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Practical Research 1 Teacher
Chapter I

A. Introduction

Every teenage girls wants to have a natural and glamorous look in terms of their physical

appearance .They want to be more confident facing different people. But many women suffer from

breakouts, and low self-esteem . Wearing different kind of beauty products is something they can do

or quickly and temporarily change their physical appearance and aslo increasing their confidence

using different kinds of beauty products. “This is probably no secret to most of the women who use

cosmetics. It’s commonly accepted that makeup can cover up blemishes, enhance eye color, or

brighten up features. In a previous report done by Fieldman, and Hussy, along with Mulhern,

Leveque, and Pineau, it was found that female faces were viewed as more attractive when wearing

makeup, and “eye makeup and foundation were the most significant contributors to the enhancement

of female facial attractiveness” (Nash et al., 2006, p. 493). Students nowadays especially the girls,

they not contended in terms of there physical appearance. They want to improve their outlook for

them to be more confident.

Confidence is important to every student, so they can take the courage to face and to entertain

other people in their most comfortable way. Ellis (2012) states " From acne as a teenager to fine lines

in middle age, skin problems can affect your confidence and self-esteem".Students hard to gain

confidence because they are the most conscious when it comes to their appearance. Having

insecurity in their skin, face, and other parts of their body make them shy to interact with other people.

Many students whose main problem is how to have confidence so they cannot avoid using or buying

cosmetics. Teenagers are often obsessed with makeup because they are influenced by videos they

watch on social media. By doing this it hid blemishes or whatever they do not want to see on their

face. They have the confidence to deal with other people because of the help of make-up keeping

their face problems. The makeup is a lot of use just like lipstick, it maintains lip life so it does not look
like a pale, concealer and foundation that is both used to whiten or scrape acne marks and

blemishes, blushes, pressed powder and many other cosmetic products that keep the face looks

perfect. According to McEvoy and Loberg (2017) "Make-up can be life-changing because its

confidence changing"." Such use of facial cosmetics may help to boost a womans sense of

confidence in her appearance thus making her more self-assured idea that confidence is achieved

when physical appearance matches the situation". Rajajeyakumar (2016)

Examples of beauty products are beauty soap, cream, toner, cleanser, makeup, glutathione

capsule and sometimes undergo in different surgeries. Students can't avoid to try beauty products

because their fellow students are also criticizing them when they have an acne and flaw skin. So no

matter how expensive it is to buy or use this beauty products, students are choosing to try just to

achieve their dream beauty. In this situation most of student they eager to achieve what they want to

be pleasant. Some say that you need to endure the pain to be beautiful (Tiis Ganda). According to

Shapouri (2017) "Young folks are still spending money on making sure their face is a glow-y,

Instagram-worthy dream".

Students in today's generation think that beauty is a huge factor in our society. Student especially

the girls think that feeling and looking beautiful allows them to communicate more effectively with

others. Rajajeyakumar (2016) states" They are often seen as a way to enhance feminine beauty

ideals and serve to help woman to conform to our society's beauty expectations".
B. Statement of the Problem

The objective of this study is to distinguish if those Beauty/Cosmetic products have a positive
Impact to Boost the Self-confidence of the Students in Bayambang National High School.

1. Why are the High School students in BNHS can’t boost their self-confident in terms of
their physical appearance?
2. What are the beauty products that usually used by students in BNHS?
3. What are the effects of beauty products that commonly encountered by students in
4. At their young age, is it appropriate for them to use beauty/cosmetic products?
5. How can Beauty/Cosmetic products have an Impact to boost the Self-confidence of the

C. Scope and Delimitation of the Study

The covered of this study are look for the significance cause that are connected to the
impact of beauty or cosmetics products on the self-confidence of the students. The target of this
study is to determine the count of the students that used beauty products.
This study will find out the effect of Beauty products in students through interview and
observation .The result will be determined if all the participants is willing to participate in this
study. The informants will be the students in Bayambang National High School

D. Significance of the Study

The outcomes of this study have a great importance in helping the students,
teacher,employees and other people who are conducting research.

To the students, it would serve as a basis on beauty products if this, can boost their confidence
to help them perform well or interact to other people and if it is also can improve their physical
To the teachers, this study could give them additional information on how beauty products
works. And on how they can use it in their daily lives, much more in teaching and facing
professionals. This study could help employees by improving their look to be more decent and cozy in
sight of their co-workers. It help them also to socialize well in their work to those people that
conducting research, this study would serve as another source of literature which give them additional
knowledge about this topic.