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In Focus

R/3 System CO-PC-PCP Visual Unit Costing

New Costing Cockpit for Multi-level
Editing of Cost Estimates
Visual Unit Costing is part of the What can Visual Unit Costing do Use the results to support your decisions during:

SAP R/3 System’s Component for me? ■ sales processes (price determination)

Product Cost Planning. Visual Unit Costing is a major enhancement to ■ design and prototype phases of a new product
Unit Costing. It combines the flexibility of Unit
It stresses the aspects of costing Costing (changing a single-level cost estimate)
The Idea
simulation, what-if-analysis and with the new possibility to edit the whole multi- The basic idea is simple: integrate structural and
level product structure in a single screen. overview information with the detailed information
having early cost estimates with
of the objects you are interested in.
Simulation and What-if-Analysis refers to:
limited quantity structure informa- The fully-integrated presentation displays changes
■ different valuation strategies automatically. That is, changes in costing details
tion available. It enables you to
■ changes in prices are reflected immediately in the overview. Like-
edit multi-level costing structures wise, changes to the structure appear automatically
■ changes in quantity
effectively, using a new graphical in the detailed view.
■ changes in structure
user interface. The result is a costing cockpit. The cockpit consists
for products, activities, processes and overhead of three major work areas:
without having to change master data.
■ Worksession - gives a structural overview and
allows changes to the structure
■ Unit Costing - gives detailed information and
allows detailed changes
■ Selection block – enables to search and keep
data to be copied into the structure or the
detailed view (cost estimates, cost centers,
for example)
Different layouts of the cockpit are available.
You can move data between the work areas simply
with drag and drop. Pick an item in the selection
block and drop it either in the worksession or
in the unit costing area. Focus on a product in the
worksession and make adjustments in the corre-
sponding unit costing area.

To edit, zoom and navigate in complex
multi-level structures is supported using
the following features:

■ Dynamic Status
Changes in lower levels lead to
changes in the status of higher level
structures. Changes in the traffic
lights indicate that a netchange or a
revaluation is necessary for a consis-
tent cost estimate.
■ Netchange
Make a change and perform a
netchange. You see the cost impact
and cost change on all higher levels
immediately. ■ base planning object cost estimates the planning phase of your project right through
After release R/3 4.5 Visual Unit Costing will be to its execution, as well as in-depth training, and
■ Generic Filters
embedded in the standard release. Major future 24-hour support.
Choose any combination of characteristics
from the cost itemization and define a filter. enhancements planned are: The quality management processes implemented
This filter is valid for all nodes of the workses- ■ Change prices and quantities across all levels for SAP development and SAP consulting in Germa-
sion. All nodes where this filter applies are using generic filters ny comply with the international standard ISO
marked in the worksession. 9001. SAP software is also the first packaged en-
■ Change input resources across all levels using
■ Copy strategies from the selection block terprise application software to receive
generic filters
“Ergonomics approved” certification for the inter-
● Create copies of existing cost estimates ■ Edit sales order item cost estimates national standards ISO 9241 and ISO 13407.
● Include existing cost estimates in the
Technology and Service Interested? Then call or write us.
■ Set target values The R/3 software is based on client/server archi-
Compare costing results against target tecture. It is designed as an open system that can
values for products, assemblies or purchased be run on operating systems marketed by various
materials. vendors. However, SAP is not only a software pro-
vider: We also offer an extensive range of services
■ Suit the cockpit to fit to your individual needs
and support centering around AcceleratedSAP
Availability (ASAP) – SAP’s all-in-one solution for rapid imple-
mentation and ongoing optimization of R/3.
In release R/3 4.5 this functionality will only be
The R/3 Service & Support program includes
available to approved pilot customers. Visual Unit (9806/11) © including screen shots by SAP AG.
preventive system checks, data conversions,
Costing supports:
remote archiving and system upgrades. We provide
■ material cost estimates expert organizational and technical consulting from

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