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Best Friends October 31st, 2018

Friends: A Concept.
Definition for “friend”: one attached to another by affection or esteem.
Important Dates:
That is Merriam Webster’s definition of what a friend is. My definition
08/04/2019: National
for a friend is someone who will be there for you through the best Friendship Day
times and the worst times. It is someone who you can always rely on to 06/08/2019: National Best
Friend Day
make you happy and make you an open-minded and overall good per-
05/15/2019: International
son. Everyone has their own definition of what a friend is and what Day of Families
they like in a friends. My closest friends have more things in common
than they think they do. They all give me different reasons to be happy
and they all bring out the best in me. My friends are like my family and
I would not trade them for the world.

This article is about my five closest friends and who they are and how I
met them. Included in the biography about them, is a cute solo picture
of them. Enjoy!

About Me
My name is Jaelyne Gonzalez and I was born and raised in the sunny state of
Arizona. I’m currently a student at Arizona State University studying Elemen-
tary Education (ESL). I graduated from Westwood High School in Mesa, Arizo-
na, the top 20% percent of my class. I am surrounded by lovely friends that I
have had since high school and friends that I have barely just met this semes-
ter at ASU. My beautiful friends that I have included in this newsletter are Bri- Me after a fun ASU football
anna Ogaz, Lizeth Miranda, Eder Bustos, Emma Arbogast and Mayson Rom-
rell. I will be talking about these friends in my newsletter.
Brianna Ogaz
Brianna Ogaz is freshman at Arizona State University studying Secondary Edu-
cation with an emphasis in Mathematics. She graduated from Cesar Chavez
High School as a scholar and a volleyball player. She has been playing volley-
ball for a little over 6 years. She enjoys her daily dose of coffee and hanging
out with her friends and her dog, Chapes, who is a mixed poodle. I met Bri-
anna at the beginning of my semester at ASU. We found out we are third
cousins from my mom’s side and her dad’s side. We found out we have a
class in common and ever since we started talking in our science class, we
Brianna Ogaz.
have been inseparable. Brianna is my future roommate and most definitely
“The greatest my best friend for life.
gift of life is
friendship, and I
have received

Lizeth Miranda
Lizeth Miranda is also a freshman at Arizona State University studying Busi-
ness and Management. She graduated with me at Westwood High School
also in the top 20% of our class. She enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend,
Eder Bustos, and going to the gym with Eder and I. She has 4 dogs and 4 sib-
lings, not including her. She has lived in 5+ states over the past 18 years. I
met Liz my sophomore year of high school but did not start talking to her un-
til my senior year of high school. We became really good friends at the end of
our senior year and became even better friends when we started at ASU. I
have been going to the gym with her and her boyfriend and have been hang-
ing out with them constantly and I really enjoy their company. Liz will always
be one of my favorite go to people when I have a dilemma in my life.

Lizeth Miranda.
Eder Bustos
Eder Bustos is also a freshman at Arizona State University studying
General Business. He graduated with me and Liz at Westwood as a
scholar and a football player. He has been playing football since his
freshman year of high school. Eder is the only child in his family and
supports him and his mother while still going to school at ASU. He is a
BFG (Big Friendly Giant) and seems pretty closed but once you get to
know him, he opens up and is the softest bear you’ll ever meet. Eder
will always be the person I go to if I want neutral advice on a dilemma
I am having or if I just want a good laugh.

Eder Bustos carrying a

cup of water.

Emma Arbogast
Emma Arbogast is a freshman at Mesa Community College studying
Secondary Education with an emphasis in History. She graduated with
Eder, Liz and I at Westwood, graduating in the top 20% of our class.
She has 2 dogs, Charlie and Kirby, both very adorable. She spends her
time working at Lehi Elementary as a Title One Assistant and doing
night school at MCC. When she is not at school or work, she is spend-
ing her time with her boyfriend, Mayson, or with me, watching
Riverdale. Her and I met our freshman year of high school through
our friend and her now boyfriend, Mayson. Ever since our sophomore
year of high school, we have been inseparable. She has been my go to
person for anything and everything. Emma will always be my best
Emma Arbogast. friend and soul sister and nothing could ever change that.
Mayson Romrell
Mayson Romrell is a freshman at Mesa Community College, like Em-
ma. He is majoring in Computer Science. He juggles his time between
Emma, night college, and working as a cross-guard at Emerson Ele-
mentary and a Recess Aide. He has a cute dog named Roxy Anne,
who is a very good girl. He loves to skateboard even though he tore
his ACL almost 2 years ago. He enjoys making fun of me and bumping
to music with his close friends. I met Mayson my freshman year at
Westwood and we instantly became good friends. His good humor
and friendliness made me become his friend right away. Him, Emma,
and I have been inseparable since our sophomore year of high
school. Mayson will always be the guy I go to if I need someone to
Mayson Romrell.
cheer me up, make fun of me, or to help me make fun of Emma.

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