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Step 1: Open the image you’d like to Step 2: Select your color and tap on the Step 3: Tap

Step 3: Tap on the Shape Tool icon.

edit in Draw. Tap on the colorful square in check mark to confirm.
the bottom left corner to open the Color

Step 4: Select the square shape and use Step 5: Drag your finger or stylus across Step 6: Tap on the eraser icon to switch
the slider to increase the thickness to about the canvas to create your shape. If you’d like to the Eraser Tool. Perform a two-finger
15. Select the “Stroke” option. Tap on the to change the dimensions of the shape, drag pinch to zoom in.
check mark to confirm. the edges to adjust them.

Original #FreeToEdit image by @arevdanielian

S h a p e To o l Made for iOS version
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Step 7: Tap on the eraser icon again to Step 8: Use the slider to select a small Step 9: Use your finger or stylus to
open the brush settings menu. brush size and tap on the check mark to start erasing the section of the shape that
confirm. overlaps with your subject. If you erase too
much, just tap on the undo button to go

Step 10: Finish erasing part of your shape. Step 11: Tap on “Apply.” Step 12: Your image will automatically
When you’re done, tap on the square icon at be opened in the photo editor. Tap on the
the top of the screen and select “Fit screen.” arrow icon in the top right corner to finish.
Save your image and share it with the
hashtag #ShapeTool!

Original #FreeToEdit image by @arevdanielian

S h a p e To o l Made for iOS version