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– 3D Anatomy for Manual Therapies DVD-ROM

What is this title about?

Working with a team of the top names in massage and manual therapy, headed up by Judith DeLany, Primal Pictures
have created a fabulous digital resource for manual therapists in training and practice.

With the aim of providing an intuitive and comprehensive multimedia guide, 3D Anatomy for Manual Therapies
covers a wide variety of topics using engaging multimedia content including great interactive 3D anatomy section
featuring a comprehensive muscle and trigger point atlas and manual therapies topics section covering over 28
techniques with text.

Revitalize your consultations, presentations and reports by exporting individual 3D model images and
animation frames directly from this software. This is a unique piece of software that will help manual
therapists gain a deeper understanding about the human body in 3D

What does this title have?

3D Anatomy for Manual Therapies will consist of 5 sections; Anatomy, Slides, Movies, Animations
and Manual Therapy.

There are over 30 topics ranging from key massage techniques and stretching to special care.
Each topic is covered by explanatory text, written by an expert in the technique, and
supplemented by photographs and video clips providing clarity and context.

This software will let the user add and remove layers from skin to bone and rotate and zoom
the 3D model at any stage correlate views of the model. All visible structures can be
labeled and highlighted, which will bring up related text and hot links.


Clear graphics and interactive anatomy views

An easy to use interface and functionality
40 articles which links to movies and slides
Search and help function
Print and save any animation or movie clip for teaching and presenting

3D views

A total of 309 3D views. 13 neurovascular views, 2 pelvis views, 168 muscle atlas views, 120 trigger point views.


37 dissection slides that show the muscles of the body will be linked into the anatomy text.

Animations and videos

There will be 28 movie clips. All animations will have a movie equivalent, which will allow users to import movies into
presentation software such as PowerPoint.


20 + illustrations
What are the contents of this title?

Medical Structural
NMT Anatomy Trains
Ortho Core
Neuro Structural Integration
CranioSacral Therapy
Cancer Care Stretching
Spray-and-stretch Active Isolated Stretching
Trigger point release Proprioceptive Neuromuscular
Facilitation (PNF)
Spa Muscle Energy Techniques
Special care
Hot stone Infant
Wraps/scrubs/mu Geriatric
Sport Pregnancy massage
Sports massage – Vaughn
Sport team member Other
Positional Release
Water therapies
Oriental and Energy Work
Do-in or Tui Na
Jin Shin Do

Who are the authors?

Lead contributor

Judith DeLany LMT

Director, NMT Center, Founder and Director

Our experts:

Timothy Agnew
Intent Multi-media

Sandra K Anderson
Bodyworker and Bodywork Educator

Jean-Pierre Barral DO MRO(F) PT

Director, Department of Osteopathic Manipulation

Linda Beach
Owner/Executive Director, International Spa Institute

Iris Burman LMT CNMT

President and Director of Educating Hands School of Massage

Leon K Chaitow ND DO
Honorary Fellow, School of Life Sciences, University of Westminster

Bruno Chikly MD DO
Co-founder School of Manual Lymphatic Therapy
Alain Croibier DO MRO(F)
Barral Institute

Johnette du Rand
Programme Director and Oncology Massage Educator, Greet the Day

Sandy Friedland
Teacher, author, seminar leader, lecturer and licensed massage therapist.

Richard M Gold PhD L.Ac

Senior Faculty, President; Chairman of the Board, International Professional School of Bodywork

Alison Harvey DC CST-D

Barral Institute

Dawn Langnes BS LMT

Chief Development Officer, Barral Institute and Upledger Institute

Whitney W Lowe
Director, Orthopaedic Massage Education and Research Institute

Vimala McClure
Founder, International Association of Infant Massage

Mike McGillicuddy
Massage Therapy School Director

Joseph E Muscolino DC
Massage Therapy Author and Educator, Adjunct Professor, Purchase College

Thomas Myers
Kinesis, LLC Director

Carole Osborne
Faculty, International Professional School of Bodywork

Sharon Puszko PhD LMT

Owner, Director, Educator and Author, Day-Break Geriatric Massage Institute


Director, LA Institute of Massage Therapy

John E Upledger DO OMM

Founder, Upledger Institute International, Inc

John M Upledger
CEO, Upledger Institute International, Inc

James Waslaski AA LMT CPT (NASM)

Author and International Lecturer, Chronic Pain and Sports Injuries

Ed Wilson LMT, Cert Reflexology

Educator/Therapist, Educating Hands School of Massage

Robert A Wuttke LMT NSCA-CPT BMO

Therapeutic Services Manager, Carillon Sports and Family Medicine
What are the technical specifications?

Format: DVD-ROM and Online (IE6-8, Firefox, Safari)

PC/Windows OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Mac: Mac (Intel) OSX 10.4, 10.5, 10.6
1.5Ghz Processor or greater, 200MB RAM, 24-bit color.
1024x768 screen resolution.
Adobe AIR, Reader

What is the price?

DVD $275/£145 exc VAT/€218 exc VAT

ISBN 978-1-904369-99-8

How to contact us?

If you would like more information about 3D Anatomy for Chiropractic, you can
email or call us on +44 (0)207 637 1010. Our mailing address is:
Primal Pictures Ltd, 4 Floor, Tennyson House, 4th Floor,159-165 Great Portland
Street, London W1W 5PA. United Kingdom.