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State of New Jersey DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION P.O. Box 600 ‘Trenton, New Jersey 08625-0600 PHILIP D, MURPHY DIANE GUTIERREZ-SCACCETTI Governor Commissioner SHEILA Y. OLIVER Lt. Governor October 18, 2018 Sarah Stuart, Executive Director Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia 1500 Walnut Street, Suite 1107 Philadelphia, PA 19102 Dear Ms. Stuart: Lam following up on a meeting we had earlier this year with members of my staff and several bicycle and pedestrian advocacy groups to discuss NJDOT’s Transportation ‘Alternatives Program (TAP), delivery of TAP projects, and obligation of TAP funds. I would like to share with you progress made to date. I am pleased to announce that NJDOT authorized $23 million in TAP funded projects in Federal Fiscal Year 2018 which ended on September 30', This exceeds the $20 million programmed and represents funding for the design and construction of 31 local TAP infrastructure projects throughout the state. This includes larger and regionally significant projects such as the Union Transportation Trail -$1.3 million; Woodbridge Bicycle Connect - $1.1 million; and the Delaware River Heritage Trail - $8.5 million. A list of TAP projects authorized in FFY 2018 is attached. ‘Asa result of these authorizations, no prior year TAP apportionments will lapse in FFY 18 ‘The improved delivery of TAP projects can be attributed to a number of ongoing NJDOT initiatives intended to assist and support local agencies in the delivery of their TAP projects including NJDOT’s Design Assistance Program, LPA training courses, pre- application workshops, and dedicated Local Aid staff support. NJDOT continues to expand its local program support through its Commitment to Communities Initiative. Consistent with this, focus groups were recently conducted to better understand TAP “IMPROVING LIVES BY IMPROVING TRANSPORTATION” New Jersey Is An Equal Opportunity Employer * Printed on Recycled and Recyclable Paper recipient’s needs and work is currently underway to establish a Local Aid Resource Center. NJDOT will continue to work with local grant recipients and partner with active transportation advocates with the goal of having an equally successful 2019 TAP program year. Sincerely, Michael Russo Assistant Commissioner Planning, Multimodal & Grants Administration 2048 Authorized Federal Projects-SRTS,TE,TAP and RTAP_ 1 [Moris (Chatham Townstio $103,000.00 Lafayette Avenue & Spring Steet Sidewalk Improvements 12. |Mercer Hightstown Borough _|Improvements o Stockton Steet and Joseph Steet DES $95,452.00 3 camden \Varnees Township \Somerdale Road (CR 678) DES 601,000.00 [5 (Middlesex [Metuchen Borough _| Crosswalk Lighting Improverens-DES DES $51,000.00 [6 [Bergen \Garfers city \Garfeld School Safely Pojec(Phase 2)- DES DES $86,000.00 17 [cape May (Cape May City (Cape May Bike Network Expansion Des DES $89,000.00 18 junion Fanwood Borough Fanwood Borough Safe Routes to Schools con $328,000.00 19 camden [cotingsweod Borough _|Colingswood Safe Routes to Schl and Tre Calming Des $30,000.00 10 camden (camden Cy ‘Morgan Vilage Sete Routes to School Project Des 109,000.00 11 [Bergen iver Edge Borough _|River Ege School Safety Improvernents DES $73,00000 'SRTS-Eastampion Community School-Pedestian Null-Use 2 [Burington —_|Eastampton Township jain and Walking Route Improve DES $184,000.00 13 [Moris \Wharton Borough 'Borough of Wharton Safe Routes to Schoo! Final Phase-Des Des $100,000.00 he [Gencen erwat Boog Serr Sovak rtalaon: Sehect , Sehool and i” | con ‘52600000 |Schoot 16 |Moris IMoristown Town Patriots’ Path on Great Moristown Greenway-DES DES 287,000.00 [16 [Passaic [Passaic City |Market Streetscape Enhancement Project ‘DES: ‘$100,000.00 {17 |Mercer Hightstown Borough [Peddie Lake Dam Pedestian Bdge CoN 518,000.00 ie (Miesex [East Brunswick Tounsio [Dunhams Corer Road Bikeway -2012-Des es $217,900.00 [19 |Hunterdon |Flemington Borough (Main Street Sidewalk and Streetscape Improvement Project CON ‘$805,000.00 Borah 20 |camden eran Broa, lpemsauten Macht Muse Tra DES 311,000.00