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CDI - 2018 Sponsored Bill Package – Fire Bills

Updated 10/23/18
1. SB 894 (Dodd) – Fire Survivor recovery Assistance: Policyholder Flexibility - Allows a
consumer the option to combine portions of their homeowner insurance policy to help
rebuild their home in certain circumstances. Also extends policy renewal protections for a
consumer suffering a total loss from one renewal to two renewals or 24 months. The bill will
also extend the time to collect additional living expenses (ALE) from 24 to 36 months after a
declared disaster. Location: Chapter 618 Statutes of 2018

2. SB 897 (McGuire) – Expedited Claims Processes Following a Disaster – Issues addressed

include: payment of up to 4 months of advanced ALE, standard contents advance payment of
at least 25%, grouping categories of personal property, an insurance billing grace period and
allowing a policyholder to receive 80% of their contents coverage without painstakingly
itemizing a full home inventory. Location: Senate Floor

3. SB 1263 (Portantino) - Extending Replacement Cost After Declared Disaster - Provides

automatic additional replacement cost coverage after a declared disaster. The additional
coverage would be equal to 50% of the actual coverage available under the insured’s primary
structure and other structures on the property. Location: Content of bill subsequently

4. SB 1291 (Dodd) – Independent Insurance Adjuster - Allows California to join 34 other

states by implementing the same high standard enjoyed by consumers through an exam,
fingerprint-based background check and continuing education requirements. Location:
Senate Appropriations

5. AB 1772 (Aguiar-Curry) – Extend Time to Rebuild and Collect Full Replacement Cost –
Extends the time to rebuild and collect full replacement cost from 24 to 36 months after a
declared disaster. Location: Chapter 627 Statutes of 2018

6. AB 1797 (Levine) – Require Replacement Cost Estimate at Each Renewal - Requires

insurers to either provide a policyholder with full a replacement cost estimate every other
year or apply an inflation factor to the dwelling limit at each renewal and clearly offer the
consumer the option of a full replacement cost estimate. Location: Chapter 205 Statutes of

7. AB 1799 (Levine) - Copy of Complete Policy Documents - Requires insurers to provide a

copy of complete policy documents to insureds upon request. Location: Chapter 69 Statutes
of 2018

8. AB 1800 (Levine) - Clarify Right to Full Replacement Cost - Clarifies an insured’s right to
collect the full replacement cost of their home in the event of a total loss, whether they decide
to rebuild, replace at another location or purchase an already built home at a new location.
Location: Chapter 628 Statutes of 2018

9. AB 1875 (Wood) - Mandatory Offer of Extended Replacement Coverage –Requires an
insurer who does not provide at least 50 percent extended replacement cost coverage to help
direct the consumer to an insurer that does. Location: Chapter 629 Statutes of 2018

10. AB 1923 (Limón) – Debris Removal – Codifies the consolidated debris removal program,
requiring insurers to participate after a declared disaster once property owner consents.
Location: Assembly Appropriations

11. AB 2594 (Friedman) – 24 Month Right to Sue - Extends a consumer’s right to sue their
insurer following a declared disaster from 12 months to 24 months. Location: Chapter 639
Statutes of 2018