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English 101 Fall 2018


Week 1-

Wed Sept 5 Discuss: writing time, Introductions, syllabus

Fri Sept 7 Discuss: Engl 144: Book club groups and writing fellow

Week 2-

Mon Sept 10 Read: Shitty First Drafts (in readings on website) Discuss: Reading

Wed Sept 12 Read: Rhetorical Analysis Handout from Howe Center (In readings on website)
Discuss: Audience, Purpose, Rhetorical Appeals, reading journals, and Essay #1

Fri Sept 14 Discuss: Book Club Reading and Note Taking Prep.

Week 3-

Mon Sept 17 Due: Reading Journal Read: Malcolm X excerpt (in readings on website)
Discuss: reading, narrative

Wed Sept 19 Read: Steve Jobs Commencement Address (in readings on website) Discuss:
reflection, Thesis statements

Fri Sept 21 Writing Day: Class will not meet

Week 4-

Mon Sept 24 Due: Reading Journal Read: Richard Rodriguez “None of this is Fair” (in
readings on website) Discuss: reading and thesis statements

Wed Sept 26 Guest Workshop from Academic Coaching on communication.

Fri Sept 28 Due: Essay 1 for workshop (bring 2 copies printed out) Discuss: reading, Essay
#2 (preview)

Week 5-

Mon Oct 1 Class will Not meet. Due: Essay 1 emailed by the end of class time.

Due in class for Monday- Research what the liberal arts are and bring 1
paragraph to class.

Wed Oct 3 Discuss:Core Curriculum and liberal art, essay #2.

Fri Oct 5 Class cancelled

Week 6-
Mon Oct 8 Columbus Day- No Class

Wed Oct 10 Monday Schedule of Classes. Wednesday Classes will not meet. Due: Reading
Journal Read: “My Fema People” (in reading section on website) Discuss: Humanities,
comparing and contrasting

Fri Oct 12 Due: Reading Journal Read: “Distribution of Toxic Trace Elements” (in readings on
website) Discuss: Sciences

Week 7-

Mon Oct 15 Due: Reading Journal Read: “Planning for New Orleans” (in reading section on
website) Discuss: Social Sciences, midterm portfolio, conference sign up

Wed Oct 17 Discuss: thesis statement and comparing and contrasting, Conference Sign Ups,
Midterm Portfolios

Fri Oct 19 Discuss: Integrating quotes in writing, Midterm Portfolios

Week 8-

Mon Oct 22 Class cancelled for conferences and Essay #2 draft due

Wed Oct 24 Class cancelled for conferences and Essay #2 draft due

Fri Oct 26 Class cancelled for conferences and Essay #2 draft due

Week 9-

Mon Oct 29 Class cancelled for conferences and Essay #2 draft due

Wed Oct 31 Mid term Portfolio Work Day

Fri Nov 2 Mid Term Portfolios Due. Discuss: Essay #3, University catalogue

Week 10-

Mon Nov 5 Read: “9 Tips on Conducting Great Interview” (in readings on website) Discuss:

Wed Nov 7 Career Services Visit

Fri Nov 9 Due: Special Reading Journal (what did you learn from the Career Services
workshop? How might it help you?) Library Research Day. Meet at Reference Desk.

Week 11-

Mon Nov 12 Veteran’s Day- No Class

Wed Nov 14 Monday Class Schedule, Wed classes will not meet Read: Design
Principles (in readings on website) Discuss: document design, integrating quotes
Fri Nov 16 Due: Essay #3 for workshop Discuss: Essay #4

Week 12- * Book Club books should be finished by this week

Mon Nov 19 Due: Essay #3 and Audience Proposal Discuss: evaluating sources and small
group research meetings

Wed Nov 21 Small group research meetings

Fri Nov 23 No class Thanksgiving Break

Week 13-

Mon Nov 26 Due: Outlines and Reading Journal Read: Excerpt from Audacity of Hope (in
readings on website) Discuss: reading and drafting, Book Club Presentations

Wed Nov 28 Book Club Presentation Work Day.

Fri Nov 30 Book Club Presentation Work Day.

Week 14-

Mon Dec 3 Reading Journal Read: “When I grow up I want to Be...Childhood Dream” (in
readings on website) Discuss: reading and drafting, final portfolio

Wed Dec 5 Book Club Presentation Work Day

Fri Dec 7 Book club Presentation Dress Rehearsal

Week 15-

Mon Dec 10 MYS Book Club Presentations

Wed Dec 12 Due: Essay #4 for workshop. In class Conferences and Portfolio Writing Time

Final Exam: Due: Final Portfolio and In Class Final Exam

9:05 class Wed Dec 19 8:00-10:00

11:15 class Fri Dec 14 11:00-1:00

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