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Activity 1

Faculty members from the departments of English and Filipino launched textbooks



and “Purposive Communication” at the ausejo hall grounds, Aug. 1.

The writers for Retorika and Panitikan from the Filipino department are namely:

ginalyn orillana,

danilo mira,

Ronald Kinilitan,

Leslie Jane Devibar, and Jean Cristine Ontal, with Rolando Bernales as lead author; while

Ronelaine Picardal from the English and Literature department wrote Purposive Communication

alongside nine authors from Regions 7 and 8.

The books are to be pblishd by MUTYA PUBLISHING HOUSE. These will be the first set of

reference materials for first year college students under the new curriculum, taking up the subjects

General Education 5, 10, 11.

Last 2017,

under the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Memorandum Order (CMO) No.

69, CHED implemented new general education courses fit for the pioneering batch of Senior High

School graduates.

When asked about the challenges they faced in the course of making the books, Orillana and

Picardal stated that their heavy teaching load and resonsibilities at home were their toughest

obstacles in the proces.

“i’m very happy of course that i was able to co-author a book together with other teachers from the

visayas area… there might have been challenges that i had to face, butii did not give up because i

considered the benefits that it can contribute to the english and literature department, to my

colleagues and students, and to the university as well,” Picardal said.

The writers of Retorika and Panitikan are planning to co-author books for senior high school and are

aiming to start by the end of this semester.

Meanwhile, Picardal will be collaborating with her colleagues at the English and Literature

Department for her next book.

Activity 2

silliman university grade 12 student bagged the 5th inter-high school economic quiz bee championship

held in bangko sentral ng pilipinas in dumaguete, july 30.

Micah Edem, an ACCOUNTANCY AND BUSINESS MANAGEMENT strand student, triumphed over 44

students from diferent public and privite shcools in Negros Oriental.

Edem said her preparations for the quiz bee started three days

before the contest by contacting her Grade 10 economics teacher to borrow some reference materials

such as books and booklets.

The coach of Edem was Earl Zar Calingacion, an instructor in the

College of Business Administration, who also gave her reference materials and economics related

YouTube videos to study.

In her junior high, Edem also represented the same competition but only ranked 2nd runner-up. “Since

then, it was my low-key dream that when I’ll be in senior high I get to represent the school again. I

became really interested in the subject,” Edem said.

idem recieved a trophy, a medal, a cash prize of Php 3,000.00, a memorabilia from the banko sentral ng

pilipnas like special coins and eco-bags.

CAMPUS JOURNALISM EXCELLENCE AWARD: Diorson Baseleres, youngest son of Dr. Rosario M.

Baseleres and the late Dionisio T. Baseleres, together with College of Mass Communication OIC-Dean

Melita C. Aguilar (left) and Vice President for Development Jane Annette L. Belarmino at the launching

of the Dionisio T. Baseleres Award for Excellence in Campus Journalism last Feb. 22.