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Data sheet HansDampf gold 10.

2 electro

Combisteamer HansDampf® gold with two

FlexiCombi operating concepts. Manual or automatic
cooking for the most used cooking methods in
commercial kitchens.

Manual operation Steaming, Convection,

Combisteaming and Perfection.
Automatic with 9 autoChef cooking categories from
meat to Perfection- the climate regeneration.

HansDampf offers the choice of cooking functions

with convection and pressureless fresh steam either
separately, one after the other or combined.

Technical highlights
Cooking chamber door with triple glazing MAXI GN 2/1 housing concept
Energy saving - because of highly effective Maximal cooking chamber capacity
insulation. Work safety - due to low outside with minimal footprint. Extremely space-
temperature. Perfect hygiene - due to a smooth, easy saving and can be combined with
to clean inner surface HansDampf GN 1/1 types.

316 – durable hygiene cooking chamber autoChef automatic Cooking

Made from corrosion resistant chrome nickel steel, Automatic cooking with 9 categories.
welded with innovative robot welding technology, From the meat category through to
hygienic, joint free and with rounded off corners. Perfection the cooking climate-

SES - Steam Exhaust System WaveClean®

The safety system.The steam is sucked out of Safe - the detergent is in a cartridge
the cooking chamber at the end of the cooking sealed with protective wax.
programme.No troublesome escape of steam when Easy - insert the cartridge, ready.
opening the door at the end of the cooking time. Economical: Water consumption app.50l.

AtmosControl, climate control PHIeco with DynaSteam

An individually controllable cooking chamber The dynamic steam generating system
climate with temperature and humidity measurement with heat recovery. The steam volume
and active humidification and dehumidification, for is dynamically controlled according to
crispy and juicy cooking results. each cooking process
Subject to change without notice

HansDampf|connect USB-Interface
PC- software, equipped as standard to compile Fast and simple: data transfer in
cooking programs, for visualisation, storage and between PC and one or multiple
printing of HACCP data. HansDampf via USB-Stick.
Data sheet HansDampf gold 10.2 electro

EA Electrical connection
STL Control line
LOA Performance optimization system
PA Equipotential bonding
KE Network interface
KW Cold water
EW Soft water
A Drain water
AL Exhaust air

Further features Technical data

CombiPilot one-hand operating concept Dimensions: (BxTxH) 997x799x1060 mm
Manual operating concept 8cooking modes: Connected load 31,2 kW
Soft steaming, steaming, Express steaming, convection, combi- Voltage 400 V 3N PE AC
steaming Perfection, low temperature cooking, delta-T- cokking Fuse protection 3x50 A
Autoreverse fan for exceptional uniformity Water connection PHI G3/4 A max. 5°dH o,89mmol/l
Six air- speeds programmable Water connection miscellan. G3/4 A
StepMatic up to 20 cooking steps combinable Waterpressure 200 - 600 kPa (2-6 bar)
Up to 350 cooking programs can be saved (autoChef+own) Drain connection DN 50 ( 50mm, 2")
Program protection Weight 180 kg
Manual humidification Material housing 1.4301 AISI 304
Programmable, autom. humidification, rest time, step signal Material cooking chamber 1.4405 AISI 316
Ready2Cook- preheating, cool down, climate preparation Cooking capacity:
RackControl- multiple timer Gastronorm 2/1(530 x 650 mm) 10x 65 deep
Info-monitor display for cooking chamber humidity and categories Gastronorm (530 x 325 mm) 20x 65 deep
Multi-function display for the best visibility and easy operation Baking standard (600x400 mm)
Multipoint core temperature measurement up to 99°C Plates Ø28 cm on FR-grids 40
Manual cleaning program Plates Ø32 cm - plate trolley 40
Integrated automatic shower hose Heat emission latent VDI 2052 5400 W/h
Serial interface RS232 and RS 485 Heat emission sensitive " 3600 W/h
Integrated HACCP memory for up to 200 cooking cicles Protection type IPX5
Connection for energy optimizing
Motor break
Options / accessories
Integrated fat separator Door hinged to the left
Pulsed fan Stacking kit to combine 2 HansDampf 6+6 or 6+10
Halogen cooking chamber lighting, with flashing function HansDampf® air condensation hood
Removable door seal- can be changed by customer Special trays and grids
Contact free door switch Banqueting system
Door with latching position and end stop Under frames and cupboards
Subject to change without notice

Foreign languages Two-in-one cleaner/ rinse cartridges

Service diagnostics program Two- step safety door lock
Timer with start time in real time Marine version
VFD Monitor with plain text and graphic symbols Special voltages
Direct drain connection possible
Rack inserts for Gastronorm 2/1 and for GN1/1 crosswise insertion
Reduced heat power
Approvals: CE, GS, UL, CSA, FCC

MKN Maschinenfabrik Halberstaedter Straße 2 Phone (+49) 5331 89-0 info@mkn.de www. mkn.de
Kurt Neubauer GmbH & Co. 38300 Wolfenbuettel/Germany Fax (+49) 5331 89-280 www.hansdampf.eu