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Function % Weight Manufacture / Supplier

Water - 5.000 -
Triton CF10 Surfactant 0.300 DOW
Optiperse U5045 Dispersant 0.650 REDA
Optifoam AW6110 Defoamer 0.100 REDA
Mix with low speed 5-10 mins
Titanium Dioxide TiO2 7.000 DUPONT
Masil 723 Aluminium Silicate 3.000 REDA
Barium sulfate L-120 Extender 15.000
Attagel 50 Thickening agent 0.200 BASF
Water - 2.000 -
Mix with hi-speed 30 mins until get fineness </= 50 microns
Opticryl NC61 Binder 55.000 REDA
Mergal K20 Incan Biocide 0.500 TROY
Mix with low speed 5-10 mins
NH3(25%) pH adjustment 0.100
Propylene glycol Solvent/ levelling 1.000 DOW
Water - 2.850
Opti-C-12 Coalescing agent 3.300 EASTMAN
Optifoam AW6110 Defoamer 0.200 REDA
Mix with low speed 15-20 mins
Acrysol RM-825 HEUR (low shear) 0.200 DOW
Acrysol RM-2020 HEUR (high shear) 0.800 DOW
PC 3100 Silicone 1.000 SISIB
CCA 2491 Black Colorant Pigment 0.80
CCA 2475 YOX Colorant Pigment 1.000
TOTAL 100.000

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