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Solar water heating system Solex – LF for low flow systems

Solar/Primary circuit
The compact and completely preassambled solar water
heating system Solex for high flow systems is completely
insulated. It is equipped with a generously dimensioned
double-column heat exchanger, a prewired and preset con-
troller. All those advantages allow for a simple and quick
assembly as well as for secure commissioning.

Your advantages:

All connections 3/4’’ female

With pre-assembled steel wall brackt

can be mounted easily onto the wall

Fully assembled with flat sealing union connections

Full port ball valves

Flow check valve inside the solar circuit and

inside the secondary circuit, manual opener, inside
the solar circuit with 400 mm WC, especially for solar
systems, secondary with 200 mm WC, prevent any gravity

Solar circuit with large ball valve handles

easy handling, visible closing position, with integrated
full metal thermometer 0-160 °C, can be pulled off, with
thermowell integrated inside the ball valve, ball valves inside
the secondary circuit key-actuated

With solar circulation pumps by WILO

pre-assembled and prewired; aligned to the performance
of the water heating system, pumps are completely isola-
table- no draining necessary during pump service

Primary side with flow meter

for electronic measurement of the flow rate and heat
Secondary circuit Secondary circuit
Integrated flushing and filling unit flow return
two drain valves (on the elbow unions on the heat ex-
changer) permit filling and flushing the primary circuit as
well as only the heat exchanger. On the secondary side with
deculator on the topmost point on the heat exchanger and
drain valve for the emptying of the heat exchanger.

see page

basic conditions: global radiation = 800 W/m²; efficiency h 0,05 = 0,625


For systems in high flow mode [15 l/(m2solar panels x h)]

Heat exchanger type 2P

with 21 plates operational mode surface of solar panels performance
15 l/(m2*h) 30 m2 15 kW

Heat exchanger type 2P

mit 45 plates operational mode surface of solar panels performance

15 l/(m2*h) 50 m2 25 kW

PAW GmbH & Co. KG
phone: +49-5151-9856-0, fax: +49-5151-9856-98

Solar water heating system Solex – LF for low flow systems

Solar safety assembly

pressure relief valve 6 bar, high-temperature manometer 0-6 bar with valve,
flat sealing connection for expansion tank secondary side with 3 bar
pressure relief valve

Compact function-optimised design insulation Hydraulic scheme

with 2 storages
made of durable elastic EPP; 100% insulation of the fittings – minimised
heat loss

Highly efficient stainless steel heat exchanger

two sizes for small and larger installations, designed for low flow operation.
Generously dimensioned, for transmitting high performances with low tem-
perature differences, completely integrated into the insulation.

Integrated solar controller

completely pre-assembled, preset and prewired, assures quick assembly – only
the sensors for the storage tank and for the solar panels have to be assem-
bled and branched. The preset control system permmits a simple and clean
commissioning. The temperature-depending speed control of the primary and
secondary pump ensures the optimum use of the energy gained.

Integrated 3-way reversing valve

permits the optimum stratification of the energy gained in two buffer storages
or a stratified storage.


Dimension DN 20 - 3/4“
Material fittings brass
gaskets Klingersil / EPDM Hydraulic scheme
insulation EPP with stratified storage
check valves modified PPS
heat exchanger plates + sockes: 1.4400
solder: 99,99% copper
Techn. data max. pressure 10 bar
max. temperature 130 °C, temporarily 160 °C
Equipment check valves 400 mm WC primary
200 mm WC secondary
safety valve 6 bar, for thermal solar systems
3 bar, für for heating sytems
manometer 0 - 6 bar, resistant to high
thermometers 0 - 160 °C inside the solar circuit
Measurements connections 3/4“ female
over-all width 660 mm
over-all height 880 mm

Pressure drop Solex LF primary circuit / pump characteristic curve Pressure drop Solex LF secondary circuit / pump characteristic curve

Pressure drop 21 plates Pressure drop 21 plates

heat exchanger
pressure [m WC]

heat exchanger
pressure [m WC]

Pressure drop 45 plates

pressure [kPa]

Pressure drop 45 plates

pressure [kPa]

heat exchanger
heat exchanger

Flow rate [l/h] Flow rate [l/h]

Heat exchanger Pump version SI Item no

Type 2P primary: Grundfos Solar 15 - 80; secondary: Grundfos UPS 15 - 40 6091821 GS

21 plates

Type 2P primary: Grundfos Solar 15 - 80; secondary:Grundfos UPS 15 - 40 6091845 GS

45 plates

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