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CONFIDENTIAL AMIDEC 2015/ADMS501 UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI MARA FINAL EXAMINATION COURSE : ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR COURSE CODE : ADM501 EXAMINATION : DECEMBER 2015 TIME 3 HOURS INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1 This question paper consists of two (2) parts: PART A (2 Questions) PART B (5 Questions) 2 ‘Answer ALL questions from PART A and any THREE (3) questions from PART B in the ‘Answer Booklet. Start each answer on anew page. 3 Do not bring any material into the examination room unless permission is given by the invigitator. 4 Please check to make sure that this examination pack consists of i) the Question Paper ji) an Answer Booklet — provided by the Faculty 5 Answer ALL questions in English. DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO This examination paper consists of 4 printed pages © Hak Cipta Universiti Teknolog! MARA CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL 2 AMIDEC 2015/ADM501 PARTA You have recently been appointed as head of the nine-person accounting department in a large ol company. The accounting department currently works out of offices which are located on the 3" and 6" floors of the head office. There are three accounting employees on the 3° floor who use extra office space in the purchasing department. Two of the accounting employees were hired a few months before you took over the unit - one having been offered a job at the time she submitted her application form (i.e. hired without an interview or careful review). The group of employees possesses the skills and resources necessary to perform effectively (e.g. new computer systems) if they work together as a team. However, you sense that the department lacks the necessary esprit de corps that would help it achieve its highest potential level of performance. QUESTION 1 Based on the above situation, explain any THREE (3) of the importance of having a team in the organisation. (10 marks) QUESTION 2 ‘Communication is one of the factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the team. Discuss any THREE (3) barriers that inhibit the effective exchange of information among the team members in the organisation. (15 marks) (© Hak Cipta Universiti Teknologi MARA CONFIDENTIAL CONFIDENTIAL 3 AMIDEC 2015/ADM501 PARTB QUESTION 1 “Many people deny the existence of their stress until it has more serious outcomes” (Mc Shane & Glinow 2015) a) Explain any THREE (3) factors that could cause stress among employees in an organisation. (10 marks) b) Outline any THREE (3) strategies in managing the stress among employees in an organisation. (15 marks) QUESTION 2 a) Define transformational leadership and explain any TWO (2) elements of transformational leadership. (15 marks) b) Based on the Path-goal leadership theory, identify any THREE (3) leadership styles that could indicate the effective leaders in an organisation. (10 marks) QUESTION 3 “Job satisfaction is best viewed as a collection of attitudes about different aspects of the job and work context” (Mc Shane & Glinow 2015), By using the EVLN model, explain the FOUR (4) ways the employees could show their dissatisfactions, (25 marks) QUESTION 4 “The contingency approach is relevant when choosing the most appropriate organisational structure” (Mc Shane & Gllinow, 2015). Describe the FOUR (4) contingencies of organisational design that could help organisation to build up its structure. (25 marks) (© Hak Cipta Universiti Teknologi MARA CONFIDENTIAL