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Slim Line
Ultraflat compact keyboard with integrated General System requirements Temperature range:
Storage temperature:
trackball This high-quality, ultra-flat compact – PS/2 version:
-20 °C to +60 °C
keyboard is excellent for all systems IBM compatible PC with
ML technology with Gold Crosspoint contacts Operating temperature:
where a pointing device is necessary PS/2 keyboard and
0 °C to +50 °C.
G84-4400 but where space does not permit the PS/2 mouse connection
use of a separate mouse. – USB version:
– Suitable for 19-inch rack PC with USB interface
(L x W x H)
applications (V.1.1. or higher) and operating
370 x 139 x 20 mm
– Ideal for use with Slim Line PCs system supporting USB
and notebook computers
– Additional input option for pen- Technical specifications
approx. 720 g
based computer.
PS/2 version
Power supply: ML key modules with
Key benefits
4.00-5.25 V/DC SELV Gold Crosspoint contacts
– Two functions combined in one
device Actuation characteristics:
Current input:
– Integrated, high-quality 16 mm Soft contact
Keyboard: max. 32 mA
(4 LEDs light up)
– Retains cursor keys
Trackball: typ. 5 mA
– Space-efficient lightweight
– Extremely flat design
Connecting cable:
– Keycaps arranged in 18 mm grid
approx. 1.6 m long
– LEDs indicate status of operating
USB version
– Number of keys: 84 (European
version), 83 (US version) Power supply:
– Uses mechanical keys from our ML 4.00-5.25 V/DC SELV
series with high-precision key Current input:
action max. 100 mA
– High reliability thanks Classification:
to Gold Crosspoint contacts Low-speed, composite boot device
– Reliability: according to USB 1.1 specification.
MTBF: 134,000 hours Device requires one USB connector
Individual keys have long service only
life: approx. 20 million key
operations Connecting cable:
approx. 1.8 m long

(1) International layouts

Order descriptions
BE = Belgian
G84-4400 PPB..(1) CH = Swiss
Keyboard, Trackball: PS/2 connector DE = German
G84-4400 PRB..(1) DK = Danish
Keyboard, Trackball: PS/2 connector ES = Spanish
black FR = French
GB = English (UK)
G84-4400 PUB..(1)
 Keyboard and Trackball: 1 USB connector
FCC Part 15
Subpart B
G84-4400 PTB..(1) PO = Portuguese
Class B Keyboard and Trackball: 1 USB connector SF = Swedish/Finnish
Other approvals available on request. black EU = English (US) with 6
Other versions available on request.
32 33