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Semi - Detailed Lesson Plan in Oral Communication in Context (CCS Integration)

I. Objective: At the end of the lesson the students are expected to:

 Demonstrate an understanding of concepts and principles in communicating effectively

in English
 Use English language deploying oral, written, and listening skills
II. Subject Matter
Topic: Lesson 2: Communicate and listen effectively
Lesson 2.1: Oral Skills
Reference: Teachers Guide pages 18 - 19, Curriculum Guide, Learners’ Material pages 73-85
Materials: Laptop, LCD projector, chalk, board

III. Procedure:
What to Know
 Assist the learners in accomplishing the Preliminary Activity.
 Provide the students with an option to record themselves as they read the excerpt in the
Preliminary Activity.
 Encourage the students to be ready with any device that can be used to record their voice
(voice recorder or their cellphones).
A. Phonemes
 Utilize creative and innovative ways in teaching phonemes.
 Ensure understanding of what phonemes are.
 Apply the proper pronunciation of vowel and consonant sounds in front of the class.
 Demonstrate or illustrate the proper positioning of the vocal apparatus to ensure correct
production of phonemes.
 Guide the learners in proper articulation of each phonemes.
What to Process
Task 1: Vowel Phonemes
 Assist the students in pronouncing the given words correctly.
 Guide the students in identifying the vowel phoneme used in each of the given words.
 Check the students’ answers based on the Answer key provided at the end of the Teacher’s
Task 2: Critical Vowel Sounds
 Assist the students in the articulation of the critical vowel sounds used in the given sets.
 Use the scoring guide in evaluating the students.
Task 3: Critical Consonant Sounds
 Guide the students in their production of the critical consonant sounds used in the given
 Use the scoring guide in evaluating the students.

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Teacher II Assistant School Principal II

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