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From: Peesapati, Venkata (GE Infra, Water, non-ge)

Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2006 5:00 PM

To: Chandna, Ankit (GE Indust, Security, non-ge)
Subject: questionnaire
OS Related
What are semaphores and how to set?
How to set Shared memory?
How to display/check memory parameters set at OS level?
How to check if OS is 64-bit or 32-bit?
How to find the number of databases running on a server?
what is dmesg?
why are netstat and lsof important to a dba?
how to check if a printer is configured at os level?

DB Related
what is the default OS group of the oracle owner account?
What is OraInst.loc?
What is SGA and its important components?
How to pin objects in memory?
How to apply interim patches or what is OPatch utility or How to apply/list Oracle inventory?
what is the default listener port?
What is a Locally Managed Tablespaces and its benefits?
what is TNS_ADMIN?
what is OFA?
what is RMAN?
how to identify if RMAN backup is currently going on?
RMAN differences while using control file catalogin vs DB cataloging?
How to check if DB is 64-bit or 32-bit?
when does checkpointing occur? which paramters control this event?
what happens during checkpointing?
what is ORA-01555 and when does this happen?
On creation of DB schema what option to use to ask for reset on 1st login?
What is the use of oratab and where is it located?
How to diagnose database hang?
which utility is used to change DB name and ID?
How to create and activate spfile?
How to revert back to init.ora file?
How to recover a lost init.ora or spfile file?
what are the various types of database backups?
A Backup has only database files. How to recover from this backup?
A datafile was added during hot backup. What error can be expected while recovering from this
what happens when issuing Alter database open resetlogs?
when resetlogs is to be used?
What is undo_retention? How to calculate this?
What are the various wait events?
How to verify a hot backup?
User not able to connect. Where to start looking?
Apps11i sysadmin Related
How to create custom concurremt pgm?
How to assign a menu to a responsibility?
How to set a printer as default for a user?
What is Request Group?

Apps11i DBA Related

How to changes APPS and SYSADMIN passwords?
what type of account passwords can be changed using FNDCPASS?
What is appsweb.cfg, wdbsvr.app, cgicmd.dat?
Location of files wdbsvr.app & cgicmd.dat?
What file and parameters control which jInitiator gets downloaded onto client?
How to create a digital certificate and important files needed for that?
what is OAJINIT.exe?
How to configure new products?
what is AutoConfig?
How to find if an installation is AutoConfig enabled?
what is Rapid Clone?
What is a port pool?
what is applications context?
How to create the applications context xml file?
How to merge patches and why is it required?
How many ORACLE_HOMEs are there in an Apps11i installation?
what are c,d,g and u drivers?
How to trouble shoot Apache issues or where to look for Apache logs?
what is httpd.conf?
what utlity can be used to migrate conc pgms from command line?
what is FNDLOAD utility?
what types of items can be downloaded/uploaded using FNDLOAD utility?
what are the various type of patches?
How to apply a patch and resume an already running patch?
A patch has been running for a long time. What could be the reasons?
When to run adconfig?
What is the sequence of patching? Does this differ while applying AD.I+?
what is FRM-9250 error?
what is rep-6000 error?
How to do cloning using xml file?
How to check conc mgr actual and target values from backend?
How to get trace file given Conc pgm RequestID?
How to apply a patch without putting instance in Maintenance mode?
How to apply a patch bypassing a prereq?
How to create a DBC file?
what happens if a forms metric server or client stops? will the session get terminated?
For non-interactive usage of ad utilties which file is used and how 2 generate it?
what are the post cloning updates?
How to find scheduled conc pgms from back end?