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Qiwei Han

Tel: (919)597-9506 | E-mail: qiwei.han@duke.edu | Address: 1203 Peachtree Park Dr NE, Atlanta, GA
Five years’ experience in data analysis, algorithms data structures and programming. Proficient in Java, C/C++,
Matlab and Python (NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, Keras, etc). Familiar with SQL, JavaScript, SAS, R, VBA,
HTML, CSS. Strong background in math, statistics, modeling, machine learning and deep learning.
Duke University Durham, NC
Ph.D., Engineering, Energy and Energy Data Analytics Sept. 2013-June, 2018
• Leveraged computational, analytical and physical skills to tackle challenges in electronics design, packaging, testing
and data processing. Led 5 independent research projects and collaborated with 7 professors and more than 20
researchers (graduate students and postdocs) from 6 different Universities.
• Fellowship: Awarded five Fellowships for Outstanding Graduate Student.
• Publications: 10+ top-level journal papers related to semiconductor, computational simulation and data analytics.
Duke University Durham, NC
M.S., Computer Science Sept. 2015-June, 2018
• Highlight Courses: Programming in C/C++ and Java; Data Structure and Algorithms; Machine Learning; Deep
Learning; Statistics and Probability; Linear Regression; Linear Algebra; Differential Equation; Numerical
Computation; Numerical Analysis; Parallel Programming; Nonlinear Dynamics.
Nankai University Tianjin, China
B.S., Materials Engineering, Computational Materials 2009 - 2013
• Awarded Excellent Scholarships for 3 years and received Excellent Graduation Thesis Award in 2013
• 1st prize of General Physics Contest; 2nd prize of Advanced Mathematics Contest; 3rd prize of Mathematical Modeling
Contest; and 2nd prize of Undergraduate Innovation Project
• Bloomberg Essentials Training Program Certificate and Bloomberg Aptitude Test Certificate
• SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9
• National Computer (C++) Rank Examination Level 2
Data+ | Information Initiative at Duke University, Durham, NC, USA May, 2018-current
• Position: Project Manager/Data Scientist
• Led a team to build a ground truth database for energy infrastructures from satellite imagery.
• Developed machine learning and deep learning techniques for automatically identifying/detecting global electricity
infrastructures based on convolutional neural network with the ground truth database (Python).
Selected Projects
Simulation of Snow Growth by 2-Dimension Cellular Automaton (Python)
• Leveraged computational and analytical skills to tackle the self-similarity and fractal challenges by exploring the
structures and features of snowflakes.
• Developed algorithm based on 2D cellular automaton principle to simulate the snow growing by using the self-
similarity features of snowflake structure and visualize the simulation graphs.
Implementation of Command Shell (C++)
• Realized the command shell (“myShell $”) to read input command lines and take command arguments.
• Implemented various commands for the shell including path search, input redirection, output redirection, pipes, etc.
Numerical Approaches to Solve Complex Equations/Functions from Command Line Arguments (C++)
• Designed functions to read the arguments (e.g., equation/functions, parameters, calculation operation) from the
command shell and parse the inputs with validity check for numerical calculation.
• Developed modules for efficient numerical computation using algorithms including Monte Carlo method, Newton
method, Jacobi method, Gaussian-Seidel method, etc.
Poisson Editing for Image and Video Processing (MATLAB & CUDA)
• Implemented Poisson editing theory to achieve seamless image/video editing.
• Developed versatile algorithms for faster editing process including Successive Over Relaxation, Faster Fourier
Transform, Parallel Programming (processing speed is increased by 500 times)
Simulations of the N-body Systems and Exploration of System Stability/Chaos Conditions (Java)
Autocompletion Algorithms for Online Searching Engine (Java)
Kth-Order Markov Model for Text Generations (Java)