.

Journal 8 on 8th Week

This is my 8th week at Mercantile Bank Limited, Nayabazar Branch. This week was very pressure
full for me. This was the last week of the month and at the end of the month we need to submit return
to Bangladesh Bank. After the recent scandals in banking sector, the central bank has become very
concerned and established very strong monitoring system. With the new system they develop, they
can monitor in every step of a transaction. And they are trying hard to stop money laundering. And
that cause an extra load for the bank employees as now they have to spend a lot of time reporting
these last few days of the month.

Learning and Achievements:

This week I’ve gained a clear idea about the whole import process. The whole importing process is
divided into three steps:

1. Opening an L/C
2. Import Bill Retirement &
3. Reporting.

At present we are four people working for import. The in-charge of import deals with L/C opening
and a newly joined management trainee officer assists him. And the other officer working in this
department deals with retirement of import bill through creating PAD. And my job is to report
everything to the concerned authority. To generate the report on payment of an L/C what most
important information I need is –

 LACF No.
 Opening date & amount of L/C
 Country receiving payments
 Country of origin of the goods
 Unit & quantity
 FOB amount and total invoice amount
 Freight charges
 Vessel information
 Port of loading & port of discharge


This report is very important as this is the base for every statistic published by Bangladesh Bank such
as annual national import, export etc.

Journal 9 on 9th Week

In this week also alike the last week our branch had an audit but this time it’s from the mother branch
or the principle branch. There were 1 for the foreign trade section and 2 for the credit loan section.
So, I had to leave my chair for the audit officer. I became so good to my officers for the greater
purpose of helping them with the audit.

Learning and Achievements:

This audit had let me know that, there are few papers that the branch used to fill them up only before
the audit comes. But this time, as my branch already had an audit last week from Bangladesh Bank, it
could not fill those paper and around sixty L/Cs were needed to be online final posting. This was a
both sided paper where I had to fill up about 20 -25 most important information which already are in
the L/C file. But, principle branch wants to keep another summary sheet where all the most relevant
information is gathered around and helps to see the entire L/C at a glance. This paper is called by
“Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1947”. I have learned all this but in new way like how to skim
the whole L/C file and gather all those data.

The job of summing up became bored as I had to do at least 10 files a day. So, my officer changed
the rule for me. He then gave me the job of online posting too. In that case, I start with the paper
works them finish them before lunch. After lunch I start posting online those file. Next, when I
became fast doing both of those task, the officer said to start doing again the IMP filling up for this
month. Besides, I did the fill up for all the IMPs of the month of June. By doing that observed that
the bank has less than around 35 customers who monthly total open 80 L/Cs.

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