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“how beautiful are the feet of those

who bring good news.” -Romans 10:15

August 2010
“May he equip you with all you need for doing his will. May he produce in you,through the power of Jesus Christ,
every good thing that is pleasing to Him.”Hebrews 13:21

Gene&Ginger McClugage
3209 Ozark Dr.
Bryant, Arkansas 72022
IT’S BRACES TIME! MONTH 9 in the Sizzlin’ South
It’s hard to believe it’s been 9 months since
we arrived here in Arkansas. The amount of
gingerandgene@gmail.com daylight each day is increasingly less, and
515.291.9282 ginger • 515.291.9272 gene
just this past week we began noticing a few
leaves dropping to the ground. Change is in
prayer requests the air, though it barely feels like it. With con-
tinuous days of 100+ degree weather since
01 Discernment
As a couple - to be sensitive to the spirit as we mid-July, it still feels like summer. Last week
work with hurting couples that God continues to we realized how hot it has been. After hav-
bring into our lives.
ing a day with a high of 94, we all thought it
02 Our Family seemed really comfortable, and that morn-
Spiritual protection. ing the kids and I just about had to grab a
03 The School Year sweatshirt with the air temperature being 75.
Lydia in Public School
Malachi and Greta at home
I had to laugh. I guess we are adjusting to life
in the South.


04 Vehicle Replacement
We are planning to replace our van in the
next few months. Pray for timing and the
right vehicle. As I have reflected on the past few months, and


my role here at FamilyLIFE, it is fun to see God
working. Since January I have had the oppor-
tunity to minister to many people. After talk-
At times I struggle with feeling inadequate in this role. There ing with people all over the country, from every
are so many people who need more than I can offer. God walk of life and socioeconomic background, the
has blessed FamilyLIFE with great leadership, staff, content, prevalent needs existing within families are over-
and resources, but it doesn’t come close to meeting the whelming. Betrayal. Pain. Struggle. Neglect. It
huge need. However, God never asked us to do it all. He only discriminates from no one.
asks that we be obedient with the gifts He’s entrusted us with,
whether we FEEL like they are adequate or not.
John 6:1-15 descibes Jesus feeding 5000 people with two fish Would you join me in praying for some of my
and five loaves of bread. You know the story. The disciples ministry couples?
wanted Jesus to send the people away as it was approach- •for the couple whose marriage who is strug-
ing meal time, instead Jesus directed them to give them gling due to the rebellion of their daughter
something to eat. What was the disciples’ response? Doubt •for the number of women praying for their
and questioning. “How can we, it would cost us 8 months husband’s salvation
wages? “ They didn’t have what they THOUGHT they needed •for the women praying for their husband to
to feed those people. The only food nearby was in possession repent of deep moral failings
of a young boy: a mere five loaves of bread and two fish. Yet, •for the husband who lost his wife to cancer
Jesus took what the boy offered and multiplied it to feed 5000 and is left to raise 3 young boys.
people, with left-overs to spare.
Christ asks only for what we have. Are we willing to give Him Recently, I spoke to a man and woman who had
all we have and let him do the rest? Could it be that God is lived together for 12 years. While attending a
calling you to do something for Him, but justify not doing it Weekend to Remember, God spoke to them and
because you believe you don’t have enough skills or knowl- they were married two months later. He stated,
edge to make a difference. I know I do. Ask yourself, if God “God got a hold of us and we realized our need
can use a little boy’s lunch to bless thousands, what could he for Him.” To God Be the Glory!
do with you?