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2011EC (Budget Year) Initial Screening Status of Small, Medium, and Large-scale Research; CS and KTT Projects of CBE

S.N. Category Title Academic No. of PI&Co- PI/Proposal # Submission Initial Screening
program/Dep’t PIs involved date/time Status/Feedback

1 Small-scale Soliciting the Determinants CBE/Economics 3 Anonymous 2018-07-26 Pass

and Long term Livelihood (CBE_001_2011) 08:28:11 UTC
Impacts of Household
Livestock Destocking
Decisions in Tigrai
2 Small-scale Role of Informal Sector in CBE/Economics 3 Anonymous 2018-07-26 Pass
(Female) Poverty Alleviation and Job (CBE_002_2011) 08:38:28 UTC
Creation in Case of Mekelle
City, Tigrai
3 Small-scale environmental audit for CBE/ Accounting 3 Anonymous 2018-07-31 Fail
(Female) environmental improvement and Finance (CBE_003_2011) 14:25:14 (Proposal does
and protection in case of not include
mesebo cement factory plc undergrad
4 Small-scale Explaining the Role of Social CBE/ 3 Anonymous 2018-08-01 Pass
Cash Transfer Program on Management? (CBE_004_2011 06:21:44 UTC
the Livelihoods of the
Vulnerable Communities in
Abi Adi area, Tigray, Ethiopia
5 Small-scale Observing the Non- CBE/ 3 Anonymous 2018-08-14 Pass
(Female) Observed Women in Management (CBE_005_2011) 12:50:32 UTC
Informal Economy in Tigray
Region (Determinants of
performance, challenges
and opportunities) (The case
of Mekelle City)
6 Small -scale Willingness to pay for the CBE/Economics 3 Anonymous 2018-08-15 Pass
community based health (CBE_006_2011) 14:02:04 UTC
insurance among
households in Mekelle city,
7 Small -scale Local Government Level CBE/ 3 Anonymous 2018-08-17 Fail
Autonomy Visa Vis their Management (CBE_007_2011) 15:16:21 UTC (i. Proposal does
Institutional Arrangement in not include
Tigray Regional State: undergrad
Evidenced from Selected student/thesis;
Districts ii. Role of co-
investigators not
8 Small -scale IMPACT OF INTEGRATED CBE/ Marketing 3 Anonymous 2018-08-19 Pass
MARKETING (CBE_008_2011) 07:37:07 UTC
CULTURE: the case of
commercial bank of Ethiopia
in Tigrai market
9 Small -scale The Role of Local CBE/ Marketing 4 Anonymous 2018-08-19 Pass
Community in the Marketing (CBE_009_2011) 09:42:51 UTC
Planning for Sustainable
Tourism (In the case of
Tigray region)
10 Small -scale Tourism value chain Analysis CBE/ Marketing 2 Anonymous 2018-08-19 Pass
and the Participation by the (CBE_010_2011) 13:09:34 UTC
poor on poverty reduction:
Tigray region tourist
destination areas
11 Small -scale ASSESSMENT OF VALUE CBE/ Marketing 3 Anonymous 2018-08-20 Fail
CHAIN ANALYSIS OF FRUIT (CBE_011_2011) 06:57:21 UTC (i. Proposal does
MARKETS (In Case of Three not include
Zones of Tigray) undergrad
12 Small -scale THE ROLE OF CORPORATE CBE/ Marketing 4 Anonymous 2018-08-20 Pass
13 Small -scale Analysis on Entrepreneurial CBE/ Marketing 3 Anonymous 2018-08-20 Pass
Competence of Operators (CBE_013_2011) 07:10:24 UTC
and Its Implication on the
Performance of
Manufacturing Micro and
Small Enterprises with
Special Reference to Tigray
14 Small -scale Destination attributes that CBE/ 4 Anonymous 2018-08-20 Fail
(Female) attract international tourist Management (CBE_014_2011) 07:31:16 UTC (i. Proposal does
in Tigray region: a case study not include
in adwa, axum, Geralta, undergrad
Mekelle, wukro, cluster student/thesis)
15 Small -scale Perceived Entry Barriers to CBE/ 3 Anonymous 2018-08-20 Fail
Self-Employment in Tigray Management (CBE_015_2011) 12:58:46 UTC (Proposal
Regional state, Ethiopia with submitted after
Special Reference to deadline)
Students and Youth
16 Medium Investment Climate in CBE/Accounting & 7 Anonymous 2018-07-27 Pass
Scale Tigray: Constraints to the Finance (CBE_016_2011) 07:03:50 UTC
Private Sector Development
17 Medium Challenges and prospects of CBE/Management 5 Anonymous 2018-08-15 Pass
Scale agribusiness development in (CBE_017_2011) 06:17:39 UTC
18 Medium Exploring the Determinants CBE/ Marketing 6 Anonymous 2018-08-15 Pass
Scale of Entrepreneurial Intention (CBE_018_2011) 08:31:11 UTC
among Engineering and ICT
Graduates of Mekelle
University for local
industries development
19 Medium Value Chain Analysis of CBE/Management 5 Anonymous 2018-08-15 Pass
Scale Honey Supply in Eastern (CBE_019_2011) 11:39:01 UTC
Zone of Tigray, Northern
20 Medium Practice and Challenges of CBE/Accounting & 6 Anonymous 2018-08-16 Pass
Scale Tax Assessment, Collection Finance (CBE_020_2011) 07:44:42 UTC
and Administration in Tigray
Regional State
21 Medium Livelihood Options, CBE/Accounting & 3 Anonymous 2018-08-16 Pass
Scale Determinants and Policy Finance (CBE_021_2011) 08:33:08 UTC
Implications with Particular
References to Challenges to
Landless Youth in Rural
Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
22 Medium Stimulating Technological CBE/Economics 4 Anonymous 2018-08-17 Pass
Scale innovation through public (CBE_022_2011) 12:00:32 UTC
procurement schemes:
Bridging policy design and
implementation in Ethiopia
23 Medium Welfare Impact of Urban CBE/Economics 5 Anonymous 2018-08-18 Pass
Scale Productive Safety Net (CBE_023_2011) 11:51:32 UTC
Program in Tigrai, Ethiopia
24 Medium Inter-firm Determinants of CBE/ Marketing 4 Anonymous 2018-08-19 Pass
Scale Export Intention: A Survey (CBE_024_2011) 07:50:54 UTC
Study on Non-exporting
SMEs in Tigray Region
25 Medium Ending Mekelle’s Thirst: CBE/Management 6 Anonymous 2018-08-19 Pass
Scale Examining Households’ (CBE_025_2011) 15:05:55 UTC
Willingness to Pay for
Reliable and Sustainable
Urban Water Supply
26 Medium Investigation of Migration, CBE/Accounting & 4 Anonymous 2018-08-20 Pass
Scale Return migration and Finance (CBE_026_2011) 06:05:25 UTC
27 Medium Does the Productive Safety CBE/ 4 Anonymous 2018-08-20 Pass
Scale Net Program in Ethiopia Management (CBE_027_2011) 07:07:16 UTC
encourage demand for
microcredit and agricultural
investments by rural
households? Evidence from
Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
28 Medium Tourism Potentials, CBE/ Marketing 7 Anonymous 2018-08-20 Fail
Scale Promotion, Determinant (CBE_028_2011) 07:44:06 UTC (Academic Rank
Factors and Its Contribution of PI does not
on Socio Cultural and meet the
Economic Development in requirement)
Tigrai Regional State
29 Large Scale From Force to the Choice: CBE/Economics 6 Anonymous 2018-08-19 Pass
Eliciting Farmers’ (CBE_029_2011) 15:01:02 UTC
Contribution towards
Communal Land Protection
in Tigrai, Ethiopia
30 Large Scale Land Expropriation, CBE/ 8 Anonymous 2018-08-20 Pass
Compensation and Management (CBE_030_2011) 07:51:17 UTC
Transitions to New
Livelihoods in Tigray
31 Community Training on CBE/ Marketing 2 Anonymous 2018-07-28 Pass
Service Entrepreneurships and (CBE_031_2011) 13:29:22 UTC
Inovation skill as a practice
for a truly entrepreneurial
economy to be given for
Small and Micro Enterprises
in Tigray
32 Community Entrepreneurial Skills CBE/ 4 Anonymous 2018-08-08 Pass
Services Development Training to Management? (CBE_032_2011) 06:44:37 UTC
Selected youth Tour Guides
for Sustainable Tourism
Development in Tigray
33 Community Training Proposal on CBE/ Marketing 3 Anonymous 2018-08-11 Pass
Services Improving Customer (CBE_033_2011) 06:26:17 UTC
Handling and Compliant
Handling Skills for
Employees in Service
Industry in Tigray
34 Community Management development CBE/ 3 Anonymous 2018-08-14 Pass
Services and financial system Management (CBE_034_2011) 11:42:43 UTC
intervention for Business
Transformation and
Organizational Development
(Training and consultancy for
Tigray disabled war veterans
35 Community Financial Managment CBE/Accounting & 2 Anonymous 2018-08-15 Pass
Services Training for Small and Finance (CBE_035_2011) 11:38:54 UTC
Medium Business
Enterprises Contractors in
Tigray Region
36 Community Women Cobble Stone CBE/Accounting & 2 Anonymous 2018-08-15 Pass
Services workers Business Startup Finance (CBE_036_2011) 14:03:53 UTC
and Development Training
37 Community Training on Project Planning CBE/Accounting & 3 Anonymous 2018-08-16 Pass
Services and Proposal Preparation for Finance (CBE_037_2011) 08:27:22 UTC
Loan and Fund Attraction for
Sub City MSE Experts in
38 Community Equipping the Girls of Today; CBE/ 3 Anonymous 2018-08-18 Pass
Services Empowering the Women of Management (CBE_038_2011) 07:18:42 UTC
Tomorrow through Life Skill
39 Community Project Identification, CBE/ 3 Anonymous 2018-08-18 Pass
Services Design, and Resourcing Management (CBE_039_2011) 07:41:44 UTC
(PIDR) Training to Emerging
Women Entrepreneurs in
40 Community Transforming Urban CBE/Economics 3 Anonymous 2018-08-18 Pass
Services Agriculture in Tigrai; (CBE_040_2011) 11:36:59 UTC
Revealing the Potentials and
Opportunities to Improve
Food Security Capacity
Building Training to Selected
Urban Professionals of
Tigrai, Ethiopia
41 Community Design driven CBE/ 3 Anonymous 2018-08-18 Pass
Services entrepreneurship training Management (CBE_041_2011) 15:55:23 UTC
for MSE owners; Tigrai
42 Community Agricultural Business plan CBE/Cooperative 4 Anonymous 2018-08-19 Pass
Services development to agricultural Studies (CBE_042_2011) 10:34:03 UTC
cooperative societies in
Tigray region, Ethiopia
43 Community Decisions Making Practice CBE/ 3 Anonymous 2018-08-20 Pass
Services for Women Management (CBE_043_2011) 06:14:14 UTC
Development in Wereda
Kolla Tembien
44 Community Modes of Foreign Market CBE/ 3 Anonymous 2018-08-20 Pass
Services Entry (Strategies) for Management (CBE_044_2011) 06:53:36 UTC
Competitiveness of
Companies found in Tigrai
(MFME – Tigrai Community
Service Project)
45 Community Project Based CBE/ 3 Anonymous 2018-08-20 Pass
Services Entrepreneurship Training in Management (CBE_045_2011) 08:24:50 UTC
TVET Colleges: (PBET-Tigray
Community Service Project)
46 Community Standardization, Grading CBE/ Marketing 3 Anonymous 2018-08-20 Fail
Services and Market participant’s (CBE_046_2011) 13:34:47 UTC (Proposal
integration of horticultural submitted after
products in western and deadline)
southern Tigrai (community
47 KTT Technology Transfer CBE/ 3 Anonymous 2018-08-15 Pass
Document On Transport Management (CBE_047_2011) 08:07:15 UTC
Service Optimization