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1. At what point in the four stroke cycle does the ignition takes place?
- The ignition sparks typically fire between 20 and 35 degrees before TDC during
the compression stroke. By igniting the mixture before TDC, complete
combustion and maximum pressure are ensured by the time the piston begins
the power stroke.

2. Why magneto ignition system is better compare to battery ignition system?

3. How may magneto be classified?
- Magneto systems are classified as either high-tension or low-tension.

4. Explain the difference between low-tension and high-tension magnetos.

5. Name the three circuits of a magneto.

-the magnetic circuit
-the primary circuit
-the secondary cicuit

6. Describe the difference between the primary and secondary winding in a coil.
7. What is the advantage of pivotless breaker assembly?
8. Explain the function of the primary capacitor condenser in a magneto.
9. Define the term “E-gap”.

10. Explain the events that occur at E-gap.

11. Describe the function of the distributor rotor.
12. What are the disadvantages of a dual-magneto ignition?
13. Explain the term “coming-in speed”.
14. Explain the function of ignition shielding.
15. If the P-lead from the magneto to the ignition switch breaks or disconnected,
what effect will this have on operation of the system?
16. What is the function of an impulse coupling? How the system operates?
17. Describe the purpose of an induction vibrator.
18. During timing of a magneto to an engine, what device may be used to determine
the exact location of point opening?
19. What problems associated with high-voltage ignition systems are reduced
through the use low-tension ignition system?
20. Explain the reason for the use of a compensated cam.
21. Explain the purposeof spark plug.
22. What are the major parts of spark plug?
23. What is the purpose of the resistor in a spark plug?
24. Define “spark plug reach”.
25. What is meant by the heat range of spark plug?
26. What is the purpose of spark plug rotation?
27. What is meant by the term “direct-type starter”?
28. What is the purpose of reduction gearing in a direct-cranking starter?
29. Why direct cranking starters does not equip with fuses or circuit breakers?
30. Explain the operation of direct cranking starters.