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A6 Wednesday, October 31, 2018 lnp | lancaster, pa

2018 Voters Guide

T h e G e n e r a l E l e c t i o n i s T u e s d ay, N o v. 6 P o l l s a r e o p e n 7 a . m . t o 8 p. m .

Frequently asked questions First-time No photo ID?

voters If you do not have a photo ID, you
can use identification without a photo
If you don’t know where your polling place is, visit votespa. that includes your name and address.
com and click on “Find Your Polling Place.” Enter your home If you are a first-time voter or
are voting in a new precinct for Approved forms include:
address, and the site will tell you the street address of your
polling place and give you directions. the first time, you must bring n Confirmation issued by the county
one of these approved forms of voter registration office.
WHAT IF I HAVE PROBLEMS VOTING? photo identification:
n Nonphoto ID issued by the state.
If you have problems at your polling place, call the Lancaster n Pennsylvania driver’s license n Nonphoto ID issued by the U.S.
County Elections Office at 717-299-8293. You can also stop or state ID card.
by the office at 150 N. Queen St., Suite 117. That’s the former n ID issued by state agencies.
Armstrong building at Queen and Chestnut streets. n Firearm permit.
n ID issued by U.S. government. n Current utility bill.
If you’d like to report a voting problem to the newspaper, call
717-291-8622. If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, report voting n U.S. passport. n Current bank statement.
problems or issues using #LancasterVotes. n U.S. armed forces ID. n Current paycheck.
WHERE CAN I FIND RESULTS? n Student ID. n Government check.
The results will start filtering into the Lancaster County n Employee ID.
Elections Office a short time after the polls close at 8 p.m.
Check for live coverage.

Contested races on your ballot

Governor and U.S. Senate U.S. House State Senate State House
lieutenant governor Bob Casey Jr. (D) 11th District 36th District 10 contested races in
Tom Wolf and John Fetterman (D) Lou Barletta (R) All of Lancaster County and Most of northern Lancaster County Lancaster County
Scott R. Wagner and Jeff Bartos (R) southern York County
Neal Gale (GRN) Bill Troutman (D)
Paul Glover and Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick (GRN) Jess King (D)
Dale R. Kerns Jr. (LIB) Ryan P. Aument (R)
Ken V. Krawchuk and Kathleen S. Smith (LIB) Lloyd K. Smucker (R)

U.S. HOUSE 7th District special election

Winner will represent parts of eastern Lancaster County until Jan. 1, 2019: Mary Gay Scanlon (D) | Pearl Kim (R) | Brianna Johnston (GRN) | Sandra Teresa Salas (LIB)


Paul Glover (GRN)

48% Residence: Philadelphia 48%
38% Age: 71 38%
Registered Pennsylvania Registered Pennsylvania
voters 14% Occupation: Community voters 14%
organizer, author
DEMocrat GOP Other DEMocrat GOP Other
Education: Summit University,
B.A. in city management
Gov. Tom Wolf (D) U.S. Senator Bob Casey Jr. (D)
Family: Single
Residence: Mount Wolf, York Residence: Scranton, Lackawanna
County County
Age: 69 Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick (GRN)
Age: 58
Occupation: Governor of Residence: Chester, Delaware
County Occupation: U.S. senator
Pennsylvania, previously worked
in the family business, the Wolf Age: 58 Education: College of the Holy Cross,
Organization B.A. in English; Catholic University of
Occupation: Former senior America, law degree
Education: Dartmouth College, B.A. in government; laboratory technician
University of London, master’s in philosophy; Family: Wife Terese, daughters Elyse, Caroline, Julia and
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, doctorate in Education: Temple University, B.A. Marena
political science in biology
Family: Wife Frances, daughters Sarah and Katie Family: Husband and son

Lou Barletta (R)

John Fetterman (D) Residence: Hazleton, Luzerne County
Residence: Braddock, Allegheny Ken V. Krawchuk (LIB) Age: 62
County Residence: Abington Township, Occupation: U.S. congressman
Age: 49 Montgomery County
Education: Attended Bloomsburg
Occupation: Mayor of Braddock Age: 65 University but did not graduate
Education: Albright College, B.S. in Occupation: founder and Family: Wife Mary Grace, daughters Kelly, April, Lindsey
finance; University of Connecticut, president of an information and Grace
master’s in business administration; Harvard University, technology firm
master’s in public policy Education: St. Joseph’s University, B.S. in physics
Family: Wife Gisele, children Karl, Gracie and August Family: Wife Roberta
Neal Gale (GRN)
Residence: Abington Township,
Kathleen S. Smith (LIB) Montgomery County
Scott R. Wagner (R) Residence: Canonsburg, Age: 66
Residence: Spring Garden Washington County
Occupation: Manages an energy
Township, York County Age: 65 affordability program
Age: 63 Occupation: Treasurer of Education: Drexel University,
Occupation: Owner of Penn Waste the Community Scholarship architecture degree
Inc. and KBS Trucking, former Foundation of Canon-McMillan,
former Borders bookstore manager Family: Wife and two daughters
state senator
Education: Dallastown Area High School Education: Duquesne University, degree in special
Family: Wife Tracy, four children
Family: Married Dale R. Kerns Jr. (LIB)
Residence: Ridley Township, Delaware
Jeff Bartos (R) County

Residence: Lower Merion Age: 35
Township, Montgomery County
Occupation: Project manager for an
Age: 45 electrical contractor
Occupation: Real estate developer, Education: Delaware County
lawyer Community College, associate’s degree in political science
Polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Education: Emory University, B.A. Family: Wife Nicole, daughters Hailey and Sophia
in political science; University of Virginia Law School
Family: Wife Sheryl, daughters Emily and Sarah


The following polling places have been changed for the 2018 election:

Lancaster city Columbia Borough East Hempfield Township West Hempfield Township Manheim Township Rapho Township
n 8th Ward, 9th n 7th Ward. n Scotland District. n Silver Spring District. n 8th District. n Union Square District.
Precinct. n From: Vigilant n From: East Hempfield n From: West Hempfield n From: Susquehanna n From: Mastersonville Fire
n From: Brightside Building, 10th and Township Municipal Fire & Rescue, 3519 Marietta Valley Fleet & Auto, Company, 2166 Meadow
Opportunity Center, Mifflin streets. Office, 1700 Nissley Road, Ave. 126 Keller Ave. View Road, Manheim.
515 Hershey Ave. n To: St. John’s Landisville. n To: West Hempfield n To: Highland n To: Mastersonville Fire
n To: Iglesia de Dios Lutheran Church, 616 n To: Hempfield Fire Township Building & Fire Presbyterian Church, Company (new fire hall),
Pentecostal, 609 Locust St. Department, 19 Main St., Department, 3476 Marietta 500 E. Roseville Road. 2121 Meadow View Road,
Prospect St. Landisville. Ave. Manheim.
lnp | lancaster, pa voters guide Wednesday, October 31, 2018 A7

U.S. House 11th District PA. House 13th District PA. House 43rd District
Parts of: Lancaster and Chester counties. In Lancaster All of: East Lampeter Twp., Strasburg Borough,
County, all of: Christiana Borough and Sadsbury Twp. Strasburg Twp., Upper Leacock Twp., West Earl Twp.,
West Lampeter Twp. Part of: Lancaster Twp.

York Haven
47% 36% 59% 26%
York Hallam TWP.
Berlin Registered 17% voters 15%
Red Lion voters Lancaster Strasburg
Jacobis GOP DEMocrat Other GOP DEMocrat Other
New Freedom
Sue Walker (D) Jen Porter (D)
and York (PART, Wards Residence: West Lampeter
53% 31% 02 and 05 [PART, Division
Residence: Franklin Township,
Chester County
Registered 03 (only blocks 3020, Age: 70
voters 16% 4030, 4033, 4037, 4048,
Age: 50
Occupation: Retired teacher of 31
4049, 4050, 4051, 4052, Occupation: Public school
GOP DEMocrat Other
educator, high school library staff years
4053, 4054 and 4055
of tract 022910)]) and Education: The College of New Education: Frostburg State University, bachelor’s
All of: Lancaster County in education; Towson State University, master’s in
the boroughs of Cross Jersey, bachelor’s in English
Part of: York County education
Roads, Dallastown, Family: Husband Mike, sons Zach and Ryan
consisting of the townships Family: Husband Gary
of Chanceford, Codorus, Delta, East Prospect,
East Hopewell, Fawn, Fawn Grove, Felton, Glen
Rock, Hallam, Hanover, State Rep. John Lawrence (R)
Heidelberg, Hellam, State Rep. Keith J. Greiner (R)
Hopewell, Jackson, Jacobus, Jefferson, Residence: West Grove, Chester
County Residence: Upper Leacock
Lower Chanceford, Lower Loganville, New Freedom, Township
Windsor, Manheim, New Salem, Railroad, Age: 40
North Codorus, North Red Lion, Seven Valleys, Age: 53
Hopewell, Paradise, Occupation: Legislator since 2011;
Shrewsbury, Spring Grove, previously a financial professional Occupation: Legislator since 2013;
Peach Bottom, Penn, certified public accountant.
Stewartstown, Windsor,
Shrewsbury, Springfield, Education: Penn State University,
West Manheim, Windsor Winterstown, Wrightsville Education: Penn State University,
bachelor’s in business
and Yorkana. bachelor’s in accounting
Family: Wife Rebecca, two daughters
Family: Single
Jess King (D)
Residence: Lancaster Dominic J. Pirocchi (Libertarian)
Age: 44 (did not respond to LNP questionnaire)
Occupation: Executive director of
economic development nonprofit PA. House 97th District
Assets; took leave to run for All of: Warwick Twp., Lititz Borough.
Congress PA. House 37th District Part of: Manheim Twp.
Education: Eastern Mennonite University, B.A. in liberal All of: Clay Twp., Elizabeth Twp., Mount Joy Twp.,
arts; Bard College, master’s in business Penn Twp., Rapho Twp., West Cocalico Twp., Denver
Family: Husband Chad Martin, daughters Esme and Borough, East Petersburg Borough, Manheim Borough.
Part of: East Hempfield Twp.
52% 32%
voters 16% Lititz

U.S. Rep. Lloyd K. Smucker (R) 62% 23% Manheim GOP DEMocrat Other
Residence: West Lampeter
Registered East Petersburg
voters 15%
Age: 54
GOP DEMocrat Other Dana Hamp Gulick (D)
Occupation: U.S. congressman;
former state senator and owner of Residence: Manheim Township
drywall and contracting business Suzanne M. Delahunt (D) Age: 46
Education: Lancaster Mennonite High School; attended Residence: Clay Township Occupation: Marketing/
but no degrees from Franklin & Marshall College and advertising account supervisor
Lebanon Valley College Age: 60 and client development
Family: Wife Cindy, children Paige, Regan and Nicholas Occupation: Program specialist, Education: University of
music curriculum developer, music Pittsburgh, bachelor’s in communications and rhetoric;
teacher, teacher, musician and and bachelor’s in German language and literature
Family: Daughter Corinne
Education: Adelphi University, bachelor’s in theater;
Brooklyn College CUNY, master’s in music
Family: Single State Rep. Steve Mentzer (R)
Residence: Manheim Township
State Rep. Mindy Fee (R) Age: 62
Residence: Manheim Borough Occupation: Legislator since 2013;
previously an investment adviser,
Age: 53 founder and president of the
Occupation: Legislator since 2013; nonprofit Central American Relief
previously a contract furniture Efforts
sales executive Education: Attended Elizabethtown College, business
Education: Millersville University, administration major but no degree
bachelor’s in economics Family: Wife Sally, children Lynn and Marc
Family: Children Danielle, Ryan and Abby

PA. House 41st District PA. House 98th District

All of: Conestoga Twp., Manor Twp., Mountville Parts of: Dauphin and Lancaster counties. In Lancaster
Borough. Part of: East Hempfield Twp., West Hempfield County, all of: Conoy Twp., East Donegal Twp., West
Twp., Lancaster Twp., Manheim Twp. Donegal Twp., Columbia Borough, Elizabethtown Borough,
Marietta Borough, Mount Joy Borough, Part of: West
Hempfield Twp. In Dauphin County, all of: Londonderry Twp.
PA. Senate 50% 34% Mountville
36th District Denver
Elizabethtown Manheim Lititz
Ephrata Adamstown
voters 16% 54% 31% Elizabethtown
Mount Joy Terre Hill Mount Joy
GOP DEMocrat Other Registered
Akron New Holland
voters 15% Marietta
Marietta Petersburg
Columbia GOP DEMocrat Other
Lancaster Michele Wherley (D)
Residence: Lancaster Township
Donegal Twp., East Earl Mary Auker-Endres (D)
Age: 50
58% 27% Twp., East Hempfield
Residence: Elizabethtown
Twp., East Petersburg Occupation: Human resources,
Registered Borough, Elizabeth Twp., training manager Borough
voters 15% Elizabethtown Borough, Age: 33
Education: Central Penn College,
GOP DEMocrat Other Ephrata Borough, Ephrata bachelor’s in communications Occupation: Childbirth educator
Twp., Lititz Borough, and former nonprofit employee in
Manheim Borough, Family: Husband Jim, son Brandon
All of: housing and hunger advocacy
Marietta Borough, Mount
Adamstown Borough, Joy Borough, Mount Education: Lebanon Valley College, bachelor’s in
Joy Twp., Mountville State Rep. Brett R. Miller (R) philosophy/religion
Akron Borough,
Brecknock Twp., Borough, New Holland Residence: East Hempfield Family: Husband John, son Jack
Caernarvon Twp., Clay Borough, Penn Twp., Township
Twp., Columbia Borough, Rapho Twp., Terre Hill Age: 57
Borough, Warwick Twp., State Rep. David S. Hickernell (R)
Conoy Twp., Denver West Cocalico Twp., West Occupation: Legislator since 2015;
Borough, Earl Twp., previously a school guidance Residence: West Donegal
Donegal Twp., West Earl
East Cocalico Twp., East counselor for 26 years; psychiatric Township
Twp., West Hempfield Twp.
assistant Age: 59
Bill Troutman (D) Education: Liberty University, bachelor’s in pastoral Occupation: Legislator since
counseling; Liberty University, master’s in counseling; 2003; previously Lancaster
Residence: Elizabethtown Millersville University, secondary school counselor County clerk of courts, state
Age: 59 certification; Penn State, secondary principal House staff member
Occupation: Electrician Education: Elizabethtown College, bachelor’s in
Family: Wife Jennifer psychology
Education: Elizabethtown Area
High School; five-year electrical Family: Wife Karen, daughter Jessica
apprenticeship program
Family: Two children James M. Miller (LIB)
UNCONTESTED Residence: East Donegal
State Sen. Ryan P. Aument (R)
The following candidates are unopposed on the
Residence: Landisville ballot: Age: 44
Age: 42 n Democratic state Rep. Mike Sturla of the 96th Occupation: Systems engineer
Occupation: State senator; former Legislative District in Lancaster. Education: Associate’s degree
state House member, chief of staff n Republican Pequea Township supervisor in electronic and computer
to state Rep. Bryan Cutler and candidates Don Pardum and Anthony Cazillo III, technology
Army veteran who are running for two new seats on an expanded Family: Wife and four children
Education: The Citadel, B.S. in education board. It is the only municipal race here this year.
Family: Wife Kate and two children
A8 Wednesday, October 31, 2018 voters guide lnp | lancaster, pa

PA. House 99th District PA. House 128th District PA. House 129th District
All of: Akron Borough, Caernarvon Twp., Earl Twp., Parts of: Berks and Lancaster counties. Parts of: Lancaster and Berks counties. In Lancaster
East Earl Twp., Ephrata Borough, Ephrata Twp., New In Lancaster County, all of: Brecknock Twp. County, all of: Adamstown and East Cocalico Twp.
Holland Borough, Salisbury Twp., Terre Hill Borough.
Berks Berks
47% 38%
Registered Brecknock
62% 23% Akron Terre Hill
voters 15% TWP.

New Holland 48% 38% East

Registered GOP DEMocrat Other
voters 15% Lancaster

GOP DEMocrat Other voters 14%

GOP DEMocrat Other
Doug Metcalfe (D) Lancaster
Elizabeth Malarkey (D) Residence: Robeson Township,
Berks County
Residence: Ephrata Borough Trish Wertz (D)
Age: 52
Age: 65 Residence: Sinking Spring, Berks
Occupation: Former health care County
Occupation: Retired speech executive and nonprofit manager
language pathologist Age: 48
Education: SUNY College at
Education: Eastern Mennonite Fredonia, B.S. in business administration; Xavier Occupation: Substitute teacher,
University, master’s in education University, master’s in health administration former special education teacher.
Family: Single Family: Husband Brian, children Helen and Sara Education: Kutztown University,
bachelor’s and master’s in education
State Rep. Dave Zimmerman (R) Family: Children Jared, Joshua and Hayley
State Rep. Mark M. Gillen (R)
Residence: East Earl Township Residence: Robeson Township,
Age: 62 Berks County State Rep. Jim Cox (R)
Occupation: Legislator since 2015; Age: 63 Residence: Spring Township,
previously a sales manager. Berks County
Occupation: Legislator since 2011;
Education: Agriculture courses at previously a state correctional Age: 49
Penn State and Purdue, but no officer, educational director of Occupation: Legislator since
degrees Salt and Light Foundation 2007; lawyer
Family: Wife Ruth Ann, three children Education: Bob Jones University, B.S. in education; Education: Pensacola Christian
Kutztown University, master’s in education College, B.A. in pre-law; Regent University School of
Family: Wife Kim; children Hannah, Glory Grace, Law, J.D.
Liberty, Suzannah Family: Wife Kelly; children Dylan, Stephanie, Justin,
Andrew and Aaron.
PA. House Twp., Little Britain Twp.,
Martic Twp., Millersville
100th District Borough, Paradise Twp.,
All of: Bart Twp., Colerain Pequea Twp., Providence ELECTION 2018
Twp., Quarryville Borough.

Fights for Pa.’s US House

Twp., Drumore Twp., East
Drumore Twp., Eden Twp., Part of: Lancaster Twp.
Fulton Twp., Leacock

seats closely watched


59% 25% Quarryville Partisan battle for hold on chamber draws national attention to state
voters 16% MARC LEVY
Associated Press
to attack Wallace and 2000 Sydney games and can win with support
GOP DEMocrat Other boost Fitzpatrick’s im- a Lehigh County com- from independent vot-
HARRISBURG — age. Wallace is heavily missioner. ers and Republican
Fights for U.S. House funding his campaign In the redrawn dis- moderates who reject
Dale Hamby (D) seats are shaping up and outspent Fitzpat- trict, Democrats have a Perry’s conservatism.
Residence: East Drumore as the most closely rick nearly 5-to-1 in the 62,000-voter registra-
Age: 63
watched contests in July-September quar- tion advantage. Mean- 16th District
Pennsylvania as the ter. while, Democratic Par-
Occupation: Former executive Democratic Party aims Democrats have a ty-aligned groups have Republican Rep. Mike
director of county Workforce to recapture the U.S. slight registration ad- spent more than $1.3
Investment Board; previously
Kelly is seeking a fifth
adjunct professor at Thaddeus
House majority. vantage in the Bucks million attacking Noth- term in a northwestern
Stevens College, high school teacher, Army officer Republican losses in County-based district, stein or boosting Wild. Pennsylvania district
the state wouldn’t be and Democrat Hillary that slightly improved
Education: U.S. Military Academy, B.S. in engineering;
Harvard Business School, M.B.A. in finance surprising because the Clinton eked out a win 8th District for Democrats when the
party of the president there in 2016’s presi- state Supreme Court
Family: Wife Jan Hamby, children Marie and Allen historically does poorly dential contest. Three-term Demo- redrew it, and he’s got
in midterm elections. cratic Rep. Matt Cart- his toughest re-election
State Rep. Bryan D. Cutler (R) But Democrats have 5th and 6th wright in northeastern challenge to date from
Residence: Drumore another reason to be- districts Pennsylvania is being Democrat Ron DiNico-
lieve they can flip up challenged by Republi- la, a lawyer and former
Age: 43
to six seats and help Democrat Mary Jo can John Chrin, a for- Marine.
Occupation: Legislator since 2007, the party erase the 23- Scanlon and Democrat mer investment banker
attorney; previously manager of Democrat and Re-
support services, diagnostic x-ray
seat Republican House Chrissy Houlahan are who moved from New publican registration
technologist majority. A state Su- expected to win these Jersey to run. is practically even, al-
preme Court decision open congressional The district is an- though the odds seem
Education: Lebanon Valley College, B.S. in health care
administration; Lancaster General School of Radiology,
in January threw out seats in southeastern chored by Scranton to be in Kelly’s favor:
X-ray certificate; Widener School of Law, J.D. with 6-year-old congressio- Pennsylvania that now and Wilkes-Barre, Trump won the district
certificate in health care law nal district boundaries heavily favor Demo- and Democrats have a by 20 percentage points
Family: Wife Jennifer, children Cheyanne, Caleb and as unconstitutionally crats after years of Re- 75,000-voter registra- and held a rally there
Drew drawn to benefit Re- publican control. tion advantage there. with Kelly earlier this
publicans. Under that Scanlon, a longtime Still, about half of the month. Still, the Demo-
map, Republicans won public interest lawyer, district is new to Cart- cratic Congressional
13 of Pennsylvania’s 18 would succeed Repub- wright, and Trump Campaign Committee
House seats in three lican Rep. Pat Meehan, would have won it by has poured more than
straight elections even who resigned from nearly 10 points in 2016. $600,000 into the race
Special Election as Democrats dominat- the 5th District seat in Those dynamics are to help DiNicola.
Voters in seven eastern Lancaster County ed statewide elections. April while under an giving Republicans
municipalities will see a rare special election The replacement dis- ethics investigation for hope for an upset vic-
on their ballots because of the resignation of tricts approved by the using taxpayer money tory. The National Re-
17th District
U.S. Rep. Pat Meehan earlier this year. court’s Democratic ma- to settle a former aide’s publican Congressional
Newly minted Demo-
The candidate they elect will represent them jority are fueling more sexual harassment Committee has spent
in Congress only until January in the current cratic Rep. Conor Lamb
competitive contests. complaint. more than $550,000 on
7th Congressional District.
A look at key races: Houlahan is a former TV ads attacking Cart- is aiming to knock off
At that point, the state’s new congressional Air Force engineer and wright. three-term Republican
district lines will officially take effect and 1st District athletic apparel compa- Rep. Keith Rothfus in
those voters will be included in the new 11th
ny executive. She would 10th District Pittsburgh’s suburbs in
Congressional District, which covers all of
Freshman Republican succeed two-term Re- the nation’s only House
Lancaster County and southern York County. race pitting two incum-
Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick publican Rep. Ryan Three-term Repub-
Meehan represented the municipalities as
is trying to fend off a Costello, who decided lican Rep. Scott Perry, bents against each oth-
part of the Delaware County-based 7th er.
District since 2012. His resignation in April stiff challenge by Dem- not to seek another owner of one of the
automatically triggered the special election ocrat Scott Wallace in term in the 6th, which most conservative vot- Democrats enjoy a
under the old lines. a closely divided dis- has become less hospi- ing records in the U.S. 71,000-voter registra-
trict in Philadelphia’s table to Republicans. House, finds himself in tion edge in the district,
As a result, voters there will vote in two
congressional races at the same time. suburbs. Fitzpatrick, a a substantially less con- and Lamb has com-
former FBI agent who 7th District servative district and fortably led polls over
Candidates in the 7th District special election
are Democrat Mary Gay Scanlon, Republican succeeded his brother his toughest re-election Rothfus, who has one
Pearl Kim, Green Party candidate Brianna in the seat, has a cen- Democrat Susan Wild campaign. Challeng- of Pennsylvania’s most
Johnson and Libertarian Sandra Teresa Salas. trist voting record and and Republican Marty ing him is Democrat conservative voting re-
The affected Lancaster County municipalities has tried to put dis- Nothstein are vying George Scott, a fellow cords in Congress. The
are Christiana Borough and the townships of tance between himself for an open congres- Army veteran. district isn’t necessarily
Bart, Colerain, Leacock, Paradise, Sadsbury and President Donald sional seat in eastern More than $1.5 mil- an easy get for a Dem-
and Salisbury. Trump. Pennsylvania’s Lehigh lion from outside ocrat: Trump would
Voters there will also participate in the 11th Wallace, a longtime Valley, a district whose groups has flowed in to have won it by almost 3
District election, and beginning in January Democratic Party do- new boundaries favor the contest, including points in 2016.
they — like the rest of Lancaster County — nor, was co-chairman a Democrat after two at least $630,000 to at- Still, Lamb has street
will be represented by the winner of that cred in swing districts:
race, which features Republican U.S. Rep. of the Wallace Global decades of Republican tack Scott from a super
Lloyd K. Smucker and Democrat Jess King. Fund, a Washington, control. PAC that is aligned with He won a special elec-
D.C.-based organiza- Seven-term Republi- Trump. The district, tion in March to suc-
tion that supports lib- can Rep. Charlie Dent which includes the cit- ceed Republican Rep.
eral social movements. decided against seeking ies of York and Harris- Tim Murphy, who re-
It is shaping up as re-election in a poten- burg, has a Republican signed, in a district that
Pennsylvania’s most tially hostile political registration edge of Trump won by about 20
expensive U.S. House environment, and he about 23,000, but there points.
race. More than $7 mil- resigned in May. Wild is are also 79,000 inde- Both men live in the
lion has flowed in from a longtime lawyer in Al- pendent or third-party new district, despite
national party organi- lentown, and Nothstein voters. living in different dis-
zations and other out- is a gold medal-winning Scott, a Lutheran pas- tricts that they current-
side groups, primarily Olympic cyclist in the tor, says he believes he ly represent.