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1 The
front part

Our school used to be a bunch of wooden

pavilions with classrooms, very old, and a well
constructed part but not very spacious. Here are
some pictures.

Fig.2 One of
the hallways

Fig.4 The back

Fig.3 The
“hang-out” for
They were suppose to be temporary but they stayed around for thirty
years! Here are the infamous and dreadful pavilions!

Fig.5 Infamous pavilions!

Fig.6 One of the doors

Fig.7 Pavilions and back yard

Fig. 8 More pavilions

More pictures!

Fig. 9 Entrance to
students “hang-out”

Fig. 10

Fig. 11 Cafeteria/bar reconstruction

Fig. 12 The new front

The school, now, has

around twenty-four
classrooms, in which fit
around twenty-eight to
thirty students. Every
classroom has a
computer and a video
projector. There are also
four science labs. We also
have three tooling
rooms, three Information
Fig. 13 The football/basketball field
and Communication
Technologies (ITC or in
Portuguese TIC) Fig. 14 The new back
classrooms, with about part
15 computers each. We
are very proud to have
such a great school. We
leave you with some Fig. 15 The ping-pong
photos. zone
Here’s some more pictures!

Fig. 16 The library

Fig. 18 The new “hang-out” place

Fig. 17 Science lab

Fig. 19 The tooling

Fig. 20 Our school cafeteria/bar
Our school has got great teachers but as
every other school there are some that
aren’t that great. The teachers are all
very nice and approachable.
Some of these teachers are coordinators
or are in some school activity or project.
For example, as school activity we have
the photography club, the journalism
club and the school sport, which includes
football, basketball, handball among
others. As projects we had the Comenius
project and now we have the VAGAB
Here are some pictures of our school Fig. 21 Tag Rugby
sport and one of the projects!

Fig. 22 The Comenius project

The good points
about our school
are the
celebrations we
make for some
holidays , the size,
Fig. 23 School Fig. 24 A good example of the the equipment and
entrance school staff the school staff. The
only thing that
every student thinks
is bad is the
reduced number of

Fig. 25 Vivarium
Fig. 26 Bathrooms
We think our school is great
and the only thing we’d
change if we could is the
queue at the school
cafeteria/bar at recess time.
We have around 10-15
minutes of recess and since
there is only one or two
ladies there at that time, we
Fig. 27 School cafeteria/bar
spend the whole recess in
the queue and when it rings
to go to class we haven’t
eaten yet. But besides that,
the school is the best one

Fig. 28 School Fig. 29 School cafeteria/bar

We asked some adults about school in
general and the comparisons with the olden
days. Here are the opinions:
 In comparison with the olden days, in
terms of technology, comfort and new
techniques it is much better. But in terms of
discipline and respect for the school
community , there are some areas where
indiscipline is something lived on a daily
 Time spent in school is always useful. It’s
in school where we have our friends, our
passions, our disappointments … But it’s in
school where we also learn how to write,
how to read, how to count and make Fig. 30 Benavente’s High School
 School, besides being hard and full of
hard work, helps us become the people we
will be in the future. It will helps us in our
future career and we will always remember
those who helped us there.