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Level 1 & 2
Level Level 1 Level 2
Duration 180 - 200 hours 180 - 200 hours
Form Siu Lim Tao (Little Idea) Gei Boon Kuen (Basic Punches)
Technique Attacking: Attacking: Vertical Punch
Vertical Punch Palm: Fak Sao
Palm: Chung Jeung Ding Sao
Wang Jeung Defending: Lim Sao/Lap Sao
Reverse Palm Huen Sao
Defending: Kau Sao
Tan Sao Fan Lap
Bong Sao Jum Sao
Fook Sao
Gaun Sao
Wu Sao
Pak Sao
Drills 1. Lap Sao Cycle (Tan-Lap Punch) 1. Lap Sao Cycle: Following techniques from Bong
2. Pak Sao against Punch Sao:
3. Punching in the air - Bong Sao Fak Sao
4. Punching the wall bag /sandbag - Bong Sao Lap Sao Punch/ low palm
5. Palming the wall bag / sandbag - Bong Sao Tan Sao Punch
6. Footwork from YJKYM – left, right, back, - Hand pulling (Double hand grabbing) a palm,
forward punch, elbow, arm locking
- Disengage double hand grabbing
2. Shoulder pushing on YJKYM
3. Chain punching
Techniques • Tan Da • Jut Sao-Punch (Completed with one hand, another
Combination • Pak Da hand is posed to opponent's hand)
• Gaun Da • Huen Sao-low side palm (Completed with one
• Tan Sao Lap Sao Punch hand, another hand is posed to opponent's hand)
• Bong Sao Lap Sao Punch • Tan Sao-Punch (Change hand position during
• Bong Sao Tan Sao Low Fak Sao Rolling hand exercise in order to train Huen Sao)
Other combinations created in order to train the • Jut Sao-Center Palm / Punch
principles from this stage • Lap Sao-Fak Sao
• Pak Sao (on outer gate) – High side palm/punch
• Double Huen Sau and Jut Sau-Low side palm
• Pak Sao (on inner gate) – Center Palm/Punch
• Pak Sao (on outer gate) – Fak Sao
Chi Sao • Dan Chi Sao - Poon Sao / Sheung chi Sao / Luk Sao
• Dan Huen Sao: Tan Fook - 12 hand to hand situation 1 attack – 1 defence -
Tan Bong free
Theory • Centre line principle • Relaxation and Noi Gar Kuen
• 4 gates / Division of Body • Stick when there is contact Loi Lau Hui Sung
• Static elbow • Strike when losing contact Lut Sao Jik Chung
• History of Wing Chun • Facing
• Lineage • Do not resist to bigger force
• Body Squaring • Convergence
• Simultaneous attack and defense
Level 3 & 4
Level Level 3 Level 4
Duration 270 hours 270 hours
Form SLT in one leg SLT in one leg - practiced on stakes
Chum Kiu Chum Kiu
Technique 1. Tok Jarn Jut Sao Kwan Sao and its follow up techniques
2. Pai Jarn
3. Boon Biu Sao (Dap Sao)
4. Lan Sao
5. Gum Sao
6. Stance: Pien Sun Ma
Ching Sun Ma
7. Kicking Techniques: Ching Kirk; Wang Kirk
Drills 1. Footwork - Tor Bo Triangular Footwork
- Biu Bo • Basic Pattern - Advancing and retreating with
2. Lap Sao Cycle Bong Sao
- shifting stance using Kwan Sao • Complex Pattern - Footwork on the same spot
- shifting stance using Bong Sao • Advancing and retreating, Pak Sao-High side
3. Attacking Techniques on the wall bag - fist, palm against Kwan Sao
palm, elbow • Lap Sao Punch on Complex pattern footwork
• Wu Sao Punch on Complex pattern footwork
• Wu Sao-Fak Sao on Complex pattern footwork
• Pak Sao-Dai Jeung on Complex pattern footwork
• Under-shoulder Palms (Po Yik Jeung) on
Complex pattern footwork
• Po Pai Jeung on Complex pattern footwork
Techniques • Lap Sao-Bong Sao and punch / back fist 12 hand to hand situation - free combination starting
Combination • Gaun Sao-Low punch / Low side palm, Chuen from each situation
• Jut Sao-Low punch, Chuen Kiu
• Pak Sao-Punch (twist waist)
• Tok Jarn Jut Sao Sao then strike with Center
Palm / Low side palm
• Lap Sao-Horizontal elbow strike
• Kum Na Sao – Wrist lock, Elbow Lock
• Combination of attacking and defending
techniques in Stage 1
• Use Huen Sao to disengage Lap Sao
• Use Wang Lan Sao and sliding footwork to
dissolve Lap Sao
• Boon Biu Sao
• Gum Sao
• Tor Bo/Biu Bo disengage Lap Sao (Use
structure to strike structure)
Chi Sao - Dan Chi Sao • Poon Sao
- Poon Sao • Guo Sao
- Guo Sao • Lut Sao
-12 hand to hand situation 2 attacks 2 defences - • In Chi Sao, kicks can be added
Theory a. Shoulder Path a. Principle of Wing Chun Stance
b. Footwork b. Shoulder Path
c. Wing Chun Stance Principles c. Principle of Footwork
d. Facing theory d. Ying Siu Bo fa
e. Convergence in Movement
Level 5 & 6
Level Level 5 Level 6
Duration 180 – 200 hours 180 – 200 hours
Form • SLT in one leg • Five Elements Zhan Zhuang Chi Gung
• Biu Jee
• Biu Jee short form
Technique • Gwai Jarn • Biu Sao
• Man Sao • Sheung Lap Sao
• High Low Gaun Sao • Chap Kuen
Drills 1. Up and down sliding stance in Chum Kiu 1.Complex pattern footwork
• Advancing and retreating with basic triangle • Sheung Guan Sao
footwork • Biu Sao
3. Guan Sao against Kwan Sao • Kau Sao
4. Huen Bo • Kwan Sao
5. Solo leg stance continuous kicking in the air 2. Arrow punching with quadrilateral stance
6. Kicking the wall bag without touching the 3. Single leg kicking on the stakes
ground 4. Low Bong Sao against mid kick and charge in.
7. Stop Kicks 5. Sheung Dao Sao against high kick
Techniques • Gaun Sao-So Kirk (Sweeping Leg) • Bil Sao and Lap Sao
Combination • Bik Bo Kau Kirk • Gaun Sao on inside bridge and Fak Sao
• Pressing elbow/Chuen Kiu and Bik Bo to • Sheung Lap Sao and Chap Kuen
strike • Tui Sao strike
• Chuen Kiu and grapple neck-punch • Elbow defending in very close range
• Lap Sao and Gwai Jarn • Sheung Lap Sao and Yiu Lo Sao
• Finger jab by Biu Sao
• Use Chuen Kiu to supplement strike
Chi Sao - Essence on fighting range, control of distance Free Chi Sao using the principles from the three
and timing forms. Low and mid kicks can be added in order to
- inch power train the defense against them.
Theory a. Relaxation a. Long bridge power
b. Fighting ranges b. Principle of wrist springing
c. Principle of using footwork c. combat strategy
d. Inch strength d. General principles of internal martial arts
Level 7 & 8
Level Level 7 Level 8
Duration 270 hours 270 hours
Form Wooden Dummy Form (1 st – 5 th section) - Wooden Dummy Form (6 th – 8 th Section)
- Dummy Kicking Section
- Mui Fu Joang (Mui Fa Bo Fat)
Technique Kicking Techniques • Elbow Techniques
• Ching Gerk • Palm Techniques
• Wang Gerk
• Tan Gerk
• Bong Gerk
• Fook Gerk
Drills • Solo leg stance continuous kicking in the • Jut Gerk against Tan Sao
dummy • Kwan Sao-side kick against mid kick
• Chi Gerk • Kwan Sao-side kick against high kick
• Tan Kirk, Bong Kirk, Fook Kirk against low
• Huen Kiu low kick against Mid Kick
Techniques • Kwan Sao-Wan Kirk (Side kick) • Tan Sao and Wu Sao-Ching Kirk
Combination • Grab hand on knee and kick • Step forward and backward then strike
• Chin Grappling and thumb jab on eye. • Sweeping leg by Huen Bo
• Kwan Sao-Dai Wan Kirk (Low side kick) • Chuen Kiu-Ching Kirk (Front kick)
stamp on knee • Lap Sao-Punch – Ching Kirk
• Tan Sao and Wu Sao -Dai Ching Kirk (Low front
kick) stamp on knee
Chi Sao Blend all techniques and principle of previous Blend all techniques and principle of previous forms
forms into free Chi Sao exercise into free Chi Sao exercise
Theory 1. Coordination of stance body waist Principles of using kicks
2. Simultaneous use of legs and hands
(use leg like hand)

Level 9 & 10
Level Level 9 Level 10
Duration 180 – 200 hours 180 –200 hours
Form Luk Dim Boon Gwun Bart Jarm Dao
Drills • Arrow Punching with Quadrilateral Stance • Kap Dao, Huen Dao, Chop vs Biu Gwun
• Dun Gwun • Kwan Dao, Chop vs Biu Gwun
• Leung Yee Gwun (Two Motions) • Double Jum Dao, Double chop vs Mid So Gwun
• Biu Gwun (Advance and retreat with • Biu Dao, Gaun Dao, Chop vs Overhead hit, Tiu
Quadrilateral Stance) Gwun by the other end of pole
• Huen Dao, Tan-Jarm vs Low So Gwun, High So
Techniques Luk Dim Boon Gwun Techniques – 2 men • Bart Jarm Dao vs Long Pole – 2 men practise
Combination practice • Bart Jarm Dao vs Spear – 2 men practise
• Bart Jarm Dao vs Single Sword – 2 men practise
Chi Sao Blend all the techniques (stances, strikes and
defense) contained in 3 boxing forms, wooden
dummy form, butterfly knives and long pole
into an uniform martial art and transform to
your own style.