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The 25th Congress of the KSSMN & www.kssmn.


2018 International Symposium

March 15~17, 2018
Conrad Seoul Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Important Dates

▪ Deadline for abstract submission 31 January, 2018

▪ Deadline for Pre-registration 28 February, 2018

Travel Grant

The KSSMN offers “Travel grant” to support overseas researchers who want to take part in the
conference with their own research works.
‘Travel grant’ will be selected among recipients for outstanding abstracts by the scientific
program committee.
· Award consists of a grant of USD 500 for overseas participants.
· Award Notification: Middle of February, 2018

Congress Website!!!
⇢ www.kssmn.org

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
It is truly a great pleasure to bring your attention to the 25th Congress of the KSSMN & 2018 International Symposium, which is being prepared
to serve as a valuable and significant occasion to exchange ideas and explore strategies that can address current issues in the field of Surgical
Metabolism and Nutrition.
As it is an event that gathers internationally renowned leaders and young professionals, I am confident that we are more than ready and well-
prepared to hold a successful and productive meeting thanks to your interest, and world-famous medical professionals who are invited as our
The symposium will provide you with an opportunity to learn about the recent nutritional issues and experimental studies. I would say without
hesitation that this symposium will provide a platform for every participant to broaden his or her professional horizons by letting them to keep
abreast of the latest knowledge and developments in Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition.
During two days of the symposium, I firmly believe that new knowledge and idea will be presented, exchanged and actively discussed between participants from diverse
I’m delighted to welcome all participants, experts and those entering the field. I hope you all to enjoy this rich, varied and attractive scientific and cultural program.
I hope you all enjoy yourselves at this rich and attractive scientific and cultural program.
Thank you

Jae Moon Bae, M.D., Ph.D.

President of Korean Society of Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition

Program at a Glance

March 15 (Thu)
13:00-18:00 Registration
Room A
18:00-19:00 Board Meeting

March 16 (FRI) March 17 (SAT)

Room A Symposium I. Nutritional Issues in Geriatric Patients Room A Symposium IV. Fluid Therapy in Specific Surgical Condition
09:00-10:10 09:00-10:10
Room B Oral presentation (I)
Room B Oral presentation (III)
Room A Symposium II. Role of Postop PN in Elective Surgery
10:30-11:40 Room A Symposium V. ERAS
Room B Symposium III. Intestinal Failure, Where We Are? 10:30-12:00
Room B Symposium VI. Anemia
11:40-12:10 Room A Presidential Lecture

12:10-12:40 Room A General Assembly of KSSMN 12:00-13:00 Room A Lunch

12:40~13:40 Room A Luncheon Symposium 13:00-13:30 Room A Invited Lecture (II)

13:40-14:10 Room A Invited Lecture (I)

13:30-14:40 Room A Symposium VII. Guideline & Recommendation
Room A Debate Session. Perioperative Immuno-Nutrition
14:10-15:20 Room A 2017 KSSMN Research Projects
Room B Oral presentation (II) 15:00-16:00
Room B Case Report: My Unforgettable Patients
15:40-17:10 Room A KSSMN-JSSMN Joint Symposium

17:30~ Room B Welcome Reception 16:00~ Award Ceremony & Closing

KSSMN2018 Secretariat
The Korean Society of
Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition Tel: 82.2.6959.5333 Fax: 82.70.8677.6333
E-mail: with@thewithin.co.kr