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beginning of many stories, tales and long winded histories 1970-Atlantic Records.


In the North was the village of Froja which lay at the start of Regin’s Fjord. The great Ironwood Forest, ancient
home to giants and ice trolls, stretched over the hills beyond. The sky above was cloudy and gray, with snows
that were ready to fall even in the warmest summers. This was a harsh country, from which few men could
survive and even fewer could thrive.

In the smithy of Froja, the blacksmith Torvard used tong and hammer to forge the last sword of the day. Sweat
streaked Thorvard’s brow. His blond hair was tied back to keep it from the flames. It lay plastered to his
muscled back as his mighty arm rose and fell with each stroke of iron.

The sword would be taken by the warriors for the coming battle. Raiders had been spotted along the coast and
the Headman needed all able-bodied men to hunt them down. Torvard choked down bitterness, thinking of the
glory they would win---a glory that could never be his.

He wiped a stray lock from his eyes and threw himself into his work. The hammer was an extension of his arm.
It rang against the red-hot metal. Sparks flew. The anvil boomed. Again and again, a tireless rhythm.

The sound filled his ears, washing over his anger with something. . .else. A memory flitted at the edge of his
mind. A battle. Lightning and thunder. His enemies driven before him. The weapon in his hand was no sword, it
was a---

His stroke faltered. The hammer skittered off the edge of the blade. Torvard shook his head, as if awakening
from a dream he could not quite remember.

He lifted the blade with the tongs and crused. He had hit the blade so hard, he had bent it across the anvil. The
weapon was ruined.

Atala’s sweet voice cut through his thoughts. “Trouble, my love?”

A vision of beauty, in the smoky room. Her golden hair caught the light as it fell about her rough woolen shawl.
In her hands was a woven basket filled with coarse bread, salted fish, and a leather drinking horn filled with

Torvard threw the bent sword into a pile of scrap.

“Ruined,” he said.

“The dreams again?”

Torvard nodded. “Battles fought. Men dying. A light in the sky, with all the colors of the earth. A raven’s eye.”

Atala looked troubled. He dared not tell her of the woman, slight of build and dark of hair. Nor how this woman
called to his heart. A dream to be sure, but women could be quick to sadness or anger. He never wanted to
cause Atala pain.

Atala took his rough, scarred hands in her slender ones. Her grip was so firm and warm that he felt guilty his
love was divided, even in a dream.

“Those are not memories, my love. You are the greatest smith in all the realm. You have never seen battle.
The Headman could not afford to lose you.”

“You are right,” Torvard said with a sigh.

And so she must be. But there were words she left unspoken. That he could not be trusted to go raiding with
the other men because his mind was broken.

He was told he had been out gathering firewood before the storm when the lightning struck. He remembered a
flash of light, nothing more. His memories had been scattered to the wind. His father, mother, sisters…brother?
All just faceless images that danced through his brain.

Now, whenever storm clouds gathered, and thunder rumbled in the sky, he felt a tingling sensation run through
his entire body. Some said he should be honored to have been touched by the gods. He believed he had been

Atala’s light laughter dispelled his gloom. “Of course I’m right,” she said.

Then she was in his arms and the rest of his uncertainty fled. The forge burned out and went cold, and yet still
they warmed the room with the heat of their love. Afterwards, Torvard slept.

And again, dreamed of battles fought.


The main lodge of Froja was full of life. Food and drink made the rounds as the men boasted of past raids and
the battles to come. They were to set sail for the Headman’s hall in the morning.

Grimdol would lead the war party. He was a warrior of great renown, tall of height, broad of shoulder with a
black beard, forked and braided. The victor of many battles.

He hated Torvard---Torvard knew not why.

Grimdol raised his drinking horn. “This year, we have been promised great treasure. Our enemies fight
amongst themselves. Their king is lost. Their kingdom is in ruins. Now is the time to win great glory!”

The men cheered, banged their fists against the table and stomped their feet on the bare earth floor.

Grimdol, gulped down a great draught, then wiped at his beard. His gaze fell on Torvard.

“You are quiet this night, blacksmith. What say you of the battles to come?”

Torvard downed his drinking horn, unwilling to meet Grimdol’s gaze. Beside him, he felt Atala tense.

“I say men fight. Men die. It is the way of things.”

“Aye,” Grimdol said. “It is the way of things. For men. True men. Tell me, Torvard. What will you be doing while
the men fight and die? Or shall I say, ‘who’ will you be doing?”

“Grimdol---" Atala hissed. Her glare was like daggers.

“I see you are quick to come to his defense, Atala. That is good. One such as he needs a strong protector.”

Torvard stood, fists clenched. Grimdol rose to meet him. Torvard could feel the eagerness and tension in the
air, but was surprisingly unafraid.

“I need no protection---from man or woman,” he said.

Grimdol laughed. “Bold words. The words of a warrior, yet spoken by one has never known battle. Do you think
your might is as great as mine?”

“Grimdol, stop!” Atala interposed herself between them. “Torvard, let us take our leave.”

Torvard ignored her. A blood rage boiled within him and spilled into his eyes. This was not the first time he had
been goaded, but he had had enough. Grimdol appeared smug.

“I say again, Torvard. Do you dare think your might is as great as mine?”

“Nay, greater.”

Mutters of surprised rippled through the hall. Grimdol laughed. He grinned at Atala and it was then that Torvard
knew why the big warrior hated him so. He wanted her for himself.

“The challenge is accepted,” Grimdol said. “We shall settle this here and now.”

“No!” Atala said, but they ignored her.

Grimdol sneered. “What weapon do you choose, blacksmith? You have no sword. No axe. No spear.”

Torvard spread his arms. “I come as I am.”

“A test of strength, then. So be it.”

Grimdol stripped naked to the waist. Torvard did the same. The men had cleared a space by the fire. Torvard
would not look at Atala who stood to the side, wringing her hands. For good or ill, he would not be deterred.

“The first to be thrown,” Grimdol said. “The first man to take a knee. Or the first man to cry out in pain shall
admit he is the lesser. Agreed?”

Torvard nodded. “Agreed.”

“Let it be so,” Grimdol said to the gathered crowd. Then it was time.

The two men circled each other warily. Grimdol boldly entered for the head and arm clinch. Torvard mirrored
his grips. The two pushed and pulled, each trying to throw the other off balance.

Torvard had never wrestled another before---at least he could not remember doing so. And yet, he shifted his
weight, he stepped close, he could not be thrown. And slowly he realized that he was stronger than Grimdol.
Much stronger.

Grimdol realized it too. Torvard saw fear flicker across his face. Grimdol snatched Torvard’s head down and
tried to gouge his eye with a thumb, but he tucked his chin to avoid injury. It was a dirty trick that would have
left Torvard blind in one eye.

Rage flared within him. He drove his weight forward, pressing Grimdol toward the floor. Grimdol struggled
against him, but Torvard’s strength was too great. His legs bent, his knees hit the floor.

A ragged cheer filled the hall. Grimdol was not well loved. His eyes were filled with murder. He spat in
Torvard’s face.

That was too much. Torvard lifted Grimdol high overhead and slammed him to the floor with the sound of a
thunderclap. Torvard stood there a moment, gazing down at his broken foe, then turned and walked from the
now-silent hall.

An owl lay dead in the snow. It was a bad omen.


Torvard spent the night in the wilderness. Again, he dreamed of battle. This time he was at the head of an
army of Light. The legions of Darkness fell before him. The stars above cheered his victory.

In the morning, all of Froja turned out to see the men off. Torvard watched from a hill overlooking the fjord.
Where before there had been joy and excitement before, now there was only quiet gloom. Their greatest
warrior had been laid low.

The men boarded the raiding vessels---three long sleek ships with square sails, oar banks, and dragon headed
prows. They moved across the water like wraiths. Torvard watched until they disappeared into the Great North
Sea before heading back down to the village.

He did not see Atala, but he knew her haunts. This early in the morning he would find her at her favorite spring,
near a stream which fed into the fjord. It was a quiet place that only they shared.

As he topped the rise, he stopped. His skin tingled and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end.

Atala knelt by the stream, staring into its depths, but she was not alone. Beneath the water, a dark,
otherworldly shape lingered. It could be only one thing. A troll!

Atala did not recognize her danger. He must save her!

Torvard picked up a stone and cried out to her as he scrambled down the rocks. Atala rose swiftly and turned
towards him with a look of surprise. The water began to bubble and from it came a mass of teeth and scales
and a growl so deep that it shook Torvard to his very bones.

Then he stumbled and fell, tumbling down the hill head over foot. His vision blurred---and suddenly he was
struggling against cool, soothing hands upon his brow.

“Easy, my love,” Atala said. “Easy.”

He sat straight up in his bed of furs. “The troll!”

“Troll?” Atala said. :No, my love. There is no troll. We are home, safe and well.”

Torvard’s vision cleared and he saw that all was as she said.

“I. . .I. . .”

“There was no troll. You called to me from the rocks. Then you fell.”

Atala stared at him, concerned. Torvard frowned and silently cursed his broken mind. It all seemed silly now.

She smiled playfully. “Were you really going to save me from a troll? With a rock?”

“I thought you were in danger.”

“I was not. You are very brave. I was worried for you after what happened last night.”

“I had to clear my head. Grimdol?”

“His ribs are shattered, his skull cracked. He may never rise.”

Torvard thought about that for a moment, then said: “I am not sorry.”

“Nor should you be, my love.” She hugged his head to her breast and stroked his hair, soothingly. “The men
could only marvel at your great strength. I have never doubted it.”


He took refuge in the forge. There were tools to repair, nails to craft, spearheads and arrowheads that needed
replacing. He stoked the fires until he could no longer bear the heat. His hammer rose and fell like a ringing
bell, bringing with it broken memories of battles fought.

Hours passed before he took a break. He stepped outside into the cold to find Atala waiting for him with food
and drink. Even her radiant smile brought little comfort and failed to chase away his gloom.

Atala frowned. She took step toward him and then something changed. The ground trembled and the air
became bone chillingly cold. Torvard looked around. The other villagers felt it too. They piled out of their
homes, looking to one another in confusion.

“Boats in the water!” someone shouted and pointed.

Torvard looked to the fjord. Three ships. Square sails, dragon prows, but there was something odd about their

“The men return!” said another.

Torvard knew it was too soon for that.

And now Torvard realized what was wrong. A sheet of snow followed behind the ships and a chill wind blew
before them. The waters of the fjord froze as they approached. The boats skidded across the top of this ice,
carried along by their own momentum.

These were not just raiders. There were no men aboard these boats. They were frost trolls!

“We must away, my love!” Atala cried. “Quickly!”

The villagers screamed and scrambled about. The remaining men, the very old and the very young, gathered
weapons from their homes. The women took the little ones into the hills.

Torvard rushed into the smithy and found an old shield and hunting spear in need of repair. He thrust his
hammer into his belt.

Atala followed him inside. “What are you doing?”

“I must defend the village,” he said.

“No. you don’t understand. These are trolls, born and bred for battle. How can you fight them?”

“How can I not?” he said. “The women and children. I must buy them time to escape into the hills.”

“And what of me?”

Torvard blinked, surprised. “You must go with them.”

“I cannot leave you here. You will die.”

Torvard took her in his arms. “You are all that matters, my love. I would gladly give my life for yours. You must
go. I cannot bear the thought of losing you. And yet, I cannot flee while our people are in danger. It is not in me
to do that.”

Her eyes were wet and filled with sadness.

“I know,” she said at last.

“Good,” he said and hugged her close, perhaps for the last time.

“Now go,” he said, then stepped out into the cold.

The men had gathered on the banks before the docks, their faces grim. They knew death had come for them
this icy morning.

Torvard raised his spear aloft.

“To me men! To me! We must hold the line. Let them pay for every clawed step they take upon our land. Let
the ice run blue with their frozen blood! This day will be ours!”

Torvard sensed a glimmer of hope travel through them and took heart. He felt no fear or despair. Wasn’t he the
man who had bested the great Grimdol?

Then it was time. A wave of snow and ice washed over the docks. The ships ran aground, and ice trolls leapt
from the sides, swords and axes raised.

The defenders of Froja met them with a rain of arrows. Torvard’s throw buried his spear deep in the breast of a
great, white bearded troll as it lumbered towards him. It fell and did not get up.

Then the trolls reached the shore. Torvard uttered a war cry that was echoed by the defenders as they rushed
forward and met their foes in a vicious game of blood and iron. Swords clashed, axes hewed, and the death
cries of trolls and men filled the air.

Torvard was a giant among them, his forge’s hammer now a weapon of crushing doom. Bloodlust washed over
him. From whence it came, he knew not---he knew only the thrill of battle at last, and with every blow from his
hammer, an ice troll fell.

The troll’s line wavered and fell back towards the boats.

An explosion of white light knocked him down. He shook his head to clear it and staggered to his feet. The ice
trolls and the defenders of Froja lay unmoving on the ground around him. He could make no sense of it.

Then Atala was there. She took him by the arm and tried to drag him away.

“We must flee! Now!” The fear and urgency in her voice was clear.

“What happened?” he asked, but her attention was now drawn to the fjord. She released his arm and lowered
her gaze, shoulders slumped.

Torvard’s eyes took in what his mind could not comprehend. A man---a sorcerer---came towards them, drifting
on the wind. He worn a green coat and a golden helm with two strange horns protruding from the front. Black
of hair and pale skin.

The sorcerer touched down to earth in front of him. The smirk on his face tugged a Torvard’s memories. He
knew this man, if man he was.

Torvard pushed Atala protectively behind him and then picked up his hammer from the ground.

He swung it at the sorcerer’s head, but the man was no longer there. He saw him standing a few feet away,
that same infuriating smile on his face. Torvard lunged at him again, swing the hammer overhead, with the
same result.

The sorcerer snapped his fingers, and the hammer crumbled away to dust.

The sorcerer chuckled. “The weapon is always what made you. Without it, you are nothing.”

He turned to address Atala. “Niece,” he said.

“Uncle,” she replied, without meeting his gaze.

“Atala,” Torvard said. “You know this. . .man?”

“He is Loki,” she said.

The name meant nothing to him. Or did it?

“Who are you?” Torvard said. “What do you want here?”

Loki ignored him. “You were supposed to kill this drunken lout. Lure him away after a night of feasting and
plunge your dagger through his heart. Instead, you disappeared with him.”

“Things have changed.”

“Have they?” he asked.

“Atala,” Torvard said. “Is what he says true? I don’t understand. Were you sent to kill me?”

She threw herself to her knees and took his hand. “I was, my love. I beg your forgiveness. I was poisoned by
my uncle’s words. I thought you a monster. A killer. It was only after we’d met and talked that I realized.. . .”

“Realized what?” Torvard asked.

The sorcerer looked from one to the other. “Oh, you poor dear. You actually love him. I can’t say that I’m
surprised. The hair, the muscles, the smile. You would not be the first to succumb to his charms. Nor will you
be the last.”

“Atala. . .” Torvard said. He had no other words. The ache in his chest was suffocating. His heart was broken.

“He seems to have fallen in love with you as well,” Loki said. “The real question is, will he still love you once he
knows what you are? Once he remembers who he is?”

“Please,” Atala pleaded.

Loki shook his head. “Enough of this charade.”

He snapped his fingers and the icy air shimmered. Torvard saw the ground around them littered with dead frost
trolls. The raiders---and the young men who had staunchly defended the village. They were not men at all.

“All trolls?” Torvard said, incredulous.

“All,” Loki replied. “And more.”

Torvard looked down at Atala who was still on her knees before him. Her eyes glistened with tears that froze
instantly on her beautiful, blue-skinned cheeks. He withdrew his hand from her grasp and stepped back.

“Atala? A troll?”

“Troll-blooded,” Loki said. “My niece. One of them anyway. So skilled in the art of magic. Of course she would
be. I taught her myself.”

Loki shook his head, disappointed. “My dear, I had so many hopes for you.”

“Please. . .,” she said again.

“Please what? You created this world within a world, but you should have known that no place in Jotunheim
can remain hidden to me for me. Did you really think you could keep him from me? His fate is still in my hands.
There is only one fate left for you.”

Torvard gritted his teeth, looked around for a weapon. “I will not die so easily, sorcerer.”

Loki scoffed. “I no longer want you dead. As my niece has said, things have changed, although not the way
she understands. I need you alive for now. It is time you remembered who you are.”

Loki snapped his fingers, and the skies parted above. A crackling bolt of lightning arced down and struck
Torvard with the sound of a thunderclap. Electricity coursed through his body, yet he felt no pain, only sorrow
as the cloud lifted from his mind.

“Torvard!” Atala wailed.

No, not Torvard. . .

“Thor,” Loki said. “How nice to see you again, my brother.”

He knew he was once again. His fist tightened on the source of the lightning strike---the mighty hammer now in
his hand. Mjolnir, forged by the dwarven lords of old and mastered only by he who be worthy.

“You are free now, son of Odin,” Loki laughed. “Free to spend eternity here with your true love.”

Atala wept. “Please my love. What he says is true. You alone have thawed my heart. We have loved. We can
love again.”

Atala knelt before him in all her icy beauty. Her love was real. He could feel that. He could return with her to the
dream and become Torvard once again.

But she was a troll. She was his enemy. An enemy to his homeland Asgard. There was only once choice to be

Atala knew his decision. Accepted it. She closed her eyes and waited.

Guided by Thor’s hand, Mjolnir rose and fell with the sound of a thunderclap. Atala’s body shattered into a
thousand shards of glittering ice that scattered like glass across the snow.

She was dead. Thor felt a piece of himself die with her. He knew he would never be the same again.

Loki cleared his throat. “Well, that was unpleasant.”

He brushed a few slivers of ice from his coat.

Thor turned on him in rage, an animalistic growl escaping his lips.

“I’ll kill you for this,” he said. In his hand, Mjolnir became a spinning blur. “You die today.”

“Now, now, brother,” Loki said as he levitated up into the sky. “I’m afraid you have larger problems than me to
deal with. After all, she was always his favorite cousin.”

And with that, he was gone.

Thor felt a surge of monstrous power all around him. The ground trembled at his feet. Then the fjord erupted
with a crash and an enormous reptilian head burst through the ice, filling up the sky.

The great serpent, Jormungandr, opened its mouth with a deafening roar. Thor raised Mjolnir and leapt
towards it. For a moment, they hung together as if trapped in time, mortal enemies poised for death at the end
times of Ragnarok.

Then the colors of the rainbow flashed before Thor’s eyes and carried him home.

A Brief Overlook at Asgard: Inhabiting the Ten Worlds in the other- The next race is that of the elves. The
dimensional Asgardian system are two types of elves that inhabit the land
Asgard is a small planetary body that seven races of humanoid life forms. are the Light Elves and the Dark Elves.
serves as home to the Norse gods Each race is different and intelligent, The Light Elves live in Alfheim while
such as Thor, and their ruler, Odin. It but the most powerful race is that of the Dark Elves live underground in
exists in another dimensional plane the Gods. The Gods are the most Svartalfheim. Both species are similar
and is about the size of the United human looking and believed to have in the respect that their body types can
States. It is not round like the Earth, inhabited Earth at one time only to differ greatly in size anywhere from 4
does not spin on its axis, and does not move to Asgard sometime later. feet to 8 feet, and have proportionally
revolve around the sun. It is a flat, Norsemen and Germanic tribes used long limbs. Light Elves have lighter
asteroid-like mass that has a top to worship the Asgardians nearly a skin tones while Dark Elves are darker,
surface with a gravitational pull, similar millennium ago and that is why some and both are attuned to magic.
to that of the Earth’s, in order to keep of the names differ slightly like Wotan
the citizens and their cities from instead of Odin. Even though certain Trolls are yet another of the
floating into the void. The matter on Gods are still interested in humanity inhabitants of this dimension and are
Asgard is also denser and more such as Thor, the Asgardians do not the least human of all the races. Trolls
durable than the matter on Earth. have any more active worshippers or are massive creatures covered in hair
There is an unknown force that keeps seek to have any. The gods possess with an orange skin tone. They
the surfaces of Asgard from eroding superhuman abilities such as super average in at 7 feet making them taller
and from allowing its bodies of water strength and superhuman endurance. than the gods, and they live in
from drifting off into space. Asgard has An average male god can lift up to 30 settlements scattered throughout the
unknown intervals of day and night, it tons while an average female can lift land. The trolls are incredibly strong,
is unclear as to whether it uses Earth’s up to 25 tons, but there are those that surpassing the strength of an average
sun as a source of light, and there is exceed these specifications. The Gods god, and puts them on similar ground
no evidence that the seasons change. are also gifted with extremely long life, with the Giants. However, certain trolls
but are not immortal like the gods of like Ulik can have strength equal to
Asgard is connected to at least two Olympus. They are also immune to all that of the Thunder God, Thor. Trolls
other dimensional planes that consist terrestrial diseases and are highly usually work as miners and metal
of the major land masses the resistant to conventional forms of workers.
Asgardians refer to as the “Nine injury.
Worlds”. Four of the Nine Worlds exist Another race of Asgard that lives in the
on the same asteroid-like mass that The second race is that of the Giants realm of Muspelheim is that of the
Asgard exists on. These worlds are that dwell in Jotunheim. They are also Demons. Demons are similar in size to
Asgard, Vanaheim, Alfheim, and humanoid, but are more Neanderthal- the Gods, but are engulfed in fire.
Nidavellir. Another of these worlds that like in body structure. Most stand up to They tend to be nomads but will travel
is in a different dimensional plane is 20 feet tall, but some can reach 30 into other dimensions for the purpose
the world of Midgard, or Earth. The feet. Giants usually lead a of war. All Demons are the offspring of
sixth world is that of Jotunheim hunter/gatherer type of life, but will war the fire demon who is said to come
followed by Svartalfheim, Hel, and with the gods on occasion because before the Gods, Surtur.
Muspelheim. There are natural nexus they are jealous of the gods’ superior
portals that exist on each of these abilities. Giants are usually classified The last race is The Angels are the
worlds except for Midgard, and some by where they live: Frost Giants live in inhabitants of the Tenth Realm. This
of these worlds are in direct contact frozen areas, the oldest Frost Giant race of winged humanoids are
with the roots of Yggdrasil, the cosmic being Ymir, while those that live in the extremely materialistic and selfish
ash tree that stands in Asgard. mountains are known as Storm Giants. creatures, who would only be moved
Giants have also been known to by the desire of material reward.
Asgard has one permanent portal and reproduce half-breeds that look like
that is Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge. gods such as Loki and Skurge, the
That portal leads to Midgard, but it has Executioner.
been shattered making it difficult to
travel between the dimensions. Dwarves are another of the races that
However, there are said to be nexus inhabit the realm of Asgard. Dwarves
portals in the surrounding area of are small and stocky with an average
space that lead to Earth. Asgard also height of 4 feet. Dwarves live in
has a portal to Olympus which is home Nidavellir and maintain peaceful
to the Greek gods, but since Olympus relations with the Gods. They tend to
is not one of the Nine Worlds it is be either craftsmen or farmers and
presumed that the portal is artificial. have created weapons for use by the
Asgard also has one more unique Gods such as Mjolnir and the spear,
phenomenon which is the Cave of Gungnir. However, it was Odin that
Time wherein one can travel to other enchanted these weapons with their
time eras. magical properties.

over one minute, he automatically
Thor Corp reverts back to his mortal form. While • Dimensional Rift: Thor creates a rift,
Over the years there have been many he is in his mortal form, Mjolnir looks pulling anything nearby in with Sh-Z
Thor-like beings in the long history of like a simple wooden cane. Striking the (500) forces. He can choose where
the God of Thunder. Some of them wooden cane against a hard surface they arrive.
were mortals worthy enough to wield reverts Thor back to his immortal form.
the power of Thor, however briefly. The statistics of Thor's mortal forms • Flight: Amazing (50) air speed. Thor
Others were worthy enough to be are as follows: does this by spinning the hammer.
given some Odin enchanted item, that
granted them similar abilities and (original) Dr. Donald Blake • Deflection: By spinning the hammer,
others are Gods of Thunder from F Fb (2) Health: 18 Thor can deflect Remarkable (30) vs.
alternate universes, earths and realms A Pr (4) physical, energy, and magical attacks.
far beyond those of the Thor that we S Ty (6) Karma: 50
all know. E Ty (6) • Weather Control: Unearthly (100)
R Gd (10) control, Monstrous (75) lightning. Thor
I Gd (10) can shoot lightning without a storm.
Thor - God of Thunder P Rm (30) Popularity: +10
Thor Odinson • Air Control: Monstrous (75). Provides
Sigurd Jarlson: Monstrous (75) vs. projectiles, 1 area.
F Un (100) Health: 320 F Gd (10) Health: 60 and carry others,Incredible (40) speed.
A Ex (20) A Gd (10)
S Un (100) Karma: 50 S Ex (20) Karma: 50 • Unfettered Might: +2 C/S damage.
E Un (100) E Ex (20) With Mejingjord +1 C/S more. Unless
R Gd (10) Resources: Ex R Gd (10) wearing Járnglófar, he takes Incredible
I Gd (10) I Gd (10) (40) damage.
P Rm (30) Popularity: +75 P Rm (30) Popularity: +0
• Power Absorb/Reflect: Can absorb
Known Powers: Eric Masterson energy and visual psychics at Cl1000.
Body Armor: Excellent (20). F Ty (6) Health: 26 He releases the energies next round.
Invulnerability: Cl1000. A Pr (4)
Illusion Detection: +1 CS to Intuition. S Ty (6) Karma: 50 • Light Emission: If calling lightning, or
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every E Gd (10) by command, Mjoinir releases a burst
100. He may still be killed normally. R Gd (10) of light of Incredible (40) intensity.
Allspeak: May communicate fluently in I Gd (10)
any language of the 9 realms. P Rm (30) Popularity: +0 • Magic Detection: Senses Asgardian
magic with Good (10) Intensity.
Weather Control: Without his hammer, Jake Olsen
Amazing (50) rank. F Ty (6) Health: 24 • Life Force Drain: Thor can draw out
A Ty (6) the life force of Asgardians, destroying
Warrior's Madness: Thor can berserk S Ty (6) Karma: 50 there form until Odin resurrects them.
raising his strength to Shift-X (150) for E Ty (6)
1-10 rounds. At the end he must make R Gd (10) Limitations:
a Yellow Endurance FEAT or pass out I Gd (10) • Worthiness: Only those worthy are
for 5-20 rounds. Thor's strength drops P Rm (30) Popularity: +0 able to pick up Mjolnir. Excellent (20)
to Monstrous (75) for 3 days. Should Strength and positive popularity.
Thor wear Mejingjord his strength (Current) Dr. Donald Blake
bonuses are cumulative. F Ty (6) Health: 24 • 1 minute: If separated from Mjolnir
A Ty (6) more than 1 minute, he reverts to his
Equipment: S Ty (6) Karma: 50 mortal form until he can change again.
Mjolnir (Unique Weapon): Made of E Ty (6)
Uru, a CL1000 Material. Thor's R Gd (10) • Dimension rift: This costs all his
Fighting rank is Sh-Y (200) while using I Gd (10) Karma.
the hammer, which does Unearthly P Rm (30) Popularity: +0
(100) Blunt damage, and can be • Unfettered might: This costs half his
thrown 10 areas. No one can take the • Automatic Return: When thrown, Karma.
hammer away from Thor, unless he whether it hits or not, Mjolnir flies back
wishes it. Thor has the following Power to the spot from where it was thrown. • Life Force Drain: This costs all his
Stunts while using Mjolnir: Karma, and he loses all but 10 Health.
• Dimension Travel: Unearthly (100)
• Alter Ego: Striking Mjolnir on the power to travel between Earth and • Warriors madness: This is forbidden
ground, or a hard surface, transforms Asgard. He can open dimensional as per an edict from Odin, if performed
Thor into his current mortal form. If apertures to secure his armor and Thor must seek atonement and a
Thor is kept away from the hammer for Mejingjord. quest to absolve this dishonor.
Wrestling. Thor also has extensive powers and popularity. This later grew
Jarnbjorn: (Unique Weapon) This knowledge of Occult Lore, Asgardian into all consuming hatred. When Thor
Dwarven Axe made of Unearthly (100) lore, Mythology and History and is was eight years old, Odin sent him to
Material and causes Unearthly (100) Multi-Lingual in Ancient and Dead Nidalvellir, the land of the dwarves.
Damage. There have been a couple of languages. In mortal forms has Thor was to order the dwarves Brokk
enchantments added to the axe since extensive knowledge of Medicine, and Entiri to create three special items
its creation ages ago, it now has the First-aid, Surgery and Anatomy. for Odin. One of those items was the
following stats and abilities: mystical hammer, Mjolnir. Loki
* Jarnbjorn is now Cl1000 material. Contacts: sabotaged the creation of Mjolnir
* Jarnbjorn can be used to shield Thor Thor can call on aid from his fellow causing its handle to be too short.
from attacks by making a roll using the Asgardians, and his mother, the earth Mjolnir was given several
material of the axe as protection. goddess Gaea. Thor has been a enchantments by Odin and set it aside
* Unearthly (100) edged damage. member of the Avengers since they for Thor on the day that he could prove
* Can be thrown up to 10 areas, but first formed. Over the years, Thor has that he was worthy. Thor trained to
doesn't return to his hand. met and gained the respect of most of become a mighty warrior and
* Jarnbjorn can pierce the armor of the super heroes of Earth. A number of performed many heroic deeds. At the
Celestials or beings created using gods from other pantheons are friends age of eighteen, Thor offered his life to
Celestial technology. If facing such of Thor's. Hela in return for that of the young
beings, their armor offers no goddess Sif. Hela being touched by
protection. Running Thor: this act of nobility, release both Thor
The original Thor was an honorable and Sif. For this act, Thor won
Black Uru Prosthetic Arm: Unearthly warrior, who believed it was the duty of possession of Mjolnir and was
(100) Material Strength. Strength the powerful to protect those weaker. declared by Odin the greatest warrior
increases to Unearthly (100), but Unfortunately, Thor sometimes acted of Asgard.
Fighting decreases to Amazing (50) for arrogantly, and his headstrong temper
using his off hand in battle. and brash ways often got him in In the Ninth Century, A.D., Thor went
trouble. He acted as Earth and to Midgard for the first time. While on
Armor: This suit is made of a CL1000 Asgard's guardian, but he reluctantly Midgard he promoted his worship
metal and provides Sh-Y protection acted against other Asgardians if among the Vikings. Later on, the
. Earth's need was greater. The original Norsemen and Germanic people
Járnglófar: Uru Cl1000 gauntlets for Thor used a formal speech pattern (a would also come to worship Thor and
Thor's, offering Sh-Y (500) vs. contact form of pseudo-Shakespearian), and the other Asgardians. While on
powers and Mjolnir's excess energy. had a tendency to make long Midgard, Thor encouraged his
monologues during combat. His alter- worshipers to glorify the ways of
Mejingjord: When Thor wears this egos spoke normally. combat. One day, Thor discovered that
belt, his Strength is increased by some of his Viking worshipers had
+1CS. When removed, Thor's The Eric Masterson Thor, is a simple killed the defenseless inhabitants of a
Endurance is -2 C/S for 24 hours. architect who is rather stunned by the Christian monastery. Shocked by the
changes in his life. He lacks the fact that some of his more fanatic
Tooth-Grinder and Tooth-Gnasher: confidence that the original Thor had, worshipers were killing innocents in his
Thor owns two large pet war goats, since this is all new to him. He often name, Thor left Midgard and cut
who pull his war chariot: regrets that his new life as a hero often himself off from his worshipers. Over
overshadows his personal life. Even time, the worship of the gods of
F Rm (30) Health: 110 though he is not the original Thor, Asgard died out. At one point in time,
A Gd (10) Masterson is just as brave and noble. Odin had plucked out his eye and
S Rm (30) Karma: 26 The most important person in his life is threw it in the Well of Wisdom. This
E In (40) his son Kevin. eye attained sentience. The eye
R Ty (6) eventually told Thor many stories
I Gd (10) History: about himself and Odin, none of which
P Gd (10) Thor is the son of Odin, and Gaea the Thor remembered. The eye told Thor
goddess of the Earth. Odin wanted a that he was not the first Thor, the
Known Powers: child of Asgard and Midgard, which is previous one having been killed during
Flight: Incredible why he mated with Gaea. Gaea gave a Ragnarok while fighting the Midgard
Running: Excellent birth to Thor in a small cave in Norway. Serpent.
Attacks: The goats can ram or attack A few months later, Odin took the baby
with their front hooves (doing strength Thor to Asgard to be raised by his As the centuries passed, Thor had
+ Excellent Electrical damage). wife, Frigga. Thor learned of Gaea many perilous adventures in Asgard.
many centuries later. The young Thor But over time Odin became concerned
Talents: was raised with Loki, his step brother. with Thor's headstrong behavior and
Thor is a Weapons Specialist (+2CS) Loki had been the son of the Frost lack of humility. After Thor broke a
with Mjolnir. He is also skilled with Giant leader Laufey, who had been truce by chasing a foe into the land of
Bows, Blunt and Sharp Weapons killed by Odin. Even when they were the Frost Giants and almost causing a
(+1CS) and is a master in the art of growing up, Loki was jealous of Thor's war, Odin decided to teach Thor a
lesson of humility. Using the body of behavior. While fulfilling Odin's lesson the one named Beta Ray Bill. Bill had
Don Blake, Odin merges his son Thor in humility, Thor was developing a been converted into a super-cyborg
so that he may learn mortality and strong appreciation and love for and given a sentient spaceship named
humility. Don Blake never knew of the mortals and the place they called Skuttlebutt. Bill was to guard the fleet
presence of Thor. Odin, knowing that Earth. Thor began to interact more on its long journey. The fleet was
such a love could only end in despair, with them as a member of the super being closely followed by horde of
became worried. About that time, Odin hero team, Avengers. In fact, he was a Surtur's demons. Upon entering the
sensed the arrival of an alien space founding member of this team. The Milky Way Galaxy, the fleet was
ship in the Solar System. The ship was strongest affection Thor had for discovered by an S.H.I.E.L.D. hyper
a scout ship for a main invasion fleet of mortals was his love interest in his space probe. Nick Fury asked Thor to
the alien Kronans. They planned to nurse Jane Foster. The love affair fly out and investigate. Beta Ray Bill
land on Midgard and scout it out for between Thor and Foster continued for was awakened by Skuttlebutt when
the main fleet. Odin magically altered many years. It eventually ended when Thor breached the hull of the ship. The
the ship's course so that it would land Jane Foster failed to pass the test of two fought, and during the fight Thor
in Norway. Working quickly, Odin immortality that Odin had granted. was separated from his hammer,
placed a compulsion in Blake's mind Odin sends Jane Foster back to causing him to turn back into Don
causing him to suddenly go to Norway Midgard with no memory of what had Blake. Bill picked up the wooden cane
for a vacation. While walking along the transpired and she fell in love with (Mjolnir) and struck a wall of the ship.
Norwegian coastline, Blake came upon another doctor, Kevin Kincaid. Thor Bill was transformed into an alien
the Kronan ship and he was unsure of his love and disappointment version of Thor, holding Mjolnir. This
discovered by the aliens. Losing his goes off in search of the Unknown One happened because Odin's
walking cane during his flight from the that had caused Jane Foster to fail her enchantments, design to bestow
aliens, Blake took refuge in a cave. A test. While on this adventure he aided Thor's powers on anyone worthy
secret door opened up in the back of by a young, beautiful, warrior goddess enough. Odin had thought that Thor
the cave, and he found a chamber who turns out to be Sif, his childhood was the only one worthy enough, but
containing nothing but a gnarled sweetheart. With her new found love, Bill was also worthy. Skuttlebutt landed
wooden walking cane. Unknown to Sif joins Thor on many of his on Earth, and Odin then summoned
Blake, the chamber was where Thor adventures. More and more Thor is Thor to Asgard. The summons carried
had been born many centuries earlier. doing battle in space and Asgard and Bill to Asgard instead. Odin then
Exploring, Blake found that the only begins to question who is he, Blake or summoned Blake to Asgard and
other way out was blocked by a huge Thor? Then Odin finally lifts his transformed him into Thor. Thor and
boulder that he could not budge at all. memory block completely and Thor Bill became friends, but Bill refused to
Frustrated, and scared by the thought realizes he has always been the god of give up Mjolnir; Bill felt that he had
of the eventual arrival of the aliens, Thunder, but does not give up his taken it in fair combat, and he needed
Blake struck out at the boulder with the mortal identity. Jane Foster still remain the hammer to protect his people. Odin
wooden cane. Blake was surrounded apart of Thor's life when she became ordered a trial by combat, which Bill
by a blazing light, and then he found deathly ill and Sif had to merge with won. But Bill felt guilty about taking the
that his body transformed into a Foster to save her life. The two were hammer that had been made
powerful form. The cane had been later separated when Foster was sent especially for Thor. Odin then ordered
transformed into a mighty hammer. to limbo and Sif and Thor rescued her. a new hammer to be made, with the
Blake instinctively knew that he had Sif continued to fight along side of her same enchantments and materials as
become the legendary Thor. At this lover and they where joined from time Thor's. Odin gave this new hammer,
time Blake only believed that he had to time with their Asgardian friends, Storm Breaker, to Bill.
obtained the power of Thor since he Hogun, Fandral, and Volstagg Nick
had no prior memories of being Thor. Fury, leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. later Thor, Beta Ray Bill, and Sif then went
Thor went on to defeat the aliens and helped Thor set up a new identity as to Bill's armada and drove off Surtur's
went home with his new found power. Sigurd Jarlson, a construction worker. demons. Since then, Bill has helped
In this identity, Thor simply pulled back protect Earth and Asgard from Surtur
Back in New York, were Don Blake his hair, wore glasses, and dressed and other menaces. Surtur then joined
practice was and his nurse, whom he like a normal human. forces with the renegade Dark Elves.
loved, Thor became the champion of The Dark Elves and Surtur's demon
justice. Thor in these early days fought Meanwhile, in a distant galaxy known army attacked Earth, after opening the
many villains and super villains. Each as the Burning Galaxy by its peaceful Ancient Casket of Winters on Earth,
time becoming more and more aware inhabitants, Surtur was making his first along with a number of super heroes,
of his many powers. Oddly enough, move toward Ragnarok. Surtur caused drove the invaders back. Meanwhile,
Thor did not seem to question his the core of the Burning Galaxy to Thor, Loki, and Odin protected Asgard
gradual return of his memories of his explode, creating enough energy to from Surtur himself. The three gods
father and of Asgard or the fact that his reforge his Sword of Doom. The mingled their essences, which
essence was also gradually disaster destroyed most of the alien increased their powers so that they
manifesting itself in his mortal form. empire. The survivors fled in a fleet of might be able to defeat the demonic
With each transformation into Thor, ten thousand star ships, hoping to find fire elemental. During the battle, a
Don Blake was becoming stronger, a new home. The aliens were all put great deal of Asgard was destroyed,
braver, and more Asgardian in into suspended animation, except for including the Bifrost, the Rainbow
Bridge. Surtur and Odin grappled with Hel, cursed Thor that so his bones grappling does through time and
each other. The two combatants then became as brittle as a normal space. Meanwhile, Odin led the
fell down a huge chasm, which then human's. She also cursed him so that surviving Asgardians in a desperate
closed up. While Beta Ray Bill and the he could not die from his injuries. Thor battle with Seth and his army. While
Asgardian army prepared to return grew a beard to conceal the facial Odin was busy fighting Seth, Hogun
home, preparations were made to scars caused by Hela, and donned a killed the death god with the Black
select a new leader since Odin had suit of armor to support his fragile Knight, whose body had been cursed
disappeared. Lorelei, with the help of body. Despite the curse, Thor was to become a living magical blade. Thor
Loki, enchanted Thor and caused him able to kill the Midgard Serpent. Thor and Surtur then arrived in Asgard, and
to fall in love with her. Loki planned to survived the battle, even though the Thor managed to stun Surtur. Odin
get Thor to choose him as the new prophecies said that he should die in then absorbed Surtur's like essences,
leader. Thor broke free of the the fight also. He survived partially imprisoning the demon within his own
enchantment, but the incident had thanks to Hela's curse. Unfortunately, body. After the battle, Thor returned to
strained Thor's relationship with Sif. Sif his body was completely broken and his life on Midgard. Unfortunately, to
later forgave Thor but did not return battered, still alive, but unable to move became harder and harder to
with him to Midgard. Thor, Balder, and and in a great deal of pain. Loki sent communicate and travel between
some Asgardian then traveled to Hel, the Destroyer armor to torment Thor, Midgard and Asgard. Asgard drifted
the realm of the Asgardian death but instead Thor was able to send his into the Negative Zone and was
goddess, Hela. They went to rescue a spirit into the Destroyer armor and apparently stuck there. Odin imbued
number of Earth souls that had been command this ultimate weapon. Thor Mjolnir with the ability contact Asgard
unrightfully taken by Hela. Thor and then traveled to Hel, planning to force one last time. On Midgard, Thor was
his allies were able to save the souls, Hela to free him of the curse. Hela was having many problems of his own.
but Thor's face was badly scarred in a stunned by his new form, as the Thor Unknown to him, his body had been
fight with Hela herself. Thor returned to Destroyer set about obliterating Hel. infused with a portion of his evil
Earth and returned the souls to their Thor pretended that the basic soul of stepbrother's power. This had
mortal bodies. While on Earth, Thor the Destroyer had taken over, which happened when Thor, Loki, and Odin
also became involved in the meant that he acted like h was going had mingled their essences during
Beyonder's Second Secret Wars. The to destroy Hela and Hel. The Surtur's first attack on Asgard. This
Beyonder resurrected the leader of the desperate Hela had no choice but to caused Thor to have unexplained
Dark Elves, increased the Elf's powers, return Thor to his original body, and in moments of weakness during stressful
and renamed him Kurse. Thor was return, release him from her curse. situations. Thor also became friends
able to beat Kurse, and send him to Thor make Hela promise never to take with the architect Eric Masterson and
Hel, where he caused Hela many a soul she was not entitled to by the Masterson's son, Kevin.
problems. Meanwhile, the gods of ancient laws, before he agreed to
Asgard began the Great Althing, to return his soul to his original body. The During this time, the mysterious
chose a new king. Thor tried to return frightened Hela agreed and sent Thor Mongoose attacked Thor several
to Asgard, but before he could, he was back to Asgard. Thor arrived in time to times, trying to gain a cell sample for
turned into a frog by Loki. Thor then save Asgard from an invasion by the the god of thunder. Finally, Mongoose
helped the frogs of Central Park defeat Frost Giants, who were secretly kidnapped Eric Masterson and left a
their enemies, the rats. Thor the frog backed by Loki. trail that led Thor to Wundagore, the
then regained his hammer, and turned High Evolutionary's home. Thor saved
into a frog-like humanoid, the Thunder Thor and Asgard next became Masterson and joined with the High
Frog. embroiled in a battle with the Egyptian Evolutionary's New Men in saving
god of death, Seth. While Seth and his Hercules and the High Evolutionary
In Asgard, Harokin, an Asgard warrior, armies attacked Asgard directly, Thor from the mysterious Black Galaxy.
pretended to be Thor. This deception and some of his friends attacked During the Evolutionary Wars,
postponed Loki's attempt to become Seth's Black Pyramid, the source of Hercules and the High Evolutionary
the new leader of Asgard. Thor arrived Seth's powers. Thor discovered that evolved to a higher state and
in time and secretly captured Loki Seth's power was backed by the disappeared. Masterson accompanied
before the evil god revealed the captured Bes, the Egyptian god of Thor and helped him free Hercules
deception. Meanwhile, Volstagg luck. Thor also found and rescued the and the High Evolutionary from
discovered Surtur's sword. Loki had lost Odin from the pyramid. Odin had Celestials holding them prisoner. They
hidden the sword and was using a been captured by Seth after separating returned to Earth, while the High
machine to drain magical energy from from Surtur during the long fall and Evolutionary turned Wundagore into a
the sword. The magical energy had battle with Surtur. Odin and Thor's spaceship and headed for the Black
provided Loki with the power to allies returned to Asgard to stand in Galaxy. Unknown to Thor, a cell
transform Thor into a frog. Volstagg the final battle against Seth and his sample was obtained from him before
destroyed the machine, which freed army. Odin granted Thor a portion of Wundagore left. Hercules, Thor, and
Thor from the spell and transformed his power and left him behind in Seth's Masterson were then viciously
him back into his normal form. Thor dimension, to battle the arriving Surtur. attacked by Mongoose using weapon
then talked the Asgardians into making As Surtur and Thor fought, the near by he had stolen from Wundagore.
Balder their new king. Hela, who had Black Pyramid was destroyed. The Mongoose almost killed Thor using a
guessed that Thor had sent Kurse to resulting energy backlash thrust the powerful energy beam. Masterson took
the killing blow for Thor, giving Thor Masterson, Loki had learned from the Loki, the new Thor reveals to Loki that
and Hercules a chance to defeat Tomorrow Man that he would be killed circumstances of his death. Masterson
Mongoose. Unfortunately, Masterson by Thor in this battle. This complex was not cognitive of this revelation
was critically wounded and dying from circumstance is not revealed as Loki being the cause of all that has
his wounds. Thor used his hammer had discovered this from Masterson in happened recently. Also during these
last enchantment to contact Odin so the near future. Phase one of Loki's time jumps the Thor of the future
that Masterson might be spared. plan was to force Thor to kill him. He discovers what will become of
Granting Thor his wish, Odin then did this by kidnapping Masterson's Masterson. After defeating the
merged Masterson with Thor much like son, Kevin and after battle with Thor in Tomorrow Man the new Thor
the way he did for Don Blake. last desperation to make Thor kill him continues to face greater challenges
However, in this case Masterson and he hurls a bolt of energy toward while Sif and Balder seek out the
Thor were two separate beings. While Masterson's ex-wife. The Enchantress places that Thor could have been
Thor and Masterson dealt with their causes Susan Austin, Masterson's girl banished. After battle Mesphisto to
new condition, more problems arose. friend, to leap in front of the bolt. save Sif, Masterson learns of Loki's
Masterson's private life underwent a Seeing this Thor becomes enraged scheme and goes to Asgard to
great deal of change and strain. and use Mjolnir to draw the life force confront Loki, now in Odin's body.
Masterson finally had to give up from Loki. Unknown to Thor, Loki When Loki is expelled for Odin, Odin
custody of his son to his ex-wife and redirects his life force to Odin who is in sends Masterson into his
her pro-football husband. his Odin sleep to replenish his power. subconscious where he finds the
An exchange takes place as Loki's original Thor. With Thor restored to his
Thor continued to have spells of essence takes over Odin's body and former glory, Masterson is separated
weakness and sought out the aid of Odin's essence was trapped in the again from Thor. As a reward for being
Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme. realm of Mephisto after Loki had made Thor II, Odin bestows on Masterson
Doctor Strange was able to enter the a pact with him. the power of Thor and a battle mace,
realms of Thor's subconscious. Thor thus becoming a new super hero,
accompanied Strange in this realm to Odin, under Loki's power, wakes up Thunderstrike.
discover that Masterson was there as and orders Heimdall to punish Thor for
well as an evil version of Thor. This breaking the most sacred law, an Having left Earth in the charge of
version of Thor turned out to be a Asgardian may not take another Thunderstrike, Thor begins his, hope
remainder of Loki's essence which Asgardians life. Be Heimdall carries to be long stay, in Asgard. While there
Thor was able to defeat Loki's essence out the punishment Thor pleas that he becomes frustrated and at times
and rid himself of is possession. Thor Masterson not be affected and angry with all the times bits and pieces
and Masterson became much closer Midgard would still be given a of his power have be separated from
from this time on even though they guardian. Heimdall banishes Thor and him. While strolling through the streets
were separate now as a result of their Masterson is left and Mjolnir is a cane of Asgard, Thor comes upon a raven
conflict with the celestials. After this again. In anger Masterson strikes the dressed Valkyrie. Not recognizing her,
they journeyed to Asgard with the help cane and discovers he has the power Thor becomes curious about her.
of Sif. At the time, Asgard was the of Thor but not his essence or being. During this time Thor becomes
scene of a tremendous battle between Masterson was alone. Masterson, now engaged in senseless battles. Odin
the fire elemental Surtur and the ice Thor II, attempts to deal with his super demands Thor's explanation and Thor
elemental Ymir. This battle signaled powers and fulfill Thor's role. He tells Odin of his frustrations and
Ragnarok, the end of time for Asgard entrusts his secret to Captain America confusions. Odin sends Thor alone out
nine worlds. Following Odin's plan, whom make him an Avengers and on a trek through the cosmos to find
Thor recovered Surtur's sword from assists him with the transition. The himself and peace of mind. Unknowing
the Sea of Eternal Night. He then new Thor was honor bond to find the to Thor or anyone else Thor is not
confronted the gods of Fire and Ice. original and restore his powers. This alone...his new acquaintance Valkyrie
Thor, weakened by his separation from trek took the new Thor too many is with him. It is later discovered that
Masterson, failed to stop the lords of adventures and a special bonding with Valkyrie is only figment of Thor's
Fire and Ice. Masterson again merged Sif. Sif, just as eager to find her love, imagination brought on by the fury that
with Thor to complete Thor's essence began to become more and more rests in his soul. Sif, Thor's immortal
that he had shared. Thor tricked the attracted to the new Thor though she love, is confused and concerned by
Ymir and Surtur to fight over the sword despised his mortal ways. With each Thor's behavior and seeks out Beta
that would light the Flame of new battle Eric Masterson becomes Ray's help. Thor vexed by the
Destruction. During this distraction more like Thor. presence of Valkyrie becomes more
Thor was able to open up a and more mad. In battle with Beta Ray
dimensional rift that sucked them both During one trek to find Thor, Bill, Thor nearly kills Beta Ray.
into the Sea of Eternal Night, placing Masterson comes joins up with Dargo,
these evil lords in suspended A Thor from the 26th century, and Beta Pluto, god of the Greek underworld,
animation forever. Ray Bill to form the Thor Corps. They sees an opportunity to gain vengeance
battle the Tomorrow Man who uses his on Thor. He sends Ares to do battle
Thor returned to earth to only find that time travel to bring some of Thor's knowing that he is not a match for
Loki had plotted the greatest of his greatest enemies from the past, Thor, especially one enraged with
schemes. Unknown to Thor or including Loki. During this battle with warrior's madness. Pluto's plan
succeeds as Thor defeats Ares and order is restored, Thor and the
Zeus discovers that his son, Ares, has While at Wundagore, Thor discovers a Enchantress continue on with their
been befallen by the hand of Thor. cave with the shell of Don Blake. love affair only to discover that they
Meanwhile, Thor becomes involved Confused by the presence of Don have become mortal. Together they
with the Infinity Crusade as the Blake, Thor investigates further only to search out for answers frustrated with
Goddess' essence overcomes that of be surprise by Blake's awakening. As their loss of Asgardian powers.
the Valkyrie. Thor travels with the the cave begins to crumble because of
Goddess to her citadel to join various the battle raging above, Thor takes Thor and the Enchantress search lead
other super heroes that she has Blake to a place of safety. Blake them to a sword called the Ravenseye.
enlisted in her crusade. During his stay discovers Jane Foster there and Along the way they discover Odin on
at the citadel of the Goddess, Thor believes he is still in Norway. Odin had Earth also a mortal and an alcoholic.
battles and defeats the Super Skrull placed Blake there, under Wundagore, This leads them to an alternate Asgard
and Drax the Destroyer. so that no other would discover the where the god’s roles are different.
Blake template, so that one day when After doing battle with the beings in
Thor succumbs to more and more of Thor no longer needed the mortal form this Wagnerian version of Asgard the
his warrior's madness. Sif and Beta of Blake, Odin could restore Blake with Ravenseye is removed from Yggdrasil
Ray pursue him hoping that they may the needed memories of his mortal and Thor's power is restored. Thor and
help him. After his defeat by the hand times merged with Thor. This was not the Enchantress, with the mortals that
of Thor, Drax returns to the Infinity possible as Sygn, the wife of Loki, had led them to the sword, are now back in
Watch. Concerned with Thor's interfered and destroyed the original Asgard. But this time the gods are
madness, Warlock enlists the aid of and replaced it with a construct for fear missing, only the enemies of Asgard
the Silver Surfer and his Infinity Watch. of Odin discovering what she had are there and Thor does battle with
In their first struggle with trying to gain done. them. Being the only god to come in
control over Thor, the Infinity Watch is contact with Ravenseye, Thor is the
beaten and Thor gains possession of During time with the God Pack Thor only Asgardian left with his power. The
the power infinity gem. Now with the battled the Destroyer set against him Enchantress is off in another part of
mystic aid of Doctor Strange, the by Hela. Also he did battle with the Asgard lost, confused, and without her
Infinity watch pursues Thor again to no Thing and War Machine who were powers. Thor finally discovers from his
avail. possessed by Loki. While in Asgard, father the true meaning of all that is
Odin prepared for Ragnarok by going on.
Thanos aware and concerned with resurrecting Red Norvell an early
Thor unchecked possession of the version of Thor. Odin also brought in Odin, fearing the coming of Ragnarok,
power gem, battles Thor. To prevent Beta Ray Bill as he tried to make up placed all the memories and powers of
him for doing any more damage, for the loss of Thor in Asgard. Signs the gods in the sword, Ravenseye.
Thanos places Thor into suspended were leading to a coming of the end for After doing this he placed the
animation and delivers him to Odin. Asgard and its known universe. After Asgardians on earth where they would
The only way Odin feels he can save battling Thunderstrike and facing his be normal mortals and dropped
Thor is to plunge deep into his mind at friend's death. Thor is back on earth Ravenseye off of Bifrost, the rainbow
the heart of Thor's madness. At risk of weak and sickly. Not knowing, but bridge. Awakening in an alley as a
killing Thor, Odin does just that to find suspecting, that he is dying, Thor mortal himself, Odin found that he was
Thor shackled in chains by the hollow contacts Odin and is rejected for doing stripped of his armor and jewels.
phantom known as the Valkyrie. Odin so. Thor's ailing body becomes worse Discovering that the inhabitants of the
does battle with Valkyrie for control of only to be attacked suddenly by city no longer worshipped him, Odin
Thor's sanity. However, it is Thor who unknown constructs of metal and flesh. succumbs to alcohol. Because of the
enters the fray and finally defeats the Thor follows his wounded assailants to restoration of Thor's powers, Red
Valkyrie and regains his sanity. an underground place and discovers Norvell also has gained his powers of
the presence of the Yggdrasil tree. Thor. Having battled Onslaught, Thor
Rested from his trials, Thor no longer Yggdrasil is attached to machines and and several of Earth's heroes are
desires to stay in Asgard. The seems to be under someone's control. gone. Leaving only Red Norvell to find
misunderstanding between he and his Thor soon passes out. the Lost Asgardians and somehow,
father, Odin, yet to be resolved, Thor with Odin's help, restore them back to
leaves Asgard for Earth. Now on Earth When Thor awakens he discovers he their former selves.
again, Thor becomes involved with the is in hotel room of the Enchantress.
High Evolutionary and his Animutants She is able to help him not succumb to After the battle with Onslaught, many
and his new creatures that form up the the world ash tree's affects. In doing so of the Marvel heroes are displaced in
God Pack. Thor joins the God Pack Thor and the Enchantress become another universe. Here they have no
and takes on Karnivore, formerly the romantically involved. Thor and the memory of their previous existence.
Man Wolf. Thor returns to Wundagore Enchantress discover that an old Thor in this universe has been
to assist the High Evolutionary defend scientist is making Yggdrasil believe encased in a block of amber. The
it against Karnivore and the that Ragnarok has already happened Avengers, through the help of
Animutants. After this battle Thor causing its natural time clock to be off. archeologist Don Blake, discovered
changes his costume to be more to the Together they put an end to this Thor and his hammer. Thor is revived
style of the other God Pack members. madman's workings. Believing that when the Avengers free him from the
amber encasement. Loki is present right of Thor's life and wins. However, becoming much more powerful. He
and aware that there is no Asgard in Thor must agree to live the life of also remained separate from the Jake
this universe, figures Thor is easy Olson. Thor returns to earth to defeat Olson aspect of himself. Without the
game. Not so with the help of the the Destroyer and begins to live the life influence of "Jake Olson", the
Avengers of this universe and once of Olson, not without complications. embodiment of his connection to
again Thor is a member of "Earth's humanity, Thor became more distant
Mightiest Heroes". As Thor copes with his new mortal life and less empathetic to the needs of
he searches for answers of the man. Thor became determined to
Thor is more barbaric in this universe destruction of Asgard. In the meantime restore the gods of Asgard to their
and he seems to be able to he battles Sedna an Intuit goddess of former place on Earth as beings to be
communicate with Mjolnir as though it the sea. The Sub Mariner comes to his worshipped, merging Earth with
were sentient. Because of the goings aid. During the battle Thor begins to Asgard to accomplish this end. Thor's
on in Asgard in the normal universe, learn more of his predicament as the increased activity on Earth resulted in
there may be some question whether mortal Olson and that his hammer, a resurgence of followers for the
or not this is the true Thor. Finally, Mjolnir, is not behaving the way it Asgardians, and a Church of Thor
when Captain America and some other should. His life a paramedic has soon emerged. Thor's willingness to
Avengers are trying contain the brought Thor together with, now fight for the lives of his followers
Gamma reactor, the one and only Thor Doctor, Jane Foster. After witnessing ultimately set him against his fellow
appears. The reactor seemed to act as Olson's great knowledge of medicine Avengers when he attempted to
some portal. Meanwhile, the more (that Thor obtain by being Dr. Donald overthrow the government of Slokovia.
barbaric Thor has sided with Loki and Blake), Foster begins to suspect that
the true Thor is forced to do battle with Jake Olson is actually Thor. Earth's citizens became increasingly
him. Meanwhile Jake Olson's wary of Thor, and the Consortium of
acquaintances, not knowing he is dead Nations finally launched an assault
Back in the regular Marvel Universe, and Thor is only occupying his shell, upon Asgard that reduced it to rubble.
Asgard has been under siege by Seth are confused by Olson's behavior and In the disaster that followed, an
the Egyptian god of death. To avoid sudden changes in speech. Once enraged Thor lost an arm battling the
destruction, Odin has placed all the again attempting to thwart Ragnarok, humans and killed his other self, Jake
gods of Asgard on Midgard to protect Odin tried to trick the world-ash tree Olson, finding himself no longer worthy
them from Ragnarok. After the so Yggdrasill into believing that Ragnarok of Mjolnir. From that point on, Thor
called lost gods regain their power had already happened. To do so, the devoted himself to Earth's conquest to
they seemed to be disoriented Asgardians were to be transformed bring order to humanity; he ruled Earth
between their previous god and mortal into mortals so that they would not be for nearly two hundred years. In that
lives. Odin is finally victorious over recognized as gods. Odin intended time, he married the Enchantress and
Seth; however, before he can restore that Thor would restore the Asgardians she bore him a son, Magni. Thor finally
Asgard there is a rift in the universe to normal, but Seth accidentally came to realize that he had done
that affects all of Asgard and allows prematurely activated the plan. wrong, and used a device created by
many Asgardians stranded on Earth. Compounding the situation, Thor Zarrko to travel back in time and
disappeared battling Onslaught and prevent Asgard's destruction. He re-
Thor, locked in combat with Doctor wound up on the new Counter-Earth emerged as his younger self with Jake
Doom to save Franklin Richards, created by Franklin Richards. By the Olson, to ensure that Olson's humanity
opens a dimensional rift to pull Doom time Thor returned to Earth, the would prevent his future from occurring
and himself away from the others who Asgardians had managed to regain in that timeline. Returning Asgard to its
returned to Earth. The rift must have their identities, but were then captured own realm, Thor was faced with yet
separated Doom from Thor or Doom by the Dark Gods. Ultimately, Thor another Ragnarok threat when Loki
used some of his own magic to rescued his people from the Dark teamed with Surtur using weapons
escape. However, Thor awakes in Gods with the aid of Hercules and the created from the same forge from
Asgard. Destroyer. which Mjolnir was made. Determining
that the gods above all gods known as
Thor faces the Destroyer. Seemingly During a period where Thor was Those Who Sit Above in Shadow had
unstoppable this time the Destroyer injured and needed to recover, he still manipulated Asgard into the repeating
lays waste to New York's eastside had responsibilities as Jake Olson that cycle of Ragnarok, he sought them out
docks. Thor wars with the Destroyer needed attention. Odin separated and gave his life to destroy them. The
which seems almost hopeless. As the Olson from Thor temporarily so that Odinpower, having manifested itself as
battle rages Hela awaits the final "Thor" could recuperate properly while a young Asgardian, congratulated Thor
outcome which, what she thinks, is "Jake" attended to his life. This on his final victory, the plan his father
Thor's death. In the battle with the temporary separation lasted far longer had always had for him, leaving Thor
Destroyer, Thor is mortally wounded. than intended when the Fire Demon to rest the slumber of the gods and all
Meanwhile another dies without Thor's Surtur resurfaced. After Odin fell in that remained of them were memories
notice; a paramedic name Jake Olson. battle against Surtur, Asgard was left on Midgard.
As a result of his death Thor meets without a ruler. Thor eventually
with a mysterious entity named reluctantly accepted the throne and Mjolnir returned to Earth, landing in a
Marnot. Marnot challenges Hela for the assumed his father's Odinpower, deserted field and inadvertently freeing
Doctor Doom from his extra- do so because he wished to be free of brethren. In the end, Doom was
dimensional prison along the way. his father, and that Odin fought an teleported away by Loki. Balder
Donald Blake claimed the hammer, eternal cycle of battle with Surtur, declared that the Asgardians were
returned from oblivion after Odin's dying and being reborn each day, returning to Asgard.
death and the breaking of the spell that between life and death. During the
undid his existence. Meanwhile, a Skrull invasion, the Skrulls pulled Beta During The Siege of Asgard, Thor
clone of Thor, codenamed "Project Ray Bill out of the limbo he had been rushed to the aid of Asgard against
Lightning" was also released during a trapped within, and enabled a Super- Norman Osborn and his invading Dark
battle between pro and anti registration Skrull to wield his mystic hammer Avengers. Osborn ordered the Sentry
heroes. To the shock of both sides, he Stormbreaker. Balder and Beta Ray to destroy Asgard before the horrified
killed Bill Foster during the fighting. Bill commanded the gods against the eyes of Thor. The Sentry, then fully
Traveling back to "the void" Blake Skrull troops. Thor arrived, retrieved possessed by the Void, proceeded to
convinced Thor that he had ended the Stormbreaker, and collapsed all of pummel the heroes until Loki used the
Ragnarok cycle, and that if he returned Asgard itself on top of the Skrull. Thor Norn Stones to empower them.
to earth, he could rebuild Asgard and flew to New York and joined with the Realizing that the heroes' power was
restore his Asgardian friends and gathered forces of nearly a hundred coming from Loki, the Void attacked
allies. Informing him that he could only other superheroes to repel the Skrull him. Loki's attempts to defend himself
return "with great pain", Thor was attack. There, Thor was forced to were unsuccessful, and he apologized
attacked by a horde of creatures. sacrifice a fellow Avenger, the Wasp, to Thor before dying. Spurred on by
Disappearing, Donald Blake advised when the Skrulls turned her into a last- unabridged rage, Thor and the others
Thor that if he was to live again, he resort biological weapon that would attacked the Void, but to no avail until
had to want to live again. Through the have destroyed the planet. Tony Stark rammed a H.A.M.M.E.R
horde, Thor saw Mjolnir and reached Helicarrier into their opponent at full
for it. Grabbing it, a great bolt of Loki traveled to the past, ensuring Bor, speed, turning Void into his human
lightning struck, throwing the horde father of Odin and first king of Asgard, form of Rob Reynolds, who begged
clear of him. And Thor stood again, would perish in battle against the Frost Thor to kill him. Thor refused, saying
reborn in a new costume. Thor used Giants. In the present day Loki revived that he would pay for his crimes in
Mjolnir to recreate Asgard's capital in Bor in New York City and placed a prison, and prepared to arrest him, but
Oklahoma. Soon afterward, Iron Man spell on him to make him mistake Robert unwillingly began to transform
met Thor in New Orleans. He greeted everything around him for an enemy back into the Void. Left with no other
Thor as a friend but explained that he so he would attack everything in sight, choice, Thor struck the Void with a
couldn't just appear and recreate including Thor. Sensing a portion of lightning blast before he could regain
Asgard here on Earth, even though he Odin's power inside what he saw as a his full powers, leaving nothing but a
did now own the land. Thor told Stark demon, Bor attacked Thor, attempting charred skeleton behind. Thor then
that he knew of the clone that he used to avenge his dead son. Thor was wrapped his own cape around Sentry's
and how violated he felt that he used forced to kill Bor, fearing the entire corpse and disposed of it by throwing it
such an abomination to wage war planet would be destroyed in the wake into the sun. Balder lifted Thor's exile
against other heroes, many of whom of their battle. Loki reminded Balder and appointed Thor as his adviser.
Thor considered as close as family. that the resurrected Bor was Thor has since then rejoined the
Seeking a compromise, Stark technically king of Asgard when Thor Avengers.
rationalized that Asgard could be killed him and the punishment for
considered a foreign embassy, with killing a king was banishment from After the events of Siege, Asgard was
diplomatic immunity granted to its Asgard. Balder was forced to agree left in ruins because of Loki's doing,
inhabitants. Thor deemed this and was made monarch in his place. but still Thor mourned for him. After
acceptable.\ After Thor's banishment, Loki made fighting the Dísir and saving Hel, Thor
arrangements to have all Asgardians, asked Hela to speak with Loki only for
Soon after returning, Thor found the but not Asgard itself, moved to Hela to tell him that her father did not
first of the lost Asgardians, Heimdall, Latveria at the invitation of Doctor dwell in Hel. In part of his deal to grant
and restored him to his true form. In Doom. With Mjolnir badly damaged a piece of Hell for the dead, Loki had
Africa, Thor restored the Warriors from his battle with his revived himself written out of the books of Hel,
Three to their true forms. Later, Thor grandfather, Thor was secluded from meaning his soul was out there,
attempted to free several captured all but his own alter ego. Loki revealed vulnerable to the Disir. Thor refused to
Asgardians who were still trapped in that her female body had been meant believe it, knowing that his step-
mortal form from The Destroyer. He for Sif and that the transfer from his brother would've had something else
unknowingly freed Loki, reborn as a female form to his male form would planned. Asgard was rebuilt, and Thor
woman, who was working with Dr. probably kill Sif's host. After seeking became more melancholic and
Doom to allow Thor to free him from Doctor Strange's aid in healing Mjolnir saddened. Sorrowful, Thor missed his
his mortal form. Although Thor by sacrificing the portion of the Odin brother who had made him laugh like
successfully restored most of the Force, Thor managed to save Sif by no other and when they were children.
Asgardians, he did not attempt to find freeing her spirit. Loki was returned to Against everyone's wishes, Thor went
his father. During the Odinsleep, Thor his male form. They deduced that Loki looking for Loki and found him in Paris,
had a vision in which he discovered and Doom were working together and reborn as a child with no memories of
that on a subconscious level he did not confronted Doom, Loki and their his past or his identity. He was living
as a street hustler named "Serrure" beaten into submission by Odin. Odin destroy it. He failed to distract the
(French for lock). After chasing the boy recreated Asgard as a war world, Phoenix Force which badly injured him
down, Thor revealed he was his intending to raze Midgard and defeat and the expedition was forced to leave
brother and a god, and that despite the Serpent once more. After escaping for Kree-Lar in order to prepare for a
Loki's former villainy, Thor couldn't with Loki's help, Thor was banished second attempt. However, he failed
imagine life without him and wanted to back to Midgard, though not before and instead crashed on the moon.
bring him home. Though Serrure was having Mjolnir returned to him. After a Thor later aided the Avengers against
reluctant to believe Thor, the boy short reunion with the Avengers he set some of the now-Phoenix-empowered
finally admitted that he couldn't off to Antarctica, where the Serpent X-Men until their victory over Dark
remember anything about his past and had recreated his dread citadel, he Phoenix. Following the war, Captain
that even his name was fake. Crying, confronted the Serpent but was sent to America selected Thor to join the
Serrure told Thor that he had dreams New York, where he encountered Nul Avengers Unity Division, a new team
in which he had done horrible things and Angrir, two of the Serpent's of Avengers composed of both classic
and that he was scared that those Worthy. He managed to defeat Angrir Avengers and X-Men. After
were his memories. Thor suggested by impaling his body with Mjolnir. discovering the corpses of long-lost
that Loki should think of his amnesia Enraged by the fact that he had to hurt gods, Thor set out to find their killer,
as a "gift". Convinced, Serrure grabbed the Thing so badly, he attacked Nul Gorr the God Butcher. During his
Mjolnir and turned back into Loki, with intense fury, and after stating that quest to stop Gorr from killing every
though powerless, without his there was no way to defeat his god, Thor found himself in a distant
memories, and still a youth. When the opponent, simply removed Nul from future, where he encountered his
World Eaters invaded the Nine the battle by blasting him into the older-self. With the help of this future-
Realms, Thor also brought Odin back upper atmosphere. He collapsed self and a past-self Gorr had enslaved,
to life, much to the latter exasperation shortly after. The Avengers carried him Thor managed to stop Gorr from
who yelled at Loki, calling him a killer to Asgard, where he was healed and activating a bomb which would've
and an abomination responsible for given the Odinsword, called Ragnarok, killed every god across every time and
Asgard's fall, scaring the boy away. to slay the Serpent. Arriving in space. After discovering that his old
Thor became angry with his father and Broxton, he was able to kill the love Jane Foster had cancer, Thor
calls him a "horrible, unlovable man" Serpent, who took the form of a giant confronted a returning Malekith, who
for screaming at a child who was very snake, but died as well, fulfilling the had set out to kill every Dark Elf who
much the boy Odin had raised. The prophecy. Thor's corpse was buried in wouldn't follow him. Thor found himself
All-Father, in turn, angrily told Thor Asgard. As his body burned, a shape pitted against Roxxon in a
that he had everything with both him was suddenly seen within the fire, and confrontation which left the city of
and Loki dead but that he "just couldn't from the flames Tanarus was born, the Broxton in ruins. While the rest of the
stand the quiet". Meanwhile, Loki had loud-mouthed, boisterous God of Asgardians left Earth, Thor remained
stolen Dr. Solvang's car and was Thunder, both new hero and longtime and moved his entire castle from
caught by Iron Man. Though the boy Avenger. Welcomed by his Asgardia to Broxton so the residents of
tried to apologize Stark was about to teammates, only Loki seemed to the town had a place to live.
attack him but Thor told his comrade to notice that Tanarus had not always
stop, admitting that he had indeed been around. At the same time, Thor's After finding Uatu's corpse on the
brought the God of Mischief back and spirit awoke and Donald Blake was Moon, Thor alerted the Avengers of
that was all there was to say about his separated from him somehow. He the Watcher's murder and helped them
little brother. Even though Loki couldn't found himself on a God Ark, facing the investigate the crime. He and several
remember his past acts and had god-eating monster Demogorge. Loki heroes were affected by Uatu's eye
become a child completely, the was not affected by the spell which when it exploded, creating a blast of
Asgardians still hated and despised changed everybody's memories, and energy which revealed deep secrets
him, bullying him mercilessly and even he tried to find a way to resurrect Thor, related to those affected by it. To Thor
attempted to kill him. The only one asking for the Silver Surfer's help and was revealed the existence of a secret
who protected him was Thor, telling his contacting Blake. Taking his cane, he Tenth Realm, which had been at war
brother that things would get better turned it back into Mjolnir, which with Asgard eons ago. Here, his secret
and that trust would come along with returned to Thor, and restored long-lost sister still lived. With the help
affection. As a result, Loki came to everyone's memories of him. He was of Loki, Thor opened the link between
idolize and deeply love his older able to escape from the afterlife and this Tenth Realm and the other Nine
brother, doing all he could to help him fight for (the now called) Asgardia from Realms, successfully arriving in
and trying to become a better person an invasion of trolls and to unmask Heven. Upon learning of his Asgardian
than he was in his previous life. Tanarus as a transformed Ulik. heritage, the Angels attacked Thor,
and captured him thanks to the arrival
Sometime after, Sin lifted a strange After traveling sometime across the of Angela. As Loki seemingly joined
hammer in Antarctica and was Nine Realms, Thor returned to forces with the Angels to attack
transformed into Skadi. She then freed Midgard to rejoin the Avengers and Asgard, Thor managed to break free
the enigmatic Serpent, who claimed to sided with his fellow Avengers against and confront the Queen of Angels for
be the true All-Father of Asgard. the mutants of Utopia and led a team stealing his lost sister. Angela
Sensing this, Odin retreated from of Avengers into space in order to confronted Thor once more, but the
Midgard. Thor objected and so was confront the Phoenix Force and fight was interrupted by the arrival of
Odin, who had been freed from his by kissing him. Then they joined forces When the universe was restored, so
self-imposed exile by Loki, and and defeated the remaining Frost was Odinson and the rest of its
recognized her as his daughter. Even Giants. After everything has been inhabitants with no memory of their
though Angela refused to go with the resolved, Thor gave his name to her, temporary demise. Having returned to
Asgardians as she had been taught to attending by Odinson only. Later, his status of unworthiness, Odinson
hate them her entire life, she was when Odin tried to find out who was journeyed to the realm of Asgard after
exiled from Heven when her true the new owner of Mjolnir, Odinson told learning from the Unseen, Nick Fury's
lineage was revealed. With the his father Mjolnir belonged to the new secret new identity, about the sudden
mystery of his lost sister solved, Thor Thor now and to leave her be, as he appearance of a Mjolnir from an
returned to Earth to help the Avengers gave his name to her. However, Odin alternate reality. When he reached his
investigate Uatu's murder. Later, while insisted to find out the identity of the native realm, Odinson discovered the
fighting Nick Fury and his army of Life- new Thor. After that, Odinson made a City of Asgard had vanished, having
Model Decoys,Fury stopped Thor by list of the people that might be the new being captured by the Collector, who
whispering him that Gorr the God- Thor and then investigated the had become interested in this second
Butcher was right about the gods possibilities one by one. Mjolnir. Beta Ray Bill joined Odinson to
being selfish and not caring about help him find Asgard, but the Odinson
mortals. This caused Thor to lose his When the decay of the Multiverse was captured by the Collector's forces.
confidence about his godhood and started aggravating, the Odinson Over the following months, Odinson
consequently his ability to wield joined Sunspot's Avengers to help him attempted numerous times to escape
Mjolnir. find a way to stop it. Thor and the and claim Mjolnir to no avail. In his
other volunteer Avengers stepped into final escape attempt, Thor was
After losing the ability to wield Mjolnir, a machine capable of transporting assisted by Beta Ray Bill, who had
Thor took up his battle axe Jarnbjorn individuals across the Multiverse, in managed to track down his friend, and
as a substitute. Thor was affected by hopes of finding the source of its' Thori, one of Collector's prisoners.
the spell and later joined the evil decay. Having acquired the Mjolnir of However, Odinson's obsession of
Avengers to battle the inverted X-Men. an alternate version of Thor whose retrieving the hammer caused him to
Loki later tricked Thor into following hammer could only be lifted by the slip into the Warrior's Madness,
him to the Moon. There, Loki found unworthy instead of the worthy, Thor making him attack and knocked out
Mjolnir as it had been left after Thor unleashed it when he encountered the Bill. Odinson, in turn, was knocked out
became unworthy. Using Mjolnir, Loki Black Priests, once again wielding the by Proxima Midnight, Black Swan, and
became Thor and fought his half- power he had possessed before a cloaked individual (secretly the
brother until (back on Earth) a becoming unworthy. The Avengers Asgardian death god Hela), who had
reinversion spell was cast, and Loki traveled across numerous universes, all been sent by Thanos to retrieve the
became his old self once again and navigating a map left by the hammer so Hela could present it to
when his guilt for past misdeeds Mapmakers. After one last jump Thanos as a tribute. After Odinson and
returned, he became unworthy as well. across universes that cost Nightmask Bill came to, they fought off the
On the Moon, Thor tried to claim his his life, the Avengers found Collector's minions as they made their
hammer but was once more rejected themselves face to face with a fissure way toward the City of Asgard. When
by it. Even Odin, the creator of the in time and space. From it, two they arrived, they found the Collector
worthiness enchantment of Mjolnir, Beyonders emerged and demanded fighting Thanos' minions. Odinson and
couldn't pick it up. During a battle that the heroes fall back. Upon Bill entered the fray. Thor managed to
against Malekith and some Frost denying their request, the Avengers make his way toward the hammer and
Giants, he also lost his left arm (cut off faced the Beyonders. In an attempt to prepared to lift it but decided to leave it
by Malekith with Jarnbjorn), and later reprogram one of the Beyonders, alone believing it was never his
replaced it with a Black Uru arm Abyss and the Ex Nihili sacrificed hammer to wield. Odinson then used
prosthesis. Later, an unknown woman, themselves, turning the Beyonder into the hammer's teleportation function to
who was secretly Jane Foster, proved a tree, and after being stabbed by the transport himself, his allies, the
worthy of wielding Mjolnir, and became second Beyonder, Star Brand used his Collector's captive creatures Thori
the new Thor. After she had defeated last breath to unleash the energy freed, and the entire City of Asgard
some of the Frost Giants assembled within him and destroy it. Now the only away from the Collector's ship and
by Malekith to raze the Earth, the surviving Avengers, the Odinson and back to the Asgard-realm. Odinson
original Thor arrived to retrieve his Hyperion found themselves facing a later told Bill that the reason he didn't
hammer. Odinson confronted her wave of countless Beyonders. Shortly lift the hammer was that he felt
wanting to know his mother before facing the horde of Beyonders, unworthy to wield it as he thought all
whereabouts as he suspected she had Odinson tried to recover Thorr's gods like themselves were selfish
something to do with it. Enraged, Mjolnir, which he had dropped during creatures, a consequence from his
Odinson attacked her and tried to take the previous fight. When he tried to lift fight with Gorr the God-Butcher. Bill
Mjolnir back as it attacked the Frost it, he found himself unable to do so, assured Odinson that he proved
Giants that surrounded them, but it meaning that he had become worthy himself to be the exception. At the time
went to its new owner's hands. Sad, he once more. Thor laughed at this, and when the Asgardians were competing
accepted that he was never going to faced his death wielding Jarnbjorn against the Shi'ar Gods, Odinson
recover his hammer, and asked if she alongside Hyperion. returned even when the Phoenix Force
was his mother which she answered was unleashed.
Sigmund Siegfried understand the speech of animals. It
also gave him the ability to read the
F Rm (30) Health: 90 F In (40) Health: 130 minds of those nearby.
A Gd (10) A Gd (10)
S Ex (20) Karma: 18 S In (40) Karma: 18 Siegfried then fell in love with
E Rm (30) E In (40) Brunnhilde, a Valkyrie who had been
R Ty (6) Resources: Fb R Ty (6) Resources: Fb stripped of her godly abilities by Odin
I Ty (6) I Ty (6) when she had disobeyed his
P Ty (6) Popularity: +2 P Ty (6) Popularity: +2 commands. Using the last of her
powers, she enchanted Siegfried so
Equipment: Known Powers: that he could be harmed only by
Needless: Sigmund used a sword Invulnerability: This enchantment attacks from behind.
enchanted by Odin. Made of Unearthly provided Siegfried with Unearthly (100)
(100) Material. Monstrous (75) vs. physical, unless attacked from Siegfried was eventually killed by
damage, or Amazing (50) with the flat behind. Hagen, the son of Albreich, the dwarf
of the blade. who had originally created the Ring
Telepathy: After accidently consuming and placed a curse on it. Odin then
Talents: some of Fafnir's blood, he could read resurrected Siegfried as Thor, but Odin
Edged weapons, Bows, Hunting and minds and speak with animals, at wiped out all memories of his two
Tracking, Equestrian and Weapon Good (10) Intensity. mortal identities.
Specialist: Needless
Contacts: Needless: Siegfried used a sword Red Norvell
Wulf (his father), Brunnhilda, his wife. enchanted by Odin. Made of Unearthly Roger "Red" Norvell
(100) Material. Monstrous (75)
Running Sigmund: damage, or Amazing (50) with the flat F Am (50) Health: 260
Sigmund was very arrogant, with a of the blade. A Gd (10)
tendency to act without thinking. He S Un (100) Karma: 32
was very brave, sometimes to the Tarn Helm: This helmet possessed by E Un (100)
point of stupidity in ignoring danger. Siegfried. Anyone wearing the helmet R Ty (6) Resources: Ex
could make himself look like someone I Ty (6)
History: else with Amazing (50) rank. P Ex (20) Popularity: +25
Long ago, Sigmund was Brunnhilde's
trainer and lover, and the bravest Talents: Known Powers:
warrior of her father, royal ruler of Edged weapons, Bows, Hunting and Body Armor: Excellent (20) vs.
Wrlstead Arms. While protecting Tracking, Equestrian and Weapon physical and Typical (6) vs. energy.
Brunnhilde, he was killed in battle Specialist: Needless Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000.
against Odin and his forces when he Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
decided to cull the mortals to erase the Contacts: 100. He may still be killed normally.
taint of his brother the Serpent. As Siegmund (his father), Brunnhilda, his Allspeak: May communicate fluently in
Odin bursted in and offered Brunnhilde wife. any language of the 9 realms.
to flee, she refused, standing over
Sigmund's body. Such action made Running Siegfried: Equipment:
Odin make of her a Valkyrie. She was Siegfried was very arrogant, with a Asgardian Hammer: This war-
also promised she would be reunited tendency to act without thinking. He hammer is made of mystic Uru, a
with her love. was very brave, sometimes to the Cl1000 Material with Unearthly (100)
point of stupidity in ignoring danger. damage and grants him additional
Sigmund was sent to Valhalla. Later, Powers.
he welcomed Thor when he came with History: • He may throw his war-hammer up to
Brunnhilde and Heimdall to find Siegfried was the son of Sigmund and 10 areas away, with the hammer
Balder. Urging Thor to ignore Hela's his lover Sieglinde. Siegfried gained returning in the following round.
provocations, they decided to use the the Ring of the Nibelung after killing • Flight: He may fly at Amazing (50)
power vacancy in Asgard to empty the giant Fafnir, who had taken Speeds, by spinning it, hover in place.
Valhalla into Niffleheim. When Thor the form of a dragon. (This Fafnir • Shield: Red may use as a shield of
died and rejoined the heroes of should not be confused with the Remarkable (30) vs. physical and
Valhalla in Niffleheim, he lead them to dragon Fafnir whom Thor has fought Energy.
Asgard by climbing the roots of several times over the years.) • Weather Control: Unearthly (100)
Yggdrasill but Sigmund was skeptic, Siegfried also gained the Tarn Helm, rank to summon storms and lightning.
but followed anyway. Sigmund which enabled its wearer to magically • Dimensional Travel: By spinning his
seemingly rejoined Valhalla since, and appear as someone else. During the war-hammer, he crosses dimensions
later joined the Einherjar led by battle with Fafnir, Siegfried with Unearthly (100) ability.
Harokin as part of the raid in Hel. accidentally tasted some of Fafnir's * Life Support: While in space, his war-
blood, which gave him the ability to hammer provides Red with Shift-Z
(500) Life Support allowing him to another were Asgard threatened in world tree Yggdrasil afterwards, all the
operate freely. Thor’s absence. More recently, Odin Asgardians would die. Seth send Red
had learned Loki and Hela were trying to carry out the first part, but when Red
• Alter Ego: Striking his war-hammer to trigger the cataclysmic event restored the Asgardians, he also
on the ground, or a hard surface, Ragnarok, which according to resurrected himself, breaking Seth’s
transforms Red into his mortal form. In prophecy would cause Thor’s death hold. He hastily returned to Asgard
his mortal form, his warhammer looks fighting the Midgard Serpent; Odin and helped stop Seth. Seconds after
like a wooden cane. Striking the cane plotted creating another Thor to die in Odin vanquished Seth, the
against a hard surface reverts Red his son’s place. Red donned the belt extraterrestrial Dark Gods launched a
back to his asgardian form. The and gloves and entered the fire, sneak attack, capturing the
statistics of Red are as follows: emerging transformed into Thor’s Asgardians. Presumably freed when
equal but mad with power. Red Thor later defeated the Dark Gods,
F Ty (6) Health: 32 challenged and defeated the true Thor, Red’s fate in light of the recent, final
A Ty (6) and when Thor refused to yield, Red Ragnarok is unknown.
S Gd (10) Karma: 32 fired a lethal energy bolt. Joey, the
E Gd (10) documentary’s sound engineer, leapt
R Ty (6) Resources: Ty between them, and was killed. Partially Beta Ray Bill
I Ty (6) regaining his senses, Red told Sif he “Bill” or Simon Walters
P Ex (20) Popularity: +2 would spare Thor if she left with him.
They traveled to Alfheim, where the F Un (100) Health: 320
Limitations: kidnapped Sif gradually talked Red A Ex (20)
• Worthiness: Only those worthy are back to sanity. Realizing he would S Un (100) Karma: 50
able to pick up his war-hammer . With never win her, Red returned to Asgard E Un (100)
Excellent (20) Strength and positive to make amends, taking Thor’s place R Gd (10) Resources: Ex
popularity. battling the Serpent and dying; Red’s I Gd (10)
• 1 minute: If separated from his war- spirit went to Valhalla. P Rm (30) Popularity: +75
hammer for more than 1 minute, he
reverts back to his mortal identity until When Odin and Thor became Known Powers:
such time as he can retrieve his cane. estranged, Odin restored Red’s Immortality: As Bill he no longer ages.
powers, gave him his own Uru Body Armor: Excellent (20).
Talents: hammer, and resurrected him. Red Invulnerability to diseases: Cl1000.
Asgardian Lore and History, Weapon became Asgard’s protector, battling
Specialist: (Asgardian Warhammer), both the Hulk and the giant wolf Unique Weapon:
Journalism. Hoarfen. When Thor returned to Storm breaker: Bill's hammer is made
confront Odin, the two Thors came to from Cl1000 Uru metal and does
Contacts: blows, but Thor later gave Red his Unearthly (100) damage, Bill can throw
Thor, Asgardians blessing, recognizing his bravery and Storm Breaker up to 10 areas.
acknowledging that both Asgard and * Automatic Return: When thrown,
Running “Red” Norvell: Midgard needed Thor protecting them. Storm breaker returns to the spot
Red is a 1980s man of action. He is Though Red’s feelings for Sif where it was thrown.
easily angered and thinks that not only remained, he accepted she would * Dimension Travel: Unearthly (100)
should Sif be 'his', but that if there is never love him, and they became ability to travel from Earth and Asgard.
going to be one Thor in Asgard, it friends. * Flight: Amazing (50) air speed.
should be him. He has a nasty temper * Deflection: Remarkable (30) vs.
and is second only to Odin when To fool Ragnarok and prevent the physical, energy, and magical.
unleashing it on others. Egyptian death god Seth from * Weather Control: Unearthly (100),
destroying them, Odin exiled the and Monstrous (75) lightning bolts,
History: Asgardian gods to Earth in mortal which Bill can shoot without a storm.
Roger “Red” Norvell was part of a form, unaware of their true identities. * Life Support: Sh-Z (500).
documentary crew which Loki Red retained his memories, but lost his * Like Mijolner, only those worthy may
smuggled into Asgard, realm of the powers; however, when Thor regained lift Stormbreaker. The wielder must
Norse gods. Smitten by the goddess his powers, so did Red. They reunited have Remarkable Strength and
Sif, Red made advances but was to find the missing Asgardians, but positive Popularity.
rebuffed. Red handled the rejection before they could, Thor seemingly died
poorly, convinced he could not battling Onslaught. Red tracked down Alter Ego:
compete with Sif’s lover Thor. Loki three lost gods before Seth’s minions It transform to his original form by
offered Red power equal to Thor, and killed him. This time Red went to stamping the hammer twice. The
Red accepted, neither realizing they Seth’s domain, falling under his power. hammer then becomes a cane. He has
were fulfilling Odin’s plan. Sometime When the Lost Gods traveled there, the above abilities:
before, Odin had placed a copy of Red captured them, but they escaped
Thor’s essence in Thor’s Iron Gloves, and returned to Earth. Seth meanwhile
Belt of Strength, and the Fires of learned how to restore the Asgardians’
Geirrodur, so that he could empower identities, and that if he destroyed the
‘Bill’ Korbinite form Beta Ray Bill is a member of an He joined his fellow hammer wielders
extraterrestrial race of semi-humanoid Thor, Thunderstrike, and Dargo Ktor in
F Ex (20) Health: 32 beings which lived in a peaceful the Thor Corps. For a brief time,
A Ex (20) empire in a distant galaxy known as because of an agreement between
S Ex (20) Karma: 32 the "Burning Galaxy." In recent times, Odin and the Silver Surfer, he used
E Ex (20) the Asgardian demon Surtur caused cosmic rather than mystical powers,
R Gd (10) Resources: Mn the core of the galaxy to explode, in and Bill spent time in space as part of
I Ex (20) order to release the energy he needed the Star Masters. Bill returned to
P Am (50) Popularity: +20 to reforge his "Sword of Doom." This Asgard during Ragnarok. He fought
galactic cataclysm destroyed most of ferociously, willing to die alongside the
Space Fleet Location: Bill has a sensor the emperor, and the survivors fled in Asgardians in the climactic final battle
implanted in his body to locate his a fleet of ten thousand starships to find against Surtur's forces. Thor, though,
people's fleet at Cl3000 distances. new homes in another galaxy. The sent him back to his people, asking
leaders of the empire chose Beta Ray him to keep the memory of Asgard
Bill as their champion after a series of alive. Beta Ray Bill found the
Simon Walters form. grueling athletic, psychological, and Korbinites on New Korbin, but in
genetic tests. Beta Ray Bill was danger due to an approaching foe. The
F Gd (10) Health: 32 converted to s super-cyborg and given other Korbinites chastised him for
A Ty (6) the sentient starship, Skuttlebutt. spending too much time with the
S Ty (6) Karma: 32 Because of food storage problems, the Asgardians, and his old rival Alpha
E Gd (10) race was put into suspended Ray tried to replace him as the race's
R Gd (10) Resources: Pr animation, and only Beta Ray Bill, guardian.
I Ex (20) whose lifespan had been increased
P Am (50) Popularity: +2 through bioengineering, remained Their foe, Galactus (as Ashta),
awake to act as guardian. consumed the new planet. His new
Skuttlebutt: herald, Stardust, fought with Bill and
This ship is intelligent and friendly, with Almost immediately after the fleet left inadvertently freed the evil Asteroth by
an apparently female personality. the devastated empire, Beta Ray Bill opening a portal. Alpha Ray
Armor: Remarkable (30). discovered that it was being chased by reappeared, empowered by Galactus,
Lasers: Incredible (40) energy. a horde of Surtur's demon minions and helped recapture Asteroth by
Flight: Cl3000, Sh-Z (500) in coming from the galactic core. The pushing her into an event horizon. Bill
atmosphere. demons followed BEB as he fled over then awoke in a white room, where he
Self-Repair: Excellent (20). intergalactic distances, finally entering was quick reunited with Skuttlebutt and
the Milky Way, where the Asgardian both were spirited back to the ruins of
Skuttlebutt’s stats: warrior Thor investigated the situation. Asgard. While en route, Skuttlebutt
Beta Ray Bill and Thor battled each began to malfunction and the Meta-
F Ex (20) Health: 76 other, and Thor was separated from Orb, which housed the spirits of the
A Ty (6) his magic hammer, which caused him Korbinites, was on the fritz. After
S Rm (30) Karma: 42 to transform into his human alter ego. arriving on Asgard, Bill was confronted
E Ex (20) Beta Ray Bill picked up the hammer, by Omega Ray, who was Asteroth in
R Ex (20) Resources: Mn now turned into a wooden cane, and the form of a dark, demonic version of
I Ex (20) was transformed into a Thor-like being himself. Omega Ray then told Bill that
P Fb (2) himself, blessed with similar abilities s/he had hidden in the Meta-Orb and
by the Asgardian god Odin, who consumed several souls to sustain its
Talents: designed the hammer to bestow the energies, which enraged Bill
Weapon Specialist-Storm Breaker, power on any who would be worthy. considerably. In an attempt to kill the
Pilot-Spacecraft and Military. Beta Ray Bill's ship crashed to Earth, beast once and for all, Bill summoned
whereupon Odin transported Thor to a massive 'godblast'-type energy
Contacts: Asgard, taking Beta Ray Bill instead. which killed Asteroth and supposedly
Thor, Odin, and the Asgardians, Odin facilitated a reconciliation himself as well.
Fantastic four, Avengers, and the U.S. between Beta Ray Bill and Thor, but
Army Beta Ray Bill refused to relinquish the He then awoke in the body of a
hammer, claiming it his by fair right in homeless war veteran named Simon
Running Beta Ray Bill: combat and to be used against his Walters. With the assistance of the
Beta Ray Bill is dedicated to protecting demonic enemies. Odin ordered hero Spider-Man, Bill was able to take
his race in any way possible and this is another hammer to be made, with the down the villain, Boar. While sharing
the most important thing in his life. He same enhancements and some pizza together on the roof of a
is loyal to his allies and friends and enchantments as Thor's. Beta Ray Bill, New York skyscraper, Bill tells Spider-
has begun a relationship with Sif. Thor, and the warrior Sif traveled to Man his story and says that he was
Though this is progressing slowly space to defeat the demons following approached by a man in a white cloak.
since the alien Bill is somewhat shy. Beta Ray Bill's people. The cloaked figure took the Meta-Orb
and then bonded Bill's dying spirit to
History: that of Simon's body. After parting
ways with the web slinger, Bill set off of Uru, a Cl1000 metal. Throg's
to find a new purpose on Earth. Led by After Asgard fell down and killed the Fighting rank is Unearthly (100) while
a series of peculiar and symbolic Skrull, both Thor and Bill lifted the city using the hammer and does Unearthly
dreams to Toronto, Canada, Bill back above the ground as it was (100) Blunt damage. No one can
recently encountered the Canadian before. Thor then asked Bill to help forcibly take the hammer away from
superhero team Omega Flight, and him battle the invasion elsewhere on Throg, unless he wishes it. Throg can
aided them against the supervillain Earth, but he declines. He told them do the following Power Stunts:
team the Wrecking Crew, who that he was in 'limbo' and was
released the supernatural Great determined to find answers 'amongst • Auto-Return: He may throw Frogjolnir
Beasts. During the battle, Talisman the stars'. With that, Bill parted ways up to 5 areas away, with the hammer
sealed the evil entity Tanaraq in her with his allies and returned to the returning in the following round.
father's bag. Bill took it upon himself to cosmos. During his time in space he • Flight: He may fly or hover at up to
take the bag with him into the Realm of rescued the Remnants from a false Remarkable (30) Speeds.
the Great Beasts, where he became god, after which he met a group pf • Shield: By spinning Frogjolnir Throg
trapped and was seemingly forced to alien monks who needed Bill's may use it as a shield of Excellent (20)
fight the demons for all eternity. protection. After arriving at their vs. physical and Energy.
meteorite home the monk's were • Weather Control: Amazing (50) rank
Through means unknown, Bill had revealed to be Skrull's, and were the to summon storms and lightning.
somehow become separated from his same Skrulls who had previously • Dimensional Travel: Throg may cross
mortal host and returned to his mortal tortured Bill. They however had dimensions with Amazing (50) ability.
Korbinite body. He was also freed from repented and saw Bill as there new * Life Support: Frogjolnir provides
the Realm of the Great Beasts, but in god, which Bill refused to be seen as. Throg with Sh-Z (500) Life Support.
turn ended up as a prisoner of the The attackers were then revealed to
Skrulls. After running a gamut of be more Skrulls and after fighting the • Alter Ego: Striking Frogjolnir on the
experiments on him and torture, they newly made Warrior's Three Skrull. ground, or a hard surface, transforms
shot Bill down to Asgard in his mortal After knocking out the attackers, Bill Throg into his mortal form. If Throg is
body with a warning that they would left, with the monks proclaiming they kept away from the hammer for over 1
attack Asgard soon. Although both will try and join back with the others minute, he reverts back to his mortal
Thor and Balder believed Bill to be and unite the Skrulls again. During the form. While he is in his mortal form,
real, the Asgardians had suspicions Thanos Imperative and war with the Frogjolnir looks like a simple toothpick.
that their alien visitor was a Skrull Cancerverse, Bill enters the Striking the toothpick against a surface
agent in disguise, a fear preyed upon Cancerverse along with Gladiator, the reverts Throg back to his immortal
by Loki, who riled the citizens up Silver Surfer, Ronan the Accuser, and form. The statistics of Throg's mortal
enough so that they wanted to murder Quasar as part of Nova's elite squad to forms are as follows:
Bill. Intervening for his friend, Thor find and rescue the prisoners of the
tossed Mjolnir to Bill, who successfully Cancerverse. He escaped before the As the frog Puddlegulp:
caught the hammer and transformed reality's destruction. Following the war F Pr (4) Health: 20
into his cyborg form, with Don Blake with the Cancerverse, and upon the A Pr (4)
stating that he 'knows a brother' when urging of Cosmo, Bill joined the S Fb (2) Karma: 50
he 'sees one'. Entrusting Bill with Annihilators. E Gd (10)
helping Balder lead the Asgardians in R Gd (10) Resources: Fb
their fight against the Skrulls, Bill took I Gd (10)
Don back to Broxton and returned just Throg, Frog of Thunder. P Rm (30) Popularity: 0
as the alien invaders began their Puddlegulp aka Simon Walterson.
assault on the city of Asgard. Bill and
Balder, along with the other warriors, F Am (50) Health: 205 As the human Simon Walterson
fought against the invading Skrull A Rm (30) F Gd (10) Health: 36
armada that threatened Asgard. He S Am (50) Karma: 50 A Ty (6)
was soon confronted by a female E Mn (75) S Gd (10) Karma: 50
Super-Skrull, who was in possession R Gd (10) Resources: Gd E Gd (10)
of an altered Stormbreaker that had I Gd (10) R Gd (10) Resources: Gd
been sliced in half. Overpowered by P Rm (30) Popularity: 0 I Gd (10)
the Super-Skrull, Bill proved to be no P Rm (30) Popularity: +2
match for it. It was then, did Don Blake Known Powers:
arrive and, after turning into Thor, Body Armor: Good (10). Limitations:
fought the Skrull himself. When the Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000. Cursed: Simon was once human, but
Skrull reforged Stormbreaker back into Allspeak: May communicate fluently in now bares a curse that transformed
one whole, she hurled the hammer any language of the 9 realms. him into a frog. He has learned to
towards Broxton, barely stopped in Hyper-leaping: Monstrous (75). accept the burden he carries.
time by Bill's oathbrother. Thor, tossing
the hammer back to its rightful owner, Equipment: Talents:
says that he is 'needed', and the two Frogjolnir (Unique Weapon): Throg's Weapons Specialist: Frogjolnir,
go under Asgard to stop her. hammer, Frogjolnir, is made of a sliver Jumping, Swimming, Football (+1 C/S
to throw objects, Charging and Althing, the Grand Thane calls for the Puddlegulp became Throg, Frog of
running) sons of Odin to step forward. Loki is Thunder, and wielder of the mighty
there promptly, laughing to himself Frogjolnir.
Contacts: about Thor's absence, until the
The Pet Avengers, the frogs of Central Thunder God steps forward as well. When Reed Richards is looking for the
Park and Thor, god of thunder. Thor's plan to find the alligators in the Infinity Gems so that they do not fall
sewers is successful, except for the into the wrong hands. Instead they fall
Running Throg: presence of the Piper, who promptly into the mouth of Lockjaw, who
Simon is a good and honest person, takes control of Thor's amphibian decides that he will form his own team
he just wanted his old life back and body. To aid the frogs in Thor's battle of heroes to find the lost gems. Joining
couldn't stand suffering through the with the rats, Thor leads the alligators him are Throg, Lockheed, Redwing,
loss anymore. As Throg, he tries to live to the surface. Back in Asgard, Loki is Hairball, and Ms. Lion. Looking for a
up to the responsibility of wielding the suspicious of the Thor that has second gem leads them to the Savage
power of Thor. appeared at the Althing, and follows Land, and a T-Rex. They find
him and Heimdall back to Heimdall's themselves in the Savage Land face-
History: home. The alligators make short work to-face with a T-Rex. Zabu arrives and
Simon Walterson was a college of the rats, and in Asgard Loki helps them run off the dinosaur and is
football star at Mississippi State discovers that the false Thor is really invited to join the team. They sense
University, eventually drafted to the Harokin. As Thor leaves the frogs, the location of the next gem in the past
professional ranks. A severe knee Puddlegulp stops him and tells Thor is so they transport into the prehistoric
injury ended his football career. He secret. Thor returns to the alley and past and run into Devil Dinosaur, who
found a new reason for living in his lifts Mjolnir, transforming in a Thunder happens to be protecting its nest,
wife and their charity work. That is until Frog. which inconveniently is the location of
the death of his wife and their unborn the gem. They manage to distract
child. Simon fell into a deep When Thor in the form of Sigurd Devil Dinosaur while Lockjaw and Ms.
depression, and in an act of Jarlson is walking through Central Lion get the gem. They then transport
desperation he sought out mystics, Park he is met by Puddlegulp and themselves back to the present, only
medium, psychic, and fortune tellers some of the other Frogs of Central they appear over the open ocean.
trying to speak to his wife one last Park. The children are astonished by They crash into the ocean, but are
time. Simon finally found a witch with the fact that not only are the frogs saved by Namor's Honor Guard turtles,
an authentic connection to the afterlife, coming to Jarlson, but they also talk to who agree to help them find two more
and was able to speak with his wife him as well. Jarlson explains that of the gems. Unfortunately, they are
and learn about their unborn child. these frogs are old friends of his. The inside Giganto. The turtles flee and
Unfortunately, Simon was unable to frogs tell Jarlson something troubling Hairball finally freaks out about so
pay the witch for her service, and as a indeed and when he tells the children much water, waking up Giganto, who
punishment the witch cursed Simon to he has to leave they tell him that they swallows them. Inside, Ms. Lion finds
transform into a frog. know he's really Thor. He's the gems, and they teleport away to
astonished, however they say that the location of the final gem, the White
Simon made his way to Central Park in their father figured that Sigrud was House. The final gem is located in the
the heart of New York City, and began some super-hero, and that they got a Bo's collar. Bo takes off barking out the
a new life as an amphibian. He met peak at Mjolnir that he's been carrying front door, and the Pet Avengers
other frogs, was accepted into their in his gym bag while he was sleeping. follow, only to run headlong into
clan, and was given the name When they promise to keep his identity Thanos. He was the previous owner of
Puddlegulp. Puddlegulp aided King a secret, Sigrud transforms himself the Gems when united as the Infinity
Glugwort during the frogs' war with the into Thor and rushes off into the Gauntlet, intervenes and kills Ms. Lion.
rats. As the time of the Althing draws sewers below. Having been told by The other animals are angered by this
near, the Asgardians wonder where Puddlegulp that there is a massacre act and use the Gems to strand
Thor is. He's on Earth having been going on down there, Thor has Thanos in an alternate dimension and
transformed into a frog, but is still a decided to investigate. Thor then subsequently revive their comrade.
warrior born. So when a rat attacks discovers the Morlocks massacred Retrieving the final Gem, the group
him, he easily fights it off. Thor perpetrated by the Marauders. Thor decides to separate, but not before
befriends Puddlegulp, who leads him left shortly after defeating the rats, but Throg advises that they now share a
to meet King Glugwort. Hildy and the unbeknownst to him, he was followed psychic link and will reunite if needed.
other kids discover Twilight, and that by some rats. Puddlegulp followed to Ms. Lion resurrected by Hairball via
Loki is up to something involving it. warn him, and witnessed the frog lift the Soul Gem dubs the group the Pet
Thor and Puddlegulp arrive in time to Mjolnir and wield of the power of the Avengers. The series concludes with
drive off Ratso and some others, but god of thunder. However, a sliver of Lockjaw presenting the Gems to a
not in time to save the king. The other Mjolnir broke off when Toothgnasher surprised Reed Richards.
frogs convince Thor to help them tapped it with his hoof. Once Thor
against the rats, and Thor already has departed, Puddlegulp was able to lift The Pet Avengers assemble after
a plan. In Asgard, the children tell the silver which transformed into a Throg goes missing. Throg had been
Heimdall of Twilight, and he suspects miniature Mjolnir and granted the suffering an identity crisis over being
Loki of even more deviousness. At the power of Thor to Puddlegulp. both an animal and a mythic hero, and
thus feeling at home neither among • Shield: Remarkable (30) protection have been searching for one worthy
frogs nor among human heroes, and by spinning the hammer. enough to lift it and claim the power of
set out to find other mythical creatures • Weather Control: Unearthly (100) Thor so that they may be freed of the
who might understand his concerns. rank to summon storms and lightning. Corporation’s tyranny.
His search leads him, and • Dimensional Travel: Unearthly (100).
subsequently the Pet Avengers, to the * Life Support: Sh-Z (500). Dargo Ktor was a part of that cult, but
discovery of a community of mythical his faith was not as strong as the
creatures under threat. Throg and the • Alter Ego: Striking Mjolnir on the others. He expected those who
Pet Avengers come to their aid, and ground, or a hard surface, transforms attempted to lift Mjolnir to fail, and he
Throg gains a renewed sense of his Thor into his current mortal form. In his believed the stories of Thor to be fairy
place in the world. The Pet Avengers mortal form, Mjolnir looks like a tales. The Chairman of the Corporation
stop the robbery of a candy store, , wooden cane. Striking the cane unknowingly hired Loki, God of
then telepathically recognizing the against a hard surface reverts Dargo mischief, to unearth and annihilate the
distress of The Avengers, teleport back to Thor.: rebels, and Loki was happy to do so.
themselves to Thor, Captain America, Loki, along with Tyrus, leader of the
and Iron Man only to find they have Dargo Ktor Rock Trolls, discovered the cult's
been turned to frogs. The villain was F Ty (6) Health: 36 secret meeting place and set their
Fin Fang Foom followed by a legion of A Gd (10) horde loose on the unsuspecting
Dragons who then proceed to swallow S Ty (6) Karma: 50 group, killing all in their path. Dargo
everyone but Lockheed. The teams E Gd (10) instinctively reached for a weapon to
escaped the dragons only to find them. R Ex (20) Resources: Ex defend his people when his hands
Suddenly, they received an emergency I Gd (10) found the handle of Mjolnir. No sooner
message from Commander Steve P Ex (20) Popularity: +2 than he grabbed it, the power of Thor
Rogers about the dragons attacking flooded into his body, and he was
Xi'an. Arriving in China, Lockheed Limitations: transformed into the Thunder god.
convinced his friends to help Foom, • Worthiness: Only those worthy are Thor easily pushed back the invaders,
revealing that the dragons were able to pick up Mjolnir. Excellent (20) but Dargo was confused by his
looking from Makluan eggs. While the Strength and positive popularity. newfound power and had to clear his
rest of the team kept the Avengers at head. With the people's faith stronger
bay, Throg used his abilities to give the • 1 minute: If separated from Mjolnir for than ever, they decided to protest
dragons access to the dragon egg more than 1 minute, he reverts back to against the Corporation feeling that
cavern. After the dragons escaped, he his mortal identity until such time as he Thor would protect them. Dargo,
attempted to explain himself and can retrieve his cane. unsure of his new role, decided that he
apologize, but Thor congratulated him would not let his people stand alone
on job well done. Talents: against the forces of evil. Arriving as
Asgardian Lore, Swords, Weapon the protesters were attacked by Corp
Specialist: (Mjolnir) soldiers and Loki's forces, Dargo did
Thor (Ktor) all he could to protect the cultists.
Dargo Ktor Contacts: Tyrus, having faced the true Thor,
Thor Corps knew Dargo was an imposter, and his
F Am (50) Health: 230 suspicions were confirmed as Mjolnir
A Rm (30) Running Dargo: refused to obey its new master. Fraud
S Mn (75) Karma: 50 The futuristic Thor is a brave young or not, Dargo defeated Tyrus just as
E Mn (75) man who is not as serious as the Loki killed the Corp's Chairman and
R Ex (20) Resources: Gd original Thor. His speech is sometimes destroyed their facilities. With the
I Gd (10) grand (not pseudo-Shakespearian), threat of the Corporation gone forever,
P Ex (20) Popularity: +25 mixed with futuristic slang ("Say, flash Dargo used Mjolnir to open a portal
that!"). and threw the hammer into it feeling
Known Powers: that it would find its rightful owner.
Body Armor: Excellent (20) vs. History: Dargo and Salla looked to the future,
physical and Typical (6) vs. energy. In the year 2587, Earth will not be as it and they hoped that those who would
is today. The city of New York will lie in go on to form a new tomorrow would
Equipment: ruins, and a new power will rise in prove themselves worthy.
Unique Weapon: Mjolnir is made of place of the old. The Corporation is
Cl1000 Uru, and does Unearthly (100) now the ruler of the land and enslaver In the year 2591, Dargo has somehow
damage. Mjolnir grant him additional of the people. There are no costumed gained possession of Mjolnir again and
Powers. heroes to defend the helpless. There has resumed his responsibilities as
• Auto-Return: He may throw Mjolnir are only stories of those who used to Thor. He was sought out by Zarrko,
10 areas away, with the hammer exist, and the hero who will be deemed the Tomorrow Man and tricked into
returning in the following round. the greatest hero of them all is the traveling to the past in order to battle
• Flight: He may fly at up to Amazing Thunder god, Thor. A rebel cult that Eric Masterson, the Thor of the
(50) Speeds. worships the son of Odin has found present. Zarrko tricked Dargo by telling
Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, and they him that Masterson would somehow
be responsible for the execution of A Ex (20) P Gd (10) Popularity: 0
Dargo's timeline, and therefore, the S Am (50) Karma: 50
death of his wife Salla. Dargo attacked E Am (50) Equipment:
Masterson, already in battle with the R Ex (20) Resources: Gd Cane: When Eric strikes his cane on
cosmic powerhouse Stellaris, and was I Ex (20) the ground he transforms into
surprised that they were so evenly P Gd (10) Popularity: +10 Thunderstrike.
matched. Zarrko revealed that his plan
was to siphon off the energy of the two Known Powers: Talents:
Thor’s enchanted hammers in order to Asgardian Form: When wielding Weapon Specialist: Mace,
power his Radical Time Stabilizer, so Thunderstrike, Masterson takes on an Engineering, Architecture.
he would become the undisputed Asgardian Form, giving him the
master of time. The fighting between following abilities: Contacts:
the Thor's continued which alerted * Body Armor: Excellent (20) vs. Avengers, Asgardians, Jerry Reece,
Beta Ray Bill to the violence, and he Physical, Heat, Cold, Radiation, and Stellaris, Code:Blue
journey to Earth to stop them. He told Toxins. Typical (6) vs. Energy.
them that they are "Hammer Brothers" Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000. Running Thunderstrike:
since they have both proven Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every Eric was a “everyman” hero. His
themselves to be worthy enough to 100. He may still be killed normally. extremely human POV made him
wield Mjolnir, and they should band Allspeak: May communicate fluently in seem like a fish out of water. Despite
together to stop their mutual enemy. any language of the 9 realms. the length of time he spent around
Reluctantly, Masterson joined Dargo heroes like the Avengers, he was
and Bill and pursued Zarrko back to Equipment: nervous or feel out of place. His
his ship. Once inside, the members of Thunderstrike: CL1000 material Uru, nervousness caused him to speak out
the newly formed Thor Corps were put Strength +1CS blunt damage. of turn, or to lash out in frustration at
to the test by Zarrko when he pulled Thunderstrike has these abilities: his allies while he tried to gain control
various enemies of the Thunder god * Lightning Summoning: Amazing (50). of his emotions. In addition, Eric
out of the time stream to stop them. * Energy Absorption: Unearthly (100) sometimes displayed a naivety
Despite all of his tricks, Zarrko caused rank to absorb lightning and electricity. unexpected by a man his age. He was
his own downfall when he pulled Loki * Lightning blast: Amazing (50) taken advantage of by both his allies
out of the time stream and attempted Lightning until the energy is burnt off. and enemies in battle and other
to command him as one of his other * Automatic return: 10 areas. situations.
servants. Zarrko's ship, along with his * Flight Remarkable (30), Typical (6)
Radical Time Stabilizer, was about to agility due to his inexperience. History:
explode after Loki destroyed the * Life Support: Unearthly (100) ability. Eric Masterson was an architect who
controls, but Beta Ray Bill managed to * Deflection: If spun in front of him it became friends with Thor when he
send Dargo, Masterson and himself provides Remarkable (30) protection. occupied the identity of Sigurd Jarlson.
back to each perspective timeline they * Dimensional Travel: Typical (6) After Eric was badly wounded trying to
originated from before that happened. * Energy Generation: Monstrous (75) help Thor fight Mongoose, Thor asked
brute force, 10 areas, as a side effect it Odin to merge their life forces. The
On July 29th, 2593 A.D., Dargo will can give off light at -2 c/s. end result was two men within one
eventually be forced into reuniting with * Light generation: If used to generate body. They often fought for control
Beta Ray Bill and Eric Masterson, now light in order to see, this effect has over the body, and eventually Eric lost
known as Thunderstrike, by his Remarkable (30) ability. custody of his son Kevin because of
archenemy, Demonstaff. Together, the * Energy Detection: The mace can his absences. After Loki was thought
Thor Corps will have a time traveling, detect energy sources (magic, psychic to have been slain by Thor, Odin
dimension hopping adventure to and energy) at Remarkable (30). banished him, and Thor's power was
ensure the survival of Dargo's wife, * Tracking-Energy users: He can track bestowed upon Masterson. Although
Salla, and that of the entire universe with Excellent (20) ability. he tried to hide it, Eric's inexperience
as well. It can be assumed that Dargo, soon showed. However, Masterson
having returned to his timeline, still Alter Ego: When the mace is struck began to master his new abilities and
fights for the people using the power of against a surface, Eric transforms, in soon replaced Thor in the Avengers.
Thor. Sometime later, Salla was killed his mortal identity, the mace appears Odin finally freed Thor from
by Loki, and Dargo joined a new as a walking stick. If separated for 1 banishment, and thought it best for
incarnation of Avengers - Deva Van minute, Thunderstrike returns to his Eric to stay as his replacement, but
Dyne, Hercules, Tannan Six, Tatiana mortal form. Odin eventually made Eric his own
Maximoff and Thaddeus Stark - to weapon, a mace called Thunderstrike.
battle him. Eric Masterson
F Ty (6) Health: 26 Because he could think of nothing
A Pr (4) better to call himself, he took the name
Thunderstrike (Eric) S Ty (6) Karma: 50 of his mace as his moniker. He
Eric Masterson E Gd (10) eventually found the powers of
R Ex (20) Resources: Gd Thunderstike were different from those
F In (40) Health: 160 I Ex (20) of Mjolnir. After he found out his
nemesis Bloodaxe was really his * Tracking-Energy users: He can track apparently at it again, fighting another
girlfriend Jackie Lukas, he took the with Excellent (20) ability. student. After his mother and step-
Bloodaxe, the name of the weapon as father pick him up, they try to talk to
well as the villain, and used it along *Alter Ego: When Thunderstrike is him, but he's again not listening. After
with the Thunderstike Mace to kill struck against a hard surface, Kevin walking off alone, he is met by Sharon
Seth, the Egyptian god of death. Masterson may change forms. If Carter, who takes him to meet Captain
However, he was corrupted by the separated from the mallet for more America. Rogers informs him that he
power of the Bloodaxe and went on a than 1 minute, Thunderstrike returns to recently came into possession of an
rampage. After battling Thor, Eric his mortal form. Kevin can magically item and believed it should be given to
regained control and turned the alter his Thunderstrike appearance. its rightful owner - the Thunderstrike
Thunderstrike against the Bloodaxe, mace. Kevin picks it up expecting to be
killing him in the process. Thor wanted * Damage suffered in this form will be transformed, but nothing happens.
his best friend to go to Valhalla for his healed when he reverts to his true Feeling like he's being taken
heroism, but Eric said he was a man form unless his health has decreased advantage of, he has Sharon drop him
first and a hero second, and was sent, below 24. off. As Kevin tries to figure out what to
by Odin, to his own afterlife. On his do now, the Rhino attacks an armored
gravestone Thor inscribed "THE Kevin Masterson vehicle, causing a woman and her
WORLD STILL NEEDS HEROES." F Ty (6) Health: 28 child to become trapped in a flaming
A Ty (6) car. While trying to use the mace as a
S Ty (6) Karma: 22 prybar to help get the child out after
Thunderstrike (Kevin) E Gd (10) another bystander has saved the
Kevin Masterson R Ty (6) Resources: Pr mother, the car explodes. Strangely,
I Ty (6) Kevin is all right and has protected the
F In (40) Health: 160 P Gd (10) Popularity: 0 child, but he has also transformed, into
A Ex (20) seemingly his father Eric Masterson's
S Am (50) Karma: 22 Equipment: Thunderstrike form.
E Am (50) Thunderstrike Key-chain: When Kevin
R Ty (6) Resources: Pr slaps his Key-chain on a solid object or Determined to avoid the fate of his
I Ty (6) the ground he transforms. father, Kevin considers his options
P Gd (10) Popularity: +10 until he receives a visit from the
Talents: beautiful Gruenhilda the Valkyrie who
Known Powers: Student has been sent to teach him the proper
Asgardian Form: While wielding the way to use an Asgardian super-
mace, Kevin has the following abilities: Contacts: weapon, knowledge that he field-tests
Body Armor: Excellent (20) vs. Bobby Steele, Marcy Masterson- when a mysterious collector sends a
Physical, Toxins and Disease attacks. Steele, Gruenhild. high tech strike-force to steal the
Typical (6) vs. Energy attacks. mace. With Gruenhilda criticizing his
Running Thunderstrike: every move, the man who would be
Equipment: Kevin desperately wants to fill the Thunderstrike begins a quest to
Thunderstrike: CL1000 material Uru, shoes of his father and is working hard recover his stolen mace. Along the
Strength +1CS blunt damage. to do just that. way, he adopts a daring different
Thunderstrike has these abilities: persona, uncovers a plot to invade
* Lightning Summoning: Amazing (50). History: Mount Olympus, and soon finds
* Energy Absorption: Unearthly (100) Kevin is the only child of Eric and himself in a fight for his life against a
rank to absorb lightning and electricity. Marcy Masterson. He is one of the few super-powered Demigod who is on a
* Lightning blast: Amazing (50) people to whom his father revealed his mission of vengeance. Thunderstrike
Lightning until the energy is burnt off. dual identity as Thunderstrike. and Gruenhilda are traumatized by an
* Automatic return: 10 areas. Circumstances brought Thor into their unexpected death when they suddenly
* Flight Remarkable (30), Typical (6) lives and saw his father become run into one of the greatest super-
agility due to his inexperience. increasingly involved in a world of menaces of all Mangog the merciless.
* Life Support: Unearthly (100) ability. gods and supervillains. This went so To save the universe from the
* Deflection: If spun in front of him it far as to have Eric become Thor when Mangog, he must now join forces with
provides Remarkable (30) protection. the actual God of Thunder the Mighty Avengers, the team that he
* Dimensional Travel: Typical (6) disappeared. However, all of this believes betrayed his father.
* Energy Generation: Monstrous (75) strained Eric's ability to be a father to
brute force, 10 areas, as a side effect it Kevin, and it was not long before Kevin ends up teleported onto a
can give off light at -2 c/s. custody of him was taken by his station in the middle of the Pacific
* Light generation: If used to generate mother and her new husband Bobby Ocean with Spider-Girl, Victor Alvarez,
light in order to see, this effect has Steele, quarterback for the New York Amadeus Cho and X-23. They arrive
Remarkable (30) ability. Smashers. on the Hell-Carrier, a Helicarrier that
* Energy Detection: The mace can was used during World War II.
detect energy sources (magic, psychic At the Maria Stark Academy, long after Amadeus and Kevin were initially
and energy) at Remarkable (30). his father died, Kevin Masterson is antagonistic towards each other and
would have likely come to blows collision course for Honolulu and will Sidekick: Tarene once had vast
except for the intervention of Victor, crash there, killing everyone on board cosmic powers that allowed her to
who separated the two, at least for a unless they stop it. perform unheralded feats of power.
time, until Amadeus managed to cause She used those abilities to first mimic
the Thunderstrike mace to tap the Realizing they have no other choice, Thor's powers and possessions as she
ground, thus changing Kevin back to Spider-Girl asks Amadeus how to assisted Odin with the rest of her
his non-powered state. Angered, Kevin proceed. He informs them that the abilities. In the aftermath of the battle,
struck Amadeus' head, changing back whole ship is powered by a kind of she lost the rest of her cosmic abilities
to his Thunderstrike state. Anya tried anti-life force called Vril. Victor detects leaving her as a scaled down version
to step between them while X-23 that the source of it was directly below of Thor (if he was a seventeen year old
watched, but all were interrupted when them, but that since none of them girl...) with a mortal identity.
Victor explained that he had tried to could fly, they had no way of getting to
use his powers to absorb the ambient it. X-23 then begins to rip into the ship Body Armor: Good (10).
chi in order to power up, but since with her Adamantium claws. Amadeus Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100).
there was no life force around them, then directs Victor to try to use his Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
he instead suffered a backlash. He did, powers to power up X-23, which he 100. She may still be killed normally.
however, detect a message in a bio- does, causing another painful backlash Allspeak: May communicate fluently in
electric frequency being transmitted in on both of them but, allowing them to any language of the 9 realms.
a language he had never heard before. get below deck quicker.
The message was translated for them Equipment:
by the Shark Men as; "In their Dread While X-23 and Victor continue to Thor Girl's Hammer: CL1000, Thor
House the warriors of the king of make their way to the source, Girl's Fighting is Unearthly and while
darkness wait dreaming." Thunderstrike, Amadeus, and Anya using the hammer she inflicts
were forced to repel another attack of Unearthly (100) damage.
They continued their message saying the Shark Men. Despite their best
that now that the stars were right, they efforts, the three would have been • Alter Ego: Striking her hammer on
rise with the king and make them their overwhelmed, but X-23 and Victor the ground transforms Thor Girl into
first sacrifice to him. Differences reached the source in time, and Victor her mortal form. The statistics of her
momentarily set aside due to the unloaded all of his remaining Chi mortal form are as follows:
emergence of a common enemy, the energy into it, causing it to explode
five young heroes join together to fight before it could hit Honolulu, and the Tara Olsen
off this new threat. While they fight, five landed into a media frenzy, which, F Ty (6) Health: 24
Amadeus explains to them that the in turned out, Amadeus knew would be A Ty (6)
Shark Men came into being after they there and it was why he had chosen S Ty (6) Karma: 50
sensed the presence of the one they that particular moment to bring them E Ty (6)
called the 'Dark King' and worshipped altogether. Amadeus says that they R Gd (10) Resources: Ex
him. They became the enemies of the had scored a major PR victory and that I Gd (10)
Atlanteans, and were defeated by the people wanted them to stay P Rm (30) Popularity: +2
Namor the Sub-Mariner during World together, at which point X-23 kicked
War II and driven back to their city, him in the groin from behind and the • Automatic Return: When thrown up to
where waited for their dark god to other four walked away, leaving the 10 areas, the hammer flies back to the
return. question of whether or not the five spot from where it was thrown.
would continue as a team • Dimension Travel: Amazing (50).
Amadeus managed to convince the unanswered. Kevin is part of the new • Flight: Incredible (40) air speed.
others to follow his lead as he directed class of students when the Avengers • Deflection: By spinning the hammer,
them in combat. They manage to Academy moves to the former Thor Girl can deflect attacks at
defeat the initial wave of enemies, only headquarters of the West Coast Excellent (20) vs. physical, energy,
to realize that the carrier is picking up Avengers. and magical attacks.
speed. Lamenting that they should all • Weather Control: Monstrous (75)
be elsewhere, Amadeus reveals to control, producing Amazing (50)
them that the five of them are each the Thor Girl lightning bolts she can shoot without a
latest manifestation of an eternal Tarene aka Tara Olsen storm.
archetype's and that they must work
together as a team. He also reveals F Am (50) Health: 160 Limitations:
that his research has uncovered that A Gd (10) • Worthiness: Only those worthy are
the Hell-Carrier was trying to complete S Am (50) Karma: 50 able to pick up the hammer. They must
its final mission and that they needed E Am (50) have Excellent (20) Strength and
to work together to stop it. At that point R Gd (10) Resources: Ex positive popularity.
the other four realized it was Amadeus I Gd (10) • 1 minute: If separated from the
himself who had pulled them from P Rm (30) Popularity: +25 hammer for more than 1 minute, she
where they were and brought them to reverts back to his mortal identity until
the carrier. As they seized him, he Known Powers: such time as she can regain the
quickly explains that the carrier is on a hammer.
Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg and other heroes despite her attempts to
Talents: Holliway. Thor Girl was among the first explain herself or she was only acting
Asgardian History, Lore and Trivia, recruits for the Camp Hammond in defense. During the battle, her
Sharp Weapons, Weapon Specialist: training facility. Other fellow trainees Designate powers returned. She
her hammer, Student and First Aid. included Bengal, Cloud 9, Slapstick, declared Earth's heroes to be little
Trauma, Armory, Rage and Komodo. better than those who tortured her and
Contacts: When Manhattan was attacked by the as a whole proof that humanity is still
Thor, Odin and the other Asgardians. Hulk, the Initiative recruits were sent too flawed to be worthy of ascending.
as crowd control in, with Thor Girl She left Earth for the stars.
Running Thor Girl: aiding mass evacuation. Thor Girl was
Despite her cosmic origins, Tarene among the trainees who sided with
acts like a typical teenager not wanting Rage when he broke ranks to help the The Mighty Thor
to listen to authority or adults, wanting Avengers in battle against the Hulk Dr. Jane Foster
to prove herself and take care of things and his Warbound. Easily defeated,
on her own. As Thor Girl she tries to Thor Girl and the others were F Un (100) Health: 320
emulate Thor as much as possible, it's imprisoned at Madison Square Garden A Ex (20)
more trying than doing. and controlled by obedience disks. S Un (100) Karma: 50
The Initiative's black ops team, E Un (100)
History: including the empathic metamorph R Gd (10) Resources: Ex
In the beginning of time, alien sorcerer Trauma, were sent in to free Thor Girl I Ex (20)
X'Hoss foretold the creation of the and her compatriots. Trauma assumed P Rm (30) Popularity: +75
Designate, who would help evolve the form and powers of Thor as he
sentient beings to the next level of battled the Warbound, leaving Thor Known Powers:
existence. Billions of years later, Girl awestruck by the encounter. Body Armor: Excellent (20).
Tarene was born. She was told about Following Trauma's assumption of Invulnerability: Cl1000.
the fate of the evil Destroyer and Thor's form, Thor Girl expressed a kind Illusion Detection: +1 CS to Intuition.
together with others sought a way to of hero worship of and became Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
stop him. In the meantime, Thanos enamoured with him. However both 100. She may still be killed normally.
obtained X'Hoss' knowledge and Tarene and Trauma were brutally Allspeak: May communicate fluently in
destroyed Tarene's home-world. She attacked by the MVP clone calling any language of the 9 realms.
gained the help of Thor and Orikal in himself KIA (Killed In Action). Tarene
defeating the villain. Tarene later was stricken heavily while protecting Equipment:
transformed herself into an Asgardian Trauma, who was then stabbed in the Mjolnir (Unique Weapon): Made of
goddess and becomes Thor's loyal chest by KIA. Uru, a CL1000 Material. Thor's
ally, taking the name "Thor Girl" and Fighting rank is Sh-Y (200) while using
the civilian identity of Jake Olson's At some point Thor Girl was replaced the hammer, which does Unearthly
'cousin' Tara. She tried to assist Thor by a Skrull agent. During the Skrull (100) Blunt damage, and can be
in his adventures, aiding him in his invasion, the Skrull Dum Dum Dugan thrown 10 areas. No one can take the
confrontations with Gladiator, Loki and called all the sleeper agents in the hammer away from Thor, unless she
Nullitor, but in a later battle against a Initiative, causing Ultragirl and Thor wishes it. Thor has the following Power
revived Surtur she sacrificed nearly all Girl to fight each other out of fear. Stunts while using Mjolnir:
of her cosmic powers to contribute the When the Skrull Kill Krew arrived to
additional power needed to defeat him. the scene, 3-D Man confirmed that • Alter Ego: Striking Mjolnir on the
Upon Odin's apparent death, Thor Girl Thor Girl was a Skrull, killing her with ground, or a hard surface, transforms
lost most of her cosmic powers. She her own hammer with the help of Thor into her current mortal form. If
retained the powers she had as Thor Gravity. After the invasion was over, Thor is kept away from the hammer for
Girl. She returned to Earth in an the real Thor Girl attended a support over one minute, she automatically
attempt to live a normal life as Tara group meeting with the others who had reverts back to his mortal form. While
Olson, but also occasionally continued been replaced by Skrulls. She she is in her mortal form, Mjolnir looks
adventuring. She knew that she was attended a therapy session with like a simple wooden cane. Striking the
destined to, and one day would, regain Trauma, when Camp Hammond was wooden cane against a hard surface
her full power and then some, to attacked by the Thor clone, Ragnarok. reverts Thor back to his immortal form.
become The Designate. The clone beat Thor Girl badly, until The statistics of Thor's current mortal
Gauntlet intervened. Due to looking form are as follows:
After the Superhuman Registration Act like an Asgardianan wielding a
was passed, Thor Girl interfered in a hammer, Tarene was believed to be Dr. Jane Foster
jewel theft undertaken by the Grey part of the attack of The Worthy. She F Ty (6) Health: 18
Gargoyle, a previous foe of hers, and was arrested by the U. S. government A Pr (4)
pummelled the villain, preventing the and tortured for information. She was S Pr (4) Karma: 50
jewel heist in the process. In return the eventually rescued by Cloud 9 and E Pr (4)
Grey Gargoyle undertook a law suit joined the battle against Kuurth in Las R Gd (10) Resources: Gd
with the assistance of Mallory Book at Vegas and rescued civilians. Due to a I Ex (20)
the Superhuman Law Offices of misunderstanding she was attacked by P Gd (10) Popularity: +3
Breast Cancer, Jane assumed that her afternoon, unaware that Jane was
• Automatic Return: When thrown, ability to help others was over and about to enact Loki's hypnotic
whether it hits or not, Mjolnir flies back then she wielded, for a time at least, suggestions upon his departure. At
to the spot from where it was thrown. the power of Thor and in an effort to Central Park, as Thor battled Loki, he
help others she took up the power, but was unaware that Jane was still under
• Dimension Travel: Unearthly (100) at the cost of her health as the longer Loki's thrall and wandering in the area.
power to travel between Earth and she became Thor, the more the her Loki then transformed a tree into a
Asgard. chemotherapy was undone, costing tiger which he set upon Jane, and
her her health and eventually her life. turned the Thunder God's attention to
• Flight: Amazing (50) air speed. Thor Jane's situation. Thor had two options:
does this by spinning the hammer. History: grab his returning hammer, Mjolnir, or
Jane Foster's mother died of cancer save Jane. With no choice, Thor chose
• Deflection: By spinning the hammer, when she was nine years old. the latter, and after dealing with the
Thor can deflect Remarkable (30) vs. Following this tragedy, her father, a mystical tiger, he reverted back into
physical, energy, and magical attacks. plumber, worked two jobs in order for Blake. When Blake attempted to
her to go through medical school, recover his weapon, Loki put a magical
• Weather Control: Unearthly (100) exhausting himself. Nevertheless, he force field around it, preventing Blake
control, Monstrous (75) lightning. Thor managed to give Jane a good from changing back into Thor. With his
can shoot lightning without a storm. childhood, never missing a softball enemy apparently defeated, Loki
game, forgetting a birthday or failing to transformed into a bird and flew away,
• Air Control: Monstrous (75). Provides encourage her in anything she could planning to conquer the Earth. Blake
Monstrous (75) vs. projectiles, 1 area. set her mind to. However, Jane's revived Jane and took her back home;
and carry others, Incredible (40) father later died from complications meanwhile Loki used his magic to
speed. from a heart attack. She became a terrorize the people of New York City.
nurse hired by Dr. Donald Blake to Jane later witnessed Thor's return and
Limitations: assist him in his private medical the defeat of Loki.
• Worthiness: Only those worthy are practice. Actually, the crippled Dr.
able to pick up Mjolnir. Excellent (20) Donald Blake was the human identity Jane and Donald were kidnapped by
Strength and positive popularity. used for many years by the Asgardian Thug Thatcher, but Blake escaped and
god, Thor. Jane and Blake traveled to became Thor. Blake contemplated
• 1 minute: If separated from Mjolnir San Diablo during a civil war between revealing his true identity as Thor to
more than 1 minute, she reverts to her a communist faction and a democratic Jane in the hopes of winning her love.
mortal form until she can change faction. Because of the fighting, there However, right when he was about to
again. was a shortage of medical help in San tell her, Odin contacted Thor
Diablo, and several American doctors telepathically and warned him against
• Breast Cancer: Jane was diagnosed interceded. They battled the doing so. One normal day as Jane left
with breast cancer. She later accepted Executioner who tried to destroy the Dr Blake's office for an errand, she
Thor's invitation to represent Midgard medical supplies. Thor was able to passed a wounded jewel thief and his
in the Congress of Worlds on Asgardia stop him and they helped the people of two partners. They entered Blake's
while she underwent therapy, but San Diablo. Blake fell deeply in love office and demanded treatment.
refused magical treatments. While with Foster, who was unaware of his Distracting them, Blake tapped his
empowered Mjolnir, she is at perfect dual-identity. She was infatuated with cane and transformed into Thor.
health; but when she returned to Thor, whom she had not yet met in his Strapping the criminals to an operating
normal, the chemotherapy is removed godly identity, but took a protective table with surgical tape, he attached it
from her system, making her cancer attitude toward him, worrying about his to his magic hammer and "threw" the
worse and endangering her life. health and frailty. She would regularly criminals to the police station. Dr.
gush over Thor's exploits, much to Blake prepared to use a rubber
Talents: Blake's annoyance, causing him to hammer on a patient's knee. As Jane
Weapon Specialist: (Mjolnir), Medicine, wonder if Jane would ever love a assured the patient Dr. Blake was
First Aid. normal man like him. skilled with using a mallet, Blake
thought to himself that she does not
Contacts: Loki, taking on the guise of an old know the half of it. Although Foster
Thor, Sif, the Warriors Three and the man, entered Donald Blake's office was strongly attracted to Dr. Blake,
Avengers and hypnotized Jane and gave her she left his medical practice and began
secret commands. He then entered working for a Doctor Bruce Andrews
Running Thor: Donald's office, and when Don when Blake did not try and rescue her
Jane spent most of her life taking care reported for work, he found Loki during the Lava Man's attack on the
of others at the expense of the things waiting for him and changed into Thor. city. However, she later returned after
she wanted. Once she became a Loki challenged the Thunder God to a the Cobra attacked and Bruce
nurse, she took on greater duties contest in Central Park, a challenge submitted to him and she felt he was a
putting her wants aside to help others. that Thor accepted before Loki left. coward. Don Blake was next
Eventually she became a Doctor and a Changing back into Donald Blake he approached by discredited scientist
mother. Once she was diagnosed with told Jane that he was leaving for the Calvin Zabo for a job. When Blake
refused to hire him, Zabo began her to the High Evolutionary's citadel at the whereabouts of Foster, whom he
experimenting on himself, creating a Wundagore Mountain, where they had not seen since her hospitalization.
serum that transformed him into a were reunited. Again petitioning Odin Thor revealed his dual-identity to
monstrous form. Calling himself Mister to let him marry Foster, Thor brought Kincaid and explained what had
Hyde, Zabo sought to revenge against her to Asgard itself, a place forbidden happened to Foster. Thor and Sif took
Blake. Meanwhile, Thor continued to to mortals. Odin agreed to let them Kincaid with them on a journey to the
petition Odin to allow him to marry marry if Foster proved herself capable world of Kamo Tharnn. It turned out
Jane Foster, to no avail. However Odin of functioning as an Asgardian that when Sif infused Foster with her
told Thor that should Jane prove goddess. Odin then physically life-force, Sif's own spirit and body had
herself to be brave, he would make her transformed Foster into an Asgardian, actually passed through the Runestaff
an immortal. When Mr. Hyde attacked granting her superhuman powers. As and into another dimension. When Sif
Blake's office, Thor was there to stop Odin must have expected, Foster was reappeared in Asgard, Foster took her
him. In response, Hyde began confused and bewildered by her new place in the other dimension entered
committing robberies disguised as abilities and by Asgard itself. Declaring through the Runestaff. But when Kamo
Thor. Afterward, Blake decided to that Foster had failed his test, Odin Tharnn somehow absorbed the
reveal his dual-identity to Foster, but turned her back into a mortal woman, denizens of the latter world into his
his father, Odin, monarch of Asgard, sent her back to Earth, and removed own body, Sif and Thor used the
appeared to him and forbade him to her memories of her experiences with Runestaff to release the beings
reveal this secret to any mortal. Even Thor. Odin sent Foster to work for the trapped within the Possessor,
though Odin tried for a long time to physician Dr. Keith Kincaid, and the including Foster. Thor and Sif brought
quash the romance between the two, two soon fell in love with each other. Foster and Kincaid back to Earth, and
he ordered her life to be saved when Foster and Kincaid were married
she lay dying after an explosion As for Thor, Odin saw to it that he was almost immediately afterward.
caused by a battle between Thor and reunited the Asgardian goddess Sif,
Mister Hyde and Cobra. whom he had loved in the past, and Since then, Thor has saved Foster's
their romance was quickly rekindled. life from the creature called the Zaniac.
Foster truly loved Blake, and one day Years later, Foster fell ill and, lying Foster has given birth to her first child,
she told him angrily that she would not close to death, called out to Thor in her a boy named Jimmy. The world at
wait forever for him to declare his love delirium. Sif stole the enchanted large remains unaware of Foster's past
to her. Thor intended to marry Foster, Runestaff of Kamo Tharnn, the Elder relationship with Thor, although a few
but then Odin forbade him to marry her of the Universe known as the enterprising individuals have learned
on the grounds that she was a mortal, Possessor, and used it to infuse her of their connection. Jane eventually
not a goddess. Thor later asked Odin own life-force into Foster, thereby became a doctor, and working
to reconsider the issue, and Odin saving her life. Sif vanished, and alongside Thor in New York when the
relented, saying that Thor could marry Foster recovered, also regaining full Odinson was secretly using the body
her if she proved herself worthy. The possession of her lost memories of of EMT Jake Olsen. She also became
superhuman criminal Mister Hyde, Thor. The love between Thor and a consulting physician for Tony Stark.
seeking vengeance against Blake, Foster revived, but soon she was During the Civil War, she opposed the
captured both him and Foster, and captured by trolls under the leadership Registration Act and joined the Secret
made Blake a prisoner in a room with of Thor's enemy Ulik. To Thor's Avengers, treating many of the
a bomb. Blake escaped and, as Thor, surprise, Foster succeeded in members. Some time later, she was
battled Hyde; but Foster, fearing that capturing the troll king, Geirrodur, with visited by the Warriors Three to be
only Hyde could save Blake's life by his own spear; Thor himself defeated informed about Thor's death after his
deactivating the bomb, helped Hyde to Ulik. Thereafter, Foster insisted on battle against the Serpent. After
escape. Outraged by this seeming accompanying Thor on various hearing rumors of the return of Dr.
betrayal against his son, Odin rejected exploits, traveling with him to the Donald Blake and Thor, Jane divorced
Thor's petition to marry Foster. Foster dimension of the god of Heliopolis, to her husband and subsequently lost
was menaced repeatedly by enemies the alternate future Earth ruled by the custody of their child. Blake visited
of Thor who either knew he was Blake, Tomorrow Man, and to the war-torn Jane at her work in a New York City
or knew there was some connection nation of Costa Verde. After some hospital in search of Lady Sif, whose
between Thor and Blake. Such time, Foster finally insisted on spirit Blake mistakenly thought had
assailants included Hyde and his accompanying Thor to Asgard. There, been reborn in Jane since their spirits
partner, the Cobra; his bitter foster- the Asgardian Grand Vizier presented had been merged once before. Jane
brother Loki; and the Enchantress and her with Sif's sword and when she and Blake go on a date after an initially
her partner, the original Executioner; struck it against a wall, she was turbulent reuniting. Jane discovered
as well as the journalist Harris Hobbs. seemingly transformed into Sif. The that Sif's spirit had actually been
As Thor rescued her from these many Vizier theorized that Foster and Sif had reborn in the body of a dying elderly
perils over time, Foster fell deeply in become one being, and that Sif would cancer patient that was under her
love with him. Finally, Thor defied Odin be dominant in Asgard, and Foster on care. She alerted Blake and Thor who
and revealed his dual-identity to Earth. Yet when Sif returned to Earth managed to restore Sif just before the
Foster. Foster left America and took a many months later, she did not patient died. Jane then traveled to
position with a man who proved to be transform into Foster. Eventually, Dr. Broxton, Oklahoma, the site of the
the High Evolutionary. Thor followed Kincaid launched an investigation into
resurrected City of Asgard, and Captain Marvel, and Cyclops, and He agreed to keep it secret, even
opened a medical practice with Blake. Jane herself, which allowed them to visiting her during chemotherapy so
survive the end of the Multiverse. Thor that she could have a friend to talk to.
While Thor was away fighting Gorr the and the other heroes transported onto
God Butcher, Jane was diagnosed the life raft were awakened by Doctor Unfortunately for Jane, all progress
with breast cancer. She later accepted Strange eight years after the end of from chemotherapy became lost
Thor's invitation to represent Midgard the multiverse and the creation of whenever she used Mjolnir to
(Earth) in the Congress of Worlds on Battleworld, a planet cobbled together transform into Thor. Since the magical
Asgard while she underwent therapy, by segments of destroyed realities transformation purged all toxins from
but refused magical treatments. During created and ruled by Doctor Doom. Jane's body, it did so to the
a battle against Nick Fury, Thor lost Thor and the others were later chemotherapy drugs, but left the
the ability to wield his hammer Mjolnir. teleported by Strange to confront the cancer behind since it was part of her
The hammer remained unattended on Cabal after a distress call was sent to body. As Jane found herself having to
the Moon, from where it telepathically him by one member of the Thor Corps, transform into Thor more often, her
sought Jane out. Jane eventually gave and after this Doom himself appeared cancer metastasized and reached
in to the hammer's call, and requested to quell the fighting. When Doom tried stage four. Jane was told by Doctor
Heimdall to take her to the hammer's to kill them, Doctor Strange teleported Strange that if she became Thor one
location. Once there, Jane picked up them across Battleworld, but at the last time, she would die. He and
Mjolnir, gaining Thor's powers and cost of his own life. Jane then decided several of her friends convinced Jane
transforming and improving her to infiltrate the Thor Corps to turn them to give up being Thor for the sake of
physique. Since she had watched Thor against Doom with the help of the Thor her health. That changed, though,
use his hammer, Jane slowly learned of Higher Avalon and eventually when Jane learned that the city of
how to use Mjolnir by example. Jane succeeded and led them to Asgardia was flying towards the Sun
soon found herself in the middle of Doomstadt, where they confronted the due to the actions of the Mangog, who
Malekith the Accursed's alliance with Barons defending the castle, and led wanted to kill off all the Asgardians.
Frost Giants, who were planning on to the restoration of the Multiverse. She chose to become Thor one last
bringing Laufey back to life. The time to save Asgardia, even if it killed
original Thor soon caught up with Foster remained in Asgardia as a her, and went on to confront Mangog.
Jane, demanding to have his hammer senator in the Congress of Worlds, Jane received a brutal beating from
back. Thor ultimately accepted that the and as Thor she remained a fugitive Mangog despite her best efforts. She
hammer had a new owner, and gave pursued by Cul. Odinson was resorted to hurling Mangog into the
Jane his blessing, while still not considered missing. She became Sun, but Mangog was able to return to
knowing her identity. He also gave involved in the war between Asgardia to continue his rampage. In
Jane his name, and subsequently went Svartalfheim, realm of the Dark Elves, order to finally stop Mangog, she tied
by Odinson only. When she tried to and Alfheim, realm of the Light Elves him up with chains originally created to
stop Malekith from making a deal with and encountered several incarnations bind the Fenris Wolf before tying the
Dario Agger for Laufey's skull, Thor of Loki. After the elf races struck a deal chains to Mjolnir and hurling the
was suddenly attacked by Cul Borson, by wedding their respective monarchs, hammer into the Sun, taking Mangog
who possessed the Destroyer Armor, Thor returned to Asgard to confront the with it. Jane shared a final kiss with
under orders from Odin to retrieve power-mad Odin, who had Frigga on Odinson before reverting to her human
Mjolnir. Although Cul briefly managed trial. Loki and Thor arrived at the point form and succumbing to her cancer.
to take Mjolnir from her, Thor when the All-Mother was about to be Odinson then fled with Jane's lifeless
summoned it back to her hand. placed on a verdict by Odin. The body from Asgardia before it exploded
Odinson, Freyja, and an army of the rebellious Asgardian warriors also and landed upon the Moon where his
women he had identified as possible made their way into the hall fighting fellow Asgardians had evacuated to.
suspects for the new Thor's identity, Cul's Thunderguard. Thor and Odin
arrived on scene and helped turn the got into a crunching battle that
tide of battle in Thor's favor, ultimately wandered across Saturn's moons
forcing the Destroyer to retreat. Thor's while it was revealed that Loki was a
identity remained a mystery for spy for Frigga. Loki then stabbed
Odinson and the rest of the world. Frigga halting the battles at hand. Thor
was once again a member of the
During the final incursion, Jane was Avengers. She appeared by chance in
one of the heroes that tried to stop their encounter with Warbringer and
Earth-1610 from destroying her Earth. subsequently agreed to help form a
After the vessel transporting the new official Avengers group. Her
Earth's "resurrection team" was identity was unknown to her
destroyed by the Children, Mr. teammates until she was separated
Fantastic was forced to put the Future from the hammer when she was
Foundation's Life Raft in action. As the transferred a few days into the future
Life Raft was deployed, Manifold by Kang the Conqueror, and Sam
teleported numerous heroes into it Wilson, the new Captain America,
including Spider-Man, Star-Lord, witnessed her as she reverted to Jane.
Alternate Universal Thor which caused lightning to appear in the
cave and Thor to appear. Thor 2099 (Earth-928)
Thor (Earth-400005) Cecil McAdams
“The Return of the Incredible Hulk.”
Thor aka Thor Odinson aka David F Rm (30) Health: 150
Bannion Dr. Donald Blake A Ex (20)
S Am (50) Karma: 18
F Rm (30) Health: 120 F Ty (6) Health: 24 E Am (50)
A Gd (10) A Ty (6) R Ty (6) Resources: Gd
S Rm (30) Karma: 46 S Ty (6) Karma: 50 I Ty (6)
E Am (50) E Ty (6) P Ty (6) Popularity: +25
R Ty (6) Resources: Pr R Ex (20) Resources: Gd
I Ex (20) I Gd (10) Known Powers:
P Ex (20) Popularity: +10 P Ex (20) Popularity: +2 Body Armor: Excellent (20) vs.
physical attacks, heat, cold, toxins,
Known Powers: Equipment: and disease. And Typical (6) vs.
Enhanced Senses: Good (10) Mjolnir: Monstrous (75) Material energy.
-Tracking: Good (10) Strength, damage is Strength +1 c/s
from a lighting discharge, Alter Ego: Cecil’s programming from
Equipment: -Summons Thor from Valhalla (Blake Alchemex is so deep he has no idea
Mjolnir: Monstrous (75) Material must say "Odin") that he is anyone other than Thor.
Strength, damage is Strength +1 c/s Should he be forced to transform back
from a lighting discharge, May be Talents: into Cecil he must make a psyche feat
thrown up to 5 areas. Medicine, First aid, Computers, roll to avoid a break down and loss of
* Summons Thor from Valhalla (Blake Electronics and Repair/Tinker. Blake faith.
must say "Odin") has knowledge of Norse lore, trivia and
* Weather Control: Incredible (40) history. F Ty (6) Health: 24
* Call Lightning: Remarkable (30), 3 A Ty (6)
area range Contacts: S Ty (6) Karma: 18
Dr. David Banner, Harvard Medical E Ty (6)
Plate mail and Helm: Good (10) vs. College, Thor. R Ty (6) Resources: Gd
Physical I Ty (6)
Running Donald Blake: P Ty (6) Popularity: +25
Talents: Donald Blake, like his friend David
Weapon Specialist: Hammer, Swords, Banner, is a man trying to get free Equipment:
Horsemanship, Norse Culture, Lore from the burden placed on him. He Mjolnir: Made of Adamantium Lanxide
and History. Multi-Lingual: Ancient doesn't hate thor, he just wants to be that is stronger and lighter than
Norse and English. rid of the burden he creates and the standard adamantium. It is made of
inevitable damage he does to the Cl1000 material. The hammer does
Contacts: environment around him. Monstrous (75) Blunt damage. He can
Dr. Donald Blake, Dr. David Banner throw the hammer 10 areas. His
and "his troll". History: hammer grants him the following
Growing up, Donald always had an powers.
Running Thor: obsession with Viking culture, that he
Though having a short temper, Thor could never explain. He'd eventually * Worthiness: If any one tries to grab
usually regrets losing it if it turns out go to Harvard Medical School, where the hammer while Thor 2099 is within
not to have been justified. Most of the he briefly met Dr. David Banner. 10 area, it will deliver Excellent (20)
time, he is friendly and just wants to Donald practiced medicine, until an Lightning to whoever is unworthy.
have fun. event that would change his life. He
signed on as the team doctor for a * Flight: Amazing (50) speed.
History: group of archaeologists that were
According to Donald Blake, Thor had heading north. One night Donald woke * Deflection: By spinning the hammer
been a great Viking warrior and king. up and found himself drawn to a cave, as a shield for Incredible (40)
However, his arrogance, lead to Odin where he found a Viking war hammer protection.
condemned him to never enter "Mjolnir", that summoned Thor. From
Valhalla, until he'd performed a series that moment, Donald did everything he * Call Lightning: By manipulating ionic
of tasks, to make up for his past. In the could to get away from the hammer, energies it can call Incredible (40)
1980's, Thor's tomb was discovered by but it always came back to him. lightning. It has limited weather control
Dr. Donald Blake, who served as team Eventually, he discovered that David at Excellent (20)
doctor for a group of archeologists. Banner, who was thought to be dead,
Blake picked up Thor's war hammer, was still alive and went to him, hoping * Programmed Flight- Mjolnir has a
that he'd be able to help him. propulsion system and can travel 10
areas. He makes an intuition check to
activate the program. If successful it within his hammer, Mjolnir. Doom used The Ultimate Thor (Earth-1610)
will travel until one of the following his armor’s sensors to detect the Thorlief Golmen
occurs then it will return: It hits its power running through the hammer
target, Thor calls it back to him OR ten into Thor, and tried to disrupt the flow, F Rm (30) Health: 240
rounds of travel without results. which caused a massive explosion that A Gd (10)
threw both fighters off the floating city S Un (100) Karma: 60
Limitations: and into the New York City streets E Un (100)
• Programming: Loss of faith or being below. R Gd (10) Resources: Ex
forced to revert to his normal form can I Ex (20)
be crippling to him. If such a change is Thor woke up on the floor of a P Rm (30) Popularity: +25
undergone, it would be D10 rounds laboratory after Alchemax’s cleaning
before he could attempt to transform crew pulled him out of a crater and Known Powers:
back into Thor. took him back to where he was Asgardian: In the reality of Earth-1610,
created. There, Thor saw the failed Sif, he can't function outside of Asgard
Talents: but since he couldn’t remember his with his powers and utilizes the
Religion: Asgardian Lore, Edged own identity, he assumed that she was Harness and Belt to do so.
weapons, Weapon Specialist: (Mjolnir) injured. Avatarr appeared and
explained that the subject’s DNA was Equipment:
Contacts: not compatible with Sif’s, and the E.D.I Bio-Mech Harness: This device
The Alchemax’s Aesir. transformation had failed. He then shut allows him to access his Asgardian
off Thor’s powers and detransformaed powers while on Earth. Thor gains that
Running Thor 2099: him when Thor threatened him, following abilities:
During Fall of the Hammer Thor 2099 believing he was responsible for her * Body Armor: Amazing (50).
was overbearing and full of bravado state. Thor was again left as the weak * Telepathy: Not a commonly held
and had no concept of good. He was Reverend McAdam. Avatarr continued power by Thor: Good (10) ability.
Thor and that gave him the right. explaining that he would forget his * Alter Ego: Stats change as shown
“mortal” life when he was Thor, and above
History: offered him the choice to return to the
Cecil McAdam was a reverend of the identity, with the implication that it Donald Blake
Church of Thor in the year 2099, when meant knowing his place. McAdam
Avatarr offered him a chance to be agreed, and again he became the F Gd (10) Health: 40
transformed into his god in order to thunder god, Thor. Avatarr returned A Gd (10)
combat the uncontrolled heroes that Mjolnir to him, and pointed him back to S Gd (10) Karma: 60
had begun to appear. Reverend Valhalla. E Gd (10)
McAdam gathered together four R Gd (10) Resources: Ex
people who were suitable for While the 2099’s Spider-Man, I Ex (20)
becoming nano-engineered gods; Punisher, Doom and Ravage worked P Rm (30) Popularity: +2
including Meanstreak’s friend, Jordan to bring the city of Valhalla under
Boone, to be Loki, and Ravage’s control, Thor smashed through a wall Power-Belt: This belt powers the
friend, Tiana, for Hela. While Avatarr and chose to bring the city down by Harness. If his belt his removed, Thor
simply wanted pawns to keep the new smashing the generators, rather than becomes powerless and reverts to his
generation of heroes from meddling allow the “mortals” to claim it. The city alter ego.
with the creation of his floating city of began to fall from the Earth, while Thor
Valhalla, McAdam’s vision was to bring believed that a new Asgard would rise Mjolnir: Cl1000 material, it inflicts
about the second Golden Age of from the ashes. But the Punisher leapt Unearthly (100) blunt or edged
Heroes. And so they began a onto Thor’s back, and Doom told him damage. 10 area range and returns
campaign as the false Aesir, the to throw Thor’s hammer into the head automatically:
immortal Asgardian gods.But the new of the vortex to save the city. When * Flight: Amazing (50) airspeed
Aesir weren’t as immortal as they Thor spoke, the Punisher recognized * Weather: Unearthly (100).
claimed. When Thor arrived at Valhalla him as McAdam, his family’s priest. He * Air Control: Unearthly (100).
to face the 2099’s X-Men who had revealed that he was Jake Gallows, - Summon storms: Unearthly (100).
attacked the city, he found his fellow who had known McAdam his whole - Summon Lightning: Shift-X (150).
Aesir, Heimdall, dead. His half-brother life. Thor became confused, which - Super-Cell: 1/day call a massive
Loki claimed that the X-Men killed allowed Spider-Man to kick him and electrical storm: Shift-X (150) damage
Heimdall, but refrained from explaining force him to release his hammer. The to everything within 20 areas.
that he had given them the ability to Punisher grabbed it and threw it into * Dimensional travel: Amazing (50),
turn off his god-like powers. Doom told the matrix, which created an explosion, can transport himself and everyone
the X-Men that the Aesir were only righting the city. Thor’s hammer flew else within 5 areas.
puppets, which angered Thor, who from the blast, he was caught in the - Teleport: Remarkable (30), he has
refused to listen to any questions explosion and was killed, ending the power stunted being able to teleport
regarding his own godhood. He life of the false Thunder God. himself and everyone else within 5
attacked him until Loki revealed to areas.
Doom that Thor’s power lay entirely
Talents: prevent Magneto from breaching the alongside Nick Fury and the rest of the
Sharp weapons, Weapon Specialist: S.H.I.E.L.D. Triskelion, Thor battled X- new Ultimates battled the Squadron
Mjolnir, Asgardian Lore, History and Men members Storm and Colossus, Supreme when they destroyed the roof
Trivia, Psychiatry and First aid. finding the latter's strength matched of the Baxter Building. After the battle
his own. When Norman Osborn's "Six" Thor used his hammer to teleport the
Contacts: attacked the White House, Thor helicarrier with the team to the
The Ultimates, The Fantastic Four and defeated fellow lightning wielder Supremeverse. There he engaged
the X-Men. Electro. He also helped the Ultimates Hyperion in combat, but was defeated
and Fantastic Four gather information by the former's superior speed.
Running Thor: about the world destroyer Gah Lak However, Thor gained the upper hand
Thor has a loud, but happy and calm, Tus. against Hyperion felling him with a
personality. He is not hesitant about huge bolt of lightning then severely
expressing his views, but never does it Thor met (or hallucinated) fellow beating him with Mjolnir. He also
in an aggressive manner. He is aware Asgardian warrior Volstagg the knocked out Zarda as she attempts to
of how imposing he can be, but usually Voluminous, who warned that Thor's stop him beating Hyperion. He formed
tries to soften it unless it’s needed. He evil half-brother Loki had escaped from a romantic relationship with Valkyrie,
is deeply committed to his mission on the "room without doors," and that the who had mysteriously gained
Earth, and in trying to get people to Ultimates were pawns of the New superhuman powers. He started
see beyond their own personal World Order. Quitting the Ultimates in speaking in a Shakespearean pattern,
concerns. He prefers finding non- protest after they began operating because with his godhood no longer in
violent solutions to problems, but, if left uninvited in foreign countries, Thor doubt he no longer felt he had to hide
with no other alternative, will solve was publicly accused by Captain his true speaking patterns. He had a
them with brute force. He is even- America of leaking team secrets. Thor collection of weapons which were a gift
tempered, and accepting of people’s later intervened to protect protestors from Odin forged by Ulik the troll. The
disbelief of his claims to godhood. He from police at an Italian demonstration ax/hammer weapon was among them.
rarely gets upset, and it is usually only against the European Defence Thor aided the team when the
when groups take violent actions Initiative's super-soldier program. Brotherhood of Mutants attacked their
based on short-sighted self-interest. Persuaded by Gunnar Golmen that mansion. He later traveled to the
Thor was simply a madman using Savage Land with the Ultimates to
History: stolen technology, the Ultimates and confront Magneto. He once again
He claims he is the legendary Norse the E.D.I. hunted down Thor in battled Magneto, but was quickly
thunder deity Thor, sent to Earth by his Norway, attacking him despite his defeated an buried near the center of
father Odin. Official records say he is claims that Gunnar was actually Loki in the Earth. Thor attempted to confront
Thorlief Golmen, who stole his disguise. Thor held his own until Magneto again, but Magneto used his
scientist brother Gunnar Golmen's Quicksilver removed his belt, depriving powers to take his hammer from him
super-soldier technology after suffering him of his powers. He was then moved and then left. Following this Thor
a nervous breakdown. Both accounts to the same holding cell that Bruce begins using a sword.
agree that he believed he was different Banner had previously occupied.
from an early age, but only came to When Loki and the Liberator's Before Ultimatum started by Magneto,
believe he was Thor after suffering a attacked, the Ultimates realized that Thor was comfortable in the Ultimates
nervous breakdown just before turning Loki had been deceiving them. The new Headquarters, which was in Tony
30, spending the next 18 months in an Scarlet Witch then summoned Thor Stark's penthouse. During battle
asylum. After discovering (or stealing, from his cell to finish off Loki. Loki tried practice, a huge wave covered the
as the case may be) his powers, Thor again to warp reality to make Thor mansion. Thor survived, but Valkyrie
began spreading his message of social appear insane, but because the was thrown all the way to Liberty
change through lecture tours and Ultimates' faith in Thor had been Island, where Thor found her dead.
books. He initially refused to join the restored, his powers didn't work. As a Thor traveled to Valhalla. There he
Ultimates, but did help them subdue last-ditch effort, Loki summoned the found both Valkyrie and Captain
the monstrous Hulk after the U.S. beasts of Asgard to attack the America, and sacrificed himself to
President met Thor's demand of Ultimates. Thor then called on his revive them. Thor remained in
doubling the U.S.'s foreign aid budget. father, Odin, who sent reinforcements Valhalla. While a resident of Valhalla,
Thor began working with the Ultimates in the form of the Knights of Asgard, to among fighting the spawn of Hela, he
thereafter, forming a fast friendship aid the Ultimates in their fight. While demanded knowledge of a way to
with teammate Tony Stark (Iron Man). the Ultimates fought the monsters, return to life, to which Hela offered a
He helped the Ultimates in their Thor battled Loki, and eventually solution, she wanted an heir to her
attempt to recruit Hawk-Owl; though banished him back to Asgard. throne. Thor holds up his end of the
Thor declined fulltime Ultimates duty, bargain and demands his return to
he reliably aided the team against With the battle over, Thor tells the Earth however Hela tells him that
serious threats. He helped defeat the Ultimates that the planet is now under according to Odin's laws another must
extraterrestrial Chitauri invasion force, his protection. With the team now die, if he is to leave. Enraged, Thor
and neutralized a Chitauri doomsday knowing that he is truly a God, Thor states that it will be her death that will
weapon which would have destroyed rejoins the now government- release him but Hela revealed that she
the solar system. After failing to independent team once more. Thor, was pregnant and asked Thor if he
would kill his unborn child. This baffles "became" Valhalla, being able to see the Infinity Gems she had been
Thor since the conception of the child the ghost of the dead Asgardians, gathering along Thor, the mysterious
occurred only the night before but Hela such as Odin, Loki, and others, who Kang freed both Hulk and Reed
declares that time passes differently in apparently also acts as his awareness, Richards from the Triskelion, stole the
Valhalla. Months after the Ultimatum helping him. Following these events, Gems and formed along them and
Wave, Loki sought an opportunity to Thor moved into Stark Tower with Quicksilver the Dark Ultimates. The
attack Midgard again. He, along with Jane Foster. Thor remains at Stark Ultimates barely escaped, but Captain
Amora and an army of Dragons and Tower and helps Tony Stark build a America decided to be left behind in
Trolls, attacked New York. During this machine that Stark believes will defeat order to stop the villains, although he
time, Thor was imprisoned in Valhalla Richards. However, before they can was defeated. While Reed was
and was seduced by Hela, saying she finish this S.H.I.E.L.D., under new remolding the world to his shape and
wanted a son. Thor gave in but command, attacks the two and the Ultimates struggled to face the
demanded to be returned to Earth, but attempts to place them under arrest. Dark Ultimates, Thor faced the Hulk,
Hela informs him an Asgardian life Thor and Stark fight them off and but was defeated and imprisoned in
must be taken for his to be returned. decide to take the fight to Richards the Negative Zone along with Captain
The New Ultimates fought in vein until and set off to speak with the President America and Hawkeye. All three of
Loki managed to kill Valkyrie, allowing to form a plan of attack. Along the way them were rescued by Iron Man,
the death needed for Thor to return to Thor drops Stark off with Susan Storm whose consciousness survived
Earth. Enraged, Thor attacks Loki as to have her exam his tumor and also electronically after Reed Richards left
well as the New Ultimates. Eventually recruit her for the final assault against him to die in order to retrieve one of
Valkyrie, now serving Hela, appeared the Children of Tomorrow. After they the gems from Tony's brain, as he
and slew Loki. She kissed Thor and speak with the president Tony is managed to hack a H.E.R.B.I.E. Tron
convinced him that she was once turned over to Richards and the in order to use it to free the captive
human so in her honor he should Children so they can torture/dissect his Ultimates from the Negative Zone.
continue protecting Earth. Thor then brain. Before they can begin their
joins the New Ultimates and vows to procedures Stark's brain tumor, The Ultimates finally confronted an
once again be Earth's protector. Anthony, makes friends with the City out-numbered Reed along with the
and turns the children against Howling Commandos, but the Maker's
Reed Richards returned to Earth and Richards. At this point Reed injects the cavalry arrived in the form of Kang
founded an organization called Hulk with Pym's giant man serum and wielding the final gem, who also
Children of Tomorrow, a group of sets him loose on the city. Susan revealed herself as being the Sue
evolved humans with the aim of Storm appears before the Hulk and Storm from a near future. During a
dominating the world, building their blinds him with her powers and a furious battle against Reed Richards
base called the Dome. The Dome's helmet she was wearing. Thor then and his Ultimates, Tony managed to
interior ages at an accelerated rate comes from out of the skies and build Thor a new and more powerful
compared to the outside world. Over knocks Hulk out cold. The aftermath of suit and Mjolnir using The Maker's
900 years have passed inside the this battle shows Richards captured by technology. Later, Stark managed to
Dome, so their inhabitants evolved to Susan and Hulk turned over to acquire the Infinity Gems and depower
perfect super-humans. The EUSS S.H.I.E.L.D. Thor is seen mourning in The Maker. When he was about to
attacked the Dome with Captain Asgard, where he gets a phone-call face Richards, an immense flux of
Britain, Captain Spain and Captain from Tony, who asks him for help. energy echoed through time and
France along with Thor. The heroes Thor answers the call and heads to space and the Gems were destroyed.
were subdued by the enemies and New Mexico, where he helps Iron Man Kang stated that what she tried to
some of them were killed, draining and Captain America put down a prevent just happened, and she left
their powers. After examining Thor, rogue Sentinel. Later, he helps taking stating she would try to go back further
Richards, now called the Maker, sent back Texas by taking out heavy armor. in time. Unknown to them, the flux of
the Children for the source of power of It is in that mission that he sees energy had brought a powerful being
Thor, leading them to Asgard. After Asgardian gold being used by the known as Galactus from another
killing every Asgardian God, the short-lived republic's leaders. Hydra, universe to this one, and it started
Children drained the power of led by Modi, Thor's lost son, attacked approaching Earth. The Ultimates
Yggdrasil, leaving Thor powerless. Project Pegasus in Wyoming as the faced Galactus with the loss of Captain
After Iron Man rescued Thor, he ultimate objective to conquer the America, but managed to defeat the
provided Odinson with an upgraded country. Along numerous allies and cosmic entity and exile it to the
version of his Super-Soldier armor, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Ultimates managed to Negative Zone, saving Earth.
with which Thor teleported to the defeat Hydra and Modi, who had to be However, Thor had to join Galactus in
Dome in search of vengeance. There, killed by Thor. Thor later joined the his exile as he had to push the cosmic
he rescued Captain Britain, but was Ultimates' ally Invisible Woman in the entity into the portal.
defeated by the Children, and the search of mysterious powerful gems
Maker showed himself as Reed similar to the one found in Modi's When the Multiverse was destroyed
Richards, with the condition of deliver scepter. and recreated in the form of
that message. Also, a new ability Battleworld, so was Thor, but with a
emerged to Thor, being the last During a meeting, in which Invisible new name: Thunderer Thorlief. In
Asgardian alive, he apparently Woman informed S.H.I.E.L.D. about some point in time, he joined the Thor
Corps, and became known as the same time the Jane Foster of the
Ultimate Thor for the arrest of thirteen universe previous to Battleworld was
Hulks in one night, and having solved rallying her fellow Thors against God
the "Mangog murders." His partner Emperor Doom's lies. The Rune and
was Stormbreaker Ray. His most the Destroyer Thors were defeated,
recent case was the homicide of five and Thorlief, along with the Thor Corps
different women in different domains, proceeded to raid Doom's Castle,
who were revealed all to be different seemingly perishing in the process.
versions of the same person. After the restoration of the Multiverse,
Stormbreaker Ray was fatally injured Thor's hammer appeared in Earth-616
in the Kingdom of Manhattan by an and crashed into Asgard. Thor himself
unknown enemy right after getting a tip would later resurface in his own native
on the identity of the woman from Loki, universe, which was eventually
but he managed to tell her name to brought back to existence together
Thorlief in his death bed: Jane Foster. with the rest of the Multiverse.
After mourning for their fallen brother,
the Thor Corps proceeded to comb
through Battleworld for any suspects,
any person capable of killing a Thor.
Ultimate Thor investigated a Jane
Foster from the Kingdom of
Manhattan, and found her possessions
had been taken by an ex-member of
the Thor Corps known as Thor the
Unworthy. Ultimate Thor was unable to
get information from Thor the
Unworthy as he was called by his
brother after finding a new victim, a
hammer salesman named Donald
Blake. Before the investigation could
begin, Ultimate Thor pinned down
Loki, who was found roaming the
crime scene. During the interrogation,
Loki claimed to not have murdered the
Jane Fosters or Donald Blakes. Loki
stated he has simply moved the bodies
so they could be left for the Thor Corps
to find. Ultimate Thor later followed
Loki's directions to the place where a
mass grave for Jane Fosters and
Donald Blakes was found, the
Deadlands. When he was investigating
the corpses, Thorlief was struck from
behind by the Rune Thor, one of his
least amicable peers, who admitted to
have killed Beta Ray while he left
Thorlief beaten at the mercy of the
zombies of the Deadlands. However,
he was unexpectedly saved by Thor
the Unworthy.

The two of them rushed back to

Doomgard in order to stop the
villainous Thors, who were about to
get rid of Loki. It was revealed the
Rune Thor had murdered the Jane
Fosters and Donald Blakes for the
sake of Doctor Doom's doctrine,
possibly because most Jane Fosters
and Donald Blakes from alternate
universes were closely tied to their
respective Thors. A furious battle took
place in the halls of Doomgard, at the
* Self Sustenance: Through an her, but at some point, Loriel
Asgardian Gods enchantment, Aldrif can go without mysteriously disappeared, leaving no
food, water, or oxygen with Unearthly trace behind. Angela eventually
(100) ability. became the Leader of the Hunt and
went to live in her own manor. When a
Angela Siriana of the Aesir's Wedding monster attacked the Temple of the
Aldrif Odinsdottir Dress: This enchanted dress Anchorites, Angela was tasked to kill
prevented Heimdall from observing the beast, and would have been killed
F Mn (75) Health: 250 Siriana anywhere in the 10 realms. by it if not for one of the Anchorites,
A Am (50) * Invisible to Heimdall: Unearthly (100). Sera. As payment for Sera's aid,
S Am (50) Karma: 80 * Body Armor: Increases her ability to Angela got her out of the temple she
E Mn (75) Remarkable (30) . lived in as she wanted, and took her to
R Ex (20) Resources: In * Flight: Through artifical wings, Aldrif live with her in her manor. While
I Rm (30) can fly at Amazing (50). hunting a fugitive in the Scintilant
P Rm (30) Popularity: 30 * Self Sustenance: Through an Sylvanias, Angela and Sera were
enchantment, Aldrif can go without confronted by a Hierophant of the
Known Powers: food, water, or oxygen with Unearthly Temple of the Anchorites. The
Body Armor: Excellent (20) (100) ability. Hierophant wanted to return Sera to
Invulnerability: Cl1000. her place as an Anchorite in the
Retarded Aging: She ages 1 year for Talents: Temple, and even offered information
every 100. She may be killed normally. Weapon Specialist: Xiphos and the about what became of Loriel, in
Allspeak: She may communicate in Blades of Ichor, Sharp Weapons, exchange for Sera, but Angela refused
any language of the 9 realms. Marksman, Thrown Weapons, Thrown the offer and attacked the deity
Regeneration: Amazing (50) ability. Objects, Blunt weapons, Martial Arts instead. Defeated, the Hierophant
A, B, D and E, Heven Lore, History vanished, vowing to take revenge on
Limitations: and Trivia. Asgardian Lore, History Angela for defying the Temple.
The Angels are extremely materialist and Trivia. Aerial Combat. Confused, Sera asked why Angela
and selfish. No reward which is not didn't take the deal and Angela swore
material has worth for them. They Contacts: she would never let her set foot in a
consider concepts like honor Loriel, Sera, Odin, Freyja, Thor, Loki, Hell like that again. Afterwards, Angela
meaningless. Balder (all strained). kissed Sera, finally recognizing her
love for her.
Equipment: Running Angela:
Xiphos the Sword of the Stars: A Angela, due to her upbringing has little After many adventures through the
sword acquired by Angela under in the way of feelings or emotions Endworlds, Angela saw Sera die at the
unknown circumstances. Class 1000 where others are concerned. In most hand of one of their enemies. Angela
material, Amazing (50) damage. interactions between her and others, it tried anything and everything to bring
comes with a barter for services Sera back to life, but all was in vain.
Ichors: 'the Blades of Ichor', this liquid rendered and if there isn't money Some time later, Angela was pulled
metal weapon that can take the form of involved, she won't be moved or out from Heven into the realm of
any bladed weapon. Unearthly (100) influenced by attempts to play on her Midgard as a result of the fracturing of
material, Unearthly (100) damage. emotions. space and time derived from
* Split into two swords: Unearthly (100) Wolverine's attempt to prevent Ultron's
material, Amazing (50) damage. History: rise to power by traveling back in time.
* Whip: Unearthly (100) material, Aldrif Odinsdottir was the first born of After Angela was brought to the realm
Amazing (50) damage. 5 area range. It Odin and Freyja, and heir to the of Midgard, she made her way towards
can be used to grab or grapple targets Asgardian throne. When Heven waged Earth to take revenge on whoever had
at Unearthly (100) ability. war on Asgard, the Queen of Angels brought her there. She was angry,
kidnapped Aldrif in an attempt to confused, and unaware as to why she
Angelic Ribbons: psychically blackmail Odin into surrendering. He had been pulled out of her home
connected, they're capable of refused, and the Queen seemingly dimension. She appeared on the
strangling or cutting. Unearthly (100) killed Aldrif before fleeing. Following Guardians of the Galaxy's Earth signal.
material, Incredible (40) grappling or this event, Odin used his powers to cut Gamora intercepted the call and
edged damage. Heven from the other Nine Realms attacked Angela. The rest of the
and Yggdrasill. After the Queen of Guardians managed to defeat her, and
Heven Armor: The suit of armor worn Angels ordered the corpse of the baby she was captured. After an
by the Angels of Heven is made of to be disposed, the queen's interrogation, during which Angela
Unearthly materials and grants: handmaiden Loriel, who was tasked to spoke of her home and people, Angela
* Body Armor: Increases her ability to do this, discovered it was still alive, claimed that she was only heading to
Remarkable (30) . and raised her as one of the Angels Earth because she wanted to see it for
* Flight: Through artificial wings, from under the name of Angela. Angela was herself. The Guardians realized they
the queen of Heven, Aldrif can fly at always mocked for being wingless and actually incited the fight, freed Angela
Excellent (20). always sought her mother to comfort and accompanied her to explore Earth.
playing cards with her friends, Angela with Sera, but realized that Sera wasn't
Angela sensed the reopening of Heven heard something and repeated it, Sera at all and threatened her with her
to the other Nine Realms by the hand inadvertently calling the Dísir to the iron sword. Then, "Sera" revealed
of Thor and Loki, and returned to her Guardians' ship. A fierce battle ensued herself to be the Dark Elf Malekith the
home. She found an exhausted Thor between the Guardians and the former Accursed. Angela demanded answers
having fought the Angels, and Valkyries of Bor. The battle ended with so Malekith suggested a deal: if she
proceeded to defeat him in combat, all the Dísir left in pieces (literally) and promised she wouldn't tell anyone
however, he was kept alive under the with Brün revealing to the Guardians about his involvements on this event,
counsel of Loki, who had sided with that Angela had kidnapped the baby he would tell her how he knew
the Angels as their "Mistress of Sera was carrying. With the Guardians everything about Sera; Angela
Strategies". While Loki led an Angel demanding answers, Angela explained accepted. Malekith then told her that
fleet to Asgard, under the false that Odin and Freyja laid together in he found Sera imprisoned in Hel after
pretense to help them destroy it, Thor the realm between realms, where Odin he discovered about the Tenth Realm
escaped captivity and engaged once imprisoned Surtur when he threatened and the curse Freyja cast upon the
again Angela in combat. This time to burn everything. The child had three Angels, a curse that sent the Angels'
Thor gained the upper hand and parents, Surtur being the third. Angela souls to Hel after their death to suffer
prepared to kill her. Their fight was needed to take the child to Heven so eternally. Sera told her history to him
interrupted by the arrival of Odin, who they would save all reality from burning and he took advantage of it to
had been liberated by Loki from his again. The Guardians didn't believe impersonate her and make Angela aid
self-exile in Asgard. Odin recognized her, until the baby transformed herself him on his quest to conquer all the Ten
Angela as his daughter, and offered into a fire demon and burned Groot Realms, which got threatened by the
her to join him and the rest of the down. The Guardians took them to existence of Laussa. With his problem
Asgardians, Angela refused, as she Heven, where they were attacked by solved, Malekith vanished with a grin,
was raised to think Asgardians were Angels and Asgardians, who had leaving Angela thinking about her next
her enemies, but couldn't stay in discovered what Angela was up to quest: rescue Sera from Hel.
Heven due to the Angels rejecting her through the Dísir and went to wage
for her lineage. With no place to go, war on Heven again. An enraged Angela fought her way through Hel to
Angela set to explore the other realms. Odinson battled Angela over the fate find her lover. Upon reaching the North
While she was hunting riches at night of their sister and they battled. The Wing of Hel, Angela was attacked by
in the ruins of a palace, Angela was battle only ended when a pillar almost an unknown individual who cast a spell
approached by what seemed to be her fell on the baby and Angela protected on her that forced her to relive the
lost lover Sera. Confused, Angela tried her with her own body. Seeing she memory of the day a Hierophant tried
to kill her thinking it was some kind of didn't want to hurt her own sister, to take Sera back to the Temple of the
creature wanting to play with her mind, Odinson helped Angela to get above Anchorites. Angela soon broke free of
but she was convinced by her that it the city's furnace, and then she threw the spell and proceeded to search for
was indeed Sera who was there by her sister into it. Sera. Suddenly, Angela heard
making Angela ask three questions someone singing and followed the
only she was able to answer and Furious by what Angela had just done, familiar voice until she found its owner:
answering them correctly. When Odinson punched her on the face, but Sera. Desperate to finally reunite with
Angela asked Sera how she came she quickly recovered from it and, Sera, Angela broke her cell's lock and
back to life, she wasn't able to answer. claiming she was paying the debt of kissed her passionately, but to her
her existence to Heven by reigniting its surprise, Sera fiercely attacked her for
After the birth of her younger sister, engine with Surtur's fire, leapt into the breaking her vow. Angela apologized
Angela went to Asgardia and furnace to rescue her sister. With for it and said she would do anything
kidnapped her, escaping through Surtur's power siphoned from her, to take Sera out of Hel, but her soul
teleportation to Limbo. However, Angela's sister was starting to get her already belonged there, making it
Angela was followed by a group of skin burned when Angela came to impossible for her to be alive again, no
Asgardians, led by her now unworthy save her. She used the metal from her matter where she went to. The only
brother, Odinson. While she kept them dress' wings to envelope and protect way to save Sera would be changing
at bay, Sera cast a spell that allowed the girl, and, as she couldn't fly the rules of Hel, but to change them,
them to escape to Midgard, and then anymore, she walked through the Angela had to overthrow Hela.
to Vanaheim when the Asgardians furnace's fire to get through its door, However, if Angela wanted to succeed,
discovered their whereabouts thanks located on its base, which was opened she had to pass through three trials to
to Heimdall. After dealing with a group by her allies. Heavily burned, Angela, acquire enough power to beat Hela in
of Dark Elves, Angela was guided by along with Sera, was taken prisoner by her own domain. Angela was helped
Sera to the ruins of the Temple of Freyja, who commanded the by Sera in defeating the hordes of the
Union, which symbolized the end of Asgardian army to retreat and took dead and get to the first trial, which
the Aesir/Vanir War, so she could get them back to Asgardia. After the All- was fear. With the assistance of the
Siri's wedding dress, the one thing Mother told her her sister's name person who cast a spell on her earlier,
Heimdall couldn't see through. With it, (Laussa) and the All-Father released Angela was able to overcome her fear
Angela took Sera and her sister to the her, Angela, who had received a mark and defeat the Fear Avatar, becoming
Moon, where the Guardians of the on the palm of her hand which means a Corival, an official challenger for
Galaxy were waiting for them. While "traitor", prepared to leave Asgardia Hel's throne, and gaining control over
fear. Afterwards, Angela was the Faustian Queen ended up in their Balder - God of light, warrior-god
introduced by Sera to the person who universe after the death and rebirth of Balder Odinson
helped her on the first trial, Leah of the Multiverse, and after many years
Hel. trapped in the Realm of Faerie, the F In (40) Health: 160
Faustian Queen went mad and started A Ex (20)
To get to the second trial, Angela, punishing the wicked. With no other S Am (50) Karma: 80
Sera and Leah had to pass through a option, Angela, Thor, Sera, Leah and E Am (50)
whirlwind and pay with a memory of Thori confronted the Faustian Queen. R Gd (10) Resources: Ex
theirs. Needing an army, Angela With the group overpowered, Leah I Ex (20)
engaged the Angel Meresyn - the very saw herself forced to make a deal with P Am (50) Popularity: 80
first living being Angela killed - in Faustia to save the lives of her friends.
combat to convince the other enslaved In return for seven years, Leah would Known Powers:
Angels to help her against Hela. After free Faustia from her curse, give her a Immortality
winning the fight without killing new place in this new universe and Regeneration: Cl1000
Meresyn again, Angela went against reunite her with Lady Serah. Faustia Self-Sustenance: Cl1000 rank
her nature, allowing her to pass the accepted the deal and thus gave them True Invulnerability: Cl1000 rank
second trial, that was chaos, which seven years to live. Back to the Invulnerability to Disease: Cl1000
was now under her control. With an present, Faustia confronted Leah to Allspeak: Through an enchantment he
army by their side, Angela, Sera and make her fulfill her part of the bargain. may communicate in any language of
Leah prepared to continue their quest Keeping her word, Leah took Faustia the 9 realms.
when they were confronted by Balder to Elysium, turned her into the queen Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for
the Brave, Tyr the God of War and of the dead Angels of Heven, and every 100. Outside of Asgard, he can
Skurge the Executioner, guardians of reunited her with her beloved Lady be killed normally.
Hela. After defeating Hela's enforcers Serah. After the incident, Leah decided
and what seemed to be her she had to go to discover what was As the god of light, Balder has.
grandfather Bor, Angela and Sera had next for her and departed with Thori. Light Emission: Amazing (50)
to pass the third trial, which was pain, Three days later, while on a tour Heat Emission: Amazing (50)
both having to experience a life in through New York City, Angela Danger Sense: Balder is linked in
which Angela never met Sera. Soon proposed a deal to Sera: to love each some unknown fashion to Thor and
after passing the test, Angela was other as long as they had each other can sense if he is in danger no matter
attacked by Hela and her army.[19] In to love; which Sera happily accepted. where he is at Incredible (40)
the ensuing battle, Angela used the
powers she had acquired in the trials Angela was kidnapped by the Limitations:
to overpower Hela and her army, and Brotherhood of Badoon as the Badoon Balder may be harmed or killed by
managed to defeat her. Taking Hela's needed more unique power sources in weapons using mistletoe wood.
place as the new queen of Hel, Angela order to reach their goal, which was Mistletoe completely negates his
pardoned Hela for her crimes against filling the void left by the destruction of Regeneration and Invulnerability.
her sisters; broke the curse Freyja cast the Kree and Skrull Empires. After
upon the Angels of Heven and gave discovering this, Gamora assembled Equipment:
them a sundered part of Hel as their the Guardians to rescue Angela from Balder's Swords: Cl1000 sword crafted
new resting place; freed Leah from her the Badoon, as well as the many other by the Dwarves of Nidavellir, Unearthly
fate; and gave Sera's life back to her. prisoners of the planet prison she was (100) damage. It has these abilities:
Angela then abdicated her role as taken to. After being rescued by * The Sword can split into two
queen, leaving Balder as the new Gamora and Drax, Angela went to separate swords of Shift-Z (500)
regent of Hel to keep her new laws, Moord with them and the rest of the material, Amazing (50) damage with
and, after Meresyn told her that she Guardians, along with the numerous each taking two of the following
discovered Loriel was alive, Angela aliens freed by them, to take the powers.
went to live with Sera, Leah and Thori Brotherhood of Badoon down and * Dimensional travel: Balder and 5
in New York City. rescue Peter Quill, who had been people can transport to and from
captured by them and setenced to die anywhere in the 10 realms at Amazing
When strange murders started in battle against the Monsters of (50) ability
happening in New York, Angela was Badoon. Their battle ended when * Summoning: The Sword can be
confronted by the new Thor, who Angela decapitated their remaining summoned from anywhere within the
thought Angela had something to do leader and menaced to bring about all 10 realms on an Amazing (50) feat.
with it. After Sera stopped their fight, of Asgard's fury upon them if they * Summoning, part 2: Balder can, by
she explained to them that the strange didn't surrender and fix what they had Odin's will, summon Thor from
incidents were connected to "The done wrong. Midgard to the foot of the Bifrost bridge
Faustian Queen", an enchanted play with Amazing (50) ability.
created by an alternate version of * Animal Communication: Balder can
herself to immortalize the Witch Hunter form a bond with animals he is
Angela, who slew the Enchantress and charged to protect or given use of at
was cursed with her power, becoming Amazing (50) ability.
the Faustian Queen. Both the play and
Talents: Balder was so distraught that he The Destroyer
Weapon Specialist: Swords (Singular resolved never to speak of this incident
or duel wielded), Asgardian lore, or of her again. These experiences of F Un (100) Health: 3275
Equestrian, Scholar of Tactics, warfare death led Balder to forswear the life of A Mn (75)
and combat (+3 C/S) a warrior and tried to forget his misery S Un (100) Karma: 100
through eating, growing considerably E Cl3000
Contacts: fat. He rode to the desert to die, but R N/A Resources: N/A
Asgardian Gods, Beta Ray Bill encountered the Norns, three I N/A
goddesses who oversaw the workings P Un (100) Popularity: -100
Running Balder: of destiny. The Norns gave Balder a
Balder is an adventurous god who vision that restored his faith, and he KNOWN POWERS:
enjoys battling alongside his friends. rode back to Asgard, eventually losing Dimension Travel: Amazing (50)
This is tempered by his strong sense his excessive weight as he became a Disintegration: Cl1000, 5 area range.
of responsibility towards friends and warrior again. Balder fought in all the Can be used every other turn. Living
Asgardian society. Balder rarely leaves recent battles of Asgard, including one targets may attempt a Red Endurance
Asgard unless a friend or task requires against the demon Surtur, in which he FEAT to avoid disintegration; but still
his aid. Balder is a former lover of Sif needed to seek out the aid of the suffers damage.
but he feels no enmity towards her sorceress Karnilla. During a time when Disruption: Cl1000 can affect uru.
other lovers, Thor and Beta Ray Bill. Odin had departed Asgard, Balder Elemental Conversion: Class 1000
became the ruler of Asgard. Balder Fire Generation: Class 1000
History: was killed during the final Ragnarok by Heat: Class 1000
Balder the Brave was one of the an army wielding mistletoe-tipped Hyper-Strength: Normally the
Asgardians, an extra-dimensional race spears. Destroyer possesses strength equal to
of beings once worshiped by the Unearthly (100) rank or that of the
Vikings and Germans, as well as half- Balder's spirit was pushed into the animating life force's, whichever is
brother and close friend to Thor. Due Destroyer by Loki and attacked Thor greater. When several life forces
to prophecies that Balder's death who was searching for the missing animate the Destroyer, the resulting
would help trigger the coming of Asgardians. He was restored by Thor life force has the total of all those
Ragnarok, the destruction of Asgard along with Loki and resided in Asgard beings' strengths.
and its inhabitants, Odin, ruler of Oklahoma. Balder replaced Thor as Kinetic Blast: Cl1000
Asgard, commanded his wife Frigga to Lord of Asgard due to the sinister Levitation: Amazing (50) rank
make Balder invulnerable to harm. plans of Loki during the Dark Reign, Magnetic Generation: Sh-Y (200)
Before he allowed her to cast the and was convinced to move the Matter Control:
spells, however, he accused Balder of Asgardians to Latveria, the domain of * Liquefaction of solids
treason, because during a battle with Doctor Doom, where they were placed * Solidification of liquids or gases
the Storm Giants, he had deserted the at his mercy. Until the prompt arrival of * Density alteration
fight to put a bird who had fallen from Thor who brutally bested Dr. Dooms Mind Transferal: Monstrous (75) rank;
its nest, back with its mother. Odin Destroyer freeing the Asgardian's held a Psyche FEAT of Monstrous (75) rank
ordered his brothers Tyr and Honir to prisoner including Balder. Once again to avoid being drawn in.
shoot arrows and throw lances at ruler of Asgard yet broken in spirit Molding: Cl1000
Balder, but the projectiles were Balder attempted to abdicate the Molecular Conversion: Cl1000
stopped by an eagle and a plant. throne. Thor convinced him not to. Plasma Generation: Sh-Z (500) blasts
Seeing that Balder did not flinch, Odin When the threat of the world eaters that do heat and kinetic damage.
was content that Balder was the ensued over the nine realms Balder True Invulnerability: Cl3000
bravest in all of Asgard and decided to did not pursue any action despite the .
grant him the invulnerability. encroaching threat. Forcing Thor to Weakness:
resurrect Odin after which Balder If the animating life force's body is
Frigga cast spells that would protect departed Asgard with Tyr. Intent on threatened, the animating force may
Balder form harm by any living or dying a warriors death to atone for the surrender and return to it. If that body
inanimate thing while he was in the sins of failing to protect Asgard. is slain, the animating life force dies. In
Asgardian dimension; however, Balder Defeating many of the world eaters either case, the Destroyer is rendered
remained vulnerable to mistletoe. Loki, including Thane the prince of the Ano- inanimate again.
the god of mischief, learned of the Athnox before falling to their deaths.
prophecies and vulnerability, and Later after the defeat and banishment Running the Destroyer:
tricked the blind god Hoder into firing of the Athnox to the limbo in the world The Destroyer is a tool and NPC rather
an arrow tipped with mistletoe wood at tree Balder's vengeful spirit is present than an independent character. Due to
Balder. Odin prevented Balder from along with Tyr. its programming, the Destroyer tends
actually dying, but when he was finally to make whoever animates it a
restored to life, his hair had turned berserker.
white as a result from his experiences
in Hel. Later, Balder's beloved, Nanna,
sacrificed herself to save Balder from
entrapment in marriage to Karnilla, and
History: believed that the Celestials would Destroyer was, it proved unable to
The Destroyer is an enchanted suit of destroy humanity at that time should inflict even the slightest damage
armor in humanoid form which, when humanity fail their judgment. Since a against the gathered Celestials. The
animated by the life force of a sentient god without worshippers was dead, the Celestials reduced the armor to slag
being, exercises immense powers gods decided to defend Earth against and set adrift the Asgardian life forces.
which make it virtually invincible. the Celestials but faced the problem Arishem, leader of the Celestials on
Created over a thousand years ago by that even one Celestial was more Earth, then melted the Odin sword into
Odin, lord of Asgard, to be that realm's powerful than their assembled might. apparent nothingness (in truth the
ultimate weapon, it is composed of an Therefore Odin designed the sword has since been recreated and
unknown metal of Asgardian origin Destroyer as a weapon against the resides again in Asgard). However,
enchanted by Odin to be even harder impending Fourth Host. Upon its, Odin, Gaea, the Eider Goddess of Earth,
than adamantium or uru. No one can Zeus, and the other patriarch gods persuaded the Celestials to deliver a
physically wear or dismantle the armor bestowed a fraction of their powers favorable judgment on the Earth by
of the Destroyer. In order to utilize the upon it, providing it with great strength revealing the earth goddesses' legacy,
armor, the would be user projects his and powers. Once the Third Host left, the Young Gods. Thor, with the
life force into the its shell, leaving the Odin concealed the armor within a assistance of Earth's other pantheons,
user's true body comatose in a state of temple he built concealed in a plateau was able to resurrect Odin, who in turn
magical suspended animation. Usually in far-off Indochina. In this way he restored the other Asgardians to life.
the transference is achieved when a hoped to keep it beyond the reach of
willing subject stands within an arm's any who would misuse the armor's Years later, the Destroyer was
reach of the armor. Masters of mystical powers. reactivated by Siggorth, a Frost Giant.
powers, such as Loki or Odin, can The Destroyer discovered the
make the transfer at greater distances. The Destroyer remained inert until comatose remains of Thor, who at the
shortly before the appearance of the time was under a spell of Hela's that
The Destroyer was mystically Fourth Host. However, Loki, seeking a rendered him incapable of either
endowed with its own intelligence and means of vengeance against Thor, healing or dying. Thor had been
personality. Further, it was destroyed the plateau and arranged for reduced to a pulpy mass after a battle
programmed by Odin to battle and, if Buck Franklin, a hunter, to unwittingly with Jormungard, the Midgard Serpent.
possible, destroy the first being it sees activate the armor and battle Thor. The Destroyer attempted to
upon activation. Usually the animating After defeating the Destroyer, Thor disintegrate Thor's remains but, when
Life force will be unable to assert his demolished the temple, burying the it failed, it grew intrigued, discovering
sentient control over the Destroyer for armor within. Later, while in exile, the curse and realizing that by
his own purposes, the exceptions Loki projected his consciousness into animating himself with Thor's undying
being Odin, Loki, and Thor. The the Destroyer and used it to life force, it would prove unbeatable in
Destroyer's programming will allow unsuccessfully attack Odin. The battle since no one could threaten
invading life forces to coexist with it if Destroyer was next animated by the Thor's body. The Destroyer ejected
the invader's goals are compatible. goddess Sif, caught in a plot by Loki Siggorth's life force and drew in Thor's.
When animated, the Destroyer and 'Camilla, the Norn Queen. However, Thor's indominable spirit
remains mystically linked to the body Professor Clement Holmes overcame the Destroyer and took
of the person whose life force provides accidentally became the fourth being control of the body. While in the armor,
the animating force, thereby to animate the Destroyer. At this time, Thor invaded Hela's realm and
preventing that body from dying due to Thor was unaware of the Destroyer's wrought havoc, pretending to have lost
the absence of a life force. This body true purpose and, in exchange for control of the armor's actions. When
is, therefore, the sole weakness of the Firelord's freedom, he gave the armor Hela herself was threatened with
Destroyer against any force weaker to Galactus for use as a herald. death, she lifted her curse and
than the Celestials. A spell of sufficient Galactus found the Destroyer useless restored Thor's body to its original
force can reverse the transferal and and did not miss it when Loki stole it, health and form. His plan successful,
render it inanimate again. Because the employing first Balder, then Thor Thor forced her to foreswear taking the
Destroyer is not a living being, it is himself as the animating force. souls of any more of Earth's mortals.
immune to the prohibition that prevents Thor then returned to his own body
anyone who is not worthy from lifting By this time, the long-foretold and promptly sealed the armor within
Thor's enchanted hammer Mjolnir. Fourth Host had arrived and Odin virtually unbreakable crystal so that it
The Destroyer was created to be used decided the time had come to use the could not be reanimated for evil
against the Celestials. Odin Destroyer at last. He drew the life purposes. He also left it in Hela's
encountered the Third Host of the forces of all the Asgardians (with the presence to serve as a reminder of her
Celestials a little over 1,000 years ago exception of the absent Thor) into promise.
when he discovered that the Celestials himself, then projected the combined
intended to return in a thousand years’ Life forces into the armor. The
time when super humans were to Destroyer grew to gigantic size and,
emerge in large numbers on Earth. wielding the enormous Odin sword,
At this time, the Celestials would begin and invaded the Fourth Host's South
their judgment of Earth's fitness to American base. Yet, inconceivably
survive. Odin and the other Earth gods powerful as the fully-activated
The Enchantress charms and feminine perfectness were used her magic to entrap Brunnhilde
Amora of Asgard the only ones who could convince within a mystical crystal of souls. Only
Yggdrasill from giving her the Golden relatively recently was Brunnhilde
F Ex (20) Health: 130 Apples. At some point, she was freed from Amora's spell.
A Ex (20) married to Bragi. On the third era of
S In (40) Karma: 100 Ragnarök, a Frost Giant disguised The Enchantress seduced Skurge the
E Am (50) himself as a mason, and offered to Executioner into assisting her in many
R Gd (10) Resources: Rm repair the great hole in the wall in a of her schemes over the years. But
I In (40) year, in exchange for the Enchantress' while the Executioner was so
P Am (50) Popularity: 20 hand. The gods were outraged, and infatuated with the Enchantress that he
Loki proposed to seal the deal with six would do anything for her, she
Known Powers: months in place of a year, to defeat the continually withheld her favors from
Eldritch Kiss: When she kisses a man, mason, who was allowed only his tool him to keep him in thrall.In her first
she can fill his mind with love and blind and his steed for help. The encounter with Thor after he gained
loyalty. A Psyche FEAT vs. Monstrous Enchantress was not consulted on the his human identity of Don Blake, the
(Asgardians) or Unearthly (Mortals). matter. Facing Odin's wrath at the Enchantress attempted unsuccessfully
This lasts about 1 week, the victim mason soon victory, Loki had to make to seduce Blake, and then ordered the
may make a second FEAT when in the mason fail. He changed into a Executioner to dispose of Jane Foster,
danger of losing karma. mare, distracted the steed, and the the mortal woman whom Thor then
wall was not finished. Angered at his loved. Thor saved Foster and defeated
Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000. defeat and at Loki's suspected both the Enchantress and Executioner.
Retarded Aging: She ages 1 year for treachery, the Frost Giant revealed In the following years the Enchantress
every 100 and may be killed normally. himself, before being killed by Thor. also allied herself with Loki, Baron
Allspeak: Through an enchantment Loki, possibly going through the same Zemo, the Mandarin, and Arkon in
from Odin, she may communicate in history, was eventually banished. He pursuit of her goals of power and
any language of the 9 realms. was approached by a Frost Giant in vengeance upon her enemies. During
Body Armor: Excellent (20). eagle disguise who asked him the her stint with Mandarin Amora and
Enchantress a bride. Loki went to Idun, Skurge attempted to conquer Asia with
Magic: Master Sorceress of Asgardian tricked her into bringing her to Muspel an army if rock trolls. Although creating
Magic with the following spells: to witness Golden Apples similar to a giant to destroy her enemies, Amora
* Magic Detection: Amazing her, but in fact brought her to the Frost and Skurge were defeated by Hercules
* Psionic Detection: Amazing Giant. She became his harem queen and the Scarlet Witch. She was among
* Healing: Remarkable against her will. Deprived from the the many menaces assembled by
* Thought-Casting: Amazing Apples, the Asgardians withered, and Doctor Doom to disrupt the wedding of
* Eldritch Bolts: Remarkable Loki was eventually denounced. He Reed Richards and Susan Storm. She
* Eldritch Shield: Remarkable went to deliver her, but both were and Skurge kidnapped the Hulk to use
* Matter Control: Air, Earth, Fire, saved by the timely arrival of Thor, him and her army of rock trolls to
Water: Remarkable who killed the Frost Giant. Returned to conquer Asgard but they were
* Paralysis: Remarkable Asgard, Enchantress was able to defeated by the Green Goliath. In
* Teleportation: Monstrous deliver the Apples to her fellows. In retaliation Amora killed him, but this
* Dimensional Aperture: Monstrous later Ragnarök cycles, she was act was almost instantly undone by
usurped her role by others, including Odin. Her most frequent adversaries
Talents: Idunn. during these years were Thor and the
Mystic Background, Occult Lore, Avengers. She used one of Zemo's
Alchemy and Seduction. Origin machines to transform one of the
Amora was born somewhere in Baron's mercenaries into the first
Contacts: Asgard, her parentage unknown. While Power Man.
Loki, Thor and the Executioner still in adolescence, she ran away to
the land of the Norns and apprenticed The Enchantress was one of the
Running the Enchantress: herself to Karnilla, one of the most villains abducted by the alien
The Enchantress is a scheming powerful sorceresses in all the Beyonder and forced to battle an
opportunist, but will help others when Asgardian dimension. There she assemblage of heroes on a patchwork
her own plans are in danger. Amora studied all the basic arts of Asgardian planet he had created known as
lives for the attention of males and will magic until Karnilla expelled her for Battleworld. Early on in the conflict
go out of her way to seduce men who being too undisciplined. She picked up known as the Secret Wars, Amora
have struck her fancy. further mystical skills from seducing clashed with the She-Hulk, but was
other Asgardian magi and wizards. easily overpowered by the heroine,
History: Centuries ago, Amora enlisted who was far stronger and more
Through time and the eras of Brunnhilde, leader of Odin's Valkyries, experienced in fighting. The
Ragnarök, the goddess known for her in her plans of conquest. However, unconscious Amora was captured by
astonishing beauty went by several Brunnhilde soon became aware of the heroes and placed in an alien
names, including Freyja, Iduna, Idun, Amora's immoral ends, and sought to medical device to heal her injuries by
Gefn, Mardöll, Enchantress. Her end their partnership. Amora then Reed Richards. Seeking a fellow
Asgardian's perspective on events, battling Surtur, the Enchantress used being locked within the form of a
Thor freed Amora from the device and sorcery to make Lorelei fall in love with mortal woman, managed to manipulate
she teleported them away to another Loki. Despite those examples of Thor into waking many, if not all of the
part of the planet, where she heroism, the Enchantress basically remaining Asgardians. Amora was
attempted to seduce Thor, further remains an opportunist seeking her brought forth, and promptly departed
enchanting her lips to enthrall him. An own ends. She temporarily lost the for some far corner of the earth. Amora
alien creature emerged from the pool Executioner to her rival Casiolena but began manipulating reality by attacking
beside which they sat, however, and defeated her with the aid of the the World Tree, Yggdrasil, in order to
Amora was unable to defend herself Defenders. She also came close to resurrect Skurge and end her
temporarily, having focused her power destroying and remaking reality in her loneliness as she finally realized how
on seducing Thor. Thor saved her from image using the harmonica of destiny, much he meant to her. She was
the beast, and Amora transported but her plans were foiled by the Thing. ultimately thwarted by Thor, Loki, and
them back to the heroes' Finally tiring of the Enchantress's Balder, who convinced her that she
headquarters, which in their absence contemptuous treatment of him, the was hurting the other Nine Worlds with
had been laid waste by her villainous Executioner nobly sacrificed his life on her magic and would only dishonor the
allies. Vastly outnumbered, Thor a mission with Thor into Hel, the realm death of Skurge by resurrecting and
wondered if Amora would aid him of the goddess Hela. Despite the fact releasing him from Valhalla.
against the other villains, but she that Amora had always lead the
turned her back on him, and he was Executioner on, she did genuinely More recently, after the destruction of
apparently killed, though he had grieve for him. Amora developed a Asgard by Norman Osborn and his
actually caused a distraction with his crippling fear of danger as a result of forces, Thor, Steve Rogers and Iron
lightning before escaping. Amora later the death of the Executioner, and took Man were transported through a portal
admitted that she regretted not helping solace with Thor. The two soon and scattered through the Nine
Thor, and losing her chance to be with developed a romantic relationship. Worlds. The Enchantress appeared in
him. The Enchantress also attempted Amora was captured by Frost Giants what appeared to be Vanaheim, where
to seduce the villains' leader Doctor during the chaos of the psychic she told Thor she would have
Doom, even offering to heal his menace Onslaught. She eventually vengeance upon him, setting a group
scarred face, but he rejected her, used her magic to escape and of minions upon him. As Thor fought
knowing from his experience of magic returned to Earth. Discovering Thor back, however, the Enchantress
that such a deal would come with a was missing (he had presumably revealed that Vanaheim and other
price. Later in the conflict, the sacrificed himself to defeat Onslaught), parts of the Nine Worlds had been
Enchantress was approached by her Amora searched for the Asgardian combined and transported into Hel, the
fellow villainess Volcana, who begged gods, who had at this time been turned realm of Hela. As Thor began to fight
the Enchantress to teleport her to the into mortals by Odin's magic. Amora Hela, Amora looked on. When Thor
side of her injured lover the Molecule soon helped the gods to reclaim their was knocked unconscious during the
Man, offering the Enchantress former glory by defeating the fight with Hela, he was surprised on
anything she wanted in return. Volcana machinations of Set. coming to his senses to see Amora
would later regret this, however, as the battling Hela to help him. Hela
Enchantress attempted to use Amora returned to Asgard and also defeated Amora in combat. Later,
Volcana's life-force to transport herself restarted her relationship with Thor. when Thor and his allies marshaled an
back to Asgard. She was interrupted, During Ragnarok, she was killed army to attack Hela, Thor was stabbed
however, by both the Molecule Man during the initial attack by Loki's by Hela with the Twilight Sword, which
and the Lizard. The Lizard slashed the forces. Recently, Thor himself returned she had stolen and used to alter the
Enchantress across the face with his from beyond death, to once again take Nine Worlds. Before Hela could finish
claws. The Enchantress tried to kill the up the mantle of Earth's protector, this Thor off, a cloaked figure appeared
Lizard in retaliation, and managed to time as the Lord of Asgard. He and magically healed Thor before
transport herself home, apparently restored the city of Asgard (currently teleporting him away. This turned out
healing her face soon afterwards. located in central Oklahoma), and to be Amora, who had transported him
awakened many Asgardians, who to his hammer Mjolnir, which he had
The Enchantress' crimes earned her were sleeping within various mortals been separated from. Hela tracked the
Odin's wrath, and she suffered exile scattered across the world. It was two down, and they pressed the attack
from Asgard in the past. However, she Thor's intention to awake only those on her - Thor with his lightning, and
and the Executioner both came to Asgardians whom he deemed noble Amora with a devastating magical
Asgard's aid in its recent war with and trustworthy, while leaving others blast that destroyed part of Hela's face.
Surtur and his legions from (such as Hela and Loki) in their mortal With some help from Iron Man and
Muspelheim. The Enchantress and state, unaware of their true nature. Fafnir, Hela was defeated, and Thor
Executioner joined with the heroes of Apparently he felt that Amora, despite won back the Twilight Sword. Thor
Asgard, and earned the right to stay in her previous heroic acts (and their used the sword to return the Nine
Asgard once again. Amora also romantic liaisons) fell into this Worlds to their previous state, and
became involved with the guardian of 'untrustworthy' category, and he made thanked Amora for her help, assuring
Asgard's Rainbow Bridge, Heimdall. In no particular effort to seek her out. her he would not forget her change in
retaliation for her younger sister Loki, however, having gained some allegiance to help him. After joking that
Lorelei's rude refusal to join her in awareness of his true self despite Thor could give the Twilight Sword to
her, Amora transported Thor, Iron Man The Executioner the halls of Valhalla where to this day
and Steve Rogers back to where they Skurge of Jotunheim he readies himself for battle.
had been taken from, and their waiting
friends. Thor then entrusted the F Mn (75) Health: 245 History:
Twilight Sword to Amora's former lover A Ex (20) Skurge the Executioner was one of
Heimdall. When Thor died at the end S Am (50) Karma: 36 Asgard's greatest warriors. He was
of the Serpent's invasion, Donald E Un (100) born the illegitimate son of a Storm
Blake found himself on his own. With a R Gd (10) Resources: Gd Giant and a Asgardian from
lifetime of false memories and robbed I Ty (6) Skornheim. Later became a warrior,
of the Odinson, which had been the P Ex (20) Popularity: -20 gaining the name Executioner after
center of his life, Blake faced an fighting against the Storm Giants. He
identity crisis. He found Amora in a bar Known Powers: came to Asgard and was seduced by
and made a deal with her, hoping to Body Armor: Remarkable vs. Physical, the Enchantress into assisting her in
become a god once more. She Good Vs. Energy many of her schemes. Although he
pampered and pleasured him, and Resistance to Heat: Incredible was infatuated with the Enchantress
then fed him a Golden Apple, after Resistance to Cold: Excellent and would do anything for her, she
which she cut off his head. Blake's still- Enhanced Vision: Incredible withheld her favors from him. In his
living head looked on in horror as the Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000. first encounter with Thor, Enchantress
blood that spilled from his body turned Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every attempted unsuccessfully to seduce
into the monstrous Keep, who Amora 100. He may still be killed normally. the human Donald Blake, ordered the
took as her lover. They then traveled Allspeak: Through an enchantment Executioner to dispose of Jane Foster,
to Hel, where they found Hela subdued from Odin, may communicate fluently the mortal Thor loved. Thor saved
by the Mares. Keep freed Hela, who in any language of the 9 realms. Foster and defeated them both. The
then allowed them into Asgardia. They Enchantress and Skurge also allied
confronted Thor, Amora taunting him Equipment: themselves with Loki. He sent them to
with Blake's head, but were defeated Blood Axe: The Executioner wielded Midgard to attack Jane Foster. Balder
and banished for good. a double-bladed weapon made of the Brave arrived on Midgard, and
Unearthly material which inflicted quickly found and challenged the
Amora was sent to Norway by Thor,. Amazing (50) Damage. He could throw villainous pair. Balder managed to hold
When Lady Deathstrike and Typhoid it up to 10 areas, but it possessed no his own until Thor arrived causing
Mary went to Norway to recruit Amora enchantment to return to his hand: them to release Jane and flee the
onto their new team, their plan broke * Dimensional Aperture: Amazing (50) scene. Skurge and Amora joined
the Odinforce keeping her powers from to cut through dimensional barriers. Baron Zemo's Masters of Evil. They
her and she agreed to come with * It cuts through space, venting energy recruited Radioactive Man, Melter, and
them. Amora was recruited by from stars (Cl1000 heat) or the void Black Knight. Their scheme to turn
Magneto - due to Loki's help - to join (Monstrous (75) cold) through. Thor against the Avengers failed, as
his group of villains that would fight the * It disrupts illusions of up to Shift-Z did their plan to use Wonder Man as a
Red Onslaught and his Sentinels in (500) rank, revealing the true identity. pawn. Zemo had his Asgardian allies
Genosha. Amora was able to charm free Black Knight and The Melter from
the Red Onslaught with her magic but Talents: jail While his Masters battled the
was soon interrupted by a Sentinel. Weapon Specialist: Axe, Asgardian Avengers. Cap and Zemo dueled in
She disappeared along with the other History, Lore and Trivia, Sharp South America. Blinded by the glare
villains after the Scarlet Witch and Dr. Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Blunt from his opponent's shield, Zemo fired
Doom cast a powerful inversion spell Weapons. his death ray wildly and died in the
which defeated the Red Skull but also ensuing rockslide. Meanwhile, the
inverted the moral axis of those in the Contacts: remaining members were defeated by
island. She rejoined the (now-inverted) The Executioner was a member of the the Avengers after Thor transported
villains to stop the inverted X-Men from first Masters of Evil, and later worked them to another dimension so their
detonating a gene bomb which for the Mandarin. He has also worked battle would not destroy the city of
would've killed everyone on the Earth for Loki, and was devoted to the New York. Skurge and Amora joined
who was not a mutant. When a Enchantress. After his death he was the Mandarin's attempt to conquer the
reinversion spell was cast, the declared a hero of Asgard. world. He attacked the Asian sub-
Enchantress returned to her normal continent with an army of Trolls to
moral axis. Following the Secret wars Running the Executioner: retrieve the natural diamond deposits.
event, Amora became a member of Throughout much of his life Skurge Skurge battled Hercules in another
Malekith the Accursed's dark council. was a braggart and a bully, seeking to dimension he had transported them to
Using a spell she took control of the conquer all who his prowess could with his axe, but was beaten and
queen of the light elves, allowing humble. He did this not for his own thrown at a giant, Amora had created
Malekith to marry her and conquer her glory, but for that of the Enchantress, to take down the Scarlet Witch. The
realms. who held Skurge under her sway. giant was destroyed in the process.
Freed from her wiles, he sought solace
in battle and won a place for himself in Skurge and Amora were banished by
Odin to a barren world. Skurge
abandoned Amora for Casiolena who Hogun's dagger, causing them both to Frey – God of the Harvest
appeared to offer love. The fall into the fire pits. A dagger which
Enchantress vowed revenge and used Loki mystically caused to be moved F In (40) Health: 150
the Valkyrie disguise and the formation into her way. A Ex (20)
of the Liberators to this end. Skurge S Am (50) Karma: 40
battled the Defenders when they were Sometime later Skurge with Amora E In (40)
transported to Casiolena's realm. Dr. joined with the forces of Asgard R Gd (10) Resources: Rm
Strange and Namor were then against the legions of Fire Demons I Gd (10)
overpowered by Skurge and an army lead by Surtur. After feeling toyed with P Ex (20) Popularity: 10
at his command. Locked in the same by Amora for too long, Skurge teamed
cell with Bruce Banner and Barbara up with the Einherjar, Balder, and Thor Known Powers:
Norriss. Also imprisoned were the to rescue stolen souls from Hel that Body Armor: Excellent (20).
Enchantress and the Black Knight. had been taken by Hela. In the Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000.
Amora explained that she and the process, Hela attempted to persuade Retarded Aging: ages 1 year for every
Executioner travelled to this realm and Skurge to join her warriors onboard of 100. He may still be killed normally.
he soon became the consort of the Nagelfar, the ship of the dead. One of Allspeak: Through an enchantment
queen Casiolena. The Defenders her minions used an illusion of Amora from Odin, may communicate fluently
managed to free themselves. Skurge to sway him, but when this treachery in any language of the 9 realms.
killed Casiolena, and Amora reclaimed was revealed, Skurge used his axe to Planet growth and control: Amazing
the Executioner. The Black Knight cleave a dimensional rift into the heart (50) ability to accelerate or kill plants,
revolted believing that the Enchantress of a sun right beside Nagelfar, trees and crops.
loved him, she turned him into stone. destroying both the ship and the axe in
Amora escaped leaving with Skurge. the process. After they had retrieved Equipment:
They returned to Asgard and were the human souls, the band was Sumarbrandr, the Sword of Summer:
embroiled in one of Loki's many plans pursued by a huge army of the dead. that made its wielder unconquerable
as they were dispatched to the palace When Thor volunteered to buy time for for that it fought on its own, only "if
of Karnilla the Norn Queen. However the other's escape, Skurge knocked wise be he who wields it".
Amora and Skurge broke down the him out from behind, and volunteered * Cl1000 Material, it may cleave
door. Balder snuck out and to to hold the bridge of Gjallerbru in his through power rank materials to inflict
determine the strength of the enemy stead. Skurge defended the bridge Unearthly (100) damage.
army. He discovered that the suits of with a pair of M16's from Earth and * Only two Asgardians have ever met
armor are empty, brought to life by unbreakable courage, and none of his the requirements. Frey and Balder.
Amora. Balder is discovered by Amora opponents set foot on Gjallerbru. He * Will only respond to a user who has
and Skurge. Karnilla came to Balder's stood alone and died at Gjallerbru, Positive popularity, Incredible strength,
rescue. She and the Enchantress allowing not one of the almost as well as noble, brave and willing to
engage in a battle of sorcery, while numberless hoard to set foot upon the engage enemies without fear.
Balder fights the Executioner. After bridge for as long as he could fight. * If a user meets those requirements,
defeating them, Balder and Karnilla For this heroic last stand, Skurge they use the sword's Shift-Z (500)
are confronted by an angry Thor. After found a place among the warriors Fighting to fight foes.
finally arriving home, Thor finds Amora residing in Valhalla, and to the surprise * If a user doesn't met the
and Skurge, and on the throne was of many, Amora found herself torn with requirements they can't even pick the
Loki himself. Loki now ruled Asgard in remorse upon hearing of his demise. sword up without being attacked by it.
Odin's stead with Amora and Skurge
as his Loki's lieutenants. By his own Talents:
royal decree contained in the Cask of Farming, Sharp Weapons, Weapon
Sovereignty, even Thor must obey Specialist: Laevateinn, Asgardian
him. Loki knows that he must dispose History, Lore and Trivia.
of Odin if he wants to keep the throne.
Loki then reveals that he was behind Contacts:
the empty army, and that Kroda was Asgardian Gods
the second Thor, and that the
document from the Cask was a Running Frey:
forgery. Amora and Skurge steal the Frey is a stereotypical farmer and
sleeping form of Odin. Sif and Thor loves the earth and everything it brings
head to Karnilla's domain to find to bare. He has a gentle nature despite
Balder, while the Warriors Three his origins and is slow to anger.
protect Odin. Thor's group are
assaulted by two Storm Giants, but History:
Thor defeats them. Karnilla tells them Frey was the God of Harvest and the
that Balder did not come back with her. brother of Idunn, he also helped
The Warriors Three find Amora and construct Valhalla. After Asgard was
Skurge, but before they can be forced attacked, Odin bribed two giants
to talk, the Enchantress trips over named Fafnir and Fasolt to restore the
walls of Valhalla, by promising them Frigga - Goddess of Marriage protect Balder making him invulnerable
Frey's sister Idunn. Loki promised Odin Freyja Freyrdottir to injury while in Asgard from anything
that he would not have to pay the except mistletoe. However, Odin
price, but as he was hoping to cause F Gd (10) Health: 86 feared that if Balder were known to be
Ragnarok, Loki turned Idunn over to A Ty (6) his son it would make him a target and
them anyway. Thor and Frey then S In (40) Karma: 280 hasten Ragnarok; consequently,
arrived to confront the giants and E Rm (30) Balder was brought up unaware of his
rescue her. Thor and Frey fought the R In (40) Resources: Sh-Z royal lineage. Around 1000 AD, the
two giants, but had to stand down I In (40) multi-pantheon Council of the
when Odin revealed his oath to them. P Sh-Y (200) Popularity: 75 Godheads saw a threat to humanity
The giants agreed that they would from the cosmic Celestials, who would
relinquish Idunn if the gods gave them Known Powers: one day decide if the human race was
the Rheingold, which included the Ring Body Resistance: Excellent (20). worthy of existence. While the male
of the Nibelung. After Thor, Odin, and Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000. gods planned to wage war against the
Loki retrieved the Ring from the Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every Celestials, the Earth goddess Gaea
gnomes, Frey was happily reunited 100. She may still be killed normally. gathered Frigga and goddesses of
with Idunn. During his life, Frey fell in Allspeak: Through an enchantment other pantheons to locate humans
love with the Giant Gerd. He has to from Odin, may communicate fluently across a span of a thousand years and
surrender his magic sword to Gymir, in any language of the 9 realms. release the latent genetic potential
her father, as an oath to never touch within them. These super-humans,
his land. Magic: Frigga is a master level called the Young Gods, were intended
sorcereress. She can cast spells from to show the Celestials the greatness
Personal, Universal and Dimensional humanity could achieve. The Young
at Unearthly (100). Gods were kept in suspended
animation, watched over by Frigga and
Talents: others. When the Celestials finally
Mystic Background, Occult Lore, returned to judge humanity, Frigga
Asgardian Mythology, Asgardian Lore, relinquished the Young Gods to Gaea
History and Trivia. and returned to Asgard. In turn, Gaea
offered the Young Gods to the
Contacts: Celestials, satisfying them of Earth’s
Odin, Thor, Loki, Balder, Sif, the value.
Warriors three. The Rest of the
Asgardians. During a war against the fire demon
Surtur (“the Surtur War”), Frigga fled
Running Frigga: from Asgard with the Asgardian
Unlike Odin, who is something of a children under her protection. She
stern, but distant, father-figure to his returned to Asgard with Surtur’s defeat
sons. Frigga is a caring and loving to find that Odin had fallen in battle;,
mother to all of them, even those who but they were later reunited when Thor
are not hers. Frigga is loved dearly by rescued Odin from the Ennead death
her sons and is very highly regarded god Seth. At one point Odin attempted
by all of her husband's subjects. She to thwart Ragnarok by casting the
was one of the fairest, kindest, and Asgardians into mortal forms with no
wisest Asgardians. Unlike her memories of their true lives. While
husband, Frigga was willing to forgive Odin became the drunken derelict
Loki, and also willing to accept Thor's Wad, Frigga was cast as his wife
relationship with Jane Foster. Freda Barker. All of these “Lost Gods”
were eventually restored to godhood
History: with their memories. When Loki slew
The Asgardian Frigga, goddess of Balder with a mistletoe arrow the
marriage, was the wife of Odin, who prophecies of Ragnarok were fulfilled,
raised her husband’s son Thor, the leading to the realm’s ultimate
god of thunder, though he was not her destruction and killing Frigga in the
natural son. She bore three children process. However, Thor survived and
with Odin: Balder (god of light), enabled those Asgardians who fell
Hermod (god of speed), and Tyr (god during Ragnarok to return to life. It is
of war). An ancient Asgardian currently unrevealed whether Frigga’s
prophecy foretold Balder’s death would life has been restored as well.
initiate an apocalyptic event called
Ragnarok which would herald the
death of all Asgardians. Knowing of
this prophecy, Frigga cast spells to
Heimdall - Sentry of Asgard, I Gd (10) soon infatuated with him. When Odin
Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge P Pr (4) returned to Asgard after Surtur's
Rig-Heimdall defeat, he gave a portion of his power
Known Powers: to Heimdall to rebuild the Rainbow
F Am (50) Health: 160 Hyper-Running: Excellent Bridge, and Heimdall resumed his
A Ex (20) duties. Shortly afterwards, when Odin
S Am (50) Karma: 40 was about to enter his Odinsleep, he
E In (40) Hofund: A Cl1000 sword, Monstrous passed the Odinpower on to Heimdall
R Gd (10) Resources: Ex (75) damage and has these abilities: to rule Asgard until he awoke.
I Gd (10) * Eldi-Stokkr: Hofund may be sheathed Heimdall had to deal with a major
P Ex (20) Popularity: 10 in the flames of stars, Sh-Y (300) crisis in the life of Thor, as Thor had
damage. Heimdall takes Incredible been banished into the
Known Powers: (40) Damage and loses half his karma subconsciousness of the mortal Eric
Body Resistance: Excellent (20) from the effort. Masterson, who had assumed Thor's
Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000. * Leynask: Amazing (50) ability to responsibilities. Sif was determined to
Allspeak: Through an enchantment disguise himself as a 'normal person'. find the real Thor, and her
from Odin, may communicate fluently * Stefna: Amazing (50) ability to project determination drove a wedge between
in any language of the 9 realms. an illusionary duplicate to anywhere in her and Heimdall. When Karnilla
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every the 10 realms, for communication conspired with Loki to rule Asgard by
100. He may still be killed normally. purposes. having Odin awaken with Loki's soul
possessing him, Heimdall was
Cosmically enhanced senses: History: branded a traitor and banished to the
Heimdall possesses extraordinarily Hofund is the sword of Heimdall Dream Dimension, where he was
acute senses, most notably his vision Created by the Dwarves of Nidavellir. saved from the demon Nightmare by
and hearing. His senses are so acute It was enchanted by Odin. Hofund was Amora. Eric Masterson helped restore
that he could hear sap running through briefly in the possession of Sharzhad Odin and later Thor as well, but
trees, and see and hear anything terrorist Abu Mussan after Heimdall fell Heimdall and Amora drifted apart
occurring in Asgard or on Earth. to Midgard following the destruction of when Amora realized that his duty to
Heimdall has been said to be capable the Bifrost Bridge. Mussan attempted Asgard was greater than his love for
of detecting the fluttering of a to use the sword to become the new her.
butterfly's wings "a thousand worlds king of his sacred land until he was
away". While the range of these defeated by the combined efforts of When Odin cast the Asgardians into
senses are without boundaries or the Black Knight and Valkyrie. Hofund the guises of mortals to protect them
equal (Consider him to have Cl5000 was later returned to Heimdall by from a false Ragnarok, Heimdall
range on column E of the Ultimate S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson. became Donald Velez, and joined the
powers book) and his sensory abilities other "Lost Gods" in attempting to
function at Unearthly (100) for the Talents: rediscover who they were and battling
purpose of feat rolls. Weapon Specialist: Hofund, Sharp the Egyptian death-god Seth. Heimdall
* Telescopic Vision Weapons, Wrestling, Asgardian Lore and the others regained their true
* Hypersensitive Hearing forms and defeated Seth just as
* Hypersensitive Olfactory Contacts: Asgard was attacked by the Dark
* Life Detection-Asgardians: Heimdall Asgardian Gods Gods, and they were all taken
can sense the \essences of Asgardian prisoner. They were finally rescued by
gods throughout the 10 realms. Running Heimdall: Thor. Then Asgard was struck by with
* Precognitive Sight: Heimdall can Heimdall takes his job as the sentry of the real Ragnarok, one from which
"look across time, as well as space", the Bifrost Bridge serious and doesn't there was no seeming reversal.
accurately seeing events up to 2 days sleep or shirk his duties. He is loyal to Heimdall perished in battle defending
in the future. Odin and Asgard. his people, but in reality his soul was
placed inside a mortal man like all the
Equipment History: other Asgardians. He was the first that
Gjallahorn: Cl1000 material Heimdall Heimdall was the brother of the warrior was found after Thor recreated Asgard
carries and uses to mark the beginning Sif. For ages, he stood as the guardian in Oklahoma and started to search the
of Ragnarok. This horn can be heard of Asgard's Rainbow Bridge, defending other gods. Now he watches over the
through out the ten realms. the city's gates from any intruders, and new Asgard and helps Thor to locate
was one of the most trusted servants all the rest of the gods with his powers.
Golltoppr: The golden-maned steed of Odin. When Asgard was invaded by
with the following stats: the fire demon Surtur, Heimdall
attempted to defend the gates, but was
F Gd (10) Health: 100 overcome, and the Rainbow Bridge
A Ex (20) was destroyed. No longer needing to
S Rm (30) Karma: 20 be stationary, Heimdall spent more
E In (40) time in Asgard, and became close to
R Ty (6) Amora the Enchantress, who was
Hela - Goddess of death and ruler of dimensional plane, which is different Intensity or higher, Garm shies away
the Shadow-Realm of Niffleheim from that of either Earth or Asgard. from it. However, if the flame is of
Hela Lokisdottir Mystical conditions are such in both Amazing intensity or less, he turns on
realms that the spirits of the dead the wielder with such ferocity that he
F Am (50) Health: 1200 become tangible there, and live a gains + 1 CS to his attack. Should a
A Am (50) quasi-physical existence. It is in hero threatening Garm with Monstrous
S Un (100) Karma: 170 Niffleheim, the land of eternal ice, that flame let his guard down for a moment,
E Cl1000 the souls of the dishonored dead, the Garm attacks him with even greater
R Rm (30) Resources: Mn greatest evildoers among the ferocity, gaining a + 2 CS to his attack.
I In (40) deceased, dwell. Niffleheim, along with
P Un (100) Popularity: -100 Muspelheim, are the oldest realms of History:
the Nine Worlds. The Spirits of the Garm is the immense helhound of
Known Powers: dead who were neither great evildoers Norse legend, It is prophesied that he
Body Armor: Good (10). She is nor heroic warriors dwell in Hel, a grim will claw Tyr to death during Ragnarok.
Invulnerable to Heat, Cold, Disease, dark, barren realm. There Hela lives in Garm is capable of speech and freely
Radiation, Corrosives, and Toxins. her great hall, Eljudnir. There is a divulges that he guards the path to
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every cavern, about 300 miles southeast of Hel. He does not interfere with living
100 years. She may be killed normally. the city of Asgard, called Gnipa Cave, beings attempting to enter Hel, but he
Allspeak: Through an enchantment which serves as the entrance to the does not willingly allow anyone to
from Odin, may communicate fluently underground road from Asgard to Hel, leave Gnipa Cavern. He does not warn
in any language of the 9 realms. known as the Helway. This road is a anyone that he will prevent their exit.
passageway through and
Death-goddess: Hela is the interdimensional nexus connecting the
Asgardian goddess of Death. She two realms. Gnipa Cave's entrance is It takes nine days and nights riding by
rules over the spirits in Niffleheim and guarded by the immense Helhound, horseback, with stops for rest, to travel
Hel and has the following Powers: Garm, who is held to his post by from the opening of Gnipa Cave to the
• Mind Control: Control over the dead mighty chains (Shift-Y material bridge of Gjallerbru over the river Gjoll,
of Niffleheim and Hel at Cl3000. strength). Garm, who is capable of which serves as the entrance to Hel.
• Illusion Powers: Masking the nature speech, allows the living to enter the The bridge is guarded by the silent,
of the lands of Hel at Cl5000. Helway, but will attempt to prevent black cloaked goddess, Modgud, who,
• Death touch: Hela may slay targets anyone from leaving Hel by this route like Garm, will allow individuals to
by touch, Endurance FEAT vs. Cl1000. except his mistress, Hela. enter Hel but will attempt to prevent
• Life touch: Unearthly (100) ability to anyone except Hela from leaving.
restore life to Asgardians or mortals, Garm - Guardian of the Gnipa
giving them '0' or full Health. Cavern. Modgud - Guardian of the bridge of
• Aging Rays: Unearthly (100) rays age Gjallerbru.
the target 100 years. Sustained battle F In (40) Health: 290
will destroy Asgardians. A Am (50) F Am (50) Health: 205
• Hand of Glory: Unearthly (100) S Un (100) Karma: 56 A Rm (30)
Edged. Can scar even tough E Un (100) S Mn (75) Karma: 131
Asgardian flesh. R Ty (6) E Am (50)
• Flight and Levitation: Unearthly (100). I Ex (20) R Ty (6)
• Astral Projection: Shift-Z (500) ability. P Rm (30) Popularity: -20 I Am (50)
Hela retains her Powers in astral form. P Mn (75) Popularity: -20
Known Powers:
Limitations: Body Armor: Amazing (50) vs. Known Powers:
Hela preserves her life by means of a physical. Telepathy (to Hela): Monstrous (75)
cape and head-dress. Depriving her Resistance to Cold: Shift Z (500). Darkforce Generation: Monstrous (75)
results in Strength and Endurance Enhanced Senses: Unearthly (100).
being reduced to Feeble, leaving her Ice Generation: Shift-X (150), Garm's Talents:
unable to use any Powers. It's breath is so cold that when he growls Sharp Weapons, Occult Lore (Hela
unknown if she can die, or, if Odin at a victim, the victim suffers a cold and Occult Lore)
would claim her realms or assign a attack.
new death-goddess. Claws and Fangs: Shift-X (150). Contacts:
Hela's Endurance is tied to her realms Hela and Garm
and is -1 C/S every day spent away to Limitations:
Unearthly. In Asgard, Hela's Garm is chained just inside the Gnipa History:
Endurance drops to Shift-Z. Cavern and cannot travel more than a Modgud ("Furious Battler") refers to
hundred yards from his post. the female guardian of the bridge over
Equipment: the river Gjöll, Gjallarbrú. She allowed
Hela rules Hel and Niffleheim, two of Weakness: the newly dead to use the bridge to
the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology. Garm fears fire above all else. If cross from one side of the river Gjöll to
The two realms lie on the same confronted with a flame of Monstrous the other if the soul stated his or her
name and business, and possibly in tried to annex that realm to her own, Hermod - God of Speed
turn prevented the dead beyond the hoping to consolidate her power over Hermod Odinson
river from crossing back over Gjöll into all of Asgard's dead. Eventually Odin
the lands of the living. grew aware of her ambitions and F Ex (20) Health: 140
opposed them. Hela finally withdrew to A In (40)
Talents: her own realms, and Odin S In (40) Karma: 40
Sharp Weapons, Occult Lore (Hela reestablished his control over Valhalla. E In (40)
has vast knowledge of Death, Occult Asgard continues to rule Valhalla to R Gd (10) Resources: Ex
and Mythological Lore) Asgardian this day. For untold ages Hela had I Gd (10)
Lore, History and Trivia. directed the construction of a gigantic P Ex (20) Popularity: 10
ship, Naflgar, said to be made of the
Contacts: fingernails of the dead. Hela planned Known Powers:
Volla, Loki, Death that when Naflgar was finished, she Body Armor: Excellent (20).
would send an army of the dead to Invulnerability to Disease: Cl1000.
Running Hela: Asgard to destroy the gods. However, Hyper-Speed: Shift-Z (500) speed (240
Hela is "evil," in the mortal sense of the Naflgar was destroyed by the mph landspeed, 3750 mph air speed,
word, but is more accurately beyond Executioner as it neared completion. 300,000 mph in space).
such judgments. She is patient, like Goddess of death and ruler of the Dimension Travel: Monstrous (75).
death, and her only defeats come Shadow-Realm of Niffleheim. Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
when she oversteps her boundaries, Mysterious in aspect, supreme in 100. He may still be killed normally.
by taking the dead of Midgard who did power, she is not content to reign over Allspeak: Through an enchantment
not belong to her, or by rashly the shades of those who do not die a from Odin, may communicate fluently
avenging herself against Thor by hero's death. Hela longs to usurp in any language of the 9 realms.
making his bones brittle while refusing Valhalla, Odin's hall of honored
to let him die. heroes. A sometimes-adversary of the Talents:
mighty Thor, Hela is the one being in Edged Weapons, Asgardian Lore,
History: all the nine worlds of Asgard whom History and Trivia.
Hela was born ages ago Supposedly even the All-Father Odin must obey. It
to Loki and a giantness from is said that should the forces of evil in Contacts:
Jotunheim. Legend has it, however, the Nine Worlds ever succeed in Asgardian Gods, Odin and Frigga
that Hela was born in Jotunheim, the destroying Asgard, Hela and her army (Parents), Thor, Balder, Vidar, Loki
otherdimensional land of the giants, of the dead will be at her side. and Tyr (Brothers). Angela and Laussa
one of the "Nine Worlds" of Norse (Sisters)
mythology, and that she is the
daughter of the Asgardian god of Running Hermod:
mischief Loki and the sorceress Hermod is the youngest of the brothers
giantess Angrboda. The three and is in awe of his older brothers,
Asgardian goddesses of fate, the wanting to be a warrior and respected
Norns, are said to have warned the like them.
Asgardian gods that Hela would prove
to be a great danger to them. It is History:
known that Odin, ruler of the Young in the ranks of other Asgardian
Asgardian gods, decreed that Hela Gods, Hermod has been often
become goddess and ruler of the employed by Odin as a messenger,
spirits of the Asgardian dead on the thanks to his speed. One mission
day of her maturity. These spirits dwell involved traveling to Hela to learn of
in the otherdimensional realms of Hel ways in which his brother, Balder,
and Niffleheim, two more of the Nine might be revived. When Thor was
Worlds, both of which Hela rules. imprisoned for objecting Odin's plan to
However, Odin himself directly rules raze Earth in order to defeat the
the souls of Asgardians and their Serpent, Hermod was one of the few
human worshippers who died in battle who agreed with the Thunderer. When
as heroes, and had the palace of Loki freed Thor and met up with the
Valhalla built in a distant section of Warriors Three, Sif, and himself,
Asgard, also known as Valhalla, to Hermod offered to help him escape to
house them. Midgard; however, this was discovered
by Odin.
Hela has sought for ages to bring more
Asgardian souls under her control, and
especially longs to possess the souls
of Odin and his son Thor. In recent
years, when Odin's attention has
strayed from the rule of Valhalla, Hela
Hoder - God of Winter Idunn - Goddess of Immortality live in perpetual winter. Although, she
Hoder Vilison still had love for him. At another point,
F Rm (30) Health: 120 a couple of Storm Giants stole the
F Ex (20) Health: 140 A Gd (10) Golden Apples, but Thor and Loki
A In (40) S In (40) Karma: 70 Laufeyson were able to retrieve them,
S In (40) Karma: 40 E In (40) escaping on the back of Agnar, King of
E In (40) R Ex (20) Resources: Am the Eagles, formerly prisoner of those
R Gd (10) Resources: Ex I Ex (20) Giants. Yet at another point, Agnar,
I Gd (10) P Rm (30) Popularity: +40 now the Half-King of Eagles and in a
P Ex (20) Popularity: 10 colossus form, had the Aerie Legion to
Known Powers: attack Idunn while she was harvesting
Known Powers: Body Armor: Good (10) her Golden Apples. She was captured
Precognition: Cl1000 Invulnerability to Disease: Cl1000. along with her protectress Sif, but both
Body Armor: Good (10). Allspeak: Through an enchantment were soon rescued by Thor and Loki
Invulnerability to Disease: Cl1000 from Odin, may communicate fluently who defeat Agnar.
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every in any language of the 9 realms. Odin once promised Idunn to Fasolt
100. He may still be killed normally. Retarded Aging: ages1 year for every and Fafnir, a pair of Storm Giants if
Allspeak: Through an enchantment 100 years. She may be killed normally. they helped rebuild Valhalla. He did so
from Odin, may communicate fluently because Loki promised Odin would not
in any language of the 9 realms. Equipment: have to fulfill that promise, but Loki, it
Epli-Skálm: This sword fashioned seems, was a liar. Thor eventually
Limitation: from Monstrous (75) materials, deterred the Giants by providing them
Hoder is blind. Amazing (50) damage. Given to her by a legendary article of gold instead.
Age: For an Asgardian, Hoder is old. Odin for protection during harvests. While leading an army against Odin,
Loki and Tyr attacked and destroyed
Talents: Golden Apples: These apples can Idunn's home, captured her and stole
Weapon Specialist: Bow, Sharp only be picked by her. They grant the Apples for them, using some to
weapons, Asgardian Lore, History and Asgardians youth and virtual buy the Midgard Serpent's loyalty.
Trivia. immortality. They grow in a garden on Idunn was then brought in front of Odin
the east side of Hall of Valhalla in as an hostage. Caged, she was soon
Contacts: Asgard. rescued by Balder and the Warriors
Asgardian Gods Three, and brought back to Odin's
Talents: palace.
Running Hoder: Sharp Weapons, Harvesting (to
Hoder is in the winter of his life and cultivate the golden apples), Asgardian Loki used her appearance to approach
tries to find use in the life he has left. Lore, Trivia and History. Hoder, in his plot to kill Balder,
promising him the apples again if he
History: Contacts: hit the God of Light with a mistletoe
Hoder was an ancient Asgardian and The Asgardian Gods branch. Idunn cared for Hoder, making
the blind brother of Balder according to the preparation for his funeral and had
certain accounts of Norse mythology. Running Idunn: him buried with honor, in defiance of
According to those same accounts, Idunn is a young maiden and has the Odin's wishes. She was later in the
Hoder was once a virile and stalwart personality of a farmer. She likes to underwater Aegir's Hall, where the
warrior killing dozens of frost giants keep things simple but won't hesitate Gods drinked and discussed of the
and bedding many maidens. One to fight when she needs to. incoming Ragnarök presaged by
night, Hoder tried to rape Idunn, after Balder's death. When Loki came, he
getting drunk and aroused after a History: revealed that Idunn had transgressed
battle and in revenge Idunn denied him Idunn was a Vanir, the Goddess of Odin's orders, and tried to put Idunn in
access to the apples and the eternal Immortality. She is the daughter of accusation, but was thwarted by Sif
youth the other Asgardians possess. Freya and Iwaldi, a dwarf who took who suspected Loki's machinations.
Goddess Frigga made everything in part in the creation of the treasures for Due to the three-years winter following
existence swear never to hurt Balder, the gods, and the sister of Frey. Odin Balder's death, Loki's disappearance
except for mistletoe. Loki tricked Hoder appointed Idunn the Keeper of the and Odin's vacancy, the trees were
into shooting a mistletoe arrow at Golden Apples. She has been at times unable to come to bud, and
Balder. To cover his deception, Loki noted as the only Asgardian who can consequently to bloom. Idunn came to
killed Hoder with Heimdall's sword pick them from the World Tree. Once, Thor to warn him that the storage of
before he could reveal his deceit. while delivering the apples to Odin, apples were near depleted, exposing
she was attacked by the Fenris Wolf the Asgardians to death. On Thor's
Because of Ragnarok, Hoder suffered disguised as a human, but saved by orders, and along with her brother
the same fate that befell the rest of the Haakun the Hunter. At some point, the Frey, she was to go to Midgard in
Asgardians. But was resurrected by warrior Hoder, drunk, came to her and order to sow seeds of Apples of
Odin after he returned to Asgard. raped her. In revenge, Idunn denied Immortality, as they couldn't be grown
him the apples since, causing him to anymore on Asgard. The trip was
cancelled as the ceremony was Loki - God of Tricksters, Lord of He could not transform the (greater
interrupted by renegades and Bifrost Lies, than CL1000) material of Mjolnir with
guardian Heimdall was wounded in the Loki Laufeyson this talisman.
battle. She soon visited convalescent
Heimdall and asked Thor that she and F Rm (30) Health: 150 Equipment:
Frey would depart as soon as A Ex (20) Laevateinn: This ancestral familial
possible, which was denied due to the S Am (50) Karma: 115 sword is made of Cl1000 material,
damages of the Bifrost, the risk of E Am (50) doing Amazing (50) damage.
another attack and the difficulty to R Ex (20) Resources: Rm * Summoning: Loki can summon to the
provide an escort of loyal Asgardians. I Ex (20) sword to his hand, across dimensions
Idunn proposed an alternative, with no P Mn (75) Popularity: -25 and time with Cl1000 ability.
escort and with Nidavellir as * Armor Piercing: Laevateinn reduces
destination. Thor tried to discourage Known Powers: the effectiviness of armor by -5 C/S,
them, in vain. In their journey, Idunn Body Armor: Excellent (20). allowing him to harm foes he might not
was surprised that no warmth came as Enhanced Senses: Loki can see the otherwise effect.
they entered Nidavellir, only to find the happenings he wishes in distant
flames of the flaming pit frozen. They places and other dimensions. Talents
were soon surrounded by Dwarves Image Protection: Monstrous (75). Mythology, Lore and Trivia of the 10
who took them prisoners to their leader Thought Casting: Cl1000 ability across Realms, Asgardian History, Lore and
who revealed himself to be her father. dimensions. Plants suggestions with Trivia, Occult Lore, Sharp Weapons
Amazing (50) ability. and Mystic Background
When the Aesir was dispatched on Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000.
Midgard on human forms as the Lost Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every Contacts
Gods, Idunn existed as Ida, a woman 100. He may still be killed normally. Enchantress, The Executioner, Lorilei,
allegedly living with her brother Mr. Allspeak: May communicate fluently in The Frost Giants, Anyone of chaotic
Freystein (Frey) in a little condo in any language of the 9 realms. alignment, Odin and his brother Thor.
north Miama until they got the "travel
bug" and became tourists travelling Magical Abilities: Loki is a master of Running Loki:
aboard a camping car, eventually Monstrous (75) ability: Loki is the god of mischief as well as
meeting with other Lost Gods at the * Shape-shifting, Unlimited (P) evil, and his machinations are
Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. * Imitation (P): Unearthly (100) ability. designed to embarass and humiliate
At some point after Ragnarök, she • Matter Rearrangement and his opponents, not just defeat them.
formed a triad of goddesses with Gaea Transformation (U): Shift-X material Loki is a master of sarcasm even when
and Freyja known as the All-Mother. with Unearthly (100) ability. his enemies are winning, Loki has a
Following the disaster of The Serpent's * Animate Object: Unearthly (100). verbal quip to make them seem
attack on Asgard and the death of * Eldritch Blasts (U): Monstrous (75) foolish. Despite appearances, Loki has
Thor, Odin summoned the All-Mother 10 areas range. a sense of honor, and will repay debts
to assume control in his absence, * Personal Shield (U): Monstrous (75) to those who have saved him or
choosing to abdicate from his position. protection from physical, energy, and helped him. Loki's goal is the rule of
As Asgardia left Broxton and Midgard, magical attacks. Asgard, although he is also willing to
Freyja took her place as the one true • Enhancement: On a Psyche FEAT, be its destroyer if things don't go his
All-Mother, while Idunn was sent to he can increase abilities and give way.
scout for new homes along the World superpowers: Lasts while
Tree for the Asgardians. Part of the list concentrating or made permanent with History:
of females Odinson suspected to be a talisman. Loki is one of several powerful beings
the new Thor, Idunn was one of the * White -2 abilities +2 C/S. from the magical realm of Asgard, who
many women warriors he and Freyja * Green- 3 abilities +3 C/S, +1 Power. have been worshipped as gods. Odin,
brought to help Thor against the * Yellow- 3 abilities +3 C/S, +2 Powers once the ruler of the Asgardian gods,
Destroyer commanded by Cul Borson * Red- 4 abilities +3 C/S, +3 Powers. led his subjects in a war against their
under Odin's order, holding him * Dimension Travel (D): Monstrous enemy, the frost giants from the land
enough until Odin aborted Cul's (75) of Jotunheim (one of the nine worlds of
mission. As the Asgardians were * Life Protection (D): Kill results will not Asgard). Laufey, king of the frost
battling the armies of Hel led by Hela destroy Loki; his life force will remain giants, was slain in battle and the
and Tyr, Old Loki on the Midgard intact. The exact workings of this giants were defeated. Surveying the
Serpent, the Trolls and Giants and all ability is unknown. spoils of war, the Asgardians
the foes of Asgard, the heroes of discovered a small Asgardian god-
Asgard gathered in reinforcements, Talisman: Loki may use magical sized baby hidden at the giants' main
including Idunn leading the Vanir. After artifacts to empower his spells to fortress. The infant was Loki, whom
a brief pause during which Loki denied greater effects than his own natural Laufey had kept hidden due to his
to join either side, the fight resumed, abilities, up to the highest rank of the shame over his son's diminutive size.
as everything died. Chances are she talisman. For instance, Loki used the Odin remembered his father Bor’s
will return from the Ragnarok, just like CL1000 abilities of Twilight, the Sword dying words to adopt the son of a
everyone else does. of Surtur to transform Thor into a frog. father killed by his hands; Odin
adopted Loki into his own family, called Muspelheim, and offered him Odin lay vulnerable while recharging
raising Loki like a son along with his Eldred’s soul in exchange for power. his energy), but outside threats to
biological son, Thor. In childhood Loki Surtur accepted, and Loki assumed Asgard such as the vengeful creature
greatly resented the fact that Odin and ownership of Eldred’s lands and of pure hatred, Mangog and the fire
the other Asgardians favored the minions. His foray into the black arts demon Surtur frightened Loki into
young Thor, who already had a nobility earned him the title of “god of evil” surrendering the throne to its rightful
of spirit and excelled in all his among the Asgardians, and he forged ruler. Loki continued his mischief on
endeavors. As a boy Loki began alliances with many of the realm’s Earth. He once joined forces with
studying the arts of sorcery, for which enemies. Loki mated with the goddess wicked entity Dormammu of the Dark
he had a natural affinity. He became Angerboda, who bore him the Dimension to trick the Avengers and
infamous for his mischievousness, but monstrous offspring Jormungand (the another team of super-heroes, the
secretly resented Thor and the love Midgard Serpent) and the Fenris Wolf, Defenders, into assembling the
that Odin lavished upon him. When as well as Hela, the goddess of death. mystical Evil Eye for them, but the
Odin was preparing his greatest gift for Loki also tricked the goddess Sigyn combined heroes ultimately defeated
Thor, the enchanted hammer Mjolnir, into marrying him by posing as her true them both. Loki even unleashed a
Loki interfered with its creation, love, Theoric. Loki eventually learned direct assault upon Earth once, but
causing its handle to be forged too of the prophecies of Ragnarok, a Thor helped lead Earth’s ground forces
short. Loki was envious that Thor cataclysmic event in which he was against his half-brother’s army and
would one day wield Mjolnir, and over fated to bring about Asgard’s ruin by defeated him. After Loki usurped the
the years repeatedly crafted schemes slaying Balder, then leading the throne of Asgard yet again, he was
to make Mjolnir’s power his own. enemies of Asgard into final battle. punished by Odin and banished to
When Loki and Thor were still young, Loki ultimately embraced this destiny, Earth in the form of a vagrant.
Thor was attracted to the swordmaiden and sought the means to bring about
Sif, who had beautiful gold-colored Ragnarok on more than one occasion. Loki regained his identity due the
hair. Loki cut off her hair while she However, Loki usually crafted his presence of a journalist named Harris
slept, but Thor guessed that Loki was schemes so subtly that Odin and Thor Hobbs who had been to Asgard but
responsible and demanded that he could rarely justify punishing him, and had the memory removed by Thor.
restore it. Loki enlisted the dwarves Loki would continue to live in their After he returned from his fantastic
Brokk and Eitri to forge new hair for midst, awaiting his next opportunity. journey, Hobbs dreamed of Asgard in
her, but as he did not pay them his sleep. These dreams reached Loki,
anything, they decided to craft the hair In recent years, Loki finally obtained restoring him to normal. Knowing of a
from nothing, making black hair from an advantage over his half-brother prediction that Ragnarok would begin
the night itself. However, Thor still when Odin sentenced Thor to Earth in with Balder being shot with an arrow of
loved Sif, even without her golden hair. the guise of Dr. Donald Blake, a mistletoe, Loki attempted to set the
Thor and Loki occasionally adventured medical practitioner who would destructive event in motion when he
together as teenagers, though the transform into Thor using Mjolnir. Loki arranged for Hoder to shoot such an
competitive Loki always searched for sought victory over his brother by arrow at Balder. Loki also caused the
an advantage over his brother. In his exploiting Blake’s human weakness, mortal Roger “Red” Norvell to gain
youth, he was more apt to aid his and employed many pawns against powers similar to Thor’s. Red defeated
Asgardian family. When Loki learned him on Earth, including Jinku the Lava Thor in combat, taking Mjolnir from
that the sorceress Karnilla (queen of Man, the Weather Maker, Sandu, him. Admitting his treachery, Loki was
the magical beings called the Norns) Amora the Enchantress, Skurge the caught and sentenced to the Place of
was planning an attack on Asgard, he Executioner, Skagg, Surtur, Cobra Judgment where he was chained while
refused an offer to join her and instead (Klaus Voorhees), Mr. Hyde, the a serpent dripped venom on his face.
alerted his fellow Asgardians to her Absorbing Man, and the Super-Skrull Escaping, he and his daughter Hela
scheme. Later on, Loki and Karnilla (Kl’rt). In one attempt to trick Thor into led the Forces of Darkness, an army of
became occasional allies, although her battling the monstrous Hulk (Bruce giants, trolls, and demons with
love for the Asgardian Balder (an Banner), Loki diverted a distress call Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, to
enemy of Loki) prevented her from intended for the Fantastic Four to Dr. attack Asgard. Once Hela realized the
aiding Loki in any way that would hurt Blake’s office, but it was also Ragnarok prophecies were not being
her beloved. intercepted by the Wasp, Yellowjacket fulfilled, as the Midgard Serpent killed
(Henry Pym), and the armored Red instead of Thor, she summoned
As Loki matured into a young man, his adventurer Iron Man (Tony Stark). the Forces of Darkness to retreat. Odin
antics became more and more When the four heroes learned of Loki’s preserved Bald`er’s body and
pronounced, until Odin finally sent him involvement and banded together with eventually revived him. Knowing
to jail to learn from his actions. Fed up the Hulk to defeat him, they decided to Thor’s death was tied to the prophecy
with Asgard, Loki used his magic to form a team of heroes to face future of Ragnarok, Odin secretly allowed
escape his cell, and eventually met threats, calling themselves the Red’s empowerment to position him to
Eldred the sorcerer, who increased his Avengers. Loki long regretted having die in Thor’s place, foiling the attempt
training in the black arts. Finally, Loki caused their formation. Loki made at causing the cataclysm. Loki was left
confronted the 1000-foot tall fire several attempts at claiming the throne manacled to his wife Sigyn as
demon Surtur, enemy of the gods from of Asgard when Odin entered into his punishment, but he finally obtained
the one of the nine realms of Asgard “Odinsleep” hibernation (a time when release by blaming Odin himself for his
problems, claiming that Odin’s anonymous lackey, offering them the dagger) to Knut Caine, a mad killer
favoritism towards Thor was the root of power to manipulate Earth’s super- who patterned himself after Loki and
all his misdeeds. Meanwhile, the fire villains into conflicts with heroes who called himself “Mad Viking.” Caine
demon Surtur also schemed to bring would be unprepared for unfamiliar began to create a pseudo-Asgard on
about Ragnarok through igniting his adversaries. Each of the six “prime Earth, but was defeated by the Hulk,
sword “Twilight” in Asgard’s Eternal movers” was led to believe that he was Henry Pym and the Wasp. The Hulk
Flame of Destruction. Surtur ordered the one arranging the scheme. Loki’s hurled the dagger into the ocean to
his ally Malekith the Accursed, ruler of plot was finally uncovered by Thor, prevent it from possessing someone
the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim, to and he was defeated. As a final act of else.
make sure that Loki remained out of vengeance, he merged three mutant-
the conflict by signing a non- hunting Sentinel robots into the Loki finally escaped Mephisto’s realm
aggression pact. However, Loki did not powerful Tri-Sentinel, but it was when Thor reluctantly enlisted him to
honor his agreement and stood defeated by Spider-Man (Peter aid him against the New Immortals
alongside Thor and Odin in Asgard’s Parker), who was granted the (beings genetically created by the High
defense. Odin seemingly sacrificed phenomenal “Uni-Power” and thereby Evolutionary using genetic material
himself to imprison Surtur, and the becoming Captain Universe to face obtained from Thor). However, Loki’s
realm was left without a ruler. Loki this threat. physical form no longer existed, and
attempted to claim the throne himself, he had Sigyn temporarily bond him to
but the populace did not trust him. As Loki assumed the guise of a a suit of armor. He continued to trouble
part of a scheme to prevent Thor from businessman on Earth, and enlisted Thor, as well as Eric Masterson (now
claiming the throne, he cast a spell Ulik the rock troll and the manipulative the hero Thunderstrike), possessing
which turned his brother into a frog, Amora the Enchantress to aid him in a armored hero War Machine (former
but still possessing the might of new plot against Thor, collecting the Iron Man Jim Rhodes) to attack Thor.
Mjolnir, the “frog of thunder” forced powers of the criminal band, the Loki finally struck a bargain with Seth
Loki to undo his magic. Wrecking Crew, along the way to aid to have him genetically engineer a new
them. At this time, Thor was bound to body, and his spirit took possession of
Sometime later, Thor rescued mortal the mortal Eric Masterson, so Loki had it. He sought revenge on
souls trapped by Hela in her realm of Eric’s son Kevin captured. Thor set Thunderstrike, but when War Machine,
Hel. In retaliation, Hela laid a curse Kevin free, but as an act of spite, Loki She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) and Ant-
upon him so that he could not die, but hurled a blast of energy at Kevin and Man (Scott Lang) were drawn into the
also would not heal from injuries. his mother Marcy. Amora, now acting fray, he was instantly reminded of the
Learning what his daughter had done, against Loki, took control of Kevin’s Avengers and ended the fight. Loki
Loki amused himself by sending frost babysitter Susan Austin and had her eventually crossed over into the
giants, the Midgard Serpent and the take the blast for Kevin and Marcy. dimension called the “Ultraverse” (or
Destroyer (magical animated Thor was so furious with this attack Earth-93060 ), where the six ultra-
indestructible armor) against Thor. that he used Mjolnir to draw Loki’s life powerful Infinity Gems had been
Although Thor’s physical body was force from his body, seemingly killing scattered. Loki began to gather the
reduced to paste, his spirit took over him. As punishment for destroying a gems together, battling many of the
the Destroyer armor and forced Hela fellow Asgardian god, Thor was local superhumans (“Ultras”) for them.
to undo her curse. Thor broke Loki’s banished into the subconscious mind Finally, the Grandmaster (an Elder of
arm for his part in the events, knowing of Eric, while Eric took the place of the Universe) revealed to him that
that Loki could easily heal the injury. Thor. However, Loki’s consciousness there was a seventh gem, the Ego
Loki wasn’t purely an enemy against had taken over the body of Odin while Gem, and they pitted the local heroes
his own people. When Seth of the he was in Odinsleep, and through him Ultraforce against the Avengers with
Ennead (Gods of Egypt) led his took command of Asgard. Eric and Sif the gem as the stakes. However, Loki
Demons of Death into conflict with eventually found Odin’s spirit within the did not win, and soon lost all six gems,
Asgard, Loki refused an alliance with realm of the demon Mephisto, and returning to his native reality.
him, and in his spirit form discovered they restored Odin to his body while
that Seth was holding Odin prisoner Mephisto claimed Loki’s spirit instead. Attempting to stave off Ragnarok, Odin
within the Black Pyramid, the source of Although he was now a prisoner in had allowed the “world tree” Yggdrasil
Seth’s power. Loki secretly helped Hell, Loki’s spirit continued to wander (which connects the nine realms of
Thor rescue their father, and Odin when Mephisto was distracted. He Asgard together) to think that
repulsed Seth’s invasion. Still smarting once schemed with Pluto of Olympus Ragnarok had already happened, and
from the success of the Avengers, Loki to trade enemies, with Loki arranging hid the Asgardians on Earth in mortal
concocted a scheme for the enemies the death of the Olympian demi-god, identities as the “Lost Gods.” Loki
of all super-heroes to obtain their Hercules, while Pluto plotted Thor’s became the businessman Tso Zhung,
revenge. During this “Acts of demise. Loki enlisted the titan Typhon with no recollection of his earlier life.
Vengeance” conspiracy, Loki against Hercules, but he failed, and He was brought together with the other
appeared to Dr. Doom (Victor von Loki’s own minion the Flame aided Lost Gods by the revived Red Norvell,
Doom), the Kingpin (Wilson Fisk), Pluto, but Loki himself had to save and became the first of them to reclaim
Magneto (Max Eisenhardt), the Thor from the Flame when he his true form, confronting Seth, who
Mandarin, the Red Skull (Johann threatened Sigyn. Loki once imparted had taken advantage of the situation to
Shmidt), and the Wizard as an some of his power (via a mystical try and eradicate the Asgardians.
When the other Asgardians regained he discovered and restored the Lorelei – Sorceress
their true identities, they defeated Asgardians gathered by Balder. To all,
Seth. Thor’s most recent mortal Loki appeared to be simply reborn as a F Ex (20) Health: 150
identity, Jake Olson, was that of a woman, as the possession of Sif was A Rm (30)
paramedic slain during a battle, and not apparent. While feigning a new S In (40) Karma: 115
Thor took on the man’s appearance as benevolence, Loki wasted no time in E In (40)
a new secret identity. Loki reanimated causing unrest by revealing to Balder R Gd (10) Resources: Rm
the true Olson’s body and began that he is a son of Odin, sowing seeds I Rm (30)
committing crimes so that Thor would of tension between Balder and Thor for P In (40) Popularity: -5
be suspected, but Thor eventually the right to rule. Afterwards, Loki
bound the true Jake Olson to himself traveled through time, killed Odin’s Known Powers:
and Loki was trapped in a body father Bor and manipulated his Body Armor: Good (10).
identical to Olson, which was named younger self and father to arrange Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000.
“Loren Olson,” Jake’s twin brother, events to be adopted by Odin as a Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
who was sent to prison for his crimes. child. During an invasion of Earth by 100. She may be killed normally.
Karnilla released Loki from prison not the shape-changing alien Skrulls, Allspeak: May communicate fluently in
long before Odin faced Surtur in battle many of whom impersonated super- any language of the 9 realms.
once again. This time, Odin was truly heroes, Loki falsely convinced the
slain. Thor ascended to the throne of other Asgardians that the alien Beta Seduction: Incredible (40) ability to
Asgard, and Loki found himself Ray Bill was a Skrull impostor. Thor cause men to fall for her. The target
surprisingly content under his rule, learned of Sif’s fate and restored her, must make a Psyche FEAT equal to or
seeing new opportunities for power, returning Loki into his male form. Loki better to avoid her commands.
and genuinely pleased as Thor began then misled Balder into forming an
to impose Asgardian values on Earth. alliance with Doctor Doom which led to Petrifying Kiss: Incredible (40) ability to
However, Thor eventually withdrew several Asgardian deaths in Doom's transform a men into statues with a
from Earth after learning of an quest for immortality, as the dictator kiss. Must be willing and make an
alternate future reality (named Earth- experimented upon the Asgardians. Endurance FEAT to avoid the effects.
3515) wherein he became a despot, Facing his own people turned into
and he and Loki were left at odds once cyborgs by Doom, Balder led a Magics:
more. contingent of Asgardians to storm * Eldritch Bolts: Remarkable (30)
Doom’s castle. Loki, assuming the
Now wielding a powerful uru hammer guise of former Avenger the Scarlet Equipment:
of his own, Loki once again set into Witch, deceived Hank Pym to reform a Elixir of Lofn: Increase the effects of
motion events to start Ragnarok. new Avengers team which he could her seduction powers by +3 C/S after
However, this time Thor allowed him to manipulate, but was discovered by inhaling the vapors.
play the events out to their conclusion, giant-sized hero Stature (Cassie Lang)
having realized that Asgard was and expelled from the team. In his final Talents:
caught in a repeating loop of death scheme of revenge on all Asgard itself, Hunting, Equestrian, Seduction, Occult
and rebirth, denying his people true Loki manipulated insane criminal Lore, Asgardian Lore, History and
warriors’ deaths. Thor decapitated mastermind Norman Osborn (who had Trivia.
Loki, and kept his still-living head with manipulated the government into
him as he permitted Surtur to unleash becoming the head of the peace- Contacts:
the final assault on Asgard. Thor then keeping force, H.A.M.M.E.R.), to use Loki, her sister Amora, the Executioner
confronted the mighty beings called his resources to attack the Asgard with and Thor.
Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, the extreme prejudice. The resulting siege
powers responsible for the repeating of Asgard ended with the destruction Running Lorelei:
the Ragnarok cycle throughout history of Loki at the hands of the Void, the Lorelei is a young goddess who loves
for their own benefit, and he saw to wicked alternate-persona, of the heroic pleasure. She is cunning and devious,
their destruction. Loki was apparently Sentry (Robert Reynolds). but doesn't take important things very
consumed in the destruction of Asgard seriously, which tends to be a liability.
alongside his brother. However, after But we all know that no matter what Her major goal is to become
Thor broke the Ragnarok cycle, the happens, Loki has a way of finding his romantically involved with a god of
souls of all Asgardians were hidden way back from death. high rank, such as Thor or Loki; she
within mortals on Earth. At some point, will not settle for anything less.
Loki took possession of Sif’s body,
transferring her spirit into that of an History:
elderly woman. Balder, whose spirit Lorelei is the younger sister of the
was within the Destroyer armor, sorceress Amora the Enchantress.
gathered numerous Asgardians, The two sisters share an interest in
including Loki, to protect themselves. using their beauty and wiles to
Through the “Odinpower” he inherited dominate any male as they wish.
from his father, Thor restored Asgard However, unlike Amora, Lorelei has
on Earth in Broxton, Oklahoma where had no interest in mastering sorcery
apart from learning certain skills to aid destroy Lorelei emotionally. Loki Odin - The Allfather
her in her amatory pursuits. naturally responded to Lorelei's new Odin Borson
Loki, the Asgardian god of evil, chose interest in him. Thor's friend Heimdall
Lorelei to seduce his longtime enemy, realized that Thor was under Lorelei's F Un (100) Health: 3250
his stepbrother Thor, god of thunder. control, and devised a plan to save A Un (100)
Needing no persuasion, she went to him. He had the Enchantress urge S Am (50) Karma: 3080
New York City on Earth where she Thor to visit Loki when she knew that E Cl3000
claimed to be a mortal human being Loki and Lorelei were in each other's R In (40) Res: Cl1000
named Melodi. There she confronted arms. Thor's rage at seeing them I In (40)
Thor's old enemy, the dragon Fafnir. together made him realize he himself P Cl3000 Popularity: 90
Fafnir used his hypnotic abilities to was under a spell. He forced Loki to
overpower Lorelei, capturing her as release him from the spell on pain of Known Powers:
bait to lure Thor into a trap at the death, and then left the two of them Body Armor: Excellent (20).
construction site where he worked in together. As the Enchantress Invulnerablity: Cl3000 resistance to
his secret identity of Sigurd Jarlson. As predicted, Loki grew tired of Lorelei fire, cold, toxins, crossives and
Jarlson, Thor saved Lorelei from eventually. Lorelei, still in love with disease. Unearthly (100) Resistance
death, and then fought the dragon in Loki, enrages him. But she is outside Asgard.
his godly identity. Hence Thor and comforted by Malekith, who has a plan Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
Lorelei first met in their false identities himself. Daillus stormed a castle to 1000 years. He may be killed normally.
as the humans Jarlson and Melodi. see for himself if Lorelei is as beautiful Allspeak: May communicate fluently in
as the legends say. For his trouble she any language of the 9 realms.
Jarlson and Melodi became friends, turns him to stone. Amora arrives, and
and Melodi was clearly attempting to tells her a story of her time on Mystic Powers: Odin is the Skyfather
deepen the relationship into a Battleworld, where she had the chance and possesses the vast "Odin Power".
romance. Circumstances, however, to win the love of Thor, but she failed He may perform the following:
prevented her from getting Jarlson to because she was too afraid. In a battle * Mystical blasts: Sh-Z (500), focused
drink the love potion she had prepared between Seth and Balder, Lorelei through Gungnir.
originally for Thor. Lorelei was then interposed among them and the * Dimensional Travel: Unearthly (100).
kidnapped by Thor's foe Malekith the servants of Seth to save Balder, * Teleportation: Cl5000 ability.
Accursed, leader of the Dark Elves. shortly after, she died from the injuries * Image Projection: Cl3000 ability
Malekith used sorcery to cause a stick she suffered in battle. Further on, across space and dimensions.
of wood to take on the appearance of Lorelei was returned to life by the * Place enchantments: Sh-Z (500)
Melodi and this magically animated power of Seth to face the Asgardians power on objects with Cl1000. Such a
false Melodi gave Jarlson the potion to that had lost their godly status and spell lasts until he rescinds or negates.
drink. Under the spell, Thor fell their powers. Amora killed Lorelei to * Regeneration: Sh-Z (500).
uncontrollably in love with Melodi. free her from Seth's control. Lorelei * Spirit Vampirism: Cl3000 rank to
Malekith then revealed to Thor that the returned back to life. Using the alias absorb or restore Asgardian life forces,
real Melodi was his prisoner. Thor, Ice Queen and allied with Pluto, she increasing his total Health. They
enraged, rescued Melodi from the created a new Valkyrie, but she and remain in a coma until he releases
Dark Elves. Soon afterward the Pluto were defeated by the Defenders. them.
demonic Surtur began his war against
Asgard. Amora was infuriated by Equipment:
Lorelei's refusal to join in fighting Draupnir: Odin wears Draupnir (the
Surtur's demonic hordes, and decided "Odinring") as a symbol of supremacy.
to take vengeance on her. Odin,
monarch of Asgard, vanished along Skipbladnir: a Monstrous (75)
with Surtur at the war's end. Loki then material Viking-style long-boat whose
planned to use Lorelei to influence enchanted sails and oars grant it the
Thor to throw his support behind Loki's following abilities:
bid to become Asgard's new ruler. Loki * Flight: Sh-X speed.
gave Lorelei the elixir of Lofn, which, * Life Support: Its properties enable
when Thor inhaled its vapors, would passengers to ride it safely without any
made Thor fall so deeply in love that protection from the vacuum of space
he became Lorelei's slave. or speed in atmosphere.
* Shrinking: Skipbladnir can be shrunk
To take revenge on Lorelei, the to the size of a fist for storage.
Enchantress cast a spell on Odin's
scepter of power, knowing that Loki Odin carries three weapons, made of
would pick it up, as indeed he did. Due Cl1000 Uru metal:
to the spell, when Lorelei next saw Gungnir: a spear which inflicts
Loki, she fell madly in love with him. Amazing (50) damage.
The Enchantress believed that loving Thurdstrock: a mace that inflicts
the heartless Loki would eventually Shift-X (150) damage.
Odinsword: The name of a series of Limitations: Odin later had the dwarfs Eitri and
swords. All are 2-Handed swords and Odin must sleep once per year for a Brokk forge the enchanted Uru
inflict Sh-Z (500) damage to the week or lose Endurance Ranks at a hammer Mjolnir, which Thor inherited.
environment and foe they hit. rate of one per week. In approximately 1000 AD, Odin help
Odin's Class 3000 Endurance is tied to found the Councils of God Heads, who
Armor: Odin wears a suit of magical the Asgardian dimension and drops by interceded when the extraterrestrial
armor that grants Amazing (50) vs. -1CS every day spent away from Celestials threatened to cut the gods
physical and energy. Asgard to a minimum of Unearthly. off from Earth; Odin constructed the
unstoppable armored Destroyer and
Magic: Talents: the Odinsword should he face the
Odin is the Sorcerer Supreme of the Odin is a master with Blunt and Sharp Celestials in battle upon their return.
Asgardian dimension and can use Weapons. Odin has the greatest Odin engaged the "mad titan" Thanos
Spells at Sh-Z (500) ability in Asgard, mystical knowledge in all Asgard and in a battle that ended in a stalemate,
Unearthly (100) elsewhere. has vast knowledge of Occult, after Odin mistook Thanos' efforts to
Asgardian, and Mythological Lore. cure Thor of warrior madness as an
Servants: Odin also has the Leadership skill as attack upon his injured son.
In addition to ruling Asgard, Odin has well as great knowledge of Politics.
several special minions: Later Odin perished during a
Contacts: subsequent battle with Surtur, Thor
The Ravens Hugin, Munin, and All Asgardians and other pantheons assumed his father's place and
Hescamar. claimed the Odinpower, but it departed
F Gd (10) Health: 66 Running Odin: from Thor just as Ragnarok finally
A Gd (10) Odin's primary concern is the safety came to Asgard. Assuming a child's
S Ty (6) Karma: 14 and leadership of the Asgardians. form, the Odinpower helped lead Thor
E In (40) Humans are a secondary concern to on a journey to realize how Those
R Pr (4) him; if addressed by humans, he may Who Sit Above In Shadow had
I Ty (6) ignore them. However, since Odin manipulated Asgard for ages; although
P Pr (4) recognizes the tie between humans Thor could not halt Ragnarok, he
and Asgardians, he will protect Earth if prevented Those Who Sit Above in
Known Powers: major disaster is imminent. He is able Shadows from exploiting them further.
Flight: Monstrous speeds to organize the other pantheons' Thor eventually reclaimed the
Dimensional travel: Can travel leaders if joint action is needed to deal Odinpower and revived all the
throughout the10 Worlds surveying the with a special crisis. Surtur is his Asgardians who had fell in Ragnarok,
realm for its lord at Monstrous (75). mortal enemy. Odin treats other but Odin himself remained deceased.
Asgardians with stern kindness, When Thor took an Odinsleep, he
Slepnir: Odin's eight-legged steed. like a father. He has a tendency to went upon a spiritual journey to a land
F Rm (30) Health: 180 anger quickly if someone disputes his of the dead where he found that Odin
A Gd (10) rules or commands. was locked in eternal combat with
S In (40) Karma: 18 Surtur. Although Thor had the power to
E Un (100) History: release his father, Odin preferred to
R Ty (6) Odin was the son of Bor and the Frost remain where he was, ensuring that
I Ty (6) Giantess Bestia, Odin pined for the Surtur would never threaten his
P Ty (6) day he would ascend to his father's people.
place as leader of the gods. When
Known Powers: time-traveling god of evil Loki arrived
Dimensional travel: Shift-Z from the future and transformed Bor
Life support: Sh-Z into snow, Odin claimed his father was
Flight: Cl1000 speeds in space and dead and assume rule over his lands
Sh-Z in atmospheres. alongside his brothers Vili and Ve. The
three brothers returned to their father's
Freki and Geri: Odin's wolves. kingdom of Asgard, which had become
F Ex (20) Health: 100 home of the gods. Upon the apparent
A Gd (10) deaths of his brothers at the hands of
S Rm (30) Karma: 22 the fire-demon Surtur, Odin absorbed
E In (40) their life essences, increasing his own
R Ty (6) power (the "Odinpower"). Assuming
I Gd (10) sole rule of Asgard, he sought out the
P Ty (6) primordial Earth Mother Gaea (known
to the Asgardians as "Jord"), and siren
Known Powers: to the thunder god Thor, who was
Tracking: Both wolves have brought to Asgard to be raised.
Remarkable tracking ability.

Sif - Goddess of War and the Hunt. love for Jane Foster and showing a to the mundane world of mortals, and
willingness to aid him even if it means after attempting to adjust to Earth life
F Mn (75) Health: 255 treason. Despite her desire for Thor, on more than one occasion, returned
A Rm (30) she was ready to help in his mission to to Asgard to live without Thor.
S Am (50) Karma: 100 save Jane, showing a great level of Although Thor and Sif have not broken
E Un (100) selflessness and honor. their betrothal, their marriage has been
R Gd (10) Resources: Gd postponed until such time as they can
I In (40) History: reconcile their differences.
P Am (50) Popularity: +75 Sif was born a second generation
goddess of Asgard, her parentage Later the alien warrior Beta Ray Bill
Known Powers: unrevealed. As a child, she had golden comes to the defense of Earth during a
Body Armor: Good (10). hair and was an occasional playmate war with Surtur and his demon army.
Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000. of Thor and his half-brother Loki. In the midst of battle Sif and Bill find
Allspeak: May communicate fluently in Once, while she was still an themselves attracted to each other.
any language of the 9 realms. adolescent, Loki decided to play a trick Meanwhile, Lorelei has given Thor an
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every on her in retaliation for her preference elixir that causes him to fall in love with
100. She can be killed normally. of Thor's company over his. As she her, and he is so blinded by the spell
Teleport: Sif can teleport along the slept, Loki cut off all of her golden hair. that he strikes Sif in anger. When the
Bifrost at Remarkable (30). When she discovered the misdeed, Sif war is over, Sif and Bill spend some
* Dimensional travel: By spinning her alarmed the entire capital city of time on Earth exploring their mutual
sword, Sif can increase the ability to Asgard with her cries of dismay. Loki, attraction before returning to Asgard.
travel the 10 realms: Monstrous (75). knowing he would be blamed for the Sif eventually returns and finally
* The focus also allows her to travel trick, hurried to the kingdom of the comes to forgive Thor, after she
other dimensions at Good (10) ability. Trolls to bargain with them to forge realizes that Lorelei was to blame for
Failure means she ends up elsewhere. some artificial hair of pure gold to give his brutality. However, she clarifies to
Sif as recompense. The Trolls agreed Balder that her love for Bill is purely
Equipment: to his terms and set about making the platonic. She also develops a romantic
Asgardian plate mail: Monstrous (75) hair, secretly preparing it in the event relationship with another mortal to
metal, Remarkable (30) protection. that Loki tried to renege on his side of wield Thor's power, Eric Masterson.
the bargain. Loki indeed stole the hair Despite this, Sif risks her life to travel
Kite Shield: Monstrous (75) metal. If without paying for it, and presented it to the realm of Mephisto to free what
preforming a shield maneuver, it to Sif. Placed on her head, the gold seems to be the soul of Thor from a
protects for 75 points of damage. hair began to grow as if it were natural, mystical bag, pledging her loyalty to
shinier than before. However, because the demonic entity. She is manipulated
Sword: Unearthly (100) material sword the Trolls did not have a chance to into a new costume change and is sent
can do Monstrous (75) Blunt damage, treat it with a special potion before Loki to face down Eric and Balder in battle,
or Incredible (40) edge damage. stole it, the hair began to darken, who had willingly followed her, worried
finally becoming ebony black. When for the success of her mission. Eric
Talents: Sif began to cry once more, her and Sif eventually part realms as
Weapon Specialist-Her sword, Sharp parents began to tire of her vanity and friends, but he leaves her with a
Weapons, Equestrian, Asgardian so sent her off to learn the arts of favored leather jacket. When Thor
History, Lore and Trivia. warfare as a Shield Maiden. When she assumes the throne of Asgard
returned to Asgard years later, following Odin's death, he becomes
Contacts: accomplished in the ways of the torn between his duties as king and his
Odin, Thor, the Warriors Three, warrior, she had grown to accept her desire to keep mortals from harm. Thor
Heimdall and Balder. She may also black tresses. Odin, lord of Asgard, resolves this by bringing Asgard to
count as a friend Hercules and Beta had long deemed Sif to be a fitting Earth and reshaping the world in his
Ray Bill. mate for his son Thor, heir to the image. Though his intentions are
throne. Thor and Sif had seen little of noble, a nightmarish future follows as
Personality: one another in the millennia since their Thor's reign on Earth becomes
Being the best female warrior in childhood when Odin deemed it time tyrannical. Sif, unwilling to go along
Asgard, Sif is very proud and always for them to renew their acquaintance. with this new vision, is exiled from
eager to prove herself. She is a very Thor had just been involved in a Asgard. Thor eventually marries the
close friend of Thor and the Warriors relatively brief relationship with a Enchantress and has a son, Magni. As
Three, and is an honorable warrior on mortal Jane Foster, and Odin was an adult seeking understanding of
the battlefield. She often is anxious to make him forget it. Soon these events, Magni finds Sif, who
independent and uneasy in following after meeting Sif again, Thor's interest influences him to rise up against his
orders, although she has shown in her turned to passion, and the two father even though she still loves him.
unwavering loyalty to Odin. Unlike became lovers and companions. Following Magni's death in a battle
many other Asgardians, does not view Eventually , they pledged to marry. involving Thor, Thor Girl and Desak,
humans as lesser beings. Sif also however, Thor's attachment for Earth Thor sees the error of his ways and
harbors romantic feelings for Thor, frequently came between them. Sif travels back in time to undo what he
being protective of him, jealous of his much preferred the world of the gods has done.
Sigyn - Goddess of Fidelity but Sigyn was already engaged, and
After the timeline is reset, Loki brings furthermore despised him. Loki had
about Ragnarök in Asgard, during F Rm (30) Health: 130 her fiancé killed by Geirrodur's Trolls,
which the godly forces swiftly lose A Ex (20) led by Ulik, during a mission and used
ground. Sif survives the first wave of S In (40) Karma: 100 a spell to take his form. In this
losses but loses an arm. She is E In (40) disguise, Loki approached Sigyn and
rescued by Brunnhilde, who is later R Rm (30) Resources: Rm provoked in her an even more ardent
killed by Durok the Demolisher. Sif I Rm (30) love, although she had some doubts
honors Brunnhilde's death by taking P In (40) Popularity: +30 about "Theoric". They were eventually
her sword and leading the Valkyrior in wed by Odin himself, unsuspecting.
the final battle. Sif falls in battle against Known Powers: When Loki revealed his face, Odin
Surtur's forces, dying side by side with Body Armor: Good (10). tried to annul the marriage, but
Volstagg. All of Asgard falls soon after. Invulnerability to Disease: Cl1000. Asgardian law forbade even the High
Thor returns in time and restores the Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every Father to do so. Thus, Odin could only
pantheon, beginning with Heimdall. 100. She may still be killed normally. exile Loki, but Sigyn, in tears,
After resurrecting the other gods, Allspeak: May communicate fluently in accepted the marriage and decided to
Donald Blake goes to a hospital to try any language of the 9 realms. go with him. Impressed, Odin declared
to find the reborn Sif. After wrongly Ultimate Skill: Unearthly (100) Reason Sigyn the Goddess of Fidelity.
thinking that she was reborn in Donald in Relationships and Marriage.
Blake's former love, Jane Foster, he As she was infuriated by Odin after he
leaves thinking that Sif won't come Magic abilities: imprisoned Loki within a tree, she
back. However, that scene reveals that Spirit Bonding: Incredible (40) ability to followed him while he transported the
Sif was reborn in an elderly woman in bond spirits to objects. Doing so allows true Donald Blake within Wundagore
that hospital named Mrs. Chambers, the person to come back from death, Mountain. She tried to take control of
who is suffering from what is thought unless the object is destroyed. that human as a threat over Odin, in
to be terminal cancer. Loki has Doppelganger creation: Incredible (40) order to obtain Loki's freedom, but her
masked her from Thor's abilities, giving ability to duplicate a living being. To all spell was too weak for Odin's, and
her a mirror that shows Sif her true appearance, it resembles the person Blake was seemingly obliterated. She
form but prevents her from revealing duplicated. decided to create a Donald Blake
her identity. Her host remains in the doppelganger to cover her doings, but
hospital, fighting for her life. Thor Talents: forgot her wedding band there. At that
wondered what would happen to the Asgardian Lore, History and Trivia. point, Sigyn was given a months-long
spirit of an Asgardian if their host died. Occult Lore mission out of Asgard for Odin. After
Loki later reveals to Thor what Balder was killed by an arrow of blind
happened to Sif and advises him to Contacts: Hoder under the manipulations of Loki,
find her before Loki returns to his true Asgardian Gods Sigyn returned and asked to
form. Upon learning the truth from Mrs. accompany Hoder and guide his
Chambers, Jane Foster calls Donald Running Sigyn: arrows during the Ragnarök. During
Blake and informs him that she has Sigyn was seemingly very puritan, as Loki's trial, Sigyn had to suffer the
found Sif, and Thor succeeds in she stated that she could never live burden of being the evil's wife, bearing
restoring her. With Sif resurrected, outside of wedlock. Although she grief for both. Loki was punished for
Mrs. Chambers passes away. Sif then despised him, Sigyn, despite the murder of Balder to be tied to three
joins Thor in exile in Broxton, reckoning Loki's evil, Sigyn had true rocks and a snake would drip poison
Oklahoma and checks into the same love for him. Those feelings made her on his face. Sigyn refused to abandon
hotel as Donald Blake under the name afflicted and sometimes ashamed. She him, interceding to Frigga and Odin,
Sylvan. While in Broxton, Sif struggles remained at his side faithful despite his she was allowed to help him: She
with the fact that Loki possessed her wrong-doings towards her. In the same collected the venom in a bowl.
body while she was trapped in Mrs. measure, she has a great sense of However, when the bowl was full,
Chambers' body. She aids Beta Ray duty, and is faithful and loyal to Sigyn had to leave periodically to
Bill, whose starship, Skuttlebutt, has Asgard, even if that means risking empty it. During this time, the poison
been invaded by virus-infected aliens. going after her husband. While she dripped into Loki's eyes, leaving him
Sif is later seen defending Asgard feels shame for any wrong-doings she cursing Sigyn for her failed efforts. As
during the Siege of Asgard and the might do, that shame is diminished the forces of Hel stormed upon
Serpent's War. when she is driven by love or duty. Asgard, Sigyn returned to partner with
Sigyn was a beautiful Asgardian, While at Loki's side, Sigyn's essence
engaged to Theoric, a god she loved, (like all of Asgard's) was used by Odin
and who was member of Odin's guard to power the Destroyer armor against
of the Crimson Hawk. At some point, the Celestials. Sigyn was seen
Loki sought a female companionship feasting with the Asgardians, reunited
and discovered Sigyn. Offering her with a grim Loki, after Thor had revived
jewels, Loki asked her to marry him, the Aesir, but was shackled to him. At
some point back to his punishment, sworn to find a way to give him flesh Tyr - God of War
Thor discovered that punishment of form again. Later, she "welcomed" Tyr Odinson
Loki and killed the Serpent while Thor at Castle of Loki, pressing him to
Sigyn, at Loki's side, freed him. Loki leave as he had broken his sacred F Un (100) Health: 270
then lied to Thor, accusing the Frost oath by coming on their grounds. She A Ex (20)
Giants for his torment and stating they then encouraged Loki to defeat Thor. S Am (50) Karma: 60
had cut Sigyn's tongue out so she While the fight was on, she sent a bird E Un (100)
could never speak again. Loki was to summon Sif (accompanied by Red R Gd (10) Resources: Rm
allowed to remain in Asgard, sleeping Norvell) to end the brawl. Sigyn then I Ex (20)
shackled to Sigyn. Infuriated by his explained her role in the existence of P Rm (30) Popularity: +20
chains and his wife guarding him, he the Donald Blake doppelganger. Loki
revealed that he had acquired the soon left her side to fight Thor, Known Powers:
affections of the Enchantress and of considering their truce over. While Loki Body Armor: Excellent (20).
Karnilla (allegations she didn't has released her from her marital Invulnerability to Disease: Cl1000.
believed), and went to Odin to demand vows, she hadn't forsaken him, and Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
to be released. the All-Father finally would not as long as she thought he 100. He may still be killed normally.
did, banishing him to an outpost. Sigyn would be worse without her. At some Allspeak: May communicate fluently in
was left in Asgard and dismissed by point, she died or was killed. any language of the 9 realms.
Odin. "Soul of the God of War": This energy
of unknown origin is focused from his
Loki eventually returned, and when stump, Monstrous (75) damage.
Thor was on trial for disrespecting the
rule that no god could dwell Midgard Limitation:
without the consent of the gods' Tyr only has 1 hand.
majority, Sigyn came to inform her
husband, who faked to at last return Talents:
her love. At the trial, Sigyn was among Martial Arts A, B, C, D, E, Weapons
those to allow him in Midgard, as Loki Master, Bows, Thrown objects,
enraged at the idea of having Thor Marksman, Equestrian, Asgardian
locked in Asgard with him. When Thor Trivia, Lore and History.
accused Loki of having created the
Menagerie, Sigyn defended him, as Contacts:
they were still chained to each other. Odin, Thor, Balder, Loki and the rest of
During his manipulations with Pluto to the Asgardian Gods.
kill Thor while trapped in the Realm of
Mephisto, he entered in contact with Running Tyr:
Sigyn, faking love again and asking Tyr is the first born son of Odin and is,
her to be his spy on Asgard. Pluto and in many ways, vain, petty and
Loki entering in conflict, the Olympian vindictive over what he sees as Thor
had the Light Elf/Fire Demon hybrid stealing his glory and usurping his
Hrinmeer target Sigyn after having place as the favored son of Odin.
captured Thor. When Hrinmeer
revealed his "ugly" face, he History:
manipulated Sigyn's perception for her Tyr was the eldest son of Odin,
to see him as ugly, cancelling her firstborn after Aldrif) and originally the
chances to win his mercy. While Loki God of War and of Heroic Glory in
decided to help and sent his astral Asgard famous for his courage. At one
form, Hrinmeer learned his relation to stage, the gods of Asgard were so
Sigyn, motivating his murder attempt. afraid of the wolf Fenris that they
Without other means, Loki merged decided to shackle him. However,
with Thor, for their combined power Fenris was so strong that he could
were able to defeat Hrinmeer and his break any chain they put on him. The
steed Cerberus, saving Sigyn. dwarves were paid by the gods to build
a magical ribbon, Gleipnir, from the
After the two Thors (Odinson and Red roots of a mountain and the beard of a
Norvell) went in battle, Sigyn was woman, and the gods asked Fenris to
among the few Asgardians to hear the let them tie him up with Gleipnir as a
truth about Donald Blake. Using her game. But Fenris noticed the fear in
mystic skill, she crafted an armor in the gods and knew they were trying to
which Loki's astral could reside in deceive them, he then accepted to be
Asgard, as his corporeal body was bound if one of the gods accepted to
destroyed in the process that made put his hand in the wolf's mouth, just in
him captive of Mephisto's realm and case. Tyr was the only god who
agreed. As soon as Fenris understood Hel to protect the Asgardian dead from Valkyrie
that he was trapped, he ate Tyr's hand. the Disir. It was revealed that Tyr is Brunnhilde of the Valkyrior, reborn
Thus, Fenris was tied and will remain somewhat superstitious and trying to as Barbara Norris of Earth.
that way until the day of Ragnarok. Tyr fight intangibles like Fate or the Disir
would be known as the Leavings of the frightened him. However, he refused to F Mn (75) Health: 205
Wolf since. back down and figured out a way to A Rm (30)
hurt the Disir holding them off long S Am (50) Karma: 36
Later, a new god named Thor was enough for Thor to retrieve the one E Am (50)
born and became the new defender of weapon that could stop them. Tyr, still R Ty (6) Resources: Ty
Asgard, replacing Tyr in that role. Tyr reeling from his cowardice, joined I Ex (20)
has been resentful since. He distanced Balder in a suicide mission against the P Gd (10) Popularity: +15
himself from his fellow gods only Ano-Athox. He was struck down in the
appearing when Asgard was in battle. After his death, Tyr became a Known Powers:
danger. His presence came to be seen general of Hela. This was in return for Body Armor: Good (10).
as a sign that battle and the chance for her lending aid to Balder who was Allspeak: May communicate fluently in
glory were near. Tyr was a victim of trying to keep Surtur trapped in limbo. any language of the 9 realms.
cuckoldry and mocked by Loki at one Tyr participated in Loki's mission Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
moment. Tyr has sometimes rebelled against the Serpent. Afterwards, he 100. She may still be killed normally..
against Odin due to his jealousy returned to Hel. Hela and he share an Invulnerability to Disease: Cl1000.
towards Thor. However, he joined the attraction they try to deny. When
other gods in defending Asgard from Angela leads a rebellion against Hela, Death Sense: Unearthly (100) ability to
various threats such as Surtur and Tyr leads Skurge and Balder to sense a being's approaching death. At
Seth. Eventually, he made peace with oppose her. During the fight he admits the Judge's option, he or she may
Odin and Thor and was welcomed he loves only Hela. have Valkyrie attempt a FEAT roll to
back into Asgard. Tyr is destined to kill determine if she has detected a death
and be killed by Garm, the guard dog glow. If she does, one character
of Hel, on the day of Ragnarok. randomly chosen, will be placed in a
However, the two poetic versions of deadly situation. This character
Ragnarok make no mention of Tyr, attracts attacks and is unable to spend
and this is only said in the prose karma on Endurance FEAT's for the
version. Tyr died when Thor initiated a duration of the adventure.
final Ragnarok.
Tyr was among the Asgardians revived Dragonfang: Carved from the tooth of
by Thor. He was summoned to be one an extra-dimensional dragon the blade
of Balder's chief counselors following has a Cl1000 material. Valkyrie can
Thor's banishment for killing Bor. Tyr inflict Monstrous (75) edged damage
still resented Thor and often suggested or by using the flat for Amazing (50)
a more violent approach to conflicts. blunt damage.
Upon warnings of the coming Siege
from a seer Tyr dismissed humans as Iron Spear: Amazing (50) edged
being any threat or the prophecy of the stabbing damage, 10 area range for
God of War dying during the battle. Incredible (40) edged damage,
Upon realizing the warnings were true Incredible material.
Tyr vowed to fight fate. During the
battle Tyr was given charge of Aragorn: winged horse
Asgard's forces when Balder and
Heimdall left to look for Loki. Tyr in an F Gd (10) Health: 100
act of cowardice left the front lines A Ex (20)
claiming to go look for anybody else in S Rm (30) Karma: 20
the hospital that could wield a sword. E In (40)
Discovering the dead Olympian War R Ty (6)
god Ares and the prophecy referred to I Gd (10)
him Tyr was ashamed of himself and P Pr (4)
returned to the battle. He was
momentarily struck down and as a Known Powers:
spirit fought the Disir alongside with Hyper-Running: Excellent
the Valkyrie Dani Moonstar. He was Winged Flight: Excellent
returned to life and after the battle
cursed himself both for his cowardice Talents:
and his failure to prepare for Siege. Martial Arts A, Edged Weapons,
Tyr later redemmened himself by Thrown Weapons, Occult Lore and
accompanying Thor on a mission to
Mystic Origin, Asgardian Lore, History anger, saying that the dead have to be woman driven mad by being trapped in
and Trivia buried so their souls can be cared for, another mystical dimension, Barbera
calling Odin a Usurper and a monster. Norriss, was given the Valkyrie's
Contacts: Odin questions that she would power and consciousness by Amora in
Valkyrior, Defenders, Asgardian Gods challenge a God over a corpse, in order to help the Enchantress and her
which Brunnhilde draws her blade, erstwhile allies, the group of super-
Running Valkyrie: ready to battle Odin. Impressed, Odin humans called the Defenders, escape
Valkyrie is usually brusque and quick says that the slain warriors must have from the clutches of the sorceress
to action. She is a noble warrior a heaven, offering Brunnhilde as the Casiolena. Amora did not undo her
woman with an unquenchable spirit, guide to show the men to Valhalla, spell on Norriss after Casiolena's
who deems herself to be above most making her a symbol of hope, turning defeat. As a result, Norriss' body now
mortal affairs. “Val” is trying to Brunnhilde into the Valkyrie. possessed Brunhilda's consciousness,
understand her relationship with Jack Brunnhilde and her fellow Valkyries appearance, and powers, while
Norriss, who still sees her as his wife continued to gather heroic mortal Norriss' own mental essence was
Barbara, although no such feelings for warriors for Valhalla until roughly a trapped in Brunhilde's real body in
him remain. She still feels a sense of millennium ago, when Odin was forced Asgard. However, thanks to partial
duty to honor and protect him for the to cease virtually all intercourse with amnesia induced by the Enchantress,
sake of Barbara Norriss. There is one the Earth in accordance with a pact Brunnhilde was unaware that she was
thing, however, that defines the that he and the leaders of Earth's other not in possession of her real body and
personality of the Valkyrie: she is pantheons of gods made with full memory. Indeed, while trapped in
determined that she needs the help of extraterrestrial Celestials. From then Norriss' body Brunnhilde personality
no man and that she is the equal, if not onward, the Valkyries could only lacked much of its usual strength of
the better, of any male. choose slain heroes from among fallen will. She was also constantly pursued
Asgardian warriors. Brunnhilde was by Barbara's husband Jack Norriss,
History: bitter over being barred from choosing who refused to accept that she was
At a young age, Brunnhilde and Sif warriors on Earth and roamed Asgard not his wife.
were two of the few female Asgardians in pursuit of something meaningful to
to enter into training in order to do. Having nowhere else on Earth to go,
become warriors. The two girls started the Valkyrie remained with the
out as rivals due to Sif's jealousy, In a tavern on the outskirts of Defenders and became a long
believing that the blonde Brunnhilde Marmoragard, Brunnhilde encountered standing member of that group. When
would be more competition for winning Amora the Enchantress, who offered Doctor Strange's apprentice Clea tried
the affections of Thor. Even though the her a life of adventure. For several to use a spell to show Valkyrie the
two initially got off to a rough start, weeks Brunnhilde accompanied the pasts of her new friends, they
they eventually became allies when Enchantress on her conquests. inadvertently caused the group to have
Brunnhilde helped Sif to break an Brunnhilde soon discovered Amora's to relive some of the most difficult
enchantment on Thor which was inclinations towards immorality and battles of their lives. The Valkyrie
placed by Amora when she used the tried to end their partnership. In fought alongside the Defenders
Mirror of Mycha. To this day, Sif is response, Amora entrapped against many of their most dangerous
perhaps the only female Asgardian Brunnhilde within a mystic crystal of foes, including Attuma and the Red
who may be equal to Brunnhilde in souls. With Brunhilde's body remained Ghost, the Brotherhood of Evil
combat. Once Brunnhilde had grown in suspended animation, her immortal Mutants, Nebulon and the Squadron
and completed her training she was soul became Amora's plaything. Over Sinister, and was even tricked into
appointed by the All-Father, Odin, to the centuries the Enchantress used fighting against the Avengers by Loki
lead the Valkyrior in combing the Brunhilde's spiritual essence to give and Dormammu. During a battle with
battlefields for worthy mortals on the the Valkyrie’s powers to herself or to one of the Defenders' foes, Chondu
brink of death and leading them to her pawns. The Enchantress usually the Mystic of the mysterious Headmen,
Valhalla. Brunnhilde was so proficient used her magic to alter the recipient's Valkyrie was arrested for accidentally
at this task and so renowned for her appearance to resemble Brunnhilde wrecking the restaurant where the
skills that she was able to maintain this herself. Specific instances of Amora's battle took place. She spent two days
position of power for centuries. exploitation of the Valkyrie before in the Women's Detention Facility in
Recently, Valkyrie's ascension to a recent years are not yet known. The lower Manhattan while the rest of the
Valkyrie has been explored more in first time Amora assumed the Defenders searched for her. While
depth. During her youth, Brunnhilde Valkyrie's physical aspect in recent there, she was sent to solitary
frequently trained with Odin's finest years was in a plot to lead a handful of confinement for striking the warden,
warrior Sigmund, learning many life female super-humans against the male though she broke out in time to stop a
and combat lessons from him. During Avengers. Her true identity was prison riot, before the rest of the
a battle, Sigmund is hit by an arrow to discovered, however, and her plan Defenders could even come to her aid.
his heart whilst protecting Brunnhilde. thwarted. Months later, the Kyle Richmond, the Defender's
Cradling Sigmund's body in tears, Enchantress bestowed the Valkyries Nighthawk, then hired Matt Murdock
Brunnhilde is found by Odin who power upon a socialite named as the Valkyrie's lawyer and she was
demands she flee and leave the dead. Samantha Parrington in an attempt to quickly freed. Her costume, however,
Valkyrie refuses, much to Odin's get revenge on the Hulk. Finally, a had been thrown out by the authorities,
so Clea made a new one for her. It her. Brunnhilde summoned other Parrington. Brunnhilde herself has
was not until a minor Asgardian warrior Valkyries to her aid and together with since apparently returned following the
named Ollerus attempted to take over two other Defenders, the Angel and Asgardians' resurrection and joined the
Valhalla that the Valkyrie’s two mixed Cloud they battled and, thanks to Secret Avengers. After the events of
aspects met for the first time. Cloud especially, defeated Fear Itself Brunnhilde was charged by
Brunhilde's mental essence trapped Moondragon. Odin to find and destroy the Serpent's
Norriss' transformed body, fought eight remaining Hammers so their
Norriss' mental essence trapped in Moondragon escaped, however, and power would not be used again. She
Brunhilde's real body. At the end of months later Moondragon returned to was unable to prevent Sin from
that encounter, the Valkyrie’s body, attack the Defenders, and during the obtaining the hammers and activating
still possessed by Norriss' mind was encounter her power was vastly the Final Sleeper, a giant war-
consigned to Niffleheim, the realm augmented by the alien Beyonder. In machine. This machine killed
inhabited by the spirits at the non- order to defeat the Dragon, Brunnhilde Bruunhilde by snapping her neck, but
heroic Asgardian dead, while and the Eternal called Interloper she forfeited her place in Valhalla and
Brunhilde’s mind in Norriss' projected their immortal life forces that sacrifice enabled the other eight
transformed body accompanied the against it. They were joined by the Valkyrior to return to Midgard and
Defenders, who had made the other- Defender Andromeda and the claim the hammers. Afterward, Freyja
dimensional journey with her, back to Defenders’ former foe Manslaughter, the All-Mother suggested that
Earth. for it was necessary that Brunnhilde' Bruunhilde choose and lead a new
and Interloper’s life forces pass team of shieldmaidens from Midgard's
For reasons yet unknown, Brunnhilde through "mortal instruments" in order heroines.
was not concerned at this time about that Moondragon be defeated as well.
reuniting her mind with her true body. Joining hands, the four allies hurled Brunnhilde had decided that Midgard
It was not until Barbara Norriss' body the tremendous power of their did not possess women strong enough
was murdered that the Valkyrie's spirit combined life forces at the Dragon, to replace the Valkyrior, and this did
and mind were inadvertently freed Moondragon, and the Gargoyle, whose not form a new team. The absence of
from their mortal host. With the help of body was now under the Dragons such a team allowed the villainous
Doctor Strange's magic, Brunnhilde control. Three other Defenders went to Caroline le Fay to plot the return of the
regained her true body, which was rescue endangered innocents, and Doom Maidens. Valkyrie met Misty
rescued from Niffleheim by the when they returned, Brunnhilde, Knight and Annabelle Riggs, an
Enchantress. Back in her real body, Interloper, Andromeda, Manslaughter, archaeologist who found herself
Brunnhilde regained her full memory Moondragon and the Gargoyle had all infatuated with Brunnhilde. Hippolyta is
and normal warriors personality as seemingly been transformed into added to their group by Hela, who
well. Brunnhilde then battled Amora statues of ashes and dust, and the sends them to rescue Dani Moonstar.
and banished her into the crystal of Dragon of the Moon was apparently They arrive too late to stop le Fay from
souls in which she had been trapped. gone. When Doctor Strange was on using Moonstar's powers to revive the
Feeling estranged from Asgard in the brink of death, his astral form Doom Maidens, and it is revealed that
general and Odin in particular for their found itself being drawn towards a Brunnhilde used to be one of them.
neglect of her centuries-long plight, realm of the afterlife. His astral form The group, along with a host of other
Brunnhilde chose to return to Earth saw Brunnhilda, who had come to heroines, confront the Doom Maidens
with her mortal friends, the Defenders, escort him into the hereafter. Strange, at an old ruin. Brunnhilde uses the
rather than to remain in Asgard. She however, refused, and after ruins to siphon power from Moonstar,
had joined the Defenders after their considerable effort, returned to life in and is transformed into the Doom
battle with Casiolena and remained the mortal world. Shortly afterwards, Maiden of Rage. She destroys the
with them continuously until the group Brunnhilde returned to a semblance of Doom Maidens, and then defeats all
finally came to its end. Odin placed the life by possessing various mortal the other heroes as well. Annabelle is
dangerously powerful self-styled hosts. For a brief time, Brunnhilde able to stop her, but is killed in the
goddess Moondragon into Brunhilde's served as a member of "the Dragon process. Brunnhilde, now in control of
charge. Brunnhilde was to teach Circle" with the other fallen Defenders herself, proposes a new team of
Moondragon humility, and who had returned to life. She Defenders, but is rebuked by an angry
Moondragon served alongside eventually passed on Aragorn and Knight. Thanks to her valiant sacrifice,
Brunnhilde in the Defenders. Dragonfang to Samantha Parrington, Annabelle found herself in Valhalla,
Brunnhilde was to take action against who joined the Defenders as the and so Brunnhilde went to that realm.
Moondragon should she again become Valkyrie's replacement. There, she found Clea and called in a
a menace. Eventually Moondragon favor owed. They went to the halls of
reformed, but later she fell once again Brunnhilde was one among the many Valhalla and found Annabelle, and
under the malevolent influence of the casualties of Ragnarok, having been Brunnhilde had Clea resurrect her, at a
alien entity called the Dragon of the killed by Durok the Demolisher. Before cost. They return to New York and
Moon. Moondragon attacked the her death, she ceded leadership of the Annabelle reunites with Misty, and
Defenders, but Brunnhilde, given Valkyries to Sif, who also inherited her then suddenly transforms into Valkyrie.
temporary additional powers by Odin sword Dragonfang upon Brunhilde's To revive her, Clea had merged the
for this occasion, including the power death. However, Aragorn was later lifeforces of Annabelle and Brunnhilde
to grow to gigantic stature, opposed sighted on Earth with Samantha and is the new host of Valkyrie.
Vidar - God of vengeance and Volla - Asgardian Prophetess The Warriors Three
Vidar Odinson F Fb (2) Health: 58 Fandral, the Dashing
A Pr (4)
F Am (50) Health: 170 S Fb (2) Karma: 160 F In (40) Health: 160
A Ex (20) E Am (50) A Rm (30)
S Am (50) Karma: 66 R Rm (30) Resources: Fb S Am (50) Karma: 60
E Am (50) I Rm (30) E In (40)
R Ty (6) Resources: Gd P Un (100) Popularity: 0 R Gd (10) Resources: Ex
I Gd (10) I Rm (30)
P Am (50) Popularity: 0 Known Powers: P Ex (20) Popularity: +50
Body Armor: Poor (4).
Known Powers: Resistance to Disease: Amazing (50). Known Powers:
Body Armor: Remarkable (30). Precognition: Cl5000 Body Resistance: Good (10).
Growth: He is 10ft tall, Poor (4) growth. Retarded Aging: While alive Volla only Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000. aged 1 year for every 100. She could 100 years. He can be killed normally.
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every be killed normally. Allspeak: May communicate fluently in
100. Vidar may still be killed normally. Allspeak: May communicate fluently in any language of the 9 realms.
Allspeak: May communicate fluently in any language of the 9 realms. Invulnerability: Cl1000.
any language of the 9 realms.
Limitations: Equipment:
Equipment: Severe old age: Volla is ancient, even Fimbuldraugr: made of Monstrous
Staff: Made from Yggdrasil. Cl1000 by Asgardian standards material. He may use both the edge or
material and imbued by Odin: flat of the blade for Amazing (50)
* Unearthly (100) damage. Talents: damage.
* Flight: Cl1000 speeds in space and Asgardian Lore, Mythology and Trivia.
Sh-Z in atmosphere She is a Scholar of Occult Lore (+2 Talents:
* Shield: By twirling his staff, he can C/S). Fandral is a master swordsman getting
shield for Unearthly (100) protection. +1 c/s when using bladed weapons
* Dimensional Travel: Unearthly (100). Contacts: and an additional +1 c/s if using a
* Energy Blast: Unearthly (100) Asgardian Gods sword. He gets +2 to initiative rolls
Damage. It's can slay Immortals. when using such weapons. He is also
Running Volla: skilled in Acrobatics, Tumbling,
Talents: Volla only speaks the truth, telling what Horsemanship and Asgardian lore,
Hunting, Weapon Specialist: Sword, she sees. trivia and history.
Weapon Specialist: Staff, Farming,
Asgardian Lore, History and Trivia. History: Contacts:
Volla died after making known her Asgardian Gods, Warriors Three, Thor,
Contacts: prophecies of Ragnarok, but those Sif, Hercules, Beta Ray Bill.
Odin, Thor, Balder, Tyr, Loki and the who are brave and powerful enough to
rest of the Asgardian Gods. journey into the realm of the dead may Running Fandral:
still obtain prophecies from her. Fandral is called the Dashing with
Running Vidar: good reason. He has an easy smile
Vidar had grown weary of combat and and his flashing fighting style is well
death, he married Grid and retired known around Asgard. He is a fierce
becoming a farmer. Some giants and brave warrior, however willing to
needed killing after his wife was killed. lay down his life to protect Asgard and
He sought and got his revenge. is absolutely faithful to his fellow
Warriors Three.
Vidar was the product of Odin's History:
alliance with the Storm Giantess Grid. Fandral the Dashing was a charter
He lived outside the city of Asgard, his member of the Warriors Three, a trio of
existence known to few. Vidar Asgardian adventurers consisting of
ventured into the city but once to seek himself, Hogun the Grim, and Volstagg
redress for the slaying of his wife. As the Voluminous. Fandral was a strong
Thor surveyed the devastation the and brave and a good friend to Thor.
forces of Ragnarok had done across He fought in countless battles with his
Asgard, he came across Vidar's fields. friends, to preserve and protect his
Vidar had died fighting hordes of trolls, people. He has been described as one
with spears scattered like blades of of the most good-looking Asgardians
grass. A funeral pyre was ordered for which along with his charm, gave him
his body
the reputation as a ladies' man. had climbed to the top of the ship's his people. Fandral once joined Thor
Besides his looks, Fandral is also masthead with a great horn, in hopes on an odd mission to find a sorcerer
known for his skills in swordsmanship that its power might steer them to named Ulagg. Using a twig of the
and bravery. He and Thor first met safety. Balder succeeded and the Jaw World Tree Yggdrasill, they restored
when the Warriors Three joined the was blown to bits, allowing their ship to life to a ravaged world that had
Thunder God on an expedition to pass onto the next leg of their journey. continental configurations resembling
restore the Odinsword that had Detecting the ship, Queen Ula of the that of modern day Earth that had
become cracked. Allegedly, Volstagg Flying Trolls sent a squad to raid the hosted a race of "evil mortals".
the Staggeringly Perfect led the youth ship. Balder the Brave had collapsed
Hogun the Good, Fandral the Quite in exhaustion from using the giant He along with the other Asgardians,
Plain, Thor and Loki in Hel, fighting horn. He was then nursed back to was thought to have been killed after
against all of its hordes for forty days consciousness by Fandral and Hogun. the events of Ragnarok. The
and nights. Eventually Hogun was hurt Fandral led the Warriors Three in a Asgardians, however, ended up being
and forced to retreat, helped by counter attack to defend their ship trapped inside the bodies of people
Fandral. Due to the battle, Hogun the from the looting Trolls. Loki unleashed around the world. After Thor's rebirth
Good became Hogun the Grim, and for a potion into the air that poisoned the as Dr. Donald Blake, he went looking
some reason, Fandral the Quite Plain Trolls. With the battle over, Loki took for the other Asgardians in order to
became Fandral the Dashing later, all the credit and gloated. Ula had restore Asgard in the city of Broxton,
while Volstagg started eating every anticipated this move and ordered her Oklahoma. When Dr. Blake, traveled
time and Thor was deemed worthy of men to prepare a fitting welcome for to Africa on behalf of the Doctors
Mjolnir. the sons of Odin. Loki was captured by Without Borders, an organization
Ula, and Thor left to rescue him. dedicated to providing medical care to
In the 13th Century; Fandral was being Before Fandral and the Warriors Three people who cannot get it. There a
chased by a Storm Giant through a were able to leave for a rescue attempt doctor introduced him to three soldiers
forest in Asgard when he fell through a Thor and Loki appeared on the ship. of fortune: Rolf Mueller, an imposing,
portal. He landed on Midgard in Odin then appeared in a blinding flash long-winded native of Berlin; the short-
England in an area known as and informed them that their quest was spoken Leo Kincaid of San Francisco;
Nottingham. He took down a group of done and that they could return to and Trevor Newly, a beret-wearing
soldiers who were harassing the locals Asgard. lightweight from London. All three had
for taxes. It was then that he met a joined two years previous, specifically
woman named Marian. It was love at The Warriors Three returned home to requested this posting, and been
first site and she told him of the local learn news that Ragnarök loomed for eagerly awaiting Blake's arrival. The
governor who was stealing from the Asgard. Odin showed them visions of conversation was interrupted by a
poor. He helped where he could their destruction. With the visions over, Ngare attack, and Dr. Lereaux was
robbing the rich to give to the poor. Odin asked all gathered what they rendered unconscious or dead by a
Over time he formed a band of Merry thought about what they had seen as it suicide bomber. Blake, caught in the
Men to help him. Working together he was said Loki would be the cause of blast, belatedly warned the guards as
took down the governor and the false Ragnarok. Loki was tossed into the several Ngare attacked with automatic
king as the true king returned to the Well of Eternal Sleep, thereby weapons and rocket launchers. The
throne. He married Marian and they preventing the coming of Ragnarok. guards entered the battle, but were
settled in a home not far from Odin then called for his son and the outmatched until Blake reached his
Nottingham. However due to her Warriors Three. He requested they cane and transformed into Thor.
mortal nature she aged and died while travel to Muspelheim and retrieve the Unprepared to deal with the god, the
Fandral remained unchanged. After Warlock Eye from the Temple of Ngare retreated. Thor then confronted
her death he returned to Asgard Mystics as it too was prophesied to be the three guards, and questioned them
through a portal. It remained unclear if used to bring about Ragnarok. on the events that brought them here.
he truly was the inspiration for the However the Warlock Eye had been Observing that "there is no such thing
legend of Robin Hood. taken by Harokin. He used the Eye's as a coincidence," he used Mjolnir to
power to destroy the Fire Demons. As restore the Warriors Three from the
Fandral and the Warriors Three this battle raged on, Fandral and his guard's bodies. Thor suggested that
accompanied Thor on a ship as they friends began their journey. Fandral they pursue the Ngare, but were
journeyed through the Sea of Fear and and the group fought Harokin's forces, stopped by a village elder who said
through the Pillars of Utgard, tossed by and during the battle Thor sneaked that Africa's problems could only be
violent waters. Loki staged a mutiny into Harokin's chambers, knocked him solved by Africans, not by white men
with the aid of the dissenting Kroda out and took his place to retrieve the or even Gods. Thor decided to give the
and Magrat, splitting the crew in half Eye. Posing as Harokin, Thor ordered village some peace, and called on the
and starting a fight between the two Harokin's army to take the Warriors power of his mother, Jord, to separate
factions. Fandral and the Warriors Three as live prisoners. With Harokin's the two villages with a great chasm.
Three sided with Thor and battled on army defeated, and the Warlock Eye in After the exile of Thor from Asgard, the
as the ship headed toward the their possession, the friends traveled Warriors Three decided to also go on
Dragon's Jaws. As their ship entered home. Fandral helped Hogun in some of their own adventures around
this lethal region, the battle was defeating the conqueror Mogol of the on Midgard
broken off by the sound of Balder, who Mystic Mountan who had slaughtered
Hogun - the Grim voice of reason for the Warriors Three. Volstagg adopts two orphaned boys
Hogun has been involved in a great from Earth, Kevin and Mick. Hogun
F Am (50) Health: 160 many adventures and quests, as a realizes the boys needed something
A Ex (20) member of the Warriors Three, as an more in order to grow and prosper in
S Am (50) Karma: 50 ally of Thor, and on his own. When first Asgard. He gave them portions of the
E In (40) seen, Hogun had joined the quest for Apples of Idunn, fruit that gave the
R Gd (10) Resources: Ex the power that had cracked the gods long life and strength. Hogun and
I Ex (20) Oversword of Asgard. Soon after that, Fandral also convey to the boys that
P Ex (20) Popularity: +50 he helped quell a mutiny led by Loki. any child of Volstagg's is their child as
He then helped repel an attack of well and will be watched out for. He
Known Powers: Flying Trolls in Thryheim. With Thor, was then sent to Earth to locate Thor,
Body Armor: Good (10). he helped defeat the forces of Harokin. but suffered a concussion and
Invulnerability to Disease: Cl1000. With Thor, he then battled the dragon dementia. He battled Daredevil, and
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every Fafnir. With Thor, he defeated the was marked for death by Seth. Hogun
100. He can be killed normally. Mogul of the Mystic Mountain, who learned the value of trickery and
Allspeak: May communicate fluently in had destroyed Hogun's homeland so silliness over a mace blow in an
any language of the 9 realms. long ago. He helped defend Asgard adventure that saved a stricken
from the Destroyer. He encountered groomsman and saved Asgard from
Equipment: the Hulk. certain doom. He helped to defend
Hridgandr: Monstrous (75) material Asgard against the forces of Seth. His
mace for Monstrous (75) damage. Hogun helped defend Asgard against quest with Thor to seek Ulagg the
Mangog. He encountered the Silver Grand Enchanter was later recounted.
Talents: Surfer. With Thor, he battled the He helped the Avengers battle
Weapon Specialist-Hridgandr, Military, Thermal Man. He helped defend Blastaar. He was rescued from Flying
Equestrian, Blunt/Sharp/Thrown Asgard against Surtur. He helped Thor Trolls by the New Mutants. Hogun also
weapons, Asgardian Lore, Trivia and escape Mephisto. He became helped battle Ymir and Surtur.
History. First Aid and Battlefield entranced by Infinity and was forced to
Medicine. battle Thor, Balder, Sif, and other Thor and the Warriors Three are sent
Asgardians. He was freed from his on a quest as penance for accidentally
Contacts: trance by Loki and Karnilla. Hogun is killing an enemy giant during a time of
Asgardian Gods, Warriors Three, Thor, the first to fight back when Loki takes peace. Hogun heroically endures the
Sif, Hercules, Beta Ray Bill. confront of Asgard; he attempts to assaults of the Egyptian god, Thoth, to
destroy the villain's power ring with his shout three names at Thoth's temple to
Personality: mace. This fails and Sif talks Loki out fulfill their quest. He was also the only
Hogun is quiet and reserved, keeping of murdering Hogun on the spot. With member of the group able to dominate
his own council and speaking only Thor, he was sent on a quest by Odin, the bloodthirsty spirit of Chulain's
when he must. His friendship is difficult but returned to help defend Asgard spear, and prevent a murderous
to earn, but once he has given, he against Mangog again. He was rampage. Although the group fails in
goes to great lengths to protect his seemingly destroyed by Pluto. but was their quest, through the use of each
friends. His manner is stoic and actually sent to Earth by Odin. With warrior's unique capabilities, the
somewhat sour in the best of times Thor, he battled Ego-Prime, was exiled adventure eventually comes to a good
and downright grisly when defeat to Earth, but then abducted by end. Hogun dies in Ragnarök fairly
seems certain. Mephisto, and ultimately freed by Thor. early. Later, however, he is found alive
With Thor and company, he set out on and well, under the name Leo Kincaid,
History: a quest to find the missing Odin. He and was restored by Thor. He
Hogun is not Aesir like most of the battled Sssthgar's slavers, Mercurio, establishes a new life in Asgard.
Asgardians. Also, his unnamed and Xorr. He defeated doppelgangers Hogun is one of the army of
homeland was conquered long ago by created by the wizard Igron. With Thor, Asgardians and Earth based heroes
Mogul of the Mystic Mountain, who Hogun later battled Zarrko the who help protect it during the 'Siege'
slew Hogun's forebears and laid waste Tomorrow Man. He defeated diamond invasion; Norman Osborn had
to the land. He joined Volstagg and exchange robbers in New York. With attacked with an army of Earth
Fandral to judge a dare and formed a Thor, he helped depose the usurpers supervillains. When Thor vanishes and
lifelong friendship. This dare, the Mangog and Igron. With Thor, he set Mjolnir chooses a female wielder,
"petting" of the Fenris wolf, led to a out on a quest to find Odin, who was Hogun and Fandral quest throughout
defeat for all three men.. He is missing again. He battled Spoor, the the known galaxy for the Odinson. This
primarily characterized by his brusque, Grey Gargoyle, and the Soul- is especially important as Odin himself
taciturn, and often short-tempered Survivors. He defeated the has become irrational. Volstagg
demeanor. He is the brooding Executioner and the Enchantress. He chooses to stay behind, having taken
pessimist of the group, as opposed to battled the Destroyer and Loki. He on many duties, including the care of
Volstagg's irrepressible good humor helped defend Asgard against Thor's lady love Jane Foster, who has
and Fandral's brash heroism. He is a Ragnarok. He battled the dragon become ill.
fierce and unrelenting warrior, a Fafnir again. Hogun later battled the
collector of weaponry and often the forces of Surtur on Earth. Later,
Volstagg - Warrior of Asgard Asgardian Gods, Warriors Three, Thor, the secrets of the first Frost Giants to a
Volstagg the Enormous, Volstagg Sif, Hercules, Beta Ray Bill. younger Thor. Even so, he was
the Voluminous, Volstagg the considered a trusted and worthy
Valiant, Volstagg the Wise, Volstagg Running Volstagg: comrade by his closest friends and
the Valorous, Volstagg the Volstagg is the gentlest, willing to allies, Fandral the Dashing, Hogun the
Staggeringly Perfect, Volstagg the solve matters peacefully if possible. Grim, and Thor.
Bloody Epic, Dr. Volstagg, the Lion This trait along with his immense size
of Asgard, Rolf Mueller, Vincent and lack of weapons skill, made him Despite usually being cowardly,
Starwit, the Gargantuan Gourmet, the butt of many jokes. While Volstagg Volstagg performed various acts of
Volstagg the Cannibal (by the would always pull his weight in battle, heroism. Volstagg once squared-off
Angels), King Volstagg! he did so in unconventional ways, with the Hulk. The "Lion of Asgard"
usually out of the enemy's sight. Of also once rushed through a tunnel to
F Rm (30) Health: 140 late, he has been more willing to show battle the demonic Mangog but was
A Gd (10) his skill in combat and the jokes have prevented when the passage proved
S Am (50) Karma: 50 stopped. (Fandral and Hogun can too narrow to accommodate his
E Am (50) tease him, but don't let someone else considerable girth. Even more
R Gd (10) Resources: Ex dare to do such a thing...) Volstagg is spectacular examples of his peerless
I Ex (20) a kindly father, but earnest and brave bravery ensued: during a trip to Hades
P Ex (20) Popularity: +20 in combat, willing to lay down his life to rescue his comrade-in-arms Thor,
for Asgard and absolutely loyal to his Volstagg offered to battle the Arch-
War Thor fellow Warriors Three. As War Thor, Fiend Mephisto in return for his friend's
Volstagg is rage personified. noble soul. Another example of
F Am (50) Health: 245 Volstagg's bravery and heroism was
A Ex (20) History: when Thor and the Warriors Three
S Un (100) Karma: 50 Volstagg first met Thor when the were battling the interstellar parasite
E Mn (75) Warriors Three joined Thor's Ego-Prime in the streets of New York
R Gd (10) Resources: Ex expedition to restore the Odinsword City: hiding behind a festering heap of
I Ex (20) that had become cracked. Volstagg garbage, Volstagg saw a group of
P Ex (20) Popularity: +20 was fairly advanced in age for an extraterrestrial monstrosities preparing
Asgardian, and it has been alluded to to devour a little girl, a sight which
Known Powers: that he was a highly respected and drove him to a remarkable display of
Body Armor: Remarkable (30). feared warrior in his prime. He courage and resolution. Despite his
Excellent (20) damage to those he sits allegedly was named Volstagg the obvious terror, the Voluminous One
on. Staggeringly Perfect. Allegedly, he led struck the creatures down with his
Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000. the youth Hogun the Good, Fandral bare hands and carried the child to
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every the Quite Plain, Thor and Loki in Hel, safety. When Balder the Brave
100 years. He can be killed normally. fighting against all of its hordes for returned broken and hopeless from the
forty days and nights. Eventually land of the dead, it was the kind-
Allspeak: May communicate fluently in Hogun was hurt and forced to retreat, hearted Volstagg who took the fallen
any language of the 9 realms. Loki refusing to follow them. Volstagg warrior under his wing. When Thor's
was stabbed and Thor had to defeat actions indirectly deprived two mortal
As the War Thor Volstagg has the the horde by himself, while Loki cared lads (Kevin and Mick) of their mother,
following powers when weilding an for the fallen warrior. After this battle he took them to Asgard, and to the
alternate version of Mjolnir. and eighty days without food, Volstagg Hall of Volstagg, where he knew they
Ability Shift: Volstagg's abilities shift. started eating as soon as he could and would be loved and protected by the
Body Armor: Remarkable (30). never stopped since. This battle was largest and kindest of all Odin's
Weather Control: Unearthly (100). Can allegedly the one that made Thor warriors. When the boys first mistook
call Monstrous (75) intensity lightning. worthy of Mjolnir. Due to the battle, Volstagg for Santa Claus, he assured
Flight: Amazing (50). Hogun the Good became Hogun the them that while he was not that
Grim, and for some reason, Fandral particular time-honored saint, he was
Weapons: the Quite Plain became Fandral the "yet a friend to children everywhere",
Mjolnir: Unearthly (100) Material and Dashing later. as indeed he turned out to be.
damage. Fighting increases to
Monstrous (75) when using the Volstagg became a huge, bumbling When the Frost Giants descended
hammer. Can be thrown 10 areas and oaf much given to boasting and upon a plague-ridden Asgard,
will come back 1 round later. bragging, the last into battle and the Volstagg was the only warrior left to
first to claim victory. Referring to defend the ramparts, a role he fulfilled
Talents: himself as the "Lion of Asgard," he admirably, once he realized he had
Edged Weapons, Martial Arts B, C, usually caused more problems than he discovered an enemy even more
and E, Wrestling, Equestrian, solved and seemed totally unaware of stupid and cowardly than himself.
Asgardian Lore, Trivia and History. the chaos that almost always followed Saving the day by default as always,
in his wake. A drunken Volstagg once the Lion of Asgard accepted the praise
Contacts: incurred the wrath of Odin by spilling and gratitude of his companions with
his usual humility, musing on how the the Midwest of the United States. refugees in Nidavellir, Volstagg chose
poets of later ages will depict his Volstagg was later set up by Norman to take the fight to Muspelheim itself
glorious exploits for all time. Volstagg Osborn and Loki, and inadvertently and battled its ruler Sindr, the Queen
and his family also encountered the caused the deaths of thousands of of Cinders. He then brought down a
New Mutants. During the group's first American citizens when he torrential rainstorm to flood
trip to Asgard, Volstagg made friends accidentally destroyed the packed Muspelheim and wipe out its entire
with Roberto da Costa, aka Sunspot, stadium of Soldier Field while fighting population. The new Thor Jane Foster
challenging him to feats of strength, the U-Foes. This tragedy was used by was forced to step in to prevent
including arm-wrestling and the lifting Osborn to justify the fateful siege of Volstagg from committing genocide by
of Volstagg himself. In the group's Asgard which would culminate in its transporting herself and Volstagg to
second visit, Volstagg's children eventual destruction. When Odin the Yawning Void.
encountered Boom Boom, Hrimhari planned to destroy the Earth to save
and Warlock, who were on the run the rest of the known worlds from the An angry Volstagg fought Thor until
from Hela's forces, who were following Fear Serpent, Volstagg was forced to their fight took them to Svartalfheim.
through with a plan to kill Odin and be one of many to keep Thor under Odinson then appeared and took
conquer Asgard. The children switched control. Odin soon changed his plans, Thor's place in the fight. After learning
places with the group so as to impress leading an army to Midgard to slay the from Roz Solomon that Volstagg was
their elders with the seriousness of the Serpent. The Warriors Three, at the War Thor, Thor reverted to her human
situation. They told the heroes of forefront, were just in time to see the form and used her friendship with
Tiwaz, a powerful sorcerer who might Serpent and Thor slay each other in Volstagg to successfully convince him
help them in the fight. Hrimhari, wolf- battle. When the ancient fire demon to end his rampage, let go of his rage,
prince of a far-away tribe of wolf- Surtur used the grudges the Vanaheim and give up being War Thor. Volstagg
people, told the children that tales of have against Asgard it inflamed a war returned to Asgardia where he was to
Volstagg's children were told to his that affected the Nine Realms. When receive treatment for mental effects
people and it was an honor to be in Volstagg thought Loki was part of it, a the Mjolnir had on him when the
their debt. Volstagg later personally suggestion to imprison the trickster led hammer unexpectedly appeared.
participated in the battle against Hela's Thor to battle the Warriors Three. After Volstagg became drawn to the
forces, working with his Warriors Three the All-Mother lost their rulership of hammer and walked over to it while his
comrades and other Asgardian forces; Asgard due to their connection to the friends futilely tried to stop him from
in the end Odin was saved. Soon after Vanaheim, Volstagg became the new reclaiming it. When Volstagg lifted the
this point, when Odin was awake and ruler. He led a war through much of hammer, he once again became the
aware, his mind became overtaken by the Nine Realms. He tried to give a War Thor and flew off. Even while
the influence of Loki. Persecuted, the pardon to the All-Mother, but they clutching the hammer, Volstagg was
Warriors Three were forced to go on refused, saying the people's trust did conflicted on whether to continue
the run, gaining a new ally in the form not match Volstagg's. Later, Surtur's being the War Thor. While in the
of a heroic, young palace guardsman. forces were defeated thanks to Loki Asgard-realm, he was ambushed by
and Volstagg stepped down to rule Odinson's goat Toothgnasher who
Volstagg seemed to know more about only over his family once again. Odinson put in charge of guarding the
the raising of the mug than the raising hammer. Volstagg prepared to battle
of the sword. Ironically, whenever his Having become a senator of the Toothgnasher when a giant hand
courage failed, Volstagg's innate Congress of Worlds Volstagg travelled suddenly appeared and grabbed
clumsiness would somehow seize to Nidavellir as part of a diplomatic Toothgnasher before killing him. The
victory from the jaws of defeat. In a mission concerning Light Elf refugees hand belonged to the monster Mangog
typically Kirbyesque touch, Volstagg displaced from Alfheim due to who had somehow returned to life to
inadvertently saved his companions' Malekith's attacks. When the camp wipe out the Asgardians. Volstagg
lives on at least two occasions by was attacked by forces from fearlessly charged at Mangog to
stumbling onto the one weapon Muspelheim, Volstagg tried to ensure prevent this from happening. However,
capable of saving the day. It has also the safety of a group of children he Volstagg was no match for Mangog
been hinted at on numerous occasions found among the destruction caused and was brutally beaten down before
that he ceased his full time warrior's by the attack. While making their way having his Mjolnir destroyed. Mangog
life to be a husband and father. through the fiery warzone, Volstagg then punched Volstagg toward the
Eventually, Loki brought about and the children were targeted by an edge of Old Asgard. Mangog
Ragnarok. Volstagg, alone of the explosion, of which only Volstagg demanded that Volstagg tell him where
Warriors Three, survived the initial emerged alive. Seeking retribution and the Asgardians were. Volstagg
attacks. He was later discovered by a way to put an end to the war that vehemently refused. Before Mangog
Thor taking refuge in a statue of Frigga ravaged the Ten Realms, Volstagg could finish Volstagg off, Malekith
and having lost considerable weight. was called to the abandoned City of appeared and informed Mangog of the
He united with Thor and eventually Asgard in the Asgard-realm by the locations of the Asgardians, the city of
fought in the final battle of Ragnarok. Mjolnir of an alternate universe which Asgardia. After Mangog left for
There, along with the rest of Asgard, laid unclaimed. Volstagg lifted the Asgardia, Malekith stabbed Volstagg's
he died. As the other Asgardians, he hammer, and obtained the power of hand with a dagger so he could fall to
returned, this time to Midgard, where a Thor. After Fire Demons from his doom.
new version of Asgard had arisen in Muspelheim attacked Light Elf
to beg release from his sentence for to protect a woman. In that, Agnar saw
Asgardian Heroes, trying to start Ragnarök. Balder's bravery. Unable to assist
Villains and Demi- Balder, too much frightened, Agnar
Agnar of Vanaheim threw his sword for Balder to defend
Gods himself against the creature allowing
F Rm (30) Health: 120 him to win. As Balder disappeared
Aegir A Gd (10) along with the woman he saved by
S In (40) Karma: 40 teleporting, Agnar retrieved his sword.
F Rm (30) Health: 120 E In (40) He swore he would find Balder, to offer
A Gd (10) R Gd (10) Resources: Ty him his sword. Balder returned in an
S In (40) Karma: 40 I Gd (10) instant from the Norns, riding a horse.
E In (40) P Ex (20) Popularity: 2 As he saw Agnar, he pretended to not
R Gd (10) Resources: Ty recognize him, and took him with him
I Gd (10) Known Powers: to help defend Asgard against a threat.
P Ex (20) Popularity: 2 Body Armor: Good (10). Once in Asgard, Balder left, promising
Resist to Diseases: Unearthly (100). Agnar another meeting. Needing to
Known Powers: Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for know the way home, Thor sent Agnar
Body Armor: Good (10). every 100. He may still be killed to retrieve Balder in Nornheim. Along
Resist Disease: Unearthly (100) normally. with Hogun, Agnar returned to Asgard,
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every announcing that the Giants of
100. He may still be killed normally. Equipment: Jotunheim were waging war against
Water Freedom: The Sword 'Frey': In reality Asgard. He then greeted welcome to
Water Breathing: 'Laevateinn', this ancestral sword of the returning Balder. His current
Hyper Swimming: Amazing (50) Loki's family is made of Class 1000 whereabouts are unknown.
Water Control: Amazing (50) ability. material, does Amazing (50) damage.
Communication/Control-sea life: Agnar the Fierce
Amazing (50) * Summoning: While in his possession,
Agnar can summon to the sword to his F Rm (30) Health: 120
Talents: hand, even across dimensions and A Gd (10)
Edged Weapons, Blunt Weapons, time with Class 1000 ability. S In (40) Karma: 40
Asgard Trivia, History and Lore. E In (40)
* Armor Piercing: Laevateinn reduces R Gd (10) Resources: Ty
Contacts: the effectiveness of armor by -5 C/S, I Gd (10)
Fellow Asgardians allowing him to harm foes he might not P Ex (20) Popularity: 2
otherwise effect.
Running Aegir: Known Powers:
Whenever the Vikings saw huge Talents: Body Armor: Good (10).
waves coming towards their ships, Edged Weapons, Weapon Specialist: Lung capacity: When taking, holding or
they knew that Aegir was close by. If Frey, Asgard Trivia, History and Lore. shouting, he has +2 C/S Endurance.
the Vikings had some prisoners they Resist to Diseases: Unearthly (100).
would sometimes sacrifice some of Contacts: Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
them in the hope of a safe passage. Fellow Asgardians 100. He may still be killed normally.
But Aegir was often very unforgiving
and cruel and would in his lust for Running Agnar of Vanaheim: Equipment:
more treasures especially gold, smash Agnar is a hotheaded young man, Sword: This Monstrous (75) material
their ships into pieces of wood. looking for glory and honor and sword does Incredible (40) damage.
sometimes not thinking things through.
History: Talents:
Aegir was the God of the Seas. He History: Edged Weapons, Blunt Weapons,
lived in a castle made of coral Agnar was the son of Hrothgar. They Asgard Trivia, History and Lore.
underwater beneath the Island of lived in Vanaheim. Agnar came to
Hlesey, guarded by Fish-Men, and had Asgard to challenge Balder, reported Contacts:
a life of joy, thanks to the to be a skilled warrior, but Balder Fellow Asgardians
companionship of the Ocean-Nymphs. denied him and Agnar was removed
At some point, he sired three by Volstagg, telling him the story of Running Aegir:
Mermaidens, including Rana. After Balder and using Hogun the Grim as a Agnar is an old man with something to
Loki had Hoder kill Balder with a threat if Agnar wished to harm Balder. prove, he wanted Heimdall's job and
mistletoe arrow, Aegir held a feast at Anyway, Agnar followed Balder when almost destroyed Asgard to get it.
Odin's behest, for the Aesir to discuss he sought to die by abandoning
the incoming Ragnarök, without Loki. himself in a desert beyond the Norn Known History:
Odin was entertaining Aegir in the Kingdom. Agnar had trouble following Agnar was an Asgardian who
Great Hall of Asgard when Loki arrived Balder, but witnessed him attacking a attempted to prove himself worthy of
Giant Sand Devil with a stick in order
guarding the Bifrost Bridge. However, at the Asgardians' defensive line and R Ex (20) Resources: Am
Odin chose Heimdall instead. Arko was nearly crushed, but Balder I Ex (20)
pulled him to safety, and attempted to P Am (50) Popularity: +25
Arko rally him back to the battle. Balder
dragged Arko back so that he could Known Powers:
F Rm (30) Health: 120 rest, but Arko refused to rest while his Body Armor: Excellent (20).
A Gd (10) wife and unborn child were threatened Resistances: Sh-Z vs. fire, cold, toxins,
S In (40) Karma: 40 by Ymir. Just then, Surtur appeared to corrosives and disease. Amazing (50)
E In (40) challenge Ymir. As the two giant Resistances outside Asgard.
R Gd (10) Resources: Ty grappled, Arko saved a woman and Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
I Gd (10) her child from being crushed by debris. 10000 years. He may be killed
P Ex (20) Popularity: 2 They reminded him of his own wife normally.
and unborn child. Ultimately, Ymir and Allspeak: May communicate fluently in
Known Powers: Surtur were defeated by Thor, and any language of the 9 realms.
Body Armor: Good (10). Arko returned to Deilla to find that his
Resist to Disease: Unearthly (100). son had been born safely. While Mystic Powers: Bor is the original
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every guarding Odin's chambers, Arko "Skyfather" and is at the very least as
100. He may still be killed normally. overheard Odin (possessed by Loki) powerful as Odin and may perform the
discussing treason with Karnilla, he following:
Equipment: alerted the Warriors Three. Arko and * Element control and Generation:
Crimson Hawk Armor and Helmet: the Warriors Three were assaulted by Unearthly (100) ability to unleash and
Amazing (50) material. Remarkable "Odin", and Arko was knocked manipulate the classic elements of
(30) vs. Physical, this doesn't stack. unconscious. Arko and the Warriors Earth, Fire, Water, Weather and Air.
Shield: Amazing (50) material, Shields Three were brought by the Crimson * Energy Generation: Shift-X (150)
vs. 50 points on a shielding roll. Hawks to be executed, but at the last electromagnetic blasts from his eyes.
Sword: Amazing (50) material, moment, Arko was saved by the * Dimensional Travel: Amazing (50).
Remarkable (30) damage. Enchantress, who set him and the * Control Lightning: Unearthly (100)
Spear: Amazing (50) material, Warriors Three free. She teleported ability to control and redirect lighting.
Remarkable (30) damage, 5 area. them to safety so that they could * Mystical Blasts: Bor is capable of
Quarterstaff: Amazing (50) material, discuss their next move. unleashing CL1000 Mystical energies
Amazing (50) damage. powerful enough to ravage the Earth.
As the Enchantress and the Warriors Bor need 10 rounds of uninterrupted
Talents: Three argued, Arko recalled his past, concentration and red Psyche feat to
Weapon Specialist: Staff, Edged and finally inspired the Warriors Three activate the power. Any interruption or
Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Asgard to join the uprising against Odin. damage taken during this time, causes
Trivia, History and Lore. Fandral was so impressed by Arko's him to restart the process.
words that he suggested they should
Contacts: change their name to "the Warriors Limitations:
Fellow Asgardians, the Crimson Four." The five conspirators returned * Worthy: Bor may weild Mjolnir, but
Hawks, The Royal Guard of Odin, to Asgard just in time to aid Sif and doesn't think it's worthy of him and
Odin, the Warriors three, Sif and Thor. Balder against Karnilla, while the Eric refuses to use it.
Masterson Thor battled "Odin." The
Running Arko: struggle finally ended when Sif * Pride and Arrogance: Bor believed
Arko is a bright, enthusiastic young restored Odin to his own body, and that there was none who could so
warrior who idolized Balder and the had Loki driven out. The Warriors easily overpower him, that brought
Warriors 3. He grew up wanting to Three held a celebration for Arko in an about his demise.
honor his heroes and that is in fact Asgardian tavern along with the
what he did. Crimson Hawks, but their revelry was Equipment:
interrupted by a brawl between Thor Jorðbreið-øx: This Cl1000 Adamantine
History: and Eric Masterson, which resulted in Viking Axe was forged millions of
As Arko grew up in Asgard, he the entire tavern launching into a years ago as the galaxy formed, this
witnessed many of its greatest heroes barfight. Arko and the Warriors Three axe inflicts Unearthly (100) damage
from afar, including the Warriors tried to halt the battle, but were told by and is capable of being thrown 10
Three, Thor and Heimdall, and Balder and Sif to let it be played out. areas and returns to his hand.
dreamed of becoming a hero like
them. Eventually, he became a Talents:
member of the palace guard. Arko was Bor Weapon Specialist: Jorðbreið-øx,
forced to leave behind his pregnant Bor Burison Occult Lore, Equestrian, Edged
wife Deilla as Asgard was assaulted by Weapons, Blunt Weapons, Asgard
Ymir. He rode to his station, and F Un (100) Health: 500 Trivia, History and Lore.
assisted in the firing of a flame missile A Un (100)
at Ymir, but Ymir shrugged off the S Sh-X (150) Karma: 90 Contacts:
assault. Ymir began hurling boulders E Sh-X (150) Odin.
appeared to be giant monsters. and fire and darkness shall follow
Running Bor: Confused by his surroundings and after."
Bor is a vicious, angry god and isn't distraught by the realization his son
above punishing those who deems was no more, Bor wasted no time in Bulwar
worthy of his anger. He is prideful and demolishing everything around him he
arrogant, thinking that none can defeat contributed to Odin's death. Jane F Ex (20) Health: 106
or overpower him. Foster sent out a call to Donald Blake A Ty (6)
informing him of the seriousness of the S In (40) Karma: 40
History: situation, and soon Thor arrived to E In (40)
Bor was among the gods that created quell the disaster. R Gd (10) Resources: Ty
the universe. He and his wife, Bestla, I Gd (10)
had a son and called him Odin. Bor Bor had never met his grandson, but it P Ex (20) Popularity: 2
taught his son to fight, think, rule and wouldn't have mattered for Loki's
serve, but most importantly, Bor taught enchantment extended to Thor's Known Powers:
Odin how to defend the dreams of his appearance as well. Bor could sense Body Armor: Good (10).
father. What Bor should have Odin's power within the form of the Resist to Disease: Unearthly (100).
educated Odin in is what it meant to demon before him, and he assumed Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for
have dreams of his own, for when this was the monster responsible for every 100. He may be killed normally.
Odin did dream, he dreamt about killing his son. Bor would soon have
Earth. He wanted to make a legacy for his revenge. Striking with a fury only Limitations:
himself there, so Odin created man. Bor could possess, Thor would have Age: Despite the fact that he is an
Bor was not pleased with his son's been killed if not for the Odinforce Asgardian, Bulwar is a friend to Odin
decision, and he unleashed every within his body. Thor tried to reason and is in the winter of his life.
punishment upon the mortal plane with Bor, but Loki made sure the two
within his power to bring. could not communicate verbally either. Equipment:
Thor sensed something was wrong Armor: Amazing material, Excellent
One fateful day, during a great war and did not want to kill a fellow protection vs. harm.
between the Asgardians and the Frost Asgardian, so he called for help from Sword: Amazing material and damage.
Giants, Odin would have his chance to the Avengers. Unfortunately for him, it
continue his plans for mankind. Bor was the new team of Avengers led by Talents:
was among those fighting but left the the Iron Patriot who answered the call. Edged Weapons, Thrown Weapons,
main battle to pursue a fleeing giant. The Patriot ordered his team to take Asgard Trivia, History and Lore.
Bor stumbled into a trap set for him by both combatants down, but none could
a powerful sorcerer who turned Bor withstand the combined might of Bor Contacts:
into snow. Odin came upon his father and Thor. Bor didn't want to be Odin
as the wind was pulling Bor's form overwhelmed by superior numbers so
apart, but before he was completely he called upon forces potent enough to Running Bulwar:
gone, Bor asked his son to find a tear the very world apart. Thor knew if Bulwar is a close friend of Odin and is
sorcerer strong enough to restore him. he was to avert this tragedy, he would both stubborn and prideful.
He told Odin his spirit would rest in the have to kill his foe. Bor and Thor
snow until he was recalled. Odin told squared off one final time and charged History:
the other Asgardians his father had each other – each one out for blood. One of the oldest warriors in Asgard,
perished and was proclaimed king the The winner was Thor, but a high price along with Whitemane, Khan, and
same day. Each winter, Odin could was to be paid. Rongor. They are all old and trusted
swear he would hear the voice of his friends of Odin.
father calling to him, but more and Balder wanted to get to Thor to tell him
more Odin would ignore the voice until who he was fighting and to end the
he could no longer hear it. battle, but he showed up too late to
stop Thor from killing the first King of
Much later, it was revealed an adult Asgard. Even as Bor lay dying in the
Loki was the powerful sorcerer who set arms of his grandson, he went to
the trap for Bor. He, aided by the death Valhalla thinking his body was still in
goddess, Hela, traveled into the past the hands of the enemy. Loki reminded
and instigated the battle between the Balder to kill a member of the royal
age-old enemies merely so he could family was punishable by banishment
be rid of Bor and ensure his place from Asgard forever. Balder had no
among the royal family of Asgard. choice but to uphold the rules of his
Upon his return to the wintry present, people, and Thor was cast out. Thor
Loki used his magic to restore Bor said nothing in his defense except to
from the snow. However, he also imply he knew who was behind the
placed a spell on Bor to alter his fiendish plot, and on the day he would
perception of the world around him. have words with this person – "thunder
Humans looked like demons. Vehicles
Buri was the first-born of the Aesir who Hela's threat and of her new sword,
were worshiped as gods by the ancient able to slay Odin and fell the World
Viking and Germanic tribes of Northern Tree.
Buri a.k.a. Tiwaz Europe. In Norse lore, Buri was the
third entity to arise in creation, after the Tiwaz revealed the location of the
F Am (50) Health: 270 giant Ymir and the cow Audumla who Warriors Three and sent Hrimhari and
A Ex (20) found him in Niffleheim. He was the two New Mutants to free them from
S Un (100) Karma: 90 succeeded by Bor after his son bested Queen Ula and her Savage Swarm of
E Un (100) him in combat, and his other son Njord Hive Trolls. Tiwaz stayed behind and
R Ex (20) Resources: Am left to found Vanaheim and sire the watched them. They managed to free
I Ex (20) Vanir. Bor in turn took a wife (the the Warriors Three, though it required
P Am (50) Popularity: +25 giantess Bestla) and fathered his sons. Tiwaz's magic to shrink Volstagg so
As Bor founded Asgard, home of the that Warlock could fly him away. Later
Known Powers: Aesir, Buri went to live recluse as Tiwaz monitored from his home
Body Armor: Excellent (20). Tiwaz in the northern reaches of Karnilla's attempt to revive one of her
Resistance: Unearthly (100) vs. fire, Asgard, in Nastrond, living among stone-petrified men. She failed, but
toxins, and corrosives. Amazing (50) ephemerous servants he created by Tiwaz concentrated the excess magic
Resistance outside Asgard. sculpting ice and animated with life. from her spell to revive all people of
Invulnerability to disease: Cl1000 After Bor's death, Odin challenged and Nornheim, still in their stone form. With
Invulnerability to cold: Cl1000 bested Buri as well. During the Tiwaz' secret support, Hela's army was
Immortal: Buri is by all accounts, Aesir/Vanir War, Tiwaz witnessed from defeated and retreated to Hel. He later
Immortal and he can die from a violent afar the death of Mimir (a peace sent an ice-fairy to Asgard,
death he will live for as long as he hostage given by Odin), decapitated transporting a vial using whose content
wants to baring accident or homicide. by the Vanir, and the eventual transformed the people of Nornheim
Allspeak: May communicate fluently in annexation of the Vanir to Asgard. He back into men of flesh and blood, and
any language of the 9 realms. was eventually forgotten by the a map allowing the New Mutants to
Asgardians. After Thor was born, Buri return to Midgard. His fate after
Magic: Buri is the first Asgardian and visited him. Ragnarök and the return of the
despite his age, he is more powerful Asgardians is unrevealed.
than Thor or even Odin and may He learned about Odin's death, and
perform the following: left footsteps for the grieving Thor to
* Ice Generation, Control and follow. He later discovered him after a Casiolena
Manipulation: Sh-X (150) ability. brutal battle with Hela and took him
* Shrinking or Growth: Unearthly (100). and Mjolnir to his home. He nursed F Ex (20) Health: 130
* Shrink others: Unearthly (100) Thor back to health, wrestling with him A Ex (20)
* Shapeshift: Amazing (50) ability. in friendly matches to test him. Thor S In (40) Karma: 100
* Ice Blast: Sh-X (150) from his hands. once believed him to be Odin, but E Am (50)
* Dimensional Travel: Amazing (50). Tiwaz proved him wrong. The sorcerer R Gd (10) Resources: Rm
also refuted the story told by Odin's I In (40)
Equipment: Eye about Odin's origin. He returned to P Am (50) Popularity: -20
First Aid Supplies normal strength and was able to beat
Tiwaz. He then encouraged Thor to Known Powers:
Talents: return to Asgard, and the Odinson Body Armor: Good (10).
Wrestling, Medicine, First Aid, departed Tiwaz's company, unaware Resist to Disease: Unearthly (100).
Leadership, Edged Weapons, Blunt that he was in fact Buri. He was Retarded Aging: She ages 1 year for
Weapons, Asgardian Lore, History and directed to Frigga and the children who every 100. She may be killed normally.
Trivia. Occult Lore and Mystic Origin. had wet in hiding during Surtur's attack Allspeak: May communicate fluently in
on Asgard. any language of the 9 realms.
Odin, Bor, Ymir, Thor and the other Thor told Volstagg's children about Magic: Master Sorceress of Asgardian
Asgardian Gods Tiwaz, and they later freed Hrimhari, Magic with the following spells:
Boom Boom and Warlock from an * Magic Detection: Amazing
Running Tiwaz: Asgardian prison, sending them to * Psionic Detection: Amazing
Buri has lived long enough that he has recruit the aid of the Giant-sorcerer. * Healing: Remarkable
mellowed with age and has taken to They had nearly reached Tiwaz's * Thought-Casting: Amazing
wandering rather than actively trying to dwelling, when they were caught in a * Eldritch Bolts: Remarkable
gather worshippers. He has taken on a net and captured by a Frost Giant * Eldritch Shield: Remarkable
grandfatherly air and watches over serving Hela. They escaped from the * Matter Control: Air, Earth, Fire,
Asgard, Thor and the 10 realms as Frost Giant's grasp, and Tiwaz Water: Remarkable
though they were his children. appeared, imprisoning the Frost Giant * Paralysis: Remarkable
in a block of ice. Tiwaz brought them * Teleportation: Monstrous
History: into his cave, warmed them up and * Dimensional Aperture: Monstrous
advised them on the true extent of
Limitations: against the forces of Ollerus and, Poppo in Aragorn's back, promising to
Anger: Casiolena lets anger get the when the Hulk destroyed Ollerus's return once the sorceress was dealt
best of her judgment, and does not mountain, proved triumphant. with.
deal well with comparisons to the
Enchantress. Many years later, Casiolena and her Crimson Hawks (Typical Stats)
henchman Poppo the Cunning
Talents: managed to break free from Niffleheim F Rm (30) Health: 120
Mystic Backgroud, Occult Lore, and mount a base in a hospital at A Gd (10)
Alchemy and Seduction. Roosevelt Island. She started S In (40) Karma: 40
recruiting people for an army that E In (40)
Contacts: would help her control of Midgard. One R Gd (10) Resources: Ty
Skurge, Fragon, Ollerus of her minions, revealed Hellcat, one I Gd (10)
of the Defenders who foiled her, was P Ex (20) Popularity: 2
Running Casiolena: also looking to help the gifted.
Angry, viciously fixated and crazier Casiolena then announced that Known Powers:
than a central park rat Casiolena is a anyone who joining her would be Body Armor: Good (10)
grade-A psycho looking to steal rewarded, and orders Bailey to capture Resist to Diseases: Unearthly (100).
whatever glory and fame she believes her. Bailey returns as the prisoner of Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for
Amora owes her. Hellcat and Valkryie, leading an angry every 100. He may be killed normally.
Casiolena to render them all prisoner
History: in a magic cage. Casiolena then Equipment:
Enchantress in particular has always showed her recruits wreaking havoc Crimson Hawk Armor and Helmet:
been a problem for Casiolena, with her around New York city, explaining that Amazing (50) material. Remarkable
banishment from Asgard occurring the minions enroll following her (30) vs. Physical, this doesn't stack.
after she was mistaken for Amora and promise to give them magic to solve
made a scene during a dinner. She their own problems - something Shield: Amazing (50) material, shields
served as a queen of her new realm, Casiolena could not do given she is an vs. 50 points on a shielding roll.
and got the upper hand on Amora by Asgardian exile, but "they do not know
seducing her long-time consort that" - and the chaos would help Sword: Amazing (50) material,
Skurge, making her angry. Later, the distract possible heroes. After Remarkable (30) damage.
Defenders were transported to Casiolena ordered Poppo to restrain
Casiolena's realm after their battle with Aragorn and the prisoners, the latter Spear: Amazing (50) material,
the Nameless One. They were quickly part ended leading to Poppo being Remarkable (30) damage, 5 area.
defeated by Casiolena's forces, led by gagged with tape. Following Hellcat
the Executioner and Fragon. They comparing Casiolena to Enchantress, Talents:
were placed in Casiolena's dungeon the sorceress threw a fit and attacked Edged Weapons, Thrown Weapons,
where they met the Black Knight, the the prisoners and Poppo with her Asgard Trivia, History and Lore.
Enchantress and an insane Barbara magic. Suddenly, Hellcat's friends
Norriss. The Enchantress transformed She-Hulk and Ian Soo broke into the Contacts:
Norriss into the Asgardian warrior, the facility riding on Aragorn, and She- Fellow Crimson Hawks: The Royal
Valkyrie, who helped the group escape Hulk tackled Casiolena. As Poppo Guard of Odin and Odin.
and renew their attack on Casiolena's declined on helping Casiolena, the
forces. While the Valkyrie restrained sorceress tried to kill him with a Running the Crimson Hawks:
Casiolena, the Enchantress blasted boulder made out of debris, being The Hawks are the royal guard of
her with bolts of mystical energy, stopped by Ian's telekinesis. Odin. They guard over him during the
seemingly killing her. Odin sleep, pass messages for him,
Hellcat then pounced on Casiolena, summon those whose presence he
Sent to Valhalla, Casiolena would defeating the Asgardian, as Valkyrie desires and remove intrusive and
return as an ally of Ollerus the and She-Hulk helped contain her. bothersome people as needed.
Unmerciful, a dead and unworthy Poppo revealed he was the one who
Asgardian warrior who planned to called for help, tired of Casiolena's History:
usurp Hela's position and become the grumpy behavior and all the bad The Crimson Hawks were Odin's
new Asgardian God of Death. She experiences she forced on him. personal guards, dedicated to give
helped Ollerus' plan of bringing the Casiolena tried to berate Hellcat's plan their lives to his protection. It is
Defenders to his aid by splitting to help powered people saying "there currently unknown if any of them are
Brunnhilde and Norriss again, and are those within whom there is no still alive after the final Ragnarök, but it
making the latter pose as Valkyrie, good to find", to which Patsy replied is assumed not.
using a fake Aragorn created by that compassion is not a weakness
Casiolena. She even asked Ollerus to and she will always try to find the best
recruit first "a fair-haired man" in New in people, and that unlike Casiolena "I
York City to add to his army. However, know the difference between being a
once the true Valkyrie broke free, the villain and making a mistake". Valkyrie
Defenders rallied with Hela's forces then carried the tied Casiolena and
the loss of their child, their village was
attacked. Kronnitt, not satisfied with
the citizens of this world, decided to
Cyra the Healer. Desak the God-Destroyer destroy them. Confused, Desak sat
Desak Sterixian helplessly on the sidelines and
F Ex (20) Health: 110 watched as the mad god unleashed
A Gd (10) F Rm (30) Health: 230 his fury upon the world until the Spirit
S In (40) Karma: 50 A Am (50) of the Jewel, as Desak called her,
E In (40) S Mn (75) Karma: 100 appeared to him once more. Again,
R Gd (10) Resources: Ty E Mn (75) she offered up the promise of power
I Gd (10) R Gd (10) Resources: Fb equal to the very gods themselves.
P Rm (30) Popularity: 2 I In (40) Desak accepted it, to stop suffering
P Am (50) Popularity: -10 from his god, and became Desak,
Known Powers: Destroyer of Gods. He then destroyed
Body Armor: Good (10). Equipment: the Gods and their realms, offering
Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). Jewel: Desak is powered by the Jewel: freedom to the shattered believers,
Retarded Aging: She ages 1 year for * Body Armor: Amazing (50). and reiterated his feats upon many
every 100. She may be killed normally. * God Detection: CL1000 ability to worlds. The threat of Desak was
detect god-like creatures foretold when the Silent One appeared
Magic: * Energy Generation: Monstrous (75), in Olympus, home to Zeus and the
Cyra is skilled in the subtleties of the 10 areas mighty Hercules. The Silent One
healing arts and can cast the following: -Flight: CL1000 airspeed showed of a possible future where
Healing: Amazing (50) Olympus lie in ruins and Zeus was
Damage Transference: Amazing (50) Axe: Unearthly (100) material, dead. The God of thunder, Thor, along
Regeneration: Excellent (20) Monstrous (75) damage. with Beta Ray Bill were present when
the Silent One conjured an image of
Equipment: Sword: Unearthly (100) material, how Desak came to be. Thor, Hercules
Armor: Amazing (50) armor provides Amazing (50) damage. and Beta Ray Bill traveled hundreds of
Excellent (20) vs. attacks and doesn't galaxies away to intercept Desak
stack with her natural armor. Shield: Sh-X (150) material, Shields before he could let loose his wrath
150 points of damage on a shielding upon Olympus. Desak arrived on a
Sword: Amazing (50) material, roll. world, announcing to the mortals the
Remarkable (30) damage. coming end of their gods, then went to
Talents: the realm of Tae and Pennsu. He was
Talents: Weapon Specialist: His weapons, stopped by the three gods of Earth.
Medicine, First Aid, Asgardian Lore, Astro-Navigation Watching the fight, the cruel Tae and
History and Trivia. Sharp Weapons. Pennsu decided to bring death upon
Contacts: them and their worshippers. Desak,
Contacts: None Thor, Hercules and Beta Ray Bill then
Thor realigned against them, and while Thor
Running Desak the God-Destroyer: managed to save the mortals, Desak
Running Cyra: Desak wanted vengeance for the pain assassinated Tae and Pennsu who
Cyra cares for her patients, not caused to his family, he was pushed to had overpowered the other gods.
wanting anyone to suffer or carry the boundaries of his morals and Unpleased with the mortals
permanent wounds from battle. goodwill. worshipping Thor, Desak noticed
something noble in Thor and decided
History: History: to let him live, but told him he would be
Little is known about Cyra, other than Desak Sterixian lived on an unnamed watching.
she is one of the many Asgardian planet. Pious, Desak married
healers dedicated to the arts and has Almonnas and sired Loatia. At some Desak returned when Thor inherited
met and befriended Thor. point, Loatia was chosen to be the the power from his deceased father,
innocent sacrificed to their god Odin, and became Lord of Asgard.
Kronnitt. A ghostly female image, the Odin had recently separated Thor from
Designate, appeared before Desak his mortal counterpart, Jake Olson, but
and offered him an amulet of great then Enchantress used a magic mirror
power which would enable him to save to allow Olsen to become Thor once
the life of his daughter, and protect his more. Now having two individuals
people from their gods. Struggling with sharing the power of Thor, one on
the choice given and his strong faith, Earth and one in Asgard, neither one
Desak was thought mad by his was completely whole and they were
brethren while his daughter was operating in a weakened state. The
sacrificed into the pit of fire. Later, as time traveler Artur Zarrko showed
Desak was arguing with his wife over Desak a glimpse into the future where
Thor would attempt to subjugate
mankind to his rule, and this made him History:
an immediate enemy to the Destroyer Durok was created by Karnilla at the Endrik
of Gods. Traveling to Earth, looking for behest of Loki for no other reason than
The Designate, Desak encountered to destroy Thor. The only way that the F Rm (30) Health: 120
Thor and the Grey Gargoyle, who had Silver Surfer could beat him was to A Gd (10)
recently defeated Thor Girl and stolen transport him to a far distant future just S In (40) Karma: 40
her hammer. Desak, not knowing that before the "Big Crunch" and leave him E In (40)
the Designate and Thor Girl is the there. R Gd (10) Resources: Ty
same person, easily defeated the I Gd (10)
Gargoyle before setting his sights on P Ex (20) Popularity: +2
Thor. In the midst of battle, Desak's Eldred
benefactor, the Spirit of the Jewel, Known Powers:
appeared to him to enforce his belief F Ex (20) Health: 100 Body Armor: Good (10).
that he was doing the right thing in A Gd (10) Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100).
killing Thor. Unfortunately for Desak, S Rm (30) Karma: 70 Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
Thor, Lord of Asgard, returned to Earth E In (40) 100. He may still be killed normally.
and took back the power Jake Olsen R Ex (20) Resources: Ty
had borrowed from him making him I Ex (20) Talents:
more powerful than ever. Desak fought P Rm (30) Popularity: +2 Edged Weapons, Thrown Weapons,
hard and shrugged off even the Asgardian Trivia, Lore and History.
fiercest blows Thor could dish out by Known Powers:
absorbing every bit of Odin Force that Body Armor: Good (10). Contacts:
was thrown at him. In the end, it was Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). None known.
the axe of Skurge, the Executioner that Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
proved to be Desak’s undoing. 100. He may still be killed normally. Running Endrik:
Succumbing to the evil within the axe, Endrik was your typical Asgardian
Thor buried the weapon into the chest Magic: Master Wizard of Asgardian citizen and warrior.
of Desak, killing him. Still, the Spirit of Magic with the following spells:
the Jewel had other plans as she took * Magic Detection: Incredible History:
Desak's body and set him on the way * Psionic Detection: Incredible Endrik was one of a handful of
to recovery. * Healing: Good Asgardians captured and
* Thought-Casting: Incredible experimented on by Doctor Doom.
* Eldritch Bolts: Excellent This ultimately led to his death.
Durok the Demolisher * Eldritch Shield: Excellent
* Matter Control: Air, Earth, Fire,
F Un (100) Health: 310 Water: Excellent Geirrodur
A Gd (10) * Paralysis: Excellent King of the Rock Trolls
S Un (100) Karma: 18 * Teleportation: Incredible
E Un (100) * Dimensional Aperture: Incredible F Rm (30) Health: 310
R Pr (4) Resources: Fb A Ty (6)
I Pr (4) Talents: S In (40) Karma: 18
P Gd (10) Popularity: -10 Occult Lore, Mystic Background, E In (40)
Asgard Lore, History and Trivia. R Gd (10) Resources: Fb
Known Powers: Alchemy, Runesmith and Zoologist of I Gd (10)
Body Armor: Unearthly (100) Magic. P Ty (6) Popularity: -10
Energy Generation: Sh-Y (200)
Contacts: Known Powers:
Limitations: Karnilla, Loki and possibly the Body Armor: Good (10)
Mute: Durok can’t speak. Asgardian Gods. Infravision: Remarkable (30), 5 areas.
Resistance to Disease: Sh-Y (500).
Talents: Running Eldred: Retarded Aging: ages 1 year for every
Martial Arts B and E, Sharp Weapons, Eldred is one of the many Wizards that 100. He may still be killed normally.
Blunt Weapons. lives and operates in Asgard, he had
the misfortune of going against the Equipment
Contacts: throne of Odin and lost in a big way. Tordenstock: This Cl3000 Uru spear
Karnilla and Loki. does Incredible (40) edged damage.
Running Durok: Nothing is known about Eldred, other Talents
Durok is a mindless creature created than he is a wizard, he made moves Leadership, Sharp Weapons, Edged
by Karnilla and Loki. He was designed against the throne of Odin and it cost Weapons, Weapon Specialist:
to Kill Thor and others, but failed to do him his castle, livelihood and life. Tordenstock
Rock Trolls
Gotron the Agile Greyval Grimson
Running Geirrodur:
Although Geirrodur is in many ways a F Rm (30) Health: 140 F Rm (30) Health: 120
typical rock troll (brutal, savage, and A Rm (30) A Gd (10)
unsubtle), he is extremely smart (for a S In (40) Karma: 40 S In (40) Karma: 40
rock troll) and does have the best E In (40) E In (40)
interest of his people at heart. He lusts R Gd (10) Resources: Ty R Gd (10) Resources: Ty
for more territory to control, but does I Gd (10) I Gd (10)
not wish to expend his subjects P Ex (20) Popularity: +2 P Ex (20) Popularity: +2
uselessly against a more powerful foe.
Known Powers: Known Powers:
History Body Armor: Good (10) vs. Physical. Body Armor: Good (10) vs. Physical.
Geirrodur was born to the Rock Trolls Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100).
that lived in the Kingdom of the Trolls, Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for
Realm Below, Asgard. His father was every 100. He may be killed normally. every 100. He may be killed normally.
the master blacksmith and maker of
the tribe, and taught Geirrodur all the Equipment: Equipment:
arts of the trade. When his father died Armor and Helmet: Amazing (50) Armor and Helmet: Amazing (50)
in a war against the Storm Giants, Material, Excellent (20) protection. Material, Excellent (20) protection.
Geirrodur took his father's place. Loki,
the god of mischief, helped Geirrodur Spear: This Monstrous (75) material Sword: Amazing (50) material,
overthrow the then-current King of the spear inflicts Amazing (50) damage Amazing (50) damage.
Trolls, Veldemaris. Ever since that day either as a thrown weapon (7 areas) or
millennia ago, Geirrodur ruled the in close quarters combat. Talents:
Trolls, having forged a mystic spear Edged Weapons, Thrown Weapons,
out of Uru as a token of power. Among Talents: Equestrian, Asgardian Trivia, Lore and
Geirrodur's finest accomplishments Weapon Specialist: Spear, Edged History.
during his reign was the design and Weapons, Asgardian Trivia, Lore and
construction of burrowing machines History. Contacts:
which, due to the uru metal of their bits Balder and the Asgardian Gods.
and scoops, could dig holes into other Contacts:
dimensions. Geirrodur's machine has Odin and the Asgardian Gods. Running Greyval Grimson:
even dug a transdimensional tunnel Greyval was a noble and skilled
from the caverns of Asgard into the Running Gotron the Agile: warrior, he was friendly, honest and
bowels of the Earth. Geirrodur's rule Gotron the Agile is a good warrior and eager to fulfill his destiny.
was only once opposed: for a brief just wanted the job of guarding Asgard
time the Troll warrior Ulik usurped the from those who might attempt to cross History:
throne. Geirrodur unsuccessfully the Bifrost. He wasn't happy about not Greyval Grimson is an Asgardian God
attempted to conquer Asgard several getting the job, but didn't hold any that during his mortal life carried the
times. bitterness against Heimdall or Odin. Raven Banner as was done by his
father and his father`s father before
History: him.
Gotron the Agile was one of the three
warriors that Odin considered to
become the guardian of the Rainbow
Bridge. Gotron defeated seven Storm
Giants on his own, but Odin decided to
give the job to Heimdall instead.

courage and honor by first merging Armor and Helmet: Amazing (50)
with, then briefly replacing Thor (Thor Material, Excellent (20) protection.
Gruenhilda Odinson) after the thunder god was
banished. When Thor returned, Odin Battle Axe: This enchanted battle axe,
F Am (50) Health: 170 created the Thunderstrike mace, gave capable of following its targets for
A Ex (20) it to Kevin's father, and he became the enormous distances and slashing
S Am (50) Karma: 36 hero Thunderstrike (Eric Masterson) through 'the fabric of infinity itself' to hit
E Am (50) whose final act was to sacrifice himself its target. The Monstrous (75) material
R Ty (6) Resources: Ty to save the world. Now that the mantle Axe inflicts Amazing (50) damage
I Gd (10) had passed from father to son, the either as a thrown weapon double its
P Ex (20) Popularity: +2 debt could be repaid. normal range (14 areas!) or in close
quarters combat. If a successful to hit
Known Powers: On Earth, Gruenhilda found Kevin just roll is made when the axe is thrown, it
Body Armor: Good (10). as he was attacked by the Spartans will pass through any and all barriers
Allspeak: May communicate fluently in strike force of the sports mogul Adam to strike the target.
any language of the 9 realms. Mann. They were trying to secure the
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every mace for their employer who sought to Talents:
100. She may still be killed normally.. steal its power. Although a valiant Weapon Specialist: Battle Axe,
Invulnerability to Disease: Cl1000. warrior, Gruenhilda could not prevent Equestrian, Tracking and Hunting,
them from taking the mace, but she Asgardian Trivia, Lore and History.
Death Sense: Unearthly (100) ability to saved Kevin's life and the life of his
sense a being's approaching death. At adoptive-father, Bobby Steele. Staying Contacts:
the Judge's option, he or she may with Kevin in an adopted civilian Idunn and the Asgardian Gods.
have Gruenhilda attempt a FEAT roll identity of Hilda Grune, they infiltrated
to determine if she has detected a Mann's home to retrieve the mace, and Running Haakun the Hunter:
death glow. If she does, one character Gruenhilda led the attack against Haakun is a simple hunter living off the
randomly chosen, will be placed in a Mangog after the demon was land in the forests of Asgard.
deadly situation. This character accidentally summoned through
attracts attacks and is unable to spend Mann's Mysticator; a machine meant History:
karma on Endurance FEAT's for the to supply him with God Force by Haakun was an Asgardian hunter. He
duration of the adventure. siphoning the power of ancient once saved the goddess Iduna from an
artifacts. Gruenhilda was not powerful attack by the Fenris Wolf while she
Equipment: enough to defeat the beast, but she was delivering the apples of
Enchanted Sword: Unearthly (100) saved Kevin from being devoured by it. immortality to Odin.
material, Monstrous (75) Edge or Fighting side-by-side with the
Amazing (50) damage with the flat of Avengers to prevent Mangog from
the blade. She has the following destroying New York City, she helped Harald Jaekelsson
abilities: Kevin (as Thunderstrike) and Thor
* Teleportation: Excellent (20) exile the creature elsewhere. F Rm (30) Health: 215
* Illusion: Incredible (40) ability to Afterward, Gruenhilda was with Kevin A Gd (10)
disguise herself and her sword as he challenged the Rhino (Aleksei S Un (100) Karma: 40
Sytsevich) to a rematch. E Mn (75)
Talents: R Gd (10) Resources: Ty
Martial Arts A, Edged Weapons, I Gd (10)
Thrown Weapons Haakun the Hunter P Ex (20) Popularity: -10

Contacts: F Rm (30) Health: 120 Known Powers:

Thunderstrike II, Asgardians A Gd (10) Cursed: Harald and his crew are all
S In (40) Karma: 66 cursed with a bizarre form of
Running Gruenhilda: E In (40) immortality that enhanced their abilities
Gruenhilda takes her job as a Valkyrie R Ty (6) Resources: Pr and grants the following:
and trainer to Thunderstrike very I In (40) Immortality: Harald doesn't age, but is
serious. She is like a Marine Drill P Ex (20) Popularity: +2 effected by the passage of time as skin
Instructor, turned up to 11. fester and rots if damaged.
Known Powers:
History: Body Armor: Good (10). * Life Support: Harald and his crew
Gruenhilda was tasked to instruct Allspeak: May communicate fluently in survived 1000 years without food or
Kevin Masterson how to properly wield any language of the 9 realms. fresh water.
the Thunderstrike mace by the Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
Asgardian goddesses Sif and Hecara 100. She may still be killed normally.. * Iron Will: Unearthly ability to resist
after Steve Rogers gave it to the boy; Invulnerability to Disease: Cl1000. damage, He doesn't lose health but
the Asgardians felt Kevin's father was does take visual damage from attacks.
owed a debt of gratitude for his Equipment: (If he is struck, his skin rips etc...)
Lakstad. The tendency of Jaekelsson's attempts to attack Jaekelsson resulted
crew to steal barrels of mead and in further injury to himself. With Thor
Limitations: slaughter the village's livestock caused too exhausted to put up a defense,
Despite being given increased the Lakstad residents to complain to Jaekelsson took chains and used them
longevity, Jaekelsson's body continued the King of Norway, which brought to anchor Mjolnir around Thor's neck,
to decay with time, leaving his flesh repercussions down on the Vikings. In before kicking the God of Thunder into
rotten, similar to a corpse. an act of retaliation, Jaekelsson lead the East River. Jaekelsson then
his crew in a raid on Lakstad, with his regrouped with his crew, who had
Equipment: crew destroying the town. Jaekelsson retreated from battle after an influx of
Armor and Helmet: Excellent (20) and his crew murdered all the men and N.Y.P.D. officers and U.S. Soldiers
Material, Good (10) protection. children of the town, and had their way made their way into the heart of the
with the women before killing them as city. Taking to the skies in their
Spear: Remarkable (30) material well. While the crew celebrated their longship, the Vikings, lead by
inflicting Excellent (20) damage either raid with food and drink, Jaekelsson Jaekelsson, quickly disposed of the
as a thrown weapon (10 areas) or in informed his men that they would sail soldiers and officers in a matter of
close quarters combat. to the New World, where they would minutes.
be free to raid and pillage unopposed.
Sword: Remarkable (30) material, As Jaekelsson's crew set sail, the town As more and more of Manhattan fell to
Excellent (20) Damage. wise man, the sole survivor of the raid, Jaekelsson and his forces, Jaekelsson
called out a curse upon the Viking observed his crew's progress from the
Bows and Arrows: Excellent (20) crew. Calling on the power of a rune high ground, and eventually killed the
Material, Good (10) Damage, 7 areas, stone, the wise man damned the Mayor of New York City with a spear.
ROF: 1/1 Vikings to sail for a thousand years While Jaekelsson scouted out a base
without reaching their destination, only of operations for himself, his crew
Longboat: This Viking longboat, bears to be killed with an arrow fired by dispatched both the Avengers and an
the same curse as Harald and his Jaekelsson. entire regiment of Marines. Eventually
men. The Longship was capable of settling on the Woolworth Building,
holding Harald and his 100 soldiers, The wise man's curse on Jaekelsson's Jaekelsson used the bones of tall
after the curse was placed on all of crew would come to pass; the crew victims to build himself a throne on the
them, it became made of Unearthly sailed the seas day after day, year roof.
material, was capable of the following after year, never spotting land in any Sensing danger, Jaekelsson prepared
abilities: direction, for a thousand years, until, in to set out on his longboat with a
* Flight: Excellent air speed 2003, Jaekelsson's ship spotted land number of crewmen, but was attacked
* Fire Generation: Amazing ability to in the form of Manhattan's South by fighter pilot Erik Lonnroth, one of
shoot fire from the decorative serpents Street Seaport. Making landfall, three warriors from the past brought to
head on the bow of the ship. Jaekelsson and crew immediately the modern day by Thor and Dr.
begin slaughtering every citizen in Strange to combat Jaekelsson. While
Talents: sight, with many of their victims Lonnroth continued his attacks on the
Bows, Edged Weapons, Thrown believing the scene unfolding before ship, Jaekelsson quietly slipped to the
Weapons, Sailing, Leadership. them to be a film shoot, or a prank set ground below, where Thor and his new
up for a hidden camera television comrades Sigrid and Sir Magnus were
Contacts: program. As the citizens realize the steadily dispatching Jaekelsson's
His own men situation is real, they flee, drawing the Vikings.
attention of N.Y.P.D. officers, a
Running Harald Jaekelsson: number of whom Jaekelsson Using the element of surprise,
Harald Jaelkelsson was a cruel, personally dispatches. As his crew Jaekelsson was able to sneak behind
vicious man with appetites beyond his spread into the surrounding city and run Thor through with his sword
reach. The curse that was laid upon causing mayhem and destruction, before quickly incapacitating Sigrid
him and his crew gave him arroence Jaekelsson was brought a young and Magnus. Unfazed by his injuries,
and pride he never should have had, woman by his crew as a sexual Thor engaged Jaekelsson in combat,
allowing him to battle even the gods he offering. Before Jaekelsson could rape striking him with enough force to
worshipped at one time. In the end his the woman, Thor appeared in the sky, remove a section of Jaekelssons skull.
pride cost him everything. and rescued the woman from the Trading words and blows, the two
Vikings. Thor then challenged warriors continued inflicting injuries on
History: Jaekelsson to combat, but was taken one another, with Jaekelsson losing
Little has been recorded of Harald off-guard when Jaekelsson appeared his left arm to a blow by Mjolnir, and
Jaekelsson's early life. By the year unaffected by a strike to the chest from Jaekelsson tearing flesh from Thor's
1003, Jaekelsson had become the Mjolnir, the knock back of which broke hand with his teeth. Gaining the upper
leader of a ship of Viking warriors, both of Thor's wrists. Finding Thor no hand, Jaekelsson began choking Thor,
routinely leading his crew on voyages threat, Jeakelsson dismissed his crew bringing the God of Thunder to his
to raid the lands of the English and the to begin pillaging the city, and knees. As Thor began to pass out,
Welsh, with many of these voyages proceeded to pummel the God of Jaekelsson questioned Thor's
launching from the coastal town of Thunder. Despite Thor's best effort, all companions as to why they were not
intervening. To Jaekelsson's surprise, rival Ollerus the Unmerciful. Harokin Powers:
Thor's companions were confident that welcomed Valkyrie to Valhalla and Running: Good
Thor would prevail, as he was a true acted friendly towards her. He was Winged Flight: Excellent
God, and Jaekelsson a magical shocked when he learned that the
corpse. Distracted by their words, Norns predicted that Hela would cast Talents:
Jaekelsson did not notice Thor regain Val to Niffleheim. He questioned Hela Edged Weapons, Thrown Weapons,
his wits, at which point Thor delivered about her supposed unfair decision. Equestrian, Asgardian Trivia, Lore and
a hit so powerful Jaekelsson's body Val was appointed commander of the History.
was flung into space. Jaekelsson's Valkyrior and led Hela's forces on
current whereabouts are unknown, but campaign, alongside Harokin. The two Contacts:
his body was last seen still in orbit armies met in battle at the Pass of Odin and the Asgardian Gods.
around planet. Peril. Harokin was a deceased
Asgardian who was once a foe of Running Hildegarde:
Thor. He was used by Hela, the Brave, honest and true. Hildegarde
Harokin Asgardian goddess of death, in an found herself standing alongside of
attempt to seduce Thor into entering Thor when he was exiled from Asgard
F Am (50) Health: 160 Valhalla, the home of the honored and fought alongside of him for many
A Gd (10) Asgardian dead. adventures before returning to her
S Am (50) Karma: 40 place among the Valkyrior.
E Am (50)
R Gd (10) Resources: Ty Hildegarde History:
I Gd (10) Hildegarde was an Asgardian Valkyrie,
P Ex (20) Popularity: +2 F Am (50) Health: 170 gifted with extraordinary strength and
A Ex (20) great skills with the sword. Odin sent
Known Powers: S Am (50) Karma: 46 Hildegarde and the Lady Sif to the
Body Armor: Good (10). E Am (50) Blackworld to face Ego-Prime. This
Allspeak: May communicate fluently in R Ty (6) Resources: Ty epic adventure eventually led
any language of the 9 realms. I Ex (20) Hildegarde and Sif to New York City.
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every P Ex (20) Popularity: +2 Because of the Thunder god's
100. He may still be killed normally. insolence to his father, Odin banished
Resist Disease: Unearthly (100). Known Powers: Thor and his allies (including
Body Armor: Good (10). Hildegarde) to Midgard. While on
Equipment: Allspeak: May communicate fluently in Earth, Hildegarde resided at Avengers
Armor and Helmet: Amazing (50) any language of the 9 realms. Mansion and assisted Thor in a
Material, Excellent (20) protection. Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every number of adventures.
100. she may still be killed normally.
Battle Axe: This Monstrous (75) Resist Disease: Unearthly (100). Hildegarde was part of the list of
material Axe inflicts Amazing (50) women Odinson suspected to be the
damage. Can be thrown 6 areas. Death Sense: Unearthly ability to new Thor. She was one of the many
sense death. The Valkyrie on a FEAT women warriors (Asgardians and
Talents: may determine if she has detected a Avengers alike) Odinson and Freyja
Weapon Specialist: Battle Axe, Edged death. The victim is un-able to spend brought to help Thor in her fight
Weapons, Thrown Weapons, karma on FEAT's for the duration of against Cul Borson, as he commanded
Equestrian, Leadership, Asgardian the adventure. the Destroyer armor under Odin's
Trivia, Lore and History. order. They fought him off until Odin
Equipment: aborted Cul's mission.
Contacts: Armor and Helmet: Amazing (50)
Odin and the Asgardian Gods. Material, Excellent (20) protection.
Hyrim, the Giant
Running Harokin: Spear: This Monstrous (75) material
Once a rival to Thor, Harokin and the spear inflicts Amazing (50) damage F In (40) Health: 196
god of thunder have made peace and either as a thrown weapon (7 areas) or A Ty (6)
become friendly towards one another in close quarters combat. S Mn (75) Karma: 14
as is needed. Harokin seems to be E Mn (75)
fascinated with the Valkyrie, Brunhilda. Valkyrior steed: R Pr (4) Resources: Pr
F Gd (10) Health: 100 I Pr (4)
History: A Ex (20) P Ty (6) Popularity: 0
Harokin is the leader of the legions of S Rm (30) Karma: 24
Valhalla, the Einherjar. During a period E In (40) Known Powers:
where Hela controlled Valhalla and its R Pr (4) Body Armor: Remarkable (30)
troops, Harokin served under her. He I Gd (10) Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100).
was, however, critical of his superior. P Gd (10) Growth: Amazing
He fought for Hela in a war against her
Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for R Gd (10) Resources: Ty
every 100. He may still be killed Running Igron: I Rm (30)
normally. Igron is more like his master than he P Ex (20) Popularity: 0
would care to admit, he is cruel and
Equipment: petty. Known Powers:
Hyrim owns a boat of appropriate size Danger Sense: Remarkable (30) ability
for him, Thor and the Midgard serpent. History: Body Armor: Typical (6).
Igron was a wizard in service to Loki. Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100).
Talents: When Loki had seized Odin's imperial Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for
Blunt Weapons, Sailing, Fishing and ring during one of the All-Father's every 100. He may be killed normally.
Giant Trivia, Lore and History. bouts of Odinsleep, he was forced by Shrinking (permanent): -1 C/S to be hit
Balder to send him to the Sea of
Contacts: Eternal Night, were Odin was sleeping Equipment:
His fellow giants and Thor. in a capsule. He fled with Loki to Earth, Armor: Amazing (50) Material, Good
where he created the Living Mask, (10) protection.
Running Hyrim: which allowed Loki to exchange bodies
Hyrim, despite the fact that he is a with Thor. As his reward, Loki sent him Talents:
giant, didn't want to go to war or fight. to the dungeons of the Trolls of Martial Arts C, Edged Weapons,
He enjoyed fishing and sailing, wanting Asgard. Sailing, Driving, Asgardian Trivia, Lore
to just live an easier life. and History.
Igron found a chance to escape while
History: the Trolls were occupied in an Contacts:
Hymir was a Giant that Thor came to attempted invasion of Midgard. He Heimdall and the Asgardian Gods.
see to go capture the Midgard returned to Asgard to find it deserted,
Serpent. Hymir stopped Thor from its citizens having been abducted by Running Kamorr the Small:
taking the Serpent aboard, as it would the slavers of the Golden Star. When Kamorr the Small is a loyal servant
have caused their death, and was the rescued citizens returned without and friend to Heimdall, he is small in
beaten by Thor who then flew away. Odin, Thor, or their closest allies, Igron stature, but is respected among the
disguised himself and magical Asgardians for his loyal and skills.
constructs of his own creation as the
Igron the Sorcerer royal court to take their place. When History:
the real nobles returned, Thor and his At one point, during the 20th century,
F Ex (20) Health: 106 allies ended the ruse, defeated the Odin, All-Father of Asgard, charged
A Ty (6) impostors, and imprisoned Igron in Heimdall with a quest—because Odin
S Rm (30) Karma: 70 Asgard's dungeons. himself was unable to go at the
E Am (50) moment, and his most common
R Gd (10) Resources: Ty Igron eventually encountered the emissaries, Thor and the Warriors
I Ex (20) depowered and shrunken Mangog in Three, were busy with other exploits;
P In (40) Popularity: -5 the dungeons and forged an alliance otherwise, Odin would have not moved
with it. He tapped into the life force of Heimdall from his usual post at the
Known Powers: the Asgardians to return Mangog to full gates of Asgard. Heimdall recruited
Body Armor: Good (10). size, disguised it as the then-absent Kamorr to go with him in this travel.
Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). Odin, and made it so its power was The quest involved travelling to the
Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for derived from the Asgardian's collective land of mortals, which they knew as
every 100. He may be killed normally. worship rather than of its race's Midgard, and find three apparently
collective hatred as it had been before. common people: Carter Dyam, an
Magic: Igron is a master level For a brief period, Mangog ruled Israeli soldier; Jackson Kimbal, an
Asgardian sorcerer capable of Asgard as Odin and appointed Igron American unemployed fashion
Remarkable (30) Personal, Universal his new advisor, but their oppressive designer; and Chi Lo, a Japanese
and Dimensional spellcasting. regime soon turned the Asgardians' fisherwoman. Odin knew they were
worship into rebellion. Mangog turned fated to become a new breed of divine
Equipment: on Igron when it decided his beings. Heimdall and Kamorr first won
Dagger: This Amazing material dagger usefulness was at an end, killing him over Dyam and Lo, who simply needed
does Remarkable damage and can be shortly before succumbing to burning to see Heimdall's eyes to change their
thrown 3 areas. out the last of the energy sustaining it. lifestyle and find a meaning to their
lives. All of them then set off to New
Talents: York City. Using their Asgardian
Edged Weapons, Occult Lore, Mystic Kamorr the Small power, they could travel in a
Background, Asgardian Trivia, Lore teletransporting Viking-style boat while
and History. F Rm (30) Health: 110 dressing in their Asgardian garbs. As
A Ex (20) they reached the Brooklyn Docks, they
Contacts: S Rm (30) Karma: 60 surprised three local fishermen.
Loki. E Rm (30) Heimdall, in the bow along with
Kamorr, noticed the commotion and Heimdall" would speak whenever he Asgard's Grand Vizier. With Kamorr by
used his magic to disguise himself as deemed fit. Heimdall and Kamorr took his side, Heimdall twice swore his
a local wealthy man from Long Island, Kimbal to the supposed yacht, which loyalty to Odin; Karnilla prompted
Kamorr as his chauffeur, and the boat turned into a Viking ship as soon as Heimdall to ask Odin about Thor.
as a common yacht; the fishermen they were onboard. Heimdall Noticing Thor's absence, Heimdall first
would forget the strange appearance. introduced Kimbal to Lo and Dyam. asked whether Thor had fallen in
Heimdall's quest called the attention of Kimbal found himself out of place, but battle, but Odin was enraged and
Klothos, one of the Norns, but the Heimdall reassured him, and reminded roared to Heimdall. Heimdall, Kamorr,
other Norns forced her to divert her him of his past as an artist. One week Karnilla and the Vizier were forced to
attention toward other important later, Midgard knew the alien threat leave the room, lest they would face
events. Heimdall and Kamorr known as Ego Prime, a planet evolved Odin's wrath.
continued the search by foot, with Lo to a more advanced, man-shaped life
and Dyam waiting for them onboard form. Ego Prime devastated New York
the boat. Somehow acquiring a luxury City even after facing the best efforts Karnilla - Queen of Nornhiem
car, Heimdall had Kamorr drive him of several Asgardians and their
toward the poor neighborhoods, where allies—specifically Thor, the Warriors F Rm (30) Health: 130
they would ask for Kimbal's exact Three, Balder, Sif, Hildegarde, Tana A Ex (20)
address. Heimdall and Kamorr entered Nile and Silas Grant. Heimdall, Kamorr S In (40) Karma: 125
the building, and the god knocked on and their three human companions E In (40)
Kimbal's door. At that point, Kimbal walked through the rubble toward the R Ex (20) Resources: Rm
was indebted with a gangster by the epicenter of the problem, with the god I Rm (30)
name of Barker and assumed that claiming to be following Odin's plan. P Mn (75) Popularity: 80
Barker was sending collectors for They were to put themselves in the
money Kimbal did not have; thus, range of Ego Prime. Kamorr, while Known Powers:
when hearing the door hammering, he loyally obeying his Masters' orders, Body Armor: Good (10).
answered by firing through the wooden was scared and explained that it was Invulnerability to Disease: Cl1000.
gate. Heimdall broke down the door too dangerous. Ego Prime then shot Retarded Aging: ges 1 year for every
with his hands, and then he and one bolt from his hand, on the intent of 100. She may still be killed normally.
Kamorr heard the explanation of destroying all of them... and was Allspeak: May communicate fluently in
Kimbal. defeated. any language of the 9 realms.

Before Heimdall could identify himself The bolt caused the opposite effect: Magic: A sorceress of Master level and
or explain his task, four of Baker's The three humans were transformed would be sorcerer supreme if not for
thugs entered with personal weapons into a higher form of human life, the Odin.
to kill Kimbal, and any witness. powerful Young Gods. The
Heimdall, who still had need of Kimbal, metamorphosis and the sheer power * Resistance to Cold: Remarkable (30)
shot a bolt toward one of the would-be of these three men amazed Heimdall,
assassins. This was not enough to but absolutely astounded Kamorr and * Image Generation: Monstrous (75)
intimidate one of the other enforcers: Thor. Odin appeared to explain that he
This person intended to shot. He was had been manipulating the events so * Sleep: 7 area range. Victim must
surprised when the little Kamorr that this new race of gods could be make a Yellow Endurance FEAT or
grabbed his arm, calling him created and transcend to a higher sleep for 1-10 hours.
blackguard. The thug was still plane; and that he was powerful
unimpressed at the short height and enough to restore all the damage that * Paralyze: Victims must make a
old-style speaking of the servant, and the Earth had suffered, including the Yellow Psyche FEAT roll or be frozen
intended to hit Kamorr on the head; destroyed buildings and dead humans. for 1-10 turns.
Kamorr, with his superior fighting skills, However, Thor considered that Odin
stopped the man's thug, used a martial was wrong at allowing people to die, * Personal Shield: Create a force
art hold and threw it against the and accused his father and lord of that. shield able to deflect Monstrous (75)
criminal's partners. One single hit In response, Odin exiled Thor to energy of physical attacks.
knocked the three of them down, and Midgard, forbidding him from going
Kamorr expressed his success out back to the land of the gods— * Dimensional Travel: Monstrous (75)
loud. Kimbal was awestruck, but Heimdall, hearing that, confessed to ability to traverse the dimensions.
Heimdall, who was familiar with the Kamorr that he disliked the turn of
dwarf's strengths, simply mentioned events. Odin then started to restore * Transmute Elements: Transmute
that his companion had unusual Midgard, with Heimdall and Kamorr objects of Monstrous (75) material
qualities. Heimdall then had little still there; and, for a moment, god and strength or less into any immaterial
problems to take Kimbal with him, dwarf wondered if Odin had forgotten objects that she chooses.
promising however to answer his about them and would leave them in
questions in time. Nonetheless, as New York City. However, Heimdall and * Enhancement: Karnilla can, Psyche
soon as they got into the car, Kimbal Kamorr when teletransported to Odin's FEAT roll, increase the abilities of
demanded the promised details, even throne room in a blink, joining the others and give them superhuman
if the driving Kamorr said that "Master already-present emissary Karnilla and abilities.
White: 2 abilities, +2 C/S. In the past Karnilla often proved to be prevent them from determining their
Green: 3 abilities, +3 C/S +1 power. an enemy of Asgard, and acted in destinies. When the attack happened,
Yellow: 3 abilities +3 C/S, +2 powers. alliance with the Asgardian god of evil, Karnilla had Nornkeep's forces
Red: 3 abilities, +3 C/S +3 powers. Loki. However, Karnilla was long in evacuate the Norns while she
The enchantment lasts as long as love with Asgard's noblest warrior, remained behind to defend Nornkeep.
Karnilla concentrates on it. It can be Balder the Brave. On Balder's request Karnilla immobilized many of the
made permanent with the use of (on behalf of Asgard's monarch Odin), attackers by taking control of their
magical talismans. Karnilla allied herself and her army destinies. However, the army was able
with Asgard in the war with Surtur. to sever Nornkeep's connections to the
Talents: After years of resisting Karnilla's roots of Yggdrasil, causing the
Occult Lore, Asgardian History, Trivia advances, Balder finally became massive structure to collapse. Karnilla
and Lore, Alchemy, Sharp weapons. Karnilla's lover. Some of Balder's was caught in the collapse and
Asgardian friends disapproved of the mortally wounded. Before dying,
Contacts: relationship, regarding Karnilla as a Karnilla told Odinson that she had
Asgardian Gods particularly Balder figure of evil. Karnilla regarded herself, witnessed visions of many things,
however, as a harsh but just ruler. including the death of the new Thor,
Running Karnilla: Balder was called away from Jane Foster. She tried to warn Thor to
Karnilla has been reckless and Nornkeep to join the Asgardian prince protect Jane but died before she could.
impulsive in the past, and more than a Thor in his mission to rescue souls of
little self-centered. This may have Earth human beings from Hel. During
changed; she has willingly given up Balder's absence, Karnilla was taken Kelda Stormrider
Balder so he may ascend the throne of prisoner by the Frost Giants of
Asgard. Oddly, although she is a Jotunheim, who were preparing an F Rm (30) Health: 120
sorceress of great power feared even invasion of Asgard and first intended to A Gd (10)
by Loki, she doesn't use much magic; eliminate Asgard's allies. The Frost S In (40) Karma: 40
she prefers to use catspaws, agents to Giants also transformed Karnilla's E In (40)
carry out her designs. Her current subjects into stone. On his return, R Gd (10) Resources: Ty
activities are unknown, though she Balder set out to rescue Karnilla, and I Gd (10)
may be planning revenge on Utgard- ultimately met with success. Karnilla P Ex (20) Popularity: 0
Loki, the Frost Giant king who ravaged continued to both antagonize and aid
her home and took her prisoner. Asgard. She would often aid it against Known Powers:
a mutual threat, but continued to seek Body Armor: Good (10).
History: Balder's affection or seek the lives of Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100).
The birth and early life of Karnilla were Thor and Odin to try and make Balder Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
shrouded in mystery. All that was king. 100. She may be killed normally.
really known is that she had long lived Weather Manipulation: Monstrous (75),
in Nornheim, the Asgardian province Since the return of the Asgardians is able to perform the following:
where the Three Norns dwelt, the after Ragnarok she at some point * Flight: Excellent (20) speed
goddesses of destiny, and she made an alliance with the troll king * Mist Transformation: Incredible (40)
became one of the most accomplished Gerridur. She enchanted a charm that ability to transform herself into mist.
practitioners of the arts of sorcery in disguised Ulik as an Asgardian * Wind Generation: Amazing (50).
the Asgardian dimension. Although Tanarus and altered everyone's * Lightning: Monstrous (75) damage.
Nornheim lied on the Asgardian land memories so Tanarus was always the * Ice Generation: Amazing (50) ability
mass within Asgard's own dimension, champion of Asgard and everyone * Create Ice Weapons: Amazing (50)
and although Karnilla was apparently would forget Thor. Ulik was to use his material and damage, 10 area range
of the Asgardian race, she did not position to assassinate the All-Mothers from the wind generation.
consider herself to be subject to of Asgard at the appointed time to
Asgardian rule. Rather, Nornheim was throw Asgard into chaos for a troll Talents:
an independent country, of which attack. Karnilla formed a triad of Edged Weapons, Thrown Weapons,
Karnilla was absolute monarch. outcasts witches called the Weird Asgardian Trivia, Lore and History.
Karnilla lived opulently in the ancient Sisters along with Kelda to spy on
fastness of Nornkeep, attended by her Asgardia and aid Ulik. Despite the Contacts:
servant, the aged minor sorceress spell, Heimdall eventually saw through Bill, Thor and the Asgardian Gods.
Haag, and troops of guardian demons. the spell and destroyed the charm just
Although there were many demons as the trolls attacked. Karnilla joined in Running Kelda:
among her subjects, Karnilla's realm the battle in a desperate attempt to Kelda is a young, caring god. She fell
was also populated by humanoid turn the tide. She battled and was in love with the mortal Bill and she
immortals, just as was Asgard proper. quickly defeated by Freyja. Freyja then tried to move Asgard and Earth to be
Karnilla's relationship to the goddesses sealed Karnilla and Gerridur within the with him only to have things go bad. In
of destiny was unknown, although they skull of Ulik. Karnilla requested the End, they were together.
were clearly beyond her jurisdiction. Odinson to help defend Nornkeep from
a massive army assembled by History:
Malekith in order to kill the Norns and
Kelda was one of the many Thor. She later wandered in the
Asgardians who Thor resurrected after Thor and the other Asgardians from wilderness and was taken up by Norns
the Ragnarok Cycle. While the rest of Latveria, arrived to punish Doom for to fulfill the role as the "Maiden" to
her people were content to sit within the wrongs done to the people of ease her pain and obtain closer
Asgard and live out old glories, the Asgard. During the battle, Doom threw contact to Bill in Valhalla. However,
golden-haired goddess instead sought the corpse of Kelda from his castle. she was betrayed by the Crone, who
out new experiences within Midgard. Loki appeared and claimed he knew was actually Karnilla in disguise, who
She traveled to the nearby town of how to save Kelda. But in order to do beat her to death with a rock. Her soul
Broxton, Oklahoma, stopping at Bill's so, Loki said he needed someone to later reunited with Bill in Valhalla and
Diner where she attracted the attention recover her heart. While Thor was they shared a tender kiss at the
of one of the mortal residents, Bill, the fighting Doom, Balder retrieved the reunion. She married Bill while they
local fry cook. Kelda invited Bill to heart and brought it to Loki who was were in Valhalla together and were
meet her in Asgard. Bill mustered up able to bring her back to life. While seen in various future battles as souls
the courage to answer Kelda's alive, Kelda was torn with heartfelt fighting on behalf of Asgard. Kelda
standing invitation to visit Asgard, and grief over Bill's death. Later, Kelda was part of the list of women Odinson
dropped by, bringing her flowers, went to visit Bill's parents in Broxton to suspected to be the new Thor. She
though the attempt to deliver them inform them of their son's fate. The was one of the many women warriors
ended with her getting hit in the face house was surrounded by (Asgardians and Avengers alike)
with a rock. She showed him around H.A.M.M.E.R. agents who demanded Odinson and Freyja brought to help
Asgard, while they playfully flirted, and she surrender herself and shot her as Thor in her fight against Cul Borson,
he tried to explain basketball to the she exited the house. While Bill's as he commanded the Destroyer
Asgardian men. father tried to reason with the armor under Odin's order. They fought
aggressors, Bill's mother talked with him off until Odin aborted Cul's
In time, Bill and Kelda fell in love with Kelda to bring her back to her senses, mission.
one another, to the extent that Bill left since she didn't intended to fight back.
his home and business in Broxton to Kelda healed the wounds and rose up
move to Latveria with the other in the air, raining lightning down on the Khan
Asgardians. For Kelda, Bill's curiosity soldiers and freezing them solid. After
about the world around him and his the Siege, Kelda was shown by a F Ex (20) Health: 106
sense of justice were some of his Valkyrie that Bill had been chosen to A Ty (6)
greatest qualities, and a few of the live in Valhalla but her love denied her S In (40) Karma: 40
reasons she fell in love with him. While entry since the "dead and the living E In (40)
in Latveria, some unruly Asgardians can love but not be together". Kelda R Gd (10) Resources: Ty
hassled Bill and goaded him into a stated they would find a way to make it I Gd (10)
fight. Before Bill could enter the fight, work since they were able to form a P Ex (20) Popularity: 0
Kelda arrived with an ice spear she bond between goddess and mortal as
summoned from the ongoing storm, well. Known Powers:
broke the Asgardians' weapons, and Body Armor: Good (10).
then gave it to Bill, explaining it was Later, it was revealed that when Loki Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100).
poison and one scratch can kill an was tending to her during the battle Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
Asgardian. The Asgardians fled and against Doom, he met her upon an 100. He may be killed normally.
Bill intended to investigate the recent astral plane. He explained to her that
move of Asgard to Latveria from he required a raw ingot of her Limitations:
Oklahoma. Tragically, Bill was empathic soul to forge the blade Eir- Age: Despite the fact that he is an
murdered when he stumbled upon a Gram, to cut down the old enemies of Asgardian, Khan is a friend to Odin
conspiracy by Loki and Doctor Doom Asgard, the feared cannibalistic Disir. and is in the winter of his life.
to harvest the organs of the when nothing else could. The process
Asgardians in order to give the armor- would also leech some of her Equipment:
clad despot the secrets of immortality. memories from her in an attempt to Armor: Amazing (50) material,
Before his death, he told Balder ease her inner pain; however, Loki Excellent (20) protection.
Odinson of Loki's treachery and asked also tells her that this would prevent Sword: Amazing (50) material and
him to tell Kelda he loved her. When her from growing emotionally. She damage.
Kelda saw her mortal love dead before would remain emotionally as she was,
her, she swore vengeance on Loki and her agony and anguish bound. Loki's Talents:
traveled to Castle Doom to confront last words to Kelda were, "But if the Edged Weapons, Thrown Weapons,
him. Instead she met Doctor Doom, memories ever return, know this: I'm Asgard Trivia, History and Lore.
who goaded her into a fight. Blasting sorry, Kelda. If I could, I would make
Doom with a bolt of lightning revealed the sacrifice myself...but purity of spirit Contacts:
him to be nothing more than a was never amongst my virtues." Kelda Odin
Doombot. Following a trail, she later went slowly insane due to Bill's
ventured deep into the castle and fell death and Loki's tampering with her Running Khan:
straight into his trap. Doom ripped her memories and soul, and tried to kill Khan is a close friend of Odin and is
heart out and left her body on the floor. Balder before her soul was purified by both stubborn and prideful.
are "not mere fish - but undersea Spear: This Monstrous (75) material
History: monsters! No fishing line could capture spear inflicts Amazing (50) damage
One of the oldest warriors in Asgard, such a creature! But the Mighty either as a thrown weapon (7 areas) or
along with Bulwar, Whitemane, and Hammer of Thor CAN!" in close quarters combat.
Rongor. They are all old and trusted
friends of Odin. Khan was one of This challenge done, the King give him Valkyrior steed:
Odin's oldest friends. He was slain in the main task, to break a drinking F Gd (10) Health: 100
an epic battle with Mangog and the All- goblet in only two minutes. He realizes A Ex (20)
Father was forced to present the that his time is short, so without delay S Rm (30) Karma: 24
warrior to Hela's clutches. throws the goblet at a rock wall, E In (40)
shattering the wall. He then tries to use R Pr (4)
his mighty hammer, to no effect. Thor I Gd (10)
King Hyrim knows that if he should slay the king, P Gd (10)
even if he didn't complete the
F Rm (30) Health: 120 challenge, he would not be a slave, Powers:
A Gd (10) except he would "break the heart of Running: Good
S In (40) Karma: 40 fair princess Rinda!" Rinda was not Winged Flight: Excellent
E In (40) worried about herself, and urged the
R Gd (10) Resources: In Thunder God to do what he must, Talents:
I Gd (10) since he has been deceived. With that, Sharp Weapons, Equestrian, Thrown
P Ex (20) Popularity: 10 he hurls the goblet, at full force at the Weapons, Asgardian History, Lore and
crown of King Hymir. The goblet then Trivia.
Known Powers: shattered, revealing the source of the
Body Armor: Good (10). enchantment, the "magic catalyst". Contacts:
Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). This inspired a fit of paranoid anger in Odin and the Asgardian Gods
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every the King, directed at the Trickster for
100. He may be killed normally. supposedly betraying the King, and Running Krista:
revealing the secret to Thor, and Krista is a young, but brave and
Equipment: ordered Loki gone from his kingdom. honest warrior. She believes in the
Armor and Helmet: Amazing (50) As he left, Loki vowed "eternity is glory of Asgard and is honored to be
Material, Remarkable (30)protection endless, I shall never stop scheming!" one of the chosen of Odin.
Scepter: This Monstrous material History:
scepter can strike for Amazing (50) Like her sister, Hildegarde, Krista was
damage if needed. Krista, the Valkyrie a skilled warrior and a member of the
The Valkyries. She was kidnapped by
Talents: F In (40) Health: 150 Pluto in an attempt to set the
Leadership, Edged Weapons, Thrown A Ex (20) Asgardians against the Olympians.
Weapons, Equestrian, Riddle and S Am (50) Karma: 40 She was freed by Thor and Hercules,
Puzzle Trivia, Asgardian Trivia, Lore E In (40) but was so badly injured during the
and History. R Gd (10) Resources: Rm fight that Thor had to change into the
I Gd (10) form of Donald Blake to save her.
Contacts: P Ex (20) Popularity: 0
Odin and the Asgardian Gods.
Known Powers: Kroda the Duelist
Running King Hyrim: Body Armor: Good (10).
King Hyrim is a man known for his Allspeak: May communicate fluently in F Rm (30) Health: 120
impossible challenges and sometimes any language of the 9 realms. A Gd (10)
cruel nature. He doesn't like to be Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every S In (40) Karma: 40
deceived will try to find the right 100. She may still be killed normally. E In (40)
moment to seek his revenge when he Resist Disease: Unearthly (100). R Gd (10) Resources: Ty
has been wronged. I Gd (10)
Death Sense: Unearthly ability to P Ex (20) Popularity: -5
History: sense death. The Valkyrie on a FEAT
Loki has convinced King Hymir to help may determine if she has detected a Known Powers:
him in his eternal feud with Thor, by death. The victim is un-able to spend Body Armor: Good (10).
having the King give Thor a series of karma on FEAT's for the duration of Allspeak: May communicate fluently in
very difficult challenges. Thor is unable the adventure. any language of the 9 realms.
to refuse them, or he is dishonored, Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
and if he fails, he becomes a slave for Equipment: 100. She may still be killed normally.
the cruel king. The first challenge, is to Armor and Helmet: Amazing (50) Resist Disease: Unearthly (100).
catch a fish from the dreaded Sea of Material, Excellent (20) protection.
Eternal Darkness. The fish in this sea Equipment:
Armor: Amazing (50) material, Beyonder decided to restore Algrim to
Excellent (20) protection. Talents: health and to give him more power and
Sword: Amazing (50) material, inflicts None better armor to see what Algrim would
Amazing (50) damage. do. Sensing that he would find Thor in
Contacts: New York, Kurse departed to Earth
Talents: Asgardian Gods, Balder and began walking across the ocean
Weapon Specialist-Sword, Edged bottom to get to New York. Kurse
Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Asgard Running Kurse: mistook Beta Ray Bill for Thor and
Trivia, History and Lore. Kurse, or Valgoth as the Asgardians attacked him. Bill escaped death by
now call him, is a creature brought reverting to his original, non-powered
Contacts: back from death to serve as a living form, in which he no longer resembled
Loki, Magrat the Schemer and Skurge vessel of rage, first against Thor, then Thor. Driven by insane hatred, Kurse
the Executioner against Malekith. Kurse is usually wreaked havoc in Manhattan as he
silent (he makes Hogun appear searched for Thor. Kurse found Thor,
Running Kroda: loquacious by comparison). Kurse and attacked him. Thor donned his belt
Kroda is a fearsome swordsman and serves as protector of Asgard's of strength, which doubled his
once traveled in a pack of rogues that children (who can usually take care of strength. The Beyonder then increased
counted among its members, Skurge themselves anyway!), and will only be Kurse's strength so that it again
the Executioner and Magrat, the stirred to battle on their behalf. Kurse's surpassed Thor's. Thor used his
Schemer anger against Thor might be rekindled hammer to project intensive heat at
by one who is devious and hateful Kurse. The heat, reminding Kurse of
History: enough (i.e. Loki). the lava pit, reawakened his memories
Kroda the Duelist was a member of of how he he fell. Kurse realized that
Thor's expedition to restore the History: Malekith was responsible, and his
Odinsword that had become cracked. Algrim the Strong was one of the Dark hatred shifted to Malekith. Thor then
Elves of Svartalfheim who served their suggested to the Beyonder that Kurse
ruler, Malekith the Accursed. He was be transported to Hel, to search for
Kurse one of the largest and strongest of his Malekith. Thor was also hoping Kurse
Algrim the Elf kind. Malekith captured Lorelei, an would cause trouble while he was
Asgardian woman who had used a there. The Beyonder agreed, and
F Mn (75) Health: 325 magical potion to make the Asgardian teleported Kurse to Hel.
A Am (50) thunder god Thor fall deeply in love
S Un (100) Karma: 12 with her. To rescue Lorelei, Thor went Kurse saw through Malekith's disguise
E Un (100) to the English Cotswolds, where stood as Balder when he reached Asgard, he
R Pr (4) Resources: Ty the faerie castle that serves as a then broke Malekith's neck, apparently
I Pr (4) nexus between Earth and the other slaying him. Years later, Malekith was
P Pr (4) Popularity: 0 dimensional faerie realm of revealed to be alive once again. Thor
Svartalfheim. Thor broke through into discovers that the Balder that was
Known Powers: the world of faerie, and seeing Lorelei killed was really Malekith in disguise,
Resist Mental: Monstrous (75) menaced by Malekith, became and that it was Loki they placed in the
oblivious to everything else. Hence, he dungeon. Kurse wreaked havoc in Hel
Invulnerability to Disease: Cl1000. was easily ambushed by the once more looking for Malekith and
superhumanly strong Algrim. Malekith Hela had Kurse driven into Asgard.
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every had told Algrim he had chosen him to Malekith realized that he must send
100. He may still be killed normally. defeat Thor. But while Thor and Algrim someone else after Kurse. In Asgard,
fought each other, Malekith ordered Kurse beat his way past Heimdall, and
Allspeak: May communicate fluently in that a pitfall be opened beneath their plunged all the way down to Hel,
any language of the 9 realms. feet. Thor and Algrim fell into the where he demanded Malekith. Hela
chasm towards molten lava. Thor tried to stop him but to no avail, and he
Equipment: summoned Mjolnir, which carried him beat her easily becoming the new
Body Armor: Unearthly (100) vs. to safety, but Algrim plunged into the master of Hel. Lorelei told him that
physical and energy. magma. The magma's tremendous Malekith escaped to Earth, and he
heat left Algrim on the brink of death. took her there. Elsewhere, Jane sees
Limitation: He would have been killed outright Lorelei running and followed her, only
Iron: any attack by a iron weapon can except that his enchanted armor to see her change to Malekith. She
stun or slam Kurse, unless it protected him, and that his desire for revealed Malekith’s plan, and made
penetrates his body armor, it can do vengeance on Thor gave him the will Kurse see Thor instead of Malekith.
no damage. to live. In fact, the intense pain the Hela orders her minions to find
magma caused him rendered Algrim Malekith, but Thor told her no. She
Previous memory: If he fails a Psyche amnesiac: he knew only that Thor was agreed to return them all to Hel, if Thor
feat, There is a chance he won't act somehow to blame. Algrim's hatred of went with her. He agreed and made
during a turn, being wrapped up in his Thor was sensed by the Beyonder who the Asgardians and Godpack swear to
own reverie of the past had come to Earth to investigate. The not attempt a rescue. Fortunately, the
newly arrived Hulk has made no such E In (40) Asgardians, because of the terrible
promise. Hulk agreed to enter Hel and R Gd (10) Resources: Ty losses and the lack of glory. Lonkarr's
return with Thor. On earth, Riger I Rm (30) current whereabouts are unknown. He
realizes that Jane is really Malekith, P Gd (10) Popularity: +2 could have died in the war with the
and he fills in the rest of his escape Dark Gods or was later destroyed in
story, then fled. He thought he’s Known Powers: Ragnarok. It is unknown if he was
eluded them, but he can never escape Body Armor: Good (10). revived in Oklahoma with the other
Kurse. Kurse beat on him mercilessly, Resist diseases: Unearthly (100). Asgardians.
until he is stopped by Sif, who begs Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for
him to return Malekith to Hel in every 100. He may be killed normally.
exchange for Thor's freedom. In Hel, Magrat the Schemer
Hulk and Thor continue their battle, Equipment:
destroying much of Hela’s kingdom, Armor: Amazing (50) material, F Ex (20) Health: 120
until Kurse arrived with Malekith. Kurse Excellent (20) protection vs. harm. A Ex (20)
was being taken by the Asgardian S In (40) Karma: 50
Heimdall to the latter's great hall. Sword: Amazing (50) material, this E In (40)
sword inflicts Amazing (50) damage. R Gd (10) Resources: Ty
When Malekith regained the Cask of I Ex (20)
Ancient Winters and used it on Asgard, Bow w/ Quiver of 25 areas: Incredible P Ex (20) Popularity: -5
he enthralled Kurse to his cause once (40) material, Remarkable (30)
more, and forced him to attack Thor. damage, 7 area range. Remarkable Known Powers:
Thor managed to free himself from Strength to use. Body Armor: Gd (10).
Kurse's hold while Sif engaged Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100).
Malekith himself. Thor went to find the Talents: Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for
Gem of Infinite Suns, which had the Bows, Hunting, Tracking, Edged every 100. He may be killed normally.
power to counter the Casket's powers, Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Asgard
and had Sif lead Malekith away. In Trivia, History and Lore. Equipment:
Odin's bedchamber, Thor opened Armor: Amazing (50) material,
Odin's treasures and retrieved the Contacts: Excellent (20) protection vs. harm.
gem. Using its power, Thor freed Odin
Asgard from its icy tomb. Thor then Dagger: Amazing (50) material,
slammed the gem into the face of Running Lonkarr: Remarkable (30) damage.
Kurse, freeing him from Malekith's Lonkarr takes his job as the scout of
spell, and used its power to close the Odin with the upmost seriousiness and Talents:
Cask of Ancient Winters. When Earth never betrays his lord and masters Weapon Specialist-Dagger, Edged
was invaded by Surtur's forces, Odin confidence. Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Asgard
sent Kurse, Beta Ray Bill and Hercules Trivia, History and Lore.
to the side of the Asgardian forces to History:
provide assistance. While he was Lonkarr was a scout of Odin's who was Contacts:
uninterested in protecting the Earth, involved with setting up and war Loki, Kroda the Duelist and Skurge the
Kurse stood by his allies until Surtur's between Asgard and the Dark Gods. Executioner
defeat, which came at the apparent Lonkarr, while scouting far, far away,
cost of Odin's life. Kurse later attended found the city of Narcisson, which was Running Magrat:
Odin's funeral. Having become fiercely dark where Asgard was light. The Magrat is a Schemer and a sneaky
loyal to Asgard, Kurse seemingly peasants of Narcisson mistook him for little rat.
perished during the Ragnarök. one of their rulers and begged him for
Similarly to the other victims of favors. One lady offered up her child in History:
Ragnarök, Algrim was brought back to sacrifice. Lonkarr rejected this offering. Magrat the Schemer was a member of
life. He was tracked down by Malekith Soon he was attacked by Tserron who Thor's expedition to restore the
and captured, being deemed a traitor claimed the peasants as her own. After Odinsword that had become cracked.
to his people. He was taken to the a day of fighting, he stabbed Tserron
Nastrond Prison in Niffleheim, where through the chest. Perrikus, Tserron's
he took the place of Lady Waziria, husband arrived and promised to Malekith
another Dark Elf who was in turn destroy the kingdom of Lonkarr's lord The Accursed
acting as a proxy for Malekith, and had and punish all Lonkarr's kind. Perrikus
been serving his sentence. allows Lonkarr to escape so that he F In (40) Health: 215
can be followed to Asgard. A Mn (75)
S Am (50) Karma: 80
Lonkarr the Scout A two-week war follows in which the E Am (50)
Dark Gods are victorious until a young R Ex (20) Resources: Am
F Rm (30) Health: 120 Thor inspires a defeated Odin to fight I Gd (10)
A Gd (10) back. Odin then erased the memories P Am (50) Popularity: -40
S In (40) Karma: 50 of this war from the minds of all
Known Powers: The Dark Elves and Surtur Malekith go to Loki, the foster son of
Imitation: Amazing (50) ability. Odin, and gain Loki's pledge to
True Flight: Amazing (50) air speed. Running Malekith: withhold his support from Asgard's
Body Armor: Good (10). Malekith is known as the Accursed by forces when Surtur attacked them.
Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000. Asgardians (just as Thor is probably Loki, however, deceived Malekith,
Allspeak: May communicate fluently in known as the Accursed in Jotenheim), knowing that Surtur intended to
any language of the 9 realms. because of unrevealed misdeeds in destroy Asgard. Due to the magic of
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every ages past. Malekith is one of Asgard's the Casket of Ancient Winters, Eric
100. Malekith may be killed normally. most bitter and evil enemies. He Willis had remained alive and young
enjoys deception and corrupting the ever since he had stolen it. Willis, who
Dark Faerie Magick: reputations of worthy Asgardians (such lived in New York, was menaced by
The full range of Malekith's Dark as Balder), as well as playing with Malekith's human agents and was
magics is yet to be revealed. There is mortals. While Malekith is supposedly finally killed by Malekith himself, who
two resistrictions to Dark Faerie Magic. dead, as Loki says: "the first thing a used his shape-shifting ability to take
It requires the presence of shadows sorcerer of quality does is make the form of a beautiful woman named
and does not affect iron. Some abilties oneself as difficult to kill as possible." It Angel. Willis's son, Roger, found the
Malekith has demonstrated are: is quite likely Malekith found some way Casket. Now, however, Malekith
to escape death. Malekith is a mortal launched the Wild Hunt to track Roger
Energy Beam: Monstrous (75). enemy of Kurse Willis and the Casket down. Willis was
attacked on a bridge by Malekith, in his
Blinding Beam: Monstrous (75) History: guise as the Master of the Hounds,
Malekith the Accursed is the ruler of and a horde of demonic dogs. Odin's
Dimensional Travel: Malekith can the Dark Elves, one of the Nine Worlds son, the thunder god Thor arrived and
disappear in shadows and travel of Asgardlan cosmology. The Dark together he and Willis slew a number
anywhere within the Asgard or Elves are also known as the Faerie of of the hounds and forced the Dark Elf
Midgard dimensions. Celtic mythology and of Arthurlan to retreat.
legend. The principal nexus between
Death Touch: Opponent if hit must Earth and Svartalfheim lies beneath a Subsequently, Malekith captured the
make a Psyche FEAT roll or die. This palace in the Cotswolds of Britain. Asgardian goddess Lorelei, who had
power does not affect Immortals Centuries ago, Malekith proved himself been attempting to get the
to be an enemy of both the human unsuspecting Thor to drink a potion
Equipment: beings of Earth and the gods of that would force him to fall in love with
The Wild Hunt: Asgard. Malekith's greatest weapon her. Malekith used his sorcery to trick
Malekith has a horn which enables him was the Casket of Ancient Winters, Thor into drinking the potion. Then
to transform into "The Huntsman", an 8 which contained mystical forces that Malekith revealed to Thor that he held
ft tall warrior with Body Armor of could reproduce the overwhelming the true Lorelei prisoner and
Amazing (50). +1CS to his Fighting, frigidity of another of the Nine Worlds, demanded the Casket in exchange for
Strength and Endurance. The horn Niffleheim, the realm of ice. To prevent her release. Filled with passion for
summons hundreds of demon hounds Malekith from releasing the casket's Lorelei, Thor went to the Dark Elves'
known as "The Wild Hunt" to pursue contents, a mortal human being who palace in the Cotswolds, accompanied
and capture his prey. The hounds was later known as Eric Willis stole by Willis, who brought along the
have the following abilities: and hid the Casket. Without the magic Casket, although they intended to
of the Casket, Malekith was unable to rescue Lorelei without surrendering it.
Members of the Wild Hunt. conceal himself from the wrathful Odin, The two allies then passed through the
monarch of Asgard. Odin banished nexus into the Realm of Faerie itself.
F Gd (10) Health: 60 Malekith into an otherdimensional Thor next fought Malekith himself, who
A Ex (20) "black limbo" where the Dark Elf took the form of a gigantic, armored
S Gd (10) Karma: 44 remained until recent times. Malekith warrior, but the thunder god quickly
E Ex (20) was released from his exile by the fire defeated him. Thor scattered the rest
R Pr (4) Resources: Ty demon Surtur, master of Muspelheim, of the Dark Elves and rescued Lorelei,
I Rm (30) whom Malekith then served. Surtur but Malekith, recovering, seized
P Gd (10) Popularity: +2 ordered Malekith to regain the Casket Willis's gun and hurled it at the Casket.
of Ancient Winters and to use its The impact shattered the Casket,
Known Powers power to create chaos on Earth that releasing its magical force, which
Bite: Excellent (20) damage. would prepare the way for its invasion spread frigid temperatures and
Flight: Poor (4) airspeed by the legions of Muspelheim. blizzards over the Earth. Thor struck
Tracking: Monstrous (75) Malekith down and then took him to
Odin dispatched his ravens Huginn Asgard, where Odin sentenced the
Talents: and Muninn to investigate events in Dark Elf to imprisonment in the
Leadership, Occult Lore, Asgardian the distant "burning galaxy," where Dungeon of No Escape.
Lore, History and Trivia. Surtur was active. Surtur slew Huginn,
and Malekith unsuccessfully pursued Then followed the war between the
Contacts: the injured Muninn. Surtur also had forces of Asgard and those of
Muspelheim. In a confrontation with Jotunnskóð: This extra-large mace is * Conjuring: Amazing (50) ability to
Odin, Surtur drew the magical forces made of Class 1000 adamantine and summon his minions to his side.
of the Casket away from Earth, inflicts Unearthly damage should it hit.
thereby restoring its normal weather, in Equipment:
order to use its forces to imprison Odin Talents: Armor: Amazing (50) material,
within ice. But while Odin had been Weapon Specialist: Jotunnskóð, Excellent (20) protection vs. harm.
battling Surtur in Asgard, Willis had Physics, Repair/Tinker, Asgard Trivia,
been reassembling the broken Casket. History and Lore. Sword: Cl1000 material, Unearthly
As soon as Willis finished his task and (100) damage.
closed the Casket's lid, the Casket's Contacts: * Transformation: The sword can
enchantments returned and Odin The Slugs. transform into a python of Monstrous
disappeared. Malekith later escaped (75) strength for grappling and
from his prison and went to the palace Running Millenius: Remarkable (30) poisonous bite.
of Loki, claiming to want to be his ally. Millenius wanted to exterminate
When Balder was about to be crowned humanity due to their pain and Viewing Crystals: Unearthly (100)
as the missing Odin's successor as suffering. After thousands of years of material crystal that grants Good (10)
ruler of Asgard, Malekith tricked imprisonment, nothing has changed. Remote Sensing (Sight and Hearing).
Lorelei into giving Loki a drugged
drink. Malekith magically gave Loki History: Flying Carpet: Monstrous (75) material
Malekith's own appearance. Loki, as Millennius was imprisoned in another carpet that grants Good (10) Flight.
Malekith, was captured and Thor, dimension ages ago by Odin and the
unaware of who the prisoner really other Asgardians, for trying to destroy Spotted Plague potion: This potion
was, had him placed in the Dungeon of all life on Earth. While trapped there inflicts a Shift-X (150) plague on
No Escape. The true Malekith had various alien races attempted to Asgardians. Symptoms include a rash,
taken the form of Balder to become the invade and take over the 'Land of the then vomiting, followed by spots and
new ruler of Asgard himself. However, Forsaken' for some unknown reason. then death.
the otherdimensional entity known as This gave Millennius the technology
the Beyonder had transformed a Dark and time he needed to try to construct Talents:
Elf named Algrim into the vastly a 'key' to escape his prison. It was only Mystic Origin, Occult Lore,
powerful being called Kurse. Kurse when Thor and the Silver Surfer were Demonology, Leadership, Edged
was obsessed with taking vengeance accidently drawn into the 'Land of the Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Asgard
on Malekith, who was responsible for Forsaken' by Millenius that he came Trivia, History and Lore.
his near death in a pool of molten lava. close to accomplishing his goal of
Kurse saw through Malekith's magical escape. The two of them were able to Contacts:
disguise as Balder, leapt upon imprison him at the core of the planet Abu Daki, Demon-Riders, Jinni Devil,
Malekith and broke his neck, killing and escape the 'Land of the Forsaken'. Mutaurus, Ogur the One-Eyed,
him. An observer, Agnar, touched the Sulibeg, Shezada (his sister)
supposed Balder's corpse with his
sword and the corpse of Malekith Mogul of the Mystic Mountain Running Mogul of the Mystic
reverted to its true appearance. Mountain:
F Am (50) Health: 170 Mogul acts like a sterotypical Khan,
A Ex (20) driven by dark forces to ensure that his
Millenius S Am (50) Karma: 125 will and orders are followed to their
E Am (50) fullest.
F Un (100) Health: 320 R Ex (20) Resources: Ex
A Ex (20) I Rm (30) History:
S Un (100) Karma: 70 P Mn (75) Popularity: -25 Mogul hails from a vague ancient
E Un (100) mystical land, that is analogous to
R Ex (20) Resources: Gd Known Powers Earth’s middle east, but is located in
I Ex (20) Body Armor: Good (10) Asgard. The lord and ruler of Zanadu
P Rm (30) Popularity: -10 Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). in the Forbidden Lands, Zanadu a
Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for mystic mountain that can be
Known Powers every 100. He may be killed normally. transported and mobilized by Mogul.
Body Armor: Excellent (20). Mogul had accumulated and inherited
Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100) Magic: Mogul of the Mystic Mountain power, technology and servants from
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every is a Master level sorcerer capable of ancient Baghdad. Mogul was also old
100. He may be killed normally. Amazing (50) ability spellcasting of foe of Hogun the Grim and Hogun's
Energy Generation: Millenius can fire Person, Universal and Dimensional former people. Eventually Mogul would
energy beams from his eyes up to 5 energies. completely wipe out Hogun's
areas at Unearthly (100) ability. * Teleport: Remarkable (30) ability. homeland, enslaving, killing, the
* Matter rearrangement: Incredible (40) majority, as well as stealing all their
Equipment: ability. treasures and battle standard. What
few survived would attempt revenge
but slowly wither without ever seeing another, Karnilla had them kidnapped
justice served. He is also said to have and threatened Balder with harming Running Neffethesk:
killed all of Hogun's family. Upon Nanna. In exchange for his hand in Neffethesk doesn't have much use for
Mogul's return Thor and the rest of the marriage, Karnilla vowed that no harm combat and tries to ease the suffering
Warriors Three, Fandral, and Volstagg would come to Nanna, directly or of those around him.
accompanied Hogun in his quest of indirectly by her actions. Balder
revenge against Mongul after coming reluctantly consented. History:
across one of the last of Hogun's Neffethesk is an Asgardian healer who
people Saguta. Mogul had a number of Nanna was released back to Asgard, saved the life of Hogun after the later
powerful agents such as his sister but she could not let Balder make this was gravely wounded in battle.
Shezada, Jinni Devil, Mutaurus, Ogur sacrifice for her. Swiping Odin's eight-
the One Eyed at his disposal and he legged steed, Sleipnir, Nanna returned
also controlled the Forty Demon to Nornheim to disrupt the wedding Njord
Riders. Alibar a thief and Hogun would ceremony. Nanna challenged Karnilla Njord Burison
team up to defeat Mogul the first time to hold to the terms of her vow, and
around, imprisoning him. stabbed herself through the heart, a F Am (50) Health: 300
mortal wound. With Nanna harmed A Am (50)
The last Mogul was seen, his sister indirectly due to Karnilla's actions, S Un (100) Karma: 90
Shezada had broken him out of the Balder tearfully declared himself free E Un (100)
prison and they were heading to of his oath of marriage. Karnilla R Ex (20) Resources: Am
Asgard seeking revenge. hesitated, then relented and allowed I Ex (20)
Balder to leave Nornheim with his P Am (50) Popularity: +25
dead lover in peace.
Nanna Known Powers:
Nanna was given full honors at her Body Armor: Excellent (20).
F Gd (10) Health: 100 funeral by the Asgardian people. Resistances: Unearthly resistance to
A Gd (10) fire, cold, toxins, corrosives and
S In (40) Karma: 30 disease. Amazing (50) Resistance
E In (40) Neffethesk outside Asgard.
R Gd (10) Resources: Ty Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
I Gd (10) F Gd (10) Health: 100 10000. He may be killed normally.
P Gd (10) Popularity: +2 A Gd (10) Allspeak: may communicate fluently in
S In (40) Karma: 80 any language of the 9 realms.
Known Powers E In (40) Water Control and Generation: Shift-X
Body Armor: Good (10) R Ex (20) Resources: Gd (150). He has all power stunts.
Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). I Ex (20) Water Breathing: Njord is amphibious.
Retarded Aging: She ages 1 year for P In (40) Popularity: +2 Water Freedom
every 100. She may be killed normally.
Known Powers Mystic Powers: Njord is the
Equipment: Body Armor: Good (10) "Skyfather" of the Vanir and is at the
Dagger: Amazing (50) material, inflicts Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). very least as powerful as Odin:
Remarkable (30) damage. Retarded Aging: She ages 1 year for * Energy Generation: Shift-X (150),
every 100. She may be killed normally. this is focused through his eyes or
Talents: Víðirnaðr.
Equestrian, Asgard Trivia, History and Magic: * Dimensional Travel: Amazing (50).
Lore. Neffethesk is practiced in the healing * Animal communication/control:
arts and can use his skills to create the Unearthly (100) ability.
Contacts: following effects:
Balder * Cure Disease: Shift-X (150). Equipment:
* Neutralize Poison: Shift-X (150). Armor: Cl1000 adamantine, provides
Running Nanna: * Cure Blindness: Unearthly (100). Remarkable (30) protection.
Nanna truly and deeply loved Balder * Healing: Unearthly (100).
and willing sacrificed herself for him. Víðirnaðr: Cl1000 adamantine, 10 area
Equipment: range, Unearthly (100) damage and
History: Alchemical lab. returns to his hand after being thrown.
After Balder the Brave spurned
Karnilla the Norn Queen, she arranged Talents: Talents:
a scheme for revenge and to win his Medicine, First Air, Alchemy, Occult Weapon Specialist: Víðirnaðr, Edged
hand. Karnilla orchestrated a meeting Lore, Zoologist of Magic, Asgard Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Asgard
between Nanna and Balder in an Trivia, History and Lore. Trivia, History and Lore.
Asgardian marketplace, and they
quickly fell in love. Once Balder and Contacts: Contacts:
Nanna were truly devoted to one Thor, Odin and the Warriors Three. Bor, Frigga and Odin.

Running Njord: Running Ogur: Running Ollerus:

After all these years Njord has finally Ogur is a large cyclops who is the Ollerus is stubborn and prideful, he
made peace with the idea of the Aesir protector of Wazir. makes proclamations about his powers
and their progeny. He has no love for and abilities.
them, but bares them no hatred either. History:
Ogur the One-Eyed is a powerful History:
History: guardian of Wazir the Prophet in the Ollerus the Unmerciful was a mighty
Njord was the son of Buri and of a land of Hindi. Thor, Hogun and Fandral military commander who sought to
Frost Giantess, and brother to Bor and would come across Ogur as they seek take Valhalla from Hela. He started to
Mimir. When Bor succeeded Buri (after out Wazir in his cave dwelling. The assemble an army which included two
besting him in combat), Njord left to Asgardians wish to speak with Wazir powerful sorcerers, Casiolena and
found Vanaheim, married Skadi and so he can help them locate the Mystic Poppo the Cunning, and hid in a
sired the Vanir. Eventually, Bor's son Mountain so Hogun can slay his mortal mountain shaped like a shark tooth in
Odin warred against Vanaheim and enemy, Mogul. Ogur attacks the the hills of Valhalla. Once the Goddess
annexed their realm to Asgard. After intruders and rips the ground beneath of Death discovered about Ollerus'
many year of war between the two Thor's feet after he is slashed by plan, she summoned Valkyrie, then
people a peace was achieved when Fandral's sword. Hogun is left alone to with the Defenders in Midgard, to lead
Frigga married Odin the All-Father, face Ogur and he is caught in the her own troops against the rebels.
merging their people together. guardian's clutches. Thor saves Hogun Poppo had a plan to recruit Valkyrie
when he throws his uru hammer against Hela’s forces, turning the tide
Defeated, Njord had no love for the towards Ogur and the monster of battle to Ollerus’s favor. Amid a
Aesir. He was among the many collapses. Wazir appears after the struggle between Hela and Ollerus'
Asgardians to test the invulnerability of battle and provides Thor and his armies, the mountain moved; causing
Balder by throwing weapons at him. As comrades the knowledge they seek. an earthquake that broke the battle up.
the Lord of the Sea, Njord helped Thor Once Valkyrie discovered the origin of
and the Warriors Three by retrieving the shockwaves, she fell into a trap
the body of Holth, a shapeshifting Ollerus the Unmerciful where Brunnhilde's body would be split
Giant killed by the Warriors while in from human host Barbara Norriss, who
whale form. F Am (50) Health: 160 would then pose as Valkyrie.
A Gd (10)
S Am (50) Karma: 50 After locking Brunnhilde in a room,
Ogur E Am (50) through the fake Valkyrie and his
R Gd (10) Resources: Rm henchmen's magic, Ollerus was able
F Rm (30) Health: 159 I Gd (10) to cast death upon many Midgardians,
A Pr (4) P Rm (30) Popularity: -15 including Valkyrie's fellow Defenders
S Mn (75) Karma: 28 Hulk, Nighthawk and Hellcat. This
E Am (50) Known Powers created an army as large as Hela's.
R Pr (4) Resources: Pr Body Armor: Remarkable (30) The new legions, especially due to the
I Ex (20) Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). superpowered additions, gained the
P Pr (4) Popularity: +2 Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for upper hand and even knocked out an
every 100. He may be killed normally. escaped Valkyrie. However, once the
Known Powers Defenders realized the one that
Body Armor: Remarkable (30) Equipment: drafted them was actually Barbara
Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). Skeraherklæði: Amazing (50) material, Norriss, they defected to the
Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for this shark-looking armor provides underwhelmed Hela troops and gave
every 100. He may be killed normally. Remarkable (30) protection vs. harm, an advantage. Witnessing this, Ollerus
those who attack take damage from signaled to the mountain, which
Limitations: the shark skin armor. proceeded to move towards the
Cyclopian vision: Unfortunately for battlefield; generating an earthquake.
creatures of this type, their vision lacks Sword: Amazing (50) material, this Hulk decided to smash the mountain,
depth preception and visual acuity. sword inflicts Monstrous (75) damage. and upon the base's destruction,
Should someone base their stragety of Ollerus was defeated. To ensure
attack around this concept (on a Talents: Ollerus' banishment to Niffleheim
sucessful Reason feat...) they are Military, Equestrian, Edged Weapons, would not lead to further rebellion,
granted a +1 C/S due to the limitations Thrown Weapons, Asgard Trivia, Hela banished herself along, leaving
of cyclopian vision. History and Lore. Valhalla to Harokin.

Talents: Contacts:
Martial Arts B and E Hela

Frigga, Odin's current wife and the began to question the continued
woman who had raised Thor. At the resistance against his father.
Queen Jolena of Skarnheim same time, if he were unable to involve
himself in the conflict, he would Rimthursar, the Cruelstriker
F In (40) Health: 150 demonstrate his impotence as a
A Gd (10) leader. F Am (50) Health: 160
S Am (50) Karma: 50 A Gd (10)
E Am (50) Jolena's forces warred against Uthar's, S Am (50) Karma: 100
R Gd (10) Resources: Ty with the conspirators, the Wolflings, E Am (50)
I Ex (20) perpetuating the fight and blocking R Ex (20) Resources: Rm
P Ex (20) Popularity: +10 communication between the sides. I Rm (30)
Odin learned of the battle and Jolena's P Am (50) Popularity: -15
Known Powers involvement. Odin's heart stirred to
Body Armor: Good (10) look upon her fair form once more. Known Powers
Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). Jolena continued to lead her forces Body Armor: Good (10)
Retarded Aging: She ages 1 year for against Uthar's with Odin watching Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100).
every 100. She may be killed normally. from above the battlefield. Odin began Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for
to see the truth behind the situation. every 100. He may be killed normally.
Equipment: Having learned the situation from Thor
Armor and Helmet: Amazing (50) and Rimthursar's Menagerie sneaked Magic: An Asgardian master of
Material, Good (10) protection. into the battlefield, they overhead the sorcerer, Rimthursar is capable of
Wolflings on one side planning a various personal, universe and
Sword: This Monstrous (75) material meeting with the others. Slithgarn dimensional magical feats of at least
sword, inflicts Amazing (50) damage. brought Uthar to the river, and Kyrie Amazing (50) rank. He is capable of
brought Uthar there. The two leaders casting the following spells.
Talents: then overheard the Wolflings * Shape Change-Self: Amazing (50)
Weapon Specialist: Sword, Edged conspiring to continue the struggle, ability, to transform into a Hawk
Weapons, Thrown Weapons, and--infuriated by the manipulation-- * Shape Change-Other: Amazing (50)
Leadership, Equestrian, Asgardian Jolena and Uthar joined Thor and the ability, psyche feat to resist.
Trivia, Lore and History. Menagerie in subduing the Wolflings. * Mind Control: Incredible (40) ability.
The defeated Wolflings were dragged * Eldritch Bolts: Incredible (40)
Contacts: to the battlefield, where Jolena and * Eldritch Shield: Incredible (40)
Odin and the people of Skarnheim. Uthar commanded the fighting to stop, * Teleportation: Monstrous (75)
and revealed the Wolflings' actions. * Dimensional travel: Monstrous (75)
Running Jolena: Odin then arrived on the battlefield,
Jolena is a tough, rugged queen and and embraced Jolena. Odin told her Equipment:
leader of the Skarnheim populace. She that his love was vast, like his power, Armor: Amazing (50) material,
is a smoldering fire of anger and and that, like any god, he may love Excellent (20) protection vs. harm.
passion. more than one woman. He made it Sword: Shift-X material, this sword
clear that the fact that he showed a inflicts Monstrous damage.
History: trace of his former love in no way
At some point in the past, presumably made him unfaithful. It merely made Talents:
before his relationship with Frigga and him fallible, as men and gods are. Edged Weapons, Thrown Weapons,
the birth of Thor (son of Gaea and Asgard Trivia, History and Lore. Occult
Odin), Odin had a passionate Odin visited Jolena again, and the two Lore, Mystic Background,
relationship with Jolena. Odin later professed their love for each other, but
recalled it as a love that was far too acknowledged that they must Contacts:
short when it might well have been overcome their feelings. Unknown to Rimthursar's Menegerie
forever. A group of conspirators them both, Loki was spying upon
infiltrated the armies of Jolena and them, and he quickly spread the news Running Rimthursar:
Uthar, the king of the realm across a throughout Asgard that Odin was an Rimthursar hates Odin and his spawn,
river from Jolena's realm. The unfaithful husband. Loki and Tyr began willing to sacrifice his life and the life of
conspirators on each side convinced to amass an army to overthrow Odin. his fellowers, fellow Asgardians and
the leader of that realm that the other As Loki and Tyr's army marched anyone else that gets in his way.
group wished to cross the river and towards Odin's palace, Loki was
claim their land, when in truth both surprised to find that Jolena was History:
sides were content with their domains. outside of the city. When he asked her Rimthursar is an Asgardian deity and
The conspirators instigated this conflict why, she replied that she and Odin magician. He is known as "Cruel-
because they knew that Odin would be were no longer lovers, and that he had Striker". He was the leader of the
drawn to the battle. They knew of come to break off their affair that time Menagerie of Rimthursar and an
Odin's past love affair with Jolena, and Loki saw them. When Loki realized enemy of Odin, the All-Father of
if he intervened on her behalf, he that he was wrong about Odin, he Asgard.
would disgrace both himself and
Inspiration: As a muse, Saga provided
the potion of poetry to the Odin. If the
Rongor subject of the potion makes a psyche Contacts:
feat, they're inspired with purposeful Odin
F Ex (20) Health: 106 and glorious intent. As a game feat
A Ty (6) consider this a onetime answer to a Running Seidring the Merciless:
S In (40) Karma: 40 question, riddle or otherwise puzzling Seidring the Merciless is known to be
E In (40) conundrum. dower and harsh in his dealings with
R Gd (10) Resources: Ty everyone, but Odin. In that regard he
I Gd (10) Equipment: was something of a 'yes' man,until he
P Ex (20) Popularity: +2 Potion of Poetry: By drinking this was given the Odinpower and then he
potion, the user is thereby inspired by lorded it over everyone until Thor set
Known Powers Saga. him straight.
Body Armor: Good (10)
Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). Talents: History:
Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for Occult Lore, Potion making, Mystic Seidring the Merciless was the
every 100. He may be killed normally. Background, Alchemy and Asgard highest-ranked of Odin's council.
Trivia, History and Lore. When Thor revealed his secret identity
Limitations: to Jane Foster, Odin did not have the
Age: Despite the fact that he is an Contacts: heart to punish Thor himself, so he
Asgardian, Rongor is a friend to Odin Odin transferred his power to Seidring.
and is in the winter of his life. Seidring was overcome with lust at the
Running Saga: power given to him and instead of
Equipment: Saga only wishes to serve to the best returning the power to Odin, turned
Armor: Amazing (50) material, of her abilities and does so without against the Asgadian All-Father and
Excellent (20) protection. question or hesitation. declared himself new master over
Asgard. He was defeated by Thor who
Sword: Amazing (50) material, inflicts History: threatened to use the Odinsword,
Amazing (50) damage. Nothing much is known about Saga, preferring to destroy all Asgardians
other than she provided the Mead of rather than having them under the rule
Talents: Poetry to Odin in Valhalla. of an usurper.
Edged Weapons, Thrown Weapons,
Asgard Trivia, History and Lore.
Seidring the Merciless Skoll, the Wolf God.
Odin F Ex (20) Health: 106 F In (40) Health: 160
A Ty (6) A Ex (20)
Running Rongor: S In (40) Karma: 40 S Am (50) Karma: 80
Rongor is a close friend of Odin and is E In (40) E Am (50)
both stubborn and prideful. R Gd (10) Resources: Ty R Gd (10) Resources: Ty
I Gd (10) I Am (50)
History: P Ex (20) Popularity: +2 P Ex (20) Popularity: -10
One of the oldest warriors in Asgard,
along with Bulwar, Khan, and Known Powers Known Powers
Whitemane. They are all old and Body Armor: Good (10) Body Armor: Good (10)
trusted friends of Odin. Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100).
Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for
every 100. He may be killed normally. every 100. He may be killed normally.
Limitations: Animal Transformation-Dire Wolf:
F Gd (10) Health: 106 Harsh: Seidring is known for being Amazing ability to transform into an
A Gd (10) Merciless when it came to matters of extra-large Dire Wolf, with the same
S In (40) Karma: 50 state and punishment for crimes, he is stats as his Asgardian form.
E In (40) -1 c/s to reaction feats.
R Gd (10) Resources: Ty Equipment:
I Ex (20) Equipment: Armor: Amazing (50) material,
P Ex (20) Popularity: +2 Armor: Amazing (50) material, this Excellent (20) protection vs. harm.
armor provides Excellent protection vs.
Known Powers harm. Clawed Gauntlets: Amazing (50)
Body Armor: Good (10) material, Amazing (50) damage.
Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). Talents:
Retarded Aging: she ages 1 year for Edged Weapons, Tactics, Leadership, Talents:
every 100. She may be killed normally. Asgard Trivia, History and Lore.
Edged Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Loki, Kroda the Duelist, Magrat the the conflict should Loki's proved
Asgard Trivia, History and Lore. Schemer and Skurge the Executioner unsatisfactory.

Contacts: Running Snaykar the Skulker: Thor had sent his heroic friends, the
The Fenris Wolf, Geirrodur, haag, hati, Snayker is sneaky and underhanded. Warriors Three —Fandral the Dashing,
karnilla, the Rime Giants, Ulfrin, Uroc He would like to think he is Hogun the Grim and Volstagg the
and Ymir. indespensible to Loki, he's sadly Voluminous— to protect Odin while he
mistaken. went on a different mission, but the
Running Skoll: Warriors were unable to reach Odin
Skoll is a predator and is wolf-like in History: before Amora and Skurge, following
everything that he does and partakes Snaykar, called the Skulker, was a Loki's orders, took him away. Amora
in. member of the god-like Asgardian and Skurge were defeated and went
race. He lived in the extra-dimensional missing, giving Snaykar's team a
History: realm known as Asgard. In recent chance to take Odin. However, the
Skoll is a terrible wolf born in Ironwood times, the lord and king of Asgard Odin Warriors Three soon found them, too.
who pursued the sun-goddess Solveig. vanished and was replaced by the Snaykar tried to sneak away while the
It was prophecied that he would monster Mangog, disguised as Odin others were fighting, but Hogun
consume her at Ranarok. Skoll's thanks to the magic of the Asgardian noticed him and easily cut out
brother was also to devour Solveig's wizard Igron. Mangog, pretending to Snaykar's escape with the famed
brother, Mani, the mood-god at be Odin, named Igron his adviser and Hogun's mace. The Warriors Three
Ranarok. Ironwood is a great forest began a rule of terror in Asgard. This released Odin and Odin, in turn,
east of Midgard where a wicked witch led to several heroic Asgardians to finished Loki's rule. Snaykar and his
lived. Mother of Skoll and Hati, her plan a rebellion, including Hildegarde cohorts, however, escaped custody.
other children consist of trolls and and Balder. These two Asgardians Odin then exiled Loki and sent the
werewolves. Ages ago, Skoll joined discussed the measures to take while Warriors Three in a mission to find and
some Rime Giants, his brother Hait, in a meadhall in the outskirts of capture Kroda, Magrat and Snaykar.
Haag, Ulfrin, Geirrodur and Ymir in Asgard. Snaykar was nearby and The Warriors Three succeeded in their
assaulting Asgard through a breach in secretly listened their words of task and, with their three prisoners in
their defenses. They found only the treason. As Snaykar lacked the chain, crossed the doors of Asgard in
young Asgardian Thor barring their courage to be a hero himself, he a triumphant parade. Odin then
path, and engaged him in battle, but decided to report these words to Igron, congratulated the Warriors for the
Thor held his own long enough for hoping to gain a boon. Snaykar's capture of Kroda, Magrat and Snaykar.
Odin to lead the armies of Asgard report led to Balder being formally
down upon them, and drive them accused, but Igron's and Mangog's
away. rule ended soon afterward thanks to Surtur - The first fire giant
F Un (100) Health: 2200
Snaykar the Skulker Later, Odin's treacherous adopted son A Un (100)
Loki made use of his father's absence S Cl1000 Karma: 3060
F Gd (10) Health: 100 to sit on the throne of Asgard. He E Cl1000
A Gd (10) recruited several Asgardians of ill R Rm (30) Resources: Mn
S In (40) Karma: 50 reputation as his main counselors, I Rm (30)
E In (40) including Snaykar the Skulker, Amora P Cl3000 Popularity: -900
R Rm (30) Resources: Ty the Enchantress, Kroda the Duelist,
I Gd (10) Magrat the Schemer and Skurge the Known Powers
P Gd (10) Popularity: -5 Executor. Loki intended to retain his Invulnerable to Fire and Heat: Cl1000.
power even after Thor arrived with a Energy Body: Shift-X (150) Intensity
Known Powers convalescent Odin — in fact, Loki Dimension Travel: Feeble (2) ability to
Body Armor: Good (10) ordered Amora and Skurge to take travel between Muspelheim and the
Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). measures so that Odin would not wake Earth dimension
Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for up. Magrat, however, was Body Armor: Shift-Z (500) vs. physical,
every 100. He may be killed normally. unconvinced of this: Loki had already energy, and magical attacks
attempted to take over Asgard in the Phasing: Monstrous (75) ability
Equipment: past and had proved unable to wrestle Shapechange: Monstrous (75) ability
Dagger: Amazing (50) material, inflicts control if Odin were active. Magrat Fire and Heat Generation/Control:
Remarkable (30) damage. conspired along with Kroda and Shift Y (200)
Snaykar to obtain Odin's body, so that Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
Talents: they could murder the overlord in his 1000. He may be killed normally.
Weapon Specialist-Dagger, Edged sleep if needed, or alternatively wake
Weapons, Skulking, Strategy, Asgard him up so that he could defeat Loki. Equipment:
Trivia, History and Lore. They theorized that, if they saved Twilight: Cl1000 material. Can do Sh-Z
Odin, they would gain his favor, and (500) damage. Surtur gains Cl3000
Contacts: such they intended to change sides in
flame damage by igniting his sword in
the "Eternal flame of Destruction". Running Fates:
The Norns are mysterious in the way
that they guide the destinies of mortals
Limitation: The Norns - goddesses of Destiny and gods alike. Few are privy to their
Cold and water based attacks gain Skuld, Urd, and Verdandi thoughts or plans and while a great
+1CS damage. many things can be escaped in life,
F Gd (10) Health: 110 fate is rarely one of them.
Talents: A Gd (10)
Asgardian Lore, History and Trivia, S Am (50) Karma: 130 History:
Weapon Specialist: Twilight E In (40) The beings known as the Fates (or the
R Rm (30) Resources: Un Norns) are goddesses older than
Contacts: I Am (50) either the Olympian or Asgardian
Ymir, Loki P Am (50) Popularity: +10 Pantheons. No one is sure of their
exact origins and as they always seem
Running Surtur: Known Powers: to be present guiding the lives of
Surtur is dedicated to the complete Body Armor: Good (10). mortals and gods alike, it is unlikely
destruction of Asgard and the rest of Immortality: The Norns are immortal. that any answers are forthcoming.
the Nine Worlds. Whenever he Allspeak: The Norns can communicate They have interacted over the years
appears, his first action is the in all the languages of the Nine with both the Asgardians and
immediate destruction of everything in Realms, Earth's dialects, and alien Olympians (primarily through the
the area, followed by the search for languages. adventures of Thor and Hercules)
Asgardians to slay. Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000. answering questions and posing
riddles to help those who seek their
History: Magic: The Norns, are well versed in guidance over the years.
Surtur was an enormous fiery demon Asgardian Magic, casting any
native to the dimension of Asgard. Personal, Universal or Dimensional The Norns, sisters Skuld, Urd, and
Possessed of evil intelligence and vast spell at Unearthly (100) as needed. Verdandi, were the overseers of the
power, Surtur was one of the major These are some of the powers they've fates of the people of the Nine Worlds.
elemental forces of evil that the been seen using: They made their lair in the roots of
Asgardians feared. He was a mystical Yggdrasill, the World Tree. The
being whose existence predated that * Invisibility: they can choose to appear Asgardian Thor, Valkyrie, Balder, and
of Odin himself. Over 1,000 feet tall to whomever they wish to, Amazing many others consulted the Norn's
and wielding a huge fiery sword, he (50) ability. wisdom over the centuries. Thor once
was once imprisoned by Odin at the consulted the Norns to learn how he
Earth's core. Along with Ymir the Frost * Time Control: Cl1000 ability. could wield the mighty weapon of
Giant and the Midgard Serpent, Surtur Mjolnir. The Norn told Thor that he
was the most powerful of Asgard's * Endow objects with aspects of time: must face 'Death' before he could
native enemies. Surtur has been freed This allows those objects to effect any wield such a powerful weapon. It was
from imprisonment a few times over one power stunt for time contol, as The revealed this meant the Death-
the years. The first time the Asgardian Norns desire at power rank. goddess Hela.
god of mischief Loki set Surtur free to
wreak havok on Earth. The second * Precognition: Cl1000 ability. The Fates/Norns met with Brunnhilde,
time Surtur was set free by Marduk of who had just arrived at Asgard. They
the Sons of Satannish, a cult of human * Postcognition: Cl1000 ability. led her to the Well of Mimir and
demon-worshippers. Surtur was revealed to her visions of an upcoming
banished to some unnamed * Shape Change: Amazing (50) ability. future. The visions involved Hela at
netherworld at the end of that war with a rival, civil war in Valhalla,
encounter. He appeared, yet again, in * Dimensional Travel: Amazing (50). death decimating mankind and
what was to be one of the Asgardians claiming Valkyrie's fellow Defenders,
greatest battles against Surtur. Surtur * Teleport: Amazing (50) ability. and Valkyrie herself banished to
hatched a plan to lure Asgard's armies Niffleheim. The Norns claimed that this
to Earth leaving the city vulnerable to Equipment: future could not be prevented. During
attack. He crossed Bifrost with his The living thread of beings. the final Ragnarok, Thor confronted
newly forged Twilight blade believing the Norns who had learned that the
Asgard to be defenseless; Odin, Thor Talents: their powers were given to them by
and Loki were there to make a last The Norns are familiar with both Those Who Sit Above In Shadow so
stand to defeat Surtur. Their victory did Olympian and Asgardian Mythology, they could manipulate the destiny of
not come easy though, as Odin fell Lore and History. Occult Lore, Mystic the Asgardians and trigger constant
along with Surtur into a dimensional Origin. Ragnaroks to feed Those Who Sit
rift. Above in Shadow. Wanting to end the
Contacts: continuous Ragnarok cycles the
The Olympian and Asgardian gods. Asgardians were subjected to, Thor
ripped apart the Loom of the Fates, Thialfi was born mortal, to parents that Mystic Background, Occult Lore, Blunt
destroying everyone within Asgard, were killed in a Viking raid. Thor, upset Weapons, Asgard Trivia, History and
including the Norns. The Norns later at what worship of their race was Lore.
turned up alive during the events wrought, pleaded with Odin to do
known as the Siege of Asgard. They something. Odin made Thor a deal, he
confronted the Dark Avenger Daken would grant Thialfi power and make Contacts:
with a request for him to bring about him an Asgardian, but Thor must take Balder and Odin
Ragnarök. Daken eventually decided him to Asgard, find him a home, and
against it. The Norns were in Karnilla's when he comes of age, take him into Running Ularic:
Nornkeep when the Dark Council his inner circle and trust his wisdom. Ularic is an aged warlock and one time
launched a massive invasion in order Once Thialfi came of age, and after advisor to Balder, he is amiable and
to prevent the Norns from determining Thor had taken over the throne of friendly always having some word of
the group's destinies. The Norns were Asgard, Thialfi was made Thor's advice for his master.
able to flee, but Nornkeep was advisor, much to Balder's dismay. Not
destroyed, and Karnilla killed. knowing Thialfi's history, Balder didn't History:
trust him. An aged warlock of Asgard. Loki was
sentenced to serve him in bondage as
Thialfi After Thor moved Asgard to earth to punishment. Loki captured him and
float over New York City, the placed him in suspended animation
F Rm (30) Health: 150 Consortium of Nations planned an and took over his castle. He was
A Rm (30) assault on Asgard to try and drive the released at some point later, and
S Am (50) Karma: 40 Asgardians away from Earth. The became an advisor to Balder while he
E In (40) assault failed, resulting in Asgard ruled Asgard.
R Gd (10) Resources: Ty crashing into New York City, and
I Gd (10) costing thousands of lives, both
P Ex (20) Popularity: +2 Asgardian and human. During the Ulik, the Rock Troll
assault, Thialfi was fighting Zarrko, Also known as Ulik, the
Known Powers who was trying to escape. Zarrko had Unstoppable; King Ulik; Ulik, the
Body Armor: Good (10) opened a temporal portal, but an Unconquerable; Ulik the Invincible,
Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). explosion knocked Thialfi through the Tanarus, God of Thunder
Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for portal instead, before Zarrko had the
every 100. He may be killed normally. chance to calibrate it. F Mn (75) Health: 285
Allspeak: May communicate fluently in A Gd (10)
any language of the 9 realms. The portal threw Thialfi more than 100 S Un (100) Karma: 50
Hyper-Speed: Shift-Z (500) speed (240 years into the future, and he arrived in E Un (100)
mph landspeed, 3750 mph air speed, Bostogardd Harbor in New Asgard, R Gd (10) Resources: In
300,000 mph in space). literally crashing into Jordahl. I Ex (20)
P Ex (20) Popularity: -20
Mortal: Thialfi was a mortal, with a Ularic Known Powers
normal human life span until he was Body Armor: Monstrous (75).
elevated into godhood. F Gd (10) Health: 100 Retarded Aging: Ulik only physically
A Gd (10) ages 1 year for every 100. Ulik may
Equipment: S In (40) Karma: 90 still be killed normally.
Armor: Amazing (50) material, E In (40) Allspeak: May communicate fluently in
provides Excellent (20) protection R Ex (20) Resources: Gd any language of the 9 realms.
. I Ex (20) Infravision: Excellent (20).
Sword: Amazing (50) material, inflicts P Am (50) Popularity: 0
Amazing (50) damage. Equipment:
Known Powers Pounders: These weapons allow him
Talents: Body Armor: Good (10) to strike for Shift-X (150) damage
Edged Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). when he hits. In addition, Ulik can use
Asgard Trivia, History and Lore. Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for the Pounders to set off earthquakes of
every 100. He may be killed normally. Monstrous (75) damage to everything
Contacts: within 3 areas, and Remarkable (30)
Thor and Odin Magic: Ularic is a Remarkable level damage to everything within 5 areas.
warlock capable of casting Personal,
Running Thialfi: Universal and Dimensional spells. Ulik's Ultra-Drill: This vehicle, made by
Thialfiis a close friend and advisor of troll hands, allowed Ulik to tunnel
Thor. Equipment: through the earth at incredible speeds.
Wizard's robes: Good material. Control: Gd Speed: Gd
History: Body: In Protection: Gd
* Tunneling: This unique vehicle allows when he attempted to steal Thor's against lost Asgardians. Ulik the Troll
him to tunnel through Asgardian earth hammer for the Rock Trolls. Ulik was was stomping around Earth and it
at Good speed, leaving a functional the leading warrior in the Rock Troll's comes down to Punisher, Daredevil
tunnel for others to follow. war with the gods of Asgard, during and the other Marvel Knights to stop
* Above ground it has Poor Speed. which he fought a monumental battle his plan to destroy Asgard. Punisher
against Thor, in which Ulik was armed went one-on-one with Ulik. After
Charm of Tanarus: This magical with a duplicate of Thor's own uru Ragnarok and the return of the Gods,
charm, concieved of and created by hammer. Although Ulik proved to be a Ulik was believed to have escaped
Karnilla for the Rock Trolls disguises formidable opponent, Thor ultimately from Oklahoma's Asgard. The Troll
Ulik and makes Asgardians believe triumphed over him. The Troll's had been on a multi-state drinking
that he is Tanarus, God of Thunder attempted invasion of Asgard, under binge ending outside Telluride
and that he always has been. This also the leadership of the Troll king Colorado where he was knocked
charm also prevents Heimdall from Geirrodur, failed. Ulik clashed with unconscious by A-Bomb.
being able to see his true appearance Thor repeatedly in the following years,
or find him when looking for him. but always unsuccessfully. On one Following the death of Thor battling the
occasion, Ulik led the Rock Trolls Serpent, his body was put upon a
Codgel: This unique Uru through an inter-dimensional tunnel to funeral pyre, a common practice
sledgehammer is made from Class Earth in an invasion attempt that was among Asgardians. As his body
1000 material and inflicts Unearthly repelled by Thor. Ulik's failure, coupled burned, a shape was suddenly seen
(100) damage when thrown or used in with his brief usurpation of the rule of within the fire, and from the flames
hand to hand. Geirrodur's kingdom of Trolls in the was born Tanarus, the loud-mouthed,
* Flight: This allows Ulik to fly at Asgard Mountains, led Geirrodur to boisterous God of Thunder, both new
Amazing (50) airspeed. consign him to stoking the hero and longtime Avenger. Welcomed
* Automatic return: If Codgel is thrown, subterranean furnaces that heat the by his teammates, only Loki seemed to
with a 10 area range, it will return to kingdom. Dissatisfied, Ulik eventually notice that Tanarus had not always
Ulik's hand in the next round. escaped and wandered deeper been around. As Loki sought the
* Codgel could summon and fire beneath Asgard's surface, finally answer to this problem, Tanarus found
Lightning at Unearthly (100) ability. It, discovering a lost tribe of Trolls himself transported to the throne of
however, doesn't allow Ulik to control unknown to Geirrodur. Ulik disposed of Geirrodur, who removed the charm
the weather. their leader and led this tribe through that altered his appearance and
the interdimensional portal to Earth to revealed the face of Ulik. Ulik begged
Talents: again attempt to invade it. This attempt to have the charm returned, an act
Wrestling, Martial Arts B, Blunt was defeated, and the portal sealed carried out by Geirrodur's ally, Karnilla.
Weapons, Asgardian History, Lore and with molten rock. Ulik was revealed to have been sent to
Trivia. infiltrate Asgard in the guise of its
Ulik returned and fought Thor but was greatest warrior. Karnilla's spell altered
Contacts: thrown down a deep hole before everyone's memories so Ulik as
His fellow Rock Trolls. accidentally waking Odin's former foe Tanarus was always the champion of
Mangog hoping he can be used as an Asgard. Ulik's task was at the
Running Ulik: ally against Asgard after reading an appointed time to assassinate the All-
Ulik is first and foremost a warrior. He inscription on the prison door by Odin. Mothers of Asgard right before a troll
will never back down from a challenge, Jane was taken captive by Pluto. Pluto attack to throw Asgardian into chaos.
and is extremely reluctant to accept then reveals his ally in vengeance Despite the spell, Ulik's manners
defeat. At the same time, Ulik is driven Loki. Loki then summons Ulik to battle earned him only disgust from the
by the prospect of conquest. He hopes Thor. Thor and Ulik battle back and Asgardians. The spell also prevented
to bring power and wealth to himself forth until Ulik discovers that he is but Heimdall from seeing him earning
and his followers. He is headstrong the pawn of Pluto and Loki. Enraged, suspicion. When Heimdall confronted
and formidable. Ulik begins to attack Pluto. After Tanarus he was severely beaten.
saving Pluto from Ulik, and sends Ulik Undeterred, Heimdall eventually saw
History: back to Asgard. The demon Mephisto through the spell. He attacked Ulik
Ulik is a member of the race of Rock captured Ulik's brother Horth in order again before he could assassinate the
Trolls and lives within caverns in the to force Ulik to defeat Thor in battle. All-Mothers and destroyed the charm
extradimensional realm of Asgard. But Ulik himself was defeated, and revealing Ulik to everyone just as the
Over a millennium old, Ulik is the Mephisto later told Thor that he had trolls attacked. Ulik tried to attack the
strongest and fiercest of all the Trolls. killed Horth even before Ulik All-Mothers, but was struck down by a
Virtually nothing is known of his challenged him in battle. Ulik fought on returning Thor. Enraged overall all that
ancestry, his early life, or why he is so the side of several Asgardians, had happened Thor attacked Ulik with
much more powerful than the other Warriors Three, Balder and Sif who both hammer and lighting. After a
members of his race. After Ulik's were lost in their own Earthly identities. short, but brutal fight Ulik realized he
parents were slain by drunkest Frost He battled a version of Thor called was outmatched and made one last
Giants, Ulik watched over his brother Red Norvell and worked with his desperate attempt on the lives of the
Horth. Ulik first met Thor, the mightiest temporary allies to escape an earth- All-Mothers only to be killed by Thor
warrior of Asgard, several years ago based technological conspiracy and reduced to a skeleton. His skull
was used by Freya to serve as a Running Wazir:
prison for the Gerridur and Karnilla. Equipment: Wazir is a crusty old Asgardian who
Under unknown circumstances, Ulik Robes: Good Material wears a diaper like loin cloth and sits
was resurrected and began working for in a cave with Ogur.
Dario Agger and his Roxxon Energy Talents:
Corporation. Edged Weapons, Occult Lore, Mystic History:
Background, Asgard Trivia, History Wazir was a prophet sought out by
Valdor and Lore. Thor and the Warriors Three when
they were looking for the location of
F Gd (10) Health: 100 Contacts: the Mystic Mountain, the home of
A Gd (10) Odin and Thor. Mogul. The cave where he resided
S In (40) Karma: 30 was guarded by Ogur to prevent
E In (40) Running the Grand Vizier: Wazir's meditations from being
R Gd (10) Resources: Ty the Grand Vizier is an advisor of Odin disturbed.
I Gd (10) and on occasion dotes on Thor.
P Gd (10) Popularity: +2
History: Whitemane
Known Powers The Grand Vizier was Odin's chief
Body Armor: Good (10). advisor and spokesman. The Vizier F Ex (20) Health: 106
Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). also has an affinity to the the Mighty A Ty (6)
Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for Thor. He once defied Odin's edict and S In (40) Karma: 40
every 100. He may be killed normally. visited the banished Thunder god who E In (40)
was exiled on Earth. R Gd (10) Resources: Ty
Talents: I Gd (10)
Edged Weapons, Running, Asgard P Ex (20) Popularity: +2
Trivia, History and Lore. Wazir
Known Powers:
Contacts: F Ty (6) Health: 92 Body Armor: Good (10).
The Gods of Asgard A Ty (6) Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100).
S In (40) Karma: 100 Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for
Running Valdor: E In (40) every 100. He may be killed normally.
Valdor is a young asgardian, little more R Ex (20) Resources: Pr
than a boy. I Am (50) Limitations:
P Rm (30) Popularity: 0 Age: Despite the fact that he is an
History: Asgardian, Whitemane is a friend to
Valdor acts as messenger for Odin's Known Powers Odin and is in the winter of his life.
advisors and council. Body Armor: Good (10).
Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). Equipment:
Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for Armor: Amazing material, this armor
The Grand Vizier every 100. He may be killed normally. provides Excellent protection vs. harm.
Sword: Amazing material, this sword
F Gd (10) Health: 96 Precognition: Amazing ability to fore inflicts Amazing damage.
A Ty (6) tell the future.
S In (40) Karma: 30 Talents:
E In (40) Limitations: Edged Weapons, Thrown Weapons,
R Ex (20) Resources: Gd Age: Wazir is in the winter of his life. Asgard Trivia, History and Lore.
I In (40)
P In (40) Popularity: +5 Social Graces: Wazir lacks what one Contacts:
might call ‘social graces’ what with him Odin
Known Powers living in a cave, in a diaper, with Ogur.
Body Armor: Good (10). Running Whitemane:
Resist Diseases: Unearthly (100). Equipment: Whitemane is a close friend of Odin
Retarded Aging: He ages 1 year for Staff: Remarkable (30) material, and is both stubborn and prideful.
every 100. He may be killed normally. Excellent (20) damage.
Magic: the Grand Vizier is a master Talents: One of the oldest warriors in Asgard,
level sorcerer, capable of casting all Occult Lore, Mystic Background, Blunt along with Bulwar, Khan, and Rongor.
spheres at least Excellent intensity. Weapons, Asgard Trivia, History and They are all old and trusted friends of
Lore. Odin.
Age: Despite the fact that he is an Contacts:
Asgardian, the Grand Vizier is in the Ogur
winter of his life.
formidable foes to the gods of Asgard save Iceman, but Vanir's minion Ulf the
over the millennia. Except for the fire Ice Troll served as sacrifice in his
demon Surtur, Ymir was the oldest place, awakening Ymir. This one
known being in the Nine Worlds. It was rejected the Vanir, while Blake turned
Ymir - Frost Giant said that millennia ago warm air from into Thor. While the Odinson was able
the realm of fire, Muspelheim, crossed to stop him and exile him to nether
F Am (50) Health: 420 a dimensional barrier into the location realm of Asgard, Ymir could now
A Ex (20) of the magical Well of Life, Tons of ice easier breach the gaps between
S Sh-Y (200) Karma: 24 from Niffleheim, the realm of ice and worlds, becoming a more pressing
E Sh-X (150) cold, formed above the Well of Life. It matter for Earth's safety. In recent
R Pr (4) Resources: was said that in time the warm air from times a member of the mystical cult
I Gd (10) Muspelheim caused these tons of ice called the Sons of Satannish used the
P Gd (10) Popularity: -10 over the Well to transform into the so-called Spell of Fire and Ice to bring
living, sentient Ymir. Another being both Ymir and Surtur to Earth, where
Known Powers appeared from the ice, the enchanted they began wreaking havoc. While
Growth: Ymir has Cl1000 Growth, cow Audumla. Audumla fed off the ice Ymir attacked Wakanda, Surtur
giving him a stature of 1000 feet in itself, and Ymir subsisted on the milk wreaked havoc in Antarctica. Doctor
height and a +6 CS to be hit. Audumla produced. Legends also Strange transported Ymir to the South
Body Armor: Shift-X (150). state that he was once a human with Pole right in front of Surtur just as both
Invulnerability to cold: Cl1000. elemental powers of winter. are about to strike, their blows cancel
Invulnerability to Toxins, psychic and each other out causing both monsters
Disease: Cl1000 Ymir was the progenitor of the entire to vanish causing a massive explosion.
Life Support: Sh-Z (200) rank. race of Ice Giants as well as the all the Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor
Regeneration: Amazing (50). Giants of Jotunheim (among them Stephen Strange, used the Crystal of
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every Storm Giants, Mountain Giants and Conquest, which contained part of the
1000, but can be killed normally. Rime Giants) and most notably the mystical power of the demons known
Ice Generation: Unearthly (100). Due Frost Giants. Although he differed as Santannish and Mephisto, to
to a limited imagination, he has only considerably in appearance. Ymir and transport Surtur and Ymir magically
developed power stunts that allow him many of the first members of his race into each other's presence at the very
to radiate ice and entrap his foes. were also known as Ice Giants. Like instant they were lashing out with their
the other Ice Giants, Ymir was covered weapons. Ymir and Surtur thus struck
Weapon: with snow and ice, and constantly each other's weapons, creating a
Ymir wields a great ice club (Amazing generated intense coldness from his mystical "implosion" in which each
(50) Material), with which he gains +1 body. At some point before 10,000 being temporarily cancelled out the
CS, both To Hit and for damage. Only BCE, humans began to worship Ymir powers of the other, and each was
characters with Unearthly (100) and his first daughter as deities. returned to his home dimension, Surtur
strength or better can even lift the club, Among these humans were the Vanir to Muspelheim and Ymir to Niffleheim.
Ymir can throw it (with Incredible (40) of Hyborean Vanaheim people whose
skill), striking targets up to 4 areas members would include Ulysses Ymir escaped again and working with
away, but he must retrieve the club. Bloodstone.[8] Conan the Barbarian the the Frost Giants and Storm Giants
met Atali who claimed to be a daughter he launched an attack on Asgard.
Contacts: of Ymir. The young god Odin and his However he was stopped by Thor and
None. Although Ymir is the ancestor of brothers Vili and Ve fought a war with his brother Vidar. Ymir once again is
the races of Frost and Ice Giants, and the Ice Giants and slew Ymir. This led released from his eternal prison Surtur
has led them against Asgard in the the the Ice Giants along with the disguised himself as Odin in a plan to
past, he has little interest in them, and Giants of Jotunheim declaring war on destroy Asgard, he told Heimdall that
would never seek their aid. the Asgardians for slaying their Ragnarök was upon them and Ymir
progenitor. Ymir, however, succeeded must be stopped. The warriors go to
Running Ymir: in regenerating himself, Odin created a fight Ymir, while Odin revealed his true
Ymir is one of the oldest beings in the chasm containing an interdimensional visage to the Vizier. Odin transformed
Nine Worlds, and he has never nexus through which Ymir's army into Surtur, and fought Ymir Surtur and
learned any degree of cunning. plunged into Muspelheim, where the Ymir locked in combat. To defeat
Although capable of speech, he is as native demons took the Giants them, Thor retrieved Twilight Sword
savage and brutal as the fierce prisoners. Odin then entrapped Ymir from the Sea of Eternal Night. During
Niffleheim winters. himself within a circle of flame within a the battle, Thor became trapped, and
volcanic area. Eric Masterson made a fateful
History: sacrifice. He bridged Thor and Mjolnir,
Ymir came to being on Niffleheim, he At some point, the Midgard Vanir and is re-merged with Thor. Thor lights
is oldest and most powerful of the Ice captured Iceman of the first class of X- Twilight in the Eternal Flame which
Giants, an otherdimensional race of Men in order to use his powers and causes Odin’s control over Surtur to
enormous humanoid creatures. The him as a sacrifice to resurrect Ymir, for vanish. Surtur and Ymir fight over
huge size, durability, and colossal them to rule a frozen Earth. Helped by Twilight, and while they are distracted,
strength of the Ice Giants made them Donald Blake, the X-Men were able to Thor transports them both into the Sea
of Eternal Night, where they will be and lived for the purpose of gaining I Gd (10)
frozen for all time. They reamined vengeance on Odin. P In (40) Popularity: -25
there for many years. Thor, New
Avengers and Dark Avengers join
forces against Ymir and a group of History:
Frost Giants. Thor teamed up with Fafnir was once the King of Nastrond, Known Powers
Iceman to take on Ymir and an army of an extradimensional realm on the Shapechanging: Fenris can assume
Frost Giants. Ymir tricked Thor into continent of Asgard. As Fafnir and his the form of any type of creature, man
powering the Casket of Future Winters people were thoroughly evil, the ruler or god with Monstrous (75) ability.
with his lightning from Mjolnir. of Asgard, Odin, destroyed the * Digestive Shapeshifting: Fenris can
Unleashing the sum of cold itself onto kingdom and all of Fafnir's subjects. assume the form of people it devoured
Midgard caused Iceman to become Fafnir himself was left to die in the up to 24 hours after consumption.
more powerful and he defeated most ruined wasteland that was his former Size Alteration: Usually at Monstrous
of the army single handedly but kingdom. Fafnir, however, found a pool (75) growth (+3CS to be hit) but can
exhausting himself in the process. with magical properties, and while reduce his size to a normal wolf.
drinking from the pool sustained Fafnir, Enhanced Senses: Sight, hearing and
it also transformed him into a massive Smell: Monstrous (75).
dragon. Fafnir now possessed strength * Tracking: Amazing ability.
The Creatures of on par with the Thunder God Thor; a Body Resistance: Incredible (40).
Asgard devastating flame breath; the ability to Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
There are monsters of epic strength cast illusions and control weak-minded 100 He may still be killed normally.
and power that prowl the lands of individuals. Fafnir was now almost
Asgard and the 10 realms. These invulnerable, as his dragon hide was Limitation:
beasts are no fairy tale conjured to so dense that he barely felt blows from Fenris is chained by the bond of
frighten and scare children into going Thor's hammer Mjolnir. It was said that Glepnir which he cannot destroy. The
to sleep, they are dark creatures with the pool had been formed from the chains are Shift-Y (200) material and
diabolical intent and purpose, sent blood of Fafnir Hriedmarson, a Vanir change to keep him bound even when
forth to test the mettle of the Gods of turned into a dragon due to a gold- shapechanging.
Asgard. curse.
Running Fenris:
Fafnir Despite these tremendous abilities, The Fenris Wolf possesses human
Fafnir was never able to defeat Thor. intelligence but none of the sly wiles of
F Un (100) Health: 410 On the first occasion that Fafnir battled its father. The wolf was never very
A Gd (10) Thor, he was sent hurtling into a deep civil, but its disposition has worsened
S Sh-X (150) Karma: 144 chasm created by a blow from the since its imprisonment. its goals, were
E Sh-X (150) Thunder God. Before his next it to be freed, would be to kill as many
R Pr (4) Resources: N/A encounter with Thor he faced Warriors Asgardians as possible, immediately. It
I In (40) Three who he seemingly defeated until might bear special antipathy for Tyr,
P Un (100) Popularity: -50 the Young Gods showed up and and for Loki.
rescued them. On the second
Known Powers occasion he fought Thor, Loki freed History:
Body Armor: Monstrous (75). and assisted Fafnir against Thor but The Fenris Wolf is a creature of the
Size: Shift-Y. +3CS to hit both were held at bay by the combined Asgardian dimension who is said to be
Invulnerable to Disease: Cl1000. He might of Mjolnir and the magical an offspring of Loki and the giant
can survive indefinitely without food, Nornstones until the intervention of Angerboda. It is a huge wolf (usual
water, or oxygen. Odin. Fafnir was eventually freed by height 15 feet tall) with human-like
Retarded Aging: Fafnir only ages 1 an earthquake, and used an Asgardian intelligence, vast strength and the
year for every 1000. He will age very woman named Lorelei as bait to lure capacity to change its shape to that of
slowly. They may be killed normally. Thor into an ambush at a New York a god or to change its size to that of a
Fire breathing: Monstrous (75) 2 areas construction site. Overpowered, Thor real wolf. Before it reached maturity,
Hypnotism: When not in combat, he sought the aid of an aged but valiant Fenris threatened Iduna, keeper of the
hypnotizes with Unearthly (100) rank. warrior named Eilif. Fafnir was slain, gods' Golden Apples of Immortality,
Illusion Generation: Remarkable (30) although at the cost of Eilif's life, and and was banished to Varinheim by
was burned upon Eilif's funeral pyre. Haakun the Hunter. Just as Fenris
Talents: reached maturity, the Asgardian gods
Leadership decided it would be unsafe to allow
Fenris Wolf Fenris to roam the land unfettered.
Running Fafnir: They took to playing a game with the
Fafnir was a great dragon. His F Am (50) Health: 280 wolf to see how easily it could snap the
arrogance and overconfidence A Rm (30) bonds they put on it. Each time they
overwhelmed all of the more subtle S Un (100) Karma: 54 forged a thicker and stronger chain of
aspects of dragon personality, such as E Un (100) iron, but Fenris broke them all. Finally
curiosity and wit. Fafnir was a bully R Ty (6) Resources: N/A Odin commanded one of the Dwarves
to forge an enchanted fetter. The dwarf leader of the frost giants, Grundroth.
did so, creating a thin, silk like History: Jormungard, thinking this the time to
substance of phenomenal durability The Midgard Serpent, also called the rid himself of Thor once and for all,
called Gleipnir. When the gods World Serpent, is an enormous reptile sought out the Thunder God while in
entreated Fenris to try to break this that encircles the Earth at the bottom the guise of the dragon Fin Fang
binding, the wolf-god sensed that the of the seas. He is the sworn enemy of Foom. He found a hero with a red
fragile-looking substance was a trick. Thor, the God of Thunder, as they are cape that looked somewhat like his
fated to kill each other at the end of sworn enemy, Thor, but the blonde
Fenris agreed to let him put the bonds time. The Prophesies of Voila declare bearded man with the body armor
around it only if there was a god willing that, at the time of Ragnarok, the didn't look like the god that he fought in
to put his hand in the wolf's mouth as a hordes of Hela, Goddess of Death, the past. The World Serpent revealed
gesture of trust. If the bonds did prove and troll warriors, lead by Loki, the his true identity to the unknown hero,
to be unbreakable, Fenris would bite. God of Mischief, will storm the realm of intending to destroy him immediately,
Among the gods assembled for this Asgard until the once halcyon realm but the mortal was actually the
task, only Tyr, the courageous god of becomes a sea of flame. At that time, Thunderer. Thor supposedly killed the
war, was willing to make such a the Midgard Serpent will rear its head serpent during the ensuing battle, but
sacrifice. He placed his right hand and do battle with Thor, son of Odin, the prophesies state that the Midgard
between the wolf's huge fangs as the God of Thunder. It is prophesized that Serpent and Thor will engage in battle
bonds were put in place, and when Thor will ultimately triumph, kill the on the day of Ragnarok. Whether the
Fenris learned that the more he serpent, take 9 steps back and die great serpent has been irrevocably
struggled, the tighter the bonds were from his wounds. The Midgard killed or not has yet to be seen.
drawn, it bit off Tyr's hand. The gods serpent, in its death throes, will destroy
then bound Fenris to a rock where it Asgard and Midgard with the thrashing
has been kept to this day. It is of its enormous body. Ragnarok has Ratatoskr: Stats for Ratatoskr can be
prophesied that when Ragnarok, the yet to occur. In the past, however, found in the Squirrel Girl sourcebook,
twilight of the Asgardian gods, occurs, Thor and Jormungard have located centrally at a download link
Fenris will devour Odin. Fenris was periodically clashed, usually to a near you!
killed in the final Ragnarök, although standstill.
what death means to the Asgardians
has yet to be seen. As with many of In his youth, Thor thought to battle the
the Asgardians since Thor undid the Serpent prematurely and break the
endless cycle of Ragnarok, Fenris too Prophecy. The god of Thunder
was reborn into the new Asgard persuaded the giant Hymir into letting
universe back on Midgard. Details of him use the giant's boat and the head
its fate however are incredibly blurred of his largest ox as bait for the largest,
as to what its activities on Earth have most fearsome creature in the sea.
been as of late. Thor hooked the Midgard Serpent, but
before he could act, Hymir sliced the
enchanted line which bound the
Midgard Serpent serpent. Another occasion when the
Jormungard Thunder God encountered the World
Serpent took place during a battle that
F Un (100) Health: 1400 almost became the true time of
A Un (100) Ragnarok. Only one element was out
S Sh-Y (200) Karma: 150 of place which kept the prophecy from
E Cl1000 being fulfilled; a mortal, "Red" Norvell,
R Gd (10) Resources: N/A stole the Belt of Thor, his Iron Gloves
I In (40) and the mystic Hammer, Mjolnir. At the
P Un (100) Popularity: -25 fateful battle, where Thor was facing
the Serpent with only a sword, Norvell
Known Powers returned and fought Jormungard.
Illusion: The Serpent can cast an Realizing that he couldn't best his foe,
illusion on its body at Cl5000 rank. Norvell tossed Mjolnir to the real Thor
Heat Emission: Unearthly (100) rays and the tide of battle was turned. Thor
from its eyes. pommeled the Midgard Serpent
Body Armor: Unearthly (100). relentlessly, forcing his eternal enemy
Teleportation: Incredible (40) Rank. to retreat. Ragnarok had been avoided
once more.
Running the Midgard Serpent:
The World Serpent doesn't usually Recently, the serpent was informed of
involve himself with the affairs of Thor's weakened state (caused by a
mortals, although he has been known curse cast upon him by Hela, the
to roam their realm in disguise. Norse Goddess of Death) by the
paying her debt with Heven by
powering the city's engine and ending
the threat.

Angels, Queen of Angels, Anchorites,
Yggdrasill and The
10 Realms. Notes:
Angels believed Earth was only a
legend, similar to some humans' view
The Ten Worlds of Asgardian
of Heaven.
cosmology are the separate worlds of
that dimension supported by
Yggdrasill, the World Tree. Although Angels (Typical Stats)
the realms are commonly divided into
nine, further subdivisions can be F Rm (30) Health: 120
made. Additionally, a tenth realm A Gd (10)
called Heven was previously cut-off S In (40) Karma: 40
from the rest of Yggdrasill until the E In (40)
death of the Watcher revealed its R Gd (10) Resources: Ex
existence. Thanks to the Allspeak, all I Gd (10)
Asgardians and related races can P Ex (20) Popularity:
communicate in all of the languages of
the Nine Realms, Earth's dialects, and Known Powers:
various alien languages.
Body Armor: Good (10).
Resist Disease: Unearthly (100)
Travel between realms is done via
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
various portals and dimensional rifts.
100. They may still be killed normally.
The Asgardians travel via the Bifrost
Winged Flight: Excellent speed.
the rainbow bridge that is guarded by
Heimdall. Limitations:
The Angels are extremely materialist
Heven: and selfish. No reward which is not
Home of the Angels. A paradisal material has worth for them. They
realm, Heven was cut off from the consider concepts like honor
other nine during a brutal war between meaningless.
it and Asgard.
Heven was one of the Ten Realms. Its Angelic Ribbons: psychicly connected,
inhabitants, the Angels, waged a war they're capable of strangling or cutting.
against Asgard. After the Queen of Unearthly (100) material, Incredible
Angels seemingly killed his newborn (40) grappling or edged damage.
infant, Aldrif, Odin used his powers to
cut off Heven from the other Nine Heven Armor: The standard suit of
Realms and Yggdrasil. In his hatred, armor worn by the Angels of Heven is
Odin spat a curse upon the Angels, a made of Unearthly materials and
curse wrought of the Odinforce to bind grants the following:
them from forever returning home, * Body Armor: Reinforces and
anchoring them deeper in the void. increases their natural ability to
The Odinforce Curse was so powerful Remarkable (30)
that the Angels used it to power their * Self Sustenance: Through an
world. The entry to Heven was later enchantment on the armor from the
reopened by Thor and Loki. With the queen of Heven, Angels can go
Odinforce Curse gone, the engine that without food, water, or oxygen with
once powered Heven now threatened Unearthly (100) ability.
to implode. Desperate, the Queen of
Angels sought Angela's aid, but she
refused to help despite the Queen's
offers. Eventually, Angela invaded
Heven and purified her sister from
Surtur's essence in the city's furnace,

instance, a chair made of Asgardian of Olympus, home of the Greek gods.
wood is heavier and stronger than a Since Olympus is not a part of the
chair made of Earthly wood. Rock, Asgardian cosmology, this portal is
water, flesh, bone, steel: all matter is believed to be an artificial rather than
denser and thus more durable. The natural phenomenon. Another unique
Asgardian dimension includes other feature of Asgard is the Cave of Time,
areas. The inhabitants refer to the an apparently natural phenomenon
Asgard: totality as the Nine Worlds. Four of through which passage to other times
Home of the Aesir, later forming the them are located on the main is possible. Midgard, Earth, does not
Asgardians with the Vanir. landmass: Asgard, home of the Aesir; appear to be physically affected by the
Vanaheim, home of their sister race, motions of any of the other physical
Valhalla: Realm of the honored dead the Vanir; Nidavellir, home of the bodies in the Asgardian cosmology,
which is distinct from but closely Dwarves; and Alfheim, home of the although Earth's axis is in alignment
connected to Asgard. Light Elves. The others are in nearby with one of the roots of Yggdrasil, the
easily accessible dimensions. For the cosmic ash tree that stands in Asgard.
Nornheim: Home to the Norns. sake of creating a comprehensible
Realm Below: Home of the insanely- diagram, the Nine Worlds of Asgard Somewhere in Asgard's outlying Sea
savage Rock Trolls, located beneath are placed in a multi-leveled of Space there may be floating portals
Asgard. configuration. These levels do not to Earth's space, because Earth
represent any real physical distances beings have been able to travel from
Drawn directly from Norse mythology, or relationships. Instead, they Earthly to Asgardian space. There may
Asgard is the home of a powerful represent the interdimensional also be an edge to Asgard's Sea of
pantheon of gods, including Thor. It is relationships between the realms. Space, perhaps at the perimeter of the
a small, otherdimensional planetoid (its Jotunheim, the home of the Giants, is "Dome of the Sky" extending from the
surface area being about the same as a flat ring-shaped realm with high outer edge of ringed Jotunheim. At the
the continental United States), whose mountains along its inner edge. edge of the Sea there would exist
nature and physics are different from Svartalfheim, home of the Dark Elves, "Dimensional borderlands" which serve
those of planetary bodies in the Earthly is another planetoid, smaller than as transitional areas between discrete
dimension. Asgard is a part of the so Asgard. There are several dimensional dimensions.
called Nine Worlds. Asgard is not a portals between the mountains of
sphere like the Earth, but a relatively Jotunheim and Svartalfheim and the Asgard and its sister realms are
flat landmass suspended in space. mountains of Asgard, permitting easy populated by six distinct humanoid
Asgard does not rotate about its axis, passage by denizens of each realm. races, described under Asgardians.
nor does it revolve around a sun. These portals make Jotunheim and Besides these, there are several
Asgard does have intervals of night Svartalfheim seem like "underworlds" singular creatures that exist in the Nine
and day, so some object or force of the Asgardian continent itself. Worlds. The first is the Jormungand
functions as a sun. There is no Muspelheim, land of the Fire Demons. the Midgard Serpent, an immense
evidence of changing seasons, In Asgardian cosmology, Muspelheim snake or dragon whose body encircles
however portions of Asgard are in and Nifflheim existed first, separated the inner edge of the mountains of
perpetual winter while others are in from one another by Ginnungagap, the Jotunheim closest to Midgard. The
perpetual summer. Asgard's gravity Yawning Void. Another of the Nine Midgard Serpent lies at the very edge
apparently radiates from somewhere Worlds is Hel, realm of the dead, and of the dimensional boundary between
below it: there is a "top" and a "bottom" its sister realm, Niffleheim. In the Jotunheim and Midgard and prevents
to Asgard. At the edges of Asgard's Asgardian afterlife, heroes and the easy passage between dimensions.
landmass, a being or object can fall honored dead go to Valhalla, a special The second is the winged dragon
into a void, but some unknown force region of Asgard; the common dead go Nidhogg, who lives in Nifflheim and
apparently keeps the edges to Hel; and the dishonored dead gnaws at one of the roots of Yggdrasil.
themselves from eroding. The same (murderers and other evildoers) go to The third is the giant wolf-god Fenris,
force also prevents the bodies of water Nifflheim. who was responsible for the war-god
along Asgard's boundaries from Tyr losing a hand. Fenris is imprisoned
pouring into the void and prevents Asgard is honeycombed with portals to in the distant land of Varinheim. The
Asgard's atmosphere from escaping. the other parts of the Nine Worlds, fourth creature is the primordial ice
Asgard has been described as floating making the worlds sometimes seem giant Ymir.
on a "Sea of Space." This sea like they are on a contiguous plain;
apparently has a surface, one that is indeed, early cartographers of Asgard Asgardians (Typical Stats)
navigable by Asgardian ships, which mapped it this way. The only
resemble Viking longboats. The exact permanent portal to Earth, Bifrost, the F Rm (30) Health: 120
nature of space within the Asgardian Rainbow Bridge, has recently been A Gd (10)
dimension is unknown. shattered, severing Asgard's S In (40) Karma: 40
connection with Earth and making E In (40)
While Asgard's gravity is roughly passage between realms difficult. R Gd (10) Resources: Ex
analogous to Earth's, common matter There is a special passageway from I Gd (10)
is considerably denser on average. For Asgard to the extradimensional realm P Ex (20) Popularity:
Known Powers: Gladsheim
Body Armor: Good (10). Hlidskjalf Gundersheim:
Resist Disease: Unearthly (100) This area is a region adjacent to
Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every Realm Below: Asgard and occupied primarily by
100. They may still be killed normally. The mysterious Realm Below is a Rock Trolls, Ogres, Shadow Nixes
Allspeak: Asgardians, through an subterranean cavern complex beneath
enchantment from Odin, may Asgard that contains the Domain of the Points of Interest:
communicate fluently in any language Trolls, the home of the insanely- Glade of Crystals
of the 9 realms. savage Rock Trolls that is connected
to the surface by a crater hole. As it Varinheim:
was requested by Mimir, Thor Varinheim is an area of Asgard, and is
Points of Interest ventured in the Realm Below to bring the home of the Fenris Wolf.
City of Asgard - the capital. back the ruby eye of the dragon who
Throne Room. was guarding the realm's gleaming Residents:
Bifrost - the rainbow bridge. gates. Before he could attack it, Ulik Fenris Wolf.
Halls of Fear - the chamber where the arrived and fought Thor for the eye.
Unknown can be summoned They battled across a rock bridge
surrounded by a sea of flames, until Ringsfjord:
Other regions of Asgard: Ulik managed to knock Thor off. This is an area adjacent to Asgard,
Believing Thor dead, Ulik managed to and is the home of the Enchanters.
Nornheim: snatch the eye from the dragon for
himself. He needed the ruby to Points of Interest:
Nornheim, the Asgardian province is
permanently seal the portal where he Ringsfjord Mountains.
where dwell the Three Norns, the
Goddesses of Destiny, and Karnilla used to live the bestial Trogg, whom
was accidentally released by the Trolls' Residents:
who has become one of the most
excavations and had since many trolls. The Enchanters: Forsung, Magnir and
accomplished practitioners of the arts
Thor then agreed to help Ulik defeat Brona.Thryheim,
of sorcery in the Asgardian dimension.
Although Nornheim lies on the Trogg if he could keep the ruby. Trogg
Asgardian land mass within Asgard's though, was too strong, and Thor was
eventually forced to use the ruby Hindi:
own dimension, and although Karnilla
anyway. Having lost it, Thor was Hindi is an area adjacent to Hogun's
is apparently of the Asgardian race,
mocked by the trolls for sacrificing the land.
she does not consider herself to be
subject to Asgardian rule. Rather, ruby for them.
Points of Interest:
Nornheim is an independent country,
Points of Interest: Mystic Mountain
of which Karnilla is absolute monarch.
Karnilla lives opulently in the ancient Domain of the Trolls
fastness of Nornkeep, attended by her
Residents: Wazir the Prophet and his one-eyed
servant, the aged minor sorceress
Rock Trolls, Geirrodur, Ulik, Trogg guardian Ogur
Haag, and troops of guardian demons.
Although there are many demons
among her subjects, Karnilla's realm is
Valhalla: Skornheim:
also populated by humanoid
Skornheim is an area adjacent to
immortals, just as is Asgard proper. In the Asgardian afterlife, heroes and
Karnilla's relationship to the goddesses the honored dead go to Valhalla, also
of destiny is unknown, although they known as Odin's Hall. Valhalla which
Points of Interest:
are clearly beyond her jurisdiction. translates as "hall of the slain" is a
Glowing Desert, Skornheim
majestic, enormous hall located in
Mountains, Boulder Road and the
Points of Interest: Asgard, ruled over by Odin. Chosen by
Forest of Nightmare Plants.
Nornkeep, Norn Forest, Cave of Ages Odin, those warriors that fall in battle
travel to Valhalla upon death, led by
Notable Residents: Valkyries. Valhalla is home to various
The kingdom which is mostly
Karnilla, The Norns, Skuld, Verdandi, legendary heroes and kings, as they
composed of swamps and to the east
Urd, Haag, Amora (formerly) prepare to aid Odin during the events
and mountains to the west is the realm
of Ragnarök. Before the hall stands
Sea of Mist - the body of water of the dragons.
the golden tree Glasir, and the hall's
connecting Asgard with the Isle of ceiling is thatched with golden shields.
Silence Various creatures live around the
Tower of Solitude - the building lands of Valhalla, such as the stag and
where the Grand Vizier was confined the goat. This is the greatest reward
Nastrond is an extradimensional
by Odin bestowed on a warrior in Norse
Plains of Ida - The center of Asgard. region of Niffleheim in the Realm of
Asgard and located on the far shores
of the river Gjoll in Hel. Fafnir was widely recognized for their talent to Freyja. Their union marked the union
once the King of Nastrond, though he predict the future. of the two people.
and his people were believed
thoroughly evil, and thus the ruler of Geography: During Ragnarök, Thor gathered the
Asgard, All-Father Odin, destroyed the The realm is filled with vast forests, citizens of Asgard and headed to
kingdom and all of Fafnir's subjects. fields and planes. It has become home Vanaheim, where to either rebuild the
Fafnir himself was left to die in the to various other races such as Rock city or make a final stand. They
ruined wasteland that was his former Trolls and Ogres. Malekith the eventually reached Vanaheim, under
kingdom; however, he found a pool Accursed described the realm as "filled attack by Fenris and Durok. Beta Ray
with magical properties, and although with dusty old gods and enough trees Bill returned, and was left him to
drinking from the pool sustained Fafnir, to build a bonfire the size of the sun". protect the realm while he continued
it also transformed him into a massive The realm is also filled with the ruins of his mission.
dragon. gigantic castles mountain-sized and
citadels, known as the "ruins of While investigating Heimdall's
Points of Interest: Vanaheim" or as the "abandoned city Observatory Thor, Steve Rogers and
Cave of the Ancients. of the Vanir". Iron Man were sucked into the portal,
each waking up on different areas of
Politics and Leadership: the Nine Realms. Thor awoke in a
Harokin: Vanaheim is represented in the deserted Vanaheim, affected by Hela's
Harokin the region is named for the Congress of Worlds by two Vanir machinations, and was soon attacked
leader of the legions of Valhalla, the senators. Freyja represented her by the Enchantress, who accused him
Einherjar. During a period where Hela homeworld on the council for a while. of being the cause of the Realms
controlled Valhalla and its troops, imbalance (having brought Asgard on
Harokin served under her. He was, History: Midgard). He was then attacked by
however, critical of his superior. He The First God, Buri, bore three sons Hela, who attempted to use the
fought for Hela in a war against her called Bor, Mimir, and Njord. Bor and imbalance to unite the Realms under
rival Ollerus the Unmerciful. Harokin his sons Odin, Ve and Vili founded the her rule. Thor, Amora and Hela all
welcomed Valkyrie to Valhalla and race known as the Aesir, while Njord ended up knocked out in the fight, with
acted friendly towards her. He was left, sired the Vanir and founded the two witches transported elsewhere
shocked when he learned that the Vanaheim. On the Plains of Vanaheim, with Mjolnir, while Thor was retrieved
Norns predicted that Hela would cast the Asgardians battled the Frost in Vanaheim by Rogers and Stark.
Val to Niffleheim. He questioned Hela Giants for nine months. But when the The War of Burning started across the
about her supposed unfair decision. Frost Giants finally retreat, when Nine Realms, but truly erupted when
Val was appointed commander of the "Thor" appeared and in front of Balder Leah went to Vanaheim and proposed
Valkyrior and led Hela's forces on the Brave, began killing Asgardians Surtur's technology to Vanaheim
campaign, alongside Harokin. The two before leaving. In their early history, steward Gullveig, who then burned
armies met in battle at the Pass of the Vanir built gigantic castles down the Temple of Union. The
Peril. Harokin was a deceased mountain-sized and citadels that could Asgardians (Aesir and loyal Vanir
Asgardian who was once a foe of be seen from worlds away. They later alike) attacked Vanaheim while the
Thor. He was used by Hela, the grew weary of the warfare required to rebel Vanir invaded all of the realms. A
Asgardian goddess of death, in an defend them, and decided to return group of Dark Elves refugees went to
attempt to seduce Thor into entering into the forest, leaving their towers to Vanaheim to hide in the ruins, but
Valhalla, the home of the honored fall apart, known as the "ruins of were slaughtered by Malekith. They
Asgardian dead. Vanaheim". A few stories happened in were soon found back Thor who
Vanaheim, including the encounter of traveled to Vanaheim with the League
Jolena: Old Loki and young Odin with of Realms.
As with Harokin, the kingdom of Jolena Hriedmar and his sons Otr the changer
is named for Queen Jolena of of shapes, Fafnir the greedy and Regin
Skarnheim, who once filled Odin's the vengeful, leading to the creation of Vanir (Typical stats)
heart with love. the sword Gram and the later death of
Regin and Fafnir at Sigurd's hand. F Rm (30) Health: 120
A Gd (10)
Vanaheim: The young king Odin of the Aesir tried S In (40) Karma: 40
One of the Nine Worlds and exists on to force the union of the two tribe, and E In (40)
the highest level of the World Tree went to war with Freyr and the people R Gd (10) Resources: Ex
along with Asgard and Alfheim. Its of Vanaheim. Seemingly over a matter I Gd (10)
inhabitants are the Vanir, who are the of pride, Freyr refused to bend. He P Ex (20) Popularity:
sister race to the Aesir of Asgard; sired received support from Surtur of
long ago by Njord, who had taken a Muspelheim. The war ultimately ended Known Powers:
group of Asgardians to settle with a peace treaty and marriage Body Armor: Good (10).
Vanaheim. The Vanir were masters of between the two royal families, as Resist Disease: Unearthly (100)
sorcery and magic. They are also Odin was betrothed to Freyr's daughter Retarded Aging: Ages 1 year for every
100. They may still be killed normally.
Allspeak: Asgardians, through an The two tribes of Gods eventually Aesir and Vanir waited in the city of
enchantment from Odin, may became rivals. A generation ago as Vanaheim for the final battle, while
communicate fluently in any language Gods perceive time, the young king Thor led Surtur and his army to them,
of the 9 realms. Odin of the Aesir tried to force the as part of his plan to free the
union of the two tribe, and went to war Asgardians from the Ragnarök cycle
Points of Interest: with Freyr and the people of and the influence of Those Who Sit
Abandoned city of the Vanir Vanaheim. Seemingly over a matter of Above in Shadow.
Temple of Union pride, Freyr refused to bend. He
received support from Surtur of After the Second War of the Serpent
Residents: Muspelheim. The war ultimately ended and Odin's departure from Asgard, the
Vanir Representatives include: Njord, with a peace treaty and marriage All-Mother replaced himself and
Freyr, Idunn, Freyja, Gullveig, between the two royal families, as instated Asgardia, wishing to rule by
Heimdall, Sif. Odin was betrothed to Freyr's daughter consensus among the realms, and
Freyja. Their union marked the union assembled the Congress of Worlds,
The modern race known as the of the two people. No matter the with Freyja as the representative of the
Asgardians is actually a blend of the peace, and despite the fact that the "Fallen Vanir". Later, Surtur had
Aesir and the Vanir. records of the war were destroyed, a Gullveig to rebel against Asgard,
certain grudge existed among the offering them the same gifts as to
The Vanir, often known as the "Wise Vanir towards the Aesir and Asgard Freyr, along with his and the
Gods of Old" were a proud people. remained, even beared by Njord, who Manchester Gods' technologies. The
despised Odin's race. Although, Vanir rebel Vanir and the Engels destroyed
Origin and Aesir mixed, and couples were the Temple of Union and war broke
The First God, Buri, bore three sons wed at the Temple of Union. between them and all on the Nine
called Bor, Mimir, and Njord. Bor and Realms, including the Asgardian Vanir.
his sons Odin, Ve and Vili founded the After Jotunheim paid the Angels of After the War, and as Odin had been
race known as the Aesir, while Njord Heven for devising strategy, they brought back from his exile, Freyja
left, sired the Vanir and founded suggested an alliance of all of the decided to carry a new heir from Odin,
Vanaheim. In their early history, the Asgardians' enemies, who blood of Vanir and Aesir. Nine months
Vanir built gigantic castles mountain- consequently prepared war against later was born Laussa Odinsdottir. The
sized and citadels that could be seen Asgard, including Vanaheim. War fate and whereabouts of the Vanir
from worlds away. They later grew eventually broke, with all against all followers of Gullveig is unknown.
weary of the warfare required to and all against Asgard, with constant
defend them, and decided to return alliances and treasons, but with no one The Vanir were seemingly later
into the forest, leaving their towers to befriending Asgard, in fear of the granted a seat as Vanaheim in the
fall apart, known as the "ruins of Angels' wrath. The Vanir seemingly Congress of Worlds, being
Vanaheim". Freyr later became the suffered from the Angels. The heir due represented by unidentified senators.
leader of the Vanir. for the peace to be sealed between When Odin dreamed of Those Who Sit
Aesir and Vanir was eventually birthed Above in Shadow warning him of the
In his youth, Odin and the time- in the form of Aldrif Odinsdottir, but incoming Ragnarök related to the Final
travelling Old Loki met with an human- stolen by the Angels during the Final Incursion, he tried to seal an alliance
sized otter whom Loki killed and Battle of the War of Angels. Freyja was between the Realms represented in
crafted two fur coats from. Arriving to left devastated, unwitting to sire the Congress of World to destroy
the inn of Hriedmar of the Vanir, they another heir. The Vanir and Aesir Midgard and save the other Realms,
soon learned that the otter was continued to coexist as Asgardians, but none would follow him. Meanwhile,
Hriedmar's son Otr the changer of some of them without distinction as the Final Incursion began, the Vanir
shapes. As Loki settled the debt with between the two former tribes, like were talking of revolt against the
gold, stolen from Andvari, who had Heimdall and Sif, but a rift remained. Asgardians, with old grievances
cursed it, and left with Odin, gaining new airings. Freyja assured
Hriedmar's son Fafnir's greed was In modern days, after an army of Odin that in any case, the Vanir would
revealed by the curse: he killed Trolls, Ulik, Hyrm the Giant, join forces with Asgard. As Odin blew
Hriedmar, left his brother Regin for commanding the boat Naglfar, itself Gjallerhorn, the heroes and allies of
dead, and departed with the gold. filled with an army of the dead, led by Asgard assembled, among them the
Regin's violence was revealed by the Loki came to Asgard and killed Balder, Vanir led by Idunn, and fought Hela
curse as well, and he swore Ragnarök was initiated, and Thor and King Loki's armies and allies. Like
vengeance upon his brother and upon Odinson rallied the Valyries, Aesir, much of the representatives among
all Asgardians. While the curse Vanir all together to fight for Asgard the Congress of Worlds, the Vanir
changed Fafnir into a dragon, Regin and the honor of a warrior's death. Led weren't determined to act after Jane
crafted the sword Gram, Fafnir's Death by Thor, the citizens of Asgard then Foster's report of Light Elves murdered
and Asgard's bane. After having departed on an exodus to Vanaheim. and projected upon Midgard, doubting
Sigurd to kill Fafnir, Regin tried to By the time they arrived, Vanaheim of a testimony "acquired" from Thor
murder the Asgardian, only to be slain was under attack from Fenris' army. (Jane Foster herself).
in return. When Beta Ray Bill arrived and killed
Fenris, his army fled away in fear. The
hordes of Surtur who wished to A In (40)
destroy their realm. They were able to S Ex (20) Karma: 30
protect their world. The League of E Ex (20)
Realms tracked Malekith the Accursed R Gd (10) Resources: Ex
and his Dark Elves to Alfheim, and I Gd (10)
manage to stop them, but once again P Gd (10) Popularity:
Malekith slipped away. Thor worried
about his League falling apart in front Known Powers:
Alfheim (Ljosalfheim): of him, but figured out a way for them Resistance to Disease: Amazing (50)
Alfheim is one of the Ten Realms and to bond together, even if for just a little Infravision: Excellent (20)
exists on the highest level of the World while. They head to the nearest tavern, Retarded aging: 1 year for every 100.
Tree along with Asgard and Vanaheim. where Thor and Ogg engage in a They can be killed by normal means.
Its inhabitants are the Light Elves. drinking contest, while the others Water Breathing (Sea Elves only)
wager on the winner. Later, outside, Resistance to Cold (Ice Elves only):
Geography Thor has other plans for winning Excellent (20).
Alfheim is as a kingdom of enchanted Waziria's trust, and kisses her Light Generation (Moon Elves only):
forests, candy vegetation, rivers and passionately. The Dark Council first Feeble (2) bioluminescence
springs of wine, and beautiful gardens. act of war was the massacre of the
The capital city of the realm is the Light Elves. They sent their bodies Suggested Talents:
castle stronghold of Ljosalfgard. hurtling through space towards Bows, Sharp Weapons, Martial Arts E.
Several tribes of Light Elves, Faeries, Midgard with a few crashing into a The History, Lore and Trivia of
Pixies, and Mermaids inhabit various Roxxon weather satellite. Alfheim, Occult Lore, Cat Riding (Cat
regions and climates of Alfheim along Elves only), Piloting (Air Elves only),
with magical fauna such as Unicorns Places of Interest Animal Handling (Elves of the Vale)
and winged cat steeds. Ljosalfgard, the capital of Alfheim
Chardonnay River
Politics and Leadership Enchanted Forest
Alfheim is a monarchy ruled by Queen Gardens of the Fay Weapons:
Aelsa Featherwine of the Fay. The The Queen's Road Bows w/ arrows: Amazing (50)
realm was formerly ruled by Lord Frey Honeywine Falls material, Remarkable (30) damage,
and his lady wife, Gerd. Alfheim is Mermaid Pond Range: 7 areas, ROF: 3/1
represented in the Congress of Worlds Valley of the Moon Elves Swords: Amazing (50) material,
by two Light Elf senators one being Hills of Vin Excellent (20) damage.
Milkmane. Ayelah represented her Gingerbread Tavern Spears: Incredible (40) material,
world on the council for a time. Sugar Woods Remarkable (30) damage, Range: 5
Hummingbird Bay areas.
History: Dolmens
A young Loki traveled to Alfheim Sea of Marmora Elvish Tribes
during his mystical training. Thor was The Elves are divided up into the
also sent there during his training. Residents of Note: following tribes or clans:
Queen Aelsa Featherwine of the Fay * The Spice Elves: One of the many
Modern History: Milkmane groups forming the kingdom of the
Lady Sif confronted Red Norvell in Ayelah Light Elves on Alfheim.
Alfheim when he gained the power of Sir Ivory Honeyshot * The Air Elves: These elves create
Thor. He used his powers to attack the Aeltri and pilot wondrous flying machines.
peaceful Light Elves. Loki tricked Hrinmeer * The Sea Elves: These elves live in
Northstar of Alpha Flight into believing coral castles along Hummingbird Bay.
he had a Light Elf mother. This Light Elves (Typical Stats) * The "triple jointed" Pleasure Elves:
prompted him to journey to Alfheim to One of the many groups forming the
learn the truth. However the truth was Light Elves are a race of beings native kingdom of the Light Elves on Alfheim.
revealed and he return home to rejoin to Alfheim one of the Nine Worlds and * The Elves of the Vale: These elves
his team. Hrinmeer the Flame was exists on the highest level of the World were known for herding wild Unicorns.
half-Light Elf and half-Asgardian Fire Tree along with Asgard and Vanaheim. * The Moon Elves: These elves give
Demon. Despising the Light Elves, he The capital city of the realm is known off a bioluminescence due to the
attacked the realm. During Ragnarok, as Ljosalfgard. The Light Elves have Firefly Wine they consume. The Valley
Thor found a thinner Volstagg in shown them to be peaceful, friendly, is located southeast of Ljosalfgard.
Alfheim after the hordes of Loki beings with few if any weapons. * The Cat Elves: The Cat Elves are
attacked there, killing Fandral and Physically their shape ranges from known for using Riding Cats (giant
Hogun. At least one Ice Elf city in physically looking like humans with winged cats) as transportation. They
Alfheim was destroyed and its pointed ears to slightly more alien live next to the borders with Nornheim.
inhabitants killed by the Ano-Athox's shapes. * The Ice Elves: These icy
rampage over the Nine Realms. The counterparts of the Light Elves live in
Light Elves battle the Fire Demon F Ex (20) Health: 100 the polar region of Alfheim.
Other Races or Creatures Mermaids:
Frey: the God of Harvest and the These peaceful and friendly mermaids
brother of Idunn lives amongst the are the neighbors to the Sea Elves.
Elves of Alfheim
Dark Elves refugees F Gd (10) Health: 50
A Gd (10)
Fairies and Pixies: S Gd (10) Karma: 30
The Pixies and Fairies are an E Ex (20)
underground race of dwarfish R Gd (10) Resources: varies
individuals who live in a kingdom near I Gd (10)
Abysmia. According to the legends P Gd (10) Popularity: varies
and folklore of Jugoslavia, the Pixies
were known to come to the surface Known Powers:
and kidnap the people of Jugoslavia. Known Powers:
In 1941, they would capture Princess Water Breathing
Alecia of Jugoslavia and bring her to Water Freedom
their doman in order to force her into Swimming: Good (10) speed.
marriage to their king. The ruler of
Jugoslavia would seek the aid of Talents:
Abysmian ruler Rockman. The hero Underwater Combat, Singing,
would invade the Pixie realm, but the Underwater Navigation.
Pixies would overpower him and take
him prisoner. He would call the Unicorns:
assistance of his fellow Abysmians These shy, but intelligent steeds are
who would lead a counter attack. With raised in the wild by the Elves of the
his kingdom crumbling, and his valley.
attempts to marry Princess Alecia
thwarted, the king of the Pixies would F Gd (10) Health: 80
then try to kill the girl. He would be A Gd (10)
stopped by Rockman who would S Rm (30) Karma: 24
dispose of him as leader of the Pixies E Rm (30)
and install an Abysmian to act as R Pr (4) Resources: varies
Prime Minister of the Pixies and I Gd (10)
govern them as a democracy and stop P Gd (10) Popularity: varies
their aggression against the surface
world. Known Powers:
Land Speed: Excellent (20).
Riding Cats: Kick/Bite: Strength rank damage.
These giant, house cat looking, riding Horn: Remarkable (30) Edged
cats are winged and can be damage. The Horn also grants:
domesticated and ridden by the Elves. * Cure Disease: Amazing (50). This
functions once per victim, per day.
F Ex (20) Health: 60 * Healing: Amazing (50) , this functions
A Gd (10) once per victim, per day.
S Gd (10) Karma: 14 * Teleport: The Unicorn can, 1/day,
E Ex (20) teleport up to Feeble (2) range (2
R Fb (2) Resources: n/a miles) with Remarkable (30) accuracy
I Gd (10) within the confines of the Vale.
P Fb (2) Popularity: varies
Known Powers: None.
Resistance to Disease: Amazing (50)
Infravision: Good (10), up to 5 areas.
Retarded aging: they have a 150 year
life span. They can be killed normally.
Winged Flight: Good (10) air speed.
Claws: Edged Strength rank damage.
Bite: Edged Strength rank damage.
Tail: While not prehensile, these cats
are capable of swatting targets with a
tail slap inflicting Strength damage.
realms, the Dwarf King Eitri gifted Odin group of Dark Elves from Svartalfheim
a nugget of raw Uru. This nugget of who had brainwashed Magma. During
Uru was later given back to the the insuring battle, the Fairies are
Dwarves by Odin when he had used it fought back and Magma was taken
to trap a sentient storm known as the prisoner. They are able to return her to
God Tempest, so they could forge it normal, but were interrupted by Loki
into a weapon, the magical mallet who ordered the Dwarves to construct
known as Mjolnir. Thor traveled to him a weapon as powerful as that of
Nidavellir ("The Dark Fields"): Nidavellir during his training. On his brother Thor. When he spots
Nidavellir is one of the Nine Worlds, it's Nidavellir; Thor went to the workshop Cannonball among the Dwarves, Etiri
located in the middle region of the of King Sindri, where he is given the covered by telling Loki that he was an
World Tree on the same level as ship "Skidbladnir", which he used to "idiot nephew". Loki was satisfied with
Midgard. Its inhabitants are the cross the Dark Sea and reach the this and teleported away, telling Etiri
Dwarves. lands of King Mirmir. The boat is small that he expects the hammer soon.
enough to fit in a pocket, but grows to
Dwarf (Typical Stats) full size and flies if needed. On Glimda was an Asgardian who was
Nidavellir seeking cover from a raging praised for her beautiful long hair.
F Rm (30) Health: 80 storm, Thor asks King Sindri of the Jealous of the attention she received
A Gd (10) Dwarfs to provide him shelter. The Loki managed to sneak up one night
S Rm (30) Karma: 24 Dwarfs requiring to provide another and cut her off her hair. Feeling sorry
E Rm (30) slave to the Trolls, as payment to about her Thor managed to replace
R Gd (10) Resources: varies avoid their kingdom being attacked, her hair with pure gold, being helped
I Ty (6) drop Thor down into the pit of the by the Dwarves of Nidavellir. Odin had
P Gd (10) Popularity: varies Trolls. There he is made their prisoner the Dwarves to create a new weapon
and is shackled to a wall. However, the Thunderstrike mace. Nidavellir was
Known Powers: Thor frees himself with the aid of his one of the worlds invaded by Hrinmeer
Body Resistance: Typical (6). hammer and sets the slaves free and the Flame and his Fire Demon army.
Resistance to Disease: Unearthly single handedly defeats all the Trolls. Loki went to Nidavellir to find the forge
Retarded aging: 1 year for every 100. Freeing everyone, Thor leads them to that created Mjolnir. He took it and
They can be killed by normal means. the surface and uses his hammer to Surtur creates multiple hammers like
seal the entrance to the Trolls caverns. Mjolnir. During Ragnarok; Amora, the
Geography: Odin traveled via the pass of Ullthang, Enchantress traveled to Nidavellir to
The Dwarves live underground to get to Nidavellir. He met with their request the help of the Dwarves; Grerr,
working in the caverns of the king Eitri and master builder to Alfrigg and Dvalin. The dwarves
Nidavellir. They have large forgers construct a weapon for Asgard's new annoyed with Asgard's lack of
utilizing the flames and heat from champion Beta Ray Bill. He agreed on leadership create "Thor" a dwarf raised
beneath the surface to create weapons one condition he sends his greatest to resemble Thor. He, however, was
used by the Dwarves and their allies. female warriors to defeat their no match for the Thunder God and
Dwarves are the race that have crafted champion Throgg. He sent Lady Sif was easily slain. The Dwarves forged
the most powerful weapons in the Nine but was shocked to learn the Dwarves Frogjolnir a miniature version of Mjolnir
Realms including: Mjolnir, Gungnir, was larger than she was. However she for Throg. Nidavellir was frozen for a
and Stormbreaker. The nomadic Rock defeated their champion. Eitri was time by Hela including the fire pits had
Trolls also inhabit some areas of this please as Throgg was using his size to been turned to ice. But all was later
land. The realm was once described bully the other Dwarves. Eitri and his returned to normal thanks to Thor.
as; "In Nidavellir you'll find every team of blacksmith created a weapon During the War of the Serpent, Odin
precious gemstone you have ever to rival Mjolnir. Odin powers the Borson let Stark have access to the
heard of and many you haven't. All weapon in the furnace and Bill reached forges of Nidavellir, and created an
guarded by dull little Dwarves inside in to claim his weapon the arsenal of Uru weapons to combat the
dull little mountains." Stormbreaker. enemy forces razing the Earth. In
order to acquire his own
Politics and Leadership: The New Mutants are scattered by enhancements, Tony merged the
Nidavellir is represented in the Loki around the Nine Reams. systems of the Bleeding Edge Armor
Congress of Worlds by two dwarf Cannonball found himself in Nidavellir. with Uru, turning it into the "Iron
senators. Hreidmar the scholar He was met by Eitri and his soldiers Destroyer" until the battle ended.
represented his world on the council who were under siege by the Rock When Odin left to Asgard, the
for a while. Trolls. He managed to fight off the enhancements of the Uru weapons
invaders, but was stabbed in the back and the Iron Destroyer were gone, so
Events: by one of them while rescuing Eitri's Tony vented the Uru from the suit's
After the All-Father Odin of Asgard wife and collapsed right after the battle structure and gave it back to the forges
thwarted a Rock Troll invasion attempt was won. For his deed, Sam was along with the rest of the weapons to
led by Ulik, his realm and Nidavellir welcomed as a true friend by Eitri and be melted.
forged an alliance. As a gift and as a his daughter, who has taken a fancy
symbol of the bond between these two on Sam. They were then attacked by a
Hreidmar brought Thor to Nidavellir.
He showed Thor a sealed door that
beared an inscription stating that the
door stay sealed for all time by the
order of Odin. To continue construction
in the repairs of Nidavellir, Hreidmar
asked that Thor smash open the door,
to which Thor agreed. This however
released the Mares. The League of
Realms traveled to Nidavellir guided
by Screwbeard on a mission to defeat
Malekith the Accursed. Thor's
prosthetic left arm was created in the
forges of Nidavellir using "Black Uru".
Screwbeard took transported their
latest creation to Asgard to present to
the Asgardians.

Points of Interest:
Furnaces of Nidavellir, Boiling Plain,
Valley of Avalanche, Flaming Chasm,
Marelock, Ymir-Krul, Skornheim,
Glowing Desert, Skornheim
Mountains, Skornheim Stronghold,
Boulder Road, Forest of Nightmare

Dwarves, Eitri, Splitlip, Screwbeard,
Brokk, Sindri, Alfrigg, Brokk, Dvalin,
Grerr, Mares

After half a billion years, 4 billion years groups have often changed. The
ago, the formation of "building block of Avengers have included most of
life" from waters stirred by volcanic Earth's major heroes as members at
heat and lightning's pulse led to the one time or another. The X-Men
primordial cell, who divided in two consists of various mutants, such as
cells, one of them modifying his Wolverine, brought together by
genetic pattern and both reassembling, Professor X. Dr. Strange has often
before splintering again and spreading formed an ad-hoc team of heroes
that change into all descendant of that called The Defenders to help him deal
Midgard (Earth): first organism, manifesting its intellect with major menaces to the world, often
Midgard or Earth is a rocky planet in random creatures every 100,000 including the Hulk, the Sub-Mariner,
orbiting the Sun, and the third planet in years, transferring itself from species the Silver Surfer, and various other
order from the star it orbits. Midgard as to species in order to remain in the heroes.
it known to the Asgardians is one of fittest host-species. Millions of years
the Nine Worlds and exists on the later (500 million years ago), diversity Of course, as one would expect in a
middle level of the World Tree along of life began to manifest itself, with universe with superheroes, there
with Jotunheim. Midgard is fish. Those new forms of organic life would inevitably have to be crime and
represented in the Congress of Worlds were watched over by Gaea who evil, and this universe is by far no
by a single human senator. Bill Cobb became life's protector. Life spread, exception. Arguably the most dastardly
and Jane Foster have both with the plants who first invaded Earth, and dreaded villain on Earth by far
represented their home world on the then the great forests, fish crawled would have to be Victor Von Doom,
council. Earth as the first amphibious life, the the dreaded Doctor Doom, archenemy
Lizards and Dinosaurs eventually of the Fantastic Four. He has the
Humans (Typical Stats) appeared, and lived developed within record of most heroes fought, having
100 to 200 million years, the Age of fought nearly every hero on Earth.
F Pr (4) Health: 20 Set. The first mammals rose as well. Other major villains include Magnus,
A Ty (6) Eventually, Gaea and Which That the mutant master of magnetism
S Pr (4) Karma: 18 Endures decided to let the Dinosaurs known as Magneto and the mutant
E Ty (6) fade in profit for those mammals. Set overlord Apocalypse, archenemies of
R Ty (6) Resources: varies refused that, and sent his Dinosaurs to the X-Men, corrupt businessman
I Ty (6) try to eradicate the mammals, but was Norman Osborn, the megalomaniacal
P Ty (6) Popularity: varies countered by Atum. Green Goblin, Doctor Otto Octavius,
a.k.a Doctor Octopus, and Eddie
Known Powers: Brock, once the venomous Venom, all
Humans can have a variety of powers Points of Interest: of whom are the top archenemies of
ranging from being altered by Spider-Man, Victor Creed, Sabretooth,
chemicals, radiation or other outside Continents: archenemy of Wolverine, Wilson Fisk,
sources. It be could be anything from Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Atlantis the Kingpin of Crime, archenemy of
latent mutants powers to the mutant ‘X’ (submerged), Australia, Europe, Daredevil, Samuel Sterns, the Leader,
gene or even magic, possibly even Lemuria (submerged), North America, and Emil Blonsky, the gamma-
some sort of technology suit or South America irradiated monster the Abomination,
equipment. archenemies of the incredible Hulk, the
Residents: Dreaded Dormammu and Baron
Formation: Super humans, Super Heroes and Mordo, archenemies of Doctor
Earth is the third planet of the Sol Villains. The tradition of using Strange, the Nazi Fascist Red Skull,
system. It has one moon. It is costumed secret identities to fight evil archenemy of Captain America, the
sometimes referred to as the world or had long existed in this world but it trickster god Loki, archenemy of Thor,
Midgard. Sometimes, it is called by its came into prominence during the days the Mandarin, archenemy of Iron Man,
Latin name, Terra or Tellus. The of the American 'Wild West' with Kang the Conqueror and Ultron,
Hydrogen gases of the Big Bang heroes such as the Phantom Rider. archenemies of the Avengers, and
formed galaxies, then suns, then During the 20th Century, the tradition Mephisto, archenemy of Ghost Rider
planets, among them Earth. It seems was reinvigorated, first by Captain and the Silver Surfer.
that the Sun, Earth and the Moon were America in the 40's and then by
all originated from the fragments of Spider-Man in modern times. Earth's A degree of paranoid fear against
Gigantus. Just after its creation, the major heroes are the Amazing Spider- mutants exists due to stories of
Ethereal Energy of Life spawned Man, the Invincible Iron Man, Doctor mutants being a race or even a
Demiurge, who seeded the planet with Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, Daredevil, species that is evolving and is meant
its energies, creating the Elder Gods. Black Panther, the Mighty Thor, the to replace normal humans. This has
Many continents eventually formed, Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four, caused organizations to form to deal
including Gondwanaland and Laurasia. S.H.I.E.L.D.’s director Nick Fury, and with the problem, who can be divided
Captain America. The Avengers and into three camps: those who seek
Life: the X-Men are also major players, peaceful coexistence between mutants
although the memberships of both and normal humans (the X-Men and
their affiliated groups), those who seek given to humans by hidden races, The Darkforce: an unknown, dark
to control or eliminate humans to give aliens, or time travelers like Kang the substance from another dimension
mutants safety or dominance Conqueror, who is known to have (known simply as the Darkforce
(Magneto and his followers, as well as influenced the robotics industry in the Dimension) that can be summoned
other mutants such as Apocalypse), past. and manipulated in many ways: to
and those who seek to regulate or create impenetrable darkness, to
eliminate mutants in favor of humans. solidify it in various forms, and (most
The latter often use the robots known The battery effect: the cells in the notably) to absorb the "life energy"
as Sentinels as weapons. body have the same function as from living beings. The Darkforce can
batteries, being charged with energy also be used to travel to and from its
Origin of superhuman powers that comes from an outer source. This home dimension, but this is dangerous
Most of the super humans owe their is most often seen in gamma exposed to all except those with Darkforce
powers to the Celestials, cosmic individuals as the Hulk, who get their powers. Some believe that the
entities who visited Earth one million powers from this stored energy. The Darkforce is sentient and sometimes
years ago and experimented on our powers will remain as long as the has an evil influence on those who use
prehistoric ancestors (a process they energy is present, and can even be it. Various heroes and villains have
also carried out on several other increased by filling the "batteries" even versions of Darkforce powers,
planets). This resulted in the creation more. If the energy is emptied, the including Darkstar, the first Blackout,
of two hidden races, the godlike powers will fade away. the Shroud, Cloak and Quagmire.
Eternals and the genetically unstable Cloak seems to be the prime 'portal' to
Deviants, in addition to giving some Psionic energy: which is assumed to the Darkforce, however.
humans an "x-factor" in their genes, be an invisible, unknown form of
which sometimes activates naturally, energy generated by all living brains The Living Light: the opposite of the
resulting in sometimes super powered, that has the ability to manipulate other Darkforce: a form of energy that
sometimes disfigured individuals called forms of matter and energy. Universal resembles light and also comes from
mutants. Others require other factors psionic field is a force present its own dimension, but has healing
(such as radiation) for their powers to everywhere in the universe, but only effects on living beings (except ones
come forth. With the exception of those with abilities to connect to it can made of darkness or Darkforce.) It is
psionic abilities, these powers are make use of its energy. Enigma Force unknown if it might be sentient. Cloak's
usually random; rarely do two people is suspected to be connected to the partner, Dagger seems to be the Living
have the exact same set of powers. It Microverse, and is also the source to Light's main avatar.
is not clear why the Celestials did this, the Uni-Power, which transform an
although it is known that they continue individual into Captain Universe. Magic: appears to be like a form of
to observe humanity's evolution. The energy, except that it can defy the laws
majority of the public is unaware of Extra-dimensional space: of physics naturally. However, it does
what may cause superhuman powers. dimensions that can be tapped in order have rules of its own to follow, which
to pull mass from them (to add to vary with the method of invocation,
Other possible origins for superhuman objects on Earth) or taken away from usually in the form of spoken spells. It
powers include: magic, genetic those objects and be stored in those appears to be present in everything,
manipulation or bionic implants. Some "pocket dimensions" to be retrieved even living beings. All humans in the
heroes and villains have no powers at later. This is how characters like the Marvel Universe have the ability to use
all but depend instead on hand-to- Hulk can grow and shrink with no magic, but only if properly trained.
hand combat training or advanced visible absorption of mass. A type of Most people are unaware that magic
technological equipment. Technology subatomic particles called Pym actually works. In addition, powerful
is slightly more advanced than in our Particles can be used for these effects. magical beings from other dimensions
world; this is due to unique individuals The change in mass can be in the form have created specific, extremely
of genius intelligence, such as Reed of a density change instead, allowing a powerful magical spells that they allow
Richards, (Mister Fantastic) of the character to become harder or to be used (often indiscriminately) by
Fantastic Four, Tony Stark, the incorporeal. Some characters can those sorcerers who invoke their
Invincible Iron Man, Bruce Banner, the seem to "transform" themselves (or names; one example is the trinity of
Incredible Hulk, and Doctor Doom. others) into nonliving substances, or beings called The Vishanti, who serve
However, most of the really advanced even pure energy, by storing their as patrons to heroic sorcerers. At any
devices (such as powered armor and bodies in extradimensional space and given time, there is a sorcerer on Earth
death rays) are too expensive for the replacing them with bodies made from whose task is to protect the universe
common citizen, and are usually in the matter or energy from that dimension, against extradimensional mystical
hands of government organizations while their souls remain on Earth, invaders; this sorcerer is known as the
like S.H.I.E.L.D., or powerful criminal controlling their new body. Travel into Sorcerer Supreme, an office formerly
organizations like the Maggia, A.I.M., other dimensions can also be used as held by Doctor Strange, and currently
and Hydra. One major company a way to "teleport" by re-entering the held by Doctor Voodoo.
producing these devices is Stark Earth dimension at a different point
International, owned by Anthony Stark from the exiting one. "Hellfire" is a magical force that
(Iron Man) but there are others. resembles fire, but is cold and hurts
Advanced technology has also been
the soul rather than the physical body; Manidoog - Gods of North America
it is used mostly by demonic beings. Olympians - Ancient Greek Gods
Titans - overthrown by their
descendants, the Olympian Gods.
Supernatural Beings: Tenger - Turkic and Mongolian Gods
Téteoh - Aztec Gods
Angels: are celestial beings that live in Tuatha de Danaans - pre-Christian
the extra-dimensional realm of heaven. Celtic Gods
They were created by God with the Vodu - West African Gods
sole purpose to serve him. They were Xian - Chinese Gods
charged with protecting mankind from Yazatas - Persian Gods
the evils of the universe. However, The lords of the various pantheons
some of the angels were jealous of the sometimes gather in groups known as
humans and attempted to rebel the Council of Godheads and Council
against their father lead by Lucifer but of Skyfathers.
they were cast out of heaven to the
extra-dimensional realm known as Vampires: are a form of mystically-
Hell. Over time these fallen angels resurrected humans, therefore their
became demons. These two faction general appearance is as varied as the
have been at war for over one million human race.
years. Aqueos - Vampiric Atlanteans first
created by an ancient spell.
Demons: evil demonic beings, one of Tryks - do not feed on humans but
the most notorious being Mephisto. prefer to attack and feed on Vampires.
Others include Nightmare, D'Spayre, Zombies - Typically reanimated
N'Astirh , Dormammu, and Shuma- corpses through means of magic,
Gorath. scientific, or biological infection.
N'Garai - Lived on Earth millions of
years ago but left to live in another Other Races
dimensional plane. Ethereals: a tribe of advanced
Undying Ones - Used to live in the humanoids genetically engineered
Himalayas. thousands of years ago by the Nuwali.
Elder Gods - Powerful beings with vast Saurians: The radiation from a nuclear
cosmic powers, they are survivors of bomb test interacted with the local
those spawned by the Demiurge soon lizard species and created advanced
after its formation, 4 billion years ago. reptilian beings.
Gibborim - a race of three six-fingered
giants. Notable Personalities
Lycanthrope - Werewolves are Politicians
humanoids with lupine characteristics. Graydon Creed: founder of Friends of
Humanity, a group opposed to mutant
Gods: the gods of most polytheistic civil rights.
pantheons are actually powerful, semi- Victor von Doom - Monarch of
immortal human-like races from other Latveria.
dimensions who visited Earth in Senator Robert Kelly - anti-mutant
ancient times. Note none of the ones activist and prominent United States
claiming to be figures from Judeo- Senator who rose to power on an anti-
Christian beliefs (such as Satan, God, mutant platform. .
or the Angels) have turned out to be Magneto - former ruler of Genosha,
the real article. international Mutant rights activist.
Aboriginal Gods - Gods of Australian Namor - King of Atlantis.
Aboriginal peoples. Sue Storm-Richards - Regent of the
Ahau - Mayan Gods Uhari throne at The Peak.
Akua - Polynesian Gods Barack Obama - Former President of
Amatsu-Kami - Japanese Gods the United States of America.
Annunaki - Mesopotamian Gods Scott Summers - Former leader of
Apu - Incan Gods mutant race on Utopia. Former leader
Asgardians - pre-Christian Norse Gods of the Mutant Revolution. Killed by the
Daevas - Hindu Gods Terrigenesis Mist on Muir Island.
Dievas - pre-Christian Slavic Gods T'Challa - King of Wakanda, but no
Diwatas - Philippine Gods longer ruler of it.
Ennead - Ancient Egyptian Gods
Jumala - Finnish Gods
Cold Generation: Amazing (50); Ice
Giants generate intense cold from their Known Powers:
body which is made of ice. Body Armor: Remarkable (30)
Body Armor: Amazing (50). Growth: Incredible (40).
Growth: Unearthly (100) Retarded aging: 1 year for every 100.
Retarded aging: 1 year for every 100. They can be killed by normal means.
They can be killed by normal means.

The first of the giants was the Ice

Giant Ymir, who existed before any of
the Asgardians. The Ice Giants are the
Jotunheim: oldest living beings in the Nine Realms Storm Giants
One of the Nine Worlds and it exists and are the ancestors of the Frost
on the middle of the World Tree along Giants. Ice Giants inhabit the vast F In (40) Health: 196
with Midgard. It is home to the Giants northern frozen regions of Niffelheim, A Ty (6)
of Jotunheim, among them Frost in fact their health depends on it. S Mn (75) Karma: 14
Giants, Storm Giants, Mountain Giants E Mn (75)
and Brine Giants. Weakness: R Pr (4) Resources: varies
Heat based attacks receive a +1CS. I Pr (4)
The Giants Ice Giants are made of ice and will P Ty (6) Popularity: varies
The second race of Asgard is the melt down if trapped in a warm
Giants also known as the Etins or environment, but once they return to Known Powers:
Jötnar (singular Jötunn), whose the frigid cold of Niffelheim they will Weather Control: Remarkable (30)
dwelling place is Jotunheim. The regenerate. Body Armor: Remarkable (30).
Giants are basically humanoid in Growth: Monstrous (75)
appearance and color, although they Frost Giants
tend toward the neanderthalic in body Mountain Giants
and bone structure. Their most F In (40) Health: 196
distinguishing feature is their height. A Ty (6) F In (40) Health: 146
The average Giant is twenty feet tall, S Mn (75) Karma: 14 A Ty (6)
although some reach up to thirty feet. E Mn (75) S Am (50) Karma: 14
All Giants known to reside in Asgard R Pr (4) Resources: varies E Am (50)
have the following abilities: I Pr (4) R Pr (4) Resources: varies
P Ty (6) Popularity: varies I Pr (4)
Typical Asgardian Giant P Ty (6) Popularity: varies
Known Powers:
F In (40) Health: 146 Invulnerability to Cold: Cl1000 Known Powers:
A Ty (6) Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000 Body Resistance: Good (10)
S Am (50) Karma: 14 Body Armor: Remarkable (30) Retarded aging: 1 year for every 100.
E Am (50) Growth: Amazing (50). They can be killed by normal means.
R Pr (4) Resources: varies Retarded aging: 1 year for every 100. Growth: Incredible (40)
I Pr (4) They can be killed by normal means.
P Ty (6) Popularity: varies The Frost Giants are the descendants Geography:
of Ymir and their monarch is Utgard- It is a cold and barren world with very
Known Powers: Loki. little sun light and almost perpetual
Body Resistance: Good (10). winter.
Retarded aging: 1 year for every 100. Weakness:
They can be killed by normal means. Heat based attacks receive a +1CS. Politics and Leadership:
Additional Powers Based on Type: When exposed to intense heat Frost The stronghold of Utgardhall, in
Giants will start to shrink in size, but if Utgard, the chief city of Jotunheim and
Ice Giants they return to the cold climate of the abode of the giants, was ruled by
Jotunheim they will eventually grow the giant Utgard-Loki. Jotunheim was
F In (40) Health: 246 back to their normal size. represented in the Congress of Worlds
A Ty (6) by Jotun senators.
S Un (100) Karma: 14 Rime Giants
E Un (100) History:
R Pr (4) Resources: varies F In (40) Health: 196 The Jotuns are the children of the Ice
I Pr (4) A Ty (6) Giant Ymir of Niffleheim. After their
P Ty (6) Popularity: varies S Mn (75) Karma: 14 creation and the war with the sons of
E Mn (75) Bor Odin, Vili and Ve, the surviving
Known Powers: R Pr (4) Resources: varies Bergelmir and his wife escaped and
Invulnerability to Cold: Cl1000 I Pr (4) settled on Jotunheim. In the following
Invulnerability to Diseases: Cl1000 P Ty (6) Popularity: varies years, Bor and Odin would often fight
against the Jotuns. As boys, Thor and strange mists robed Thor of his Above in Shadow, seemingly
Loki traveled to Jotunheim chasing memory as he and Loki were destroying them. This also destroyed
after some Storm Giants that stole the separated in the cavern. Vidar asked Yggdrasil and ended all lives who
Golden Apples of Idunn. They Thor for his help to avenge the murder dwelled in the Nine Worlds, except
demanded them back but the Giants of his wife by Storm Giants. They Midgard. In time the realm was
refused and attacked. They retrieved traveled to Jotunheim and battled restored, as were all the Nine Realms.
the apples and escaped on the back of Horvald, Grolf and Aslak seeking
the King of the Eagles. Utgard-Loki, justice. While investigating Heimdall's
disguised as Skrymir, led Thor and Observatory, Iron Man was
Loki into his castle Utgardhall. There, The Frost Giants attacked Nornheim transported to Jotunheim, with
he challenged the gods to a series of and kidnapped Queen Karnilla. Balder malfunctioning armor and was taken
contests. Loki fought against Logi in an and Agnar went to rescue her. Balder prisoner by a group of Rock Trolls. He
eating contest, and lost after Logi snuck his way into the castle of was taken to Fafnir and interrogated,
consumed not only the food but the Utgard-Loki, but was caught and but was interrupted by a lighting stop
plates, and table as well. Loki then is forced to fight Hagen, who was armed which frightened the Trolls believing it
challenged to a footrace by Hugi, but with the Sword of Frey. In Jotunheim, to be Thor. Tony escaped while Fafnir
loses before he even starts. Thor then Loki paid a visit to the shrunken Frost incinerated the Trolls for their failure.
accepts the challenge of emptying a Giants of Utgard-Loki. He told them his Chasing Tony who was on horse back,
drinking horn, but fails there, as the plan to render Thor helpless. Loki but he was rescued by Captain
horn is just as full as when he started. created a potion in Jotunheim before America and the two traveled to
Utgard then challenges Thor to lift a returning to Asgard to unleash it. Odin Vanaheim to find Thor. The Giants
cat off the floor, but he is only able to summoned Thor to fight an invasion of battled the rebel Vanir and the Engels
barely get one paw up. The final Frost Giants but Thor ignored this to hordes of Surtur who wished to
challenge is for Thor to best an old help Midgard. The Thermal Man from destroy all of the realms. The Jotuns
woman, Elli, in a wrestling contest, but Midgard was sent to fight the Frost eventually "succumbed to the fire",
he completely fails at that as well. After Giants and send them back to being incorporated into Surtur's forces.
they have been completely bested, Jotunheim. As the Frost Giant Thrymr Dr. Bruce Banner, working for
Utgard reveals that they have been had stolen Mjolnir and demanded the S.H.I.E.L.D., built a portal to Jotunheim
tricked, as Logi is really fire, Hugi is hand of Freya or even of his Thor's in search of Asgardian metal Uru. Due
really thought, Elli is really the mother Freyja, Thor traveled to to the unstable nature of the portal,
personification of old age, and the cat Jotunheim, disguised as the bride, and they ended up in the past. They were
was in reality Jormungand, the attended the ceremony. He ended up greeted by a past version of Thor who
Midgard Serpent. When Thor became slaughtering everyone in the Hall of helped them as they were attacked by
the champion of Asgard he would Thrymr in revenge. Frost Giants. When the team tried to
regularly fight the Jotuns to stop them escape back to Earth through the
from invading other realms. The Hulk and the Pantheon travelled portal, they were once again attacked
to Jotunheim and battled the Frost by the Giants who tried to squeeze
While traveling out to Jotunheim, Thor Giants Siingard and Tuurgid the through the portal to Earth, forcing
and Loki were searching for a path Unbeatable. The warriors of Jotunheim them to close it and trapping the team
leading to the land of Olympus, home joined Kurse and his invasion of on Jotunheim. As the portal opened
of the Olympian Gods when they Midgard. When Malekith ascended on again, the Giants returned as well.
happen upon some Storm Giants, Asgard's throne while the Aesir were S.H.I.E.L.D. fought back the invading
which Thor easily defeated. However, on Earth as the Lost Gods unaware of forces and, with the help of Thor, they
the battle caused the ground to rupture their identities, he was opposed on were returned home.
and Thor fell into the chasm, finding Jotunheim by Skadi who led the Frost
himself in a tunnel. Following it to its Giants, who had allied with the While tracking Malekith, the League of
end, he found himself on Olympus. Dwarves. Skadi greeted welcome to X- Realms caught up with him in
After fighting the Olympian Gods, Thor Force, who was fleeing from Malekith, Mountain Giants territory, where Dark
was returned to Jotunheim. The and gave them Aragorn whom she had Elves refugees were hiding from their
cavern then collapsed and the portal to cared fort after Malekith's minions had former King's rampage. During the
Olympus was sealed. Loki took Red wounded it. The Well of Crimson battle, Malekith killed League member
Norvell to Jotunheim to show his might Waters, located in Jotunheim, was Oggy (also a Mountain Giant
against the Frost Giants, but Thor said to be made up of the blood of all emissary), but retreated in Frost Giant
followed them. Loki bested Thor by Asgardians that had ever died in territory, making himself out of reach of
casting a weakening spell upon Thor, Jotunheim. Balder had to dive to the the League of Realms despite being
dividing his strength by half while in bottom of the Well in order to retrieve only a few feet away. Oggy was buried
Jotunheim. Thor called forth his Belt of the Chest of Strength for Thor. After and the League departed. Roxxon, led
Strength and, augmented by the belt, Balder's death and Odin's self-exile, by Dario Agger, traveled to Jotunheim
defeated Loki and a group of Rock Thor and an army of Asgardians to retrieve the skull of Laufey. The
Trolls. While battling some Storm invade Jotunheim to crush a Frost Thunderbolts were on a mission to kill
Giants in Jotunheim, Thor and Loki Giant rebellion. Thor went to the Three Doctor Strange, but were transported
discovered the crack in the ground that Norns and destroyed the Loom of the to Jotunheim where they battled a
once led to Olympus. This time, Fates, thus cutting off Those Who Sit group of Frost Giants. Malekith the
Accursed traveled to Utgardhall to
meet with Skrymir the leader of the
Frost Giants. The two brokered a deal
between their two realms. He informed
the Frost Giant about a mortal from
Midgard recovering Laufeys Skull. He
sends a group of Frost Giants to assist
Malekith with Laufey's skull recovered
they began the magical process to
resurrect their king. Fang of the Shi'ar
Imperial Guard attacked the
Wolverines, defeating them. He took
Daken to Jotunheim to face a Frost
Giant as a part of a life lesson. Loki
traveled through Jotunheim with his
newly resurrected father to Bloodcycle
Canyon, the two arguing throughout
the journey. Laufey challenged his son
to travel through the canyon and
survive and he would support him
joining the Dark Council. Loki
completed the challenge using only his
words causing the Frost Giants to kill
themselves and each other. Loki was
consequently accepted into the Dark

For years and under the rule of his Winters. However, a group of Dark Elf
majesty Kraw the Uncontrollable, King warriors attacked him killing him and
of the Dark Elves, Svartalfheim knew taking the Casket back to Malekith.
nothing but war, mainly with the Trolls. Malekith relished having the Cask of
In the nineteenth year of the Forty- Ancient Winters once more within his
Third Troll War, the thirteenth son of a grasp. Using its power, he called forth
thirteenth son, Malekith of the Black Pentigaar, to go to Midgard and kill
Bile Clan, was sold by his mother to Thor.
become a corpse burner. He was then
captured by Trolls, and escaped along Disguising himself as Balder once
with a wizard who taught him the ways again, Malekith enlisted Hercules to
Svartalfheim: of magic for years. Meanwhile, war attack Alflyse, the Dark Elf Queen of
Known as "The Dark World", against the Trolls gave way to war the Eastern Spires. His scheme
Svartalfheim is one of the Nine Worlds, against the Light Elves, then to border humorously unraveled, and he is easily
and home of the Dark Elves. This is in skirmishes against the Dwarves and defeated by Zeus. Svartalfheim was
the middle region of the nine realms, terrorism against the Gods. Eventually, attacked by Thane and the World
on the same level as Midgard and Malekith became a talented wizard. Eaters, and defended by Tyr and
Jotunheim. When his trainer asked his help to Balder. When the Congress of Worlds
bring peace to Realm, Malekith was assembled, Svartalfheim was
Geography: murdered him (while being marked of represented by the Dwarf Slag.
The geography and climate of the a half-black face), returned to his Svartalfheim was later one of the
realm has been shown to be heavily mother, assumed the control of the battlefields during the War of Burning,
wooded with Dark Elf towns, villages Wild Hunt and had her killed. At some with the Dwarves resisting to Surtur's
and castles dotting across the green point, Malekith succeeded to Kraw. forces. Freed from his imprisonment in
rolling landscape. They have been Nastrond by Dark Elves loyal to him,
shown to live both above ground in Malekith struck an alliance with Loki on Malekith embarked in a hunt upon his
castles and underground in large behalf of the Fire Demon Surtur. As own people, wishing to restore their
caverns. The Dark Elves have their Master of the Hounds of the Hunter, might. Although being opposed by
own portals that grants them access to Malekith hunted down Roger Willis, Thor and the League of Realms, he
the other Nine Worlds including Using Lorelei as bait, Malekith forced managed to kill Queen Alflyse and
Midgard. The Dark Elves, due to their Thor to battle Algrim the Strong, one of ended up being appointed King of
appearance, have often been treated his Dark Elf followers, then attempted Svartalfheim by the Council of the
badly by the races of the Nine Realms to destroy both combatants by Unhallowed, the Dark Elf tribal council,
and are now generally more hostile to plunging them into a pool of magma on the very Dark Elves he attempted to
outsiders. Various leaders have Svartalfheim. He then captured the slaughter.
embarked on schemes of conquest Casket of Ancient Winters from Roger.
several times. Malekith was ultimately defeated by Points of Interest:
Thor, but not before he destroyed the Bloodmuck Swamp, Svartalfheim's
Demographics: Casket of Ancient Winters, releasing Eastern Spires
The Dark Elves divides themselves magical frigid force all over the
into tribes and clans. A few of those Midgard. Residents:
are known, including the Snake Face Dark Elves, Wild Hunt, Bog Bears,
tribe, the Hag Wart clan and Malekith's In Svartalfheim, Dark Elves were Muck Sharks, Quicksand Squids,
Black Bile Clan. It formerly included blown back by a series of explosions. Dwarves
the Dove Gut tribe who were all killed Using the Mirror of Finvarra, they view
by Malekith during the Svartalfheim a figure on Earth forging enchanted
Massacre. While being the land of the steel. Grendell and the Dark Elves
Dark Elves, Svartalfheim is also traveled to Midgard to stop this before
populated by many Dwarves, and by he can finish. The Dark Elves proved
some Faeries. too many for the weakened Thor, but
before the final blow can be struck,
Politics and Leadership: Thor was saved by Loki who wished to
Many such as Malekith the Accursed destroy his brother in his own time. In
has tried and failed to unite his people Svartalfheim, Balder the Brave went to
and its various warring factions. The find the home of Jagrfelm. In the
current ruler is Queen Alflyse of the forest, he was captured by trees
Eastern Spires. She too had plans of apparently came to life. It is then that
conquest, but generally cared more for Jagrfelm revealed himself. Balder
her people than Malekith and tried to Managed to convince Jagrfelm to help
avoid the suffering he caused. him to assist Odin and Asgard.
Jagrfelm returned home with his
History: reward in sack. Jagrfelm now wielded
the power of the Casket of Ancient
Politics and Leadership
Niffleheim, traditionally spelled Hela is supreme ruler of the realm
"Niflheim", is one of the Nine Worlds. It ruling from her region known as Hel.
is the far northern region of icy fogs
and mists, darkness and cold. It is Niffleheim is represented in the
situated on the lowest level of the Congress of Worlds by the Ghost
universe. The realm of death, Hel is Senators (and formerly by an
part of this vast, cold region, as is unidentified Ice Giant).
Nastrond, the Shore of Corpses across
the Gjoll, where the the serpent Points of Interest
Nidhogg eats corpses. Niffleheim lies Gjoll, Gjallerbru, Gnipahellir, Hel,
beneath the third root of Yggdrasil, Elysium, Nastrond, Cave of the
Hel: where the Nidhogg also gnaws on the Ancients, Eljudnir, Hvergelmir,
This region of Niffleheim where the roots of Yggdrasil close to the spring Midhogg
dead who are neither honored nor Hvergelmir.
dishonored. Residents
Geography Draugr, Frostlings, Garm, Hela nand
Odin, ruler of the Asgardian gods, Ginnungagap ("yawning abyss") was the Ice Giants
decreed that Hela the daughter of Loki the vast, primordial void that existed
would become goddess and ruler of prior to the creation of the manifest
the spirits of the dead on the day of universe. In the northern part of
her maturity; however, Odin himself Ginnungagap lay the intense cold of Muspelheim (Muspel):
directly ruled the souls of Asgardians Niffleheim, and to the southern part lay Home of the Fire Demons, a realm of
and their human worshipers who died the equally intense heat of eternal fire. Muspelheim is one of the
in battle as heroes, and had the palace Muspelheim. The cosmogonic process Nine Worlds, it's located in the lower
of Valhalla built in a distant section of began when the effulgence of the two region of the World Tree on the same
Asgard to house them. met in the middle of Ginnungagap. level as Niffleheim and Svartalfheim. It
This created the Nine Realms. is a realm of eternal fire, and the home
Hel is not at all a bad place, parts of it, of the Fire Demons and their ruler
like Elysium, are an afterlife paradise In Niffleheim there was located the Surtur. The surface is covered in pools
while other parts are seen as dark and eldest of the three wells, called of lava and giant flame pits. The
gloomy. Hel is not a place of Hvergelmir, protected by the dragon Ginnungagap ("yawning abyss") was
punishment, but simply a resting place Nidhogg. Hvergelmir was the origin of the vast, primordial void that existed
for the normal dead people. It may be all beings and the place where every prior to the creation of the manifest
reached by taking a road known as the being will return. universe. In the northern part of
Helway, which begins with a cave Ginnungagap lay the intense cold of
called Gnipahellir. Elivagar ("unknown waves" or Niffleheim, and to the southern part lay
"poisonous stream") were the twelve the equally intense heat of
Also associated with Hel is Nastrond, streams, flowing out the Hvergelmir. Muspelheim. The cosmogonic process
on the far shores of Gjoll, which The Elivagar filled the emptiness of began when the effulgence of the two
translates as "corpse strand," and is Ginnungagap and froze in the regions met in the middle of Ginnungagap.
home to various giant serpents. of Niffleheim. This created the Nine Realms.

Points of Interest: Like the primal cow, Audumla, the Politics and Leadership:
Elysium, Nastrond, Cave of the giant Ymir was created when the hot Muspelheim is represented in the
Ancients, Eljudnir fire of Muspelheim sprayed to the Congress of Worlds by two Fire
Elivagar's glacier. The cow Audumla Demons senators.
Residents: licked the salty ice-blocks, until Buri
Hela, Draugr, All the deceased came forth from the blocks. Odin learnt that the Rock Trolls have
residents of the Nine Realms. joined the Surtur, Odin faced the Fire
Regions Demon himself. But Odin with his
Notes: Hel is located in Niffleheim. The ruler power draws meteors down unto
Unlike the Christian purgatory, it is not of Hel is Hela, daughter of Loki and Surtur. Realizing he couldn’t defeat
an abode of punishment, but simply a Angerboda, and its guardian is the Odin directly, Surtur attacks the
resting place for the dead. Hela has no hell-hound Garm ("Howl"), who was Midgard. Boring deep into the earth,
control over Valhalla, the home of located in front of Gnipahellir, the he releases a huge chunk of matter
fallen hero