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Rohan Malik

A code lover, with an undying passion for Development. Contributed to various live projects. Knowledgeable about Git Version Control,
Mobile Applications, Web Development and Machine Learning. Proficient in programming with a clear grasp of OOPS fundamentals.
Excellent collaboration and communication skills. Team Player with a can-do attitude, phenomenal management skills, and a strong
user focus. Adept at conveying complex technical information to lay audiences in a simple and clear manner.

imrohanmalik@gmail.com 9034221097

Rohtak, Haryana, India 22 October, 1997

linkedin.com/in/404shades github.com/rohan4u


High School C++ Java Android App Development
MDN Public School
04/2008 – 04/2015 Rohtak Data Structures Web Services(REST with JSON)
Class 10th and 12th
Scored 10.0 CGPA in class Scored 89.75% in class Python Flutter Firebase Machine Learning
10th 12th
Django Deep Learning HTML CSS SQL

University Institute of Engineering and PROJECTS
Technology, Kurukshetra University
08/2015 – Present Kurukshetra Library Management for SUPVA, Rohtak
A Django based Web Application to manage the Library of State
B. Tech
University of Performing and Visual Arts, Rohtak. Includes an
CGPA upto 6th Semester- authentication system where students can reserve books on the
7.44 website and library manager can add the books. It alerts the
students for book return after 15 days of Book Issue by sending
SMS/Email and also generates fine.

TRAINING AND COURSES Excelsior 2018- Website for UIET KUK Annual Fest
A College Fest Website developed using Django. It includes an
Core Java authentication system where users can register themselves for
Gyan Technologies, Rohtak participating in any event of the fest.

Android Development Movie DB- Mobile Application

An android based Application that shows the list of all popular
Coding Ninjas movies, TV shows, Top rated, and everything about any movie or TV
show whether it's an upcoming or 30 years back
Machine Learning
Coding Ninjas Text Generator using Recurrent Neural Networks
An LSTM Recurrent Neural Network (a deep learning algorithm)
trained on the first four Harry Potter books. It then produces a
Web Development in Django chapter based on what it learned.

Handwritten Digit Recognition
Handwritten Digit Recognition using Convolutional Neural
Data Structures in Java Networks in Python with Keras.
Coding Ninjas

Runner up at India Game Summit 2018
Letter of Appreciation by UIET Kurukshetra for
Calm Demeanor developing the fest website.

Inquisitiveness Letter of Appreciation by SUPVA, Rohtak for developing

the Library Management System