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25/10/2018 Sistema Virtual de Educación [Evaluations]

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First Period


Read carefully and choose the best option. Remember you have 25 minutes to do it.

Total score: 8.00

Score of approval: 5.60
Incorrect answers lower your score: No
Open: since 22/10/2018 00:00 until 28/10/2018 23:59


Date: 10/25/2018 8:35:20 PM 8.00

Achievement time: 00:03:32 Passed
Number of times done: 1
Quantity of right answers: 8 / 8

Sometimes it is difficult to have a good relationship with your ___________ in your job
because of envy.





Choose the correct sentence.

Were you used to eat vegetables as a child?

Did you got used to weaking up early for school

I never got used to sleeping more than 8 hours on weekends

Did you used to cry a lot when you were a toddler

Sharon _____________________by the time we met her in the park.

has been running for an hour

had ran for an hour

had been run for an hour 1/3
25/10/2018 Sistema Virtual de Educación [Evaluations]

had been running for an hour

Did you have a good time at the party?

Yes, I had

Yes, I did

Yes, I was

Yes, I do

I would like to ______Martha ______somewhere, but I’m afraid she rejects me.

run into

get on with

turn up

ask out

Diego is an excellent musician. He learnt to play the guitar ________.


by him



Choose the correct sentence.

Marlon is always using his cellphone in class

My mother usually doesn’t cook on Weekends

I am not understanding the lesson now

She’s being living in the valley currently

My car signals are not working. I need to__________.

have they fix

have them fixed

have the mechanic to fix them

fix they with the mechanic 2/3
25/10/2018 Sistema Virtual de Educación [Evaluations]

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