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es October 28, 2018 Mr, Michael Eagen, Chair Michigan Parole Board P.O. Box 30003, Lansing, MT 48909 Doar Mr. Bagon: am writing to object to the parole of Catherine Wood, MDOC #204315, Michigan made the decision decades ago to resorve long sontencos for the ‘most dangerous offenders. Catherine Wood fits that profile. Her commission of ‘multiple murders of sleeping seniors with montal impairment strikes at the very heart of our obligation to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Her crime was pre- ‘meditated, ongoing with at least five victims, and shockingly dismissive of the value of human life as she and her partner attempted to spell "MURDER" with their victim's initials ‘More distusbingly, just a few years ago a fellow inmate of Wood wrote the family, claiming that Wood was bragging that she did the killing and was not the lookout, ‘That Wood could “brag” about both killing seniors in their sleep and lying ‘about her involvement speaks to her lack of rehabilitation and lack of remorse. ‘Wood was sentencod prior to the enactment of truth-in-sontoncing laws and ‘has earned substantial time off for “good behavior" in prison. Her maximum sentence is less than three years away as opposed to 11 years under truth-in- sentencing. This eight-year, 20% reduction in sentence length is already sufficiont to reward her testimony. Family members oppose her parole. Her monstrous and abominable crimes are unspeakable and far beyond any semblance of civilized behavior. Given the report of hor lying and lack of remorse, I respectfully request that the Board rescind the grant of parole to Catherine Wood. Sincerely, Bill Schuotte Attorney General WDSil