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Industry Report

What’s driving the

market forward?
The LNG market is booming! With record demand growth in 2018, the market is now worth north of
$230 billion making it the fastest growing gas supply source. Ahead of the LNG Bunkering Summit 2019,
we surveyed over 100 specialists from across the entire LNG Bunkering supply chain to gain insights into
the factors that are driving the LNG market forward.


What type of organisation do you represent?
6% 5%

Port Terminal Shipping Owner LNG Supplier Technology Other

Operator Operator Supplier

Other responses included: Consultant, Government, Port & Shipping Consultant, Fuel Oil Bunker supplier with interest in LNG

What category of shipping companies are you

collaborating with?

Cargo Ships 33% Passenger Ships 6%

Tanker Ships 31% Other Ships 30%

Other responses included: LNG Bunker ships, Oceanographic, Offshore, Small scale LNG Carriers.
Do you feel LNG will become a widespread
fuel for short-sea shipping?

11% 89%
No Yes

Do you feel LNG will become a

widespread fuel for deep-sea shipping?

68% 32%
Yes No
Will oil price volatility be a hindrance to the
expansion of LNG bunkering worldwide?

83% 59%
Yes Yes 50% 50%
Yes No

17% 41%
No No

2017 2018 2019

What is the most important aspect of decision
making and adopting LNG as a fuel?

35% 8% 15%
Regulatory compliance Social responsibility Opperational efficiency

37% 2% 3%
Profitability Ageing stock Growth
What do you feel to be the greatest
challenge for LNG bunkering?

23% 22% 37% 2018


56% 46% 44%


9% 9% 6%

6% 13% 10%

3% 4% 2%

3% 6% 2%
Which ship types are best suited to LNG fuels?
Container Ships Passenger (RORO) Ferries

25% 2017 27% 2017

25% 2018 21% 2018
26% 2019 24% 2019

Passenger Ships Offshore Support Vessels (OSVs)

12% 2017 6% 2017

17% 2018 8% 2018
19% 2019 4% 2019

Port Support Bulk Freighters Tankers

Vessels (OSVs)

10% 2017 4% 2017 19% 2017

7% 2018 8% 2018 14% 2018
7% 2019 4% 2019 17% 2019

Which region do you anticipate driving the

bunkering market forward in 2019?

13% 46%

13% said the market will not make any significant progress in 2019.
What do you believe will be the biggest challenge
with operational LNG vessels?

Operational Standards
Safety & Risk
Training & Skills
& Procedures Maintenance Management Development

What do you believe will be the biggest challenge

in terms of operational infrastructure?

Operational Standards
Safety & Risk
Training & Skills
& Procedures Maintenance Management Development

What do you believe will help accelerate

growth in the sector?

24% Technological Innovation 35% Lower Costs

15% Funding Availability 26% Partnership Developments

These results demonstrate that many of the challenges faced within the LNG Bunkering market have
remained consistent throughout the past few years, such as the availability of infrastructure and the cost
to develop it. It is encouraging to see that just 50% of respondents now think that the price volatility will
be a hindrance to the expansion of LNG Bunkering worldwide, down from 83% in 2017.

Looking forwards, Europe is still seen as the region which will drive the industry forward, although recent
reports suggest that LNG demand growth in Asia is set to rise in the coming year. With 89% and 68% of
respondents believing the LNG will become a widespread fuel for short and deep sea shipping respectively,
the use of LNG as the fuel of choice throughout the shipping supply chain globally looks set to continue.

The Annual LNG Bunkering Summit will be spread over three days and focus on the entire supply chain,
offering insights into decision making, planning, development, operation, safety and training processes
that will help ensure the market continues to accelerate. Find out more about this event on the next page.
Europe’s fastest growing and largest LNG Bunkering event focusing
on active projects from across the entire value chain

Interactive Focus Day: 29th January 2019

Main Conference: 30th & 31st January 2019
Novotel Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Promoting LNG as the Fuel of the Future through Supply

Chain Development and Innovation
Ensure you make the right decisions, by: Learn from the experts:
 valuating the commercial viability of LNG as a
E Pablo Garcia, Fleet Project Manager,
marine fuel and calculating accurate payback Baleària
predictions presented by major shipping companies
such as Baleària, BC Ferries, DEME, Anthony Veder, Peter Keller, Executive VP, Tote &
Brittany Ferries, Spliethoff and Carnival Chairman, SEA\LNG
Assessing alternative shipping fuel concepts and their Paul Radford, Engineering
feasibility by hearing from the likes of Tote, Carnival, Superintendent, BC Ferries
Spliethoff and Baleària on their perceptions of ROI,
operational efficiency and environmental impacts Cees Boon, Sector Coordinator Harbour
Master Policy Department, Port of
Solving common LNG Bunkering problems at a Rotterdam
strategic and operational level by participating in expert
led, structured discussion groups with the entire Xavier Pfeuty, LNG Managing Director –
value chain Total Marine Fuel Global Solutions, Total
Discovering the latest progress in LNG infrastructure Guus Vogels, Sales Manager, Vopak
developments across the globe including updates
from across Asia, Canada, US, and Europe to help Tom Strang, Senior Vice President,
build your business case for shifting to LNG as a Maritime Affairs, Carnival Corporation
marine fuel & plc

Understanding the latest regulatory updates and Jan Gabriel, Head of Construction and
discussing operational procedures and challenges Conversion Department, DEME
to reduce risk and ensure your team remains safe
and compliant See inside for the full list of speakers

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