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ComponentOne True DBGrid Pro v7.

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���� DATE: 08/28/2000

.:˵�� DESCRiPTiON:.

True DBGrid Pro 7.0 is the latest example of a high-performance

tool that we made even more powerful, timesaving, and enjoyable
to use by adding genuinely helpful features.

One of the most important new features is an enhanced

presentation of Master-Detail relationships: In addition to
showing hierarchical relationships between records, each
drop-down display is a fully editable grid that can be
customized and manipulated. True DBGrid Pro 7.0 also features
Excel-style cell selection to easily choose any row, column,
or range of cells; additional display modes to present data in
useful formats (FormView repositions data in a standard form
that can be modified as needed, and Inverted View repositions
rows as columns to provide a convenient read down format); even
better keyboard navigation with the ability to control the
relative position of the next cell when users press the Enter
key; and rich scrolling capabilities that allow tracking of
the scroll bar location and give users an information pop-up as
the scroll bar moves.

Other new features include expanded styles to easily customize

row and column borders using new appearance, size, color, and
type properties; more print and print preview options; a Filter
Bar data entry row that allows developers to implement custom
end-user operations, such as incremental search and recordset
filtering; native integration with True DataControl that instantly
adds powerful data access and manipulation features;
bi-directional language support for both right-to-left and
left-to-right languages; additional 3D effects for mouse-overs;
easy-to-use dropdowns with automatic text completion that
simplify data entry by reducing the number of keystrokes; Spring
Mode to resize columns proportionately; customizable row and
column borders; Support for Windows� 2000 COM Redirection that
gives developers the ability to certify their applications for
Windows 2000; a Tag Property that allows programmers to attach
any type of object to a column; and automatic grid cell
translation to True DBDropDown values for developers who want
to automatically map a representation to a value by connecting
a TDBDropDown control to a table.

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