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October 28,2018, ‘The General Manager Pakistan Stack Exchange Limited Stock Exchange Bullaing Stock Exchange Road Karachi Soeainaage ear Sir, Our ef: 002.313 stsks, Subject: Material Information: Cyber Attack on Debit Cards In accordance with Section 96 ofthe Securities Act, 2015 and Clause 5.6.1(a) of PSK Regulations, we hereby convey the following informatio: “This to inform that on the mening of October 27, 2018 certain abnormal transactions valuing R26 million were detected by the Bank on ane of its international payment card scheme, The Bank Immeciately took precautionary steps which, itera, included shutting its international payment scheme. all monies withdrawn from the accounts Le. R26 milion have boon credited in the respective accounts of valued customers. Subsequently, after the Bank was cut off from the international payment scheme, the Bank was ‘advised by international payment scheme that some transactions were made on international ATM's allegedly Using Bank’ issued cards. However, no details have so far been shared with the Bank as to how such transactions were processed and validated when such transactions never landed an Bank's system. These transactions, of approximately USO 6 milion as claimed by international payment Scheme, are not acknowledged by the Bank asthe Bank was actualy logged off from the international poyment scheme at that time. ‘The Bank is ofthe view that it was a co-ordinated eyber atack in which the payment network ofthe International payment scheme as wall as that ofthe acquiring barks were possibly compromised. We have inated consultations with information security eerts. The State Bank of Pakistan has bean advieed accorsinely. Please be advised that all domestic ATM cath withdrawal transactions using Bank’: Biometric service have been restored on the same day. However, asa precautionary measure, all ransactions routing ‘through international payment scheme wl be shortly restored once the Bank's confident that al risks cof unauthorized traneactions have been mitigated. ee \ BU seving ou, he ight way = ‘Alhamdulillah, there ls absolutely no threat as to continuing operations of the Bank. ‘Any further details s and when they become available shall be shared withthe PSK. This may kindly be noted. Unit Head ~ Corporate affairs Acting Company Secretary Commissioner Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan Securities Market ivslon “Market Supervision & Capital issues Department NIC Building, 63 Jinnah Avenue Islamabee

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