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eee OR a [zh Nc aa EXAM ESSENTIALS PRACTICE TESTS Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) VIAN s Completely updated for the 2015 exam specifications Quickstart A quick guide to Exam Essentials Practice Tests, Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) + To get an overview of each paper in the Cambridge English: Advanced exam, look at pages 4 and 5. Keep referring to the Exam overview as you do the tests in this book + To familiarise yourself with the Cambridge English: Advanced exam, start by doing the guided tests 1, 2 and 3. ‘+ Always read the Essential tips while doing the exam tasks in Tests 1, 2 and 3. These wil help you develop useful techniques for each task, and give you hints about specific questions. + For Paper 2, Writing, go to the Writing bank on page 193. Read the Writing tips carefully and try to learn and use any Useful phrases that are new to you. Use the model answers to help you. + For Paper 4, Speaking, go to page 169 for the extra speaking materials; read the Language banks for key language to help you. + When you have completed Test 1, go to the new DVD-ROM to watch the ‘model Speaking interview and do the printable Worksheet, You will also find the aucio recordings forthe Listening paper on the DVD-ROM, See further information on the DVD-ROM on page 10. * To get more exam practice in real exam conditions, do Tests 4 to 8; try to complete each paper within the time allowed, Make sure to practise recording your answers as in the actual exam: copy and use the sample Answer sheets on page 166. * IF youneed help with new words or phrases that you find in the reading texts, look at the Glossary on page 206. EXAM ESSENTIALS PRACTICE TESTS Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) Charles Osbourne with Carol Nuttall with new material by Tom Bradbury and Claire Morris NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC LEARNING o's CENGAGE «© Learning: ngl.cengage.comi PASSWORD exe