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Compose bioinformatics, and mathematical statistics. The infectious disease modelling group ( 15
members), led by Prof. Hens, has particular research expertise in microbial and
toxicology risk assessment, mathematical, biostatistical and longitudinal, spatiotemporal,
Inbox 10,425 SIR-type, stochastic, agent-based, contact pattern and network models and
disease mapping. Hasselt University is a young, innovative university with about 6300
students, 800 teaching/research staff, and 400 administrative/technical staff. It stands
Snoozed for excellence in education, top research in spearhead fields and active engagement in
innovation and entrepreneurship, combining academic excellence with economic and
Important social relevance. UHasselt, ranked among the 5% best institutions worldwide in UMultirank
(2018), has an extensive international network, develops joint programmes
with universities in Flanders and the Netherlands and actively participates in EU and
Sent other international research and educational programmes. UHasselt maintains a
EURAXESS Centre, and carries the awarded 'Human Resources Excellence in Research'
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