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Accor: Strengthening the Brand with Digital Marketing (doall the questions)1.

Accor�s current distribution strategy. What is the value of the OTA relationship to
the company and should it continue to work with this channel? How should Accor
manage this channel relationship?The say that OTAs are a good source for customers,
but too expensive to have all of their bookings come from there. Instead they want
them to �help us tap into new customer bases in certain parts of the world where we
do not have such a prominent presence.� In other words, it is a great place to
start, but then they want them to become loyal to their brand and book directly
with the hotel. They have already started achieving this by promoting their loyalty
system Le Club Accorhotels,which is growing in size. I believe that they should
continue the strategy they have, which is to keep a good relationship with OTAs for
the first stay of a customer, but then work hard to transition the customer to
direct booking.