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Dispensing Systems

Dye House
• Chemical saving
• Help for RFT (Right First Time)
• Time saving, increase productivity
• Energy saving
• Labour cost saving
• Backwards tracing
Exact weighing of chemical depends on recipes.
Eliminates operator mistakes.
No wastage of chemical when operator transfer from
barrels to cup.
There isn’t any safety margins anymore for recipes.
Average recipe amount can be reduced.
Stop all mistakes during the chemical preparation such as
picking of wrong chemicals.
Due to human errors, chemicals are prepared +/- 10%
high or less then recipe amount.
Manual Chemical

+ 10%
- 10%
Dye houses should work in this safety margins. No
problem is observed because average may be the same of
the theoretical recipe amount.

More chemical : Increase chemical cost.

Less chemical : Improper treatment of fabric/yarn.

If no treatment problem is observed due to less chemical

preparation, it means that -10% chemical is sufficient.
After automation, recipe amount can be reduced and
safety margins can be disable.
Automatic Chemical

Old Recipe
-10% Reduction
New Recipe
Main factors to effect RFT
• Fiber (Fabric or Yarn various)
• Water (Quality, ph, bicarbonate)
• Process
• Machine (Various machine and any fault)
• Dyes and Chemicals
During a dye process of cotton, average
10 times chemical is added. Operators
cause delay and can not add chemical in
time. This delay is 3 minutes for each
chemical adding operation.

Total delay for a batch is 30 minutes

Average average (6.25% extra time in 8 hours
3 min delay process and productivity loss)
Operators keep machines idle during the preparation of
dyes and chemicals. Idle time makes dye machine running
without production.
Operators for:
Prepare chemical
Carry chemical to machines
Weight dyes
Dissolve dyes
Carry dyes to machines
All activity of dispensing system are logged.
Consumption of dyes and chemicals are reported.
Report can be prepared per batch, day, machine, etc.
Cost analysis can be done easily.
Powder Dye Automation Automatic
Automatic Weighing Weighing
Automatic Dissolving

Dissolve and Transfer for

Dissolving And
Powder Dye Auto. for bulk
Automatic Weighing
Automatic Dissolving
Multi Line Distribution
(Dedicated pipe for each
dye/finishing machine)
Liquid Chemical
Automatic Measure
Automatic Transfer
Mono Line Distribution
(3-way valves for each
dye/finishing machines)
Powder Chemical Auto.
Automatic Salt/Soda
weight and transfer
Multi Line Distribution
(Dedicated pipe for each
dye/finishing machine)
• No valve
• No contamination
• No maintenance
Conventional System Color Service
Powder drops down Powder is cut by
in big particles, so special device to be
accuracy is out of fallen down in small
control. particles for perfect
20.000kg/day production
1 kg material needs Eur 0,15 of chemical (average)
Daily consumption: 0,15 x 20.000 = Eur 3.000
Daily saving 10%: Eur 300
Yearly saving: Eur 300 x 300 = Eur 90.000
20.000kg/day production
1% Re-dye improvement (average)
Daily re-dye reduction: 20.000 x 1% = 200kg
Daily re-dye reduction saving: 200 x Eur 0,35 = Eur 70
Yearly saving: Eur 70 x 300 = Eur 21.000
Average delay of chemical preparation: 3 min.
Average chemical adding per batch: 10 times
Idle time per batch: 3 x 10 = 30 min.
Batch duration: 8 hours = 480 min
Saving of time: 30/480 = 6.25%
Extra production: 20.000 kg x 6.25% = 1.250 kg
Equivalent dye machine capacity: 1.250 / 3 = 400kg
Lab Pipetting
and Dyeing
Fast: 180
Volumetric pipetting per
Pipetting hour

Unique Advantage of
Double Pipette
Lab Pipetting
Double Pipette
• Easy calibration
• No losing time
Single Pipette Multi Pipette for washing
• Easy calibration • No washing
• Long washing • Calibration takes • No stuck risk
time long time • Fast
• Risk of stuck for
disperse dyes
• Pirex glass: Clean and
• No lose time for
• Tray drop tray thanks to
perfect dosing control
• Easy to calibrate
• Integrated dye unit
• Automatic dosing
• 24 hours work
• Suitable for Fabric and
• Direct powder dosing of
dye stuff
• Suitable for Pad Dye and
Printing automation in lab
• Full functions of
pipetting automation
• Automatic solution
making from powder
dye stuff
• Automatic bottle
• Direct dosing from
• 100% simulation
of dye house
• 1:6 water ratio
• Dyeing,
washing and
drying full auto.
• 150 samples per
Sample Dyeing with
Preparation and exact
Dyeing scheduling parameters in
dye house

Pipetting with Result

auto solution without any
making human
Dispensing Systems
Color Dispensing
High accuracy and
Fast dosing
Mother Paste Dispensing
Fast and Simultaneously
with color
Mixing Unit
Double Station
with washing facility
Color Storage
from fixed or replaced
tanks, dosing by pump
Mother Paste Storage
Dosing by pump
or gravity
Mother Paste Preparation
Automatic dosing of
powders and liquids
Since 1987, very large experience and world wide
installation with happy customers.
• Multi Line Dispensing solution as well as Mono Line
• Most accurate dye weighing machine in the market
• Fastest dye dissolve and dispense system
• Combined fast (volumetric) and accurate (gravimetric)
chemical dispense
• Only the one in the market for direct powder dosing
system for lab and 100% production simulation
• Large product family Production to Lab, Dyeing to
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