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It wasn’t all Down with Absolutes by a long fucking shot.

Delaware Politics March 15, 2008

“Let me just say that the clips … I’ve viewed of Sen Obama’s spiritual leader, and a man he has
followed for 20 years, will change the dynamics of this race for good. For 20 years he has
attended a church led by one of the most hate filled, America hating, racist persons I’ve ever
heard. What I viewed over and over again the last few days convinces me that he [Obama] has
participated in a domestic “maddrassa” style program, only void of the Muslim faith
(unfortunately racist Minister Louis Farrahkan fills that void). I’m disgusted and anyone who
doesn’t take a second look at Barack Obama after reviewing the undeniable evidence that he
supported and followed for TWENTY YEARS, an individual who hates whites and hates
America needs to get their head examined. No Senator Obama, you are not going to snow us
over by saying you weren’t there. The fact is you were a willing participant in a forum of hate.”

Delaware Liberal May 18, 2008

“Man and woman fit together in a unique say. True, at the level of the obvious. Women have an
orifice men don’t have. But they also share two orifices with men (I hope I don’t have to spell
this out for Mr. Anderson). So “nature” (“God” to conservatives) provides for men to “fit together”
with women in three ways, and with other men in two ways. (Of course, this leaves women zero
ways to “fit together” with other women, which is where man as a tool-making animal comes into
play, but we’ll leave that aside). The question is: Would God have made men “fit together” so
easily if he didn’t want them to “fit together” at all?"

Delaware Liberal June 10, 2008

“4) John Carney = Hillary Clinton

Maybe not as batshit crazy as Clinton, but a tried and true company man with a vagina where
the penis should be. He locked up the party hack vote prior to day one and expected that to
carry him all the way. All he bad things you think of when you hear the word “politician.”

And you don’t have to worry about Carney’s mangina; Ruthy more than makes up for it with her

Delaware Liberal Sep 10, 2008

Al Mascitti just called Ruth Ann Minner “Hitler in a Housecoat.” And he nearly called her a bitch
right before that. I thought I was probably over the top when I called her petulant, selfish, and
told her to go to Hell this morning. Damn, Al.

Delaware Liberal Sep 14, 2008

“Ms. Nasty Bitch [Minner] isn’t going to let this fly without yanking on Markell’s shirt collar. And
by the way, how the hell did you ever work for her to be elected. She is the most inept, do-
nothing governor I’ve ever read about. Oh, that’s right, she let someone else read for her.”
Delaware Liberal November 24, 2008

“If you want an inside scoop as to what is happening at Dellib, well let me be the first to peel
back the curtain enough to see the perv in the corner masterbating frantically.

“Delaware liberal cares about you the reader. We care about what you think. In fact we care A
LOT ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK IF YOU ARE A POLITICIAN! It has gotten to the point that
there are internal discussions at Dellib regarding particular posts (mostly of mine) that might
ruffle the feathers of a few of our readers. Those readers might be you, a politician. If you (said
reader) are a POLITICIAN, you should be pretty happy right now.


“Well, because many of the folks right here at Delaware Liberal are trying to get their heads so
far up your ass that they won’t tackle certain topics is my guess. They get all squeemish when I
post something that is oooooohhhhhhhh shhhhhhhh “R” rated. YIKES!!!! They don’t want me to
write the word FUCK or bash the penis diddling priesthood known as the Catholic Church. It
might offend you. You might not come to us with a juicy story. You might not…gasp…talk to us
or ….gassspppp….respect us.


“So listen forgedaboutit…if you are a politician in Delaware and want to influence things just
give us a ring. We have several people internally that are willing to kiss your fucking ass and not
write about certain topics so you will give us a (ready for this) a YOUTUBE interview

“Delawareliberal.net acting like we are keeping it real….”

Delaware Liberal December 13, 2008

“Apparently with 11 year-old boys it is all about farts, calling each other gay and acting retarded.
Come to think of it, it’s not so much different than here."

Delaware Liberal December 14, 2008

“All I’m saying is that the Religious Right uses the wrong approach to abstinence re: my
daughter. You won’t go to hell with my approach, but the hormone-filled little sperm bank will
wish he did.”

Delaware Liberal, January 12, 2009

I think it most people regard Minner as a party functionary who got her job in the same way
Alexei Nikolayevich Kosygin got to be the Chairman of the Soviet Council of Minsters from
October 15, 1964 – October 23, 1980. Her leathery hide and her less than inspiring speaking
style give this impression anyway.
That’s the public view. How true it is I don’t know, but the public gets its view through gossamer
wisps of images and stories that fall periodically like ashes from a far off volcano. So if it is their
reality, it is reality.

Dr. Liberal

PS. I forgot to mention that she is not physically attractive in a conventional sense and studies
show that people don’t like people who are not attractive, especially women. Sad, but true. …

▪ When Minner smiles, she looks like a bear showing her teeth in an aggressive pose.
▪ I am sure the images of her in a one-piece bathing suit once a year didn’t help her
approval ratings either. … … …
▪ Shorter Castle: “Whenever I found myself getting horny and widening my stance, I
imagined Ruth Ann in the next stall.”

Delaware Liberal June 11, 2009

"I was hoping for a good Down Syndrome joke about the prop baby. Too bad.”

Delaware Liberal June 11, 2009

“If you have 2 daughters aged 14 and 17 and one of them gets pregnant via a penis and then
months later I make a joke about one of your daughters and the joke has to do with sex. Odds
are I’m talking about the daughter that had sex even if I don’t mention it specifically. Jokes are
weird that way, they sometimes don’t specify exactly who you are talking about because for the
joke to work you have to let the audience figure out what you are saying instead of delivering it
to them on their laps.”

Delaware Liberal August 29, 2009

“Q. Why do lawyers wear neckties?

“A. To keep the foreskin from covering their face.”

Delaware Politics May 27, 2010

“Why would any ‘Spanish speaking brown people’ want to associate themselves with an
arrogant turd like Jason330 and the Democratic Party who merely see them as voting chattel
that a few platitudes and sporadic handouts won’t keep in line? You know, just like its done by
the Marxist oligarchs back home.”
Delaware Liberal June 28, 2010

“If i hear one more white male bitch about how his life is made harder because of his skin and
wang, I’m gonna commit a hate crime.”

Delaware Liberal June 30, 2010

“Conservative columnist Kathleen Parker must hate that she doesn’t have a penis. What else
could I infer from her vapid column in today’s Washington Post. …”

Delaware Politics 2 July 2010

“Ahem. Seems ole randy Al [Gore] left a bit of his DNA behind. Kinda like Clinton.

“I doubt Al’s gonna go to jail. He did sexually harass the woman and hey, I believe her. She’s a
legitimate massage therapist that was trying to be respectful to the almighty big zero, nothing
burger, dope smoking, personality-less, wooden, lying global warming piece of shit Al Gore.

“Nobel prize winning Al was probably high as a kite and needed his CHAKRA released. She’s
got his DNA folks. Heh. Seems like Al Gore, gun control notwithstanding, is a bit, eh, quick…on
the trigger. Another lying sack of liberal excrement.” Delaware Politics 15 Aug 2010

“No group can be a Christian Church and sanction same sex marriage. It would just be a
heretical sect.”

Delaware Liberal September 9, 2010

“… the ten years of bungling, stupidity and heartbreak that we’ve had to endure because the
terrorist stuck while we had Cheney (a psycho) and Bush (a retarded psycho) and in the White

Delaware Politics September 12, 2010

“Also per anon stupid question, “do American muslims live by Sharia Law?” Um, yes. Many do.
Actually, the Ground Zero Mosque cleric said we are already, in effect, “Sharia compliant”.
Whether this is actually true or not is up to discussion, however, it also tips his hand that he
wishes us to be “Sharia compliant”. Which is already happening in the UK where some wish
there to be Sharia Courts separate from the regular courts, i.e. so when some sexually
frustrated, insecure, wackado-nut job “honor kills” his girlfriend or wife for talking to an unrelated
male, it’ll be judged by a different set of laws and standards. Yes, that is too be admired.

“And Apo, for all your reverence for Islam; the Europeans may have been scratching due to lice
in the 1600’s (but still exploring the world beyond that of coast-hugging fishing schloops), today
they are not and the Islamists are still wiping their asses with their left hands, still marrying their
1st cousins and are still illiterate. Thus creating a decrepit, retrograde civilization that, for all its
past grandeur, is producing, aside from Youtube beheadings, diddily-squat today.”
Delaware Politics November 22, 2010

“How dare you use the memory of my relatives who died in the Holocaust to further your right-
wing bullshit. Shame on you! Shame! You have no right to use this for your purposes. You have
sullied the memories of my relatives and those of the 6 Million to further a talking point and it is
beyond the pale of acceptability.”

Delaware Politics October 4, 2011

“The form of Nazi nationalism was based on pagan tribalism and racism, essentially the
equivalent of the New Black Panther Party. Therefore they are naturally antisemitic, given the
monotheism of the Jews and so on. Not that many members of such parties could even say why
given their idolatry of the image and hatred for the word.”

Delaware Liberal Oct 19, 2011

“In my limited interactions with Minner and her security, I don’t know why anyone would even
want to be assigned to her detail. She was one cranky, arrogant bitch who often treated them as
chauffeurs and butlers, and had a constant look on her face like she was smelling a fart. Other
than that, I’m sure she was loved by all.”

Delaware Politics July 14, 2015

“Many Mexicans become more militant the longer they live in the United States. First-generation
immigrants are often grateful merely to be in a developed country rather than one that is badly
governed and falling into the hands of drug traffickers. It is the second- and third- generation
Hispanics who claim to be victims of oppression and exploitation. Hispanics therefore resemble
blacks in their vivid sense of their own group interests, their tendency to see the world in
racial/ethnic terms, and their reluctance to adopt the broader American identity whites think
necessary for integration and assimilation. This identity is kept fresh by the continuous arrival of
new immigrants. However, even if immigration were to stop tomorrow, there are now enough
Hispanics—especially Mexicans—to maintain a particularist, parochial identity indefinitely. In the
space of just a few decades our country has established a second group of Americans that are
racially distinct, with an inward-looking identity, and who suffer disproportionately from poverty,
crime, and school failure.”

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