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Welcome Packet

2018-2019 Operational Year

Student Advocates for Graduate Education
Who are we? 
We are an organization founded and operated by and for graduate students. 
Established in 2008 at the University of Texas at Austin, we are comprised of 
the governing bodies from R1 public research universities across the nation.  
What do we do? 
Our motto, “ ​ Access, Affordability, Opportunity,”​ reflects our ambitions for 
advocacy on behalf of graduate students at the national level. Every annual 
session begins at our ​Fall Summit​, where we determine our advocacy priorities 
and form working groups to research and compile white papers. This effort 
culminates in the spring ​Day on the Hill​, where a delegation travels to 
Washington, D.C. to speak with Congressional members and staffers. Our white 
papers, which contain our vetted key talking points, guide the discussions. 
Organizational Structure 
SAGE is managed by an Executive Board comprised of a: Chair, Vice Chair, 
Political Director, Internal Affairs Director, and Communications Director. 
With the E-Board, Working Group Chairs lead efforts to complete the white 
papers. Finally, there are general delegates of the SAGE Coalition, who work to 
complete the white papers, share best practices between institutions, and 
attend both phone and in-person meetings.  
Membership Responsibilities 
As a SAGE member institution, one delegate must be present at ​Fall Summit​ and 
Day on the Hill​, and attend monthly Coalition calls with ​no more than two 
absences. Only designated voting members from each institution may make 
motions and vote at meetings, but all delegates may be heard by the Coalition.  
On behalf of the 2018-2019 Executive Board, welcome to Student Advocates for 
Graduate Education. We look forward to a year of exciting progress and fruitful 
collaboration among the Coalition! 

For more information, contact our Communications Director at 

communications.sage@gmail.com​, or find us online at ​http://www.sagecoalition.net/​.

SAGE Working Groups 2017-18 Review 
The  SAGE  Coalition  working  groups  are  tasked  with  tracking  legislation  that 
affects  graduate  and  professional  students  as  well  as  drafting  advocacy  white 
papers on relevant topics within the group’s purview.  
Campus Climate 
Focus:  Issues  impacting  the  student  experience  on  campus  including,  but  not 
limited  to:  free  speech,  campus  sexual  assault  and  Title  IX,  and  Equity, 
Diversity,  and  Inclusion  initiatives.  2017  Chair:  Samantha  Fuchs 
Campus Wellness 
Focus:  Issues  related  to  students’  well  being  on  campus  including,  but  not 
limited  to:  mental  health  resources.  2017  Chair:  Fabio  Urbina 
Focus:  Issues  affecting  the  affordability  of  graduate  education  including,  but 
not  limited to: student debt, financial aid, and taxes. 2017 Chair: Lucca Henrion 
Focus:  Issues  related  to  immigration  reforms  affecting  graduate  students 
including,  but  not  limited  to:  visa  caps,  optional  practical  training,  and 
protections  for  undocumented  students.  2017  Chair:  Alex  Vazsonyi 
Research Funding 
Focus:  Governmental  and  external  funding  allocations  that  support  student 
research,  innovation,  and  economic  activity.  2017  Chair,  Madelyn  Percy 
Any  graduate  or  professional  student  currently  enrolled  at  a  SAGE  member 
institution  may  join  a  SAGE  working  group.  The  SAGE  Coalition  encourages 
students  at  all  member  institutions  to  join  a  working  group  if  they  are 
passionate  about  that  issue.  Multiple  students  from a single institution may be 
part  of  a working group. Students interested in joining a working group or with 
any  questions  about  the  working  groups  should  email both the Working Group 
Chair and the SAGE Political Director. 

SAGE Contact Sheet 
Executive Board 
Chair: Madelyn Percy (​chair.sage@gmail.com​) 
Vice Chair: Alexander Vazsonyi (​vicechair.sage@gmail.com​) 
Political Director: Kelsey Hood (​policy.sage@gmail.com​) 
Internal Affairs Director: Sarah Carlson (​internalaffairs.sage@gmail.com​) 
Communications Director: Johnny Quispe (​communications.sage@gmail.com​) 
Working Group POC’s 
Student Finance: Lily Trieu (​lily.trieu@utexas.edu​) 
Immigration: Purna Doddapaneni (​doddapanenipc@tamu.edu​) 
Gender Equity & Sexual Harassment: Rachel Coombs (​rsc30@pitt.edu​) and 
Christine Gwillim (​cgwillim@utexas.edu​) 
Research Funding: Juan Ybarra (​jybarra@eng.ucsd.edu​) 
Student Health: Jennifer Enriquez (​jme53@pitt.edu​) and Lucca Henrion 
Data Management & Security: Fabio Urbina (​fabiou​@email.unc.edu​) 

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