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MAP 100
The goal is to achieve 100 points. Complete the activities to earn your Super Improvement Sticker! Activities
with a ​*​ next to the pts (points) need to be approved when completed. You may only complete a box once.

Fact Fluency IXL.com MobyMax Math Math Madness Deep Sea Duel

Complete 10 Complete 15 Complete 15

minutes of Fact minutes of minutes of Moby Complete 3 games
Diagnostic ​Practice. or 15 minutes of Play 10 min
Fluency found on Max Math
Moby Max activity.
5 pts 15 pts
10 pts 5 pts 5 pts

Lexia Moby Language Silent Read Reading Skills Silent Read


Complete 15 Complete 10 minutes Silent read a

Complete 10 minutes of
of Language found on chapter book Reading Skills
Read a Zoobook. Write 3 fun
MobyMax facts on a notecard. Turn into
10 pts 10 pts 15 pts
Literature found on purple bin.
10 pts 15 pts

Base 10 Rounds Write Up Story Problem Write Up Race to 50

Choose 5 different three Create a Story Create Skip Counting Number

digit numbers. Draw Write up 5 sentences Problem complete with Write up 5 sentences lines as fast as you can from
them using the base 10 about what you have multiplication about what you have been 0-20, 0-30, 0-40, 0-50
block strategy and been learning in equation and picture. learning in math. Show Counting by 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s
grammar. with pictures or strategies.
round them to nearest Turn into purple bin.
Have someone record your
100. 15 pts 15 pts fastest time here:___________
15 pts* 15 pts*
5 pts

MobyMax Math Silent Read Moby Vocab Silent Read Lexia

Complete 15 minutes Silent read a Complete 10 minutes Complete 15 minutes

of Moby Max Math chapter book of Vocab found on Read a Zoobook. Write 3
MobyMax fun facts on a notecard. 10 pts
15 pts 10 pts Turn into purple bin.
15 pts
15 pts

Date Activity Points Signature (if needed)

CSTP 4.4 Planning instruction that incorporates appropriate strategies to meet the learning needs of all
CSTP 5.4 Using assessment data to establish learning goals and to plan, differentiate, and modify instruction
ISTE 6 Educator as Facilitator by giving students voice and choice in aspects of the learning process.
ISTE 5 Educator as Designer by giving learner-driven activities that recognize and accommodate learner