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The Blue and Gold

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Malden High School Our 96th Year
Volume 96 Edition 1 October 2010

Football Team Fights Through Injuries

Making Strides Against Breast Can-

cer on page 15.

Senior Teddy Francois catches a ball. Photo by Lauren Benoit. See article on page 18.

In This Issue:

Senior Matt Howe lines up a shot to

hit out of the fairway. Photo by Regi-
MMSI & AP Scores nah Sanyu. See article on page 22.
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Mark Zuckerberg
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Chilean Miners
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The two eldest female and male alumni present at the homecoming brunch Page 9
were Muriel Cosgrove, graduate of the Class of ’29, and Marshall Soderb-
lom, graduate of the Class of ’33. Photo by Lauren Benoit. See more pic- New Teachers
tures on page 9.
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Dress Code
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Cross Country
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Kathy Griffin and others at a protest against the “Don’t Ask Don’t
Tell” policy. Article on page 5.
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.
The Blue and Gold
Editorials October 2010

Our Competitive Education

Malden High School

The Blue and Gold W aiting for Superman, began to expose the
inadequacy and failure of the American
public school system to, as of now, a very appre-
As students, we are told so frequently that
college is the only pathway to success that we lose
sight of what we can learn in classes and begin to
77 Salem St.
ciative audience across the country. Throughout shape our educational path around the rigid set of
Malden, MA 02148 standards higher education institutions set out for
the movie, we watch promising students in large
metropolitan cities trying to flee their failing pub- us: high class rank, high SAT scores, plethora ex-
lic schools to enroll in charter schools, most of the tracurricular activities. We are told to manufacture
EDITORS-IN-CHIEF time with little success. These students hope to flee ourselves to attend a college, but it can come at a
João Nascimento their overcrowded schools along with their inat- high cost. We leave High School as robots, being
Nidale Zouhir tentive administrations, and unqualified teachers. able to figure out an answer for a calculus problem
Guggenheim’s film is of indispensable value but not knowing how and where to apply it.
MANAGING EDITORS not because he is able to pinpoint political and Our current approach to education, which is
Brittany Foley governmental inefficiencies in perpetuated by higher education
Alexandra Mathieu dealing with the public school institutions and our own obses-
system, but for hinting that sion with them, has inevitably
HEAD COPY EDITOR the source of the grim and left out a large population of
Brittany McFeeley embarrassing testing statistics students who may have a dif-
(America only ranks at 25th ferent idea of what an education
ONLINE EDITOR in Math and 21st in Science should be, or may even be inca-
Omar Khoshafa among 30 developed countries) pable of immersion in our ortho-
of the country may be internal. dox system. These students are
HEAD LOCAL NEWS WRITER It is worth noticing that today, large contributors to the high
Cristina Peters the spending per student has dropping-out rates and low test
increased to $9,000 as opposed scores. Now in my senior year, I
HEAD WORLD NEWS WRITER to the mere $4,300 of 1971, yet see that high school has unfold-
Dan Holmqvist the average student rate profi- ed as a competition because it
ciency of most states remains is formatted like one, and there
HEAD ENTERTAINMENT WRITER between 20 and 30 percent. are certainly pros to the ranking
Reginah Sanyu It is not difficult to notice system we use at MHS: moti-
the immeasurable contrast vated students, aspiring to be
HEAD SPORTS WRITER between some of the failing number one, are encouraged to
Alfonse Femino schools portrayed in the movie study longer, work harder, read
and our very own Malden High School. While more. But to attach a number to every student, at
HEAD OF BUSINESS some schools are overcrowded and in precarious instances, puts us against each other and fosters
Alexander Gennigiorgis condition, we are undergoing a $77 million renova- antagonism rather than productivity, jeopardizing
tion, while the national testing averages are going the learning environment.
HEADS OF PHOTOGRAPHY down, we have the secretary of education of Mas- Waiting for Superman helps to shed a light on
Lauren Benoit sachusetts visiting us, congratulating the student the concrete problems that plague our educational
Sharon Lee body for their performance on their performance system, but there are other forces that debilitate
in the 2009 Advanced Placement exams. Such a what I would consider to be a good educational
HEAD OF SPECIAL PROJECTS disparity between public schools is alarming and environment. There is no reason why we should
Kayla Bramante carries endless anti-democratic implications, but, wait until college to engage in meaningful dis-
what exactly in our educational culture contrib- course with our peers, exchange ideas, and create
COPY EDITORS utes to an environment that inhibits, rather than new ones as a community.
Haley DeFilippis develops, student intellectual growth?
Catherine Poirier
Megan Kelly
Natalie Fallano
João Nascimento
Paige Yurek Editorial Policy
Joshua Kummins
The Blue and Gold is an open forum for
student expression. It is produced by students
REPORTERS & PHOTOGRAPHERS for the school and the community. The views
Rebecca Broomstein Corrections:
presented in this paper are not necessarily those

Kaela Bryan of the advisor or the school administration. The
Freddie DiPhillipo views presented in the editorials are those of the
Johanna Lai editors-in-chief or guests. The goal of The Blue

Kristen Leonard and Gold is to inform and entertain students as
Jacob Martino well as the community regarding issues that we
Vicki Ngan feel are important.

to theblue
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to material printed in the form of signed letters to
Timothee Pierre
the editors. No libelous, malicious, defamatory,
Amanda Rosatone

obscene, or unsigned material will be printed.
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Established in 1915 promotes products questionable to student use.
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cation should be directed to Mr. Ryan Gallagher’s
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The Blue and Gold
October 2010 Opinion 3

Democrats MMSI Raises AP Scores in Massachusetts

Still Losing
Dan Holmqvist
Head World News Writer

W ith the vitally important 2010

congressional midterm elec-
tions rapidly approaching, it is look-
ing bleak for Democrats across the
country. First off, it is increasingly
likely that the ruling party in Wash-
ington will lose their many of their
seats, and possibly the majority, in
both the House and Senate. Second-
ly, the radical Tea Party, which has
already won several GOP midterm
primaries, is dragging the American
political spectrum to the far-right. If
the Republican Party were to gain a
majority in Congress, what would
this mean for the Obama adminis-
tration and the rest of the country as
a whole?
In 2008, when President
Obama’s approval ratings were politicization of education is precisely what Guenther
Nidale Zouhir Brittany Foley
consistently upwards of seventy is attempting to curb; instead of politics, Guenther and
percent, it seemed unlikely that the Co-Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor the rest of the MMSI claim, we should be focusing on
Democrats would be in this posi- raising the bar, on continuing MHS’s (and the United
tion one month before Americans
cast their ballots. But a recent surge
in support for a far-right protest
D espite its wealth and (albeit rapidly fading)
superpower status, the United States is known
internationally for having one of the most sub-par
States’) upward leap toward better education for all
citizens, not just the very wealthy.
The MMSI’s efforts have begun to yield stagger-
group, the Tea Party, has changed educational systems in the industrialized world. The ingly positive results. Over the past two years, there
the playing field dramatically. This public education system is, though not necessarily has been a staggering 96% improvement rate on the
is where things currently stand: 40 broken, definitely not nearly as rigorous and encour- AP exams taken by students of MMSI schools, with the
Democratic senators are not up for aging as it should be. number of scores of 3 or higher jumping from an origi-
reelection, another six Democrats The National Math and Science Initiative seeks nal 1042 to an impressive 2044. In the MMSI Cohort
are likely to be reelected, and 19 to change that. It finds various problems with the Schools specifically—these include Malden and eight
seats remain in contention. The American system of education and, instead of letting other high schools from the surrounding area—there
FiveThirtyEight blog’s model pre- them fester or arguing over them in Congress the way has been an 80% rise in scores of 3 or higher on math,
dicts that the there is a 72 percent the American government has done, sets out to solve English, and science exams, while the national score
chance that Republicans will take them. It zones in on the largest problems – that the increase is only the equivalent of 13.6%. These rates of
over the House of Representatives, US “recently finished 15th in reading, 19th in math, increase not only represent the growth of the AP stu-
and Republicans are expected win and 14th in science in the ranking of 31 countries” dents behind them, but also the growth of their chances
between 47 and 48 Senate seats according to nationalmathandscience.org, and uses of getting accepted to top-notch schools. According to
come November. These numbers, whatever resources it has to increase not only literacy Guenther, “AP courses are the middle class ticket to
however, derived from polls across but also Advanced Placement enrollment. competitive colleges.”
the country, are subject to change The current high school generation has grown MHS students are already far along the paths to-
from week to week. up with affirmative action, with colleges accepting wards acceptances at these schools. This school year,
This year, many people are also students whose less-than-stellar grades were more MHS holds an AP enrollment record of 364 in courses
discussing the role that a significant the result of poor socioeconomic standings than a of any of the English, mathematics, and science focuses.
lower intelligence level. Affirmative action aims to
“There is a 72 per- increase minority enrollment in higher education
According to MMSI statistics, this number is expected
to increase to 525 by 2011. Already, the increase in influ-
cent chance that Re- institutions. NMSI wants to change that; instead of
an America where affirmative action is necessary to
ence to enroll in AP courses is evident. On their first
day at MHS, during freshman orientation, the incom-
publicans will take keep colleges diverse, NMSI foresees a US that has ing class of 2014 was encouraged to enroll in honors
smaller minority and gender gaps. “Programs like courses and then AP courses as soon as possible by stu-
over the House of this are all about closing that gap,” explained Mas- dent and staff speakers, the idea of “grit” being drilled
Representatives.” sachusetts Secretary of Education Paul Reville.
And NMSI’s resources trickle down to Massa-
into their minds still today. According to Malden’s
superintendent of schools, Sidney Smith, this maxim of
chusetts schools; over the last three years, the Mas- “grit” refers to “the passion and pursuit of a longtime
“enthusiasm gap” between the left sachusetts Math and Science Initiative has sought to goal,” particularly, in MMSI’s opinions at least, the goal
and right will have on the elections. increase AP enrollment at schools in Massachusetts, of success in AP courses and correlating success in the
The “under-30” age group that gave including Chelsea High School, Peabody High college applications process. “Our goal is to make sure
Obama a significant boost during School, and, of course, Malden High School. that every student graduates from MHS with a ticket to
his 2008 presidential election is “Outcomes mean the same thing whether they’re a four year college,” Smith affirmed.
unlikely to return in the same num- in Malden or Melrose or Weyland or Springfield,” ex- Still, despite this new competition of sorts towards
bers. According to the Pew Research plained MassInsight president William Guenther at a post-secondary success and prestige, the motives of
Center, only “27 percent of young congratulatory presentation at MHS on Sept. 8, 2010. MHS and Massachusetts school officials remain genu-
Democrats report giving a lot of Guenther, like many Americans, feels that the ine. Reville understands that academic success is “not
thought to elections, compared with government has failed its students, at least in terms just about tests and test performance,” and wants stu-
47 percent at about the same time of agreeing upon education funding. “We need dents to feel “inspired to do something because [they]
in 2006,” when they voted in the bipartisan leadership...to get things done,” he ex- are curious about it, [they] feel enthusiastic about it.”
previous midterm elections. On the pressed, adding that “Partnership...is exactly what With these new crops of intimidating AP exam results,
other hand, enthusiasm on the right this is all about.” Interestingly, President Barack many are starting to believe that these courses help con-
Obama recently tweeted, “As long as I’m President, tribute to that enthusiasm, and as enrollment numbers
continued on page 4 we’re not going to let Washington politicians sacrifice rise, it is evident that students understand the potential
your education for a tax cut we can’t afford.” This power of these courses as well.
The Blue and Gold
Opinion October 2010
continued from page 4
Once Again, the Wealthy Get the Advantage
is increasing; according to a Wash-
Alexandra Mathieu ington Post poll, only 43 percent of
Managing Editor Democrats are “very enthusiastic”
about voting this year, while 57 per-
With the school year now in full swing, seniors statistics that Gordon offers are a bit misleading. Dar- cent of Republicans and 74 percent
have to deal with the ever-encroaching future, more ryl Fears, a writer for The Washington Post, writes in of Tea Party members feel the same
specifically, college. Those who are planning on at- his article “In Diversity Push, Top Universities Enroll- way. All of this could mean spell di-
tending college, especially a four year one, have to ing More Black Immigrants” that “white educators are saster for Democratic voter turnout
decide between over 4,000 colleges and universities, skirting long-held missions to resolve historic wrongs this year.
and that is just in the United States. To make a good against native black Americans by enrolling immigrants But why does this all even
decision, careful research must be done on each insti- who look like them.” This sleight of hand that the uni- matter? What would change if the
tution: What majors does this college offer? Is hous- versities employ not only helps bolster their racial di- Republicans were to gain a majority
ing same sex or co-ed? Is it out in the boondocks or in versity, it also puts money into their pockets since these in Congress? For one, many Repub-
the heart of a major city? And, most importantly for immigrants tend to have the money in order to pay for lican candidates are pledging to “de-
many Malden residents, how much financial aid can I their tuition, room and board. fund health care,” citing concerns
receive from this school? The admissions process can University admissions officers would also over exorbitant costs related to the
be daunting on its own, but what if applicants apply- like the public to believe that the SAT Reasoning Test newly passed legislation. Because
ing to top tier universities had the odds more against evens the playing field for middle to lower class appli- Republicans are unlikely to gain a
them than they could ever imagine? cants. However, even this gives the affluent an unfair two-thirds majority necessary to re-
In his book, The Price of Admissions: How advantage. The SAT functions to test the literacy and peal “Obamacare,” their strategy is
America’s Ruling Class Buys its Way Into Elite Col- mathematical skills needed to succeed in college. How- to try and block the President’s 2012
leges and Who Gets Left Outside the Gates, Daniel ever, children of the wealthy tend to attend expensive budget request in February, which
Golden paints a picture of a world that is both shock- preparatory schools like Phillips Andover Academy would essentially cut off all money
ing and at times disturbing to read. Golden describes and The Groton School, schools that have the funding going towards the health care bill.
how the children of wealthy families are often given and resources to give some of the best education in the Many far-right Republicans
preference over other applicants due to the likelihood nation. Therefore, top scores on the SAT tend to have are also talking about implement-
that their parents will make a hefty donation to the a positive correlation with the amount of money a fam- ing a “government shutdown,” by
school. “Top universities ranging from Stanford to ily has: the more money the student’s family has, the standing off over the federal govern-
Emory say they occasionally consider parental wealth higher the score. Of course there are exceptions to this ment’s budget. This would, accord-
in admissions decisions,” Golden writes. “At New and many of the claims that Golden makes in his book.
York University, the associate provost for admissions,
the head of fundraising, and the president’s chief of
However, exceptions only exist if a rule is in place, and “Interest in re-
with admissions, there is definitely a rule: those with
staff meet every Monday to discuss a three-page list the most money get the most privileges. Sounds mor- ducing the size of
of about forty applicants whose parents are leaders in
business, politics, media, and entertainment.”
bid, but sadly, it is the reality of the world outside the
walls of high school. government is at an
Many would suggest that this offsets the
advantages minorities receive due to affirmative ac-
So what does this spell out for Malden High
School’s seniors? Well, for one it means that the applica-
all-time high.”
tion. For those unfamiliar with the term “affirmative tion process will be harder than they had ever expected. ing to Republicans, force Democrats
action,” it is the “positive steps taken to increase the It means that wealthier students with lower grades and to revise spending measures in the
representation of women and minorities in areas of that are less involved will most likely get accepted into proposed budget, thus scaling back
employment, education, and business from which colleges that more qualified MHS seniors might get the scope and size of government —
they have been historically excluded,” as defined by rejected from. Should this prevent seniors from apply- which is one of the ideological ten-
the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. However, ing to those top tier schools? Not at all – because these ants behind conservatism.
Golden comments that “while minorities make up unfair advantages have always been in play and many This midterm election bears
to 10 to 15 percent of a typical student body, affluent MHS students have been accepted into great schools a striking resemblance to the con-
whites dominate other preferred groups: recruited regardless of this imbalanced system. Still, it is best to gressional midterm election of
athletes, alumni children, development cases, and consider this information and prepare oneself instead of 1994, when then-President William
children of faculty members.” However, even these remaining “blissfully” ignorant. Clinton, a Democrat, saw Congress
transition from a Democratic to a
Republican majority. In 1995, the
Republican majority did follow
through with a “government shut-
down.” The results, however, were
not what they expected - many
Americans considered this tactic to
be too radical, and majority leader
Newt Gingrich was forced to con-
cede ground and cut a deal with
Clinton. This does not necessarily
mean that next year will have the
same outcome; the voter frustration
and interest in reducing the size of
the government are at “an all-time
high” in 2010.
Nevertheless, a change in
Congress might not be a bad thing
for Obama. Following the 1994
midterm election, despite a weak-
ened Democratic party, Clinton was
able to pass welfare reform, reduce
government spending, balance the
budget, and become reelected in

Have you ever wanted to be published? Do you like 1996. Perhaps a shakeup in the Sen-
ate and the House will force Obama

drawing comics? Writing opinion pieces? Submit

to re-evaluate his current approach,
which has only resulted in political
deadlock. Maybe in the next two
your work to theblueandgold@gmail.com or check years, the Obama administration
will be able to further substantially
out our website, www.maldenblueandgold.com! more of their political agenda than
in the last two years.
The Blue and Gold
October 2010 OPINION 5

Military Secrets ways it destroys the moral[s] of

Kaela Bryan the people.” Ly elaborated further,
Reporter recalling a story about a soldier in
the military who had to change the

F orty-seven years ago, the United name of her partner into a mascu-
States fought for equal rights for line name “because she couldn’t tell
people of all races, and now it is il- anyone she was a lesbian.”
legal to discriminate against and to Phedorah Rosiclair, another
segregate people based on race. Yet, MHS senior and member of the GSA,
discrimination on other levels still believes that one’s sexual orientation
exists today. is “irrelevant” information. Know-
The Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ing someone’s sexual orientation
(DADT) law, put into effect in 1993 “doesn’t inhibit you from fighting,”
by then-President Bill Clinton, pro- claims Rosiclair. “If you want to risk
hibits current and aspiring soldiers your life for your country, you have
– male and female – from sharing every right,” no matter your race,
Repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law, may cause homosexuals to be- religion, or sexual orientation.
their sexual orientations with fellow come targets in the military. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.
comrades. No one serving in the On the other hand, a student
United States military is permitted at MHS who wishes to remain
wished without causing a scuffle. no one is breaking the DADT law
to tell anyone about that side of anonymous feels that the DADT
While things seemed to die in any way. The obvious problem is
their personal lives, nor is anyone law is a good thing, and asserts that
down for a while after this law was that this violates a person’s right to
allowed to ask. if the law were to be repealed, “it
put into legislature, the excitement privacy, and it only contributes to
In the 1990s, there was great would only cause more turmoil.”
concerning the issue carried over the controversy.
controversy about whether or not This student insists that “if a gay
into today’s America and is still a Malden High School senior
to allow gay and lesbian soldiers man or woman would like to not
heated debate. Once more, opposi- and co-president of the Gay-Straight
into the military. At the time, Clin- be criticized for their lifestyle than
tion arose; people began speaking Alliance (GSA) Debbie Ly states that
ton thought the law was the perfect they should indeed keep it to them-
out against the DADT law. she is disappointed that the law was
compromise: if sharing information selves,” and also pointed out that
According to Senator Al Fran- not repealed. Ly reveals that she is
about a person’s sexual orientation “hazing and judgment would be
ken of Minnesota, “treating gays saddened by the fact that “many
while they served their country guaranteed.” The student insists
and lesbians unequally because of times the gays in the military can-
was something a majority of Amer- that, although he is “against homo-
their sexual orientation just does not not even have any pictures” of their
ica could not handle, then why not sexuality,” he sincerely fears that
make sense.” In fact, some officers partners while on duty because of
make sharing it illegal? With this “something horrible might be done
in the military have gone so far as the law. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell isn’t
law in place, it was assumed that ev- to someone if they revealed their
to search through soldiers’ e-mails just about ‘protecting’ the life of the
eryone would be able to serve if they sexual orientation.”
and letters in an effort to ensure that gay soldier,” stated Ly. “In many

Bigotry and Breakfasts A Deadly Drive

Kaela Bryan Kaela Bryan him and another man in what police
refer to as a “sexual encounter.”
Reporter Reporter
Clementi was not “out” yet

nother topic that contributes In response to all this con- ullying is ever-present in today’s -- he was not openly gay. And once
to the public discrimination troversy, a new website has been America. One in every three his “encounter” with another man
against the gay community takes launched to support gay and lesbian students in the USA admit to either hit the internet, he could not live
the form of a recent study. The travelers and to combat the acts of being the bully or being bullied with the thought that his family and
study shows that one in every eight discrimination of bed and break- themselves. According to a 2001 friends may see him. He could not
bed and breakfasts (small inn-like fasts. The website was founded by a study, over 16 percent of children live with the thought of people he
hotels that serve breakfast to people young gay couple who also encoun- in schools say they had already knew and loved knowing that he
who usually stay for only one night) tered problems with hotels because been bullied in the first term of the was gay. So he decided not to live
across the nation openly disallow of their sexual orientation. Their school year. Moreover, nine percent with it. Before he allegedly made
gay travelers. Thirteen percent say it webpage has established “hand- say they are bullied as frequently, the hour-long drive out to his death,
would be “unacceptable for a gay or picked” sites across the nation that even daily. Some types of bullying he updated his status on Facebook.
lesbian couple to share one of their offer rooms for all travelers, gay, transcend the classrooms and hall- Had his roommate not recorded
double rooms.” According to anoth- lesbian, and straight. ways and encroach into children’s something that was meant to be
er related study, seventy-five per- Whether people are prohibited home lives. In most cases, bullying private, as all intimate scenes are,
cent of gay and lesbian travelers say from being open about their sexual produces tragic results. Children gay or straight, would Clementi
that they worry they will be turned orientation in the military or they develop low self-esteem and some- have committed suicide? Had his
away from accommodations during are denied admission to hotels for times become afraid of going to roommate not, essentially, bullied
times that are supposed to be happy it, it is irrefutable that these prac- school, which jeopardizes the child’s Clementi into feeling so betrayed,
and worry-free, like holidays and tices are a form of discrimination. right to an education. Sometimes, exposed, and vulnerable, would
vacations. These are times when all Despite the DADT law and the dis- the result is even more tragic: a life Clementi still be here with us?
they want is to rest easy somewhere crimination of bed and breakfasts, is jeopardized. According to another
for a night to be able to continue on it seems that with each new genera- study, eight percent of children and
to their families and friends the next tion comes a growing openness and teenagers across America commit
day. acceptance of all people; those in the suicide because they are bullied.
Another MHS student who older generation of today are less Very recently, an 18-year-old
wishes to remain anonymous fer- accepting of gays and lesbians than young man, who had just begun his
vently asserts that what some bed those in the younger generation. first year at Rutgers University in
and breakfasts are doing is “just In 1992, a national survey showed New Jersey, allegedly drove an hour
like segregation. It’s like keeping a that 40 percent of America opposed out to a bridge and left his car, his
black person out just because they’re gays and lesbians to be open in the wallet, his cellular phone, and his
black. It’s wrong.” military. Yet in 2009, the same sur- life behind. His name was Tyler Cle-
Ly also commented on the of- vey showed that only 26 percent menti and he jumped off the George
fense that bed and breakfasts are opposed it; 69 percent were in favor. Washington bridge on Sept. 22, 2010.
committing. “Anything that discrim- This leads some people to question: What could have instilled in him the
inates against sexual orientation, will the discrimination against gays drive to end his life, a young violin-
sex, race, and etcetera is wrong,” and lesbians in this country will ist who was just beginning to taste Exposing another’s sexual orienta-
claims Ly. She explained that “it is ever dissipate? true independence, a new chapter of tion can cause deadly repercussions.
along the lines of racism.” life? Clementi’s roommate recorded From Wikimedia.org
The Blue and Gold
WORLD NEWS October 2010

Zuckerberg gives newark schools $100,000,000

But What Are His Intentions?

Paige Yurek
Copy Editor

F orming relationships, distracting students, “No mother in America should have to sit
educating, connecting, uniting and reuniting there...and have something decide that [by chance],”
people of the world are only some of the many Christie stated about the mother’s situation.
ways the world’s most famous online network, Today, in such a technologically advanced
Facebook, is used. Since its launch in Feb. 2004, world, getting an education is a vital component of
over 500 million people worldwide have created accomplishing success, in holding capabilities for
and maintained active accounts on the website. various jobs, to go to college, and to maintain and
Mark Zuckerman, founding This phenomenon would not exist without its excell in particular careers. If Zuckerberg holds true
father of Facebook. Photo founding father, Mark Zuckerberg, along with to his plans, he will be helping out a lot of students
courtesy of Wikimedia Com- six other board members and about 1,700 other in need. But are his intentions, in fact, for the im-
mons. employees. provement of the school system or are they just to
On Friday, Sept. 24, 2010, Zuckerberg an- promote the Facebook name?
nounced on The Oprah Winfrey Show that with Students from Malden High School voiced their
all the profit being made from Facebook, he is opinions on the matter. In favor of Zuckerberg’s
going to give back by granting $100,000,000 to donation, senior Vienna Coughlin commented, “I
the Newark school district in New Jersey. Zuck- think they are good intentions, because every learn-
erberg has recently created The Startup: Educa- ing system is in need of money.” The great amount
tion Foundation in hopes of helping students of money given to Newark by Zuckerberg could be
get proper educations. According to Zucker- used to help children afford to attendschool, as well
berg, “every child deserves [an education] and as for supplying materials for school such as writing
right now that’s not happening. I’ve had a lot of utensils, art supplies, paper, and hand sanitizers. A
opportunities in my life and a lot of that comes constant issue, especially towards the end of the
from having gone to really good schools. I just school year, is being able to afford such supplies.
want to do what I can to make sure that every- Junior Amanda Adams, however, shows quite
one has those same opportunities.” a different perspective, stating, “It’s really generous
Mayor Corey A. Booker of Newark and of him to donate so much money to the school but
Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey are also it makes you wonder if he is doing that to make
Newark School of Fine and Industri-
involved supporting the foundation’s cause. himself look good or because he actually wants to
al arts. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia
Christie said to have witnessed a mother in the help the school.” Coincidentally, Zuckerberg has
district of Newark waiting for a lottery to decide recently been portrayed in box-office hit The Social
on whether her son would make it into a charter Network, released on Oct. 1st. Could it be possible
school or public school, comparing the wait to that his intentions are to promote both his world
anticipating on “whether he would go to college famous site and upcoming film?
or to jail.”

Your ad
could go “Every learning system is in need of money.”

here! E- “It makes you wonder if he is doing that to make himself

mail the- look good.”

for more
The Blue and Gold
October 2010 WORLD NEWS 7

Type A Text, Take a Ticket

On Sep. 30,2010 Massacusetts was the 29th state to
enact an Anti-Texting Law.. Although
there is a new
Lauren Benoit law, some
Head of Photography people ignore
face a 180-day license suspension the dangers

T exting while driving is a danger- along with a fine. The third time of texting
ous and difficult habit to break. caught the driver would receive a while behind
The consequences of holding a mes- 365 day license suspension along the wheel.
saging conversation while driving with paying the fine. Photos by
could result in a disaster. Many celebrities have joined Lauren Ben-
A new law will attempt to the cause of preventing texting oit.
decrease the number of distracted while driving, and have pledged
drivers significantly, although po- to the “X the TXT” campaign by
lice officers admit that it will be a the insurance company Allstate. A
challenge trying to restrict people few popular celebrities include talk their thumbs for them to
from texting behind the wheel. show host Oprah Winfrey, American always remember their
Health teacher Kathy DeVito agrees Idol winner Jordin Sparks, Today thumbs should not be
that it “would be really hard to Show host Meredith Vieira, profes- typing while they are
police the law... students text in sional wide-receiver Larry Fitzger- driving.
class with the phone on their lap, ald, snowboarding champion Shaun To alert the Malden
the teachers don’t catch them, so it White, and the Jonas Brothers. Community about the
would be even harder if they were These popular icons’ thumb prints danger of texting while
in a vehicle.” are forever imprinted on the “X the driving, DeVito teaches
A driver caught texting while TXT” banner hanging outside of the a segment on it in her
in a car will be given a $100 fine. If Campanelli Stadium in Brockton, health classes. She ex-
caught a second time a $250 fine will MA. The approach of gaining the presses that it is “a law
be imposed, and a third offense will aid of celebrities is said to reach to protect us, especially
result in a $500 fine. If drivers under out and grab the attention of the inexperienced drivers.” students thoughts on the law.
the age of 18 is caught texting while public and engrave an impression During an interview in one of Whether the texting law fails
driving, they will face the same con- that texting while driving is wrong. DeVito’s health classes, some stu- or succeeds, or having the addition
sequences, in addition to a 60-day Celebrities are looked up to, and dents who already drive said that it of more popular icons, texting while
license suspension, and to attending grasp the attention of both younger will not change their habits. “People driving will always be a serious
a mandatory “attitude course” be- and older drivers. The Jonas Broth- still drink and drive, and there is a matter that could result in a serious
fore getting back behind the wheel. ers are also starting a new trend law against it, so they still will talk consequence.
If caught a second time, one must wearing “TXTNG KLLS” rings on on the phone and drive” are one

PTSD Rates Sky High Among Pilots Gypsies Get Their

Freddie DiPhillipo Futures Told
Megan Kelly

I n the past three years, there have

been an astounding number of
Copy Editor

United States pilots who have at- tereotypes surrounding gypsies
tempted to commit suicide. 292 typically caricaturize them as
pilots have admitted to suicidal fortune-tellers who travel around
thoughts, and also there have been in brightly colored wagons, but the
another fifteen pilots who have been term is often used around Europe to
diagnosed and treated for schizo- describe the ethnic minority of the
phrenia. This was all brought to Roma people.
attention after a pilot from Jet Blue Over the summer, the Immi-
threatened to harm himself an hour Two Airbus from Grupo TACA on the runway at Juan Santamaria Interna-
gration Minister of the country, Eric
before take off at Logan Airport in tional Airport in Costa Rica. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Besson, deported massive amounts
Boston. After being apprehended by of the Roma to Romania under the
state police, he was found in posses- through medical evaluations every cause they do not want to hurt their orders of French President Nicolas
sion of a gun. However, there were year, and when they turn forty years career. Sarkozy. According to the French
no charges for illegal weapons pos- old, they must take two medical These alarming statistics have government, deportations are an
session because there is a Federal evaluations every year. The FAA also now been recognized because this attempt to reduce crime around the
Flight Deck Officer Program, which states that if a pilot is an alcoholic does not give people a sense of country, where the known stereo-
allows certain pilots to carry guns. they will be disqualified from flying safety. It is important to note that the type of the minority is that Roma
After reviewing the FAA’s and they will have to go through ex- “Boston Pilot” threatened to hurt camps are a common ground for
medical records, from 2008, 2009 tensive, medical rehabilitation and himself, but not to crash the plane prostitution and exploitation of chil-
and 2010, there have been 2700 pi- other programs before they are able or harm anybody else. dren. However, organizations such
lots being treated for alcohol abuse, to fly again. After interviewing Jessica De- as the Roma Rights Network at-
and almost half of those pilots are Those working in the Armed Sousa of Springfield, Massachusetts, tempt to separate the myth from the
diagnosed with alcoholism. 1,377 pi- Sevices can also suffer from post about the amount of pilots that are truth on their website, which states,
lots have been found abusing drugs traumatic stress disorder. There are being affected, she says that it gives “Roma Travelers communities are
and 94 of those pilots are known as reports that claim that one out of her a sense of “stress and discom- statistically under represented in
drug dependent. There were also 23 eight returning American soldiers fort”, now knowing that when she is the main stream prison population.
pilots who have been suffering from suffer from PTSD. Some soldiers on a plane the pilot may be mentally Just as in any other ethnic minor-
post-traumatic stress disorder, and have had shell shock or combat ill. She also claims that knowing this ity, some Gypsies are involved in
80 more pilots suffering from dif- fatigue. Symptoms of PTSD can will give her second thoughts about crime.”
ferent very affective disorders and also include nightmares, irritability, flying. The Roma are similarly treated
conditions like bipolar disorder and flashbacks, feelings of detachment, The Boston Jet Blue pilot is in the rest of Europe; Jamie Green,
paranoia The FAA has not been able having trouble concentrating, and currently still held in a facility un- a history teacher at Malden High
to confirm the number of pilots who sleepiness. The graver problem dergoing psychiatric exams while School, spent his childhood in the
have been suspended or grounded. is that a lot of these troops are not the whole incident is still under United Kingdom and has much
Pilots are also forced to go seeking any medical attention, be- investigation. Continued on page 8.
The Blue and Gold
WORLD NEWS October 2010
continued from page 7.
knowledge of how the minority is
treated in the UK. While in France
the Roma can be arrested and de-
ported, the Roma of the British Isles
are given the right to stay on private
property. Green explained that
many property owners of the UK
are annoyed that their property can
be destroyed and even overtaken by The 33 of us are doing well in the shelter.
the Roma and that they have no way Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.
of stopping them: “Imagine a group
of people setting up in the courtyard
of MHS. There’s people’s laundry
just hanging around, people using
the bushes as bathrooms and their
trash is spread out everywhere. And
you don’t even have the right to get
rid of them.”
Green believes that the actions
the French government is taking
are understandable. “It’s not about
racism, it’s about how it is affect-
ing people’s everyday lives,” he
explained. Many see the Roma af-
fecting their lives by making their
cities look bad by begging on the
streets or standing around idly dur-
ing work hours. However, this is not
necessarily the fault of the Roma;
though some choose to live off of
their host country’s welfare, many
are overlooked for jobs because they
are seen as unfit to work. Without
having a proper job, they are unable
to afford proper housing and end up

“It’s not about rac-

ism, it’s about how it Rescue efforts in San José de Copiapó on August 10, 2010. Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
is affecting people’s
everyday lives.” Natalie Fallano
One of many things the miners they would survive in a similar situ-
Copy Editor are missing in their life is sunlight. ation as the miners’. Sophomore Iris
Scientists have proved that sunlight Feng stated “I think I could survive,
in slums, where basic services such is a necessity to an individual’s but the situation in Chile is worse.
as water, waste collection, and edu-
cation are unreachable.
A part of the push-pull factor
W ould you be capable of hold-
ing yourself together mentally
if you were trapped underground
health because it tells the body when
to wake up and go to sleep. Sleeping,
Those men don’t have enough oxy-
gen or food, and it’s over 90 degrees
eating, and exercising in a routine down there. It’s a miracle they’re
of the theory in human migration is for four months? 33 Chilean miners are crucial to one’s health. Dark- still alive.” Other students were
that people are pushed from where have been put to this test since they ness is a major cause of depression more negative about their survival
they live because of lacking health were discovered alive on Aug. 5, which puts the miners at risk. They skills. Sophomore Mohamed Anwar
care, education, and joblessness. 2010, 2,300 hundred feet below the do have large bright lights set up as explained, “I’m claustrophobic. I’d
The Roma, who are mainly from ground. Their lives will stay on hold substitutes, as well as daily routines survive but go insane in the end.”
Eastern Europe, where poverty is until December, when it is expected that dictate when to work and when Sophomore Kelsey Conti had simi-
widespread, are examples of how that one of the three drills digging to participate in activities. The min- lar thoughts, she stated “Honestly, I
the model works, they are pushed through the ground will reach and ers also are taking supplements that couldn’t even imagine that. I would
away from the poverty and drawn rescue them. provide Vitamin D, which is usually barely be able to move, and com-
to areas that can provide basic needs The miners are not sitting received directly from the sun. plete my daily tasks. I don’t think I
for them. Many countries in Western around waiting for the rescue. They The 33 miners were recently in- would be able to survive in that kind
Europe are seen as havens for them. are exercising and have activities as formed that they would be trapped of situation.”
Whether they really are caus- well as helping their own cause. The for three more months. They were Sophomore Lisa DeLacey
ing trouble or the French Govern- miners have started to clear away never sure of how long they would agreed that the miners have been
ment is just claiming that they are a 4,000 tons of rock in order to be res- be trapped until now. This could handling their situation extraordi-
hot spot of crime, the effects of the cued. This is part of the reason they either mentally break them or hold narily well. DeLacey stated, “being
segregation are not only going to have to stay in shape, which is why them tighter together. Certain peo- able to survive an extensive period
decrease the Roma population of they have a personal trainer and ple would rather not know when of time in such conditions within
France, but increase the population training program via video feed. they would be out and just take it a itself, is quite impressive.” They
of the returning Roma to Romania The other reason is that they must day at a time. Others would rather all agree on one thing though. The
and Bulgaria. Increasing the popu- have a 35 inch waist or smaller to fit know a specific time so they do not miners are in a tough situation that
lation of Romania will not help the through the hole being drilled for feel like they are waiting forever. most couldn’t imagine being in, and
Roma or the people of Romania, their rescue. The real issue that confronts bravery and hope will help keep
where poverty abounds. The miners are also staying the miners is their mental stability. them alive.
The immigration of people to busy by a number of other ways. There is hope that is still keeping The main drill is very close to
wealthier nations is not a strictly They have fiber optic cable, an iPod, them alive. One of the miners, Ariel reaching the miners. When it finally
European issue; immigration poli- dominos, poker, and more. The liv- Tiscona, just became a father. His reaches, a tube will be put down the
cies have long been contested in the ing conditions are actually better wife, Elizabeth Segovia, gave birth hole. Each miner will be individu-
United States as well. As Stephen than one would expect. The rest of to their daughter Esperanza, which ally rescued by being brought up
Colbert, who spoke to Congress on Chile, especially their families, are is Spanish for Hope. The birth not in a capsule. This rescue mission is
Sept. 24, 2010 about immigrants in trying to make life in the entrapment only excited and brought hope to going much faster than the original
the US, stated, “We still invite them as easy as possible. They receive her father, but also the 32 other min- estimated time of four months. If
to come here and at the same time food and cigarettes everyday. They ers trapped with him. the mission continues at the rate, the
ask them to leave.” even have a phone system to talk to Malden High School students miners could be out as early as Oct.
their loved ones. answered differently when asked if 15.
The Blue and Gold
October 2010 LOCAL news 9


(From top to bottom, left to right.)

All previous class officers from the
alumni and current class officers
that attended the Homecoming
Brunch are Class of 2013 Publicist
Danielle Aguinaldo, President and
member of The Blue and Gold Sharon
Lee, Alumni Virginia Perrin, Mu-
riel Cosgrove, Gary Christianson,
Carmella Nelson, George Holland,
Class of 2013 Treasurer Caitlin
Cala, Class of 2012 President Nina
Ho and Vice President Harris
Zhao(from left to right). Joan
Duffy and Pauline Ross
look at several high
school yearbooks and
photos. Patricia Bonaia-
to looking at the Class
of ‘54 yearbook. Gary
Christianson, graduate
of the Class of ‘05, and
Mike Aliberte, graduate
of the Class of ‘71 talk
amongst friends. Bev-
erly Morando, gradu-
ate of the Class of ‘68,
and and Sal Morando,
graduate of the Class
of ‘69 are reacquianted
at this year’s brunch.

(From top to bottom, left to right.) Seats from the Jenkins Auditorium, prior to reno-
vations, are now being sold with plaques as a memorable item. Alumni Muriel Cos-
grove appreciating her birthday cake presented to her to celebrate her 100th birthday
just last month on September 11th. The Brown family at the Homecoming brunch.
Photos by Lauren Benoit, Brittany Foley, and Sharon Lee.
The Blue and Gold
LOCAL news October 2010

Cultural Intersections
Rebecca Broomstein

F illed with entertainment and

pony rides, the Harvest Moon
Festival was the place to be on Sept.
based band, took the
stage for a returning
second year. Guitar-
25, 2010. The festival attracted a great ist and MHS sopho-
diversity to the crowd. Partnered more Crystal Araiza
with the Chinese culture, the events began singing since
mainly focused on Asian traditions, she was very young
essentially giving it the name “Har- and began playing
vest Moon Festival.” To follow up guitar at three years
the Asian theme, the Malden YWCA ago. She also plays
made Chinese paper lanterns with the piano, flute, and
everyone. Malden High School tenor saxophone.
junior Skye MacDonald stated that The youngest boy,
the paper lanterns are “important in Paul Araiza, has
Chinese culture, fun and creative.” been playing bass for
Three years ago, Malden Ac- roughly three years,
cess Television was asked to video and Andrew Araiza,
tape the entertainment at the fes- the middle child, has
tival. MATV sent down on Cox to been playing bass for
use the cameras and has been the four years. The Bad
returning person since the video Rabbits have been a
taping began. But this year, Cox was band for three years. Young martial artist from Wah Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi Academy poses with traditional lion
asked to host the entertainment and Their favorite part of dancing heads. Photo by Cristina Peters.
he was thrilled. Another addition the Harvest Moon Festival was “en- the fest five months ahead of time ply because without their dedication
to this year’s festival? It was video tertaining their friends,” along with because it takes so much planning. it would not be possible. Melle’s fa-
taped with three different cameras, the fact that it is a local event that is This year, they actually had to cut vorite part of the fest it being able to
allowing MATV to interview people close to home. back on the entertainment because “walk around and see that everyone
from each stand. Cox’s favorite part The president of the Harvest they had way too many groups who is having a good time and being able
of the festival is that “it really shows Moon Festival and the one who wanted to participate. Melle said to bring out the community.”
the diversity of the community makes the magic happen is Carol that “the students from [the MHS]
through the entertainment.” Melle. Usually the Oak Grove Im- Key and Interact Clubs are such an
The Bad Rabbits, a family provement Association organizes important part of the festival,” sim-

Don’t forget
to order your
Malden High
School 2011
edition of The
The Blue and Gold
October 2010 LOCAL news 11

Class Elections
“When I found out that I had been re-elected again I was not only pumped, but really
really grateful that everyone had believed in me enough to vote me back into office for
our last and most important year of high school, so thanks to all for the support! We
Nidale Zouhir
have a difficult but fun year planned ahead of us from spirit week to college prepara-
tion, senior barbeques to prom, but the class of 2011 and I plan to be there every step
of the way! I hope since it is our last year together that everyone is taking it upon
themselves to get involved in fundraisers and the planning of class events, its never to
late to start making memories! Although our lovely advisor, whom I miss dearly Mrs.
Cepp will be absent for a few weeks class events are still up and running thanks to our
temporary advisors Mrs. Votaw, Mrs. Eby, and Mr. Fam.” - Kerri Shuman, President

“I’m very happy to be re-elected as

the vice president of the class of
2011. I’m excited for this year and the
upcoming events. This should be a
great year.”- Heather Thompson,
Vice President

“Getting re-elected was a struggle “I’ve been involved with the

for me because I did have former class since freshman year
friends running against me, and I so to endoff my high school
didn’t think I would make it, but I career and still be in office is
kept hope. I had a lot of supporters a great feeling. this is going
and when they called my name, I to be such a great year for us.
couldn’t believe it. As far as goals, I Seniors!” -Monika Bashallari,
want to keep everybody informed, Secretary
regardless of whether I know them
or not. I’m looking forward to a
spectacular year.”- Alisha Hines,

Cristina Peters
Head of Local News “My goal for this year is to have a lot of fun
while working hard to get the job done.” - Nina

“Our last couple of years at Malden “I am extremely excited about being

High aren’t just about Junior Vari- elected this year. I’m very grateful that
eties and Prom alone, but its more my classmates throught that I could do
importantly about coming together a great job. I ran because I wanted to be
as a class, working hard, and getting part of something great and this class is
everything done.” - Harris Zhao, great. We are going to have a great year
Vice President and a lot of activities.” - Medjine Lucien,

Johanna Lai
Reporter “For the upcoming year I will empower the student voice by creating a
stronger connection and better communication amongst all students.
I am proud to say I see a very bright future for the sophomore class.”
- Sharon Lee, President and member of The Blue and Gold staff

“I have pretty big shoes to

fill this year and I think that
I will do a great job at trying
“Well I really wanted to help out our class to filling them. I think that
this year, so I decided to run for VP. As VP the leadership council could
this year, I plan to help coordinate events use fresh ideas and I will
and come up with fun ideas to help bring be very organized and very
our class together.” –Natalie Melo, reliable.” -Devon Moran,
Vice-President Secretary
The Blue and Gold
LOCAL news October 2010
Rosedale Travels to Malden
Vicki Ngan

“ I’m really excited to be here. I’m

looking forward to the adven-
tures,” expressed Lynn Rosedale, an
A lover of outdoors, Rosedale
found the Stone Forest in Yunan
to be the best part of her trip to
English Language Learner teacher China. Large, unusual rocks cov-
in Malden High School. Diverse, ered the paths and Rosedale was
urban Malden was exactly what she given the chance to stay with a mi-
was looking for in a community; nority group in a village close to a
“the students have great person- river. Their houses were propped
alities…they’re working hard,” she up on large support beams made
explained. Rosedale works with the of wood to prevent floods from
freshman through senior classes destroying them. “They asked me
and loves being a teacher. what I wanted to have for dinner,
Although originally from I think I answered chicken, and
New Hampshire, Rosedale’s family they immediately went out to kill
moved to Texas, Rosedale’s birth- that poor animal,” Rosedale said
place, because of her father for one as she explained her experience
year before moving back to their be- there.
loved New England home. Her par- Rosedale did not only travel
ents were supportive and involved, to China to teach. A golden op-
a positive influence on her during portunity arose: she was asked if Lynn Rosendale showing off a student’s double helix project. Photo by
her childhood. she wanted to teach in South Korea. Lauren Benoit
Graduating from Bob Jones “The food there was delicious,”
University and Simmons College, Rosedale recalled, and her favorite comparison of different aspects of running with her husband, or walks
Rosedale majored in psychology. place there was Kalbi, which is sur- life.” Rosedale explained. her dog, Tungsten, a three year old
She knew she wanted to be a teacher rounded by mountains and relics of Rosedale is “very enthusiastic boxer who was named after the type
when she was an undergraduate Buddha. Visiting so many countries, about teaching,” MHS Principal of metal that makes up her hus-
counseling in China, a destination she had to learn their languages, Dana Brown stated. ELL teacher band’s wedding ring.
which she said was once her “life- and with time, she did. “It’s the kind Eun Han added “[Rosedale] is quali- As for her future plans, Rose-
long dream” to visit. Waking up at people there who used facial expres- fied.” dale wants to make learning English
eight every day is certainly not any- sions,” Rosedale explained. “I believe in something and an enjoyable experience and hopes
one’s favorite task, but Rosedale did In addition to the outdoors, fight hard for it.” Rosedale said, who to get to know everyone in the Mal-
so. “I knew that I wanted [that] job Rosedale loves reading. Her fa- was also described as being outgo- den community as well.
when I was able to wake up...every vorite book is A Tale of Two Cities, ing, friendly, and a perfectionist.
day and just teach.” by Charles Dickens. “It has a good After school, Rosedale goes

Northrop Fills in for Lipinski

Amanda Rosatone

T he start of this year has been

very busy, not only for the stu-
dents at Malden High School, but
and Masters Degree in education.
Northrop states that so far the
year has been challenging because
also for the new staff members. One there is a lot of responsibility in
of the new staff members this year helping the students academically.
is Heather Northrop, A-house guid- There is a lot of planning as to what
ance counselor. kids go through in their years of
One of Northrop’s passions high school. Northrop keeps busy,
in life is helping other people, helping students with their sched-
especially students. “Helping oth- uling, MCAS, college applications,
ers helps me grow as a person,” and many other aspects of their
Northrop stated. She appreciates academic lives.
all of the support and respect that Although she helps all her
result from her efforts. Northrop students in whatever they may
has been at other schools working in need, Northrop has come to realize
the field of guidance, so she is very that each different grade is faced
experienced. Not only can she help with different problems. Northrop
students with school related prob- stated that freshman have a hard
lems, but she enjoys helping them time transitioning from one school
plan for the future. to another, so she helps them cope
Northrop was chosen to be with the change. Northrop helps
part of the MHS staff because she sophomores and juniors stay mo-
is very familiar with the school as tivated and to get them to “think
she interned as a guidance coun- about their future at an early stage
selor last year. Northrop “relates in their life,” she explained. As for
to students very well,” stated MHS seniors, Northrop is dedicated to
Principal Dana Brown. Not only do guiding them through the collage
Northrop’s open and friendly ways application process. Whether it
make her the perfect choice for the is school related or outside of the
job, but she has also attended East- classroom business, Northrop is a
ern Connecticut State University trusted member by students of the
and Suffolk to gain her Bachelors Malden High School this year.
Heather Northrop in her office. Photo by Sharon Lee.
The Blue and Gold
October 2010 local news 13

Klayman Follows Parents’ Bendle Teaches Around The world

Footsteps Kristen Leonard
know the community, get to know
Reporter more students, to watch some Mal-
Lesley Ta
den High sports, and to have a great

Reporter ook out Malden High School, year.”
History teacher Wendy Bendle Bendle’s favorite event in his-
is in the house! C-house, that is. tory that is not in the curriculum is
Even though she is new to “The Endurance,” which is when
MHS, Bendle has had the chance to Sir Ernest Shackleton set out on an
work at other schools. Out of her 13 expedition to Antarctica. His ship
years of teaching, Bendle has taught became trapped in ice and his crew
at St. Johnsbury Academy in St. and himself had to survive on the ice
Johnsbury, Vermont for three years; until they were all rescued. Bendle’s
Brunswick School in Greenwich, favorite historical event to teach is
Connecticut for five years,; Taipei the unit about the founding of the
American School in Taiwan for country, the Constitution, and the
three years; and Martha’s Vineyard Civil War. “We should learn about
Regional High School in Martha’s it so it [Civil War] won’t happen
Vineyard, Massachusetts for a year. again. The more informed we are
Bendle taught 11 years of history about the past the better decisions
and two years of English. we will make in the present and for
Outside of school, Bendle the future,” she stated.
likes to create pottery and take her Bendle’s favorite historical
12-year-old dog Lucy for walks. figure is Ghandi, who, she stated,
Bendle grew up here in Massachu- “made the impossible, possible. He
setts in the town of Sudbury. She was an incredible role model.” She
Elizabeth Klayman teaches parts of speech. Photo by Sharon Lee. attended Whitman College in Walla also stated that, “The risks that we
Walla, Washington; “the city is so should take to accomplish what we
nice they named it twice...I loved believe in is important.”
E lizabeth Klayman can be found
in room B208 with PMA: posi-
tive mental attitude. From growing
Commuting to school every
day is not a challenge to Klayman
when she has a radio. Although she
college because I had awesome his-
tory professors,” Bendle stated.
MHS Principal Dana Brown
spoke highly of Bendle. “I’ve only
Bendle loves being here at known her for a couple of months,
up in Merrimack Valley, attending doesn’t live in Malden, Kiss 108 is MHS and “love[s] coming to work but I think she is friendly, enthusias-
Salem State College, teaching in one of the stations she’ll tune into everyday. She “especially love[s] tic, and wants to help kids. Last year
Andover, and traveling as far as and mellow out to during a traffic having her own classroom because she visited MHS and she loved it
Paris and Amsterdam, Klayman has jam. As an Usher fan, it is not sur- she has not had one in 10 years.” She here. She saw that we had an open-
graced Malden High School with prising that her favorite song hap- also believes that “The kids are awe- ing and applied. I had remembered
her presence. pens to be Beyoncé’s “Halo.” some.” her from last year. She had experi-
Wise and friendly, she is a valu- Since Klayman grew up an This year, Bendle’s goals as a ence, loved Malden High School
able asset to teaching as an English only child, her father rather than a new teacher at MHS are to “get to and loved our kids,” he stated.
Language Learner support teacher. sibling influenced her love of sports.
She works with students daily to A football fan as well as a Red Sox
improve upon their reading, writing fan, Klayman aspires to attend a
and vocabulary. “I really, really tried Patriots game in the summer, much
not to become a teacher,” Klayman like how she spent last summer
laughed. “Both my parents were relaxing at the movies or watching
teachers. A couple of years into high sports events. Klayman swims and
school, I wanted to become a writer. skis for fun, but she wasn’t a com-
But teaching came naturally to me. I petitor back in her high school years.
realized that I was good at it.” There are always magazines
In order to pursue her dream or newspapers featuring current
of teaching, she graduated college events on her table. When the movie
proudly with her first major in Ele- Memoirs of a Geisha came out, she
mentary Education. This would her was excited to see it. She is, amaz-
fifth year teaching holding a second ingly, also a Twilight fanatic.
major in history. In addition, she has A self-considered movie critic,
earned her Master’s Degree in mod- Elizabeth J. looks forward to read-
erate disabilities and is currently ing novels then watching the movie
working on receiving her CAGS based around them. To her, movies
(Certificate of Advanced Graduate are just a visual representation of a
Study) in reading (which is more good book.
specific than a Masters). Back in With the new school year just
high school, she took Spanish and stirring, school events have been
Latin classes. “Taking Latin was one featured and formed left and right.
of the best things I ever did,” Klay- Klayman looks forward to attend-
man expressed, smiling. ing a few MHS volleyball and bas-
Going back to school and be- ketball games as well as marching
coming a better teacher and reader band competitions. Klayman wants
is on her list of long term goals. her students and the rest of MHS to
After retiring, Klayman seeks to be- “Have a great year. Enjoy the colder
come a professor. “Sometimes you months and think warm thoughts.”
find what you’re good at, and you
just can’t fight it,” stated Klayman
thoughtfully. “It’s like how gloves
Wendy Bendle helps a student. Photo by Sharon Lee.
fit.” About MHS, Klayman stated,
“It’s perfect, and I’m quite well ad-
Living with a healthy lifestyle
Visit www.maldenblueandgold.com for
continues to encourage Klayman in
her role as a lifelong learner. She en-
joys her job teaching, and is happy
more about new teachers, including ar-
where she is, but “there’s always
room for growth,” she said. ticles and pictures!
The Blue and Gold
Local News October 2010

Students Host Annual Flea Market

Joel Stevenson

T he set-up process for the annual

Malden High School flea market
began at seven a.m. on a Saturday
had them since I was a little kid, it
was a family, but I’m donating them
to help out the class of 2013. I’m not
with students and teachers alike that crazy!” she explained.
participating. A variety of clubs took The Breast Cancer Awareness
part in the event, such as the Fine Club’s table was know for their
Arts Club, the Classes of 2013 and sweets. They had baked cookies
2012, and the Breast Cancer Aware- with their logo on them to help raise
ness Club. money for their club, explained
With a wide variety of items to president Samatha Saggese. “We
sell, from Halloween-themed deco- raise money for breast cancer chari-
rations to more unusual items in- ties, breast cancer research, as well
cluding an inflatable banana as well as people diagnosed with it.”
as a unicycle, the flea market was a Competing right next to them
great success. These items opened was the Fine Arts Club, who had a Senior Amy Yu, junior Urusa Sheikh, and senior Samantha Saggese selling
a new light on sales as people were wide variety of items from beads baked goods for the Breast Cancer Awareness Club.
excited to see them. Many questions to fake zombie hands to Halloween
were asked, but none more so than, masks. All the profits went to help
“Whose unicycle is that?” Most of benefit the club and support MHS
the items were gifts donated to help students’ creativity.
benefit the clubs. The unicycle was As the day when on, the
donated by Class of 2013 advisor momentum did not slow down.
Meaghan Galdos’ father. “He did Customers were there all day, and
not know how to ride it himself, he when it came time for sales to close
just had it,” she explained. for the day, all the items’ prices were
With a bright array of colorful cut in half and even more than that.
Beanie Babies, shoppers were eas- Students as well as teachers were
ily drawn to the table. Sophomore racing to tables to buy what was left.
Kelsey Conti, the owner of all the Beanie babies were now twenty-five
babies, felt proud to pass on and sell cents, as well as a television for two
her collection, knowing that her fa- dollars and fifty cents.
vorites still remain at home. “I have

Junior Ellen Thai purchasing a Beanie Baby from the Class of 2013 table.

Another Year, Another Success

Amanda Rosatone Kayla Bramante

Reporter Reporter

T he weekend of Sept. 17, 2010 was

very exciting for those at St. Jo-
seph’s Church in Malden, as well as
runs right into place. All this hard
effort pays off in the end, because
a lot of people attend the fun filled
the Malden community as a whole, feast and the church gets the spon-
for the annual feast was in town. sorship from the city.
People might assume that the The St. Joseph’s Feast is only in
feast is all fun and games, but for the town for three days, and this year,
people who really make the magic many people attended. It ran from
happen it is always a challenge. four p.m. to ten p.m., and as the
Photo by Amanda Rosatone. Cathy Harless, a teacher at the night wore on, more people kept
Mystic Valley Charter School who piling in and the lines for the rides
contributes every year to the event, got longer as the fun increased.
manages the feast in the financial The feast caters to people of
department. Harless says that the all ages. It is kid-friendly while also
most challenging part of the process being a place where teenagers can
is staying organized. gather together to have a good time
Without organization, it be- with their peers and families. The
comes harder to know how much feast provides entertainment, such
money is coming in and on what it is as the band Beetle Juice, games,
being spent. All of the money raised rides, and yummy treats. Some
at the feast acts as a fundraiser for games included the dart at the bal-
the church, which can be used in loon and the ball in the barrel. Chi-
more of their upcoming events such no Bonet, a junior at Mystic Valley,
as the World Youth Day, which is a has been attending the feast every
trip outside of Massachusetts. year and stated that “The spirit of it
Harless is just one of the always brings me back.” Autumn
dedicated members of the team that Deheulle, MHS junior, expressed,
makes the feast happen, as there are “The St. Joseph’s feast is always so
also other volunteers who work to- fun and its a good way to spend my
Local workers serving hot dogs and sausages at the festival. gether to organize the feast. People Friday night. The food is always
Photo by Amanda Rosatone. like Harless are important during good and the rides are worth the
the feast to make sure everything four dollars.”
The Blue and Gold
October 2010 local news 15

Quenching the thirst Making Strides

of Ghana Sharon Lee
Kaela Bryan Paige Yurek
t Co-Head of Photography
Reporter CopyEditor
N ot only is the month of October nationally known for breast
cancer aware-
ness but it is also
recognized within
a the Malden com-
munity. On Oct. 3,
r 2010, the American
Cancer Society held
d its 18th Annual Mak-
ing Strides Against
Breast Cancer Walk.
This 5 mile route
a started and ended
at the Hatch Shell
Memorial, located
on the Charles River
w Esplanade. With
over 40,000 partici-
o pants, a total of over
$3 million was raised
Two young Ghanian girls displaying the change in water quality with and r to help aid breast
cancer research and
without filtering. Photo courtesy of Rotary International.
l treatment. This walk,

G hana is a nation on the west

coast of Africa with a popula-
tion of 24 million citizens, yet only
to buy the filters or hand-washing
equipment. To do this, we need to
raise $16,500 and hope that the Mal-
being the biggest and
oldest one-day breast
cancer walk in the nation’s history, has raised a total of about $42
half the population has access to den High School Interact Club can million within the past 18 years, dating back to 1993.
safe drinking water, few have ac- help us reach that goal by hosting Three of Malden
cess to sanitary facilities; and over
15 percent of the children of Ghana
This cause reached the Interact
w High School’s own clubs
participated in the walk:
do not live to see age six: most die
due to water born disease or disease
Club at Malden High School, which,
as it is a high school version of RI,
i the Breast Cancer Aware-
ness Club, Interact Club,
relating to poor sanitation.
The story of the people of
has always been involved in helping
other people in the Malden com-
t and Key Club. Each club
participated and support-
Ghana has touched the hearts of the
members of Rotary International
munity, across the nation, and also
around the world. From building a
h ed by doing various tasks
in preparation for and in
(RI), an organization that has es- library in the Dominican Republic the duration of the event.
tablished about 33,000 clubs so far to spreading the word about the Interact Club helped out
around the world with the common
goal of wanting to improve qual-
children of Ghana, the Interact
Club is always doing something to
m to package snacks and
supplies the day before
ity of life. The members of RI are
all volunteers who work within
reach out to other people. When RI
got involved in raising money for
o the event while the Breast
Cancer Awareness Club
local communities as well as inter-
nationally to fight against hunger,
children in Ghana, the Interact Club
could not wait to get involved with
r and Key Club cheered
and supported the walk-
to improve health, and to promote
peace; their mission statement is es-
the touching story of children in
need. The Interact Club’s short term
e ers as they completed the
course and crossed the
sentially summed up in their motto: goal is to raise at least $500 by the finish line.
“Service Above Self.” end of December, which they plan Of the 40,000 walk-
“The Rotary club of Malden is
applying for a $40,000 global grant
to achieve by selling reusable water
b ers, many were cancer
survivors, sponsors, or
that will provide ceramic water
filters and hand washing equip-
“The philanthropy of helping
is what is really inspiring,” stated
i simply supporters. The
top team, “Friends of Jill
ment to poor households who live
near the city of Tamale in Northern
Shannon Alexis, advisor of Interact
Club. Alexis went on to state that the
r Leary,” has contributed
$46,200, and the top spon-
Ghana,” explained Joanne Cohn,
RI member. “We will be working
“idea of an international commu-
nity, of reaching within and outside
t sor is the “Law Firm Challenge,” which provided about $75,246.
Overall, the walk was a success and the continuing support will
with the Rotary Club of Tamale to
coordinate the project. The grant
of Malden, is very encouraging and
h definitely result in a world with more birthdays.

will provide 1,000 households with

water filters. Approximately 7,400
Junior and member of the
Interact Club Henley Theodat said
people will benefit. The benefits ex-
tend beyond just the reduction in in-
that the Ghana project means a lot
to him and to the people of Ghana.
fant deaths and infectious diseases
to improvements in education and
“It makes me feel better because I’m
helping other people. And I think
standard of living. Fewer children
will miss school because of diarrhea
the whole world should do the same
because we all need each other. So
and dehydration and more adults why not help out?”
will be healthy enough to work pro- Another member of the Interact
ductively.” Club, Sophomore Taela Bonnet, be-
Cohn went on to express lieves that the work being done for
that “many of the local villagers Ghana “is very important because
in Northern Ghana can not afford many kids in the world do not have
to buy the filters or hand washing clean water to drink. And I know
equipment. That is why we are try- that we take for granted everything
ing to get a $40,000 matching global we have here in America, and so it
grant for The Rotary Foundation is good that we actually think about Walkers at the Making Strides for Breast Cnaer Walk on October
because many of the local villagers other people and take action to 3rd at the Hatch Shell Memorial. Photos by Sharon Lee.
in Northern Ghana cannot afford help.”
The Blue and Gold
Entertainment October 2010

You Are What You Wear

Reginah Sanyu
Head Entertainment Writer unflattering.
But whoever wrote this dress

D ressing up is always nice.

Women have always loved to
dress up, either dressing up fancy
code does not know how it feels to
be a teenage girl in high school. But
is it really necessary to break the
or dressing up casually. And dress- school code just to get the attention
ing up is fun – so is shopping. Some of boys?
spend half of their pay check on a About 170 MHS boys took a
pair of shoes, but for what purpose? survey, and the results were rather
Scientists have not come up with surprising. The boys had to choose
the answer to that – it could simply which girls they preferred: girls
be a positive feeling. Shopping can who dressed conservatively, girls
decrease stress (or increase it, if one who dressed provocatively, and
has bills to pay). girls who did not gravitate toward
But with all that aside, there is either extreme. One who thinks that
one thing that confuses both boys they have the opposite sex figured
and girls. Do girls dress up to im- out would probably say that most of
press boys or other girls? That is a the boys voted for girls who dressed
complicated matter, and chances are provocatively. But more than 50 per-
that the answer will never defini- cent of MHS boys who took the sur-
tively be found. Girls might dress up vey chose “couldn’t care less, if she
to impress other girls or just for the is pretty, she is pretty,” while girls
who dressed more conservatively Following the school dress code does not mean that you are boring. We can
sake of being the center of attention.
came in next, followed by girls who still wear what we want without breaking it. Senior Debbie Ly dresses up her
Maybe there is a girl in your class
dress provocatively. skirt with leggings and accessorizes her outfit with a scarf. with her vintage
that always gets compliments from
Part two of the survey was shoes, the fashion police will never catch Ly. Juniors Raidhirys Ramirez and
people, and you do not understand
about make up and asked if guys Amaliena Phonesavanh are both wearing jeans but adding their personal
why people do not compliment
were more attracted to girls who style. Ramirez dressed up her look with a leather jacket and accessorized
your outfits. You want attention so
wore too much make up, light make it with a necklace while Phonesavanh dressed hers with a chic sweater with
badly that maybe you start dressing
up, or no make up at all. Boys pre- boots.
like her.
People tend to have a constant ferred girls who wore no make up
sense of competition. But dressing at all and very few preferred
up should not be a competition; in girls who wore too much
the great words of Edward Gibbon, make up. The results of
“Style is the image of character.” In this survey were somewhat
other words, you are what you wear. shocking. Does that mean
Sure, that girl is always dressed that boys now focus more on
nicely and yes, she is getting atten- confidence, brains and natu-
tion, but you are not the same. You ral beauty?
can be the center of attention in your Some people might
own ways, and besides, freedom of argue that maybe those who
expression is essential to fashion. dress provocatively are com-
But whether one is trying to fortable in their own skin.
out-look that girl in algebra class As the saying goes, “If you
or get the attention of the whole got it, flaunt it” — but how
football team, Malden High School far should the flaunting go
explicitly details its dress code in its when there are dress codes to
student handbook. On page 16 of the follow. There are some things
school agenda book, there are two that should be kept private,
paragraphs dedicated to the school although some dress for at-
dress code. It is stated simply that tention to make themselves
“Malden High School is a serious feel good because of low self
place. It is not a dance club, a beach esteem which by the way
or an amusement park...The school works. In society, one will
dress code does not allow students be treated differently for the
to dress in attire that could disrupt way he or she dresses, but that
the educational environment or does not mean a girl must lose
serve as a distraction to other stu- her sense of fashion. There is
dents. This includes baseball caps nothing wrong with dressing
and doo rags. Bra straps and un- to impress, but the less skin,
derwear of any kind cannot be vis- the better. Even if one is com-
ible. Students who break the dress fortable in his or her skin and
code will be asked to go home and wants to flaunt it, it breaks the
change.” Visible undergarments are school code and does not teach
not only embarrassing but are also our little siblings any good.

Graph showing what the MHS male student body think about make-
up. Graph credit to Kayla Bramante.
The Blue and Gold
October 2010 Entertainment 17

The Social Network: Better than MySpace New and Old

on Fall

Last year, a group of painfully

stereotypical high school songsters
captivated audiences nationwide with
their classic covers and over-drama-
tized, ever-intertwining storylines.
With teen pregnancy, closet abandon-
ing, and the favorite Romeo-and-
Juliet-esque forbidden love storylines
behind us in season one of Glee, we
cannot wait to see what over exagger-
ated clichés—and coordinating song
numbers—we will hate to love next.

After six seasons’ worth of sarcastic

comebacks, hateful stares, and inces-
sant flirting between Dr. Gregory
Jessie Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg and Joseph Mazello as Dustin Moskovitz coding Facebook. House and his boss, Dr. Lisa Cutty,
the seventh season of House M.D.
finally grants viewers a relationship.
Harvard misfit without $1000 to difficult to beat his most acclaimed With romance and a fresh supply of
Nidale Zouhir his name, this is probably to be ex- films (Fight Club, The Curious Case freakish cases, this new season looks
Co-Editor-in-Chief pected). Saverin, meanwhile, is the of Benjamin Button), with its beauti- promising—as long as confronted
most sympathetic character in the ful sets and spectacular script, The emotions do not have too strong an

T he first scene of David Fincher’s film – his genuine enthusiasm for Social Network certainly comes close. effect on personality. They say love
highly anticipated The Social Facebook, as well as his obvious Contrary to expectations, The can make you do crazy things, but
Network reportedly took 99 takes love for his best friend, make him Social Network does not portray House acting like a real human be-
to get just right – but this is barely relatable; the audience is appalled Zuckerberg as an idea-stealing evil ing? That is not only impossible; it is
noticeable (and was therefore com- at the way Zuckerberg has wronged villain. Instead, it makes him seem plain wrong.
pletely worthwhile) from the simul- him and relieved at the vindication like a misunderstood genius with
taneously hilarious and irritating he receives in the end. a prickly exterior who really just
but eerily natural performance of The Winklevosses are not so wants to fit in. At one point, fed
star Jesse Eisenberg, who was born lucky. Played by Armie Hammer up with the time-consuming Tyler
to play Mark Zuckerberg. (with some assistance from Josh and Cameron Winklevoss lawsuit,
The film begins with Harvard Pence –  Fincher used technology Zuckerberg bursts out with what
College student Zuckerberg and his similar to that used in The Curious may be the most memorable line in
Boston University girlfriend, Erica Case of Benjamin Button to superim- the film: “If you were the inventors
Albright (Rooney Mara) having pose Hammer’s face over Pence’s, of Facebook, you’d have invented
an argument – and then breaking thereby creating a set of virtually Facebook.” And this is the point
up – in a bar. “Why do you need identical twins), they are portrayed Fincher and Sorkin seem to have set
as stereotypical entitled prep school out to make; yes, the Winklevosses Returning from the bowels of seven-
to study?” Zuckerberg asks at one ties TV, the once-popular Hawaii
point. “You go to BU.” jocks; their lawsuit with Zuckerberg proposed the idea of an exclusive
is presented as one created more out social networking site to Zucker- Five-0 premieres on CBS this fall
And so the viewer is introduced decades after its original production
to the nineteen-year-old Zucker- of a desire for money and revenge berg, but they were not the people
than out of any real belief in their who made it happen. That much, at and launch. With an attractive new
berg’s ridiculously (but deservedly) cast, gorgeous setting and promis-
massive ego –  an ego so large that own righteousness. Interestingly, least according to The Social Network,
the real Winklevosses are both now was all Zuckerberg – with a side or- ing action-packed storylines, this
at this point it is impossible to pity re-established series about a Hawaii
Zuckerberg, who is devastated by CEOs of online companies; their der of Saverin and Parker.
original idea of an exclusive social Interestingly, The Social Net- crime-fighting unit has potential, as
the break-up and disassociates the long as they hold on to main charac-
same way any self-revering geek networking website, ConnectU, work’s Facebook fan page currently
failed miserably in comparison has 97,946 likes – and the real Mark ter McGarrett’s signature “book ‘em”
would: he goes back to his Harvard clincher line.
dormitory and beer-filled mini- to Facebook. However, their lives Zuckerberg is not one of them.
fridge, blogs about the break up, cannot be seen as complete failures
and creates Facebook. The outcry – they played sixth in rowing at the
that follows – both in terms of pri- 2008 Olympic Games.
vacy and copyright infringement Penned by the legendary Aaron
– catapults Zuckerberg out of obscu- Sorkin (of Charlie Wilson’s War and
rity and into notoriety, resulting in The West Wing fame) and directed
the end of his sole friendship (with by arguably one of the most talented
Eduardo Saverin, played to perfec- directors of the 21st century, The The CW has decided to bless pop cul-
tion by future-Spider-man Andrew Social Network is two hours of pure ture fans with a television series fea-
Garfield) as well as the acquisition adrenaline; a typical moviegoer will turing virtually the same storyline as
of $6.9 billion. spend the entire film on an emotion- every other cheerleading production
Eisenberg plays a vaguely piti- al and mental rollercoaster, unsure ever heard of. Per usual, an outsider-
ful, sadly narcissistic, stubbornly who to trust or even like: the sleazy misfit weasels her way onto the squad
unsmiling version of Zuckerberg; Sean Parker (best known for effec- with her own agenda, much to the
whether or not the real Zuckerberg tively destroying the music indus- disapproval of the jealous, witchy
ever smiles is left up to debate try — surprisingly well-played by cheerleaders that regularly run the
(though recent Facebook keynotes Justin Timberlake), the submissive show. But who knows? Maybe the
would suggest he does – of course, Saverin, or the unnervingly brilliant show will surprise us and everyone
as he is no longer a 19 year old Zuckerberg. Fincher comes through won’t end up as sickeningly happy
once again; though it is, naturally, trophy-clutching best friends.
18 sports The Blue and Gold
October 2010

New Coach,
New Goals
Girls hope to Win the GBL
Brittany McFeeley
Head Copy Editor

Haley DeFilippis
Copy Editor

E ighth grade math teacher Di-

ane Buonopane is the new
head coach for the Malden High
School cheerleading team. A former
cheerleader herself, Buonopane has
cheered at almost all levels, cheer-
ing for “Pop Warner, middle school,
high school, college, and a semi-pro
team,” she explained. She was an as-
sistant coach at Merrimack College
prior to coaching at MHS.
Buonopane hopes to build “a
Above: Senior Teddy Francois prepares to catch a ball thrown from Quar- great reputation for the cheerlead-
Brittany McFeeley
Head Copy Editor terback Kevin Valley. Below: Cheerleaders on the sideline, cheering for ing program.” She also mentioned
the boys at the Malden vs. Bedford game; senior Frankie Dunn is tackled that she plans on taking the girls
Haley DeFilippis to the GBL competition on Oct. 31,
at the 18 yard line. Photos by Haley DeFilippis and Lauren Benoit.
Copy Editor 2010. She believes that with all the
talent and skill they have this year

W ith a record of 2-3, the Malden

High School football team is
working their hardest to make up
that the team will be successful and
win the GBL title.
At MHS, there has been some
for the losses it has on their roster. controversy as to whether or not
In terms of injuries, this has been the the cheerleading program would be
worst season for the team. considered a sport or a club. Despite
Senior Joseph Randolph is out this issue, the cheerleading team
for the season with a broken fore- still follows MSSAA rules and the
arm. Senior captain Frankie Dunn MHS guidelines. This issue is not
mentioned that Randolph’s injury only happening here, but it has been
was one of the most fatal injuries for a controversy all across the United
the team because “he was the start- States whether cheerleading should
ing running back.” be considered a sport or not. Unfor-
But the injuries do not stop tunately, due to massive budget cuts
there; others such as offensive line- at MHS, cheerleading is now recog-
man junior Chris Miller are out for nized as a club.
the next couple of weeks due to Despite this minor setback,
a torn medial collateral ligament Buonopane is looking forward to
(MCL) and meniscus; junior tight “looking forward to being in in-
end Jamie McInerney had torn his volved with the MHS Athletics Pro-
MCL as well but was back on the gram, building a great reputation
football field for the Bedford vs. for the cheerleading program, and
Malden game; running back senior to taking the girls to the GBL League
Wesley Bien-Aime is out for the sea- Competition on Oct. 31, 2010.”
son after he tore his MCL, anterior
cruciate ligament (ACL), and poste-
rior cruciate ligament (PCL) at the
Acton-Boxboro game; junior wide
receiver Stanley Chan separated his
Despite these setbacks, quar-
terback senior Kevin Valley stated
that their coaches want them to
“overcome the adversity of all of
these injuries” and that “people are
going to have to start stepping up to
these positions.”
Without a large portion of their Many of the seniors this year season progresses to weigh my op-
roster playing, the team still has high are planning to play football at tions and find a school that is right
hopes to win the Greater Boston the collegiate level. Valley stated for me.”
League title. However, one of Val- that he “would love to play college Even with the loss of very
ley’s personal goals for the season football.” Dunn is already getting important players, it gives others a
is to beat Everett. This is a common offers from colleges (such as Bryant chance to set up and prove them-
goal for the team; Dunn, McInerney, University), but he hopes to receive selves. Samano pointed out, “the
and senior offensive lineman Aaron more offers from Division I colleges. team is dealing with the injuries as
Samano all mentioned their hopes Samano also plans to play best as we can. I mean it’s hard when
Senior Heather Thompson cheer-
to beat Everett. Another common at the next level, stating, “I have a you lose some guys that are impact
ing while in a stunt. Photo by
goal for the team is to make it to the number of schools scouting me at players, but we’re working hard to
Haley DeFilippis.
championship, which is held annu- the moment such as Harvard, Duke, replace or move people around so
ally at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. and Brown. I’m just waiting as the that we still can have a solid team.”
The Blue and Gold
October 2010 Sports 19

Malden High
Spiking Down The Competition School: Bruised
Joel Stevenson
and Battered
Alfonse Femino
Alexander Gennigiorgis Head Sports Writer
Head of Business Johanna Lai

T he Malden High School girls

volleyball team is striving for hroughout the last few weeks,
qualification for the Greater Boston the Malden High School fall ath-
League championship. Senior Jenna letics, especially the football team
Delaney hopes the team will “suc- has gone through a stretch of inju-
ceed as a unit” over the course of the ries that no high school team should
season. As of late, the team has not ever have to face.
exactly been doing so great, with Starting off the injury-run was
two wins and seven losses, but they junior Stanley Chan, who separated
are determined to not let that get his shoulder while making a tackle
them down. in a pre-season scrimmage, just one
This year, the girls volleyball week into the season. The separated
team is faced with some uncommon shoulder, however, was considered
challenges that could be very harm- a little bump when compared with
ful to the outcome of the season. Due the other injuries on the team.
to the MHS renovations, the vol- During a scrimmage with Win-
leyball team does not have a home throp, not one, but two members of
court. Because of this, the team loses the MHS team suffered very serious
home-turf advantage in 14 out of the knee injuries. First, junior linebacker
18 games. This is an unusual change Jamie McInerny took a hit to the leg,
for the girls, but they are hoping to and fell to the ground thriving in
overcome it as well as their oppo- pain. After a number of tests taken
nents. The team, although willing to on McInerney’s injured leg, results
get use to the changes, cannot wait came back that he had a slight tear
for a home meet; they feel those in his medial collateral ligament
games are where they can really or MCL in short, he would be able
shine. Along with the lack of home to return to the team a few weeks
games, the team had to switch their into the season. Junior Chris Miller,
practice facility to the Salemwood however, was not as lucky. After a
Middle School gym, a change that Winthrop player struck Miller in the
could also effect the development of leg sending him to the ground hard,
players during practice. Miller had to be helped off the field,
The team’s record remains 2-6 where he was then taken to Melrose
since three of the games were not Senior Cynthia Antenor gets ready to bump the ball. Photo by Wakefield Hospital. Later, Miller
league games. The team believes in Sharon Lee. was informed that he had a slight
improvement and that it would be tear in his MCL.
great to qualify for the GBLs, since There were other people from
The volleyball team may be lari, “Each game brings us so much
MHS is hosting it. The team hopes the football team who had inju-
off to a rough start, but they are not closer, we are really connecting as a
to improve by working hard and ries: Seniors Scotty Jules, Joseph
going to let it get them down. As a unit.”
performing drills during practice Randolph, Kenny Mettelus, Aaron
whole the team is getting closer and
such as digging, serving, and hit- Samano, and Wesley Bien-Aime.
closer with every meet. As stated
ting. Bien-Aime suffered a much more
by captain senior Monika Bashl-
serios knee injury as he tore his ACL
and MCL. Both of these injuries are

Should Boys Have a Team? severe enough to end the season for
Bien-Aime. Samano who is the cap-
tain of the team tore a ligament in
his elbow, however he has been able
Joel Stevenson Volleyball was invented in Massachusetts to play through the injury.
Reporter “It’s never easy to get a knee
by a man – so why is there no boys volley- injury. I despise getting an MCL tear
Alexander Gennigiorgis ball team at Malden High School? but I’d rather get a MCL tear than
Head of Business ACL because recovery time will be
much longer,” stated Miller. “MCL

W hen asked if there should be

a boys volleyball team, senior
and volleyball player Jenna Delaney
these students never got the chance
to start the club, which would have
been the first step to installing a
would find that volleyball was actu-
ally created by a man in Massachu-
seetts. In 1895, volleyball was cre-
is still a critical part of the knee.
When I will recover? I don’t know.
What I do know is I will be 100% in
stated that, “the assistant coach is a boys volleyball team at Malden ated in Holyoke, Massachusetts by time.”
guy and he is very good,” and that High School; after the schoolyear William G. Morgan. He created it at On the soccer field, senior Jes-
there are a lot of boys that are good ended, so did the club. However, the Holyoke Young Men’s Christian sica Lopez who is the captain of the
at volleyball. “If we had a [boys the question remains: did the club Association (YMCA) and at the time varsity girls soccer team, injured her
volleyball] team, [it] would be very end due to little interest in the club called it Mintonette. The game was left foot and had to sit out during the
good,” stated Delaney. or a lack of information about the originally only for males until it was soccer match against Medford High
The fact of the matter is that club? The average student, if asked changed a few years later to make it School on Sept. 24, 2010. Lopez stat-
there actually are a lot of male stu- whether volleyball was a male of a co-ed. Throughout the years, men’s ed, “The injury definitely affected
dents that would love to join, and female sport would probably say volleyball teams have been the first the way I played. I seemed to play
have the chance of playing in a com- female. Junior Eliezer Hernandez to go to the Olympics and partici- more with fear instead of concentra-
petitive volleyball league. Last year, stated, “Volleyball for guys can only pate in major events. It is a shame tion. I had to sit out the last game,
some male seniors attempted to start be popular if the public decides it is. to see that the sport’s own state of but it only makes me more deter-
a volleyball club because of the great I do not think a boys volleyball team origin does not include the game for mined to work harder to get better.”
interest shown by many boys in the is exactly necessary.” all genders in most schools.
sport. Due to graduation, however, If one looks to history, one
The Blue and Gold
Sports October 2010

Boys Cross Country Team Sweeps

Lesley Ta sprints. A majority of
Reporter the freshmen agreed
that they would be
Vicki Ngan staying on the team
Reporter throughout their

O n Sept. 22, 2010, senior An- high school lives. At

drew Terenzi, juniors Yusuf the Greater Boston
Mohamed, Eric Tran, and William League (this meet
Wong, and sophomore Dawit Any- hasn’t happened yet)
nalem came in first, second, third, meet, freshman Phil-
fourth, and fifth place, respectively lip West came in 6th
defeating Medford in a clean sweep. place in the fresh-
Wong thought the meet went well man race. He was
due to their score of fifteen points. the first freshman
The boys on the team team, to finish the race for
both new and returning members, MHS this season.
have been training hard this year. Londino has
With the school year already started, been training the
a number of eager freshmen signed Malden High’s cross
up for cross country, with the team’s country, indoor
roster doubling since last year. The track, and outdoor
majority of the freshmen on the team track teams for the
are looking forward to competing. “I last 6 years. A com-
figured I could run,” freshman Sean petitor himself back Left to right: juniors Gabriel Piau, Kevin Schlegel, Yusuf Mohammed, senior and captain
Winters stated about the sport. “It’s in high school, he Andrew Terenzi, sophomores Dawit Aynalem and Justin Chen, and junior Eric Tran. Photo by
tiring, sore, but worth it,” he said believes that the Amanda Rosatone.
with a grin. Freshman Robert John team has changed throughout the nitely be a challenge…[The team’s] kind to each other. It’s like a family.
Stuart commented that he joined course of the years. “The team as a expectations are nothing less than It helps you define who you are as
the team because of a strong coach whole has been fantastic this year. winning…Considering the amount a person. It builds determination
recommendation. “It’s tiring,” he We will go undefeated,” boasted of talent, I think they had set a very and endurance.” With the strong
stated. “The coach got me into cross proud English teacher and cross realistic goal,” stated Londino. trust, bond and confidence that each
country, I was told, because of my country coach David Londino, In addition to being an indi- member has for another, the GBL
legs.” During their intense, two hour who has high expectations for the vidual’s effort, cross country is a meet in Cambridge is just an easy
practices, they are expected to give team this season. “There is no such family in which everyone is close to sprint away.
their best in long distance runs and thing as an easy meet and the meets one another. Junior Christopher Li
against the two top teams will defi- stated, “Everyone is really nice and

Cross Country: a way of life

big family. Not only is Gold staff member, junior Haley
the family atmosphere DeFilippis is currently the top run-
an important factor for ner on the team with a time of 23:05
the team but assistant for 3.1 miles. Following right behind
head coach Mitch Ab- her is sophomore Lauren Benoit,
batessa also stated that who is a new addition to the team,
he wants the runners to and also a member of The Blue and
“feel like they are part Gold staff. Benoit can keep up while
of something”. This running next to DeFilippis.
year the team’s size has Londino stated that “all run-
increased dramatically ners should try and keep up with
to over 50 people. Lon- the sport by running two outdoor
dino stated that “the seasons and an indoor season to
atmosphere of the team always keep their training up and
hasn’t changed and they to be the best they can be when
still act like a family, it comes to competing.’’ Both the
expecting the best from coaches have experience in indoor
each other.” and outdoor track. Abbatessa stated
Londino’s and Ab- that there is a difference from cross
batessa’s expectations country and indoor/outdoor track.
for this season are to Although both sports are focused
win a Greater Boston on running, there are different drills
League championship each sport entails. Cross country
title. Londino said that is more of a long distance running
he wants his team to while indoor and outdoor track
Left to right: junior Haley DeFilippis, sophomore Haley Dowdie, junior Anna Tse, “try their best and have requires special training for sprints
sophmore Lauren Benoit, junior Amber Polia, and sophomore Tiffany Sabella running fun at the same time.” and mid-distance running.
at practice. Photo by Kristen Leonard. Not only is the team do- At the first meet against Cam-
ing their best to live up bridge Rindge and Latin High
Kristen Leonard Amanda Rosatone to the coaches’ expectations, but it School, the girls team won. Fresh-
Reporter Reporter is also very dedicated to the sport. man Vicky Chen impressed team-
Londino stated that the pre-season mates and coaches, coming in first
didn’t officially start until the last place during the meet. In their sec-

C ross country isn’t just a sport, coaching a cross country team is week in August but the team mem-
“it’s the truest test of a person’s very difficult because he has to take bers worked together throughout
character and willpower,” stated on a lot of responsibility as a person- the entire summer, forming bonds
ond meet against Medford, one of
the Malden girls was disqualified,
unfortunately resulting in a loss, but
English teacher David Londino, al trainer for over 50 people. Usually that could help them out during the the team is determined not to let the
one of the head coaches of the cross they have a small team of 30 runners, season. bump in the road put an end to their
country team. Londino says that and the members perform as one Co-captain and The Blue and goals.
The Blue and Gold
October 2010 Sports 21

Soccer Kicks Off New Season

Amalia Quesada Nylen
Catherine Poirier
Copy Editor

“ We’re going to play hard

every game, by just look-
ing at our jerseys and playing
for what we represent…we
play with our hearts every
game,” stated senior captain
Michael Rincon in regards to
the upcoming season. Despite
having lost many significant
senior players this year, the
Malden High School boys
varsity soccer team has been
making a comeback.
One of the greatest losses Sophomore Prince Mukala shielding the ball from an opponent from Somerville.
of the team was their goal Junior Gerardo Figueroa throwing the soccer ball back into play. Photos by
keeper, Matt Rizzo, who gradu- Lauren Benoit.
ated last year. The team now
has three new senior goalies--Zula not been able to play lately due to an 2010. Malden was winning 2-1 by
Bougdaev, Christian Rizzo, and injury on his right foot. half time, but unfortunately lost
Emmanuel Betek--all new to the The team’s current record is their lead in the second half when
position. Due to the fact that all 4-7. The team recently won a match Shawsheen tied the game and then
of the new goalies are seniors, the against East Boston, who shut out scored their winning goal in the last
team will have to start with a fresh Malden 6-0 last year. Fortunately, five minutes. However, the team
goalie crop once again next year. this new year brought Malden sweet in anticipating an exciting game
“They all have really surprised revenge, beating East Boston 1-0 on on Oct. 18, 2010 against Brookline
me, especially the improvement of Sept. 24, 2010. Junior captain Dan High School. Holmqvist stated that
Bougdaev during the summer, and Holmqvist, a member of The Blue Brookline is “beastly.” Every time
throughout the season,” Rincon and Gold, exclaimed with a huge MHS has played Brookline in the
revealled. “Then we have Christian grin that “the win felt good.” past, they have lost, but Malden is
Rizzo following his older brother, MHS boys had a hard loss, hoping to redeem themselves this
Matt.” Betek, the third goalie, has 3-2, to Shawsheen Tech on Oct. 2, time.

New Coaches, New Beginning

Kayla Bramante
Head of Special Projects

Rebecca Broomstein

“ It’s Medford, do I need to say

more? They’re our rivals,” ex-
plains Malden girls soccer sweeper,
sophomore Devon Moran. Malden
High School’s girls varsity soccer
team’s game against Medford was
a close call and it was “most likely
our best game that we’ve played,” Above: Christelle Jourdain shielding the ball from the other team. Left: Devon Moran kicking the ball.
according to Moran. Just like Mo- Photos by Rebecca Broomstein.
ran, the rest of the team is showing
a similar kind of spirit, necessary she was four and coaching for four tense plays and was communicat- revenge against Somerville. The
not only to win games but to have a years at a school in Nashua, New ing as a whole. Although change girls were also disappointed that
fun time playing the sport they love. Hampshire. “My expectations and can be hard to adjust to, with the their game on Oct. 1, 2010 against
In Moran’s eyes the game was not goals for this season are to build a new members and the new coach, Everett was canceled. They were
a loss but a game that they needed strong knit ‘family’ that believes in the team is already beginning to looking forward to playing against
to show everyone what they are all itself,” Leary explained. According perform and act as a family. They the Everett team.
about to Leary, Malden is the only team are starting to learn each other’s dis- The game of Oct. 6, 2010
This year the girls soccer team she has coached that worked as tinctive manners of play and how against Somerville was an intense
has a new coach, Lindsey Leary . hard as these girls have. They show to work together in a way that will and close match. The game ended
Leary has been playing soccer since up to games and practices putting in make the team stronger. in a tie with a score of 1-1. They
all they have. Leary seems Currently, the team’s record is would have loved to have won, but
thrilled to be part of the 0-6. On Sept. 29,2010, center mid- they agree that a tie is better than a
team and the family the field, Anita Caceda was told she loss and now they know what they
team has built. had to be out of the season for ten have to work on to better the team.
Thanks to goalie, days due to a loss of cartilage in her Hopefully this is the sign they were
sophomore Tina Ascolillo, knees that has developed over time . looking for to tell them all they can
Medford scored only one, Caceda is expected to return on Oct. win and they are getting better.
sneaky goal. Her outstand- 8, 2010. This is an important position The team is only a month into
ing saves made the game in soccer and these ten days without the season and they seem to be
a much closer loss than her pose a threat to the team, espe- having a good start and having fun
expected. The entire team cially because the week of Oct. 4, the playing the game they all love.
gave their all, making in- team was planning on getting their
The Blue and Gold
SPORTS October 2010

MHS GOLF TEAM swings for states

Seniors Matt Howe and Steven Lucey walk across Unicorn Golf Course in Stoneham. Photo by Reginah Sanyu.

Reginah Sanyu and didn’t really like it, so I tried golf

Head Entertainment Writer and I’m still playing it,” senior Matt
Howe explained. Despite the fact
Jacob Martino that there is a golf team, the sport is
Reporter technically an individual sport. One
Timothee Pierre member faces another member form
Reporter the opposing team, individual scores
are added at the end of the meet to

M otives behind the classic sport

of golf vary. Golfers play to
enjoy nature, because of the beauty
choose the winner. All in all, one is
solely responsible for how well the
team plays, so “you just have to
of the golf courses, or perhaps they trust that your teammates will come
just love the game. through because no matter if only
Whatever one’s opinion of one player does really well and the
the game, it is one of those sports others don’t, it does not do the team
in which size does not matter. In any good,” Pocobene elaborated.
other words, for one to play golf big Knowing that all the players have to
muscles are not a necessity; what do well in order to win does not af-
is necessary are skill, precision and fect the way the players in any nega-
determination. “You don’t have tive light. “That is what makes golf
to be big and strong, you just have a very interesting game,” Delacey
to be good,” explains golf team added. “I’m more confident in how
member and junior Daniel Glynn. I play,” concurred Howe. “Knowing
The Malden High School golf team that my teammates are playing hard Senior Paul Nguyen swings at the ball during the match against Cam-
started the season with plenty of motivates me to play hard too.” bridge. Photo by Reginah Sanyu.
determination to go to the state golf And when one seems to be having a
tournament. With five wins and bad golfing day, Howe suggests that
only one loss, they finally achieved “forget about it and keep playing.”
this goal. In two of their wins, the Perhaps it is the the beauty of
team beat Medford High School the golf courses that make golf such
after a fifteen-year losing streak. a relaxing sport. “It’s a little period
“It was a pretty motivational win,” after school where you don’t have to
junior Matteo Pocobene expressed. worry about homework. A kind of
“During my time at the high school, way to distress a little bit,” Pocobene
we never beat them, so beating them described the sport.
twice gave us great confidence that Moving forward at an intimi-
we were going to be able to do great dating pace, the MHS golf team is
things this season.” The captain of eligible to win the Greater Boston
the team, Andrew Delacey, was also League championship. One might
surprised by their win, claiming think that maybe it’s the change in
that, “the team has come a long way strategies that Rick Malatesta, the
in the last five years.” Glynn was team’s coach, might have changed,
not only surprised by the wins, but but for Glynn, he gives the credit
also proud of the team. “Our team to something else. “The shirts are
has become a winning machine,” he very comfortable and that’s what
confidently added. helps us win,” he humorously com-
Although golf might not be one mented. Whether the credit right-
of the most traditional of high school fully belongs to Malatesta or the
sports, the players are filled with shirts, the MHS golf team hopes to Junior Matteo Pocobene lines up the putt during the match against
love and dedication to the activity. continue their success of this season Cambridge. Photo by Reginah Sanyu.
“I tried football my freshman year into upcoming seasons.
The Blue and Gold
October 2010 SPORTS 23

Field Hockey developes young Talents

Sharon Lee expected,” stated Junior Stacey has certainly started off the season
Head of Photography Sousa. Not only are they psyched to positively. Back over the summer,
be playing Greater Boston League the girls participated in several
teams, but the team has also set a camps to prepare for the season,
Joshua Kummins goal to compete in the Massachu- one of which was a camp run by
Copy Editor setts Interscholastic Athletic Asso- Malden High School Field Hockey
ciation (MIAA) state tournament. Alumni player, Deena Bello, that
This season’s team is young, focused on the sport itself, and

W orking hard in the pre-season

to get right into action, the
Malden High School girls
with three new sophomore varsity
players. Bridget Furlong and Ma-
another of which was a separate
conditioning camp held by MHS’s
rissa Lally are new to the front Athletic Trainer, Jen Sturtevant.
varsity field hockey line, while Jessalynne Brown As Varsity Coach Susan
team is looking better joins junior Kiara Amos on Famiglietti guides her team on the
than ever. With senior defense. The team has a field, she reminisces about how it
captains Ashley Pow- strong front line, led by all started. Falling in love with the
ers, Mandy Liao, juniors Rebecca Krig- game of field hockey during her
and Renee Santo man and Emily
leading the team, Hoffman, to
they are currently compliment
holding a record a strong de-
of two wins, seven fense, mid-
losses, and one tie. field and an
Although the team is experienced
smaller this year with g o a l t e n d e r, Far left: Senior Patricia Aguinaldo
only 4 reserves, the S h a n n o n receiving a pass. Left: Senior captain
“[level of] teamwork Howe. In addi- Mandy Liao running towards the ball
and sportsmanship tion to their solid before an opponent. Above: Senior
each player offers line up, their main captain Ashley Powers passes to a
exceeds what backbone is great teammate before shooting. Photos by
i s teamwork emphasized by Sharon Lee.
all of the players.
With the many hours
of hard work spent on
conditioning and stick-
handling skills, the team

years of high school, she played the

Your ad could
wing position for the Medford High
School Mustangs. Of course, how-
go here! Email
ever, Famiglietti is now coaching
for Malden and states “I am always theblueand
proud to bring the Malden [High
School Girls] Field Hockey team to
any playing field.”
com for more
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The Blue and Gold
SPORTS October 2010

Photos by Sharon Lee, Lauren Benoit, and Reginah Sanyu.

Layout by Brittany Foley.