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A Study Project
Submitted to University of Pune in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the
Award of Master’s Degree Course in Marketing Mangement

2007 – 2008

Submitted by: Under Guidance:

(Amit Kumar Anand) (Nilesh Patil)




I Amit kumar Anand of MMM Final Year from Sinhgad Business Administration &
Computer Application(SIBACA),Lonavala, Pune, Hereby declare that this project work
entitled “Fly ash and its utilization” at SAND PLAST INDIA LIMITED(SPIL) New
Delhi, was carried out for 61 days.

To the best of my knowledge & belief, it is an original piece of work and is the sheer
outcome of my own efforts under the vigilant guidance of my guides has not either in full
or in part has been submitted to any other institution for the award of any other course.

Amit Kumar Anand


The MMM Programme is well structured and integrated course of Marketing and
Management studies by Pune University. The main objective of practical training at
MMM level is to develop skill in student by supplement to the theoretical study of
business management and Marketing in general. Industrial training helps to gain real life
knowledge about the industrial environment and business practices. The MMM
programme provides student with a fundamental knowledge of Market and Business
functions and activities, as well as an exposure to strategic thinking of management.
In every professional course, training is an important factor. Professors give us theoretical
knowledge of various subjects in the college but we are practically exposed of such
subjects when we get the training in the organization. It is only the training through
which I come to know that what an industry is and how they handle market. I have
learned various things regarding the market and how they handle their product and
services which I can implement when I will enter in the practical field.
Training is an integral part of MMM and all other management courses and each and
every student has to undergo the training for 2 months in a company and then prepare a
project report on the same after the completion of training.
During this whole training I got a lot of experience and came to know about the
management practices in real that how it differs from those of theoretical knowledge and
the practically in the real life.
In today’s globalize world, where cutthroat competition is prevailing in the market,
theoretical knowledge is not sufficient. Beside this one need to have practical knowledge,
which would help an individual in his/her carrier activities and it is true that “Good works
always counts”.


With immense pleasure, I would like to present this project report for Fly Ash and its
Utilization. It has been an enriching experience for me to undergo my summer training at
SPIL, which would not have possible without the goodwill and support of the people
around. As a student of SINHGAD INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT I would like to
express my sincere thanks too all those who helped me during my practical training

Words are insufficient to express my gratitude toward SPIL. I would like to give my
heartily thanks to Mr. Atul Tyagi General Manager, who permitted me to get training at
SPIL. He also helped me at every step whenever needed and arranged all possible visits
for me at different researchers.

As we know research work needs hard work, keen insight and long patience with
scholarly vision based on content operation hence it becomes a humble duty to express
my sincere gratitude to NTPC and CBRI Roorkie without them this project would have
not been successfully possible.

However, I accept the sole responsibility for any possible error of omission and would be
extremely grateful to the readers of this project report if they bring such mistakes to my

Amit Kumar Anand

Date: 29TH July, 2009
Place: Delhi
Duration: 13ST May to 29th July, 2006


Chapter No. Name Of Chapter Page No.

1. Introduction 3-5
1.1 Industry Overview 6
1.2 Company Profile 7-8
1.3 Competitor’s Profile 9-10
1.4 Product Profile 11-13
1.5 SWOT Analysis 14-15
2. Scope & Objectives 16
2.1 Scope Of Study 17
2.2 Research Objectives 18
2.3 Limitation Of Study 19
3. Research Methodology 20
3.1 Research Design 20
3.2 Research Instrument 21
3.3 Sources Of Data 22-23
3.4 Sampling Plan 24-25
4. Data Collection 26-28
5. Data Analysis & Interpretation 29
5.1 Analysis 30-47
5.2 Findings 48-50
5.3 Suggestions 51-52
Annexure 53-54
Bibliography 55-57


The Project FLY ASH AND ITS UTILIZATION speaks about how is Fly ash useful in
the current scenario and basically the construction Industry.
From this research we just put a emphasis on Fly ash and tries to find out that what is the
process of FLY ASH coming out from coal plant and how it is beneficial to the
Construction industry.

The Fly ash as the name suggests is a pozzolanic material which come out when we burn
coal in power plant and all the fly ash which is been generated through the coal are to be
collected and disposed off in different means like some use in cement, some use in
concrete, some use in brick making and many more. We generalize that all the uses of Fly
ash are similar to cement as the properties of Fly ash and cement are almost same so
when we are getting a Fly ash without any cost and which is eco friendly then why
shouldn’t we use that product which we are using nowadays in our construction business.

In the research as it states that it is Basically deals with utilization so under this we come
to know basic infacts about the FLY ASH that how we get this product and how we can
recycled it to some other product whether it is cement, Concrete, Brick making or Any
other construction.

This Fly ash as the name suggests has been not familiar with all as this is not heard by all
and the government has not put some action to dispose this but now the thing is totally
changed and this is the maximum product that is been used in the cement manufacturer
and concrete production, same with the brick making products.

These all things we will come to know by this research and this research states also that
how we can improve the quality of brick making as the company who has provided to
work with are the maker of bricks so they want to improve the quality of their brick
making so under this we come to know that how the quality of the brick making we can
improve .