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Homeless Hope

I'm Eduardo Drio, aged 16, I do 1/complete with information from

voluntary work with street children the text
in my home city in Manila, the volunteer
capital of the Philippine. Organization Voluntary
There are over 100 million children beneficiary
in the world who live on the streets 2/ complete the sentences according
because they have no home. I do
to the text
voluntary work for an organisation a- the organization provides ---------
called Homeless Hope which helps -----------
street children to get off -------------------------------------------
the streets and to lead a normal b- as street children have no home ,
life., it was founded in 1996 by they ---
cooperative teenagers. There is a ---------------
big difference between street c- In the hostels children can --------
children and street-working ------------
children. Street working- children ---------------
make money by selling sweets and d- Street children may find work
more easily if
things. Then they go home. But
street children have no home. They ---------------
live and work on the streets. They 3/what do the underlined words
sleep on the pavement and in bus refer to
shelters. They beg, steal or sell It :-----------------------------------
things to make a living. They :---------------------------------
Here in Manila, our organisation 4/ find words from the text having
found an area where there were the same
lots of street children. We talked to meaning as
many of them and gave them food - created :-------------------------------
and first aid. Slowly they began to -
- convince :------------------------------
trust us and we persuade them -
to come to our hostel to eat and
sleep We’ve also started an
education programme. If kids learn
a trade( a job), they will have a
chance of finding work more easily.
We want them to make something
of their lives.