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sTE OF NORTH CAROLINA BUNCOMBE COUNTY JOSEPH L. ARRINGTON, JR, sacvs! ACV 04926 : atic Sopet Ceut Dior GENERAL CIVIL ACTION COVER SHEET INTIALFILING SUBSEQUENT FILING (ter (speci) ie 5) Rules of Practice for Supeir ana Dstct Courts Tamera Tas As OAs OA TRS Reva ea — Edward L. Bleynat dr [SB#165S6] 48 Paton Ave, Third Floor Ashevil, Noth Cartina 28601 CAROLINA DAY SCHOOL, INC. 16558 Xe te [iemeecn [ora] Chango Aase FERKES &OLEWNAT. PLIC va ml ezesi-1503 | azenst-2014 x nireits Atte myeszeoe Xan Danandes Pain Fanon sairveray does nO Berea TOD Compo itgaion ‘Stouse a avaton [Type oF PLEADING —T [__ Cuan FOR RELIEF FOR Breckat at aa) (Ghee aha ape Amended Anoweeply (ANNO Response) ‘Aarnisrave Appel (ADMA) ‘Amend Compa (ND) ‘oporment OFReceher APR) ‘nawerReply ANS Response) Macrame ATTO) x Comiant (Cor atm Ana Dever CIN). {ontssion Of udament (CN) Cotecion On Account (ACCT) oon (7S) Condemnation CHOW) ‘Pai nly istonsacty — | xx Contact (enTFD ‘rossi vo (ist on back) (CRE). stand Saute Of tations ule (ESOL) std Tine For Anowor (MEOT-Response) Extend Tine For Compan (ECO) Rule 12 Noto n Liew Of Answer MLA) Th Party Complaint (Lis hie Party Defendant On Discovery Scheduling Order (OSH) Injunction (ZU) Meal Malacca (MON) nor Setement (STL) Money Owed (aN¥O) Negligene- Motor Vetile (MVNG) Limited Diving rege - Out Sta Camsictons Possession O Personal Property (POPP) Produ Lisbtty PROD) Real Property (RLPR) Speate Perormance(SPPR) ter (spect) Broach np. Conte Wont Disohrg, Defame, Libel, Slander Un: boop Pract. Se ee ‘STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA De" reowsc96 ‘in The Ganeral Court Of ustew County ois BF Superior Caut Division POSEPH L. CARRINGTON fae civ SUMMONS [cose parton avenue sure 30 CCUAUAS AND PLURIES SUMMONS (ASSESS FEE) ASHEVILLE Nc__2aso1 VERSUS 25.1 Rules 3084 [CAROLINA DAY SCHOOL, INC. TT To Each Of Th Detnaante) Named Below: [CAROLINA Da¥ SCHOOL, INC By and ough se. agent” KIRK DUNCAN 1345 HENDERSONVILLE ROAD IMPORTANT! You have been sued! These papers are legal documents, DO NOT throw thete papers out Yeu have to respond within 30 days, You may want to tatk with a lanyor about your case as soon as. ‘possible, and, needed, speak with someone who reads English and can translate these papers! IIMPORTANTE! [Se ha entablado un proceso civil en u contra Esto papeles son documentos legales {NO TIRE estos papetes! ‘iene que contestar a ms tardar en 30 dias. ;Puee querer consular con un abogado Io anos posible acerca de su caso y, de sernecesario hablar con alguien que lea inglés y que pueda traduclrestos documentos! [ACivil Acton Hiss Been Commenced Agsint You! ‘You ae note appear and anwar e compl ofthe pst as oe: 1. Sere a copy of our wrtlon answer otha cana vn tops or at's tame whiny (0) dys are have been Served. Youray serve your enswerby deve a copy toe plan erby mating ftp Oe ants ast awn sess and 2 Floto orginal he witon arewor wen Be Clef Siperer Coutof me ounlynamod above, fy to arcuate comin the pai wil apply th Court fo te et deandein he compan SRT ar TT = 7)-LAe yole ow on FERIKES & BLEYNAT, PLLC = 48 PATTON AVENUE, SUITE 300 ASHEVILLE Nc 28801 oe aes (Denoorsewenr assess ree) Ow Cw ‘ne Surevo wos egal sued onthe date nested Se {ove an oir not sowed Att request the pt, fh te thn i oe Sunmone mtb sed ‘onde cy (5) cay, Clowwese Canmmcse Clem araemrcont [NOTE TO PARTIES: Atay count av MANOATORY ARBITRATION pop h wh neces nese amount ono 2600 [er herby an eta Bto oa The pare eed ae ase may meamen an? taipocedre tebe Bore (om STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA JN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE ‘SUPERIOR COURT DIVISION COUNTY oF BUNCOMBE Soop ca aps vy FILENO. 18 C¥BY 04926 JOSEPH L. CARRINGTON, JR., ) Plaintiff ) ee ) \_goMPLainr ) -—~ yuRV TRIAL DEMANDED v ) ) } ‘CAROLINA DAY SCHOOL, INC.,) Defendant ) Plaintif Joseph L. Carrington, Jr, complaining of Defendant Carolina Day Schoo, Inc, alleges and says as follows: THE PARTIES 4. Plaintiff Joseph L. Carington, J ("Coach Carrington” or “Paint is citizen and resident of Buncombe County, North Carolina, He served as the head coach ofthe Carolina Day Schoo! gis’ varsity basketball eam in Buncombe Count, North Carolina from the 2009-10 basketball season through the 2017-18 basketball season 2. Upon information and belit, Defendant Carolina Day School ne. CCDS", the School" or ‘Defendant’ isa North Carolina not for profit corporation wit ts offce and principal place of business in Buncombe County, North Caratna THE UNDERLYING FACTS. 43. Before the beginning ofthe 2009-10 high schoo! basketball season, Coach Carrington was hired as head coach ofthe Varsity Girls basketball team at CDS.