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XHQ Operations Intelligence

Real-time solutions for intelligent decisions

Intelligence for the manufacturing

XHQ Operations Intelligence adds an
important layer of intelligence to analyze
the KPIs that will ratchet your manufactur-
ing performance to the next level. A
platform for aggregating, relating and
presenting operational and business data
in real time, XHQ provides users with a
wide range of coherent, up-to-the-minute
information. This data is then used to
monitor performance and make better,
more informed decisions about plant
operations – for greater efficiency and
reduced costs.

The challenge
In any manufacturing organization, opera-
tions personnel typically struggle to pull
together a complete, timely picture of their Our solution
situation. Like missing pieces of a puzzle,
critical information is often scattered The XHQ Operations Intelligence solution
throughout the enterprise in a variety of is designed to extract and aggregate data
databases, applications and operational from a variety of information sources
systems. Stored in a wide range of formats (including ERP, data warehouses, data-
with a confusing mix of unrelated con- bases, documentation, process historians,
texts, this data is rarely compiled or pre- as well as automation), and then present
sented in a meaningful way. And when it it on an intuitive, transparent platform.
is, the opportunity to act has usually long The people who are operating your
since passed. While such historical data facility always have the big picture when
may be useful for medium- or long-term they need it and can always access
strategic planning, those who are monitor- up-to-date information in time to act. The
ing and executing plant operations require resulting efficiencies and better decision
immediate access to data for making fast, making based on real-time information
informed decisions based on current can significantly boost your bottom line
developments. and make your enterprise more productive

Answers for energy.

Five reasons to use XHQ Timely data – when and where you Solutions for your industry
need it
1. Distributes crucial, timely data Our XHQ packaged solutions can be seam-
throughout the enterprise The XHQ component-based data model lessly integrated into a comprehensive
aggregates and relates data to produce solution for your industry. These solutions
2. Helps ensure greater flexibility and
information framed in a meaningful busi- integrate all the products and services you
more accurate decisions for increased
ness context. Real-time views of this data need for sustained optimization of your
customer responsiveness
are then streamed live over the Internet or plant’s operating performance. For each
3. Helps create efficiencies and reduced intranet to zero administration, browser particular task, a solution is available that
costs for significant savings and a clients, mobile devices and enterprise can potentially:
quicker ROI portals, and can be personalized to
Horizontally improve all production
4. Helps to ensure a maximum return on address specific user issues. The entire
investments in automation equipment solution is maintained through an inte-
and IT grated configuration environment that Vertically integrate the company’s
enables non-technical business domain information flows end-to-end, helping
5. Highly scalable for global, enterprise- corporate management to make better
experts to create content without pro-
wide deployment. decisions
gramming or extensive IT support.
Cost savings and a fast ROI Chronologically enable optimized
Speed and flexibility for better maintenance and help ensure further
XHQ Operations Intelligence solutions responsiveness development over the entire life cycle
can be targeted at specific aspects of of your plant.
Industrial companies need to respond
your business, such as reducing costs,
quickly and flexibly to keep up with rapidly Due to this unique combination of
increasing production, improving
changing market conditions. By providing horizontal, vertical and life cycle dimen-
quality control, improving asset utilization
personnel who are actually directing pro- sions, our solutions all carry the genes
or reducing inventory. And although they
duction with immediate access to produc- of an exhaustive and sustained plant
can have a major positive impact on your
tion status and key performance indicators productivity in their very core.
business, XHQ solutions are not expensive
(KPIs), XHQ allows them to react faster
to implement. They quickly pay for them- For more productivity, more perfor-
and to specifically target their decisions to
selves by eliminating existing weaknesses, mance and more power...look to
take advantage of market developments.
and the resulting best practices can then XHQ Operations Intelligence solutions
As the timing and accuracy of their
be shared throughout the enterprise for from Siemens.
responses improve, they can better meet
further savings and an even higher rate of
the needs of their customers.
Designed for scalability
Getting the most out of your
investments The XHQ platform is designed to be highly
scalable, fit seamlessly into enterprise-
With XHQ in place companies can get
wide infrastructures and be rapidly
more value out of their investments in
deployed on a global basis. And thanks
plant automation and IT infrastructure.
to the XHQ real-time data cache, users
Because XHQ Operations Intelligence can
around the world can be served concur-
dramatically help improve plant utilization,
rently with live, streaming data without
increase equipment availability and
over-burdening the network or the back-
reduce costs across the entire value
end operational systems.
chain, you can be sure that you’re always
getting a maximum return on your
equipment and other assets.
For more information about the XHQ Oper-
ations Intelligence product and consulting
services, contact us at +1 (949) 448-0600 or

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